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The Shaking and The Judgment

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • August 20, 2006
    7:00 AM
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horrified about this morning is how to live there in the judgment and a little bit more about the shaking James chapter two will begin reading in verse twelve so speak he and so do as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty is there an appropriate way to speak in appropriate ways live for those are to be judged there is an is described in the next verse four he shall have judgment without that ship has shown no mercy and mercy rejoices against judgment if there's at least one point about and appropriately delivering the judgment for the judgment of the time to show mercy during the time of judgment you want to show mercy because he that doesn't show mercy will receive no mercy in the judgment rendering the judgment is particular time when the double would be working to cause people to live and act in an unmerciful way I want to study with you this morning a little bit about about God 's mercy I think we don't understand it nearly as well as we are under review with you some facts and then actually going to do an advertisement first there were some very important questions asked last night and question-and-answer we were instructed before that to give brief answers but you all asked involved questions that deserve developed and involved answer first you find the answers to some of those that I will canvassing .org website at www. canvassing .org especially a question about military service there's a fairly thorough development of that the Bible even the questions about jewelry and about dress regard those ideas are there to I I recommend it that's the advertisement canvassing as an call quartering CA NV a SS ING .org yesterday the few of you that were in the seminar was giving in the later afternoon heard me speak about numbers chapter sixteen and numbers fourteen and Numbers twenty in all I want to bring out about those again here is that God 's people were in a apostasy and numbers fourteen rebelling against the faithfulness of Joshua and Caleb they were in rebellion and number sixteen following court date in the Byron they were rebellion in numbers twenty one to kill Moses because Malacca water within and on the numbers twenty one but they were in rebellion thereto that's where that story the snakes are in the laughter that rebellion and numbers fourteen sixteen twenty twenty one in Chapter twenty two you have interesting story beginning of the London daily from your Bibles to Micah Micah chapter six Micah six is a frame cellular the seamless that only about one person the chapter 's famous bubbles burst they were going to look at verse four and verse five Micah Chapter six and read in verse for verse five brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you out of the house of sermons and I sent before the Moses and Aaron and Miriam old-line people remember now let me electric hand of Moab consulted and what they learn the son of your answer to form should then undergo now that you may know the righteousness of the Lord if you want to understand the righteousness of the Lord what story does God recommend you study the start availability if you want to understand the Lord your righteousness God recommends that you remember the story unveiling Baylor that you go there if you want to understand how the righteousness of the Lord works one of the most incredible statements in the Bible is in that story turned for your Bibles the numbers twenty three ago to the stars number twenty two will it destroy that span several chapters twenty three is in the middle of it upright in great numbers numbers you numbers twenty three and verse twenty one after they look had asked Balin to curse the people bail and made his best efforts looks like the first the people we couldn't do it and valence speaking respiration says in verse twenty one about Israel God has not beheld iniquity in Jacob knew there have to seem perverse and that in Israel the Lord his God is with him and the shout of McCain is among them first of all was working in Israel this time was the claimant was a Monday the chamber of Keynes was with his people and that God 's CNN perversity that he beholden them in equity after numbers fourteen sixteen twenty and twenty one millions of unconverted people rebellious at every turn of the way and what does God say about them when speaking to their enemies he hath not seen perverseness in Israel it's incredible it's not comprehensible but recommended we go to the story and for what would come here to understand the righteousness will differ sharply from the way we relate iniquity and got her finger Bibles to Isaiah Isaiah chapter twenty nine Isaiah twenty nine in verse twenty assess for the terrible wine is brought to not work enough and this corner is consume and all that watch for iniquity are cut off I would take warning there I would not want to be in the class that is watching frantically maybe it's fair to say also I would like to be in the class that treats the abominations are since the church is that they don't exist in twice of what the longer run I can say I would want to be there and want to be sad about what's going on in our church help understand the side of the coin as well as you verse twenty one that make a man an offender for a word or said anything that the synergy of setting really he didn't quite mean what you said and other things he didn't even tell about a day later than you wished you hadn't said anything anymore you think people that are speaking for God the same thing they do that is a mistake to make a man offender for word the watching for iniquity to lay a snare for him the reprove us in the game the person is rebuking sin doesn't always do it just right and if you're watching you can find you can trip him up encapsulate even if it wasn't just the very way that he should have done and that is legitimately through the shame I should've done better him I never try to catch him doing a Roth in turn aside the job birthday of not knowing who are justified don't live just exactly right and to create someone as if they are no longer God 's people as if they're on the run slider to push them aside because they do something small Enron 's law at least that's how God described in this verse is a mistake for me to Jeremiah chapter twenty but it appears that at some point Jeremiah decided to resign from being a prophet you guys cannot he was feeling because it seemed like the people were not paying him any attention at one point Jeremiah even a candidate with solid promise they would do whatever he satisfied and they said they were meant to do it and in verse nine of this chapter he decides he's not a speak anymore but it didn't last very long it says near the end of the verse that I was weary with overbearing and I could not stay that is he could not stop speaking why firsthand for I heard the defaming of men fear on every side reports say that ANB will report it this phrase reports say they and we were reported as quoted many times by only never once in the context of Jeremiah twenty just appliance whatever context she was in because the Spirit is not around for a lot time with a lot of different context you should watch out for a really bothered the prophet Jeremiah and author Barbara what is the Spirit is spirit of reports say they and we will report you hear about the iniquity over they are your kind of glad to hear it because it gives you a chance to say something over here spread it around all my familiars watched for my whole this remind you what you read in Isaiah about those that watch for iniquity what are they watching foreign germline watching for him to do something not quite right you supposedly watch long enough it might have found something saying peradventure he will be enticed and we will we shall prevail against him and we shall take our revenge on him when it'll get revenge on profits is by looking for the mistake that they make when I was speaking at an uneventful the number of months ago I gave a sermon there are about how people persecuted the prophets was simply based on Matthew when Jesus said how they perceive the process of selling them out they speak all manner of evil against them falsely if you believe for example the Elm wife was a true prophet and you read that verse you would have to expect that those that persecute her would be speaking how much evil all manner and within the legitimate evil you just have to expect that what you because that's when they persecute prophets according to the Bible I could expand on this idea for just a minute not the idea by Alan light about speaking other people who need to enforce the ninth commandment Milena says thou shall not bear false witness against my neighbor when you hear reports about something evil that was centered on and you passive unless you know of a certain the by two or three witnesses that it was so you violate that my commandment by risking I don't mean that you I mean even if you're right to violate the ninth commandment virus can help I explained how I understand your taking the chance of speaking falsely about your brother and even if you happen to be speaking right just that type of risk is a violation of the spirit of man I had an experience in Oklahoma City some years ago I was asked a promise keepers with other than women of faith those large conventions and I was with some people that were provided with magazines that restoration international it seemed those tens and tens of thousands of magazines passed out to those meetings was one of volunteers there is no meetings passing out magazines to the right of me was a adjustment by the older than me which applies almost all gentlemen and down that while we were passed on magazines he began to talk about his experience by the Adventist church and then again to talk about how pastors today of the Adventist church don't appreciates the great controversy the message how has to they are opposing this that didn't sit well with me because I work with several pastors every year that never met before been doing that for sixteen years when the new church is revenue pastors over and over and over and over again and working with I don't know how many scores of them I've only found one like the great controversy and the rest were excited to know that the literature was going out and I fell I have probably often tell the guy what others think and so I began to Charlotte and I thought he was violating the ninth commandment by the generality but Hussein was misrepresenting his brother and the look on his face was like he wasn't buying it when the mentor left fielder all three strangers to each other said at his passing of the magazines I'm a Seventh-day Adventist minister I could come back to how we started it's that we were living in the judgment and that those who show no mercy will receive no mercy that in the adjustment is a special time to show mercy and if we want to understand the righteousness of the Lord were recommended to a certain story that really is quite uncertain though I can't find in Scripture that you do not have the mass conversion of a million and a half people between numbers twenty one and two that make sense to understand personally your Bibles to John Chapter thirteen seventy four numbers four and sixty one and twenty one John thirteen and were looking at verse thirty six Simon Peter said unto him Lord where are you going Jesus answered him whether I go you can't not follow me now that you will follow me afterwards I just want to see that that was a very kind thing for Jesus to say Joseph spoke to Peter as if he was the enemy was not very long after this Jesus or something different verse thirty seven Peterson Underhill Lord why cannot I follow the now I will lay down my life for your site Jesus answered him will you lay down your life for my sake verily verily I say unto thee the cock shall not crow ST ninety thrice all I want to see his newborn Jesus predicted the fall of Peter he predicted that Peter would make it near that have anything to the salvation of Peter why did you have what is little ribbons the most levels come with putting here are quite right back to the spot to turn to Matthew chapter twenty six Matthew twenty six and were looking down the first thirty one is the same story Matthew twenty six in verse thirty one then said Jesus unto them all you shall be offended because of me this night for it is written I will smite the shepherd in the shape of the flock shall be scattered abroad verse thirty two but after I am risen I will go before you into Galilee where I want to know is that the first thirty two was a very kind thing to say that predicting that the apostles what would abandon him that night in the next breath he predicted that they would be gathered back together to himself verse thirty three Peter answered and suddenly handle all men shall be offended because of the line never be offended Jesus set under him verily I say and do you that this night before the cock crow you shall deny me thrice but we know from what we read in John Jesus said something nice to Peter to the story for your Bibles Luke chapter twenty two it's the same story Luke twenty two are going to begin reading verse thirty one and the Lord said Simon Simon behold Satan has desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat when we talk about the shaking a plan is in the hand of Jesus but is anyone else interested in doing shaking because the devil who would like to shake and there's a difference between the two of who the devil like to shake out why the faithful verse thirty two but I have prayed for the that by faith fail not listen and when you are converted strengthen my brother that was very kind Jesus said in fact a couple verses is to predict the quality of before that he predicted that Peter would be thoroughly burnt verse thirty three thirty seven a.m. Lord I'm ready to go with you both the prison into that and he said I tell the Peter the cock shall not throw this day for that use Rice denied that she knowest me back with me to John chapter thirteen Johns chapter thirteen that's where that women might be we read the last few versus of the chapter where we began reading the question was about where is Jesus going out question been asked in the last verse to read his first thirty eight related again Jesus answered him will you lay down my life for my sake verily verily I say unto the thick cock shall not crow till thou hast unite me thrice let not your heart is big trouble you believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I'm going to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you maybe also and whither I go you know and the way you know in case you might doubt that it's the same conversation verse five seven a.m. Lord we know not where you go as how can we know the way I can just tell you what we've observed reading the same story in three different enough that Jesus is very kind the fact and speaking to people who are weak and fallible and say and do the wrong thing that he speaks of them is going to make it which is quite different and more inclined to speak to the same people that don't even know about the following let them know their danger that left another danger without speaking to them Hope is expected that meander was to work out that the very expression is a type of mercy that works in the hearts of people it is a way to live I'm just turn in your Bibles to revelation chapter fourteen Revelation fourteen whatever six and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to priests of them that dwell on the earth and every nation in ten hundred and hundred people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come one appropriate way to live in the judgment is mercifully another way is within are the glory of God to be speaking and acting in a way that would represent God 's character well that means to glorify him but these are two separate ideas what is it that best represents God 's character he has if there's living in a merciful way the way that Jesus lives at the very end of his life twice I got ahead of myself yesterday when I talk about Amos nine verse nine but I must say it again here just in case for February thirty one there may be when you look at it again kinder Bibles Amos Chapter nine Amos Chapter nine and looking at verse nine says hello I will command that I will sift the house of Israel among all nations like S assisted in the sea national not the least rainfall upon your sister idea but in the shaking God is concerned for everyone of the least of these is run was Jesus aware that we are concerned in the same way he specifically warned us about offending the least of these are brought in your Bibles to first Timothy first Timothy chapter five overlooking in verse nineteen one most often violated commands in the New Testament first Timothy chapter five verse nineteen it says against an elder receive not an accusation but before two or three witnesses if I could just expand on this passage a little bit doesn't say two or three reporters it's a different thing not because he heard two or three people you trust say that happened somewhere but if two or three people that saw it happen which is entirely different the passage say spread the rumor if you have two or three witnesses now but when it specifically says this don't even receive it if you don't that is you and I are preventing to entertain the thought that it might be true and we ought to review good as gossip it is not this way that God has placed elders on a pedestal of immunity from criticism what he has work to do this to give them immunity from faults Goss because it's not only profits of whom people speak all manner of evil against them falsely and you might not have any idea how many false things you have spread because you heard from people that you trusted will maybe they were sincere but they were strictly heard from people they trusted but you only have to go down the line so far to find out the Christmas Amana trusted the man and maketh flesh his arm his heart departed from the Lord when I say that they don't have immunity from criticism it's because of the next verse then that sin rebuke before all the others also may fear elders at the same time given immunity faults Goss and held especially accountable for Ruth said witness by the church that tested by several witnesses follow his example both these verses in the New Testament with Peter and Paul Paul for example says Mrs. in Romans three he says that some people reported that he said let us do good to evil may come what was the kind of thing Paul wasn't have a saying that where sin abounds grace does much more abound but not even did he mean that let us do evil that good may come but the way people here remember is really messed up so that this kind of lubricants are very sincerely so they can hear the very thing that all stats remember it different than the way he said it and repeatedly turn it into a lie in fact that's what happened because it says nothing first effort Paul says that we have a look at it as you can see it turn your Bibles from Romans three Roman streamer looking at verse eight assassin not rather as we be slanderous Lee reported and Islam affirm that we say lets us do evil that good may come the Paul considered that these people were worthy of examination I only mean us the last half of the verse whose damnation is just noticed you have a two or three would necessary so that they heard themselves in two or three others affirm that it was so wasn't so whether two or three witnesses there were but was itself it wasn't so I don't want to get the idea of what you see from first Timothy that if there are two or three witnesses it's necessarily so just as there are you can't even figure that might be but what about the other and then that sin rebuke before all that Peter remembers working relations to he sand before the church and Paul rebuked him to his face because he was quoted to be blamed God does not place ministers with immunity to criticism but he places around them and immunity from rumors so that what they deal with is the real sentiments really under life but everyone around and has seen it this is the famous coming up that they're not tempted the self-defense because of all these twisted sort of truth things were mostly false things the people here are saying about our right I'm sure the whole thought of everything insurance it didn't take under review the thoughts of time is it now and I give you that option after that ask a question or two like to know and doesn't disclose early like was sent so far is that we should speak and do as those will be judged by the perfect law of liberty certainly that does mean opening the law I was the first before we never read it but it's related to showing mercy because one point about law is not so not bear false witness against my neighbor which means in practicality you should not risk spreading rumors that are not found you shouldn't assume that well-founded just because you hear two or three people spread the music you should rethink an entirely different way about people if you meet someone is faulty and messed up as Peter you wouldn't want to make an offender for word you would want to watch for his phone for his folly because you certainly would find it you wouldn't want to write him off first I have nothing instead you would want to speak to him and of him is infinite and he was going to make it and if you would it would increase the chance that he would Jesus modeled that way of relating to people it's merciful righteousness of the Lord is beyond me and comprehension I really feel kind of nervous I tell the story of a lemon they look it doesn't match my ideas other things I know are true from other parts of the Bible that is true as it's also a want to be careful how I relate how I speak of God 's people and I think it looks and started a long life if you curse the people that person back so that if you bless the people the blessing is that so in the study not stories a good thing to do if you want to understand the righteousness is anyone how what to my life are not fully close for your Bibles to Romans chapter two it wasn't really a question of the comments with a comment that being merciful is it just something to do in the judgment if there was something about the new before the judgment began course for us that's all one and the same thing because we are more than just an annoying judgment but anyway it is the truth oh two somewhere Romans chapter two and looking at verse one it says therefore you are inexcusable oh man whosoever you are that judges are aware and you judge another you condemn yourself for you that John just dost the same things that last part of that verse is the part that's kind of trouble because the people that condemn people for committing adultery are necessarily adulterers you fault your semi- dissent but there's a reason why the thing has a Panasonic the things because it's referring the last two verses Romans chapter one when you have a long list of the things they include fornication wickedness covetousness and maliciousness and envy murder that's the kind of things a certain class do maybe even a different class with the word debate then back to the first class with the seas reads a bit second-class with malignancy sticking firmly with the second class you have whispers and backbiters going to the first-class haters of God made both classes despite one file boasters inventors of evil things disobedient to parents it is certainly true that anyone who is active in the unmerciful way towards his brother is at least getting the whispers part wrong if you follow what I just said might be condemning this people for other things in the list he's doing something in the same list and in this listless as of the end of it is that they which do such things are worthy of death which is the truths that condemns those also that have pleasure in them that do which was not part of the talk this morning is a good reason not to watch television yes him a him or are certain things you bought a yes the court has been asked is here you have a number of elders namely youth pastors in particular by promoting entertainment -based worship and how does all this applies people who are destroying other people to do things that they're doing and if I can answer that briefly with a couple principles one would be that there is a difference between things that men are ashamed of the things that men are not ashamed of in other words if you accuse me of being a liar I'm not going to appreciate that but if you accuse me of putting the Bible too much I'm not in a mind if we talk about the things that men are openly promoting are they ashamed of those things you know they're not and you can find against false promotion of doctrines without accusing people of that notice or other evil hearts or anything like that you can accuse them of being wrong maybe accuses Iran were going to show you what I mean I think I did already some other talk but as Romans sixteen or seventeen and eighteen Romans sixteen verse seventeen verse eighteen authorizes you to mark certain teachers for their fighting against God 's truth that is to make note of who they are and authorizes you to do something about it namely to avoid them run sixteen verse seven ten eighteen thousand mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned and avoid them for they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus but their own belly who by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple American closing at the questions loom up more of the story begun destroying all Roger Williams 16th-century there was a Massachusetts Bay colony that hated Quakers Massachusetts Bay colony and quicker so badly that they began by doing all kinds of minor annoyances and the Quakers would keep doing what they do find it again to banish them but they would come right back so they banished him and they kept coming back they can report with a banished them with the law that they be stripped from the waist up whether men or women and beaten with a web is there a march through city after city the colony and then taken to the border let go there shall the Quakers did they came back it's very much like human nature when people have religious convictions maybe as you thought you speak very much believe that this is the way to win the young people they are wrong they believe it Roger Williams had a different theory altogether he allowed the Quakers in his area but he preached against them he preached the truth and the truth very much undermine Quakerism Quakerism is a Christian version of Hinduism I mean that's the inner light idea that's how you get and that Roger Williams preached about it and you know the Quakers abandoned Rhode Island you have to but they were able to accomplish what they wanted when the truth was all over the place but the general youth conference last year we had Shepherd 's Rod people who were there passing out literature suggested those of you whom I work with you I see in the future but if you would organize a meeting to to show the mistakes about the Shepherd 's Rod invite those servers right people come to meeting and say anyone is welcome to take her stuff they want to rent talk about it here and then that would be much more devastating to shoppers drug theology than saying don't pick up those leaflets don't read them which never ever ever has worked this is not a thorough answer your question I might not have one it's the best I can do I think right but still for a closing prayer our father in heaven we are dependent on you I ask that you would take the words we read this morning from Scripture him for spirit quest for true import on us that she would save us from the sand of careless criticism should preserve us from the violation of the ninth man that she would teach us how not to treasure up wrath against the day of wrath for how to let your mercy live inside of us use that mercy to lead others repentance is your mercy has done for us I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus


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