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A Call to Unity

Ray DeCarlo




  • August 20, 2006
    10:15 AM
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him while I was just saying how pleased I am to see so many of you here Sunday morning very fun it tells me that someone is hungry and it also tells me there is a great famine in the land like a graceful see if we can't Waterfield know have your Bibles let us pray father and once again thank you we come to you this morning you're more to ask that your Holy Spirit will move upon us in a mighty way we're not content born with a glass of water more we want to be back help us give God we pray more where would we go without him what would we do so we asked this morning to market you will answer all our friends forgive us of our sins freighted to give us the mind of Christ Lord help us hard and be willing to follow the Lord I asked Baltimore that you will be with me help you father I ask that I will preach the word of God and such inflated hearth publicists more yes thank you Jesus him will him why was John John chapter seventeen this is one of the most beautiful chapters in all the Bible we know it as the prayer unit not have time they go through the whole chapter I want to focus on something in the point I want you to notice with me here starting in verse twenty John seventeen verse twenty Jesus is neither pray I for these alone will put them also which shall believe on me through their word I was stopped here is that you look at this Jesus is praying for his design not only the disciples in his favor well he said neither pray I for these alone but with them also which is the language shower believe that future ten that means all the disciples of God after the apostle Paul the way down the close of human probation that means Jesus praying for you you see this is an justifier if the process this is only a request that Jesus is making behalf the church of God this is the prophecy of what will take place in the church in evidently this prophecy this prayer will be fulfilled it will be a very long to say what it him pray for him they all may be one as thou father art in me and I am the best they also may be one in us now I want you to notice this cost of the unit column for native to the last part of verse twenty one that on the reason why why you'd be sold for my system to be says that the world may believe that thou has sent me vast majority world I believe that God sent Jesus into the world as they what does that indicate it indicates the fact clearly the church is not one-on-one if the church one why would Jesus pray that maybe one fact that they are not one is why Jesus gave her a piece not only praying for us being obscene that we know we break the cycle we know that they were arguing amongst one another the greatest who was in the right-hand me we had to decide their own networking division is back I guess they would decide modeling of partial fulfillment of this prayer was fulfilled where you know where the film is vital that the cost is exactly what you said they came together in one fact that he was qualified and not a part of verse twenty not only for them from the apostles when pray for us as well clearly indicates what adjacent prophetic vision for what the condition of the church at the end of time and that was the condition according to Jesus were not unified him midseason interesting thing we hear often about it he administered about an evangelical Christianity evangelical Christianity propagates a concept known as the ecumenical better version of unit and in some cases in certain circles within the administered we've adopted that same philosophy now I want to go to the book of Ephesians the thesis chapter for now I made reference the reason for our things on Friday night on members by where I told you that first Corinthians twelve Romans twelve and Ephesians four are not as spiritual as just another all weeks after the spiritual gifts but Ephesians four is also the unity Jeff to look and what it says about unity in Ephesians four unity and problems Rod will category for others with me before there in verse three and then when you see him for what unity of the Spirit is for the unity of the Spirit are all over the first thirteen speaking of the church he says till we all come in the unity of the play the sum of unity is broken and the Tupac unity of the Spirit in unity of the faith now there's no doubt they have a relationship to each other is no doubt whatsoever this is justification and sanctification go to get yet there are also different I want to focus on unity of the faith is Jesus prayed that his people would be one that they would come together that they would be in hot not only unity of the Spirit unity of the faith this is very clear when we speak of the unity of the faith we have to ask yourself questions are predicated after that determine in the unit this would indicate the unity of the faith no doubt that this principle also applies to the spirit talk about that maybe you always have to reduce an argument down for those common phenomena was what's the very premise of the article was one evening him phase one is the lowest common denominator regarding off the community and be in the faith the hotly determine the cost of visible the unity of effect what if they stop you can look at various methods and means in which have been proposed but I want to say something to you now as Seventh-day Adventists we should always man whatever position we hold that position be built on nothing even if there is no bus that the Lord I don't care how sophisticated the argument may appear to be I don't care how many degrees in individual may possess often how long they've been in the church I don't care how many sermons they present family sold they led Jesus there is no written foundation was established particular not remote from then you don't have to trim Bible says there is a way that seemed like a woman in the runways of what does sincerity make a tubular doctrine from thirty does not run up love you on middling millions and tens of millions of people may be very who believe that Sunday is the right baby go to church and their sincere this is sincere you are about seventy they just disarmament justice theory just as honest Justice Department message to heart and issue what is sorry for myself as so it's possible for someone to be sincere earnestly sincere genuinely sincere and yet the only wrong is that from yes that is true for little back to Johnson Johnson T Philpott is that the foundation very premise on which we understand the cost of the unity of the Watsonville Melissa McEwen John seventeen verse seventeen of the Jesus said he said sanctify them through thy truth by word is true and the Lord Jesus Christ what is the basis of true unit is true you know one day when I first became a Seventh-day Adventist publishing ninety always under the assumption that every Christian and I believe the same on other self estrangement on the wide but I just assume that you know your Christian whatever your profession your faith maybe you would rejoice in the same truth and I had discovered or found a referendum on his work with his Baptist persuasion and I was showering with them about potential men the him whom we work him in his own brother were there as well as older brothers when we my favorite news on foreign and one day I came in with a paper is available as you are in the crusade publishes the site often while this is pretty interesting revelation and since I just wish everything would fill the bill look at this man is incredible just sharing not realizing what was about to happen and so just as I'm sharing this with Bill his brother brother looked at the paper granted you know roughly these that through the paper adhesive is one-sided and you know I didn't know what to do was shocked that I was like a high opinion of myself I can imagine someone responding and such a way I thought they'd be happy like me so I know what the savings you know I'm not angry I'm saving regularly I just got everything I could let you while you still mad you know I'm not angry does not inhabit lands so I was reading over this for couple of weeks one day I think I have a prayer meeting him him I had you been among my is only fighting all day long every day this is one side this is one side and that involved in the other listed in the church no mother was right he was absolutely correct of course if one side the truth only has one side is him that's got many side there those that you simply want to suggest to us when you believe this is the night leaving this can have that little smorgasbord as long as we know maybe real in some fundamental love one another finally got anything you see the problem today is among the vast majority of those free community is not uniquely that they really want uniformity and is an active uniformity and unit that I don't want to be you I want to be like you I don't want to dress like you I want to act like you I want to walk for life and what I want to be need not be meeting me and made me different maybe why am I one of the meat on one of the one of the life and God made the see I'm not interested in viewing the uniform I am interested in unity but not uniform no were not processing plant where the assembly line and by the looks the same model T for are all one color home one model that was ignored I want my one dollar a minute do not deny nonblack and I wouldn't mind seeing red yellow green blue you know who that would be only had one mom is one of imagine one bird is just old one one facing the originality was with one count got does not believe in uniform and what exactly do you usually feel you are you should be the person that God made you not try to be something that you're not everybody spots a phony one if we can sometimes find in ourselves unity is predicated on the fruit and we must demand any time we hear people saying we must come together we must unify molluscum and that that unity is based on a boss at the law on the word of the Lord on the first and it is not the enemy based on the word of the Lord then we should not participate in their efforts to unify because they are ever to unify is nothing more than the ecumenical movement fourth you know I think and when you understand the ecumenical movement is not interested in unifying the people on the truth of God they're really interested in unifying people based on all food and then using the one-day always down in southern Virginia woman the one area knows Disney was Lisburn you know Jerry Falwell territory I was down there was something in him him a while for my files Ms. Bergen University liberty University is Collins Christian college I thought there should be some Christian bookstores generally secondhand books I finally some good literature is awesome too much but I went down anyway as I've been down there so I'm feeling Google secondhand shop and really didn't have much of these gentlemen was announced off in the Christian men and boys were sitting conversing back-and-forth on the rider is is there something that you keep coming together with increased you know when we should unite and salvation whatever the issue they were visible when you have a document that becomes the gathering and we can harmonize in our understanding and allows losing one year looking at the moves the other on Libya wanted to jump in but I offer you so you not until he asked me what he is then I felt I get any more questions and to create doesn't make us unified this is our free the holy Bible twenty seven fundamentals doesn't mean you I was twenty eight is the additive if anyone finds something new so twenty eight fundamentalism doesn't mean we unify him faithful who refuses a follow pen of information this is the found in my character and personality page five hundred and fifty nine he says Seventh-day Adventist are now the stand for the separate and this thing a people who nominated by the Lord as his own on till we do this if you are not being more body and then we bought believed a very difficult time or I guess various reasons standing out separate and distinct we don't really want to beat Junior to the world in the uniqueness of the truth we hope I think the wall were too apologetic about the truth with the frankly I don't think we should apologize at all the flashing we apologize for breaking the company often been evangelical while they can be apologizing to preaching the power to many times in our crusade with you interested in watering down the message in order to hear his nowhere lobbying Congress to be we don't want to stand out as anti- Catholic I had one gentleman to become president a big of the conference and seventy is a journal on we will not reach the crisis in literacy for too long with their hands I have been with an anti- Catholic Muslim demise well it may well be that there are those in the administered maybe they will be antitheft but that doesn't mean the doctrine is that I can understand that love to feel the same body from the baby out with the bath wanted that was bad one is a big baby out and injuring the woman is vital for the baby so we were talking going on events and I believe we ought to preach the doctrine of the antichrist on film of his right and and we're in the middle but not before stopping and time when it really is the perfect fusion sound and the old then and the world will listen to that's like saying I'm not one call move people out of the house until now just about the burn in and what about the need for the moment and then they'll think even as to see the problem that they is very close who may understandably certain food about their philosophy is wrong listen if you think by if you think wrong him him him of course often enough even in his philosophy is a Christian philosophy consequently in my Monday others watching basically two groups of people of faith issues it's like going back and back and as was listening to them I was taught in my mind what is the point of the art will always try to come down that moment the mountain is from the argument for nonmembers listen in and of them notices this is the way it worked out now all of them believe in the fallen nature of Jesus and of them believe in victory over sin both of them believe in perfection and systemwide in eighteen forty four he investigated the where the waters parted with on this one fundamental the one person who leave that these screens were salvation and that it was of the utmost necessity to preach and my matter what the consequences may be on person believe that it they should not be reached if they get a call in so I thought about my father now they both profess to believe in that same him asked him what he was a major cross what you knew something for everything what you mean but your view on the phone and an outline Pamela and tell you the same thing yet there were no more than women not to be in harmony with you the problem was simply that it wasn't after all lasted me in regard to the truth that process is that they have not want to see one philosophy while velocity came to the conclusion that these ruthless all essential that they not made right now not all the consequences may be anomalous the philosophy was not that doctrines were off how the philosophy was that of doctrine were rounded arm leg and held the philosophy was such that it undermined the friend that you believe in terms of your philosophy regarding the true even though you may possess the truth itself that you walked Bridget only when all or or and because the vision and the only time whoever preaches when you have time it will mark the region and will not harm the French it was the Lord Jesus Christ he said I didn't come the visitor I can bring my might that not even say that on some level more Jesus Christ him medically correct society finally I am not politically correct to you I am not a part of it I want to be anything near it I can't stand people who want because I understand studying the philosophy of political is the fundamental principle of the program how they reacted in what they wrap it in they will have been in the veneer of what polite kind considerate thoughtful and generous that's how they I get a tarantula in a beautiful package that I'm sorry as you look around the understanding and changing the nature of these so don't get hypnotized by the passage and not allow them to intimidate you what is the fundamental constant the blueprint and confidences beside your computer what to believe you understand that political correctness is an enemy of religious liberty is an enemy of your amendment like to speak to your conscience and so the day what we do with homosexual I would be confusing and homeless I wanted out when he was on you will say nothing about homosexuality this is not the about certain other things maybe the say nothing about the settlement on one of the fun-loving blogger in the community of him I use a lot of my philosophy about a foot you think Romney out of the abundance of the heart why not this is exactly we got to get our thinking strength to get you thinking straight then you can start to build you to help you think these are foundational philosophy is your foundation this is likely to do with the pen of inspiration the Spirit of prophecy they undermine that will come out disabling release some of that will come out lately so well we don't believe in Jesus by someone and they undermine his work on the attempt to distort your philosophy in regard to change the way you think CMIS is a masterful of the Jesuits if you've ever studied the history of the Jesuits and their philosophy of education they have a philosophical viewpoint on a few very simple Mrs. one one and they actually think they think this individual that please immediately make up your mind that's the first thing they do they will save his example the puppies of paper like message which is a wealth why is anonymous I know this is not what this is a phenomenon I asked why note do not understand that what you think you know this is in the what are they doing changing the way you think an otherwise good programming not to rely common sense and rational thinking him analyze the problem rather than from written to think how they are how they fit if they change your philosophy they change your mind and change your see the Jesuits don't need to make you a Jesuit executive become like the Jesuit pages simply change the athletic infantry the school system they destroy the educational system the findings of the day of fun so many here today for the funding of the performance IBM how to analyze certain that is what they just aren't all basic concepts of logic philosophy but I thought in that same status as the light goes on to say this so that era cannot stand partners in truth an hour cannot stand info partnership something unless it doesn't matter him out got ninety percent fruit and a little bit era what's the matter something ladies I brought this up before about the potential spouse and a gentleman welcoming to think about the answer this is a little dull three okay him that supposed to make a mother who might be walking down AI demos save Sally and fills the bill looks over the South the Sally in the lung of the one million one hundred and Sally I love you so much I love you so much as when a minute do you want to give you three hundred and sixty four days in the year and only one day he came back to my stem cell unit is guilty walking downhill if you do you deserve them follow what I'm saying that one day is unacceptable to you is what is it's easy that it's easy in the final he's really doesn't matter he really doesn't care about these not only will I really want to think of them really hard-core he doesn't love you there's no such thing as harmonizing fruit in our coming up from truth can only span with fruit anytime you mix with our I don't care what the ratio is it doesn't matter what the ratio is ninety nine nine fruit and yet this is the one percent whatever maybe it doesn't matter it's still it is still don't fall on the fatal delusion of thinking that if the truth and that it will not affect that means you this if you say wrong you and I don't doubt slightly you may think more inevitably that long him will bring forth fruit on the wrong drinking may not be very knobby tomorrow may not even be three months from now but eventually you persevere and persist in that era that Harris coming up and operates under right now with an it may start off with one ten percent but nothing in the month of people and go all those on the safest metals now place ourselves where God has said we should span me up to strive for unity were described to you you know something a noble but we should come together is not right we should make an effort be beautiful isn't that right but on the front Jesus never strive for unity but not on the lower level of worldly policy and union with popular churches guess that we are to strive for unity but not upon popular policy of worldly policy and popular church but not worldly policy hormone worldly policy well we got a consensus from among the bread and therefore we should harmonize with that consensus I will only harmonize with consensus among the Brennan matter who they are where they are not what they profess if that what they harmonize or come up with is in harmony with the wording unity is not based on worldly policy but we don't want appears though there were you know and high humidity him why him will him feel guilty for thinking of what you have an unlimited dividend from a life and not all the one that troubles Israel here is thank God Elijah had a mouth learning curves and women not the one on the problem you and he told them why you are thinking about I say God is we need to behave in Christlike way we define really consider when we thought we need to be up Christian and everyone was Christian is enough we need the own wishy-washy this individual Christian is of individual willing to stand up for what you like because it is right because they love the truth and name of the Lord Jesus Christ and we many criticize an effect mean any cast out and and and and ridiculed and mocked them and their reputations as long and through the mind and remain to be this eligible liabilities maybe number how severe maybe as in the then so be it is not that you want it to happen by the fact that consequences for standing up for Jesus that is all in many all wanted to remade all current system I said we need our faith to be like when it's enough I nominate something very clear know some of you know where I spam a musician Menominee something very very clear I him and in some forty but I have no loyalties the South just like I have no loyalties to any other organization my God was a woman while you there will be no divisions of people who will go to hell while they were in good spirits and their not hear from you but no one is literally no one will miss seven problem for more Jesus Christ like the Jews of all I believe we do have these false expectations and we set up these false places of security is somehow it well if I'm associated with a certain group certain committee or certain organization whatever it may be therefore somehow that equates leaving spiritually safe somehow on push the Jews at that problem throughout the study the Jeremiah the template along with more than me a crime in the Jeremiah prompting destroy a look at the Temple exists in the midst of us is gone sanctuary they said as though somehow that guaranteed them the preservation of their eternal welfare him them unless what you do not only them but was thinking it was a very common unless uses the same trust me the Psalmist and I will stop my eyes unto the hills might come of myself as an expert my help come from from my help cometh from unity is based on truth and even the popular churches of the day we want to unify the churches it all started back in nineteen fifty an effort to unify with the popular churches of the world we were ashamed of ourselves we some of the miniature version of our peculiar fruit and they began to capitulate certain particular law and you don't want to put on a lot of that was capitulating you know what was one of the major doctrines they capitulated and I think that what the nature of Christ you go back to the old model reading through the home move back into the own before nineteen fifty ago back in the old bottom reasonable and in our publication and has happy to go back to and it makes very clear where we stood and was after that nineteen fifty six they changed about the homeless in the same thing in one hundred radically alter the position him help of faith well selected messages volume three page four hundred and twelfth he says we have a testing message the given I'm instructed to save our people unified unified that we are not a good apply with those who were departing from the faith giving you disability spirits and doctrines of the Mama hearts reading kind in some way to go proclaim the message giving no even those who lead off and leave away from the truth now that will be both even from among ourselves and will go with magnitude but we're not uniform and another one of the unified why we have no business the uniform of them were going to straighten the because truth and error do not you cannot have true unit with the uniform of those moments the prescription that awaited place I don't want to hear from the right will you cannot be a fact incapacitated in the process of your thing that you can even know what truth is because if you don't even know what fruit is then I don't know what to give your self fable of understanding food I would highly suggest that you give Sears huge please do not suggest the meeting the idea that somehow is so complicated it's him my mind just cannot comprehend the concept of truth a lot of your university graduate so I was in redesign of the college but I did have something going for you upstairs food is not complicated is a challenging message sending yes he can stretch the mind no doubt about it there's no doubt about it is that you're not it will challenge you but so is not complicated to the point where you cannot understand and if you are being taught some faith in a Bible class and after that class you are so you will in regard to what would be the even one you want pain or two you won't be the truth has a certain environment there is within each and every one of some of the God within us each and every one of us know the downside what is one deep down based on the Google is a long and are members of the mall each and every one knows the difference between right and wrong and when you hear true if you're honest with yourself you know the depth of that is true this is a him pleases for her thirteenth software let me know the church is not unified faith that is obvious look around look at Southern California on it it is thus more compound and was assessed every wind of doctrine the only picture you save this I miss you before this ID 's I don't buy is a subject that this mindset is something I am a father may be those who believe in I don't like that there are those among the conference money from the highest levels of one God and love the Lord frees you to stand up for what's right and our shield I have beautiful people I know friends of mine in the work I is wonderful to mother also these fires is that the same is true of self-supporting there are these honest God-fearing moonlight alone it is one of the faith just one thing I want somebody on Cottonwood enormous nose they just wanted to give them often and just one of one witness for the Lord Jesus Christ if you think that's extremely what saddens thumbnail was visiting a friend in my preaching and he comes over there and the Thursday night I present there is not fighting with my phone from my friend seven one said no one will provide this to you tomorrow now I go back and left a legacy in America in was safe you Americans are you going you got enough with two independent don't tell me what you are not going to fill the recessed montage cinema but you do not tell me what to do that's not his maverick visit would anyone call me out of here do what God tells me not to give you vitamin D calcium correctly okay fair enough am willing to accept that but you anonymously can do this and he got a moonlight these four thirteen thirteen this is his prophecy this is the prophecy is him my fave is enough for Jesus Johnson from passphrase the morning will be fulfilled God will have unified unified modeling is a FF on some of this agreement for the one in the exhaustively word that I know there is no doubt another there often is the line David something more on doctrinal apostasy comes in some way if you have a view not open to him tonight when they are mostly self and I made a citizen of work is just a is a is a very see the Eiffel Hamas and bodily if you think I said is true sometimes because the outcome only if you're not honest with yourself and possibly resolve if you got the linear or in your life and the Palestinian Authority to carry her think is the honest enough to result in a licensee is as solid volume a mono on who do not resolve the next so the first thing you have to say you have no loyalty loyalty is my motive is to his church anything less invasive than on China taken that there are good people will visit him him out more about the bad people didn't get out of my way on this one before thirty two we all come in the unity of the faith till we all come in the unity of a honest with and feel at a given point in time until I get what that means if you could sense when will that be when will we actually come together in unity of the faith when Isaiah Isaiah fifty two Isaiah fifty two Isaiah fifty three speaking of the last things listen what he says and I think that you give birth one awake awake and put all my strength put them on beautiful vomit filled Jerusalem the holy city for transport me from this time forth and sin no more to be the uncircumcised in the unclean software here that analyzes that put all my beautiful vomit awake awake but then fly ball awake awake is that apply to the church effectively comparable to ten virgins how many of us left all the good in the bag they all let the mother does not get a holier than thou attitude may well be the do not participate in the celebration church movement it may well be known publicly but don't sit there on the beginning well thank God will not like no you may not maybe I'm not she can be made on the moment in the many faces but everybody got a cloth nobody is going so before we start casting stones and then you better look at yourself him home away so the charges this link to see the condition hair the sleeping child did not write what we have on awakening now is amazing yet you suspect has been anathema to both which yes it's hard to think yes a strong but sometimes benefited from those known to have his input on my beautiful vomit what does that imply that the church is not one of the beautiful Bob Revelation nineteen birthday the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ what is a division that you're just gotten up and put on the bond market have so awake awake and then put it on as an awakening message righteousness by faith back to real version modeling water since he can be combined because they give them often now than when one ascends the medicine that uses this from henceforth on this time on this time from what I'm told from the time to be awakened went on the righteousness of Christ from a formal the unclean non- circumvent will no longer come into the church with that as a metaphor was the unclean and the uncircumcised eleven that many men on his attack this chapter is absolutely these are the people whom the consequences the best possible now when will they got three phases to the shape three phases the first phases one Harrison him all you fail I will come in specific areas how is opened and will win beyond me would be home with me I'm suffocating in apostasy and you understand we've got to win the and is not to stop withhold the second coming would you do not must now look for space is Harris is now using done is allow Harrison go on unchecked or monthly features selecting a new one of the untenable equivalent of your comes the second thing was the second phase of his gastritis retested it is an answer to the apostasy to awaken the people got out on them argue condition but when the second phase of the shaking commences what will commence and gave the third thing but what will happen some more why just as great testimony and this will begin a sentence is perfectly accurate there is persecution while a conventional word to be persecuted and anyone speaking ill of you sassy that's perfectly reasonable but eventually the divisive to the point where according to Revelation thirteen fifteen to seventeen and in Revelation twenty before the end of behalf of his death I feel persecution when someone is from henceforth the unclean will no longer come into the church the unconverted the move we need I failed along with a miniature during the first phase we have tears into believing in the act is not the righteous second phase Stratus him yes the third thing is a trick question the big thing about the gradual member described graduate starts off mild form of persecution and alchemy and the physical buttons on that nothing in the front in the early states third base on other tears the manager yes when this is a separate limit data menu and some think he is in the end that is sad you didn't seem to just license today today do not really know because everything predicated on profession he says it's like the size hidden during the day there then you can see what is the midnight just like the Evergreen during the summer all entries of me but it's in the middle of this last winter number two is that they can handle today you may like in the church but the doctors on Shaw menace far as they go to third base is why his father was a watch this when God cleanses his church even if you are positive you see what we have years of transition in the church militant to the church triumphant now we got nothing but we were the vision of the church downloadable as a night watchman nightwatchman sound the voice and the voice on this one and that's worked with the voice is that where repeated again to gather their time and energy with the boys in the job listing for they shall underscore this they shall see I that's when we will see how I we will come together in the unity of the faith right now we don't have the unity of the faith but we got this hot that's why I'm not apologetic for preaching the truth is while not as severe and apologize to you where I stand on the nature of private victory of a suitable site for the Republic is why I believe the time and I got to tell you the truth you may not like me you may not want me around your again as anatomy don't you understand you didn't call me here they will tell you the truth because God wants you a you know the best return on the most is not the best English in the vocabulary no not that you know whatever it may be out dressed like what this is okay but listen one thing out to you this right now one thing you bring a write-down when instant and you will be posted on Wednesday is if you do you were sleeping while I was drinking the Seventh-day Adventist church is God 's church there is no while the church this is but we got it all minimal to say we need more woman be ready on more than I can ready on me will him unless you let us pray for him and him and more please keep us help us to recognize our great for the now more we asked to take possession of his more unknown number one million times and did not let you work on my nerve among the more often we were moving to some commonly asked to take possession bless each and everyone here everything is represented with your truth Jesus


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