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NAD Health Summit 2012 - General Session

Daniel Jackson


Daniel Jackson

President, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 27, 2012
    6:00 PM
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how are you well reasoned well I love the things don't you I send this morning as I can imagine anybody who would say no thank you all only have half this Friday evening and you are a little tired I can see that we are glad that you are here for this health ministries convention we believe that as we have been guided to believe that the health message is the right arm of what God wants to accomplish on this plan and I I I want to give this little statement before I go too far this evening and it goes like this I actually set it to the folks who I met with this morning and that is a number of years ago I was entering the United States through a Canadian airport and the immigration officer the US immigration officer said to me I were you going and I said I am going to Chicago and I'm going to take a drive to barium Springs Michigan and there I'm going to go to the board meeting of the Enders University he said you're in the United States last week said that's what he said were relentless and I said well I flew to Los Angeles and then drove to Loma Linda to attend board meetings on Loma Linda University and he will get me into his face I have scrunched up and he then used and explain of which will delete tonight but he said what are you blankety-blank Ford Ruby I my encouragement in telling that story is that so often we come to a fence like this that have been planned and program them to finally and we go home and say then we had a great and we become meeting movies let's make the determination that by God 's grace the things that we learned here we will take home and implement in the name of Jesus for the blessing of the people in our world right so thank you for being here I do want to repeat what I heard Debra Brill saying earlier we are very grateful to God but the North American division that we were able to find culture writer and for the work that she has done throughout the past year it has been quite amazing especially you know when we believe first invited talk yet to come the North American division she said I have to tell you something and you may choose to say you don't want me that is I have been granted of fellowship a sponsorship by the national institutes of health to be with PHP and I don't want to lose that opportunity so while she's doing all this stuff she is also doing her PhD and chief takes out the garbage sweeps the floor and the dishes besides when you bow your head with me our heavenly father we want to thank you so much for your goodness in your drinks when it comes to a discussion of your plans for the human family there isn't one person in this room including myself who is we need your name on our lips but we come boldly to you tonight asking you to cover us as we speak and as we listen so that we can truly understand your will for us and tonight we would see Jesus I pray in his name amen the mission statement is of the North American division reads as follows to reach North America Bermuda and Guam Micronesia with the distinctive seventh day Adventist message I'm home and wholeness that is our mission now that message that brief statement is set in a much broader context but all that we do in the next ten days must focus upon that mission is that statement that I read is rooted in the word of God it is rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ the message he came to proclaim the message that was heralded by the disciples and ever since the message that we talked about when we talk about revelation chapter fourteen verses six through twelve right in the heart of that message is the idea the principle that God entered into the human picture to provide hope and wholeness to the human family I walked into the store to buy a Siamese fighting fish many years ago when I had time for hobbies i.e. I built aquarium and Bob I used to really enjoy but in the process of building it stocking and maintaining it I became a friend with the pet store owner we had many conversations philosophical and otherwise but one day as I walked into his store he looked at me and he posed this question he said what business does several range and have involving itself in the health of the community is this just another one of the Hawks that new Christians use the pond people into your beliefs and I responded by making this statement that offering physical health and happiness to people was as much a part of the work of God in the plan of God as the eternal benefits that Jesus offered to the gods came into the world for a very specific purpose in the person of Jesus Christ I concluded our nonsufficient dialogue that they with the thought that health spirituality and education were all one and the same in the mind of God Jesus came to shield to preach and teach them to provide hope and wholeness for all humanity and we dare not enter into this conference with any other view it is one of the great issues that confront us as an organization in two thousand twelve and that is that we haven't broken up into little silos almost likely have an education church and ecclesiastical church and a medical health church the time has come for us to listen to the voice of God spirit and him will together to collaborate with such godly authority that the work of God will have efficiency like it has never had busy Jesus sought no distinction God is no respecter of person that Jesus Hart was moved by human means as reflected in this passage from Matthew chapter nine versus thirty five and thirty six then Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease among the people he was moved to compassion for them because they were weary and scattered like she having no shepherd perhaps the statement that best synthesizes the whole idea I'm trying to introduce here tonight is one that I found in that you are well acquainted with from the book ministry of healing it reads like this the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good he showed his sympathy for them minister to their needs won their confidence and then he made come and follow me as we talked about health and pedagogy and theology this must be our foundation if we talk about better dietary health practices or mental health then let this be our modus operandi as we talk about the message of Revelation fourteen verses six through twelve letter always being with the viewer in mind that the good will of God is reaching down to the human family in order to bless them with holiness and health and home and happiness that in the process of introducing men the following Jesus always build trust in the minds of men then he extended the invitation the following and I want to suggest and I got all that is our task as well to bring people into a relationship of trust with God he was eleven years old this little lad I wanted tell you about eleven years of age in the south along in his room crying attempting to sort out life and to understand this new turn of fate that saw him on the road again for him light and then a piece of cake had been a positive experience to times abandoned by his family and then finally given up for care in foster homes rejected by three families as importable uncontrollable and hope abused by parents and then by foster parents to such an extent that he is now becoming twisted soul and only a few hours the social service officers would arrive it that home to remove him and then attempt to place him in another moment and what had he done to break that relationship in drama nothing wrong with being a cartographer but he had drawn a map a map of the entire house that he was living in on his lap he had labeled hiding places for things that he possessed and the things that he intended to speak but there was no evidence that he had stolen anything yet but all don't know what's happening sounds like their shrapnel outside your concert the the and him everything that was important to him in a secret place he was a product this young man unable to trust anyone not able to get me on his repeated rejection by one family unit after the next so how could he trust what would form the basis of his ability to develop a trusting relationship when he had come to the conclusion that those who said they cared for him only cared as long as he did everything according to their plans this young lad was well aware of the fact that should he get in the way of those plans should he walked across an imaginary line of their devising then he would be out again and I want to tell you when I looked at him and when I thought of his situation there was one word that came to my mind and it was this word impossible impossible but here's the scoop on this there were many people who live in our society under the same societal circumstances there are many people especially in our world and let us not fool ourselves that we can remain aloof from human society that somehow we can send somebody else out to do the job to connect with people on a real level and that they will somehow find their way to God 's kingdom many people you know we have multiple societies in the North American division we just have had while Micronesia added to our division our division now extends from Bermuda with his one hundred miles in the Philippines and there are societies very different and divergent societies and God is calling you and me to reach those people and yet there are multiple thousands and perhaps millions of people who live in an attitude of being unable to trust this young man was a symbol of a whole generation who are finding it more and more difficult to find faith faith in their father 's faith in their mother 's faith in their superiors and any faith whatsoever in religion is the we are serving societies today that are weary and scattered as sheep without a shepherd what is it that we have to offer them that is relevant to their life circumstances how do we offer them hope and wholeness how do we get close enough to them that they will listen to us how can we show them that God identifies with them and cares about because if you think that we will do anything other than that or that we can function in any other basis than your wrong agreed to Bible texts and use them as a basis for our discussion tonight the first comes from Hebrews chapter four verses fourteen to sixteen if you've got a Bible I want to invite you to turn their it reads like this for we do not have a high price who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses or infirmities and many Bibles but we have one who has been tempted in every way just as we are yet was without sin let us in a approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need in Hebrews chapter five verse seven through nine who in the days on his flash 's talking about Jesus when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears on to him that was able to save him from death and was heard in that he feared though he were a son yet he learned obedience through the things which he suffered and being made perfect he became the author of eternal salvation to all them that obey him to amazing passages of Scripture we are invited to approach Jesus who knows and understands human infirmity because he himself was not involved in some kind of play act I love that state what did Jesus who created the heavens and the earth have to learn what does it mean when it says yet he was a son he learned obedience through the things which he suffered she ultimately the walk of Jesus was one moment by moment they need by date progression beyond anything we can dream about because he never did send right and yet there were demands on him when it clarify a couple things to begin with one concept needs to be clarified and it is this Hebrews four fifteen we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmity and in Hebrews four fifteen we do not have ended this is from the new Century version we do not have a high priest was unable to sympathize with our weaknesses with our weaknesses we need to understand this word which is translated as infirmity or weakness but Paul is described what is Paul rather describing here when he talks about an infirmity in what does Jesus understand about our personal infirmities and how do we get this message out the Greek word that is translated as infirmity may be translated in either of the two following ways number one it can mean lacking strength or number two it can be an inability to achieve certain results because of natural weaknesses upon does not define infirmities as CNN's but rather as tendency or tendencies which might pave the way for Sam to happen looking at the question from another angle my infirmities might prevent me from fully appreciated the right course of action to take is a all of us are the product of our heredity as well as our environment human beings infirmities as well are all along the way as we move through life the point is this one thing is abundantly clear here as we read what Paul has to say no more careful marry me it is this that Jesus not only understands the fact that we have infirmities or weaknesses or inabilities but he is acquainted with the feelings associated with them not only do we need to understand this but you understand the point of grace right I say to people over and over again please do not accept grace do not accept God 's grace if you do not be gracious grace is given to you and to me so that we can pass it on to others so Jesus not only understands the fact that we have infirmities or weaknesses or inability but he is acquainted with the feelings associated with them and as we begin to think of how is it that we can reach out to a world in need first of all we need to understand this ourselves before we can pass it on the fifth chapter of Hebrews Jesus suffered and he didn't always communicate with God as though they were having a pleasant talkative beautiful day for my Bible informs me of this he prayed with strong crying and tears secondly he relied upon the father to provide him with the daily energy to face that which faced him and then he slowed as it were great drops of blood when he was wrestling with the question of human destiny yet Jesus was deeply affected by his surroundings and also by the fact that he had inherited four thousand years of physical deterioration in his body he knows what your pain in my pain feels like because he has felt to what extent to the fullest extent of the feelings anxieties pains frustrations and temptations came to him as one who had come to redeem the human family I will never face temptations on that scale but Jesus did years ago we needed a second car so I bought my wife and boy that anybody even heard of that nobody has even heard of an envoy at the you don't know what you're missing well and after that I paid two hundred dollars for my wife's private and I drove a Dodge Monaco with the three eighty four engine in it before eighty four engine and and I let her drive that of the master the question who do you think you think had the greatest temptation to speed the play philosophical games on me and it was me because I have the ability to do that Satan didn't give Jesus a little bit of anything he brought temptation and frustration and anxiety and pain and bad feelings upon Jesus with an intensity that you and I will never experience do not identify with the human family in the person of Jesus he did and Jesus claiming that the will of God said it all when he was about to die he said father into your hands I commend my spirit listen to Paul's understanding of the depth of Jesus understanding of the human circumstance recorded in Philippians chapter four verses five through eight in your relationships with one another have the same mindset as Christ Jesus who being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage rather he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant and being found in human likeness in human appearance as a man he humbled himself become you will be to death even death on a cross those words guarantee our home and home they allow you a need to look at the future in a positive way these are the words that will permit a cynical word world to trust that you and I are called upon to experience God 's grace and interview the hands and the feet of Jesus to a world in need again I want to repeat please don't accept the grace of God if you do not intend to be gracious everything that God has given to you and me he has given for the purpose that we might share it we are to become servants of all in our collective approach to God 's healing of the nations want to bring this whole issue home now as we review a series of questions and answers drawn from the life experience of Jesus that so powerfully demonstrate the fact that God came to identify with human need because that's what this is all about isn't it sharing any kind of health ministry or spiritual ministry is all about telling people that God loves them and wants to live with them forever if there's any other reason for your begin here in a lot of call home I don't want to do that address these questions and you may ponder on them for yourself but think about the people in your neighborhood in your community who don't understand God I don't know how to trust him you when God invited you into a relationship with him he also brought with that invitation and expectation that you would be his representative there is no such thing as a Christian who is not a witness you can't escape the reality that you ever wanted to die late one Friday evening I received a phone from a young person who informed me that life had come to an end and would I please explain to her why it should continue they had pulled her off a bridge on a busy city Freeway she was about to jump off she was a Seventh-day Adventist 's father had repeatedly raped most of us at one point or the other really come to wonder about the purpose of continuing if we're honest with ourselves we long for the elimination of the problems that confront us that sometimes seems like an answer listen carefully to this statement from Matthew chapter twenty six versus thirty six and thirty seven and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and he began to be sorrowful and deeply distressed then he said to them my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death staying here and watch with me there was an agony deep within the mind of Jesus where he could taste we are glad to understand we believe that had he not been serviced and help by ministering angels that he would've died in the garden of Gibson I'm not attempting to say here that Jesus experienced depression and wanted to commit suicide don't walk away with that idea however I am saying that he understands how we feel when we have those quotes him to death feelings because he had them in the garden of Gibson does not understand men and women in your community have you ever felt betrayed by your friends perhaps your wife your husband your mother your father talk to a young man within the last forty eight hours for me to tell me that one of his very closest relatives had uttered a death threat to him and felt the trade think about the thousands of people who invested money with Bernie made off Jesus knows what that feels Judas betrayed him for a tiny fraction of what he was really worth even in human terms Peter wasn't very true to him John the one hundred Jesus loved was only willing to follow him at a distance when it came right down to it in the Bible adds this interesting little bit of information in Matthew twenty six verse fifty six all of his disciples forsook him and fled think about all of them does Jesus know what betrayal is about of course he knows hello and false accusations anyone ever tell a lie about you know how hard that hurts when people start telling lies about you and I will tell people that they just followed me around they could tell the truth about me and my nose not look good the man who was recently released from prison fourteen years three months and eight days in prison because of a false accusation how do you feel what the trial of Jesus the religious leaders brought in one witness after the next who perjured themselves over and over again Jesus knows what it's like to be the butt and of the false accusation of one of the biggest fear is that any of us face in the fear of being rejected that while we do our best to be with it we discovered that we never really have made it and that those we associate with is that we are dweebs are dorks or losers or whatever or Windows is a very real fear and user experience that you've seen men and women who have been rejected I had a lady show up at my doorstep while I was a pastor she said I have to come in and talk to you and your wife I am broken what happened to her she was in bed with her husband that morning he rolled over and said today I will have my operation I am becoming a woman but me tell you this evening that this was an ever present part of the experience of Jesus of massive this is what the buyer most of him Isaiah fifty three versus two three four he shall grow up before him as a tender plant and as a root out of dry ground he has no form or timeliness and when we see him there is no beauty that we should desire him he is despised and rejected of men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief when he was hit doesn't work for and we hid as it were our faces from him he was despised and we did not esteem him as he knows when does he know what it feels like to be rejected of course he does of course he does have you ever felt intimidated and never felt really intimidated by a parent or by a boss by a husband by a wife intimidated to people in our society feel intimidated at times of course they do I remember coming home from school one night and as we were coming I was with two of my friends we were coming around the corner or around a corner in a car pulled up beside us and a group of about six young men jumped out of the car with beer bottles which they proceeded to break over the fence the side of the road then came and held those broken beer bottles to our throats not a nice thing to be intimidated I don't you know I I I look at the life of Jesus and I say how is it that he could do that and never fight back because when people try to intimidate me I think I get to about my lowest point spiritually and were it not for the reality that God 's Holy Spirit gives us courage we would do things and say things that were totally inappropriate Matthew chapter twenty six verse sixty seven chapter twenty two verse sixty three they spit on him and hit him in the face and mocked him throughout the duration of his trial does Jesus know what physical intimidation is about of course he does but about the time when you feel no contact with God that you wonder if God really even exists when nothing seems to work I walked into a hospital room with my wife they're laying on the bed was a young physician well actually he was an orthodontist and he was dying he had rain cancer he was in the last part of his life and his father who was a physician was standing behind him holding his neck up like this so that he could still draw as I walked into the room that night the good doctor looked at me and said okay pastor would you give me your theology of prayer I shared that prayer does not bring God down to us it brings us up to him and helps us understand his benevolence and his love even in the midst of tragedy this into these words they were first recorded in solemn Chapter twenty two verses one and two my God my God why have you forsaken me why are you so far from health from the words of my groaning all my God I cry in the daytime but you do not hear and in the night season and I am not sign if you want to talk about it in a formal way Jesus hung on the cross and it is true that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself but as Jesus hung upon the cross she could not see through the portals of the tone then he cried out not in some kind of play act to his heavenly father the one he had always been connected to why have you forsaken me read Psalm Chapter twenty two tonight and you will work your way right into the inner feelings that Jesus Christ had in his mind when he faced the horrors of the cross of Calvary usually he knows what it's like to suffer and praise God he is acquainted with the feelings that are associated with your weaknesses and my weaknesses of the weaknesses of the men and the women and young people and the boys and girls in your community so much of what we call connection with God depends on our ability to understand Jesus in this light to see him as one sent by God to help us as we struggle with our personal weaknesses and problems to see him dealing with his own pain sorrow and intense feelings and then offering us his strength in order to deal with our inner feelings that we have a message to give to the world don't we hold to offer to our neighbors we do and we should not be ashamed to do it because of the fact that God came in human form letter in our faces what we face that so that we can understand the internal love of God who loves every human being on planet Earth regardless of where they were born or what their persuasion etc. etc. etc. she she called me on the phone and she said she was going to commit suicide I referred to her earlier I drove to the city where she was in the hospital and I went into her room and tried to talk to her she would not I asked her if I could pray with her and she would not let me bring so I had one final little trick up my sleeve I knew she loved this might be sacrilegious to the news she loved John Denver so I said to her while let's sing John Denver songs will you do that and she said I will and she got to pick up a guitar and we wound up serenading award in the hospital we sang John Denver songs for about forty five minutes and at the end of that I said they can I pray with you now and she said yes to tell you part of my prayer heavenly father thank you for the Rocky Mountain high we were in British Columbia after all I thank you for the Rocky Mount high but my sister and I could talk music that lady not because of that event because of the working of the Holy Spirit the lady 's life was changed C God is in the hope wholeness and healing business that's why he called you to be here so you can be his hands and his feet so you can reach your community with the great news of a God who knows their pain who knows frustration and who can help them grow beyond and have a happy and healthy life the thing that I love about this whole story you know the other day I was walking out of my office and I was accosted by somebody and they sent to me why is that we always complicate everything the next fifty minutes will be sponsored by a why is it that we always complicate everything we have a great message a wonderful message centered on our Lord Jesus Christ and God 's determination to bring people 's happiness and then we have the assurance that he can strengthen and heal that his strength is perfect that he can do through us but we can never do by ourselves with these words just before we hear some music that God never asks about your ability he just asked about your availability God bless you and I pray that these will be wonderful moments for you the gods spirit will walk up and down these halls and in the classrooms and in your mind that this week will be a damage resulting in a this video was produced by bodybuilders including NaCl summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. NAIC help some .com and I was more green online assignments please visit www. audio verse is on board


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