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Tools for Soul-Winning Health Expos, Part 2

Charles Cleveland



  • January 28, 2012
    8:30 AM
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this is one of my favorite statements that I enjoy looking back at from time to time counsel and help by thirty three I wasted value that what soon there will be no work done in minutes but medical missionary work in sooner than ever it could have happened already if Weidman ready to put them but it's still whenever it happens it's going to be part of the grace of opens a door building no work done in industrial life of medical mission work the work of a minister and minister our ministers and work on the gospel plan of ministry I was in the seminary when I written statement I was so been very active in addition diversity and outreach help but raise rates of the Stevensville church and so when it came time for me as a new seminary student id. I was not one of knowledge they said Chuck you don't need another field school you've actually been working for the different evangelists running though but we have an experimental field school for the first time with Loma Linda Anderson Loma Linda teamed up with seminarian will of health and we went to Reading Pennsylvania and we worked with some positions during medical missionary work and adjust was very refreshing to me and an open and and we were asked to read a delay time in the Senate race in spirit of prophecy and I read a medical ministry that a minister should be as well trained in how to do a medical missionary work is used to present the gospel and it gave me a whole new direction and frustration how to make it happen as I wasn't in the curriculum but this is true regardless of curriculum when I figured out my only to make it work has been such a blessing I wish the guys and they know what is your life can you imagine men who have felt called to the ministry and devote every energy they can learn to be a good good pastor but doesn't learn these other skills they use they learned a ministry but not the web ministry to the ministry is there trying to do all this with a ministry and people don't generally like the direct approach of a ministry they just they just run from but the approach gets you in the door so we would need the combination one of them you will never be ministers of the gospel order that you show a decided interest in medical missionary work the gospel of healing and blessing inspect it just naturally together and Jesus patterns out for us as we saw last night he taught the disciples to do it the seventy do it intended for all of us to do and that we are great it is to get our manuals force and that it will have those for you to look at this presentation now program ten thirty this is not going to be an exciting presentation because I have to cover the pendulum and out so it's really hard to go through all that text but is morning time and you didn't get a good rest I hope last I felt guilt hanging in there but it's it it gives us a way to raise some questions in any time you have a question along the way don't hesitate to ask any time I will make it awkward to be in the prices the same as question as you know ask questions so feel free in new fields no work is so successful as medical estuary work this guy graduated from our medical missionary training intention is that we work we work some and those fan countries with just a couple over there about two weeks ago return to Uzbekistan with the goal of setting up a little treatment center and they've been there before on one of them what would the lady returning to Wildwood for several years of Sonata oxygen and recently she got married to a man from whose Pakistan would also been in our training program at WB accordion Crane and so these medical missionaries now are married and an is a powerful combination as they wanted one of those thin countries which are largely Muslim countries all on the border of Afghanistan and so forth but the central ones are more moderate Muslims and we are in some of those countries not all of them able to freely have a public meetings and even evangelism envelope the basis for this young man set up a treatment I don't think it was in the church facility I don't remember that for sure it's been a couple years ago but he was able to very successfully start a ministry and having many customers come to a given hydrotherapy massage and he actually got involved he decided he would take an official diploma rather than just art simple medical missionary training which is not the so recognized by the state that he thought he could officially certified but about a third way into the course as well as you begin a teacher noticed he was already quite adapted doing what he was learning but the teacher got sick and make a long story short and had him take over the class and now he's certified in concert by other people and most of the stand countries it is amazing if you don't plan things the guidelines of it and so in new fields there is no work that works better than medical missionary work it's the door that's why it works well so the new deal might be your community doesn't mean always overseas and the two tried out of them if you'll be consistent in your community and offering programs people will eventually just start looking for what's next Bill start asking I think of the Nepalese who lived in Ardmore Oklahoma for many many years and Eric and his wife every quarter for a year she's had a cooking school and she gets a big crowd of people out in that locality town of Ardmore Oklahoma and and it's been such a blessing for the community and very effective installment medical missionary work is the pioneer work of the gospel it is the gospel practice is so so beautiful this concept is the compassion of Christ revealed no just touching people helping them babysit when you start the massage beginning to end don't ever take your hand off of them like the one hand off but always keep the contact because it's communicating something the way you touch somebody the way you do your massage and you know and that you're focused on them are not looking over and visited at your at somebody else nearby and it just makes such a difference we see this in art Senator Ensign MacCallum lifestyle centers today we see this where it were the therapist is focused like that what a difference it makes on the impact they have on their patients for gospel practice of this work there is a what a great many and the world is open for and that's for sure this is the Roman Aaron and Czech Republic why they are so active over there they have that we have of my country life restaurants in Czech Republic anyplace world and and at health clubs is just probably twenty or thirty in the check just the Czech Republic all over the country where people can come on a weekly basis or a monthly basis I have a set up and do some exercise and have a little food demonstration and tasting it just mingling with people that you can invite them into a more spiritual level I helped expose a positive way to respond to human suffering in this age of increased knowledge and technology every day we are witnesses to increase in the number of deaths directly related to unhealthy lifestyles most of these premature deaths could have been prevented and quality of life increased and simple lifestyle changes had been implemented many are looking for meaning in life but with increased skepticism to traditional forms of religiosity that's the that's the hesitation people have the first this skepticism offs off often leads to an attitude of self protection city one from the heartache of meeting the solutions but also reducing the chances of our interaction with with those who may carry on a message of God 's love so we have quite a barrier to breakthrough but as we are mingling with them and helping them for health programs they're watching is very very carefully and observing how we relate to them and were all people watchers are currently when I was a administrator for some years at Yuji Pines Institute the thrashers one of our Bible study contacts was well known individual we have one on a relevant front if you're willing this one lady in Columbus Georgia was well known and she she said to me she was very southern girls always talk about them to give me some sugar in which they give you a big hug and kiss she said Judy Chuck you need to talk to the one of our mayors prayer breakfast Zoe archer I'm sure the federal advice use of their money by that meant by each of and I thought while my line of LMI is known is how do you reach that audience that kind of an audience who should go into effect the anyway it was it was interesting how the opportunity that we didn't get the opportunity to go there and I'm just earnestly prayed with the Sharon and and the largest city notes share something simple share something that they we can all relate to I don't speak down at videophone is it but it's interesting how God gives you some pointers if were missing and so I try to follow that advice and I will always remember quite I talked to about the power of this of the Scriptures and what they do read them every day and I talked and this is if where this is what we all do it I'm sure you focus on your from doing it help a powerful news release that the Bible every day and when I got done you know people write cordial in the always remember one lady that came up to me she says you know I appreciated what you said but I appreciated more how you said it will unless and I was the Baptist pulpit pounding person felt by disposing of them in the conversation away like we are this morning and she really was touched by that that wasn't artificially is normal for us to talk that way but somehow that resonated with her heart and we just have to ask the Lord to ilk of which were not there to play games were not trying to sound a certain way we hope are just truly natural wasn't Jesus natural of people he didn't have the self up he just was real with people on that was part of what he was trying to show us is to be real with individuals because though the goods the world that was so used to artificiality with the Pharisees in the second season and that they were second that they were sick of the pretense that they could than anybody could see through and when they saw Jesus are they saw the disciples who were so impressed how that that had changed those management changed their their their speech had been improved with a could communicate that's a blessing God will do that with us we do not do this work alone you know we ask God to help us we need to believe that the Angels are there with us the Holy Spirit is prompting us and just take over and use us and it's such a blessing I think about often that any kind of work that I've done punctured on a related note all of you that some of us who board different hats for the years and it's going to different places and sometimes were in some country artwork work were doing some work on the head of several institutions and I sit there I said hi to every in this I I've found is totally unprepared and yet there looking at me as if I'm the expert from out of town and I know I'm not really prepared for this blog you have to help me and God just is very all his bidding 's argument enabling what a privilege that we don't work alone like the world doesn't have to use our expertise to figure out stuff you know it helps maybe but were not depended on and got sometimes the Holy Spirit gives us expertise without without the diploma anyway so we've got to find a way to reduce useful Jesus revealed his method to reach these those in the he spent much of his time caring for the physical and the emotional needs was in a dealing with emotional needs with some of those folks that came to him and that the lady that had problems emotionally vocational while doing this he had access to their hearts and that's why they came there was lots of prejudice against Jesus lots of prejudice they talked them down to the Pharisees whatever they could is of the whole boxer of then going across about I didn't believe in the rapture but over my life just went it seems that if you suddenly disappeared after getting it in an annual when you take on their shifts over this we saw the manuals and not you when you take a manual you need to sign for that says that I realized that OU twenty dollars tomorrow morning and then well I think they understood if you can get correct David held our check is five and you make an object make it the HDR that's for my wife her health had AGR 's health education resources so out tomorrow morning this is my grandson is a big helper and so I came in her I don't make it up in the center of it is best to that on the net okay so he had access to their what their hearts and that's really where were we want to go with this in the okay you folks can many of these things centuries later God counseled us that only has method would have long-lasting success he also said that medical missionary work would breakdown prejudice and be the right arm of the gospel of the finish of the work on earth I am so thankful for the leadership of our general conferences of the I'm so thankful for the influence of pastor Ted Wilson Mark Finley Jerry page we just have a tremendous team meeting now in the general conference at the nuts in the lasso wasn't good actually I just didn't know them as well as I know these were not hear from tables in a few minutes I imagine that most of you folks in this room do not know that Elder Wilson at one time ran a restaurant how many of you knew that quite I will see you absolutely Elder Elder said Wilson's restaurant was about a block from the World Trade Center and it was about a block it was it was not even as big as his room it was a Chinese restaurant but it was there and out at that time self-supporting work through OCI had two and then three large restaurants one only a few blocks away and I remember asking that if you would feel run over if we opened up the restaurant near Wall Street which was only three blocks from his and and just to show you the kind of man he was in his he said you know in one way I prefer you what because is awful close but on the other hand if it's God 's providence and you see that you need to do is not big thinking and leave it open out the other one and they are so many people who helped out in that Wall Street area that we each had customers it turned out eventually that needed our help and we took over the Appleseed for him and in in a cooperative way and it was not doing so well all he wanted to start a lifestyle center as well he has a whole vision is a medical missionary his grandfather was a student that is self-supporting collies called what Madison he went to Madison College of the Wilson family note self-supporting work last ASI at Sacramento he called a number of us together maybe forty of us are so in a special room and just said with marketing on on my form with them we want you self-supporting people to know this is the Eugene fighters though the Wii Morrison suits that you valleys and enzyme from overseas we want you voters know we need you we haven't heard that kind of talk for a long time you know we're always kind of the stepchild of the church and almost some people which would go away but unlabeled pill realized the ministry just don't get it the labor of love a kind of feel that they're not in charge of everything this church that is bad and so they have a hard time understanding how to work with a whole Corporation of people that have influence a hundred people on campus or whatever it scares some of our leaders but but most of them have gotten used to it now and see that we're really not trying to compete with them we are just complementing the work of the church were doing a work that they were doing and were not spiking up for not doing it were the same this is our offering and we are for your partners in an you know when this than to get the church members they don't start churches we will help work with the churches and so forth and so is not so hard to do that in this country but overseas sometimes in some of the islands with the brother not used to it they're very threatened by but we week is lots of ways to help talented Wilson certainly is proactive to do so I'm so thankful that we would have and and so on I think I was rejoicing with us as well so he also said medical reserve of breakdown prejudice the right arm of the gospel finishing work on your Christ's example shows us five steps page three I don't know if it's updated the manual and so I may have some things that you don't have because I work now in so many foreign countries I didn't dare leave on my website anymore a handbook of like you're looking at the manual with a lot of event the listing statements and so years it is been more generic sized is there such a word and so I try to use more community friendly terminology so you can see right through it it is you go along with me as I go through the manual but yeah I just don't want our people to get in trouble when someone goes on my website and finds out that were an evangelistic organization working in some sense of the country so on the website and the manual in the future the satellite has helped dysmorphic human health education aspect of Christ's example shows us five steps for the negative ministry 's design broken down you mingle with those who you want to help spending time with them to see how the Lord leads get acquainted with their needs and show a genuine interest in them listen to them see whether coming from as in any you you can't you can't do that usually in one program it's usually a multiple programs and you find certain people to keep coming back there's something about that but are looking for need to be sensitive to and some people are better at that than others you know I are probably the worst at doing some of these things but I I'm not ashamed of the Disneyland built but like I try to have in my team I try to identify people that I realized have the gift of really be insensitive to people and we we work together we help that I see things they don't see amazing things I don't see them between us were able to try to meet the needs of the people and I find ways that I can write people as well hell we don't ask we don't we don't get to choose what our strengths and weaknesses are we don't get to choose what are personalities their life and then I think of my father he was an immigrant from Norway that Rosen and when he came to this country and was executive and Sears Roebuck and their heyday but you know he was never comfortable groups of people in the past some of that alternate he had a trick that I can't use that he always used the thought of you have a little I'll call before a group like this you can relax to know and mingle with them and I don't I just have to dig you guys of water you have a little harder for me but I'm not fluent but I have the margin even have the Lord and that probably the one that helps the most but I still realize is not is not my chief skill and so whenever putting together programs I I just talked about are our health team and I'm the leader of the help even I try to get the ones like for depression seminar we have the most little we break up the small groups afterwards I put my best user-friendly people in those groups lead out with them and I do circulate and help that they need help and they did they just just do great and they just walk away his love the program that we get acquainted with their new show genuine interest in them number three look for means and ways to help for a large half how could I reach these people better for keep their friendship and their trust you can build a friendship with them somehow like them to help you watch to see if there's anything you do to include them to come in the early with your advice and follow the their home or your home you look for those opportunities and invite them to get acquainted eventually were looking for a chance to how to ask and get them to be interested in the work of God and they know your church they know it from the David meets you they know they administer sponsoring that you know it when we when we do our programs how would I get I get several sponsors everybody get on the yellow sheet needs to be I I can ask the county health department you want to sponsor our vehicle sponsor of our health seminar are at Expo or the depression glass yes but our name down they don't pay anything to do that is to just shows community support and I put that health education resources to sponsor it but I always put the also this the seventh day Adventist community services is sponsoring it under city churches and community services but we do without hide who we are it's it would be stupid to do that because they know the whole and usher in a big city and may take five minutes to figure it out but little doubt they know immediately who is doing the program and are Dunlap community were the only ones doing health program that they know exactly who we are and accept feedback over getting overreaching more more people when I was a pastor full-time in Michigan conference was the king of the North for four years up and the upper Peninsula in the upper part of the upper Peninsula and I was that's were I first started doing these kinds of programs I finished the seminary than in the field for about two years I got permission to take a leave of absence and finished by Masters of Loma Linda which I started partially earlier and I went out there for six more months and finished it came back and implemented for the last two years I was in that same district using a lot of health programs we went to the bank and they had a room that they let us use right downtown I went to the radio station and baby would make some dish and I would take it to the owner of the radio station auto on a Wednesday morning on a once a week and he would try the food law on live on the air I've always wanted he doesn't like to think both of you variously and then we go to make in the vegetarian pizza with our in our cashew cheese and stuff like that is going up on what all development industries lobotomized is going on the story getting some so we talk about the cholesterol on your and and and and the fallen just bring up to us afterwards we have a look over the old days of code of phony gold and begin recording on it people forgiven and we offer them a recipe on Dakota phone and we discussed to be known as that is the health church in town and when would we had programs we just filled up the hospital auditorium we were doing a blood screening back when it was hardly ever done except by physicians at a just made a tremendous impact in the community I became the vice president is Drupal Association and and by the time we finish that fourth year of the second year after we came back from Loma Linda we were having unusual results for baptisms for our community our conferences thrilled me we are baptizing the good of the organist from one charge the choir director from another it was so successful they put me on the ministerial Association that's how you know that wasn't so in that end of it but but we were reaching people I member the doctors on the opposite innovative you back off of my member I said broader look at that let's make a deal if you can present to any of my members Christ more thoroughly like you help yourself please I will mind not to give them the whole message and request that it will defend these dollars but they just didn't get it they were related to to make a change the Lutheran pastor use the job with me and that man was very much open and he each change stop preaching people to heaven and any other he accepted the server that and some other things of this really surprised me everything very anyway is just little tidbits of how how the Lord does open the door with medical missionary work we believe that the health Expo concept the adapted important concept the names of the local committee as well keeping true principles outlined manual this adaptation is mandatory in view of the diverse needs customs and availability of resources in different regions of the world this was at Sacramento with teenagers at ASI meeting in a park this is Albania on the porch of the Catholic Church and this is the girl that just went to Uzbekistan Sri Lanka and and we were on the Dominican Republic when that picture was the health Expos a timely program promoting healthy lifestyle governments are in trouble with their finances and the poor health departments always get worse as the Sacred Heart church you look up high chart for the money spent in the health apartments always a little sliver not even a cheesy one it is a sliver governments around the world are becoming increasingly active in fighting the risk factors of the most common causes of death cardiovascular disease cancer diabetes are the most common cause of death in industrialized nations but their importance is rapidly rising in developing countries as visible diseases are a major cause of death in developing countries of these HIV-AIDS and is also a major health problem in industrial nation other medical problems such as anxiety depression becoming more common even these may have an indirect relationship with the increase of risk of death reduced quality of life in effect later personal relationship over the same this is a condition that were facing today there a main factors related to disease prevention and physical emotional spiritual health of the czars you know the new start of the eight doctors from ministry of healing in fact there is addressed in the Guglielmi HDR manual and that using a combination of health banners and posters we don't know what the call sometimes with the people I called poster some people at phone banners we don't care when you get older you don't care what name to call you anymore you want I is better than most the time it's just hard to describe but they are to people that don't know what a health expo matter is with up-to-date medical information medical tests and health counseling their system arrest arrest banner in initial role of frames will have about tomorrow morning and see them both health most health systems phase what budget problems to have restrictions and they are preventive medicine that Doctor Mehta medicine to develop a fourth ditto ditto budget very much like a dream about and that's where we come in we were able to bring to them some services in an attractive package they're pretty impressed due to high prior to the curative services to meet the needs of intermittent intermediate care as a result there are few health professionals working in the area of preventive medicine leaving others with little time and expertise to educate patients on healthful living you know all the health departments get five even though they don't get as much as a useful to run programs Bill put up billboards of to help teenagers not to get pregnant or to stop it or not to smoke so as you may go with these folks most communities have a health counsel and I know in my community and my pastor introduced me to the health Council 's common be my guest I meet with them every month so so happens the pastor that was asking me to do this event after the Dunlap church for seventeen years he had started the ministerial Association in our town they didn't have one he started he started the food bank program the ministerial food program not just the regular food bank that were the churches get together and have a food bank and so he is extremely well known and even sitting on his health counsel even though he's not a health educator just because of who he was he's the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce which means next year you can be president of the Chamber of Commerce that's what it's like if you press in with your community year after year things can happen he's he's I'm the treasure of the cable community Association will be a treasure of anything but it systems you little things to pay every month but it gives me a place in my community and he is now the head of the cable community fire volunteer fire to part a and lots of places to get involved if you just take the time to do it and you get to know your community even for a guy like me work hard to do that kind of stuff if I can not different things and start from there I'm now the president of the slim organization for our community is not swimming either its Sequatchie that's our County volunteers in medicine of you ever heard of VIM volunteers in medicine all over the country and it's an organization that he has free medical services to those of the most underprivileged people and in the whole community and down it and so I was helping them on how to become a 501(c)(3) and because I didn't so nicely for the big motion he could be president of the organization I've been in Denver that happen I'm overloaded already but again young lady that working with his and his Methodist internal medicine specialist how many Methodists doctors and he met bitter vegetarians this woman you know wears no makeup and jewelry and shoes committed to run this center is a privilege to work with her and she just she drives me on this trip Mrs. Jeff I just you and Phoebe 's help this just means so much to have so encouraged to develop and so sometimes we just feel like were just have nothing to offer people but just be willing to mingle because there is not enough funds and they never will be anyway just if you if you check around with your help your county health department and ask them who they meet together on regular basis who can common stuff like that you know they're there be glad to know your interest is I know what our community anyone can come if they want to sit in on a meeting so it's your county health department it sure it's your it's the ladies that are working in the school system I don't know exactly how the National Guard always this into their usually there as well because they do a lot of what what what kind of problems you think are National Guard people who are committed besides military anti- drugs big and antidrug thing so there there so the mayor comes sometimes the the County Connecticut Commissioner comes sometimes they all one keep in touch with his organization and so were all there we introduce ourselves every time with Cleveland fourth of a month together you get to know these people now they trust me I was still very quiet just supportive than if they were doing a program I come and get my drift to help us produce up with them to rebuild the relationship without asking me are and to speak from the program so all it is just nice to see how it evolves over time but you've got to be consistently there is a health expo involves professionals and nonmedical volunteers from the community who are interested in healthful living there's a short training program the principles of healthy lifestyle the different activities offered at a health expo you'll see that the things they were doing a very simple and practical yes we can we were happy to have professionals help us most the axle can be run just violate people 's life evolve our teenagers they can do that they can help the body fat scale because you got to get on the floor practically to do it anyway you know you got arthritis it does work very good which I don't have fortunately but you might know anyway whatever but you don't get on the floor and put in the measurements you can use a body fat scale that you hold in your hand of scale but in the above measurement I still prefer that the one on the floor because we neither wait anyway a lot of people aren't sure about their weight there was even changed hoping you know hoping to weigh and whatever and so it's a good measurement of an end the lower extremities are probably the best one to get a shot at what's happening in the body fat ratio it's estimated that if communities adopted the health principles promoted at the health X oh their death rate for cancer and cardiovascular diseases for example could drop by sixty to seventy percent and seventy to eighty percent respectively longevity can be increased by six to twelve years and with better quality of life medical cost of the greatly reduced the people could live better lives Walter Willett Justin out two weeks ago I read a new journal that if people would practice serious lifestyle changes includes the diet and exercise that that diabetes could be reversed by ninety percent here's a man of Harvard Harvard University so there's lots of people today brought out the limb we give the statistics is good there's good evidence I have several of them and a diving stop and all new PowerPoint slides to be ready just a few weeks it's a full hour lecture with all the most current information available if you'd like a reference was thinking about it to my favorite health Journal that's easy to read and always look forward to it I'm jealous of my wife gets her hands on a person for this she might lose it for me but it's called nutrition action or its called it is in fact called nutrition action health letter health letters one word and is published by the center for science in the Public interest out the mandates the founder and the chief of editor of the magazine I Jacobson I think this was a mycosis first name but I'm not positive about this organization in Washington DC is an independent organization that has Bloomberg will not take any manufacturer Corporation funds to all nonprofit purposely keep the barrier because they want to be independent once you keep keep in mind the name Center for science of public interest you'll notice that in Washington DC in capital they often call them to testify on different issues it's this organization that is responsible that you can now more easily read a label on on food products and understand it better than the ones that force the companies to put things instead more standardized forms so that you know Cheerios say three quarters of a cup and we these would save one cup serving and they equalized many different things for us and have made it more user-friendly this is a very good organization and you get I think it's ten issues a month for twenty four dollars is very reasonable the science of the Center for science in the Public interest and it and the name of the then that they call the magazine the nutrition action health letter health letter is one word that you can Google that find it easily it's colorful it is this is not a big stick Journal but they always have a featured article and then a number of different points on my and know the the extremes between junk food claims and something 's really reasonable this is a fascinating little magazine I guarantee you if you like anything I that you will love this little magazine which approach Joseph Longe share with people the blessings of physical well-being as well as a solution to their emotional and spiritual needs may however did not accept his offer of a new life and went away having only been help physically unpleasant troubles people you know are we just helping to make them healthy sinners this did not prevent Jesus from continuing to help people you just don't know they just don't know who's going to only take the physical and so we have to be relaxed on the light says for those of us would've worked in Senator and work which is good especially through the years I've had the privilege of establishing numbers of centers around the world the different countries more than most people no but not that many and all she said to us who work in the sanitarium she tells us don't be anxious about the patient's spiritually relax and let the largely if you get anxious about a bill since it right away and it will scare so you just have to leave it with the Lord and watch for a providence of people while I find that people set a DreamWorks is you think that going to come once another proceeding again many people who come through sanitary lifestyle to go to Lima in time will come back again they never forget how it was in that place it was like a little bit of heaven don't never forget the rest of their life but not at this evidence may be to generally are health centers attract about half-and-half have had that incident on but they'll never forget it so don't be anxious as God 's work were only as helper in the same way our work and the health Expo should be motivated by desire to share not only the principles of physical of the physical benefits of helpful lifestyle of a healthy lifestyle but also the knowledge of God the source of total health as with Jesus we should be sensitive to people 's needs respectful of their opinion and never force religious knowledge upon we just don't need to be that is another no meaning this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned if you'd like to learn more about donating some please visit www. can I help someone .com I was more green online was www. audio verse on board


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