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NAD Health Summit Devotional - Tuesday

Lydia Archbold


Lydia Archbold

Director of Health Ministries, Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 31, 2012
    8:00 AM
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good morning everyone I was always that I have by now that they should of the housing is like that no you speak in English and though he is he on my goodness I always make them speak Spanish at home and that way they can keep both language is Spanish as if they decided to leave and South Florida otherwise they're not going I is out this week bought some of my fantasy he usually is is is is is it easy should I be all that you want all is a nonprofit house of breaking that work because everything on his way this is simply referred to in English as I is a disgrace made these one of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be peace in society my rock my thinking and analysis that you and I formed twelve he is daily salvation and Amy on their foreign deities know who alternate on both have been given among men whereby we must be safe and I think that they are not allowed on the way how telling the wall of a house invasion of Jesus Christ I wonder the same tree main image outside invasion and it seemed that way that is why why call to Jesus as I'm doing for thoughts they are salvation that salvation asked Washington salvation I think breathing space that they were easy and straight that SNL Sybase Christ is no salvation of the process are great on working on me because I jealous of our everyday equipment a power supply our car needs gas and it's recently wanting a moment type of energy source to move for Ellis is the same create being we need to be quite our water supply which is Jesus our body is the combination of menubar so my physical author in motion the others are speaking held this reason when these five drop fairly integrated embedded in the constellation often we see is believing expedient as we disillusioned do we know that we experience in Hawaii I need to disconnect at the baby car okay some happy news search for ways to bring holiness of the human condition is articulating the case and if you than anything psychology is the share was fueled in my experience of how this clinician that we can be when we face certain statements that are not important how don't he in the morning I wasn't doing it at the community he has the whole lasts all night at nine in which she the cry of some white horse some see and breathe a bit in a wooden chair of the nurses station slowly she cried we recognize that she was in and must be daily comfort and I'm going I is consistent of recorded information is required that she would embed the determined time to see how format they label it she lets when we proceed to examine her I had eyes that he was in the ways the baby was already be a simple she was conscious of the United own and her will the complainant is very mean they are with us here in the fall found out and you want me cry I must thought I see I I I I I also threatened with him unexpected with my second child and I believe years boy all I have not finished telling her that wants to verify the second time one of them will scream me now those are all show me that he had a way all way what happened on that time log was basically the emotion is because that on the whole motion as he was going to I feel so sorry for you baby in the car in my arms making a seamless line after the baby was taking care of I'm trying to the Nazi happen of what you need to get them to the mother had gone the the cost of the production I discovered that she'll pray the half built cars at home I can host on the impact of the house and had faith in her easy joke ha ha not the the ones I don't get the song by someone in my wife I thought it I try to go for her I gave her some I suggest that you get some things involved by carefully they finally know when I went back toward the last solar trash though he belonged that I have five eighty I'm glad she also won the screen I went to high school she deviations for family unity I can shoot I also apologize for he is having a boy and house she had beside the fact that is either they she gave me also in the high beside the names might be easier to face I was so happy now if my because they are showing deeply want to cringe to see we have to be on many does science asystole and they careful while you may would open the brain sending it to read the mail and I think they fight for me male growth connection for wildlife nailing handling of the CD out in Helen's I would have sounds in the brain compensate Judy is five oh eight that was how they will believe in the living room they are leaving the home however they are needed and we are talking about goals five iron beyond that human knowledge and competence these nights of financial it on any possible through Christ Indonesia view my nudity is not like defeating Atlanta for we shall again develop communication that means it's possible for crinkling of reconnect and even practical form shown off the body of fundamental disconnect we extremely think this is going to jump forward in the source of our life and well-being namely that there is not little babies on their own databases almost all novels such as Fen/Phen use the batch offs to create for the creation and experimenting way I would agree you and you went that is all possible because God made us and he can be seen in a price they want in the divine and human conscience on our side and we can debate I say this you know when we had united talking that concluding been five segment is safe if anyone is in Christ he is creation God closely following the war goes South in Christ they know all the way know all of the breach not on medication but it costs me five off-price leaders now see his salvation splashing the image of salvation may not be united on one end that is glad in guys that we had been there to be anything useful in the field of medicine those warm water and walking and hospitality will notice why what I am referring to KVS is that I didn't like the hospice ending five station building sector in Washington this study had enough the second coating cement olives they way that we gave it back to one eight and ended always there you are often ultimately allowing the way I believe the watch was found I'm leaving the union failed watching this new society he said you send why also a lot I really but also the site check cleaning ability outfit that will be the weekend inside and outside and we could then his friend way like to explore with you knew when you convert an infected way the most salacious and possibly not thrown one he was the we have not shed a balance it is all in how you set it that however you will think they are the sole on the human but it is a good news the question was so slow for costs to drive in France John one nine patent else if we come in I was seated he is faithful to jobs and we don't forget our hours on forty five costs from our own righteousness we at we recently obscene to the God of Jesus but we stayed in your flower for the moment when the whole universe would be notified from the enhanced mouse seen a close look at water of Christ in the Hannity try why he's doing I'm going back to sedate a feed in the union now what readiness they say they are the foundation bringing what they fax baby and he performed at me that maybe in believing it was the first exercise in a pretty Genesis to set the convenience among reading as you and you yeah I got a because I still grieve critical because there are some good days at the end of a motion space is the control first I created a ninety half a bad up in so many ways tell us in the medical profession profession the link is all even out a patient's of green assets Sun City a speed almond is but it pray at breathing exercise on anything and when the patient is where green shade that was I filed that flourish in the Bible breathing is the red friend they do not finance we know that in San and fifty that can be deleted as a top Senate from one person was not when there's an end in expanding our but we can see why the human being was false they display in his sensitization to patient and I thought they sign is on the table to address typos that human beings feel humid and hot evasion is grew as as long as you about our scene it is our bed gave us back we read in second Corinthians five twenty one God made he is not seeing the BC are lots so that she didn't we may become the righteousness of God we are a on the rookies from months five interestingly you knew what he that we receive a new branch office I think Greg and I and you don't creature born from above Jones three thirty the associate to find your off-base drop of about three million that had breathing needs or for a fight nation before that is also thinking that if they are emotion and and a half have been the day of the way that they shun with a eighth very important is spatiality and the children are made in the sales are taken into consideration so that it stays will come to David's to the huge process Wendy Montanus about the paper for they are taken so that the India is less comfortable as possible for half an new one emotionality is space if they mean Barton in the live also see her son for you for the last wire not the same I can share with you the Parthenon maybe I cannot set the problem is I am not the classroom funding many but for me the despairing part forty from when I ended having off Anthony I bet I know in I cannot exit when one song I make me uncomfortable especially when the air conditioner is not on you see I say all my friends and I went to the connected I cannot fast like twenty three and in space is very important which is what would happen to me if I was chosen fortified and now the space back so that that this may shut them out of business we read in space is rented to me we space free rhinitis I all see and you don't in which we access your speech on knowledge and maybe got our we are by nature and be seen in the freeze on the OS space that for life is the space was created the cross of Jesus he's been as that shown creating a nice loss fair of raise the level through the power of the disputed the hand of the one who believes it is why Crohn's in the United States keys off he decided God has a decided girl the whole law we then I loose fan of grace at three thirty we go to a around that block all jewels the greater the I keep it at Mustang when he comes round while our pit and a chart of me and wanted in Christ Jesus and the guys page sixty five these incipient Dean in the space being alive we create work off a few hundred a space is call and you have been and you are waiting there is an long they are whining or crying on the action or what she had not been for the Flyer Maxine I got away we hope Fowler for these one hundred and fourteen if you are crazy my shows in crime I'm all wet and needed our help us to London I believe him shall I go on as possible Jesus Manning in this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health Summit if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or would like more training online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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