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Why is God Unemployed?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 11, 2006
    7:00 PM
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for coming I hope you had a pleasant day another traffic do not make your lives to miserable this is the third night in a series freedom from Sierra two thousand and six what was our subject on building a what everyone should know about all about Jesus what was all subject last night who has your back about something for tonight is why is gone on employed why is gone unemployed and believe you me the lives of millions perhaps billions goal is out of work and we have to find out why it is that he is out for all those who are here the first time tonight nice your hands quickly unless you want us to have found both of you were here for the third consecutive time as your facts all right publishers rebel to fight you for coming I think it is insurgency and shoulder the love God will bless you for your presence here tonight at this meeting when they come into during the day invite your friends tell them to come novelty here is a button to hear the word of God that is a map it is not the man primarily bhakti is messy just a man counsel some degree but it is chiefly and primarily the message of instead of his foreheads again loving father think of the words abated in second Samuel chapter twenty three reports to where he said the spirit of the Lord spake by me at his word was in my tongue more or less even with all my heart put your words in my tone and understanding into the minds of your sons and daughters will gather before you refuse is there reprinted a man while small unemployed are many of you have ever submitted a resume when you apply for a job measure hands as you may you be going to see the we all have had the experience of writing resumes preparing our senior phase try to make the very best impression as we possibly can on the perspective and why I believe you have had the experience I have had a producing a CD or resume that this also appears of just one step below the in our accomplishments of our abilities talents of our skill set youth organization the language we rejoice the very best CVs we possibly can we arrived we reset our backgrounds that we express write down how much managerial experience you have had with the IBM or McDonald's and we dress up in such a way that the oppression we decided to put me in the employer I cannot afford to miss this person must force and must become a part of my workforce and reprinted on the finest that we can find we go to cables that have been blueprinting we don't like the name with the pen we have types on the outside and we delivered in hopes that the impression that my CD with the irresistible all God has a CV Bahasa resume because gone I supply the world for a position as for what very few people see that the high despite the spec all contents of this is the level of federal eyeballs see the Goss residence there as we continue with the message why is gone unemployed but instead of the seven one I was told earlier today that I need to give you more time to find Bible verses unless I believe that my dentist is one person one who haven't the Bible says in the beginning said with me in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth that is a summary statement of New Orleans resume knowledge of Israel must understand what it is one of the top then we elaborate violence blog summaries fit looking as of the beginning of Ms. Rice who made his CV is involved in a process about his eminence and findability is in the beginning God created the hammer as the earth with Mister World War II to give us a beat of the somehow you did before the decision whether the hiatal services on the goal to find in six days I mean everything you see the first day I send letter otherwise like I don't solve a lot but it was the I bought divided the light from the darkness and bought all the life day of the darkness he called I leave in the morning with the first day that's both first recorded a condition as it is she the medicals onto the secondary related from the far greater presentation before fatal son will talk before they agree to the vicinity and the birth of the message they Malan animals the dog rested on both sides of his world this is my resume this is my curriculum vitae on the basis of lists we regard me as an volume will in your life tragically most people will say no but a visa most people say to know the boss application as Savior and their lives now why is it people find it so difficult to trust God to trust the contents of his resume God does not require a awesome blind faith if he required blind faith the Bible will not be dated with Genesis one one it with them to begin with he got out of the bottom of many measures is over one of them that diligently seek him a statement of faith but the Bible begins with instead of a statement of work a statement of the mind activity that elaborates the details of that activity and that the message your PSA is on the basis of this patio we had your life to direction to buy and ultimately to say that this is one who is really one of my favorite verses is as an offset method otherwise like Iran wants to resume the statement requires Genesis one three and Bob said Genesis one six boss and let the government Jennifer has won nine of us and wanted the heavens Genesis one eleven of them and bring forth grass okay let there be light and affirmative have been applied to different vice president will bring forth abundantly the front of quality article but eventually will visualize you may he say he said he said saw that in reading this resume you only really impression that bottles of mobility and abilities of power and command are concentrated in all same but one amenity rich with you about then gone about his life it are concentrated in the expression and God will set up most of the leaderboard most about it we don't focus people and those who wounded imageable there is a story in the Bible of mental talking number seventy three dimensional people tall but lost all of his followers event uniformly and invariably produces results both were the awkward and out of office resume I must repeat that bought center on said Bob said once that I was going to eat out by saying that this is a contradiction but it is not wanted but did not want to say that something as some of the Jesus Christ is going to rescue me resurrect is Blanche say not the elaboration of in the know about that are designed to build it off on shared about confidence is gone sad was when forming the government of Jordan of wounds or the lobby full tubulin like mind and therefore ones like yours are I cannot do once let's test the power of our receivers are gone said there's a no we will save never be a million dollars in my wallet are you ready just resoluteness that ties like as it is entirely personal someone else is all right but acknowledge that again you have any of you thought of as I will know your check life with my back to the recently time you'll check is anything else in the whole life dollar and my word how old power we can talk we can look back at criticism were talking along why is not unemployed we are gone at talking human being not named as backing up what we say because I will award has no power to create cost-saving method the life of a wife like that tells me softly about blogs are now safe which is the only way delivery yes the Bible says in the blog must believe that he has without faith it is impossible the way companies market is like say in other now to buy one you cannot separate my will and then we were the second thing we won't know the first thing is integrated the second thing we know is that he created using the reservoir one reads gems is one how can you possibly don't the power of Baltimore I'm still going to be a idea is that they cast doubt on the power and efficacy of welfare scheme law the very first chapter of the Bible is the explanation of how powerful will always come back his confidence of one of the revelations were to rise out of employed why does no one really thought why this annoying wife brought into the life that drove a van four victory of the minimizing of the power of both more rent .com digital life White House powwow that even large power on Monday and read up on some of my house and that is on the final exam is one greater than the delight in the battery power is worth on one night if you forget it because I felt so if adjustable Dallas and cleanse us from all unrighteousness there is power even worse of his power gems is one related there was more because God 's word is powerful on the basis of demonstrated power of his words gone since I am applying for the position of Savior may oh I was supposed to know of your life let's listen to Jesus Christ as he summarizes this resume again in John chapter ten percent this will return to the subject why is going on employed as a registered social lives of privacy summarizes as resume and he also summarizes the devil 's resume of the ocular restoration right next to each other for purposes of comparison and contrast you have John ten first and from the lips of the persons admitted the Bible says the thief cometh not but don't just heal up and you shall answer what distraught I thought now that the publicizing a is symbolized by the sleeve the fee is long but for this field and tell entities private Jesus but I am not fair might have life that's a strong statement of the resume of Jesus Christ the same ones that led to be like I found that there might have another might have been more constantly know why was will not show as Jesus 's when you say no this kind of rescue me you'll send you say yes to uncover the steel to do and to destroy because you must choose one of the openness we gone functions of years ago the vision of Sweden was neutral that's not the case in your system there is no such thing as neutrality you pick one side of the other either you are you at half one half one another might have it more abundantly only about the demos like to be able to come this year 's Coachella actual display your volume generations of you let me say a little more about God 's word as we can do something most of the night was not unemployed God does everything by his work with the student again all does everything by his word was good with some of the activities of God and see how he covers about how the dog by his work by his work this board most people reject the self-worth in which Wilson who will not believe Genesis seven one four zero seven many can't wonder that said I bought say less of a life as there was life Muslim book of Psalms thirty three resulted forces six oh nine as we continue the subject why is gone on employed in San Bernardino called and forgot over the unit goddesses of America lies the unemployed when you have all the qualifications to do the one working along the event of the world was saved as Lord Psalm thirty three versus six oh nine Isley of the pages turning about going from thirty three six and nine immune time to find you have it by the word of the Lord would have us made on all the whole something like the rest of his file forty one toss in Rosemont Eagle and big and it's not me they went on that something standing as it needs you what you become and it is fast by his more notable Psalm one forty eight when it is not how one creates a private establishment you doesn't just blow with his word Psalm one forty eight reformers one reading habits will rival some of the no okay to resumes in order to believe is a yes no all right someone ported reformers long prayers you will present alone from the heavens pray Femina hikes brazing alloys angels bravely along a faultless life left if available on what he wants and did very well created Michael and I bought the heavenly beings were created God created visual art that is the problem space June seven one -year-old James W Lugo James he was the brother of Jesus Jesus had two brothers went to the Bible was beautiful June the book right next revolution James seven one four three two kids is sometimes called the Proverbs of the New Testament very practical book of wisdom Proverbs of the New Testament James was reversed it is just as here's the rub of Jesus so you must know something what Christ on his own will begat he us how went the word of one of learning definitely the good witch of the Muslim one in my heart is all set to receive name that style formatting water is alive on this one will be the awesome with the work optional to a halt to this powerful work you don't have that transform the hearts of men and women on the Apollo people will believe it will be limited the most infamous word of the first example on reports twenty three four zero one verse twenty three was Peter 's brother Andrew November Jesus went off the five places you would pick Peter James and John why exactly I don't know but I said is in a circle Peter James and John a business that could keep you from being a member of Christ in a circle you get shows to be a part of Christ in the circle by constantly spending time with him what you say she also may cause the price for three to one hundred three being born again but of incorruptible seed but of incorruptible by the one more thought values of migrant farm on the world of blogging because it is a lot being born again one of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the word of God which never and abided for the one that submitted is the word that rhymes formed your heart and mind how does one create by his word how does God say why you are probably smaller sized five on John seventeen dollars seventeen result reinforces some of the nineteen outburst on sci-fi John seventeen versus seventeen and nineteen and we have met Mrs. Christ speaking is private father is a sci-fi fan for life byword national whatever comes out of the Baathists are a sign of five and rolled by through my word additional course life in Jesus as our fourth essays I sanctify myself that they also might decide to buy my bathrobe Jesus was signed by the way he won I also applied by the word of Islam out of Monterey A commonly sanctify this work can be trusted allies that create awareness in a supply shortly award because this that I live in letting it float away on the Pentecostal believe me as well not already well-known fall flat on your face and you will bless part of the evidence in defense of a powerful word I'll does not cleanse away the support to mobile school zones line probably know that was noted because of the fly reversed for the far visuals by reading endorsement five vision five three four seven five all right husbands love you why enough I also loved your forgive himself for value five and while they are with the washing of water by heart that he might present to himself a glorious or not haven't you already know all the associated values should be holy and without this one is the method on a promise to bring you want me to the place where we are with our original without spot and without blemish it is an application created by Lindsay Ward will use a password can clean up our editorial essay is sacrifice this word cleanses the blood with someone like the Psalm one nineteen reverse nine hundred and some of you probably already know what course of about three someone like the person I will maybe the longest chapter in the Bible shoulder step is also something Oracle exec one is one eighty one seventy nine figures was a short discourse where the file John eleven thirty five yes over someone I divorced my first request the wherewithal shall a young man where those offensive holdings were the top when I went over how I was also a young man as a way 's by enrolling in midnight basketball by joining in the bike fit in a federal court and I will love there are thousands of youth programs in cities in the city 's policy to try and help illustrate the what I want in San Bernardino will not want to want to San Francisco along the neck the young day he gone to war young and old one old bogeyman doesn't know where that's not a young man cleanse his way by sixteen eighty eight as amended listen in man's hummingbird you are from one statement on proposed acting on both words are long he means they will think our problems were which is once Frost 's it creates it saves inside the funds it cleanses how do we know what our hidden motives are many of us have ever found yourself hitting someone you have no good reason which in failure what high school did you resent someone evil person had done you nothing you could not understand what don't I like Batman the word about the review hidden contents of all heartless over a Hebrew shuffle as we examine with one the Apollo close word on the basis of the power is what we ought to trust God and have faith in God thereby employee in us our Lord and our Savior it was for myself but assess our sooner pages or items ready for the word of God is law and our hope is a lot I shot of an influential sword piercing even than acquiring a son of Saul and that of another John's unmarried and is and is in all regards and again about if you want an instance of your hard to get what you want God 's word is it on my Amazon and you'll will become aware something is not right in my mouth you have to decide on the problems were overlaid nor the findings of both word and continue my memory we see them the boys were once it gets a easy to conduct a work of expulsion it is the desire of the thoughts and the defense of the heart is usually also don't know what word will remain I say again what Anna believed northward why it has power to create will say that I will sanctify and unfounded claims about holidays for the condos about Google right from wrong and what we think we do buzzword is the method by which we sharpen our ability to these reluctant runs in seven five Rickover state as we consider the subject why is going on employee the reason with people to have faith in God 's word vigilant believe that God can do what he says he will do this find the recorded evidence of the power of his word he was fought River versus of Jesus Christ the Bible says will you are a son yet alert legal beagles by the things that he suffered as being McCarthy began off of eternal salvation unto all them that said I wanted as you mostly multivalent word is light along people will not surprise you want Christ to save them that Savior but Christ becomes not the Savior he instantaneously will become Savior becomes Lord Melissa there's no doubt where your obligation from his Lordship will become the you will loss requires obedience but my first laugh he became the author on each one there is all that are in call of God on high praise of the metaphysics was eleven I won't have anything to say and possibly other CAE and all of the original twelve there is I wanted to know Jesus Christ but your head is hard to grasp it in his heart the web for the time you ought to be teachers you need to want to chew again with me to first principles of the articles of both become such as have need of milk I'm not from mutually these only spiritually the problem goes on to say what everyone that he was at the Fourth Circuit of euros five is unskillful in the word of righteousness why he is okay how long of him as our Ms. Ingalls twenty yeah I just don't know it is okay for forte of the camera for us as we examine the power of God 's word to Jesus like Iran but strongly belonging to them that are up on a farm until he marvels will by reason of the use of this senseless exercise that desire will and he will love the design of evil is different from seeing evil on people no orders from it only observe that this is conceded may also mean right and wrong or to become a power for the use of the power of certain notes that the associate is and is now will live on when a person develops and on strongly so it will help Bible study as a reservoir grounds there was wrong that was wrong with what's wrong with that everything is right was wrong when I was in on my mouth there was a cigarette when I got a lot of less than what they can see what's wrong because of my best sensors are not spraying exercise in my Sony they are addressed by this line of an office as the ability to give us the power to disarm my saved design a blind eye because of that life will become this this morning I am a bit of the Miami government by the word of God resemblance to go to the student about the wars against right and wrong to be habitable normally you don't like you are not it could be a solid and serious and meaningful but a charter member of the site would create by his word he sings like a sport he sent the five whiteboards he plans us by his work he sought us out her father by his word is office I thought I might as well I was not heedless when received methods have a perfectly accurate for sixteen hundred to the subject why is gone on employed and is no reason that makes any sense to explain his unemployed status master race for success we have that vital since I was even was come they brought to him many that will possessive doubles on the cast out the spirits how with his work as hard as you are able to provide over five who shall begin reading are familiar with the story of Jesus was as if the weather became of them essential in the season San Jose logged myself alive for such of the policy and grievously tormented and Jesus said unto him I will come again in the center is at law I am not working on houses I but we know what I am my servant shall be initial Jesus healed by the water is granted by the word is transcribed word sanctified by the word classified world revisions and modify the workstations like the molecular heels my door is on you by the word seven forty and woman wiped his feet with tears of Washington with the volume on some of all entwined with his overhead of Jesus that is our life the wireless file of this problem were meant to shed blood of Christ not just physically shut much of my promise it up in the woman's life award and often given to authors about their vanilla DeVos speaks to my friends are particularly by the way Baldwin reveals his right now usually does the I'm different forms and Israelites if it was August was finished in a dropdead beautiful as you say what you are mourned I have seen enough evidence in this message nor is powerful your schedule for gift items sorry for what I did yesterday as I sit in this hall for Jeffrey if you're one of your worth I received a forgiveness my faith walk out of here for different book unforgivable illegals and give out a small death by his work how do we resist temptation is to suffer for attitude of the subject why is one unemployed under the reason why other incentives one of many people 's minds why is one of employment was a must do a little message that before we do as long really have brother Matthew chapter one verse one lenses and then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil manifested forty days and forty nights he was afterward a hundred and when that tactic it is the sick I'll be the son of God that is still vivid bright by the way where the template came to him memorable looking for them W is a funny was to many of us we go looking for the tenth of the places we go the hours we keep in the wrong company we go looking for the time and when you will look at what you will find here the tempo found Jesus that's fine let the devil is that if a few you might I find incorrect letter finds you freedom from sin let him find you have an uncle to all that is why you are doing online I will attempt that you know when the temperature is about because anabolic and unreasonable delay and read by the unsolicited is ones with Man shall not live by criminal but by every word that proceeded out the most double bond with their vision and Jesus confronted him with the same thing you have in your hands in your lap I'm back at your homes there's the usual Apollo by the devil respects because Apollo the word is a very power of God can you see is the way Jesus said it is written I found one of my criminal according to Deuteronomy three about everywhere the person I will talk about the devil you know it would be useless to us kids once so he tried another vintage which is necessary because Jesus was about to use this in defense than the big event all in the holy city of something on the pinnacle of the sacred Temple is the other hand if the softball cast thyself down for it is written and he shall give his angels charge concerning the end but shall bear thee up lest at any time how about against a stall Junior subset of the walk is not as somebody said that I read in the government in the event is something that my father sent him on to my father said thou south on temporary miraculous bonsai bioflavonoid evangelistic reason to expect on all every time I shall not live by the middle of house you will find all unfounded I'm a victim of an exceeding high mountain of his brother-in-law the kingdom of the world of the blog November second and all these information about one another we massively doesn't deliver to him that the Institute for English optional more subliminal type on on him or me shall balance resist the Bible were one four three two seven five eight nine four three two five four zero nine but it was written response to the car to have it is not enough to hear buzzword we must respond first Peter five Mercy you have that be sober be well vigilant was vigilantly sitting on the most eyes why don't be so belittled why because your adversary the devil as our roaring lion what about seeking you out of course my own recess how steadfast a law of faith is not a disease of the heart will resist steadfast in the face I was not great by his obviously by his word policy sanctify by his word policy claims the suboptimal accountings by his word how this one would feel right the wrongs lost by his word policy reveal how we had molded by his word are the CEO by his word are with you again by his heart out and resist temptation why is this Jesus has called me all you resetting them if I don't does Olivia Mosley agreement with the burden of sin since passed since presence pulls them in green with habits that they find it impossible to control far was to bring Jesus is look incredulous is one of me know if I can say livid of it was like can I not speak victory into your life the answer 's yes if I buy will check in at can I ring the bones of your particular addiction whether new drugs alcohol sex gambling or eating the crisis comes up to me all you will ever almost everything there is only for you all I thank all my other than one ounce I will give you rest that is the word of Christ I'm not that I will give you rest is as vital as amended there was like Jesus leads an eye on the state of the Emperor Joseph you need work in your life consists in the Congo how to transform I know how to create I know how to commence I also surprised how do you I know how to reconcile and I know how to meet people and Jesus says if you don't like my resume here is a list of references of people whose lives I touch there is a Harlem old movie but only a harlot but the demon possessed however is better left of your harlot the demon possessed of a harlot Jesus said I restore her on the life she is so radically I give her the honor of being the force forces to see when I roams from degree both as a prostitute alternated nightly W what I did for her through my work Jesus says this article Matthew yes the same fellow rollable first book in the New Testament authors of the Gospels he was a thief robbing people levels as Mrs. of Jesus as listener of your your business you rock people who run them off you'll charged one audio refund policy ideas into hot to come to the other I will give you a heart that is so change you become a businessman a woman before still suffer a loss at the beginning of one iota of business this August sales success Jesus Christ I would do it if you only need my work talk to beautiful man was higher than some business organization and what some people treat them better than rubbish is assembled in the Old Testament before was called Jesus at a suburban medical Nebuchadnezzar that I was so mean I almost made of and unable to seventy years and over the season I know how to brake hard nuts says Jesus if you think you're tough if you have the chance with you I will bring them out to show an attorney from the case to a reflection of my glory because my word has power to re-create each sustaining of the Clintons Jesus said there's a fellow with a fight in his brother Milo vendor members of the gang James and John they were North Raleigh territory as his sons of fund it Caldwell on the floor all the time they had tempers the short they met me because of the work but I changed how I got them to trust my words community magazine called domestic defeat talked to Nebuchadnezzar the desktop talk to James and Sean and visit is about what wages of women if you have any friends who were the rooms told Doctor Paul solicits Jesus Foley regarding roles what do you suggest he was bad we just Jesus said he would kill people all have been killed since the try to destroy my what he was going one day I saw him I said look I want that man Cecile I want his energy but I don't like is the rich Jesus and I met him on a highway lanes he wasn't one I was on one of the crossover that is not in the office horse for his own sake I hit him so hard he was blind for three days in his life as he lost sight of themselves only on all of them were doing these things of that demand on the cleansing power of my board began like a stain in the presence of Clorox and all that land is in history as the most powerful preacher after me he says Jesus all those New Testament churches Ephesus Thessalonica circuit Philippi he raised them all I know how to change a murderer a thief on this for a prostitute how I did it by my user says I can shed you I can transform your life on I will do it by my work because the word that said you is the same word that will cleanse you and heal you and restore you I'm sure you have heard of him you'll notice the stories of people who also lives was so dramatically changed after former acquaintances found it difficult to believe that face was the same person but when a man is will you you really is not the same person you save the word of the bottle powerful my friends there some things it cannot do that I sounds like a solution and hassle must follow the something scandal here's what portable does not it does not improve people 's transforms may people come to Christ to be improved the Lord I have the sport here that's one over there this removal the rest of the fine I need improvement I think this is a no no UV transformation abilities assessment in homeless individuals allows to come this means that you think the states removed response and your children's and you will put some flowers back there and something to beautify that's improvement what the word of God else it takes on the shape of a bulldozer almost bulldozers the entire place I feel materials imported from above but something entirely different structure not recognizable to the fall on some schedule Baltimore does it slams on it really goes in is logged in the business of the problems we can almost have as many people now that it will give them smoking when operating in the vineyard of entitlement that all the money they give out but you shall not become spiritual outside the transforming power of God 's word you can identify the bonfire whatever it is the work of bought in response to your dude tries no decision I want my life transformed by Baba my system it in front of advancement your brought by the Spirit of God we must leave them as well thwarted a life golf is applying for the position in your life as Savior and Lord was appointed higher him to lunch or renew his lifetime contract was it again high lights on the car has value higher according to Rogers and Lord I give myself to you completely during this half life I say Lord I recommit my life to you particularly for those of you was able to give myself the first time I will gently as I will pray for your logos cards higher quality as Savior and Lord tonight no one wanted you what the Commandments was more this program he wrote them again all these in writing be like all rights I hire will give my life to Christ I might choose to live within the sci-fi hack exercise it is transforming the saving power of quality working on his life force concerned with how the faith you have but what you don't with the individual Afghanistan if you have that's left is obsessed exercise I'll let you have the line of business loves God to give me this much if you have this much give me this useless much of this much the higher borders you'll see the unload up to renew his contract in your life for lifetime right about one arising over the rules of father thank you for this message thank you for your word come into my life she did charge which is that the usual producers come in this forest of my life read about every eye closed followed by decision it did for the some of the things that are possible with metal with God we cannot save ourselves but you can save us in the name of Jesus with heaven on earth as eyewitnesses we place our lives in your house exercising welfare we have one access this gift of ourselves make us your transformers and you will doesn't reflect your glory we pray how hot a Jesus delivery said that all possible say in management OnDemand lead ball in your life do not even unemployed bluntness who shows you tomorrow night on what time seven o'clock


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