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God, it Makes No Sense

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 17, 2006
    7:00 PM
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I'm coming I realize the many losers you could be right now with your chosen to be here and I'm thirty my notable messes I have a friend of mine who came to see the FAQs here were especially where is my friend SC why does it she should have so I can see her user here saw her in the parking lot the initial coming of the relation of those who are visiting for the first time original has four scientists unless it got messy fighter for coming on those of us who have been enjoying some nice one with Visio has God bless you and all the rest of you thank you for coming multiyear of a bus the word of God is a amount we have much to say tonight so let us bow our heads and pray all of his father in heaven I asked in the name of Jesus to be with the small and the person of your spirit please go over no hearts and minds give me the words to say other transmitted preached without contamination I offer this prayer Jesus name amen also before the night but God is visual sense all inmates no sense tells us up to reading verses sixteen and seventeen Genesis through verses sixteen and seventeen rereading from the King James version of subject is all it makes no sense to have that vital says of the Lord will come back to them as they of every trip on the list for any one of its rate of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it him about the role of our social is not of this message I have referred to have someone many other except rubs noses one one agendas is one very much if you examine all restrictions Boston Edom one three request sunlight of a resin in the mind of Adam what is wrong to treat the short answer is nothing because Genesis chapter one four thirty one thousand 's and bought saw every thing that he may as therefore as well that it will not just good but very good fat in the trees that were made on the third day does not deserve a ever present was very good in the morning of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil there was nothing wrong with it in fact there yet bottles of it upon himself to say don't loudly online the breath of my vivid reminder of the it probably made no sense but you will discover that very often gone up to new things I want a limited minds up there to make what no sense as always they bought it and makes no sense to me let me ask you this question with great respect does not always have to make sense to us no no no bottle frequently desires feelings and if you really listen to his word with a heart willing to obey you will make a lot of sense but there come times when gone banks requirements of the column I may also be met with Bob Hope Adam do not eat the best three matters it probably made more sense to let go on the lesson out of your back video since the human being I as we consider the subject all it makes no sense there's not sensory modes of the five greatest verse three five reading from verse three we have a passage now speaking of Jesus Luke says and he is one of the ships which was silence and write him that he would thrust out of the blue from the lab and he sat down all the people of Bishop now when he had left speaking you seventh assignment all of this would be on the downhill abroad Jesus sat in silence vote and papers when he was done with a servant one let's go out into the and try to catch some fish net down your nets for a draw for far as silent answering Senator Hinduism to Peter 's response master we have toiled how well all night and have taken a few minutes nothing now no one misunderstand the word nothing it is a popular saying what part of nor do not understand what want more of nothing do not understand is in the hospital with client all I have to do is nothing nevertheless I finally I would let no limit on when they had this done and caused a great multitude of measures of their next right for seven of the back of the than Austin the vision somehow became unavailable the ship saw that they began as an assignment because sorry you found one of these is the Zeta platform be while I was sent home at all not at all that is I was response in response Massa we have toiled all night either using was my profession what official when you want your car repaired bugle including the commission Google diploma CBA certified public accountant will noodle a mechanic not a mechanic and the facility out of our little cars to whom he was a mechanic here as a professional fisherman Peter N Harrison professional apartment is apartment that is selling a vision about fishing without the benefit of a little but as a human being these I had to let Jesus know less than I know something about fishing I fished all my life I know the best fishing spots ability of the best times to fish at event you have told me let's go back to how I would've said no but because you apartment because the old apartment and Jesus because the old apartment and Jesus and all because he told me was how I will goal I will obey not because what you said makes sense to me as a fisherman but because you said children to him Jerusalem is at the request makes no sense view but you do it out of respect for you has the results lost Mendelssohn I was as a person of the day of the participatory medicine division on how the medication available to ship so that business bring the deficit by silently massaging fallacies as he say 's when he saw the medical God in response to his trust in God 's word he mumbled the ward of Baltimore Eagles but because of course I you will be viewing I haven't done that sometimes bottomless this is not how unlimited Western Digital says but we must be prepared for one reason only because of this book of Genesis chapter twenty six Leslie this can actually do Joseph's authorization begin reading the verse one as it into the subject God it makes no sense most sensibly Genesis twenty six reading from personal items to hear a few pages you have no balance of facet of the land beside the first family that was in the days of Abraham I went onto Abimelech king of the Philistines I think you are a lot updated him on saying go not down into Egypt and dwelt in the land which I shall tell you all about the slip that were questionable what was the problem was event now when I was a boy growing up in bargains we study from a book called the students companion was general knowledge of the subject we hesitate to learn what all possible worlds all countries will be jewel swapping exports were everything the capital refers the mount of the biggest reasons general knowledge I know that Canada back then was called the bread basket of the world because of all the week to produce back in the days of his breadbasket of the world was what country agent I want to see video as the bread basket of the world was agents have your free website as well as the how whenever there was a fact that we want to all injuries is as of forty one to the days of Joseph and his brothers and take there was a founding member Pharaoh have those dreams some of that house seventh and how the seventh house devoured itself out how insensitive it is important and seven factors of the thing about the fat Joseph developers on X-rated Israelis when the seven years of plenty followed by several admirable and the sons of Jericho went down to Egypt as aeruginosa for the divorce rate of Jacobson went down to my corn in Egypt during this visit I know what you're going to Joseph forty two three respectable back to Genesis twelve ten myths of the low-fat death three times in the book of Genesis was a life of Abraham one of the life of Isaac one is likely to three auditors regarding script of an article have I take the easy route out of found in his vessel to pass doesn't love herself as an individual blog makes no sense to me I'm now was a famine in the last and Ambrose went down to the egos of sloth and bad for the fabulous while greedy humans in the last and was at Abraham Lincoln wrote about time he will agent as an Abilify was over before moving in Genesis forty one we have thousands fourth anniversary of the sons of Jacob he has up in the bad they go down to Egypt when it was of and bought been nonstop camera and go do not stop to the present peaceful eyes no as you of Islam W to perform the results of the dispute is how hard life once I would it was something new his father had gone out to eat a window with the fact that he notifies the user having his old friend about this image of the swimsuits were still goal not down into Egypt spiritual rebirth one of Genesis but it is glad that is where I was heading through the horse again first one of Genesis twenty six after the video bought the original sense to me that I was offended in the last beside the force evident that while it is a very fast I went on the Abimelech king of the famous I think a lot he was long is really you and you have the past byword of the molecular blend of science dog Molly that he was going to a good sense of interpersonal go not down into Egypt now my boss and will go to Egypt because Lebron was a bungalow reducing muscle he effectively said don't go with useful Donald everyone else is headed the ball in a following chauvinism from Iceland Minnesota this morning screen here yes you may as well nothing is drawing yes when and how I miss where people are dying upon the guests but the lower electricity tower man passing by like I already have a phone size and stay with it is no food you can see it in the say where that is not hold that you can see let's pause right here on residual deficits if you're running to join your pages would make much more moist than that six Muslim John six wrestler ball Jesus making a request of one of his disciples I'm really learned something about all that we must take into households and install a hot need to what about all the surgery is one that uses revolution of Galilee which is fabulous and grandmother to follow him because they saw his medical in November for disease I just went among them there he sat with his disciples about how a feast of the Jews was not when Jesus that is if I saw a great company and each sale now Jesus sees out a particular house 's impressive whence shall we vibrate easy human beings as two hundred and eighty with the brain is not sufficient to every one of them I think about the probability of his populism and is and we shall see this crap but reverses lenses and this he said and while the profane first for he himself want to know what he was going to since I have ever Jesus Christ always know how he will get you through a crisis but he does not always tell you why as the reason for spot for search and rescue said the program of the weather is out of the other side we must be testing the Bible says that users already know how we would be if I found the body because it is just that we grow price of the house from two children he has growing children so why do they know says for all you are expecting me to feed five thousand men must follow the women and children she easily had the problem under control what is needed Wallace on exercise of the obedience of faith we go back to life Genesis twenty six as a continuum of golf it makes no sense Joseph Isaacs also a lot of memories that will follow into Egypt out of the lab without hotel bill sought out a vast land for three on the highway they went in as well unless you are it doesn't matter to me in a fountain with all the middle I thank you and I will bath and he'll say I love you when you're on I will see the problem is of course that is not a problem the first message would be is not with me when God is with you a solution is with you for with God all things are as a block like that of the event that focuses on iWeb with the other webmaster if I didn't be I see I will give all these countries I will perform at all but I swear they can remember although I will make thy seed to multiply amplified the balance of the demos I feed all these countries other niceties of all the nations of the photographs were five because not everyone a little bit likewise I got my father my commandments my stockings I might author such as a bout in Utah they noted his obit blog dog is responsible for him digitally in all most responsible for us because he is a father father signified is the care of the children puzzle for six observances what if I says on the wells in Iraq holding the bones were closest in Isaacson okay I'm sure it has impressive but ultimately he will be gone Maoists see how goal rewards obedience even when the fictional sex or so Genesis six one says that I look so where is that I want to the fact that nothing grows a fan of this problem driveways are a obvious enough that you'd like my bosses what you say is that I saw a black and receive one all hundred fold moments all the goods of a hundredfold more folders everything you sold group now he is in a good year most farm against a wonderful the rabbits have together on the board we must get nervous and whatever else must get past I the Bible says received a warm hundred fold the probability of the sword the scene is aromatic surveyed the state of underground with three levels of harvest some forty four some sixty fold some one hundred visitor from there are levels of spiritual power are you with me I read which one is the non- Jesus ever find the time being under the twenty one yes this means if you read the Jesus Christ of well-qualified Jesus was not afraid and for the blessings he told them below yes he will message the rim that will give that you want to raw I found out on someone else brings about the diocese is no easy as Jesus that you are once again is not dependent on ceiling on you okay so I'm recently left him a bath of obedience and will think of something as law-abiding citizens as well that I sort in that land and received in the Sandy of wonderful little message of the man waxed while the US right and my follower and ruled until he began very right on Yahoo is dozens of all possessions of 's address lost to the Philistines in the in long strings of filigree surrounding fish is also used to the department over is not offended but never runs out of Mrs. has never been affirmative message from bonsai we experience from his blessing because we will not trust God we always have an argument a negotiation a creative alternative going to send this what you consider the responses don't know what I say I'm to follow on what's best your parents is legitimately so you understand what is right if I wanted this information must have items that because my phones will my dog always my way and alarm are the headlines are higher than on my way I was always on my thoughts than your thoughts we understand that there is an blogging all that is awesome he would like to sometimes one less student things that seem to make no sense was little of my foot modified the three little too late is that most people think Mickelson Duval the van while Flossie Lewis regardless of listings and besides God is a blessing God must even blessing by trusting him modified seven three reason birthday reminder eyeball robot with a man role but all was in yes yes there are some people got looks at and he says I love you with your I love you must have faith philosophy fat weatherman Rob God will yet Hiromi would you run anything right I will run the entire Glover arrested in times of how some people believe you can only rumble in the pie because the tide is precise one of the five one ten so if I earn ten dollars I develop one so I am certainly not because they often is up to us review anything we give not as fine as God allows us to choose how much you often would be if it is not enough God says you have robbed me what you want to problem of the Ottoman U-Haul problem of an opportunity diversity as long as the money goes and wrote something at him well at Augusta dataset outline on how we can all the data is from my again was Vanessa is out of our house so he says and do you want to live in your property this will be your personal interest in this vision robot says bring you all the time into the storehouse about definitely believe in mine house and the novelty which the Lord of hosts very few people wanted approval because results are the only God says to me test the which one of you by the car without test driving was one of you might hold but I haven't someone who enforce unchecked there's a lot of movement whatever the reason for this is about one that we have to check with Boston's intensity through out it was a long while I will not open you the windows of heaven one of the windows of one of the windows of heaven for you you shall not be room enough to receive it let's take a little of the windows of heaven what one makes when he said I would make the windows of heaven in Genesis chapter seven story of the flood less resource enough of Genesis seven story of the flood Genesis seven reading verse eleven while says in the six hundredth year of Noah's life in the second month the seventeenth be of the month the same day with all the fountains of the great need for raw and antifascist though when also all have unaware of what was the first leg of the Russia was well up on how long forty days gone broke up on the wrong fountains came warming one of the scene is scheduled for gold in the windows of his mental picture of it was surrounded by water somehow a slight second-grader jump into the rate of the earth standing in the water of the will God rolled the windows of heaven and down came so much ready we read in verse twenty Joseph seven fifteen cubits of course the waters prevailed in the mountains one every high point of our when all the windows of heaven are ninety one I think I will bus and know what kind of the I him out of your life and I hope and he had what must be going on to legalize and I will know when you have a blog anonymously additional liberalism is even worse as I will rebuke the volatile real estate what is back in the ballroom was one focus the site and with heavy industrialized agricultural multipurpose tool suffers from visible as possible relation will display comes down to crop the wrong just like that also if you want to move the type of offering I will rebuke but if our about the state animals aggravated numbers that Google spoke to an SMS side of the ball Martinez and I can tell the stones fall I have been shocked because what is now called socialism leave the farm on Mont Blanc the Batman returns of often failing to specify the file at eleven I will reveal minimal hourly on Isaiah says the Lord will tell you what both satisfied and will continue like what you don't car the engine results I would rebuke the devourer of nitrogen this was rough at the roughest I will review the file review close I will rebuke the devour you have to be strong I will reveal other parts of society as a I will the power of at the usability will need money both is yes I believe money but you need to give them at best Thomas wasn't sure you all some fish think of somebody we don't overthrow the type of undergoing a slow some individuals find that goes back to Abraham before Genesis fourteen whatever format is okay L Ray came out victorious allows of the first symptoms of forty eight I'm not connecting us to hold him why and he was the priest of the most high God bless them a sadness in the aircraft of the most high God possessor of heaven and on best available site will deliver that anything is that I have to divorce as this way and he gave in eyes of all or would like to Genesis forty first with the Abraham gave eyes to participate the principle of tithing goes back to the knowledge of good and evil relationship five means this is my big hands off the principle of salt economy place in history is mine bolting the time I close that is my facts straight is my project it has risen me that I is reserved for a Sabbath as Meserve from there something else bonuses in the original sense of many people it makes but one will not back down I was his remember the Sabbath beautiful a remarkable thing is that it is reminiscent gauntleted is my very few people do it and not just the best is my business actually got most of my sales shortfall this will have this as we can tell I may keep it holy Mozart also has remember was at outside the size of an official type returns of best fit now you may not see now how you can keep it going since I understand when I also house shall receive these hypothesis of it all what I will already have the answer in my pocket gone says ICC I will let my servant make up your mind and want to test I want to be a few more links since the roof let us have updated even while in the Bible say of success however and while my work but the seventh day is the sum of the law by the oasis album is a good shall not do any work files on my cellular phone iPhone by manservant by this sermon not like cattle but I surrender that is within thy gates why for instance says the Lord made heaven to see how wrong that is against Iraq Venice they were for all for this reason God blessed the Sabbath be and how are you with me and he says I want you to keep the most of the world serves more than we have another idea consider this how about the first day was says why because that's the deal DeJesus Royals the father sent him reasonable dog brings one horse when I said that you can as long since gone anyone first and no one has yet brought it on one verse of what was the lovingly because of recent heart sermon nothing uses me as we celebrate holidays you celebrate them some of the holy days and holidays and Christmas novella is the novella I want my skills on a holy war is the rest of the lovely restful Christmas presents is that the authorities Ash Wednesday holy Thursday Good Friday peace is an outside lessor the sum of eight of the eighty one one one one is the Sabbath celebration the other seven we came up with the online required by Scripture also gone to sit on his throne by his divine news I don't understand I just don't understand I will I is for Christmas twenty that love is not taking the last Ash Wednesday document that I fully thought that even the last of the final document that I thought I is not intended and I think even I suppose I will under Windows NT 's I love you as either that you love me vigil since you because most of the world is not new Bozo Jesus says straight is beginning unnoticed when misleaders on the life of his life and you about is a secure you can reach me on what Christ DC when he calls compared to how many lost those saved will be for all of the reason that we will not trust God because God is supposed to make senseless and explain everything in detail before we will be that is a mistake to think the sunroof came down from the law it came from Egypt that's when it began when Gospels have a database I believe were the entire populace of the whole world I guess God gave us both to the entire world when he gave it to Adam and Eve out of the understood FAA representatives I will suggest this refers to the final say that I call his wife this is because she was an alcoholic drink of the logical are you listening to me I find it at all you say wow game why because he was the thought is not always in I saw to be an honorable religion with news Corporation he call her now I also set as default shall leave his father was not talking without you blood was talking to all who would come from the police and therefore so is the father as I was live in the EU also view how your world of people to come and gone give them this one says the Bible says it is used to reverse one thus the heavens and earth were finished all the host of them and on the seventh day which they are people always tell me pastor preach it was Randy Elder brother and how do you know racism they were Caesar salad I will update vital voices as I got is not to visit out of Abeche on Monday the first day of the week not all Christians celebrate Easter on what the sun have never met a Christian whose numbers Easter Monday off questions the price rules on what did we ever say that's why they celebrate Easter on Sunday I hope you have a car my father from Australia is that you want Kristen is no way as long as heavy as we know Jesus rose on Sunday the first and only I have never met anyone who salivated of writers on the in what I was celebrated on Friday is is is celebrated on Saturday which means the day between why there is long it was extremely serious for the sum of his commendable users to test people 's obedience July seventh ridiculously motivated visibility gets along with about one one after three go there with me especially as we continue with all officials estimated at three Mahabharata postcards Limited in the name of God three verse thirteen and Moses said unto home where I come on so the children of Israel as south Santa Fe the McGraw-Hill fathers hath sent me unto you will and they shall say to me what all was in the what children see unto them as legal mid-forties I am that I was finally with the usual life and also on how they have football the name of God which leaves both of them have football the common before the third-largest in the first land on the father was in the vision your Silverlight is the same as when one has to test them will these people will be meeting in the commandment mutuals this is a full member client access extremities and he said Cincinnati shall gather out of the celebrating there shall be you must rest on the axis sixty three seven twenty I bought given the test to see if they would be willing to will be one global saying is this anyone willing from the heart it will be this commandment would certainly will be all over my beloved brothers and sisters to keep the Sabbath is to behave in a way different from just let everyone in your neighborhood but bloggers on both problems and goals of the Baltimore has not changed remember the Sabbath day keep it holy always remember that celibate adulterating the digital with the unit would forget that before rid of the sum of days to keep it holy six days shalt thou with Walmart settles the business on both of them more of a reason why only did the Sabbath was the fact that he rescued me that historical fact for instance there's a lawyer may have little to see if I is an analyst sees now when he rested after having rested that's when going West following closely to the seventh day God rested you rest the entire day besides I'm sending on within you rest the entire day without it was although the golf blessed and so now all humanities it was a good when was it that all necessarily it was on a Sunday when going this Sunday you'll get I'm a feisty fancy enough to understand will I first said he will get tired and not brought into audibly someone was standing on Sunday on the back and bless us and for the versus player because he rested he missed the rest was accomplished fact then he blasts he had to set the example first and completely for the two human beings watching him eat veggies that you do the same for me if you read Dennis is one of the first of the ring what about me like if you try to go back in history and change it I'm how about wrestling firstly what you do what you know lowlight you want to the business of making life on the first day after settling all I alleged that is something many people 's lives there is no users me over once I will be going because that's how we proved to him that we do nothing and is not a force response when we see how much bought no spots then shall response is to be willing to do what ever tests and listened to me in the wrong thing in reverse while Moses and all the commandments recycle magazines shall be observed and will that you and multiply and will affect the rest of us recollect why all this is when I come back as they shall be observed and will e-mail as temperamental star ignored shows us what righteous life is all about about obedience comes from the heart my brothers my sisters are going to stay in the family I would rescue Isaac will be gone listed in the week you would never have seen it if you are going to get a suitable vessel fishing is artificially low I don't know if I said let's talk there was also the bubbles Miguel Outlook responsibility is models this view I want my time and my offering get out of New Orleans because if you don't you unmoving under a curse considerable mission was asking myself a regression of the Kennedy because Mendelson matted wilderness he said twice as much on the sixteenth is something blog goes out to take care of we use the increased speed your brother try going is strikingly sleep-related I try nothing is said about God under this man should only be using legal incidents I like you I would slide a bit more like these invoking my mouth is right beside the little dumber husband I plan to keep the Sabbath verdicts oh my point I will see as he himself knew what he would do golf has you already comfort and you just don't know what he trusted the how much I'm at the office but what about the president of all right now does the responsible ones involved in cognitive development as I was into my systems would come and help me I will stand here here here here I want right on the car more than Ronald do something with right your Savior the Lord I will trust you in person please enforce them I need to think good but understands that I want to say more I want to know more about ties itself at the same all I want to know about time some of our key and aspects of an effort to him almost positive I you want to know about the time and someone will on the car car racer Oregon Menlo Park councilmember are some of the mathematical government has left his car is not listening you're right as far I want to know more about Thai massage just right he and as I did your name will contact you because I want to play for a natural baseball is not part of the right time to Google 's guards you don't have a car razor has get a car I want to know I have the heart to obey I have a willingness Lord just a little more like I want to know more about high and the samples put a T and S that's all you live in some form of content is original divas were serious do you seriously if eleven seven eleven I'm sending I love Jesus I don't know methods are usually about all gone now people down and he will not let you down if you've written on a car allegedly but in one of these I'm loving those cards from the bucket right back Ringo 's hearts but Mister just written a blessing to have someone in the middle of the letter he left out something as market rental starts molesting bottom novice obedience rainbow starts on I want to modify the sign with regards one bless you as it was warm regards that's right if you love me when I says is not only best you is is for the father is legible God so eagerly desires to bless us so eagerly designers the blessings risen on the buses is not Baltimore is our fault because we will not trust God trust him I'm sure from my heart trust in as she gone all the way to all of you and you are requesting a copy shall not be a little bit of the receiving car I want to know about fire and operate CAE type of the Sabbath DNS they're not going to I did all those cards would be like pray over them but it's really how I do it I spread those cards on my principle gives you that I knew what was in the course of the three Hezekiah presented live on Isaiah thirty seven was fourteen I spread the car 's handling of the Nobel Peace Prize icing on a better relax everyone but it is out there that horses are providing a method shall have a hard level of vascular war movie because it is dubious that some of you who've never heard what I said before the things I talk about perhaps not quite the same way but having heard if you will see in your heart Lord I have a willingness will be quickly resurrected but that's how I thought that you could have ever had about every eye closed father in the name of Jesus I pray for my part recognize is that every raise have every raise heart express a willingness so there you believe although I cannot make sense also human beings is how stupid all driven by the depressive parochial when reproved you so please do not fill your further reveals the spread of the spread of obedience and then bless us I pray this will bring us back on the website that sets us free we offer this prayer in Jesus name of Isaiah that all will say very man out in man God bless you my best to come back tomorrow might bring someone with you remember if you're going to have one on everybody have fun about a thing someone with the organization of the no


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