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Who is the Holy Spirit?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 21, 2006
    7:00 PM
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Ron and welcome welcome I sincerely believe this is our fourteenth time together so as I have said before time is really flying at supersonic speed what number you have to do is Jesus and Judas Brickley and that is make the right decision for Jesus Christ is the only opportunity you have make that kind of decision was with us for the first time as you have on the field all the less Iglesia concentrations of distinguished people to write anyone else for Simon and schedule to have the lights all right another little angel right here isn't about me I accept by faith as you visit réseau housing C you because of the line item figure with this I'm quite sure that God will bless you with an insulating of truth let us bow our heads in all and pray our loving father in heaven were asked about the name of Jesus Lord bless ourselves we have to follow the teasing and costs remember father the words of David spoke in second Samuel chapter twenty three forced to when he said the spirit of the Lord spake by me at his word was in my tongue father I am asking you please put your words in my tongue and put understanding into the hearts of your people in Jesus name we pray amen turn with me to John chapter one John's uncle one visual resources on the show created a series of verses before I tell you the title of this evening 's presentation John seven one and we shall reverse nine also John the fourth Gospel and reading from the King James version John sent along reading person I am John says that was in July which like to every man that cometh into the world I repeat that swallows what kind of like the shoreline which like this every man or person but it comes with a few the world that is going to Johnson before reading first twenty three Johns chapter four verse twenty three aborigines to see those of you who come in the downstairs section and above John four four seventy three but the hour cometh and now is whether strollers was shall worship the father in spirit of interim for the father seeking such to worship him with the divorce again but the hour cometh on the holidays when cool the true worshipers when John one nine three have looks for life in John four twenty three we have good sources that was voted on six Johns Hopkins six and we shall reverse thirty two John six four thirty two Bible says that Jesus and of them verily verily I say unto you Moses gave you no bread from heaven but my father giveth you will mushroom bread from heaven so we have the shoreline John Warnock the actual worshipers John four twenty three but Fulbright John six thirty two that is what the John fifteen don't worry I will tell you the title of the message softly I want to establish something first annual for tile shower on human minds don't think it was long I have which Levine and my father is a husband that we have the July we have little worshipers we have mentioned that we have been sold by the Muslims on seventeen John chapter seventeen very very powerful chapter that is really the Lord 's prayer in John seventeen firstly and this is life eternal that then all the be-all and Cheryl God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent now if that is a whole lot was undoubtedly the false light if the option was originally immediately there are also ever met as a writer he is all that is false right if that is a lie there is the false why and where there is a slim volume of the house will you and I all our lives to be dealing with an arrow whether we like it or not and it is in upon us to learn how to distinguish true from our visitors is of the devil the ring is in contact with the fault line of the false worshipers and the false writer and the falsifying and the false law it is the business of the all the way to the part that saving all that is the result was of course but rather than by Amber snowballed when you say so who is on your side of even when you are not on his side gone is on your side 's life falls life screwball now let us focus on the goal joins announces Jesus Christ then how does God distinguish himself from false ones let us take a look at is what Psalm ninety six Psalm ninety six reading versus four five Psalm ninety six versus four five vital says the Lord 's law grace and redness of the praise he is to be said of all all all resumes that there are other bottles now there really are no golf respect Apollo but God is there more allows some sort of recognition of easy shop called all of the Bible says the little law is ready and records we praise ESV said respected about also all all dolls for all the ball of the nations I won't I lose Buffalo Mayor Byron made analysis in order to learn what all the blogs of the nations are idols now he is going to distinguish himself all in all it was a guy who could verify on how best to separate himself give you one word creation mesmerizes ophthalmologic Jeremiah chapter ten Jeremiah ten jewelry conversely for the customs of the people are paying for a while but it puts me out of the forest the work of the happiness of the workman with the acts they do with what so ever with all no one is classified as such of what will I do with silver and gold they fast with nails how does that emotional there are authorized upon three but while she did not give us need to be born the work will be discounted because the shot of Jeremiah is assigned by less of these bottles being unafraid of the body even by the also is it conventional cinematographers and by the is well bustling that not only have a distinction is not possible to the fallout of the law is ongoing he has one the everlasting to everlasting you will divorce of the house shall say unto them but blogs that have loved me the heavens and the goal is already in seventh bus shot he said out of the him all that have not made a is a good e-mail this downtown is familiar from the young move your body as well as follows yet established a worldwide as one of his wisdom and discretion Jeremiah is likely the qualification is that they all thought that these the fact that he can create the false goals can not create it it are created from Lucifer Eldorado Stone JR create this very carefully I want this sink like water for the soft for soils of your mind going defense of his days gone defense his claim to be normal by appealing to the fact that he possesses the ability to do while the grid which means green icon is gone fundamentals status or rolling over and using the right word why do I send your resume I will say yes the second member of the body is safe to but have they been lost in there would've been no savior but how did that will send notice that have been created this is a me you need to understand that all tests created the must become a better foundation uphill relationship with bottle that's why the Bible is God in the beginning God created the heaven not in the beginning God save mankind I will leave for some reason all but we must understand that salvation didn't want to be tied out by some one was for Zachary and I have not been written that he does not have say that you need agreement creative does not meet safety because of the New World the role of Savior will cease the role of creator will continue to say them in football has created a V I not been playing the role of safety but that is what is critical noticeable gems is what you are probably expected mutagenesis sometime sooner or later doses while less reformers while you shall not be confirmed Holcomb on you all a students one seven six one one say it in the beginning God created the heaven to allow for all that of course is it does not mean they are free balls it means there are three persons in the Godhead for instance you have a possible is initially I believe the most common in the United States Mister Smith that you have misled that you have little Johnny Smith I do have Little Sally Smith only solution you have on many families want if you don't honestly left us with a pharmacy yes as well as I thought I said honestly yes we have fall and one is out of the oversight for the ones that therefore so we verify mathematical model and his mother commute was why I may job the goal of the father son and Holy Ghost regards one three in one of the Bible says in the beginning God created the heaven and earth now course to another most of our former employee of darkness was upon the face of a need to read the rest with me and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters I will go for this evening 's message will is a policeman of course one tells us who were involved in creation for us to identify one of the pool created the heavens and the earth according to Moore's law will speak with confidence I will hesitate to get involved credit for precision Microsoft read another as God inhabits the people not that they always take the opportunity to recognize and on each varieties the devil mad puts him on medication when he visited God is good seeing when you consider the heavens and earth were created by costs the weather because it is no other God but God say of persons as of the earth was without form and void of darkness was upon the face of the need for this I will all of the faith of the waters the spirit of all was a full in creation this will sign one oh four reverse learning as to the subject no is the Holy Ghost we are establishing all the different is all they of the Holy Ghost on Holy Spirit Psalm one oh four four thirty three have class house census forms I want they are according yes that's what it was actively involved in the process of creation here's a creation was counting out how I who are all aware of the house because the word of God is in you with a basement of a hot bath like Jesus as exhausted as you know why I speak of the now show how they are I love this physical life because of the menu is about right it's the life everlasting life the battery life is where because this is used for anxiety reasons that the second number of the blood had left fibula the operation of the Holy Spirit for the one or the like into existence can I explain all the details the Bible says in Psalm thirty six by the word of the Lord would have us made all the whole something like a breath of his mouth of the Hebrew word for birth decision he was one of my saying are you saying as we continue with was the Holy Spirit one the Holy Spirit is God is authority for six uncharted diverse as if I know where the true underlying J success I have the way I have looked through I am alive that's identify all the slogans from Jesus is not in the way in which you must isolate you this will force don't apply our subject is who is the Holy Ghost always Holy Spirit that generally unknown member of the Godhead first John seven five three four four four one Cisco whatsoever is born of God was one of the world this is the victory that will come everyone even our faith was a couple of the world when he and I believe in Jesus as law the son of God this is even came I was lucky with Jesus Christ not by water only but my wanting and it is this that is what will that is because there's an knowledge use of the players I am the voice is recorded at the eighty three then this is equal to the sun on the Sunday consultant he and his father I want so Anna Holy Ghost are one wanted to qualify there will be little doubt Israel you were six hundred microns would say that if you do with the removal of a number two is so far behind I can hardly see it because the Bible is so far ahead as number one for me I believe for you as well if I writes a map at right one because I say what chapter one verse presented earlier I am the way that Cheryl will always will room seven eight please don't be upset with me because I'm making you hitchhike through my is good exercise for you is to signal their something called prayers aerobics October the something as opposed to some holy and you jump opens within the apartment that this is Mrs. Frazier Robinson right here from all about what is a all right what would I say Romans watch out a one horse horse while Romans and personal there is therefore now no condemnation to them without it Christ Jesus will want one after the one after that while the law of law is and is not what you would double check for the law office of it all the dumbbells were destroyed in front of your eyes shall this Jesus that I was through I live is that although this is life I need more immense than one yes those are like going unto God the palette comes to replace the Holy Spirit has all the power of one's and you follow when you have the Holy Ghost you have everything have you has because when you have the Holy Ghost you have the father and you have this is somewhat low unless you will newsroom is gone let's go the song is I should warn you that there is no way in the world anyone can exhaust the subject of the Holy Spirit in one sermon don't expect a one series you cannot exhaust on but I want to raise on things on your consciousness I want to leave reflecting on what you hear resources such as renal opinions I don't care how much you love your opinion on how harm articles in your family tree I can respect that but only truth sets you free Orleans world 's finest one what do I say what's up the one first remember three Mrs. Davis again when I set up by law I know what I used one of this cause was not okay now David says and what I consider I have this allows a bank fingers of God is to go to ask it let's will visit several of his magicians Xmas eight visual read verses eighteen and nineteen as we continue wool is a Holy Spirit all who is the Holy Ghost S visiting versus Adrian and I think I'll says unlimited is this always happens to bring forth lice but the law so there were lives of one man and one is using most of them run on hold once the power law the Egyptian magicians somehow copy because Americans was is there unfair one of the blood the magicians did something to look so also is identical because the government cannot exactly what about unique decision I am so glad nothing without she will do exactly what got us in this one was that they look like God than when more than one problem with additions this is good and you would probably will do for a list also broadens the hollow molded around the house dust in the air of human rights magicians they tried it I will say this before so there would does one man when these were sniping that the magicians said of the federal viewing what they said this is not all of this is nothing will remain to be mean limbs were extra seven thirty one Exodus thirty one reverse a.k.a. the Exodus thirty one four sixteen RSS under the gaze of the most is when the inmate of an evening with him on Mount Sinai school of you have all of when and how you feel you are now to have this thing on what is this thing on a bottle beverages medicals against the fourth of February Muslim job as well we report you must first review notified verse of the senatorial crisis videos of casting out demons using the power level with tremendous instances on ball across the defendant said he cannot know that as always as the first lady and amount of twelve if I cast out devils by the wattle by the wild sky the blog managing the blog is called a deal that will move you reading verse twenty eleven for saving Jesus is the same as the sun is talking about all right Bob Jason says that if I buy will nothing wrong with the framing of law cast out devils note that the kingdom of God is upon you will not if you will be taking twenty eleven twenty after twelve twenty eight what conclusion must all the things I thought it was the special finger is discussing bowling expression to refer to the power which is the Holy Ghost so what as I said that I was the world of the Holy Ghost once I know what flawless and reason is presumably his workforce was the first one and Ron Hopkins was if I was evident individuals and God the father Bob assembled holdings on equal young to have different functions if only human beings in the soul you like to the father the son and the Holy Ghost are equally gone yet have all agreed it will occupy different functions without giving up the fact that they're not go all arises Jesus Christ commands while normal horizons of the Holy Spirit brings a good resistance to put it this way though this is a very amateur attempt on my part hold them fully in the above father-in-law son-in-law Holy Ghost must come together and always putting together a decidedly discrete on the father said I have proof I give my permission to create the world you people upset son she then gets dessert has follow the Holy Spirit I speak it's actively in will him they will this is what I see I see him at all is well I called a portion of the only beautiful creation because he is God and you understand me clearly the Holy Spirit is is gone as much as the father is not as much as the sun is in the first leader to seven zero one through the first night as we continue for is the Holy Spirit always the Holy Ghost reminder from a ritualistic time in service of his father these given words to say this you must believe that will try to find my phone along with general criminal wanted to say quickly Lord please give him the right words only Jesus can speak perfect truth I can so I really need your prayers to help me is that it on when I say with personal account receiving the end of your faith even the salvation of yourself what a person remains is that what this leads to salvation the enemy is young saving faith Lisa Salus resealing the other half on a common set of event even the salvation of your soul of salvation the prophet inquired and searched diligently was beautiful peaceful objects along a rousing province the profits quite as often with some personal profit I searched Jonathan Lynn who prophesied of the grace to come and university what I can come to know for certain what I want myself time shifts during a phone the rise in five women testified before the something of glory measure of how one who is in the Old Testament was written with this Mindanao is all I is given by his regime not angels are sent to help people understand the Scriptures Angels movies of it in the Scriptures is not a power that is hard to write Scripture on this evening thank you Dennis for the right to the end of assist us in this way they are in power that is why you will why did nothing in spite of the word about life of watch and I don't have Brazil's business that I'd rather Johnson's citizenry but that's nothing but why but I speak with you about all I can annual conferences and I said let's spent about an melodic and don't hesitate to give goal is to be reluctant to give us his will be slow to give the Holy Ghost is Bible says all men of blasphemy and soon against some of round the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost this is serious business don't play with the Holy Ghost I will use and watch how you are around you the Bible says you can hope that is what Jesus blaspheme Jesus Idol recommended to do it after not there's possibility of forgiveness is you do it against all the Holy Ghost the Bible says you will be forgiven this world more than worth you understand Holy Spirit is your classroom it is amazing are you getting this situation will see what this means you young blaspheme against the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost him against because that's feeling as I thought I will bless you what a ghost is out of identify the Holy Ghost degrees is true his life as an additional forty versus forty four sixty four I have nowhere at the Rio seem to the Holy Spirit is like Romans it to the smallest bit of what we are saying as Jesus is the voice of an additional personal privacy business but out of desperate of this provincial youth SS I am glad the relations five sixteen what do you have a was also a mess I save him the low wall and is and is in the right way will allow and this is why I am the way the Bible says want in the letter was sent as soon as I says I have another of the will of one nothing in the world using digital images is judgmental beautiful luxurious ambience will as the Romans have a relaxing reason for several days it February happy to see you I I didn't what I'm happy to see I have I love you one of the word of God will say this person is still here pages that's okay because the carnal mind is enmity against form is not something the law on my second interview they saw that they got in wow I know you are not in the flesh but while it is absolutely the long run if they are not in any manner not allow us all is not as you will belong to God unless in you world policeman will possess a and network management is Christ's he is what he says about less than that amount does not have is memorable to majorities motivated and augmented intervals of all the charges in California that guarantees you nothing with respect to salvation I'm a signature it is unimportant George is vitally important Jesus started as but I'm saying you are saying but having the Holy Spirit abiding as the controlling force in the life is not going to drive is what I want to his benefit when Isaac Rosen the effects of it is almost the individuals in agreement that will interact with we want to send the embassy this is to bring up or surprised the singular event now the Holy Spirit all wells on those who have gone past the bounds of mercy you want something to restrain them in the amount of evil people know people make fun of Christians in therapy likewise and last night is going to every child of his vendor of the how Google firewall reason why this world is numeral is important is because the Holy Spirit is still restraining evil in man's hot because the spirit only demonstrated his sister 's business under the Holy Spirit is not a new you don't belong to Christ however this rule the intelligent question you should ask is this then how do I get the Holy Spirit had become so I think I will price promotions for some about digital but I have to do it this will simplify at five risen were flirting this is even John speaking to the Sanhedrin one of the many funds were arrested and had to defend the faith the bottom of all those residencies is a solidifying over three and a half I thought over this present was a very positive repentance and forgiveness personage who we are witnesses of these things I saw is all the Holy Ghost whom God hath given for the know I know I'm told this is what I know I'm seated in my bones some of you are saying that preacher stresses obedience to watch I thought you said you have told me I'm going to say no one is present because will be given this is the foundation for happiness on earth and in heaven gall gives the Holy Ghost to them that you want a motion of the Holy Ghost assault on the condition is the fungus is everything special that was accepted to ask to my time is running out upstream sharp slope asked to thirty seven and thirty eight Maui has just about the end of his message of their Pentecost sermon is not whether of the things that were directed at seven thirteen of the rest of the also man you want to go what do you say repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ the remission of sins and usually hold some of my guarantee each validity what the Holy Ghost is the service is on display in the present the Bible galaxies PSS on his list of the same Holy Ghost will so that only the process you want near you repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of us and you shall receive the gift Holy Ghost and how this will give you Holy Ghost is enough to set aside with recidivism revisited by the similar Holy Ghost together I just want to live foundation Matthew seven seven four seven I will shout as they see in the shower now that is how they wanted to uninterested in climate within the amount of a child being a log manager who will represent us when we give them a while assault beatification will give them a lot will Muslim is you are being while he means your mind is restricted as for the all how to give motifs to change how will the following is a damn thing so then I ask another question becomes what is this monthly left their script does not understand what you are Thursday eleven four thirty one if this thing about the election role once it is known is writing about the same as eleven or thirteen moves as if the venting evil men or how to give good gifts unto your children are much more shall your heavenly father will manifest that we put all that together how do you receive the Holy Ghost US where you also doesn't value us and I will remember what repent baptized will be on digital Holy Ghost because your Savior Jesus Christ promises before you because your Savior Jesus Christ those without the Holy Ghost you are not piece also hazardous to itself beautiful witness with our spirit that we put you off without a voice you have opened Virginia below in John sixteen Riverside Johnson is the reason for several visits Jesus gave his disciples is about what Calvary through Gethsemane to Calvary Jesus and Mary raises final arts nevertheless I tell you the truth it is expedient for you that I've always work like that however a warlock I know I was in Ontario but the conditions for which answering the Bible to isolated me know don't fifties and says if my word abide in you and if I buy a new one if you like me and my words abide in you you shall ask what you will but the word of God abide in us we has left on fourteen thirty four fourteen fourteen two thousand and ninety five title run around at him following her bra was in another one like that yeah I do and why why why did you manage your last one and only because mice than you would want a new government the methods of using it is indisputably liable for the cost of the will not human if I depart I will send you some insight into how Walton will function as much of the Holy Spirit is gone you will be at the commencement of Robinson regarded human beings into a room about Jesus and I'll send it John fourteen twenty six forty twenty six this is Christ today says that the father was of the Holy Ghost whom the father shall say that in my name is Shelby will teach you all things but if you have the Holy Ghost how would you set goals were you the only reason USC Bible says not a significant life he shouts at all I pray all things visual rhythm whatsoever I have said on August the first criticism don't poorly Jesus is the father shall say I will follow sending in my name the authority of Jesus was a list of the fifty first of six Mrs. Philip Christ speaking originals of the subject was the Holy Ghost of the Holy Spirit fifty five as him that is I will send unto you from the following mouse for studies in his forties is gone will send the Holy Spirit Jesus said of course but I know the fathers of the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost in the name of sheaths the follow gives commands the Holy Ghost the sun gives commands the Holy Ghost now with Jesus what was written as a human being he is being subjected himself to believe it will follow in his youth also know for it is absurd he does that has a lot of positive way I will Jesus was full of the Holy Ghost and thirty go Holy Ghost Nepal I have looking both advocates of the love joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness faith this against such there is normal but that they deliberately there's no law against it but as a law for those with one of lawlessness there's a low-density this one for best original flow we have just discussed this forgets all the things of Christ brings them to us the Holy Spirit as though Christ will Christ no salvation will help that's not why would you want to do what you want goal is to the power of the Holy Ghost as his wife Caroline Christ has promised the Holy Ghost remember the girls were you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost that is noticeably the greatest need you have is the Holy Ghost within the grid is a you have is a bigger house was not originally the already see is to be filled with the Holy Ghost has not previously the person who has the Holy Spirit has all that have passed because Jesus has all the father hath him therefore the Holy Ghost update on my greatest all that apply and get you your the best visuals and jewels want the best for yourself the best for us is the Holy Ghost he brings Christ's public loss he teaches us the truth which defines the minute is the Holy Ghost enters your life I said as the controlling power that is in whatever life is somewhere on the above and you'll is like the Holy Ghost by accepting Christ transforming power it is at that very instant for lunch begins I presume the minimum sure you understood what I just said the Holy Ghost anointed life liberty the Holy Ghost affects every single person on the something severally for the will want mercy only saving abilities and wisdom restrains them from all evil because possibly do but not as gradually withdrawing his wounds about the season total times voice that resolution is not to have a chance to go to visit hearts of the Holy Spirit what do you deliver believable of this is wrong and give the people for the development and let you believe it will affect everyone only the person receives Christ when and if that person is the function of drawing power in the light the UN office of the punchline but individuals like you because the Spirit is given life will leave this place without living on the heart I want to be filled with whose most Christ so Christ was not particularly reminded it was these lousy performing in the everywhere that's what he said also the cost of the best whether you like the cost of adhesive I will not leave you alone I will come to you in the person of the cost of the same way the ambassador of the United States has called you for the United States government behind because he speaks little government stands for the Holy Ghost if you have all efficacy behind him with Jesus -esque at the back one of the Holy Spirit does get the Holy Spirit you if you ensure you have the Holy Spirit of God I asked if I was her brother Christ is God 's messenger to have you repented of the residences are you will begin to go if you don't have the Spirit of Christ I'm a visual symbol more than this message was opened my eyes I want your Holy Spirit the student of life if you say that I revoke you will stand up two feet this I want the spirit at the scene where their deficit will be at five thirty go and I repented having been at about you consider what to put on the card I suppose follow in the name of Jesus this is every crying answer every earnest prayer he has been desperately wanted this was to be lost some of us many thinking based on this message on to have the Holy Ghost is less than his father couldn't think of a method of receiving this was all repentance from sin originated baptism in the name of the father the son and the Holy Ghost my God my God have mercy on fitness to receive the spirit of your invitation in Jesus name I pray amen SysAdmin recovers Macy's rolling but I'm a provide off the eighth if it finds I need to know as God 's representative which was we permit yourself you've also diagnosed with peace in your heart you freak you do not have your multilayered by the controlling power of the Holy Ghost don't leave this place in addition because the devil tries every minute on July when your friend met with enormous car I want the Holy Ghost city because you have not yet given the likely target of Christ have to love repetitive suit is presently in your life the Holy Ghost does not live in the heart of an active citizen representative I did also the Holy Ghost does not go to the heart of someone they will go on to the Holy Ghost which is Christ absorbs that it does not dwell in the heart of the actors festival related individuals were if you think in your heart you will not consciously deliberately invite the spirit into your heart by submitting your self in loving obedience to Christ I want to know about car that you making that decision tonight I want there to be open on my hands on that will be on my hands in the eyes of God if I do not present this to you as clearly as I possibly cash if the spirit does not tell us how controlling power in your life you will not belong to Christ and if you don't believe on Christ there is no entrance into the kingdom for you but don't allow the sacrifice of Christ to be wasted in your life make sure the spirit of God is in the heart before you leave the space by surrendering to Christ laid down the life of disobedience and rebellion against God photos audio I believe most of you already know that I'm not speaking only what if you lost them about a new down the rebellion I amended my husband 's life into your heart went one hundred percent of eternal life and begin for you liked the bridge and follow by was a week I pray that since of which I spoke with humans were all parts soften resisting hearts Lord Flynn like those of the hearth about a job and ends with welfare as a guarantee of salvation at the stimulating down I gone all rebellion against you after they received the Holy Ghost process of them that obey you will repent and when necessary are baptized please hear this humble prayer let us think that this was no I pray for my hot in Jesus name amen make sure the ushers nipples cards we drove and we want to save we love you God bless you I will come to notify us of the ship somebody else's half I will see you when tomorrow night one five seven bungalow blessing


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