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Cancer Prevention, Part 1

Hildemar Dos Santos


Hildemar Dos Santos

Assistant Professor, Loma Linda University



  • January 30, 2012
    2:00 PM
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welcome to the growth of prevention seminar we will post by museums coming we will the first black this is gone the introduction introduction of myself and an introduction from your self and then introduction for the course swept is that that does not happen here before we go I will just introduce a new introduce a little bit about the myself and what is that why we have this type of horse business it is starting two thousand and eight Tom the Gulf are grouped together in Loma Linda and they wanted to help summit in the West what did not work right away but there are a couple of things that happened versus that the marketing was a little poor and I'm if you think that the Californians that will both program like that just giving up a flyer in the church it will not work so you have to go to have to promote you have to go again have to pump is then local church otherwise you wouldn't show up so they did one time and they inhabited but they are looking for someone to do the cancer prevention seminar think I know you by how I've been so they did that a lot looking for us to do that is because of the vessel that got bad group of physicians and professors in the school and that was when I was working for the Hispanics we speak Spanish and then I was wanting both on that and then made that they recruit me and supposed to be me into more doctors than and adopt that the doctors are still being made fell on me and I have to do the program by myself and that the mother like that the first silanes that the web is that the lawful what were here for four days to have installed the Dragon and then when I did in California the next evening but need to come here and deny present in the Spanish hand and the building is not building up and then I went to other places and then they asked me to doing English and then the third year that I'm doing that and then I'm enjoying all sold well what you started with something that we recall I'm not knocking to that he became something that I am excited about than I have the predictable procedures to do that so why am I seeing them not to say nothing but just to say that when the Lord give you something at best to you and you don't like drama that because they might go to a place that you never dream about then you might do more things than the I am notable to buy phases and I went to the Dominican Republic and I went to other went to Brazil and sold just because I I accepted something that question is not accepted by anyway ceiling on efficiency and the things that is 's lives is English for the English and on the left fourth English you have to learn the language because I don't speak Spanish I speak more to heal that makes a Portuguese with with Spanish with Mail and that I don't speaking to the fourth English a mix of Portuguese with English so I have a better affect though I am from Brazil and I am mean and I about twenty years except for some years are they sending home I was the director of health promotion in our view out of me not to hospitals in Hong Kong MR MA voters only came from Brazil where I was working i.e. I work for the church most of the time I think I have more than thirty years working for the Seventh-day Adventist church I was on a decision about the missionary doctoring Brazil in our hospital and some follow-up intercostal and then we went to him lifestyle clinic like we modern Wildwood and I was the director for seven years of directly then I moved Loma Linda then I finish anomaly and I finish my massive overkill of them involved in public health and then that's what I am not here when I went to home David called me to go back to Loma Linda that's why I am I'm here today we have top-down sessions that they go over on different cancers and then we go over on the results of the Seventh-day Adventist the event is held steady then we will go over there me and send them an and through symbolic counselor then we will do that those screenings swept out of any screenings and the main cause of cancer adrenal so we had over a lot of things in this class bad bad thing is that I have vetoes for this class but my desire all online and I cannot access because they didn't well account the fact that people will make anything worse than that so but the videos I read the and then if you went up a copy of you can think I have handouts and I have bought videos for the distal CDs for this left but I have to sell them I i.e. used to give them and I'll tell you just for the better Spanish than I spend seventy dollars for forum but so far all for handbells in the city I had my wife is the the twenty fourth of them are hereby continued that if I continue giving beer than I am from my pocket thigh work for Loma Linda I'm not a missionary idea but I am enough missionary salary know what they'll happen at the end that so is is that I have than the OC in them and a great weekend that we can discuss a little bit this ten dollars off any and all send them dollars for the CD is up to you me you can copy it into whatever but I'm sorry I I I usually don't charge anything but the means also that I am putting a lot of money from my pocket than that and then I might not be able to continue doing that too long but that's not the situation okay so coming back to myself I finished the news this program and then the reason that they ask for the cancer is that they have a lot of answering the charges and so our judges are having on budget and nobody's doing anything and nobody knows anything and not just say the disease takes a long time to be diagnosed and then when they are diagnosed many people come to understand that because they have cancer or they have the most amount but when we diagnose the abuse is is is already too late most of the time for prevention and then and then we we have this situation and that of the church does not what do they not have at that time something to fetch my article will address those issues and that's I we have these December they start the seminar that is supposed to be just for the West Coast and then the exported to you and on that sign was that it be wheat Williams that was a friend and he was the one that the that contacted me to move the this program is sold well I introduce you to the core sense of the student to myself for myself to do now is a molecule 's becoming a bit then sold just want know how many doctors we have in the house because he needs the initiative group we have a lot of boxes of stuff to talk about just don't get it I'm about I miss them but that I I you guys have to speak up now is your time who was going to start them everyone have to do that will have okay do we miss anybody know everybody knows each other okay have the first thing I want to tell you is the is the book that views for for these glass that you if you want to do a ministry or if you want to know a little more about cancer and should the have this book here this is the Bible of cancer four for the community this is a for the transcend physicality than the provision of the answer we do we will have a slide for that in a few minutes and up so you can you can get the web about this book I I have a secret for you when I was working home I went to the world Cancer research fund world Cancer research fund mobility in your country you might get it for free I got this for free in-home home because they have an office off their world Cancer research fund is hereby here is because seventy dollars seventeen dollars I'm not selling it normally found fun so with checking out the new bathing I have unlocked the door water order your country authors off helped office might have a connection and you might get his at least for a lower price with the United States the cost of that much and is one of the first edition was supposedly three in the MLB is indigenous Baltimore seven most of what we are doing this glass is basal invisible that's the Bible of guess why because this book is based on the only been most rare respected researchers in an cancer around the world and they check all this study is and then the immunological studies and then they classify the gases according to the domain results so they have a category and I think I can come not from a fungus they have a Catherine tool tool to classify them if they are used they are sure they say that the Baltic yesterday as is basic is not the proven but the youths is almost the case is almost a cause of cancer then base they have a second that they were thus they probably have been Dennis them have one that is not related and then and so when we have something like smoking we can say that smoking he is is is is a cause of cancer so we don't have a problem with that because we agree with that yet either they warned that the was is completely seen and then probable and then limited but suggestive and then and then unlikely so I would advise if you if you want to work with this it would be good to have this book that we as a mother in a way who will have been in school Google tool to the website I use to reach the book online but official if you are not copied Beatrice five hundred days online and left update almost three review when I copied that but the menu might not have but if you want I have I'll wait for you to go and then the just consult once in a while and that's what the new good to go then and I believe you and you we might have SSO deal I will give you a homework from the victim tomorrow goal to the neediest visit website these top view the RAF but for Bob Lyons C R F book or go there and see if you can access this will be meeting PDF or whatever .net CRM .com .org I got the home-grown they did have a multilingual did not do world research what does the research fund that have a multilingual world Cancer research fund diabetes CRF .org I should read the independent with my to my markets and left me behind the him to break out objectives calculated that is the lollapalooza is a is a compilation of fog for the more I have this here development would be as independent presentation skills via I I I dating is not yet but the eye I guess I started computed okay is is one Joseph okay this is the book that you have everything that has been because my accent is terrible on them you might not understand also the lives is the place here so I will kneel to check there was a heavy meal and tomorrow you bring here and tell all I was able to get the is are not to fifth is a whole line you don't need to bring it okay because not be a problem these five hundred and eight page so don't try that five hundred and fifteen page okay we've got wheel we went there will be on this book because we apply our government self-study we applied we apply our principles like when they measure about breast cancer and alcohol they say here that we should not drink alcohol if we drink anymore the rations so they are because there have been have other benefits of my my friend mentioned applets for us is enough if something is causing cancer is like to think I cope with a little bit of arsenic well is not that I kill you now know my killed nearly thirty years of the desires and scares me is that there but that but cancer is the main argument that we can use as a church against alcohol because alcohol is a cancer of the oceanic substance leave you will alter the DNA so we only adore about that because it lived that we know sometimes a mission the best guesstimate because because he is built around and I and that is not being how about that Monday will be gone local hall outside the miracles and about alcohol use defeat we added all of you did that all tweets reviewed we really are you'll is not ten minutes with my glance and then when he is about three o'clock with the something we stop and then we do the brakes and that is just an introduction for a while you don't knew you had enough of him as much if you don't have that feature off the book and gives life to start a business through my family here that I have introduced you so this is my oldest son Mauricio looks like our gang banger but is a dental student is finishing that the school not my wife my dog that she is understood that he or she is doing this provision and all the crazy one that working the emergency room and then she's getting married now I got the message debate twenty eight nine of July sold that's the last one this is the great big ideas and business mom my middle son that is married he works with video and and he just got the daughter and so my first grandfather and one month ago so I am on my way along a grand program either year bravo the alumni is that I was trying to get some of the future for but the entity it didn't work I have to have a good one not that any energy junkie but until the end of lifting I will get it so I'm looking for my present order but they don't him us and we both thought that I would like that I is this enough up on okay at the library resorts is that you have you have visible here if you want to work with smoking if you have anything on the Smokey this is another Bible of smoke I use that for my class I teach smoking cessation course at and then for this has all the information about smoking up you can imagine that your history of learning that Walden this book how many substance chemical substance that have a cigarette smoking but see if you can get the right four thousand Wimberley will gives more wonderful dollars and up will allow you a smart move four thousand eight hundred with that then they have five hundred and then extra some companies use some other these are the two that we are going to get this information this book but we are to talk about that will happen about thirty eight Tucson seven because they have to deliver physical causality of having that great you are only oral one dollar thirty eight dollars so please might want for me I said that the cheaper than my handouts the I can believe that the job got the in these genes in the judge you thirty dollars the GPM shipping metal buckle applet size another one that is good for four for smoke him hasn't the young cancer is one that I you can download the and is suitable to this place and I have already downloaded in this review so if you buy this CD you have these their I was assigned to the Lord Bellon about this to being formed for and NIAID do that so you think I didn't always do have is one who still have this as their replaces Doctor we use Internet space for major information about cancer screening in cancer cause so this is the American Cancer Society visit their website I usually I come here with my back for flyers from American pencil scythe unfasten busy and I just took him yet I have the big day five dollars for a Maxwell luggage so I have to bring them up to all Americans the society will take a lot but believes if you are in the right states go to your local chapter and you get whenever you need via dualism cancer material cancer flyers and information for free they give to you American principles five if you are not in the states view again go to the site and you can get the information that you have is not the format but you can always cut copy and paste that induces public business for the public and they will not type talk to the lady that you can use whatever material days they have that so is I would like for the National Cancer Institute also have materials so the forget when they ate mostly out online the material so if you need more materials will do that what Daniel Harbaugh for resort at Mayo Clinic have someone there for international cancer you have the WHO indemnified that helped the Harvard school of commencing also gives some good information about cancer that is available sold nullity have Internet with Dalton needed to go anywhere we just both ethernet and have every in the amazing well unless you don't like Internet okay okay so that there who have mortality cancer according to some compilations via you your you might not have your guns and that but so those are the ones that have a higher mortality rates in the world so the worst is Denmark and in the user 's assailant so most of the time we should check what good they are doing that they have a lower rate even though this is not the capital that low but the what we see here is that most of the countries are getting of witnessing with the same rates of legitimacy is very minimal but you see that was there in the corner there Canada is almost guys are from Canada yet and then the UK Ireland the Netherlands and Denmark so I got that cancer is such a disease of all of this is off the development development work so to answer your questions again why we have not brought about have more breast cancer weekend is over by this as we modernize we get to more unnatural environments but not so not so much a match unnatural but the hour lifestyles become unnatural we've seen more we develop a beginning of off-line history of the study the teacher would sit here and you guys would be spending up now the rebirth of me I am doing the exercise am happy with that I'm sorry about you guys and that the city we move we change things to facilitate our life and then we ought to bill next aside that the doing is one in Augusta and that the computer my receiving formation with it once a minute those in the room had been using and you can type with thinking to believe that while plaintiff against because this is already in Reading UK you can have a problem of our software is the only reason they thought for you so whether what they are not a doormat even then access either not been that they know that's fidgeting and dispense them dollars for our and so there's some video changed cancer is a main cause of death in the world seven four meet any two thousand four thirteen percent of that estimates for two thousand thirty twelve medium smoke is the main risk factor for cancer when I finish my medical school in nineteen seventy eight guess what was the main cause of death in the world anybody the main cause of death in the world in nineteen seventy eight activists now infections the way out in the way of the effects of the what kind of infection none none none that what we are getting close here is his diarrhea is squalor in the typhoid and being but what diarrhea because in the Third World people will more senior you where Killian were being killing more because of infections not to go over the rest of the world and then we many have much dance around the timing their Western novel that vagrant is developed in such a way that those down to is that they used to have doubted they still have diarrhea but the audit cancer and heart disease increases at the thing laughable and now we have been the result the main cause of death in the world Islam is canceled I was invited one day to go to Nigeria and the guy told me we need to do lifestyle program Nigerians the Nigeria is reassuring very often in the black I deal with the visa deal with the couple expand their men not cholesterol diabetes smoking in things like that that me is looking but not to answer is that though not all that's what we want because in Nigeria indicated that slightly half those cancer and heart disease than by Nick on three we have been the diarrhea of the fluid the caller of the tuberculosis and malaria that's an accountability initiatives we are Americans so enough of the business what is happening so and no dollars that you guys decided I'm going for the right thing focusing on Disney's one more reason to have health ministry focus on disease that the visit will attract with the people outside women when they are supposed most of the shoot me into a new start okay but the leftist new start with what the people you have on your stock used by the rules there was a new start and a significant sky the new start time up there to start but that I read I remember I was in Hong Kong and then I discussed this because I was not able to church I did it health about it is mentioned that read those three we have a church that gives seminars that we must and we have a strong program but I told them well we are going to focus on diseases because the newly extracted people in studies of diabetes then we put the new stock to the back and then we wiggle for that and that's what you like with weak colleges is because people get attracted to death but if you flip it was thought they had to know what is the first and then it will no news dentist visit there are the things that the phone good to meet his fate with block away but that's my opinion okay don't tell about the undecideds in fact a high metabolic that the sloping but I belong to American cause of lifestyle medicine will I don't know what happened but that this would have been invited so they ask does would you like to go see their focus your program own lifestyles or focus on disease half what it was like my quest timing the boy they told them they will cause a disease we have more to work with this is done lifestyle to look at the eighties with exercise only and then you have tool to deal with the disease that are related to exercise but the jingling stress you don't thought because his exercise if you focus on the disease you can you get abroad you can reach and then you can make the vision for spirituality because the stress is all related to any disease and in his resident bridge that the brother-in-law in his mission here you can you can have a comprehensive approach when you post to the disease that's like asset is one that we can use the most we have to make our phone with one thing my first seminars about cancer attracted a lot of five terminal patients so you have to be perfect for that if you you are canceling the national salmonella seeking dollars all I have installed to limit the size of the be the good news is that what can I do the same so we can pray for these limited but this is not easy to deal with that without with Mister suggested that for that have still leaned into world people one of the traffic to their ward Jim said he musically but it will instead have a relative so every single family high I am brave to say that you have a single-family new world might have one for us in the family that has stands or have had against soul is something that can get appealed for them to come four up for election in the goals of the second and the main killers union looks like you just thought it are like the results because all sizes work nobody touch anything up to the opinion of results on both enemies we would have to break and then we will check it out so so those are the main gases that please have thought in their mean the world to see that the first one is still and smoking-related the second one is like that because off the coffee Asia most of basically smoking stomach cancer in not using China or Japan and Korea then you have intestinal cancer leave and breast cancer so those are the five once the more fought out the new Western world this new low stomach acid is not that frequent and neither neighbor cancer because the darkness is also frequent in Indonesia like a home home many people are HP the positive they have a base the virus is gone on that and then we we we are left with lungs and the London intestinal and breath and then we shouldn't have trusted it is not that the prostate cancers act but does not kill too much of these ones and that's then that's it in many times when we see a person dying from file broth against the value guy I met me my church a guide by which brought the guess that he has ninety years old so why did it with that he got from mom 's forgot about that indictment may be a valuable process canceled no not my will on the half of it to you is to celebrate number this media was reduced by hunting overs for the NAEP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com if you would like there was more green online was www. audio verse is on board


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