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Cancer Prevention, Part 5

Hildemar Dos Santos


Hildemar Dos Santos

Assistant Professor, Loma Linda University



  • February 3, 2012
    2:00 PM
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heavenly father we thank you for your blessings we ask you with those in the preparation the lessons you sub lesser charge the most addresses of friends that idea the mall obviously this helped me losing the church that we can promote health evangelism and in the help tool announce our message to the world and then left again comes we ask your blessings also presence in all ranges of okay yes I should have asked you will was thinking to be up as soon before I went to the med school but my mother wanted to be about personal health who fought for a particular happy in the night yeah yeah oh I am not a pastor but I was raising the church 's old I preach and ninety but it waited two more on that opportunity or to discharge a Portuguese update the various things do well you will enforce fourth of October fourth they have their form I think for my one thing that I forgot to tell you is when we discuss about the HPV virus that is related to bone cancer the HPV virus also is becoming related to Kent LuPone in HBV viral rates of cervical cancer in women and now they are saying that they devise is one of the factory may not call accounts they are finding that probally a foremost among homosexuals and among homosexuals we have basically divide as it is controlled cancer mouth cancer and because off the practice that they do so it's terrible what is happening but this is something that we have to know that the reason a relationship but I might come back then when I talk upon the cancers but the is açai review the you can to my mind all day Adventist health study we have I trained practically to themselves that the first one advances mortality study and not finishing sixty eight .doc advances to the California outlawed offenses then I have a Adventist health study one that was the most novel non- finances and then we have that pollution advances study that this is still running in the early have been victims helps that you this one was thirty six Folsom advances I don't remember how many people are aware the first one and this one always ninety six thousand is a big cohort so I studied Adventists just because we are a diverse when the smoke we don't drink but we have a range of dietary habits so for a researcher is is is is a gold mine to see these guys say anything you can isolate the methylene venerable Josiah was again put away into your own resorts on the result needing to control for them to while this is a new trend I'm not sure if you are unfamiliar with that but the latest smoking is not too long will monitor me I will think you that the thing that they would most plausible is related to the ones that convert to the church later in Soviet they cannot say that they are non-smoker for life because the rehab up revealed story and the thinking is valid for drinking but drinking is coming back a meal have to be careful with our youth about that you know indeed that is the event 's college thirty to forty percent off off because those are drink and I have a story to share with you and I should juvenile about my dog days with my supply was invented love my time with that today you cannot talk and talk more but my brother used to go to Pacific in college in the mouse is she is making a nonevent this guy in the and she's going to get married the novelist with a life that does them a bit but hold hold hold a little bit okay she was dating now she was being busted human cause and she has a boyfriend that was Adventist I was in China so she should call me is that a bad what they think about the arenas and then I told well in Brazil we do use the rings let me in America some church to use some of its I don't think is that there is even insular culture to mean it would not have many judgments for for for like using a watch or something like that so I tried to be a little more of the lenient with her and this is that now is not for me as for my boyfriend that's all I can than his wife and whether that's living the thing with the boyfriend was that he was the social drink and he and his Emily Mantooth Seventh-day Adventists believe that moderate drinking is not the problem and so they drink I would love to be a little bit of wine will not thought about the people from the world of me they give you we can say that they are available but what happened is that we start fighting I gave to the dead the new software and I was all the good background chance showing her and suggested they got in the guy come back and and then at the end the best a couple of months they broke up some more and then I ask what happened well I told him you find them I get married with you and then we are going to raise July the amount a house that is no way I was raising a different environment that is the way that they will have that and then and they finished so and I came back from China I was talking about death and she said in a loud big I liked me so much he was willing to go back to have a good relationship deck and he said that he was willing to stop local but there was another thing and in a so what what was the thing well he has an issue with Mary when the outline him self we talked about the not talking about people from the world of the double people form on our Adventist college so not all of them I like that but somehow we ate we have this problem in you know it that is growing and is growing more among kids so we have to know about that we have to address that may be our church I will tell you when I you still have a Portuguese in my other class I will bet and then when I when I do well alas the humble folk all in the church and the Portuguese were present I have a hard time I have a hard time in the end of Sabbath school the guy was was a feisty neophyte can be because he is just as who we outline the math in the field of wine and not a ground that wine is through my goodness you know I want my left sacrament I was losing out my left eye when I think while getting you you gave blood and search your buckeyes a news supposed to sign a document that but you should not drink so that's an awfully fueled if you've any sign that you are not the event is sold as a week black but it okay you have a you you that's a slip okay let's go for it that things are famous for longevity may have five behaviors that are shown think rias and the last of form these the opinions not smoking eating a plant based diet in the notes several times per week that will regular exercise and month any abnormal bloody body weight the first side then studied that was then easy fifty eight to sixty six you gone bad fences in California to other are the people that are outside of the judge and they found that the Adventists have the risk of getting a pencil at the new one percent that means if they have one hundred case data in a mean guy the California love Vince will have just anyone so that's the comparison them and the same for colorectal class breast cancer and then not overnight heart disease this is safe and ninety one ninety percent this is the one that they have also very lower rates or for those that are vegan and then but they have just a few guys than the blood vegan in this study so they could not make any in France because of this simplifies the offense self-study one again the most benefits of ozone that was nuts whole grain bread domain milk fruits and legumes so those there was no benefits are coming from minimal foods in this study so this is good for us and it was no side effect of sliding new drinking now we have all this pressure against soymilk but the I believe this pressure comes from the day the industry are the whatever industry that is pushing against that soul I don't believe that soy milk has anyone in trouble and Vatican can input from that because in China we use they survived with soy milk in Japan and Korea and then the rates of cancers are much lower than is that the business that the less will will one of the last pages if not the less disastrously the lottery like this one time at Adventist health study one the other funds on the findings on red meat bread and was associated with background cancer heart attack and diabetes it was to my knowledge the first study that make the correlation between red meat and diabetes that now is becoming more and Dave the probability is that the revenue will produce a morning formation then you simulated the fifth in the belly produce income authority mechanisms through rate the cell receptor insulin cell receptor so let's go on I'll bite I think the size study number two ninety six thousand and then this over a thirtieth fifteen hundred over the age of ninety in a believe that fifteen hundred that this is going before sure that biggest longevity studies all because as a lot of people that hold it and that's that is the call for the rules on because Lewis only do we talk about moves on the home on the individual 's domicile Loma Linda is the Seventh-day Adventists that I have an unfolding salt of Brazil five effect years rise in my eye great uncle he was a brother of my grandmother and he ate a diet you must before completing one hundred years with ninety nine and then he belongs liberals on because he was in the charge that he was falling almost sunk lower principles they follow through there to the bullpen then and then Hume I have relatives in your own family both are living longer and mostly good this is related to who our lifestyle twenty six nine percent of these group here are African-American mostly business that they will check on the African-Americans than whites a little bit off Asians and very few Hispanics because they been angled today's benefit that thinking that we should develop a Hispanics the fifth felt studying this country as we are very openly with Hispanics and also includes Canada arguing that started all we have needed vigil here very famous but belong to that they felt that anybody else is an event is that he sold to you are to that's great so maybe you should come up here and talk about how long it took moved to let the question that is and like him who grew the executive that it's the way they tried to do I think all calibrations that is so they send us samples of questions off through two years to a group of two thousand the check what is your habit syntheses matches swept with what do the and sometimes they will mostly they do that the Loma Linda but they last for blood samples Google to do what they call markers if you said that he reads a lot of vitamin C they will check the vitamin C level to see if it matches with what you said and so make all calibrations that okay what is the dude that well that we wait you know about that business only definition but what do they presence off those seemed in this study forty four percent five non- vision and still not visit then sold for charts is not good to me for help Mina Zayed this is the visit is a challenge for us so we knew we needed to promote these and and how we promote these areas is a problem because once you that's a I don't like to warn you when you mention the people already shut the home there there there there receptors the years are either dominant thoughtless so we have to approach this in a different way and that so I thought I like the the food late diet because they push for more fibers and push for more fibrils than in all of us that it'll have in the house and actually BR are first masked ripe to promote your churches more efficient than the type of foods by doing what is the main secret to promote vegetarianism I asked this question in the child who side with abuse initiative and he took me a while forget that my cousin so what is the main strategy promote visit down type of foods you I need you to promote your home is output to me by inviting people to a home to see how but I think you got there the debate has a space is called Cooley married Doctor Ornish publish a book on visit than a food in that who wrote double he went through the main Jeff's office restaurants in the United States guys that are famous to make food that in the end in his step I wanted to put go of your menu here for me while saying whatever but you cannot use zoning great insight I will give you that if something regions this and then he I you still have double but was one of the best on maybe he is my not the multiple warranty Schlafly is our soft recovery I think you use the new Google fish oil and fish sometimes but but anyways that's a secret code if you want to promote the good foods you have to do they have to be based otherwise the nobodies who made you that so I is a tough but you see that most of them are lacked normal little bit about the gun and then you have the awe that you get the media escalators fish fish vision Diane's and I met my bathroom I judge said I asked him why to visit Diana and then his wealth also bring that eighty percent of the food being my diet that comes from vegetable volume visit that of the other thirty percent specified by the militant data that saw among the African-Americans is even lower among both off of the day say my visit there are those that eat once in a while the VB posted themselves with them but they don't eat meat every day so if you consider the use of any of the group is not that is not that that okay so then they come what is that this thinks fear that we have now comparing to the type of diet that they follow Sylvia 's this I think I mentioned if you are not sufficient that in this gap theory compared to those that are vegan that is the difference of thirty pounds here in your weight with this saying Opera 's monthly things size and high will the Angel present age of sixty so I think the uniform in so was he will use less of those who do have a lower molar weight what will I do think there is a difference to why this event is one who okay that's one cause for the vessels loaded Lord caused with them some I think I think I think that's been the main thing when once once you are here in this governor the any lab more visits IMO also normal health here you are not the and then even though somehow here is a black hole moment at the mine not be back on Sunday but the even though that is a difference between being oval electoral vegan that is not significantly so we still gathered through going lower levels that in blacks signed nine African-Americans may have the same difference even than in one assent to a good thing that women than in men I do see here the last will have more weight than the than the ones about Paschal best unlock toolbar very close the thing is that I wealthiest guys here are our our best school in Blackpool they are not just Paschal said I'm not sure if you understood Billy guidance and they don't they just don't eat the fish but this guy they think only of the most individual needs of rather needs and she can but they read the rest question a for the high death but the remember this is a was menopausal women for menopausal women then the way to the end is our America was okay welcome to America so now they measure body fat index body mass index that I already mentioned what does that win in kilograms over there hiking it is in vending the same comparison is seen that the vegans are overweight for gnome for white males also this is why females like nails like one African-American females often American female year advantage of this is not valid that big on between vague and even vegan like toolbar not different you book form for males the differences is the group to all all but so far so bad that his son is using sonar they compare what happened here because the participants went to be greater than Harvey had a lower risk of diabetes high cholesterol high blood pressure myth about input that's what we want the cholesterol that's one thing very interesting there is no much juice as the DVD unlock tool within the lessor here in the difference between Paschal and that the provisions are really big but there's one if you didn't show them different so is show some nickels that they had again he might be about the is not that animal food will increase the cholesterol here but the union the like how healthy is your diet I believe it is very new spindle of the exam all are lack formal nations classify a moderate here mother captivity would be a healthy diets even on a likable and may help if you don't abuse if you are if you believe that the fund pizza three times a day for the disputes was the workflow model at having a party went well I'm not pushing for that but them things that the idea I don't remember when I my less pizza I don't use that any increase to meet their increasing the need for you to improve well while that's not let's say here but the your your your disputing this is the right to you now I got it all now you are enduring their way to what we are accomplishing for that because the argument that the that the house steel and all disguise uses Dublin this pissed off might be addicted if you go to Beth Wilson on while you might think that so you have to balance that I'm I don't believe on that by i.e. I I don't eat my my my my my finger leaving my house I believe both things I am completely vegan but if I have to go to a party life I have the will to on sometimes I have to make a big fuss to not even be as unbelievably as underground as I meant I wasn't in what the love my son engagement and then the best of him then the press was the and all the pieces will not be again and he create the big floods they have to poke a special pistol for this guy with also lonely with vegetables and two long time and so that I thought Ms. Grace I mean for it just lends forgot about Valerie Rubendall Gonzales graphic changes on whatever you do that but don't make a big one of them that because the loop turn people away from you with a life-giving disulfide mapping that they cannot socialize with that Jesus Christ came to dismal in his speech that's the argument that they used to be best go visit them but New England do not revisit that so but I believe Jesus Christ this induces growth that this promote the estimated attacks although don't think it's wrong but the thing is that we have to adjust things on the well I've been coming to you wouldn't you listen the new decide by yourself hypertension NY vigor this is the difference here now we have big difference all is that I have all the other levels sold someone was mentioned that they went after that we should start the hypertension clinic if you go by the best diet that I mentioned what's best diet has already but the big push for eight to ten servings of vegetables and that and that will make a difference even Novell some of them but the business name mumbling wife's name in a mathematics the differences not be in by the way after the Mac have more hybridization than whites okay well done correctly as has off of vegans they've sleep more they want to bless the union they consume less saturated fat eat more fruits and vessels eight foods with a low glycemic index being vague resemblance in all day pointing the article beans and legumes I because the advantage of the thoughts I think thinking is not just means you have to use legumes send them my leg in the leg and foot Wednesday effect although the thing and I believe I like it because it is what we I even had the and haven't read these before I is not being both are being mom used to being a gay buffer being for those that know it one time I present on Mister being the home quote when I made a lecture about that some people love it because they put the guide and I came to America neck with a guy on their own representation was that so if you are not bit disoriented for the moment someone within the physical medium I think you know physical and mental block advanced report that I bought the last and then US console what is the quality of life that they report in this so you see here that the that black advances in the lack of Vincent they have both of them better quality of life them the US more in general so physical health also for males and other quality mental health again for both of them a bit of the amended quality for males mental health superior quality than the normal population and end us that the summary and health offenses are more conforming events over many years is remarkable vigor and I have less abuse the low blood pressure high cholesterol of your lifestyle disease this is a very preliminary study because we we don't have much publication on that yet because I'm not they'll all in their student but dietary factors are clearly important so you see here that form blood pressure the best way is vegan so that they would so as I would want limited than that that Ahab is broadly protective this is due to absence off needed than also asked the fruits and vegetables and nuts the results off acting event is open to all that's what they a few go to have their website and they have this phrase in and that's our business here this is not for us to keep who was business for us to both the community and promote the and not when we do so i.e. what do Kendall I will not stay here because you know I like is the failed failure enables what I have visited your website I'll try withdrawing from see if we if we can not have because I was in the hall of him and was getting a big block some implicitly blocks anyways the danger that I have today was a ball then you are who we has done it no recalls them get their journalists I think you're going funding with somebody else but the you came here to you then get there was the bruise on the he was the one that invented the bruise on the Lausanne idea what was on his lacing the world that they have less that they have longevity people are are are living longer and then he went to Sardinia a nuclear utilities he went to Okinawa and Japan and then naïve you went to Loma Linda and Benny Loma Linda he was reporting the event so EFF about our lifestyle is one then after that they publish a book than Beutler opening here for you for you to buy that book I want you to buy that every single one of you should have that in and I will I will tell you the reason for that little songs are the blows on snooze button places in the world with that a lot the percentage of centenarians that people leaving around one hundred years if you can copy I think this is in order he ordered and also the word much about them this one is this is a addressee it is in your hand off a business where you can watch the video but what they wanted to the bayous liberals long zone and then the name of the last songs from people that leave the longest in the article something like that young that I'll tell you then we learn we I'm not sure if a student is but the risk Tutsis maybe not okay so I wanted to how much will that their sole goal data where was that it will have doubled therefore for anything sensible had with the book with you there when you how do you think that middle of visible because this guy was not that that's getting the middle of this book you opened there is a picture of having wiped out the well but will be good if you can do that thank you thank you and then it's us appreciate that because this would be something for us to use of the health ministry something the most subject and use people from all side that is using our material of people outside that I talked about the water my potato from outside the past conduct is going for me what you have the best and that's and that's regarding the blue zones so you seem to ball around five years gave went to this of the designs and publishing the National Geographic the book is as it is what to call New Orleans Explorer publishing published by the National Geographic soap do you use is in the same line and guess what they are aiming Iowa you can play on the local value just Google it again by Amazon.com and will be wrote another book now that is not happiness individuals on the something like that that said the newest one but they have a project disguise very business minded than then not not sure if you are the Baltic ideologue whose own project so what they are doing in Iowa and the government or anybody from idling should visit that the government of the city is dying I grant off anyway community dollars for the state to develop blues on Sunday contract them get that with his experience of dismal science to promote his lifestyles and several state is apply for the Bulls own project so they are developing blue zone Singh Iowa because Iowa is really messed up his one oh four seven am not sure if his was the Mississippi maybe not think childhood obesity but the rates of disease than their rates of what will be on both of these appeals complicate this is very high that and so they said well we will turn this around and then they contract with them get there and they are doing this the grants that there is a Blue Cross Blue Shield in jail for health insurance gathering this grant promoting the ensuing days the choice is that something amazing now they are in such a moment that we had fueled with people what will money and that too let's approve McDonald's to go with we we are not thinking now but the president is not just the money that we should go in we should do more for our community is an weary we are figuring it out and thus are unable with McDonald's because health promotion for years have has focus on groups and individuals and we try to change a behavior detract innovative office setting they were the party must be unique and the structure of city goals will supermarket and they have been a result of me have one by one soul are some dangerous the butt as public health officials but would help the people we should go with the green movement also did maybe activists but we should go with them to promote better environment for a four hour minimum ongoing agreement found out blinking Iowa Mississippi I think they have to do something otherwise listed Islamic law if you get him out I played I talked to the other full full that the reason I bring it to the Mississippi and the other lady is all the glass to talk to me and Linda Moore his farewell give me out God will bring you to the Mississippi Google something to help us not just media is contracted to several other data that death yet that this self-study yet but let me know what kind of the layout yeah I I went to the foul all of them fully homegrown because they are supposed to promote what is happening is that most of there there is religions that are losing their better than visit than most of them on-site using and and and assets who will promote the Newmar vegetarian because we have similar so I preach always new Temple and believe that and then but their food the episode was so messed up all vegan but I mean was so much so I'll leave the boots everything is so fried until it Monday and I just saw you saw the victim Verizon about the vegan on lessor there is no difference probably that's the effect from you we need the you use it if you are anything more yet is a new mine not the grid that much as depends on all much oil of February building up in my experience is not busy while set most of the kids this week already mentioned because the best way to drop off the blood cholesterol is two degrees bounds new with more than ten percent of the rate you will control most of the cholesterol that you have on they have a swollen additional mind my mind is big so seven I night I think I'm what I buy the books and will sell them because I have my brutal songs out of school in my church in the MN moves so this is a guy does not get that identities are found white things away when I first the visible guys are well this is every review and Herald Henry review how that's up then I sent my cannot be info weekend that using charts and then to promote because another issue is called to promote healthy objects you this is very good to promote healthy heart church because our church is I getting behind some of them and we you I'll pass on Rahman twenty oh Basson on the book but you give back to her again okay let's go back to the lecture we have tomorrow to go and we have two hours one hour forty twelve I need someone to to find myself when I finished one hour you have to tell me within a time okay find one hour we finished this one so let's go because this will have a lot of discussion but I will like to I you I would like to start with this for you many years ago I have on Carly my office sanity her mother brought her job she was then years old she had a Muslim had just normally you would do small surgeries that the nozzles warrants and things like that but that is was knocking the breath located just in the music very harder then then then then then I told her well-deserved love for me we have the sensitive so I referred to a surgeon and was a link from a known quantity lymphoma nobody can informally and always very complicated she went than perform a surgery in the softball event is also a couple of days her mother came with her again to my office off the site and then she asked me for a knife orgasm because nobody has been advised for cancer and not let them know about this talk about that unfortunately for this volume of this is when you begin it whatever and so that that's terrible I told her to follow diet of fruits and vegetables in the diet that I will promote in the end of this session I did get talks Seoul only a raw foods for one week and then we got our name in a bit of what the uncle told thoughtfully vacant without any animal product so and since shared bedroom and Popeye was the main food that she was sleeping after a couple of months month saw son about the monsoon and the return of the defendant for a follow-up and so this was a rather obvious surgeries down fences lots of and then he asked the mother what is the treatment that she is doing and she said about the simplest diet and signal forget about that I'm not talking about their own colleges what colleges that because see my needs chemotherapy radiotherapy to who had discussed there is not a play and then he was thinking that she is Google for chemotherapy new most basic thing to do right away all of cancer he said this is not that this is the truth five proves she needs chemotherapy okay well Sue Sue leaving no badness he went to the hospital so she went all okay so what's the name of these the competitive low stool what is the camp was public officials focus I thought it was another name of Jesus she went to a football cancer hospital and then then called to examine Sandman second pathology reports that the surgeons then and then he ask what kind of chemotherapy seemed to doing in this is that no only that Greg and I have a possible sense they will put me jailed for that and it bothers my own travel in new Boston Wisconsin and then his check again and then is that Cindy has appears a very serious title and type of cancer and the treatment up I have is not going to help at all whatever the issue is lying keeping on keeping on only looks like she is working to get up so I have to take a dog for more than fifteen years up until now I I have a lot of them but that Thursday and that was the only sacred so this is was a good case am not not gays but that not all the case I like that with the it was it was a very interesting one that can diet can cure cancer well there's always that is not proved that would grab events but some we badly does not feel sore prevention we use for healing so I stay you have all of his background of fruits and vegetables and fruits of preventive measures and visit by degrees the bed back to the office of faith Fleming signs unblock business booths phase two enzymes than in help would be fifty three a.m. help other things so we might use those the treatment to and that that's why my reasoning even though we don't have that the evidence seeing treatment because maybe we go to jail in this country if we develop Asian not to use chemotherapy on who vegan diets or whatever that's why I I mentioned to you we advise them to go for a good diet the Mather what treatment they do and now we have being evidence that even with chemotherapy or the therapy with a good diet they might have helped that's the question I will wear a lengthy reader did you leave the blue and more and I guess I just saw the case as I have I don't I think I think to some undesired know you'll have to make him not to benefit and I don't know any video in their lives and what is not a name I write them I run through my music something or not and something distant but I mean we we we we we just saw the case so but what about so once we is that we we could not all friends I have a substitute because of their religion that they have should be doing that so that we do that and the problem here is the religions in discovery one second that guesses of a complicated disease so we never know each phase the person will than thou or or or or or or not then if you do chemotherapy most likely will die if you don't look enough that they might die they might not but if you don't tempt everything I you are okay if you don't look at that and a valuable jail so that's the situation got so I mean but the Odessa we have the Gerson therapy clinic that I will mention something about that they don't have good evidence of of visit with them but that they take the stage four cancer and guess where they are now the web been from the United States Tijuana Mexico Yankee went to Mexico they have they have unlocked as you send the able and so begin jumping the good weather and because of vision that because in Mexico nobody will bother you about okay what cows outgassing so we have to be careful that sometimes people focus on those things than the forget they're the ones that are more important so far nobody makes any evidence of this in days that is that we know about the that the lines of gas cell phone cell phone is a mess but the is still no evidence independent heart is Thursday's a couple of studies in Europe that is pushing for that the WHO is also advising people to be careful because that is our relationship with one the proposed show but that thing is that there are two points he enforces that the brain cancers a very rare type of cancer that does not think reusing in the academic sold pool compared to dig graves the men stopped using cell phone that using this country and everywhere we shouldn't have lots and interviews on Endor rate soft drink castle that's one that one thing God is that there is no itemizing because they have ionizing anonymizing waves off all of this cell phone microwaves are not the involved tool to cause mutations so we don't have a mechanism that is a strong wax their cell phone Molson because using degrees temperature so when you put year will increase his advantage of absence inquiries will cause metabolism and is out of the brain but given with death even that the union does not match without we could have been so international agency for research on Cancer that is WHO is less defined range of frequency as we having high gain cell phones are possibly carcinogenic to humans so this is very complicated maze on limited evidence from human misspelled is limited evidence from studies on the right of free percentages and get them enrolled in seven week mechanism of what I everything up I mentioned you if you go to their site also National Cancer Institute and then you you you would sell our form of cancer you have on this book that Federer on this because of this pencil may be with a well with Spain for this research and was operating on the Tylenol with that at the expense now that we don't have evidence enough I mention about that that that that and evidence of states bring cancer is they have about twenty two thousand you diagnose and thirteen thousand deaths every four two thousand and eleven but it hasn't been increased so that's that's the point welcome tab to move to other gases is read we we we are talking about medium of case here but the booklet that what they are saying is that the is is not this is being like the same level for years and years and years over that that's the main point but the is is is rather make them to make statistics because of this case that is spread all power on the country and then the LeMond not name any things in common with the patient's well admission about then itemizing in an unknown ionizing ductile radar microwave Volvos another source no consistent evidence that these increase cancer risk because people have a mechanism and often produce mutations so if you don't believe on that if you think that day it is caused against what you should do that what they advise their WHO is that the new start doing less using cell phone less than I even left my cell phone in my soul that's good that he has hands-free and device each place more distance between the form and a have up to use and I like this one but will great the mess with your pastors because the readme hand device hands-free device that new jewelry type of the Bengals will like it but you will will make some feel but anyways that's advised and I I think the author advises children children should not have cell phones is wife they have cell phones I mean they should have just for emergencies and not the day we see children that the meeting Kim Sony six six or less years old they are with their phones on talking a single thing though is that it affects the more than ever anything else that's good that the most update that maybe we should have fun just affects the view would be much better I don't understand why that next year is much easier to talk on the phone with the disassembly of you can if you need charts that I would love again the charts and strategically well I think the sexiest church I don't think that the blades that are sold on the value you got PS related effects and judge aria is it the same job as I made someone calls me and I have two is on the media five M but the wife I think he is well I think you should not be so Tuesday night I don't stay the whole ceremony if I just say yes to win again that's a job as for no and that's that so we don't need to be soliciting me that the problem is if you eat a little bit trouble home but the pain she can suddenly bet all the time kids are out of the theater games all the time the name and so you have to know that the meal have to what have you dominated life uniform that but the so far we don't have them I have some effect it might not be my not being on the on the counselor level in my mind the other influence the mantle of psychological whenever I have one guy that have the nasopharyngeal cancer enough in Hong Kong and USC is leaving the building that have at least been falling and damaging that because the company is rented the place up within them is to transmit and they are so obvious is what is causing skills gap that SSN got there that's the thing okay let's consider me we we have fooled Google voted top magnetic fields and cancer of exercise of sole good this is what that is local national with cancer and then not even the Long Island that the member mission about breast guessing online online am that my have we registered with the DVD and VCD but not without the along the lines but TV can cause gas watching daily at it on video games are going to the residence act of the thinkers of the the risk of death over here and abroad and so we have not been done and being directed by the well live of the netting school days they used to prevent I blithely that that rescue nothing grieves 's cells did you sales increasing a company and then advancing this is the problem is that this exudes you go some like that you cannot prove anything because they might be a coincidence now we know that they might be jeweled because they they have marketing team they will do less exercise let's talk about the object that so this is one type guards allege then that some cancer center indexes that this is one of the biggest Anthony and the company to treat cancer and then be the made the houses off of people without them then they didn't find any positive effect of cancer shark cartilage landfill was done in the articulate and kill California also promoted by the cancer because the American justice society by the way when they start doing this this to them they went to check people that was using light-rail so they went to their health pharmacists and book although I chilled that they have been brought to the laboratory the gills and ex-pats and a fumble led children know that that's the problem with our supplements on some of supplements fake so they have to go because I till Glen so myopic on this seems off-topic but they have to go to farms and nine extract daylight you from that and produce their own medication within a placebo control and then made the best in the testing rats and things like that don't forget you do you does see himself up because he can be bought they sold you have someone's on the animated any help Gerson therapy get some therapy of their windows I mentioned garçon 's cancer sampling or garrison scarcities to do this day have a visit and I diet they used thirteen cups old-fashioned fruits news where they they have some now all the supplements and is just a summary because David Pittman is a more completed than that and a useful vaccine and then big coffee and ammo while small I may scientifically they don't have the cancer in general but they had individual goods not healed and mostly they have stage four cancers that were healed so I give Alito a little bit off accredited for this because infect day the Army stage for what you can do for stage four is a metastatic type of cancer they will die whether what I have one of my friends that I will show you the case here somewhere that the guy from MacCallum Cancer and when they I have a titling I am a certified nutrition specialist when I did my death I talked to the president of ecology of American nutrition see in quality American College of Leticia ACM and then I know that God in his step he came to my clinic and I gave him the treatment for cancer that we promote and I gave the supplements and all the Chinese herbs but his life video agreement that the Sabbath was not scientific I was when they refused this month and then is that while but the best fit line for me once sealed all have any other old one the women who killed my tribe posting them that if it's natural why not I don't see any problem with that so that that's my point and that's the point that many physicians not meet because they say not have to be scientific it has to be evidence while what is the evidence for chemotherapy at me is is is is is is a part-time cause to make an so my cousin went to the just something Carson center was thirty four years old he and he has a kidney cancer that was inoperable and then he went down he recalled our EA and he didn't do any surgery and I is alive until today in Brazil became from Rocio here than he is but he has this attempt to elicit them he follows a strict diet and he is doing very well with that so see no need to have studied this new guy it was not my around that time I was just graduate so I didn't have much and I'm not sure if I will would send him down but that got because been disguising this case you name it we would not be overly given that so but I had alternative will be chemotherapy I think you gave up yet either I talked to him patient I talked on oncologist Loma Linda ball that's one time and then I said well can we check on that and we blew some resorts in the on the other and then this allows to hide to get basic benefit cancer patients and I like usability but his house you have money on up to have these and be the views of the people of all that blocks the meals okay and him but his wife died from cancer couple of months up he was not the density but the anyways sold Molly have a picture here for Rob are our clinic that we have our block the yearbook is from the clinic she is from the Clinton she is avuncular from wife of Arthur firstly Wendy and I got some therapy that in the beginning we are not doing that but that the treatment is askew visit Diana and the gunman very good but the good thing is that most of which is that we got that you are very very offensive gaze very hard to make treatment they are amputated than they already exhausted from chemotherapy radiotherapy and surgery is on but the user clinic here Isaac to us I said that it is so useless thinking now I don't know all many years ago by the way we have we used to have like that but I made and we promote that your request all that I have a mother not be exempted this is the latest law that those and much while if they treat cancer itself while positive I think what's happened in my time we we start having so many people dying that and then people getting one of going tomorrow the Bible data nine I'm doing up a change of diet then I may attract teachers will style officer there is a cuffing messing around here is the Psalms that event fly lifestyles I was the director of the blame for seven years this clinic yet I was the direct of Ms. Linney for seven years and they die my hands of the people died that people die when those within the lives sold out but the main is not to discourage them but the meal have to understand the situation the media if you have you have to focus the home on one arm other days so even you two blinds have a hard time with that they have to do that but they inevitably and that he is and because I was calling that most of his arguments in their feather all of man's estate counsel off message times on the time grew she didn't know but I wasn't sometimes that because of his natural treatments in Brazil because the general mechanism of positions that the hungry with that well anyways I shall not stay much on that well what I'm saying is that the you have to have a system and then you have to balance things if we focus that much on people I we might lose the other so have to make this balance fool where should we specialize I believe if we have a center like low money and that and then they are open to do that we couldn't have because the needs of their moral hospitalization when you have terminal patients and then and that's what we decide to do well I don't want any patients that I hear them again to a point that the IIA I would thought they'll do know that the family all the again three dear dear but he might die you have to be perfect for that that's why I'm here most of the is a wealth so that they would not bring it is a well but that he might die or she might you have to be aware of these and then I say but in a musical environment but I believe this clinic is still warm because we put the position that will say let's focus on people that is do I still have chance yeah yeah yeah yeah that that's true some follow is both thirty miles from forty miles from the capital the state okay vitamins well we don't have any evidence of vitamins will help beat cancer what I'm talking boys hide those as well five megabytes so but I again I am hoping for that even though we don't have as good as it does not mean that they might not be good that my novel it because we seems that like a vitamin C with the block learned in the Spalding he ended up healing everything with that and then you victims all everything that could be a he was a recipient of Nobel Prize but people don't buy on this thing but we we we should love me that's cryptic because you know why you would think vitamin C when we had with a cold with a two to five grams and then we most of as little will will will improve on that so there is something for truth and that they might be good but the new bills we we only need more time to the rollover model Trish I know that malnourishment on monotheism can cause ten degrees then your system and Michael's asset and then we talk about accounting fields of my crew the risk of cancer well I'm how I mentioned that those vitamin C it lack of those like him might be related to cancer I don't know the emission of all I am but I'm not sure about the butt JEE might need because if you don't have I have knew my not build up your at least red blood cells soul to much off of grouping and delete all the things you might be a problem glad there is thirty thousand temples is not much they dig a fifty thousand but then they solve the problem this result the problem not to die anyway so but but there is something that can be used to already talk about that a lot I already thought a lot about vitamin D is already in the area some evidence for that of a regular exercise lose weight control and reduce the risk of breast cancer by the review since our group got the news starting Thailand and this is my friend that you know him and you and induces vacuum so this is my grouping when I wasn't home I have a hard time with this guy here you you either the new start and Mister Wu known Mister I forgot his name but the he was doing he was taking blood pressure pills in his blood pressure was ninety four sixty ninety by sixty and I told him we have to put on the pills and use that no like them much thought to feel about that so but then when I die if I called and we fight and fight and fight and fight him he was solely asleep and sold off but that when he cooked when a married he ended up I agree with me and then he improving in one week the police state that you you've almost control his blood pressure without just a little bit of guilt and that's what they see that also need something Brazil and in the gleaming in the end I also and we monitor and its buyers in Wildwood but the blood pressure is the one that will drop user in half they'll go for a walk you can measure blood pressure I have one guy in my clinic in Loma Linda he came and he has one forty over ninety and then when I was talking to him and we can use them we went to a walk because one of the tests you have to walk one mile when you get back we talk about that them and then I said you know if I measure your blood pressure knowledge that would be lower so that's thing for self exercising when a full-size exercise in his book a lesson that was long when February and then his death you got me in all I am and what I start exercising mouth I'm glad in the Milwaukee hall now that film sometimes the nuclear was those things who will help the update I already shall be as good is life is not cause cancer we already go over that I related to prevention of cancer so we have guarded in when one of the other thing that I read was that the CD is in China that they convert the risk of stomach cancer without this did not need more the DV the smells Martin God again in the neighborhood they have lower rates of stomach cancer on principles of the use of God they invented that is a joke okay I kneel children's full of half oranges that have guarded the data girls helping bowl but is easy to find them I liked him to throw my notes and their lives on hold the study but they competitive the types of gases that are related to fruits and vegetables and take sole lack of foods and vessels you see him he's sixteen this is the number fifteen sixteen studies prove that there is a relationship in so and so you have the father so he is not total on that but I look at bankers eleven spinlock nine so that that the relationship of lung cancer even and prostate cancer didn't show much on this but probably a and sometimes it's hard to make these studies because it is America's only use them that much in fruits and vegetables so you don't have a week to go that high they quickly take you think they key is music the use of better word but but the ones originally started as the older sale one seven initial relations we talk about back cabinets that produce antioxidants increases yes the depth of the effects against bladder cancer is one iniquitous intros and a half again they have a protection on their own visit by fourteen p.m. that increase the risk of lung cancer soul the zoo is to fix the problem with you if you have more procedures this is audit mechanisms for different lengths and even açai Brazil is is is abetted by the Baltimore zoo don't need to spend a lot of money on these because blueberries and blackberries I'm not true slave even stronger so in the same level seatback mudflows are being used against brass are they who made the service of breast and lung cancer instead I will not talk much about that because but this is the antioxidants I think that's the only time that unlimited talk about the playoffs of that and I put them failed and because I was the electoral longevity but that you contact Ms. Leslie dentist of fiber and you have the same being the richest source of antioxidants here out of the small various rooms cruises not the buried with his small in dark prunes raisins boot black blueberries and blackberries then the second one would be the driving green leaves like kale or spinach brussels sprouts and golf office calls and broccoli so we should have a diet the daily Morrow these things well was in the beginning that the list the only any mode type of food music length not bags and get we don't have any animal brother Peter so you need to see the list of fiber if you see the list of length I I enjoy soon as his foods and using the open playoffs than some most of them are from the vegetable kingdom and that's good for us we have several proper to the level of those who thought malleable blood on their way that is start paranoids also activate the GSP and that is a powerful antioxidant and not the be made them more solely wanted on this might be funding this length here which senses that man's of peppermint so we have to remind them and I think several seasonings are these not be used by you my not the law all of them but we have lemongrass I think one of you mention about the weapon among rat what they are doing a not Israel Israel without they have a factory of lemongrass that is producing and lemongrass for a digital cancer in their need they are big exporting death of the and lemongrass is really is is really good job with the ravine Brazil we we call a sign for Saint because his death sank her or Saints graphs copies sent to so that and then we know that the lemongrass he helps to is a little I would say this is helped to sleep is a little directly his digestive and then they might have properties against cancer and I read one study that the my health to drop your last on the top of everything is a very rich in antioxidants Lebed the theory or the advised that we should use more intervals interval fees and we have from our market addition is a good thing we should go back there Melissa Melissa 's Melissa Lemieux is a is a solution with guys on the law I don't know that if we have another naming guys that them love me and you and the family of man by late Melissa has a property against darkness they lobby a lapse they have they have one one green that is made with Melissa you know about the main man knows the nominal number one have a storable minimum share with you anyways let's go back here lemongrass well you cannot the best way for me to prepare lemongrass site I introduced them unless the local enabler that and I thought Glenn on grass less pages from my country I cannot believe that he was not tonight because I have so many levels whereas that is felt up residence in my business hours when I come to China their proposal is not from China level rather than a second believe that we has them arriving on cleaning leaves a lot than not gather the data let's had what is it with them I call within the mandate crossover of those things and then they brought out the lack of tool China and brought lemongrass to that the findings from alcohol where they may be they went so we women the best way as you have the fresh leaves he was smashed them up but ended with the hot water in the end save that for five minutes then you have a good good luck with the new Cambrai if you don't smash them is a bit hard to get there the oils that puts if you go a lot you but that lemongrass in China though is not uses a T the using cooking to use their then lower part of that and they use Thailand by Christina and an evening china they used bargains for making sloops and put the basis of so when I brought the TSA well I'm going to pitch the Chinese and has their own part I went ahead and got funny because we make up block like that they might just as I have helped the budget of a group of fought like definitely serve him living breath for everyone in the end they like it they lower blood pressure also knew there was based them big rest I believe that grass has more things but I cannot for short Jamaica that's good okay but let me just share me one eight one one information that is the value of them do visit the tomorrow blues long-sought he found off through the world the boom to visit one e-zine Costa Rica he called me call you in and been a very interesting in that I am looking now to find I need quite a Seventh-day Adventist time I visit that country to see if they have a seven-day advanced search they have a college they have a school that any quiet so maybe we breach here to new blues songs that the Loma Linda lemon and in the assault on medical Central America but the interesting thing is that they went to and that that that lifestyle is almost the same is true in some vegetables and exercise in the nature and things like that they don't use me that all but then they went to Greece they went to each idea to Cartier 's of my learning in Greece any car you think idea how right you are not I thought what the guy about these the Guardian because you and then Amy got it Dave found that the vision they drink large oatmeal the coaches reap much much me but the use of verbal peace and then they fell on his directors of these they have very low rates all five professional strokes and a set is there both days milkmen primping while Steve's they are theoretically less at the mechanism and then they are directly I help them through home folder blood pressure of course they are going up and down then that he will be out of visit than this low blood pressure but that he mentioned a book and effect off using both penalties while there a having anticancer properties side if you know this guy from Hindus he has a couple of moves that will listen with him Greg maybe you have something for so about the as Google and that always researching the anticancer herbals and foods here we have a lemongrass and nine the process that the IIA should just show you most than that is up in so that I I used to teaching for my Kleenex and it is easy if there is fresh the best ways to smash even put saltwater if there really is dry and then you bet it wouldn't either enough talk show Lynn then leave therefore for a couple of followers who absorbed there though that oils what you boiled a little bit more eye whenever I go I have been visiting my he my backyard and that's another thing we should have more natural things in our better not just vegetables but the most things than a few if you have answered to have the is if you have MS comment if you have chocolate in your house cool I am glad and direction to the choir here because sometimes I go I asked people in the Church of England you have chocolate so we have to pass these large to our large origin to our community because this is something that we have to have house and I have a good experience to share with you we chuckled with them we already talk about that we could thought we then minister okay they minister finish that such we already talk about that we already thought about that than the consider is that I mentioned that Isa thiocyanate that the block the enzyme five phase one is the officer to enzymes can invent a new though zero Hughes fell we don't have much reserves on that but I have a hard time to talk about that with the Hispanics ML ML with the Jamaicans and cardigans I'm not going to have the same part-time in Brazil at me not presently use of our pepper salt of Brazil they don't use that so I am from the salt so I'm okay the point is that in day studying the boom if you booked the book that's the situation you might be one week cause of cancer based on books I I I I don't have it but it has a weak protection against leather counts so you have when you're the one that that I don't like when he is with them that so if your goal to lose through the front to see she mentioned that vision of life those spicy things mostly yeah yeah and then the IA was talking about that less diamond than one guy said well she was against the Black Panther red peppers another story well the effect that is loaded she was against that threat all in the I think she was against this idea that we have to to have a very strong running sensation will view about the right time just told that we have a future time no just hold on that we are we are going to have that the point here is that the site it will do this through the prophets I don't see any place but she said and then I went to reserves such as set you don't need to use black pepper red pepper is okay that I know I don't like don't see that that I saw an idea about these this boost device to avoid that so you cannot buy you read that puts you something that we should not use every day we should not thought build up using in our being our yard diet so best avoided okay yeah but anyways in my name my opinion I would like to I would say to you frankly use a lot of bell pepper and an green peppers you have Italian pepper is is there one that I am not the signing signing up for the blood that's my opinion I am a subtype effort guy but the baby I have to tell you him that I had myself yet but that definitely is no use one day I was slow doing this is lecturing on a nice penny church and then the latest before I start talking itself don't come here as a block against that person is going to be a little hard for me but I don't I I put that for you I believe that is not good and not but I don't you find useless in a while I don't have a problem with that okay let's set up for the thirtieth policy what they have more he have the Devlin still have to finish with that story social mingling the Frontières what to think Aeschylus Goldman from here and set up an environment he is back last picture I so let's a Wes you'll you'll you think your Google by this way you will know if we can pick from there because disabled at Vegas arrest by you your jungle from that site okay well I sit normally I sent a delay in the from field and that God is the best of the new have you thought things behind that Sheriff mostly otherwise is that I didn't duel why well that there that the rules say we say what is the best as NOK but within his idea behind this is that it's that everybody is in the picture is that so the ready to go one way we won those this is a good one already then we will go for it she is bill that is all right and that this is the one that doesn't let no one is going to have to you I will listen when one is in losing to those that source was below the you debited first when people are moving around Seo Google is soliciting one more just and is now a model and what I is okay well more and you thank you thank you they got you yeah that's the last less than on the yard Lavinia okay guys let's go find an assault this is five minutes and do live the I'm not that I may need to hold more on this one because that's important here and then then the other one we we cut short the other one welfare is my mother she she was in Hong Kong that this was thought to be meeting two thousand and six but this is our name on twentieth and then she was diagnosed with breast cancer she was seventy nine seventies seven and then she she was in Brazil and I was in China and then I told her job may be she called me and say well what should I do if she asked me and I said well follow-up ever they are prescribing that but I will do the diet thinking that she has for a Seattle issues that what will that be and then I thought well of a hat we have a big thoughts are healing diet this lots of fruits and vegetables whole grains legumes fruits nuts seeds sunflower that would be wonderful in their film hold the gnome you know checking official act only approaches no sugar no swish the capital while no one I know I'd rather know better no vinegar while Volvo got most of the snow ice cream and lots of fun while at the Fahrenheit the new involvement but the but she went to emphasizes you went through chemotherapy many moons were had in them do you have much being human Grover rapidly and then several years seven years up to the surgery she is eighty nine when we got in April she is going to be eighty nine and then issue down the she is a meal gauge users the old fault since I was slow all but the title all bring and buy my dog is going to matter the novice so she is not going for the for the celebration in the and then I found the boyfriend for any home call him a beloved wife's Museum due to the case all this is part of my members another point that I want to make an cancer this this guy was visit Diane exercise of lots of decibels not smoking not drinking good lifestyle very bright professor will profess that everybody likes but he was what stress lots of glass research agent treats to drink settling every may be traveling to be everywhere writ


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