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Hands-on Approach to Pain Management, Part 4

Carola Janiak


Carola Janiak

Founder and Director, Hands-on Medical Massage School



  • February 1, 2012
    2:00 PM
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so why hadn't I started back to share with you something that I read this morning and found if you rather your quarterly at all you probably read until then I thought this is a really neat message for what were learning and I love this story as well because Jesus is always so good to give us in advance of his leaving before we ask sometimes he doesn't want to have blind faith cannot play while only the school we had no idea how to start a school I worked with Doctor Thomas Edison was a medical missionary school it was fairly organizing things like that but to really go out and start a school from scratch we dislike step down and faded there were like okay guy Mister Davis will do it after you white if you want a prayer life staff out in faith because believe you me and the prank on your needs all whole lot so that you know that that's it and anything is gone does not just have a step out because he showed us miracle after miracle and that kept encouraging and people were even saying we've never seen such miracles happen we were I think we started and set timbre even talking about starting a school and by January we worry and running by the end of January and even the people from the state said I would take at least a year to get approved you're never going to get approved to start in January so we just pray and we moved on and sure enough they came and made their visit had an error so I passed they even gave us an extra I think they gave us like the four years from the start and I likely never do that for the first eight alone we recently got accredited a couple years ago they gave us sixty years trust ever have to go it are processing and likely never do this for the first in the first time that we accredit but they were so impressed in our people and they say we feel something here something is different now and even the people that came doctors and stuff from the accrediting agencies they were like were so impressed were just going in now and we now that's it's not but it's God working through him and in his spirit being there in our school so we can never take any of the credit because I know that find them by God 's grace and leading that he does these things but the fun part is as we get to be a part of it now it's exciting for us to be a servant to God now and it's a joy so I want to share this story is from Luke five Mrs. uses out preaching and he sought to set standing by the lake but the fishermen were gone out of them and were washing their nets so he entered into one of the boats which was signed men's and trade that someone would thrust him out and sure enough someone kind of pushed them out of the land and he says now when he had left speaking he had spoken given a sermon he told Simon launched out your nets into the deep and let them down so pretty much go out there in the deep water and go fishing and of course we know what Simon said your member of edition on my fishing all night and have gotten nowhere where you have to man now the day or whatever the drug might down the nets into the deep but what happened he obeyed any way and went what happened to that so I fed the fish came running into the net dry NN Friday called vying games writers partners and business partners since they are outside they bring their bowed out to and said that both boats were full to the verge of getting to imagine anyone in this one but it was too to the Burns is thinking I mean to the young almost song so you see all that happened to you not it is an unexciting is another great way to start a ministry and it says that it's easier there is some mouse I want to bring out en masse was launched in the deep and Simon answering said unto him Master we have toiled all night and have taken nothing never the last at thy word I will let down the evenings always makes sense when God asks us to do something no but does God call us are we fully prepared when God calls us right were always fully prepared if we wait until we knew everything about starting a school everything about massage therapy hydrotherapy when when we have started a school open we women never started a school and even teachers I count on your never going to know everything but go for it and God will give you what you need is that mean you're just supposed to wait on God or surely be studying all in between right because it says study to show yourself approved right to work and keep studying as God called you as medical missionaries scrape that's not a very powerful yes I thought he was medicament him anyway our how they knew he had now are you a leak when you do everything you know about everything these now but will God equip field and you will keep studying and learning anatomy physiology there's so many bucks sending a discrediting the sound here so many books to learn how to do things you've got computer you've got you to see how you can even put an prior half of an face on a YouTube I've seen it out while the woods you choose a different of our lifestyle centers right now in a show you may take you through how to do these treatment so we have all this knowledge at our fingertips all the how to knowledge so keep learning and as you work with people and pray God will give you the wisdom because I love this to you because right away God says we are not from hence forth thou shalt catch men right it is a matter fat gap you know it's for mankind to bring them closer than he and medical missionary work is just a way to lead them even though I love these stories are so many stories insomnia lasts and the pullout of a sample of stories Phyllis pray before we began your father in heaven we thank you so much for your love and intrigue calling us to be that medical missionaries that we are privileged to have a part in your work and in your and work so father I pray that you will give us healing hands for you and we may go out and that we may be fishers of in your name we pray amen I want to go over again I never heard these words counter strain are reciprocal inhibition not so if you go to the chiropractor 's PG 's sometimes do these type of things and primary sample and I don't worry about the big words you have to forget the words not a big deal but the idea of having to it we want to get the idea of these things now can't count restraint was developed kind of by accident by a DEL Doctor Boston has named Doctor Lawrence Jens and it is a way of shortening the muscle to relieve pain did you try to get that yesterday from when I was talking about you can relax and also display shortening at right holding a position of comfort for ninety sacks and and it's very easy and effective treatment nephew look over here that Doctor Lawrence generated and actually demand for the time you need no Doctor Lawrence Stearns they they would discuss month old learn therapies and things back and forth between each other and the he accidentally came across Best Buy when he had a patient when data came anything in some type of an accident was content just like crawling on into the office and he said you know what I'm really busy with my other patients he told his assistant in the table but put them in a comfortable position whatever it takes so she propped on pillows and put a menace strange kind of position but he was comfortable and so he fell asleep to the doctor finally gets in there about twenty net half an hour later he is like all you know Mister so and so he wakes up is insight he's actually able to sit on the side of the table and he says how are you doing sir because right now I came in here and a lot of pain but I feel so much better now already just resting here and self course Doctor Lawrence start thinking hey you know I know when he came in he was in a lot of pain when they get him out of pain without him even so yeah my mother 's back is out sometimes I shall comment from Pennsylvania with some type of an injury an Outlook calendar to get in a position of comfort no matter how strange it as if you bring harm up over here for leg is up on something that can be comfortable because what you're doing is shortening the muscle that is found on and giving had a chance to rest and has actually like a signal that goes to the brain that says hey you can relax now it's not canceling you shorten it up I went to share with you little bit about not muscle anatomy here's a tight muscle in a tight muscles became dark that they really do it when I did think that they get longer or shorter right they get shorter so can we fix that thing is changed we take the Qingdao by pulling on it harder right you have a sore hamstring or someone that you're like stretching and stretching out for you can get rid of that pain in the hall you know you can actually do damage by stretching muscles that aren't calmed down because what's he doing it's pulling here and it's pulling up here because these are worthy hamstrings originates here and inserts into here and we have the candidate is at the hands and that's what it's all and a lot of times you'll feel the pain in either hand but there's really a kinks somewhere along the muscle often and sometimes it is closer than ten so it's just like this change here are one of my boyfriend in the past gave me asked any kinks up all the time I don't wear it but it's great for presentation but you can see that if I pull Liana and I don't get the kinks out now but if I shorten it right I shorten it wiggle it around a little bit I can how many Fatah here and go back to its normal length again and it's very similar with muscles keep pulling on it you're not getting anywhere but if United shortened work on it may be a little bit and then let it I can get all the kinks out here that you know that you need to shorten in order to get the kinks out right that makes sense so take a look at a muscle is your biceps muscle we had in which connects the muscle to the done right and again doing a lot of circulation and a dependence not really there there there on seats we have a little bit you know you even have and circulation going through your back through certain ways that are most of our circulation is here in the red where we see that nice red meeting my fellow naps where we have a lot of blood supply cell in most often the trouble is in the muscle not so much and in a lesser tennis starts carrying and sometimes when it starts pulling off the band you know what the body does in response if you keep yanking out it may even carpal Connell to keep yanking at this muscle your account has cell about smart tennis elbow and carpal tunnel actually if you can't enact this what can it create their weight exactly it says hey we better reinforce this pendant and because it keeps getting yanked on that found some more calcium to make sure we're talking a pop it right off so the body creates more calcium that will do it in the shoulders we can get these beneficiaries it will do it here will do it on your heel so anywhere we can have constant pulling the body reacts and says hey let's see Alex makes your site and a pop-up so counseling deposits into how is our very jacket and and are very painful has anybody ever had a here you can get them in your knack on your spine but as we increase circulation and work it out it can actually dissolve just as simply as a cane so don't feel that I even had a friend he had a balance for he was a physician and had x-rays like that's the biggest banks brought ever seen and it was on himself but it resolved after he took care of the problem so these things can go away now turning to strain counter strain to shorten a muscle remember that muscle called the cell as there's how it's spelled and where's that located where the seller has located right right here right so we have to sell as which is writing here attaches onto the copier leg here because back here onto your birthright and when do we want to treat sellout lower back pain asked for online lot more about lower back pain there is a very simple way to shortchange yourself all you need is the chair where your couch and you cross your legs and at how his feet across you bring your knees out slightly you need to spend you need and a lot of times that takes care of it so this is all you do and usually if I have a couch or chair so I was a bit tight if I'm traveling a lot getting this gets all shortened so what I wanted to is if it starts bothering me cross my legs bring my knees up bring them apart just a little bit in and how my feet on the couch or something relax out way so I have put myself in a shortened position and will send that signal to the brain to say you can relax now and then after that I actually even strokes yet just by going like this one since relaxed and if you're brave enough you can even get when yourself and put some pressure here and it's usually a forgot to put pressure on yourself you feel for your ASIS everybody stand up a little and anatomy lesson for you know where your name the laser bellybutton right right so points your belly button there your belly button right earlier enable now feeling of trying here where the band sticks out the most is the party her pelvis bank on your answers superior iliac spine we just caught the ASIS for short and writing between their is pretty much where the cell as it is down deep now we always want to be very very careful with this because what do we have underneath year right with similar muscles and then we had the appendix is usually on the right side so but if you're on the right side yes appendix is down a little bit further they also have the and usually if you go in January and remember we never went to cause pain right but you can slam and gently is your relaxing to say you're like dancing your feet are up here and there resting on something it's going to relax and you can do slowly go in the fire what I will do is win minded heights on display like that and does put my hand here like that image is gently lay right on making sure that between my belly button in my ASIS right in the middle they are and discuss a lie on it and let it relax is just another way of helping that so as we laugh that a little more of a stretched position but still affect the writing a cross-dressing highlight best feared a kind of feel at so but the Salant and just very very important muscle and easy way to restrain counterstrain to get relief and ninety seven and often is just by doing that there is very simple Nancy needs that you can go ahead and sit down right again or shorten muscles to positions of convert saying your glimpse included your opposite muscle right to the seller or so has brings her neon ugly brings are our laid-back so on at times you might get some soreness writing here and anywhere along your glutes and of course for many talking about sciatic pain so what you can do is find a point that you're on somebody in short not muscle in anywhere you are even if it's tennis elbow here you put it that way in the short and Muslim so remember we talked about trigger point so if you're doing trigger point if you can figure out how to make the muscle shorter wider gauge airplane it's even more effective than Doctor Lawrence and a PT and everybody doing testing to see how long does a person need to stay in a shortened position in order to get that signal to the brain well it came out that ninety cents and is the best sufficient so if you're sore like even between her shoulders and bring your shoulder blades back say your land down because you have to relax when again asked for a delay like that for a while and see if that pain doesn't go away so he needs now little bit of anatomy for you now I just want to write up on the computer right say what kind muscles back muscles and see which I doubt where do they go from and there is a book that I read Colin Holden Boldon pulled it is kind of folding your body and kill a comfortable position and in your holding for ninety seconds same exact idea so a very very simple way without needing a given Sharon crying on people leaders have and do position of comfort and when I explain that's my mom so calmly back later to be like I feel so much better usually am laid up for a few days because of that you now and I haven't even touched her I just tell her get in a position of convert right not stretching out its exact opposite so however you would stretch it would be the opposite thing given that position and stay how long ninety seconds very very simple technique we do it on the net so we does figure out what kind of where the pain has and we can figure it out by letting them into different positions that you that's the most comfortable family now it's probably something on the side family to put it in a weekend news a little but the trigger point at the same time we don't always have to we just take a nap can put it in a position whether it's rotational up and down even hyperextended like it is here but now it's comfortable how it's not comfortable or even laterally like that so it's just a very simple technique but so so effective you know I went to Doctor Hungerford 's class use she is not as kind and mother of sports massage is that she was having some classes out there in California slightly like five hundred dollars for a week o'clock is there a Mrs. Ball we did for all different types and muscles that's all we did call timeout microprocessors four four five five is there like this is too simple that we start using on client and on ourselves it's like wow this stuff really does work so it's very simple answer there are books out on it but if you just know your basic anatomy are anybody knows how to get in a position of comfort right they just do that then I think all reciprocal inhibition this is going on to a different thing now just different ways of relaxing hostels remember we talked about the agonists and antagonists muscle right are biceps like there are dinosaur opposite our antagonist muscles are our triceps in the arms we have our extensors that extend are he and Emily have her flexors and actually flex our hand right so we will which one is your native campaign here is this the only place right should be working now right that you guys are learning you need to pay attention to both of these the other thing with reciprocal inhibition is when one muscles flexing it tells the other brain to relax the other muscle can you imagine if both muscles worked at the same time they be fighting all the time you know but our bodies are sent out with our brain if our hamstring is getting scratched then the other one is pretty much contracting satisfies contracting it's allowing this one to rest so really are not contracting out what you're doing now that whenever one muscle is working the opposite one's relaxing so what happens when you have a cream we also have people have a bad cramp in her lay or where ever they get cramps Sunday the men are glad some good and they are feet and toes curl Lally and because of these cramps easy way to get rid of the muscular Airlines athlete psychic cramps so think about reciprocal inhibition if you are not a crime then your cat how do you think they would get rid of it into your getting closer remember to consult your antagonist antagonist cannot contract at the same time so this one here is an span down its contracting right deserves let's go on like this it's full of its contracting there in a lot of pain okay you're getting closer that fit you in a contract the opposite muscle because it will force this one to relax it she said anterior tibialis which is right here in front so in order to do that I would grab this guy is usually like that I would put his foot down and say all for your close up towards your knee against my resistance that's connected to be allied work so if you feel that Gondwanaland pushed up against your hand you feel this front muscle working and feel the back muscle it should be relaxing thing and makes it soft that in a quick way to get rid of no matter where you have a tram like they used to teach us is taking a new massage or hardening of the I find they are the lot fell at your meeting really really bizarre afterwords but the idea has make the opposite muscle worker that can relax yes yes yeah sometimes they do they had the same deficiencies or other deficiency like when they wake up in the night in a crush you know that I'm a little bit of difference and that you can still get rid of it the same way just tell them when you're lying in bed put your foot on your other wine for your toes up in a lot of times they can get rid of that but yes deficiencies do cause cramps as well when it says are cramping when the terms are cramping your have muscles that are underneath here so you're just couldn't do the opposite things so if they're cramping this way when I try to force them to pool them up like this to use the opposite muscles yes under resistance I be holding my hand kind of on them and under resistance so if you are trying to cramps yourself in this uneasy way to get rid of them are few have a husband or know somebody that is where if you're playing out in the field quick easy way to do it and then you want to rub the muscle afterwords because you want to get the circulation back in so rapid that circulation back in the name of America can help again and again here are relieving muscle cramping at half just press down the bottom of the foot are the top of the foot and have them pull their foot up towards her knee if it's in the bottom of the foot have them curl the code is back extending him all right any class I found that okay then this one and get those simple things and the way that whenever and I again asked him about your little banged and I shouldn't ever sound I hit my cat it reminded me they there was a while ago I had an old garage Raleigh first named in this house if you are replace that it had been raining out five so pardon it had fallen down it was nice to be out but it fell down a little bad they can jog in place a little bad hated living there when we travel I cried and say they delay that Baghdad so anyways a fan rang and I ran around to get the bad guys taken in trash cans out in my MySpace hit the corner of this wooden garage are coming down the right across here and here and so I have a mirror my entryway sigh I will I went in the house I looked in the mirror as all as big dark blue thing already and I was seeing stars and a light no longer look like I got the South had told me to do lives in the size ending years are at least a year before if you get brings her get hurt our history and massage right away like that and so I think that he had instantly and Scout analysis dirtiness and doing that and I got Tyson I started using the ice and so every few minutes I kept feeling that I found a little oil that had a phraseology foil does anything to know that size is very very light it some of the strokes that we get saved barely even need to because Lance is very close to the skin so we can have a powerfully so I think that you know the next day all I had was us back here and it's glad to hear no more black and little to the hometown you what I would have had a shiner for who knows how long until I was so thankful something had told me that so I now live massages powerful one that walking with my my my business partner at the time she's launching a whole twisted her ankle ended up it was involved in fracture and her Angolans you twisted her other knee and done so anyways in the emergency room I was doing that I was already applying limits the size it's the safest thing you can do you not because any blood clot that can cause any problems because you're doing it so lightly and so we did that and the other sets in her ankle razors were pulled off the ankle and just kept doing that of course he wrapped it with a herbal stop then never there's nothing that they could do but give her a soft cast or whatever but within days she was walking on it again within weeks we were out hiking and she she cannot hardly remember which leg it was because she didn't want to nutrition fangs and rapid and things like that but we did a lot right at the very beginning of injury in any kind what do they tell you a lot were not below stretching here in the meantime so what you see when something gets in there how long a special way to do anything just ice compression elevation right rest so I believe Mister wait twenty four hours for this thing to inflame causing more damage delay you can do Gray but also add this if one of their length besides it's not heard anything he can get right in the emergency room and it's also very haunting for the person and assist twist a little bit so next time you think you have a bruise the Olympic size fifth everybody do the same phrases stand as the size and a network drive they just dragging your fingers the whole thing is here and even ice pond here little dance this is where your lymph nodes are then you come back down again at the same thing for the harm we have are limping here they can just pump just a little back and going like this and filling those lymph vessels and you'll be amazed at how much less swelling bruising and all of that the church and a half cell eight and work in my face which was so thankful IE could you imagine the stories and have to tell people that I can sit down again to make sure you're getting the awake how do you know anybody with frozen shoulders had frozen shoulder how many of you had frozen shoulder then is a top top spinning the funny thing about from this installer you can take it just you know sometimes it's painful sometimes it's not even painful at all I remember I had a gallon I went back to Pennsylvania she called me up into AC on Jenna health-food store and they did so while the health products and things like that in a town not too far away and she says Carola I have frozen shoulder answer wow what went down she says I went to reach for my seatbelt and something popped and that when that from that time he was able to hardly move her arm and more you do that it was it was probably at least eight months or a year that she had just frozen shoulder and she learned to work around it yes I remember nasty was a therapist at the time that he went to work on her clients like this are you telling me that with her frozen shoulder she just learned how to work around whatever she did she learn how to work with this much range of motion and so even being a therapist she went around and she was a teacher at a school that she went around their different students in different therapists who work on my shoulder free my shoulder she said she'd get bread in his they would do all kind of things to her but could not get that frozen shoulder on the says that when you see I said if you can come to the house every day for three days in a row just for her you have half an hour our treatment I'll treat you young and pay near anything just on Monday work on you can unlearn these frozen shoulder techniques and found it in I know that they were working down she was like okay you know so sure enough she came down and I worked on her one day and the and then I said a little bit arranged increase in the next that I worked on her and then later on she called me I think it was the next day and she says cruel law I went to wait till tomorrow now it was that night I went to wait till tomorrow to show you I can describe both my arms up in the air she says that I'm so excited I have to call you and tell you to take care I was out now in the wine which she needs to do anyway and she said she felt something misconduct make apart break apart and just like that her frozen shoulder was gone and she's fine now and nine cents I stress that I was only after a couple treatments and again very very gentle treatment now I see what they do in physical therapy I did like a rotation for my schooling my Masters degree and so I went to hang out the physical therapist and feels like it has office for a week or jail and sell I would see these frozen shoulders that they would pay claim on the table and just force it down and it would be crying tears of becoming down a big kitchen table else like you this is barbaric I can't believe they still do such a thing and I haven't climb up on the wall very very painful we know what anything we do it should not be painful right it should never be white on the pain scale more than more than a sex right as six are hurt so good now if it doesn't hurt so bad even if it's just side effects and it's really bothering you might be unnerved he might be some array shouldn't be get off of that you know type of thing that we should never be causing pain so just three simple techniques of working the pectoralis major will go over some these muscles here you can actually relieve frozen shoulder within just a few treatments and I think that you guys I mean we have a whole routine which we we plan to teach a little bit later on when we do VI health professionals because we don't have enough tables for you guys it really takes a table and I love the shape and I'll show you some basics that will still be very helpful and if his adhesive capsulitis and you can see it's inflamed that Kent and a lot of times life you can't actually see how that China is fully protected their lock the lid demands lots of lots of fun and things that protect that because that's not even the muscles on top of it that's giant fan difference that may cause it this is a diabetes shoulder injuries people being in one of these planes for a long period of time open-heart surgery hyperthyroidism so it can have quite a few different reasons for coming about common treatments with NHL corners and shot of cortisone shots waxy break down your tissues so you should never have more than three and a lifetime is what they say that sometimes people get more and so according to shots which can be painful at first physical therapy ultrasound electrical standard range of motion in her time to get them up and arthroscopic surgery sometimes of this surgery and in other times it will manipulate under anesthesia where they will knock you out in a world NAV and even break arms doing that I remember reading an article just recently about that white gold mine in the country they can yank it you know back into place again after a wow yeah it can be calcified as well but friends and shoulders is very unique from other other joint things could you get frozen hit you don't get friends and you know some people say has a whole psychological basis to it as well so it's hard to say because it's just such a kind and mystery that now we know that the right aircraft plays a big role in frozen shoulder the right haircut is writing here and what I wanted to minor on rotator cuff if you put your hand in the side menu Brandon your fingers down to just over your shoulder writing here time at the corner and lift up your are you hot I think that while that that little dance that is your record player not when you're relaxed you can actually feel and hear and see if your panderers says a word of this against the wall here and be relaxed a little bit more and you can feel at he can actually work in our little that you see shape right along there when you have four major rotator cuff muscles that it matched right in this area here and have you heard of people getting rotator cuff tears and things like that you now I I believe that sell them on a actually fully born a lifetime they may be strange maybe a little bit torn because we can look at the supraspinatus muscle these are the most long than one that the doctors they are probably torn our people having injuries with the supraspinatus of editing I say that supra the natives write the stupidest man a liar right buyers so it's above so it's Christmas they a few love it goes right hearing aid that part of the scapula and taxes right there on to what we call the greater cubicle and then we have the infraspinatus never when you are doing terrified and also right on his scapula they are soaking following NFL it packs right there that is your infraspinatus tendons below the spine disguise this is the spine actually here so they can't be in fraud meaning inferior to write fiction you feel that if the only trigger points in the family and your spot near a I will pay for half interesting I have no idea oh yeah that's one way or rotator cuff muscles because of this as I wear as a pulling exactly as you pull here because they have to fight here is the origin is very gained awareness serves it's a small area night so which can be more painful and feel at mooring here I remember when you first start out with hanging my feeling here and it becomes more and more diffuse as it becomes chronic Billy Hanvey carries minor and it is on the bottom of your below the interests donated to the side game first the natives comes right here and we had this one also at passing the same area there but assist down lower cell and a lot of people have tied carries an awful like writing here nineteen youth you guys feel tightness in their see many people were these muscles for you anyway have a good old son scapular of Albion yes the teres minor yes you know it probably was just tight you know it you can also have small tears and muscles especially athletes you get tears every time you're out there expanding up your day if you're lifting weights you know how you think your muscles grow they they ripping hair I know now what the body quickly takes care of that but that's how they grow it whenever you exercise I had a team of failing at Fran family time after he would exercise whether he's playing cancer soccer he always had places joins because they would believe because the muscles get tiny many pairs when you exercise hardening actually believe that we cut them off because we have good platelets in good factors in our blood that will help to coagulate that in and in healing over very quickly we may have some soreness afterwards but he actually had bleeding in the joints because he didn't have that factor eight to stop the stop the bleeding so even just exertion on the muscles tears them and when your hemophiliac that's not a good thing because it added up with visiting our throw says it's not a pretty thing so but yet so he was saying volleyball you know that God is gone like that yeah you get the right aircraft but they do heal RIN you guys remember how to get to the sub staff no very carefully now being careful always so that some dad and we also have our pectoralis major muscle you guys know how to get that right you can even take it and squeeze it right there back muscle so easy there underneath is your pack minor minor is deeper under there if you look at the classical is a better pitcher this is actually part of your scapula it's a process coming from your scapula that's why when this muscle is paid in its fourth year where their scapula here I the sometimes you mean downing here are some around your staff I guess I also let online and whole scapula forward and to give you pain in and between her shoulder blades and down lower carries another one of those muscles in your flat on a countdown is now enough you look in the picture there you'll see it's not sure arm just a little medial here you can actually feel and a lot of times it's under the pectoralis major right to the minor so if you have shoulder pain or back pain back there try working on your and you can see where it attaches just to these ribs here three four and five and you can does work right on down here began one of those muscles that are ignored a lot of the time that I see how you can even try to stretch it like this pushes and stretch it seemed that anything that that had minor muscle so these are muscles that are really important when dealing with frozen shoulder not that I will initially show you that people who have shoulder pain is all I do is this one new and just like on the Internet means away your miracle working outside how it's just so simple because by getting the right haircut how many muscles are we affecting already those for remember the six muscles supraspinatus interest the native teres minor and subscapularis so we're affecting for muscles they are the same time so if I can borrow your arm here violated that RI so we know how to find the rotator cuff right we can bring the arm up to the side here in our have her relax and just relaxing the gasoline office relax you won't know me over and I do is just kind of a little bit of side vibrations here and if I feel like there is a tight spot right can I trigger point I can easily care plan any tenderness and here so she has a little beggars seems to be a little bit more to the frying so what I'll do is just holding their and what numbers that violent like on the day you wake out and then relied on the pain scale was entirely I started Yahoo fell in and even if I started at five six seven five and elitist ever breathe and relax great and how is that now and so amen remember once we get down to a two or three and we can just move on and you may just be that suggests working in parallel bed jiggling around failing pulling a little bit sometimes you'll find little strands in their NHS that little it can often do a lot to relieve a person 's sore shoulder area very simple that's all do that that's all do that so there's four four tonight since I cannot use your arm here is celebrating her arm up here in December relax said working this totally relaxing in an undiscovered work right in the soft area just right along here and a lot of people will have tenderness more anterior he feels some inherent like always liked I don't force we don't force into the tissue and can remember when your dad is cornstarch yesterday I have played out out okay and is planning a face to face and smile like I do this one using the slant right up against me and see work with people that RNA on shopping line right now you have a problem initial learning how feel like I was you make a lot of new friends got so just really gentle it is getting into the copy can go back and forth just a little bit all young it may be the minute minute and a half yet if there is no tenderness and now that's probably another muscle seen if I went to work for pectoralis muscle if I thought maybe that was tight see I could even go in from here in this work this muscle little bit or show her how to work because you want to be really careful when you're dealing with seeing a lot sounds like you both same time there is a in my dating anywhere my causing any pain now and you don't need to because the muscle responds so much better to gentle touch because I'm into differences centers where they've had therapists learn that all you need to elbow in man you need to get that muscle and conquer it right in the end of being bruised and more painful and you cannot see her people so when I guaranteed to delight your gentle and it works now and it works so much more effectively because working with the body not fighting against say and so too we had interesting it is possible that we have easy access to we can work that infraspinatus muscle the one right there on that a lot or really just taking your fingers and working along at if you find a hotspot in our tight spot which often people have the fellow that there fishes got a few prizes will trigger spot is holding for a little bit and see which ones the worst and is told in love it have an breed in our very very simple and we just always get a little nice love then afterwards I can remember were always praying for wisdom where always praying because you never want to do anything that could hurt anybody as long as your gentle and often hurt anybody right okay so you see different types of muscles and effective 's people have shoulder pain we can work on the facts you can get a little deeper on the pack liner right and try them out on yourself in the nice little easy stretch as here and in the other one is your deltoid is big deltoid muscle again easy access even to squeeze that you feel that the squeezing a little bad that this type maybe has a trigger point in second trigger points they hit a trigger point they are seldom do we see a lot of problems in a deltoid so we've already done as helping so I think were done with that made you grow up on a grave information on the frozen shoulder and and I just haven't found a few more things to share with you on the same subjects to do a bit of repetition to what are the same thing little different way and something that you may have noticed with frozen shoulder because sometimes you get in the ways after grinding signs sounds happening in the choice I ever heard someone has back grinding popping noise in the joints it doesn't always have to be just the shoulder it could be happening a lot of different places knees ankles and that all sorts of places so if you hear that they join is grinding as normally a pretty scary soundtrack she had a family member who came to me because I frozen shoulder and they were telling me and I don't think you can really do anything to help me with massage because there's something wrong in the joint it's not a muscular thing they join is actually something deep inside the joint something 's wrong and so they lifted their arms for me and it was the most horrific sound could really hear deep grinding noise inside the joint and it sounds really scary and sometimes people may have a grinding or popping noise in the joints but no pain and are able to function just fine but they do have this noise in their joints now can anyone think what joint close together and closer to grind any idea what might do that of course am a massage therapist back into focus on the muscle that if the muscles get I got actually pulled a bone being close together and joints can start to grind now someone doesn't have any pain you think they might be some damage happening there inside the joint gap is often people will say a lot had this disease condition I have arthritis well that is true that sometimes things happen where muscles have been tight for a long time grinding getting damaged for nine joints skin a lot of damage and muscles are tied with not balanced pool things really close together so it's amazing what you can do even just with massage to help these types of things this particular person I worked on company share with you the techniques that did what I loosened up on her that you can get hundred percent improvement evening one treatment sometimes it they been having a lot of it's been going on for long time if one muscled its type all the muscles the rotator cuff eventually came to get type and gave from their other muscles get tight as they compensate for sometimes it takes a little bit of time sometimes no maybe really good idea for someone to find a good trained massage therapist you can really work with benefits had a major problem that even at home they think that we can do sometimes we don't have anyone around us and help us and that's with a hydrotherapy just than waste heat on the muscles really helps to get relaxed so frozen shoulder he often do see the shoulder look forward like this is really common convention is not being able to left arm and escarole instead sometimes the pain and sometimes no pain so what's this is something that I learned and I was so excited when I discovered this is that when the infraspinatus used types and you look at this muscle and where Texas this muscle extends the arm seven Corolla saying that her client went to get the seatbelt she was using this muscle wingback pop happened and what actually happens the lipid wet muscle attaches it attaches kind of towards the front of the humorous said that you'd think even got tight it would just pull the arm back when keeping that is the answer that was interesting about infraspinatus is it doesn't work that way because it attaches towards the front instead of just pulling the bone back and actually pushes it forward and rolled it out and that's why so often we see people with a shoulder and they look like because that's actually miss aligning the bones and then when someone goes to raise the arm you have bone on bone happening because it's not where it's supposed to be it's not aligned correctly in the joint if they keep trying and even you know sometimes even will have to be careful that some of these exercises so painful because it often is damage occurring inside the joint the people tried to think when paying at the body 's way of telling us you hurting me empty then we really want to pay attention also when we hear grinding popping noises in the joints that by telling us hey I'm getting ground on in here relieve that tension on me so that earlier someone does the treatment of the earlier you get the muscles relax sooner than this damage is going to occur but often people go for years and things really get worn down in the joints and they start have serious problems in the joints as well that's an excellent question the one I want the muscles relax on its own sometimes it does and found someone was just mentioning how it carries major got tight Wayne Bosket born Abt a few days of result itself and sometimes it does that I know that any massage therapist will tell you this they've worked on people it had a tight muscled with twenty years and its state types because when the muscle gets tied the blood stops circulating and found some important habits circulation and it just often it's a safe time and if some parts of the body bag also related to emotional stress like in the front of the body and often when you workers in these areas people will remember the muscle has a emotional memory too often people remember things he start work on working on those muscles before I remember the accident it happened to tighten it's amazing how memories come back as he stuck to work with these muscles and the people can be a pain for twenty years and as we talked about yesterday often the pain isn't where the problem is so often people keep working on where they feel the pain and in the problem never gets resolved resolve and it becomes a vicious cycle the pain gets bigger and bigger and bigger until the really bad so sometimes the muscles able to relax and get loosened on its own but often muscle distinct height until it gets intervention while and that's that little sign tells us that you can keep you going to enjoy working on this today will see how it responds safe it had she was saying she's someone has had that frozen shoulder and its result a lot but they still pay and is still still feel something in there that tell you that there's still something not quite right since so some treatment would be very very useful so what happens he talked about Windows phone gets pulled out to four hours as it does this actually misaligned the joint and that's what restricts the movement is just the shuffled of the Internet x-ray of the present shoulder and you can see how close the bone is an ex-con a bone on bone and yet often if you think of bursa bursitis bursa is something it's individually to cushion in the joint keep it from grinding so what's and I had one of those people was together they pinch the process in the bursa gets inflamed so once again he wanted and what's causing it and not just this the person down let's take the pressure of the bursa and then it's going to just feel the body will heal itself it's really amazing want to take away the course provides fixes that have bursitis life these days you'll be amazed at how much massage can help with some of these things that you wouldn't think massage would be at all useful for that God made the body to fix itself I think I know of any other machine or computer if something goes wrong they will actually fix itself into functioning they want to get all we can do is help God 's agents the blood flow better and to be a map I fixes itself so the technique for this is to push on top of the shoulder blade with this they assist her knuckle just because when this gets really titled people it's really hard and muscle just doesn't want to giving quickly and easily so I don't recommend using the thumbs like the picture because your thumbs will get really really tired so normally use of fists like this what I find toys that systolic blood pressure to think about the fact the muscle gets clogged if you just hope into it that those waste products can't get out so we start with a blood pressure so I start out with just using a new sense and then as it loosens up and start again at circulation I like to just roll my hands staff use this one knuckle wrapping and so that's easy on the standard okay often this muscle takes the time to relax with really tight out normally use heat moist heat what is something outside to use cool copping in the heart of this is a technical suction cup and put it on the area that we don't want to leave it for a long time it would be Chinese cupping that the size company we just leave it on for a shorter time even move around with a suction cup and it brings the blood and gets things leaving said a lot of difficult tricks that you can use to get the blood circulating this area when it gets really titled people it just doesn't want to let go easily so normally you always use something to help get the circulation going before I do the massage and if that had this condition for a while they will normally need need more than one treatment for sure her off to listen the muscle of the hopeful the pronouns just have them live down very gently cup over the shoulder this is not chiropractic moving are trying to do chiropractic they finished gently pushed down often you'll hear like a pop sound it will actually go back into place this is a picture of a research study that was done in Midland that benefit Internet testing this idea of just loosening the back when everything they in general personal upon that it was doing it they may use electrical stimulation heat they didn't use massage this was a physical therapy thing at in a clinical trial this method should greatly improve results this is the more traditional treatment working on the front of the shoulder and this research was so outstanding the difference between this treatment versus the traditional treatment that actually won the national physical therapy award for two thousand seven Salam just because they these techniques really work I can't in my experience that's pages work the person I worked I had been wrought awful grinding sonic couldn't lift the alarm I worked on them and that same afternoon that same person was up in the yard pruning trees with one of those long sticks and the little blades on the handling time to prune up high above them and of course she needed a massage afterwards because you should never ever often just leasing the muscle go and work it in that fashion and all massage therapist will tell you stories of people that you know you spent all this time releasing the muscle and I write off truth they wanted to go to do push-ups in the floor also sent them to run a marathon the always one arrest and allow the body time to heal and recover especially really been traumatized that area says a very important thing to rest it afterward even there you can left it down to overboard with it so I will wait just a little bit on the next technique so I like you do is that the person next to you if anyone and if you don't mind if you want I'll show the technique money I plan I can induce his face face cloth in this size and often the pay will be towards the front of the shoulder because of the attachments to infraspinatus and they Alzheimer's of connective tissue that got even no further than what shows on the anatomy so often you feel pain more towards the front and so when if you feel on this on the back of the shoulder that you feel like a little range is fine an understanding that inch two inches below it more immediately but just on top of the actual shoulder blades feel any and then often with this man muscles in type for a long time it's often not when you first go to work on it often sometimes we use in a hurry will poke around and fungal savings no tenderness that often a whole area did not and if that doesn't and hasn't had good circulation that is working for a little bit and make sure that it's not tender yet often you'll find that the first people of faith now I feel anything unthinkingly to let a look at them as they are conceding that he tied a length type but don't be discouraged and don't you even sometimes how to work at using my thumb here is a prime comfortable to use the state 's position may be a holder here Grokster is the only do this line down to the easier available I feel more think is probably easier today just to use the found in this position what number is that it is perfect Scott accidentally always best to start gently and see how they tolerated it just right with God with deeper nice deep breath and I really find better results if they under a five under only like four oh five is in the muscle doesn't feel it's being attacked using a federal perfect to make sure within thirty seconds it's easy not if it's not easy not remember to just feed you a pressure load that can a lot of people get scared in a jump all the way out of the muscle you don't want to do that is either that just a hair come out just to breath lighter sleep find that perfect pressure and when you get done and just gently and back we not trying to chiropractic meeting firm but once you loosen what pulling it out actually just wants to go back in place and you can just encourage the natural wheel alignment but we're not doing chiropractic thinking often you'll hear a loud pop that it is necessary for that whole area to be completely relaxed before that will happen so doesn't do any good to try to push back with a small amount of time often all work even for the someone really severe spanking a forty five minute Alex is working on this on the shoulder they were gently within a pain tolerance it just takes a while to get to all those layers of tightness sometimes I see people several times before even try to push back on the shoulder is all that has to be her last before that'll go back on it so that just and find a partner and see if you think and find those muscles need fine infraspinatus and just tried to feel around you a lot of us uptight and save an empty nest and she just like this is demonstrating his sort is the muscle that is seeking to build a low ratings don't believe anything is time you need to go down and that means you feel around in their new exciting feeling very strong I was using is not found because it continues the knuckle and easily down anything yesterday that in this position that vital awkward as you find anything in their ride on top of the shoulder blades and nine between you and that will range in if the Internet shoulder blades identity hounding you you are and that's exactly how it feels when the mouse leaves so if I can feel it doesn't even feel like a Muslim feels like I'm in an and you got a big shoulder blade in a little original Tom and this interest pages covering most of that shoulder blades and people in this region and advantage in and everything else the old muscles on top of the head are there grounds for a and there is in the method the bone comes like this say the infraspinatus is going to be running back from that finger a man that thing is almost identifying male things if it's hatching of a here is a little tendrils girlfriend is as normally as they age that's underneath the underneath the muscle training and will and CNN is realigned itself is what has it makes sense now he understand what happened and make Cincinnati a few releasable these muscles are I'm how it is covered in filth that evening I have an shine their bony slacks I had anybody's Mazatlan something that will make you easier and over the night and know yeah yes yes little thin ropes of Muslims like that and yeah yeah exactly when because it's a eminently Muslim is highly hard it might build fine as you work physical system is not even now feel like a yeah and that's any given was waste products in the entire feeling better finding some time this evening as I is yeah when she's here I get them I is him and his Yankee here as possible in time it is not easy to meet with massage actually realizes artesian fibers and makes them more flexible there is some real good being the blood to the area to really living in these deep-sea inklings great deep massage all the way around it might be tough to do their offense if you've been having a lot the failure was a pissed off in this area relates to this outside lands often this is that stretches back to doing the people of the season wonderful beliefs stretch off so often doing all of these things need to do the opposite hanging out if you do if you do weight training clinical trial show you get twenty percent increase in muscle muscle growth if you stretch off to doing weight training because you get more blood in the muscle bill later found in a lot of a subtype fairly I realize how much we went back to nonexisting this is an easy and muscular yet with him outside what I would do anything we you are defined this is purchase out yellow and someone named never tried and strong warm hot and muscle your way and it seems my body weight and costs twenty five and I'm the meaning of the whole body type that if you are smart he has again written in the year that there is inside it has some training him wrong with your body all that is generally three and a straighter your monies if you do use it off-line now if you do anything you can do it like this for a secular thinking straight and makes it stronger that I'm in now is the time I like to use this that he was lying down when an unstable as to the barn even do and when we just invented this using the whole flat enough points to the point of it but the fun part is that you not know that you are calling I hear everyone is a pattern and giving with you you see and that he was not brought pressure name had been in constant time and now I know she can next to the grave there is a new one on roller what that will let the hospital is on the interest on and use me as I is as care of it that muscle I don't want a cell phone is a you should get help sometimes you still never get that back I'm sure that it is getting a circulation and really help in is and is anyone in the same as I is hard in doing so this is not only stand one five long known anyone but maybe made available in a list don't personally let out a star of the Muslim black man and his hands and how I must land and how long I had dehydrated someone in a semi tractors and how long it takes individual that's why sometimes it in a whole session was working the shoulder and may not only not be finished and is meant to come back often I was shouldering ever in the muscle only take some time in its history got his point with only irritated lining people have to come back in the muscle responds there is not as I can think anyone thought at all times to try to take me and it was anyone a while since I on the back to sleep this is a commonplace for us to get tight and never ever go and try to work it sat there great place to work feels really good to get that Lucinda and I just wanted to mention to you that often when this Muslim super I think that often doesn't want to loosen up in one treatment because the Muslims so I got Burnitz doesn't want to give a any future hot aforesaid sometimes it just aggravates the muscles such as war work with and muscle should be easing up and relaxing and sometimes someone tells you in our office had enough respect that you know boys respect with the bike tally up find that often when they come back the second time the muscle relaxing whole bunch more and you get a better result if you work on it several times in a row that it's trying to be that Muslim to submission the first time he worked on it so there's a different technique that like to share with you this is something that I'll learned at a workshop we had someone come in and teach British sports massage soft tissue releases names do it cause really good presenter and he showed this technique for frozen shoulder and technique are about to share with you helps us frozen shoulder width with father really encapsulated like Corolla show that picture with it just gets old investigations and it's just found that with connective tissue this technique is very easy and actually used it to great success and this is something that should not have any pain and something bad on this is a really easy technique so if someone wants to come up I will demonstrate technique if you just lie down on the table for me on your back with your head that way I think they would this technique but we know they did have someone raised the arm 's highs they're able to handle Runaway will just have them do it kind of this way pretend that she can only raise it this high was pretend that she's a law restricting they want today to take you lower it at least an inch so that is not the limit of the range of motion you delay you that were to take some of that pressure off the joint and should the next thing and then you cook your arm over there and you could just pull gently to create attraction and then you just start cranking the arm all different directions at Penn State my little on aggressive but by taking off the back coming down low but from where it's painful and they should have no pain in unique take it painful they don't want to continue because pain tells us that we could be causing damage instead this treatment should be completely painless and normally it just Nicolette Lackey really just cranking away at that arm that it should be completely painless and then the next thing you do is you punish on at this time and do exact same thing and I just listen to all that I found up and the joint and I worked on a gentleman who had been able to write Reagan's arm for ten years I think is a very rated about this high in just this one simple treatment he was able to the old way up and he once again just thought that you are so wonderful Batman is just really a easy simple treatment and keep them doesn't take long to do it at five ten minutes max and really easy to do that before you do anything else this is something you did say what if you have restriction normalization have any painless treatments given his pain immediately because they could have something else going on just it seems that they should be no pain with its treatment whatsoever it didn't decide yet spent a whole different technique different techniques for frozen shoulder the first treatment on how you look the arm is looking for a picture that's pretty much it for the frozen shoulder different techniques for frozen shoulder the first technique that shows you is just looking to get the course of what happened most the time is that infraspinatus that things out and you can see when someone's like this their shoulders jutting forward and they struggling to lift the arm very unlikely that infraspinatus and just know that the company very commonly happens that they are like different things at contacting the body segment feedback is a great common recipe but sometimes it could be something else so we never have all the aunts is reworking the body it is certainly different things that could get tight semi- affidavit could feel the same that boy right with you my mood and meaning to this media was used by numerous moving in the APL summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. in a health son .com if you would like more free off-line www. audio verse John Ward


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