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Hands-on Approach to Pain Management, Part 5

Carola Janiak


Carola Janiak

Founder and Director, Hands-on Medical Massage School



  • February 2, 2012
    2:00 PM
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I remember him get started ironic students at school now that I love to tell stories as I do I love stories myself no story disguising those that have meaning to them that Jesus spoke in a lot of parable said he spent a lot of stories you want to share with you a story that I know you are well familiar with remember when the lawyer came to Jesus and he says what can I do to inherit eternal life and you remember what God said after that I what he told him this is a different one but I there was one about that together and tell your dad 's because it says that seizure it says here be holding certain lawyer unnecessarily at ten twenty five the only similarity lawyers stood up and tempted him saying Master what shall I do to inherit eternal life and he said unto him what is written in the law and how do you read it and remember how he answered he said that house shall love the Lord thy God with all my heart with all they soul and with all my strength and all that in mind and nine neighbor as thyself remember Jesus asked him a question then are you setting down fast answered right this do and now shall live but then Jesus asked well who is your neighbor and your the story that follows is now against the manner fan and I love this business fits right into medical Street so on this can refresh your memory by reading elevate here and Jesus answering said a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and all my wits and offers rain than one hundred and and departed leaving him half dead and by chance there came down a certain priest that way and when he saw him he passed by on the other side of the road then there was a Levite when he was at the place came and looked behind him and then passed by on the other side but a certain Samaritan as he journeyed came where he was and when he saw and in Uruguay what really struck me this morning is exactly when he saw him he had carried the priest and you have a Levite that should be God 's people that should know what compassion has made it and had no compassion whatsoever and here this American comes along and he had contrast his heart went out to the suffering person said says he had compassion on him from his face hair and went to him and bound up his ways pouring in oil and wine and set him on his beast and brought him to be in and took care of him and on the morrow when he departed he took out to parents and gave them to the host and said unto him take care of him and whatsoever thou spend us more when I come again I will repay right so why is this good Samaritan prepared to take care of somebody when the Canadian oil and wine and I don't know if these are just things that they always traveled with enough that had something to bandage and my new know so my mind I kind maybe he was a lot better prepared now maybe to help other people and we dramatically missionaries we need to be prepared right always prepared always having charcoal always having things like that so when we see people and have come and gone and we go beyond just praying for them we say look we can help you you know I have this to share with you or have beneficiary you and you guys have your hands there's a lot of things that you learn now to do with your hands and with hydrotherapy that we can do to help people so I think being prepared is also a wonderful thing anything is any said he should mercy on him are yes yes the lawyer which one of these is is truly the neighbor right the one he's had mercy on him and him Jesus says go and do likewise so I love the story because it's just such a medical missionary story now anything is is what drives us to have to help other people really it is compassion in our and a lot of quotes from our white talks about the Netherlands you know kind works good works but I think a lot of that is based on compassion we have to have compassion before we even want to reach out and help people write so compassion is a huge thing so we is not the missionaries and I know just getting to know you that you guys do care that you really want to help each other because some of you can't say hey I know something that needs his con work am so happy that I'm able to help people so it's also ninety guys have compassion so let's pray your father in heaven we thank you so much for your loving for your guidance and pretty simple stories and father we want to be like the good Samaritan we went to be medical missionaries for you so Lord please give us healing hands for you in your name we pray now I is lower back pain there is a lot to lower back pain so where does you start down this kind of an overview and then I take it away and I'm sure you live lot more practical things about it maybe I am better off being on this side lower back pain to be a person in the population will have lower back pain that significant inventors only trying to twenty percent of people that don't have lower back pain the wasn't too long ago just a few weeks back I had lower back pain for the first time in my life I didn't even know what why I treated people with that but I was trying to exercise a week 's worth of exercise and one morning not getting all these sit up and laid less than all this in the next day I could hardly walk in so much pain now even lift up my leg it would shoot pain on my back and I'm thinking I'll mind this might be a serious thing else like old beer now I know what these poor people lower back pain feel like going never comfortable is to stand for a few method and start her and then I said in that starter hurt I just couldn't get comfortable and I thought all this is terrible so I live right around the corner from the tracing center on campus so I can disguise its choosier slamming and the site whenever I think I just won a signature cheesy and just get warm and any further help my back so I went in the Jacuzzi wasn't working but we have a small clinic they are widows out ten therapists I work out a clinic at the Drazen center on campus so I I like to just pop over there and stay hydrated with men and women that work there and say hi to all men and see how they're doing so were even thinking about anybody touching my back is in some how a life I know I invited tax may so I went out carefully waddling over there if I talk to her night time behind his back pain I just now to believe this kid is not open and so she says you now I just finished the last one it work on you can hear me being a therapist and instructor artists like Dean all okay well yeah and I should come to you in the beginning so anyway I sent shares that she worked on me and she works so gently and wonderfully on me and then she gave me stretches and exercises afterwards which I did and I really appreciated that because you didn't treat me like the teacher she taught she treated me like a regular client and you know she works my iliac isn't just very very gently when their work my cell as everything gentle work the convention muscles and hearing of the learning some of them in a few my includes and just as gentle as could be and then afterwards you do a few stretching exercises like a cat no raise and then said the arts back like this but it's not off the table I was actually able to bend over like I need a pet my dog before that I was like online this week on each in our and after that why single treatment was able to know where I was like eighty percent better than I discussed in the sky and taxes of the ninety nine cent store word on my backbreaking day or two and within like three or four days I was flying a label to do things again and up until that's why I was injured the day before the next day it was horrible with sound that scientists could hardly sit in church and it seemed worse even the next day so by the time I got there can sign thought all know what's happening here but it reversed it in immediately and within just a few days I back to normal so that this kind of reminded me now from my experience how wonderful yet it's the second most common causes of office visits to the physician the second was the first one is like respiratory symptoms the second one is lower back pain it's the most common cause of disability for below fifty are forty five -year-olds so a lot of people in their thirties forties going on disability because of lower back pain not having any idea how to get rid of it the constant society twenty fifth fifty billion dollars a year just lower back pain you should see when headaches cost for carpal tunnel costs but all these otherwise but just as the line twenty to fifty billion a year for lower back pain it here's a quote that I found Dennis is from evaluation and management in primary care setting its medical and clinician North America and since one of the journals it says one one five by now that the problem of diagnosis and treatment would have been solved but the issue remains mysterious Inc. founded with uncertainty this is talking about lower back pain you know you got an physician whether the physician do for you I think they gave you some medication some anti-inflammatory and pain relievers maybe a shot a sound bank but there's nothing much that they can do they may take an x-ray even an MRI but a lot of times you can't sell really what's going on why the lower back now let's take a look at the lower back here are just a few of the muscles right in their muscle right here we have a lot of better little bit deeper than that closeness buying you are not superficial thanks so I can work on the lower back Kale I'm wore out and you and I really help people much most of the time is working on lower back and so it used to really frustrate me even I learned early on how to work on it so I thought we were afraid till even as a nurse unlike hat alike getting into this area that might can't be that helpful in our instructor never really emphasized about my and John saw used to work on the back and try to get trigger points around here work includes in the glutes are definitely a part of it is well but it never seemed to really get rid of the pain away I like you now I can give people treatments and infinitely well quickly so one day I will try working on this so as so I had a client she then said physical therapy and everything and said all my lower back pain this isn't going away I gave her treatment after one treatment she calls next is my lower back pain is gone she says after going to all these physicians and everything in PP in all of that my back pain is gone solid oak of all right cylinders start doing this morning and so after well this is pretty much you know what I did it was some way has sciatic pain lower back pain I worked there so as and of course the opposite muscles which are there in the right so I wanted that are ready they are can help get rid of lower back pain do we need to go digging into the tissue do we need to go without probing very deeply now usually even see people get to do so as you don't have to go through all those layers of fact for some reason just being even superficial in that area you can actually a fact to sell assets and you can even feel it when they bring their leg up to know that were on it and it's quite the fight so here we had the vertebrae of a lower back and take a look at a vertebral column we got a Loma Linda cadaver lab are one of the few people that are actually allowed to take her students over there because they love how they are really into anatomy our students so we get to really look at the carpal finals now can they open online we get to look at the spinal column forget to look at with the seller has looks like we can look at the sciatic nerve in the sciatic nerve is about the state I was so surprised when I saw that sad American right down through the pelvis area there means so they can believe it so when it's flying inflamed you never want to work right in that area so you always want to work away from the unit are very very close to the sacred here but never in that area because something is already inflaming or putting pressure and air in a cause more problems more more things kind of therapy is wonderful because you can ice massage it learn about ISA saw you know Wildwood has some really good book there's a little kind of therapy book by Doctor Tomas and Dale Doctor Dial or something like that but it's a smaller book and if you look in it has a lot of pictures and so it has wonderful how to things on hydrotherapy and recognize just a small book that very very easy to read and very sound a lot of people say well you have lower pack thing because you have a herniated desk and this is a herniated message this is a problem that year the inside desk and sometimes it will need down it takes a lot of force to actually herniated desk and the people of the doctors will do x-rays coming from the I had to ask for his family love you have a herniated desk this is what is causing your problem but you know why we work and take an x-ray of all of you guys are an MRI to check for herniated desk probably quite a few will have herniated desk and no evidence whatsoever so you really can't count on things like arthritis and back a lot of us and especially if you're sedentary not moving around a lot already have in our twenties and thirties already started having calcification and arthritis showing up in the hits and in the spine so you can't go by that when people say well my doctor says I have arthritis making these up now going to sell my because you know how aggravated or whatever but usually that's not the cause of the pain it causes mostly muscles muscles and other connective tissue and scar tissue that it's in there a lot is only free that circulation gets them there and it takes care of that calcification it will actually help to dissolve it and move it out of the body our bodies were made to heal you just give it the right things and first nutritionist he is in that part as well and if you look at the intervertebral desk to see how spongy they are right around talk about this a little bit more air in the near future but see if this are very essential and they keep the guys from running on the balance so what's the first back pain due to herniated desks which of those would you guess four percent fourteen percent forty percent none of the above exactly four percent week I found a net four percent lumbar strain and sprain is seventy percent that could be muscles ligamentous ten days any of those type of things in those terms those are strong muscles so it takes a a lot really strange and I sprang that seventy percent degenerative changes us from aging and things like that about ten percent this four percent and how there is twelve percent here we go our favorite muscle right now I was surprised we had a wonderful mosques are a muscular book is called clinical or clinical massage book beautiful pictures of muscles I love this book and when I ran under the so as muscle it says it's one of the most important muscles of the body for a therapist and I thought this is because working as allies I remember when I was up at Redwood Camp meeting they had invited us up to do some final step there so we set up our right chair and when she had a table so that couple chairs and a table right upon the pine trees it was it was beautiful and we love during therapy there and so people would pay a dollar minute and we would work on them either on the chair and we felt we needed them on the table to work on there so as are different parts we put them on the table are the the bottom of their feet things so I had one lady company she was on a trampoline because we always get a history how did you get injured what when did this pain start so she was on one of those trampolines K did she fell flat on her style and kind of bank way back this way memory and she just had terrible pain name here and a lot of people when they had these pains in these cramps in their cell at they think they need to go to gynecologist and you know any of my gynecologist friends I always tell about this because I get people that saw been in my gynecologist had been sacked there's nothing wrong my ovaries are finding now all of that but a lot of times it's the seller has said is tight she was all tied up in here so because I have pretty much knew how she injured herself I figured it out she overstretched the price for a Nissan has found himself maybe fifteen twenty spent with her she came back it was even the next day or the day after with her husband and she told me Carola know since you worked on me it's been the first time that I've been able to have sex with my husband and not have known she was in tears and she was crying her husband was standing science guys and so embarrassed at them but you know you never know how you can help somebody there's another person I worked on she tried close to sixty earners sixty and she had stress incontinence whenever she would drink or water in the morning if she would sneeze our jump up and down on her bounce bounce or a rebounder she would leak a little bit and so in my chance we were learned from this from the size and working on each other and ends surgery here from an appendectomy they used it now have bigger stars back in the day and her belt but he actually pulled over to the side because scar tissue can really take a prearranged your body just from full laying getting in and making cobwebs all over and even strangulated holdings and things like that so I especially worked a lot on that sign I work the thin air and really worked her sellout because it seems that a lot of smart fish on XL as from that surgery so it was maybe a week or so later since no one she says I can do since he start working on my abdomen and maybe two or three times that I did she said I can downfall I want on the bouncer I can see I have any more stressing she was just called you now and again it might seem so simple to but for someone not having aware the pads are not having a worry about leaking themselves are being embarrassed you know that's a big deal and to be healthier in out not need worry about that so you never know when you're helping people what results that you have education is is just such a joy when people come here and say wow now in its things we never dreamed up even one time working on on Doctor Escobar seasonally takes us through the camera lab her father and mother came into the clinic and they said I gave her coupons or whatever to come into our clinic for massage so she sent her mother and her father mother father had hearing problems so he told the therapist in oh she asked what what problems you have whatever he says you know it really bugs me that I can't hear and so she's like okay so he just really start working all around his year bowling had to sit all kinds of therapy and his knack and really pay to check and not promising any results not even knowing that she may have any results so the guy got in the car afterwards and told his wife you I think I can hear better is his wife I cannot sign your head now so one day we get a call or there was a message on the machine or something at the school and this guy called so excited saying this is the first time in years that he actually heard the sermon and and so we know why this work whether there was some flu led that was released whether increase circulation in the nerves could work better that area we don't know but you know why it doesn't matter right as long as she worked gentle lady and very thoroughly and you just don't know what kind of results and when you pray you know God can bless your so it's just a matter price of a story after story of things that are in these her students in our body these are students and Angus thongs and experiences that we had so little bit about yesterday you see there were the keys are in the sure now if I and ASI Merrimack member how to find it in the bellybutton so do yourself don't you know you want to be real careful of you know pressing and pressing enter people to go in January usually the call and will move out of the way that the main thing right in there but you may have scar tissue if they've had the type of surgeries like gallbladder surgery appendicitis who knows why if they had surgery you know there's got to be a lot of scar tissue and now if you feel anything hard he can just runaway ball back and forth slightly and help the breakup some that scar tissue and even on yourself anywhere you've had surgery healing given their in the only way to break up scar tissue is to get in there and break it up you can stretch a way you can exercise it away you have to work at a way that so so for those of you you know who feel comfortable doing that do it on yourselves many times on your friends and your family before you ever attempt to do it on anybody else similar chat you know getting in here and getting inherent in these different muscles but you know what you can always practice on yourself and him work on friends and family rights if you hurt them it's not so much or not to hurt anybody remember because were gentle we never go beyond the six on the pain scale I so correct posture test that saw but we don't have any walls here this is your homework when you go home stand up I don't even have a wall here you will stand out against the wall anyone to feel how much space do you have between your lower back and the wall so if you just slip your hand around my point when buying you've got like safe I really arch at cannot space it had conquered by the slide and now you have a pretty good art if you can put your hand in our feedback to my pelvis redtape and it's flat you can get your hand in Ayrton deftly has some problems to and a lot of that is either the so as the glutes and hamstrings right so check your posture and see how it is okay so tonight just get up against the wall in your hotel room or anywhere you are maybe in break time event and see what type of the space you have trained the wall in your lower back here's something very interesting I start I just a little better research on lower back pain can I like to keep up with the Pines NC with bailout there is a huge thing here high ration lower back pain remember we saw those desks right he had the vertebrae has find a little guessing between whether made up of a lot of water I don't know exactly percent when he can be hydrated what happens to them they shrink down you think it's easier for your herniated disc that shrunken down between the spaces and if you go to turn something pop sound or something like that you know that when you wake up in the morning or taller than by the end of the day because when you're in bed at night your discs actually fill up with water there's no pressure on him and explain there comfortably they fill up with water by the time you're at the end of the day you've been squashing ionize discs all day water kindness breaks out and then and if you're not drinking water to help refresh that you can actually get lower back pain it says here that low back pain is a warning sign of dehydration of the body you see on one leg had this guide Doctor Cunningham has a saying that they are now to say that doctors are now down at Batman Doctor Batten and that he and a lot of studies on water in pain and if amazing how when you're not hydrated the pain or suffering these migrations effects on death vertebral disc one because our shock absorbers and it can cause lots of pain and discomfort and some people say that arraignment this for between her vertebrae anymore spinal curves as shock absorbers you know it's very important that you have a good curbing your knack and eight you have the correct curve going out like right here in your back and then I spent her right here in your lower back because our spine ends up being her shock absorber people who have had a blast end up losing the curb Internet sometimes it will even curve the opposite way you think these people have headaches right if you have your handset not some straight like this in your walking and anything just pounces on her on the bottom of your your brain here you can get headaches quite easily and we find that alive in people with thick glasses as well and even depression people with glasses get depressed and it's funny as my mothers had a few whiplash and she's always getting hit in the car people are rear-ended her and the and she she told me she says you know I have depression so bad I descry and I don't know why and she's never had a history of depression but she says I'm afraid to tell my doctor because I do give her medication and think she's crazy right so after he announced like your mama search that allowed that and so when I work on whiplash patients I will has to entail now Hayden never had depression now my mom had this nice one at ESC and a willingness that many of them have had depression just as their whiplash and not just due to the plan I think a lot of it's good to not get the circulation and all of that out there as everything becomes inflamed to your nerve energy your circulation all that is inhibiting seems I has too much of a straight neck up here it should be a little bit more curve when we checked anybody would perhaps even just using the oil coming out if they have a nice curve they're good to go if they're straight and we now know there's something going on in a price had a whiplash somewhere down the line so anyway and let's just finish up here other modalities to help decompression I never seen as things were they say and kind turns an upside down found my as well decompression is good you know you don't have to go out and buy one not everybody needs one but some people swear by them actually take some pressure off of that lower back of the spine massage we now hot and cold lots of hydrotherapy because they link it circulation into the area in a counterstrain Eckley said different ways of getting it position is comfortable when you have lower right so were not have time to take over from here so that's all standup website is getting ready Google stats their favorite little length moves here are unfamiliar with charcoal I'm sure a lot of you are who you will never had any variant with charcoal or does not know anything about charcoal anybody okay so we had a few people that do that have not this is when charcoal looks like right here is activated this is activated that correct I got this from you because activated charcoal and an EMT we carried activated charcoal on our ambulance and it's funny when you want to tell people about things that will help them think that they could use to make their life a little bit better if you just how little about charcoal they just don't hear anything about it but if you let them know that something that we carry on air ambulance they are like all okay well I count him out it is really funny how that works but I'm sure a lot of you have had experiences with with charcoal it also comes in capsule form or you can get it in pill form is well charcoal is very good and and and moreover it absorbs me to play the inspection that type of irony medications as well good point so something that everybody should have in their home to help with the minor emergencies any of the the bigger emergencies at home as well I think we can use charcoal for anybody have an idea the game and when he had an experience with them are beastie yeah yeah insect bite bite things like that I know when I use it for a bee sting if I just put it on the outside I don't get a really good result maybe you do I have taken internally as well say you need to for those of you who is without know anything about charcoaled face you have a bee sting in and fight something insect bite of some sort I'm you can make a little poultice with eating take a Band-Aid and you can numb make a little paste of the charcoal this is actually a powder pretty loose and you can can ground flaxseed now I use flaxseed when I want to him they connect get the kind of gel together threatened to make pulpits out of it than many of anything besides the flaxseed with you to mix it with that of integrating okay okay they can do that as well you can either grind from flaxseed is the little man and it doesn't take much to put in and make a little paste with it or the elevator of gel probably works just as well we just take it and need a little paste out of it you can take a paper towel or a Band-Aid you can lift up the little thing that it down the center out of what material that young yacht you can withstand up few can put it underneath their kids need a little one or you can fold a paper towel make sure you wet the paper towel and put your paste on one part of that you can fold it over and place it on wherever you have been played more than infection works great for infection as well and in any inspection that you get you get a sliver also acts as a drying agent as well it'll drive flivver out also if you can yet yup I am upgrading it externally on poison ivy out of anybody had never even taken internally pardon me if I'm outside extra land yet I don't see why wouldn't I know that it can affect our work can discolor your skin like they have a card or something so be careful I had a problem with it but some people will say that it will make your scar little darker black or something I problem you know I put it right on cuts before and I my skin doesn't discolor from it I don't know why you are bruising great for bruising you know it has so many uses that everybody should have it in their medicine chest seriously no I think Carl and you know what is it like two-hour two hours after yeah yeah because that will absorb that as well and it also absorbs odors in your home so if if you know that you know you need some help with that you can have a comfortable doing use it for weight whitening the teeth as well yeah yeah it works for their again anybody else have any other suggestions any uses for it now and urinary tract infections as well I have heard that it has helped with that I had him have personal experience with that of diarrhea excellent any upset stomach flu when you feel you know flu coming on you know you take for capsules or tablets or I find that mixing the powder in with water is much more effective to work quicker by and a lot of people don't like that because the red cell that she think that is probably good but today we had quite a few more muscles in fold of low back pain back one could hear them in on time today also direct you to quit for us to talk about some other information as well we have several people interested in pregnancy and infant massage I just want to talk to guide little of that infant massage I don't know if you've heard much about infant massage but there's actually more research out there that infant massage in the other kind of massage is a famous study that was conducted and have believe it was conducted by the Miami touch surge institutes and they did have a large study on premature infants now crunch you may have heard about something discoveries that were made about which a instance and the fact that she's very well for these more babies they found that when parents hold their babies skin to skin and just hold them a rock in the babies do much much better than when they're just in the incubators it's very stressful to babies being this new environment with no tax there used to be surrounded by their mother and oldest hearing the heartbeat so ensuring one and suddenly there in this environment with a bright lights of people taking blood picking man very stressful to babies yet often think of babysitting stress that they did some studies found that they collect kangaroo care whether now have parents holding special time for parishes to hold their babies under their close skin to skin that babies do much better cell on they wanted to know if massaged with had any effect on babies for care hot kiss the holding I thought that housewife was just attaching the holding that they needed so they conducted a study with a large test group I think they had about twenty two which are babies and half of them got held Iraq's three times a day for fifteen minutes with premature babies he cannot get too much they can get out overstimulated just small amounts of time and that group got us some formula massage routine three times a day for fifteen minutes of the same amount of time one does not touch at the group of massage and the results were astounding Kroll mentioned a little bit in one of her slide they found this particular study the group that got the massage gained forty seven percent of weight and clear then the group that did not discuss how the rock so with premature babies weight gain is the number one concern so this is huge the babies that were massaged also able to leave the hospital six days earlier and those that did not thought now beyond all of that made you happy some coordination test thank you for babies quickly fountain scale test something anything and I found that the baby that had been the source perform better on the coordination test those who did not get the massage beyond that they also found that make big check in on these two groups six months later and I found the government gotten massage in the hospital preemie were ahead of the other group that had not received massage even six months later yearly two years later they found the group that received massage they were performing better than the babies and not have the massage so what's interesting about the size and price with babies is that we have found that Hatch actually stimulate the brain to develop in the different stages of development so the way we can see how this works very sad but we can see by babies with not had what happens what parts of the brain are affected by touch and amenities in unheard of warfare is I in places like Romania we had many many children in very few caretakers that the babies are not able to have made they just don't receive touch they may be one can take a hundred babies so that often else's take the milk and milk from the milk and the baby will get all the nutrition will get a warm bed with everything except someone to hold the baby and what they found with this it took a while before they were people start figuring out something was wrong was happening with these babies that their whole life of the brain they just don't develop if the child is not in times and if the child gets massage the same parts of the brain make better stronger connections and so for the rest of their lives these kids have lifetime stronger network or framework for the brain to work from said massage can be unbelievably beneficial to kid number one thing that promotes bonding member we talked about cortisol that bonding hormone that promotes bonding between a child and the caregivers they found with moms depressed moms that have been teenage moms I'm not sure if they really want the child -based clinical studies show that if they didn't intimate massage that brings the mother 's depression down and improves their fund of caring sweet child in the parents just that sometimes the help that family having that the size now just were regular babies besides actually helps the brain develop it brings and how it has a lot to do with motor coordination helps improve motor coordination improves beach a lot of active infant massage cloth and I think they were about twenty people on the clock only two of us were massage therapist we had a lot of naked nurses we had several speech colleges because they found it beach is massage helps a child do better in speech helps with that that meant to be able to form the words properly there's a whole middle road seen for infant massage that anything in a massage doesn't have to be intimidating I think the biggest thing is that I don't know what to do sol show your funeral techniques and there is a website this is what I said my infant massage training and actually have offer infant massage DVDs and little handbooks that have all the moves written out and so the name of the website is loving touch .com that you have an interest in infant massage also they offer training in infant massage all over the country that the training of the offer is to teach parents to give input massage you never ever want to go in the source someone else's baby because the most important factor is that communication between parent and child not does not think the nearly as beneficial if you massage the strangest thing someone else's baby it's best when parents learn to massage their own baby food dairy special time and on some of that will take a lot of things that massage will do most of the time parents aren't in on what is interested in connections in the brain all of this back massage will help baby sleep longer you let us see helps a lot with the paintings that have college remember we talked about massage helping with pain all the benefits of massage babies apply to us except with company gained a bunch of weight from getting the size is best not to be healthy if not this is going to help us be healthy but don't worry about waking that massage is beneficial at the belt as it is for babies so I am I was a real simple technique to collect and most a lot of people just learn this is something of handed down from generation to generation a lot of people will say I'll showed me that technique is called paddling is when the first of all things and they connected while take my hands and pretend to be like a water wheel paddle and to start a life below the rib cage is going to paddle down very shamefully but firmly and with babies you want to use a firm but gentle pressure they don't want to be lightly touched they like firm but gentle pressure and before I get more into the techniques to be careful we work with babies make sure the same contraindications in the year one a baby to be sick is not the best time feed to be doing massage if they have if they had information that have a cold or something this is not time to be doing massage now on if you are not sure if it's safer not get a doctor 's release before you do it but for a healthy habit for healthy babies is no contraindication but just obviously I have were in sore issues promising think intelligently about what safe infant massage if they have not field may still have that little umbilical cord there are beneficiaries around that United just use common saints as you work your Majesty kept with a separate touring the size of the child is that because they bought easily overwhelmed the body that would be fighting that and significant clues you don't want to increase the circulation increasing the load on the heart such as this was a contraindication digital percussion that states define which you don't want to gain their rate of the circulation around the data feeds are something like this just let them rest though the doctor I wouldn't do massage for those types of things so for the collect within to start out with a paddling nice and firm just paddling down to everyone see aviation make a little you would never have your baby upside down I just want everyone to be able to see the techniques normally what we can't actually be suite like little hello and put a blanket on the floor and then have the baby listed out just a little bit because it's only good if you kind of get I contacted the baby is you don't want to have the baby too far away that a few nice and close said she can do these techniques centers doing some paddling on the abdomen to start out with you many could also use her fingertips and due to civil circles around the navel gently make Shiites clockwise imagine is a clock on your babies honey Barnett may be timing following the hands of the clock because that's the way the digestion goes if they go the opposite way you can actually backup indigestion and leave their worst than what you found this the only legal clockwise the Cardinals have made this is taking the legs gently on the side you don't want to grab right underneath the meters come on the side bringing the leg gently pushing holding for about three to five second and then releasing and bring it back up again once it will get a yes it was easy techniques you can keep doing this adapting as they become toddlers to the bigger body yet even anything that even good for adults meaning there is a semblance of some of the stuff we keep constipation on adult clients feel that the legs that we tell them to take a walk and escaping meaning that way that's the really simple colleagues routinely think it several times and just in general it if you recommend some massage for babies want to make sure that you don't need anything odd because now is very important part of bonding with baby can smell the smell of his mother or father as they work on a human and very important C we use something that I fainted also something edible best CPUs of vegetable coldpressed vegetable oil because babies without ways realize how much the skin absorbs what we put onto the if you take a close of garlic and you rub it on the big town fifteen minutes later your help hello Brad said that nothing of the skin absorbs what we put on it will be very careful we don't want to use petroleum products and baby oil into petroleum-based product that's actually made from the same oil debate you putting your car at some it's not something is going to be healthy for the system of your baby so I recommend you can even use a cold pressed olive oil I like only well when I work on babies that this is something edible and often babies will kind it needs off quite a bit of what you put on into the each hospital which he put on this make sure that what you put on many something healthy that you don't mind being a system nothing fainted it's good to have a special little blanket that's just from the size said that the baby knows when this comes out infinity massage time and also you shouldn't did besides her babies the babies back see the babies yet the kind of awesome permission from the baby is letting test upcoming get the video you'll get all the different techniques for infant massage that on the baby comes first you never want to force massage onto a baby cousin should be a happy time it makes to the book parenting for the child so the way you know babies really to communicate with us and have children ours wasn't intimidated by babies out there soon his eyes hold the baby babies they start crying and it really helped me to get more confidence in realizing the babies excommunicate with us and they give us a lot of cues if they're not happy before they start screaming and found at health parents to be able to see the baby 's language constructs understand your baby better and some little things that we can look for the babies isn't really into what we're doing often the baby will start by just putting away her to get away from us when the baby into what we're doing interested parties look at us now be linked and offered innovative curriculum that often we want to work on babies that are quiet alert and looking at us that's a good sign of this is a time to time from the side if there gave us the victory away from us that's a sign they may not be as into it if they turn away and that giving a subtle clues we don't catch on to it and they start giving us bigger clicks like the baby had taken this idea this type of thing that another will find that the babies not really into Ali doing or if we ignore that the baby could start arching the back this is another sign that they may not be into what were doing anything keep ignoring these things to get bigger and bigger bigger response think it's really interesting I come from Africa and I hear often that people go to Africa come back in the say the one thing unique about Africa is that we never heard a baby any African mothers will either babies on with some scarves and as soon as the baby went for us to pull the baby around see the baby would take care of its needs it said the baby never even needs to provide the baby know that you take care in our Western society babies cry a lot more eating some of the other lists of the life fighting in western societies enough to hold our babies as much given this much comfort and security as some of these other cultures that they should be a lot better than waiting handle the baby of the just be aware of this and make sure the babies open to it some little things that you can do but for now you can just pick up any notice that the sign from the size and we can do some just really supposed to see what time it is here so I'll show you guys feel things and just remember loving touch .com the whole deal is right there they make my hammock it will be to get the oil have the baby on the blanket is really nice with a propped up it will been seen can I contact and then you bring the hand around the arms all the way down the leg like this on electoral see around Manhattan and and she calls this a Indian milking stroke because in India they be synthesized every single day it's a traditional thing in this is one of the techniques that was learned in India the developer of the loving touch program and quite a bit of time there and then he can take your hands into something for bringing this up and down the leg like this it's really fun to play underneath the feet and so they need about eighty something similar role there they feed up with their hands together and only have to do visible reflexivity tapped the top of the effect on the top of that but other hand then automatically that will open up so you can do little pressure walking up the bottom of the facts collide in opening up underneath the facts into the real legal gain which the paper baby and learn from loving touch at some airplane runway to particular airplane going because the airplane that helps the baby tracking they don't even want to and I had that should be something find that parents can enjoy with the baby to play the real airplane game the control panel has and talk about this little piggy went to market this little piggy stayed home this will take a cut of the burgers and that one Batman in this one be on the way home and just make fun this is something that should be fine in the baby will be a lot staying at X not the same we look at adult dating massage is a dynamic baby coming cousins the Clawson everyone's like after the five even so much fun to see how they react I'm thinking on leaking work on both legs and you don't have to have a specific routine just you know that with teenagers viewed give you some structures that you feel like you confident now but just use a nice gentle text afterwords thing you want to take the work consider pulling down the leg this is one of Swedish massage stroke going up the leg this time he do a shaking of the leg and tapping see how much more lax than negatives you have and work on versus the one what we have worked on person wanted to have it in the heat on the other side says it's real simple techniques you can do a lot of the same things on the arms that everything we just did for the sea we can do the same things for the hand the Indian milking strobe twisting just opening the hands and then work playing with the thing there can do the airplane runway gently stroking around the hands having fun basically and I would have the laconically tenet we are when you learn they several more things on nothing to show you everything that I can't say once more these the DVD available all this information and beautiful handouts and if you are interested in teaching parents to fear the midwifery interested in this type of work I do recommend that the course to loving touch she does an amazing job she did so many materials and covers a lot of different subjects teaches you really have to hold office for the back nicety without the diaper but it might be a good idea to have open diaper underneath just to protect from accidents and for this one just fell or hold onto the baby 's bottom with one hand and bring the hand down stroke down towards your hands little circles on each side is fine you basically doing like an adult massage for just a little baby body and as the babies go older she can continue adapting this to their growing bodies and even into teenage years massaged really encourages communication with parents it's a wonderful wonderful thing I really nice thing is is to goal the way down the back lift their legs so you get the whole body all I want really really fun today suggest some oil some fungal techniques and since several people were interested in the infant massage it once again if you really interesting dynamic teaching this is something that's going to do in the community because they want different classes coming different body parts and then each week come back and they'll set all my baby sleeping longer and also how the differences in their child from this doing simple simple technique and what's interesting about this I know become a bit before that is just as beneficial to give massage as it is to receive massage and they've done studies on grandparents working on doing infant massage in the grandparent 's blood pressure came down the great-grandparents help improve this very relaxing it really helps the Bible stated there to give ninety three see when we help others we know better so will continue tomorrow with the low back pain and thank you Semites have a great night 's


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