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Hands-on Approach to Pain Management, Part 7

Carola Janiak


Carola Janiak

Founder and Director, Hands-on Medical Massage School



  • February 3, 2012
    3:00 PM
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Helene were already nearing me and hair were known then few guy a has been nice getting to know you and you are one of these little things that before we get the planner fasciitis and discuss a little bigger back to Wanda hydrotherapy very mention of about the little pad that you can put on this is how they conscious is that we sell not our school and we love learning about this and well researched it sound they said even now it's this bad bill just as effective of having as having a neck that like flaxseed and charcoal which they used usually say do about a quarter of minutes so this is just as effective because of how they've put it together selected my brother who had bad that bite from the proof from the cat diabetes have put it right on America's peeled off and you put it right on their and in their these little white things set here in bed at night rolling around you can secure it to pull the soft and sticky and you can secured a little bit better so it doesn't leak but he would just put one here and one on the other side is peeling off the kid on anonymity to work all day and did its job and at night same thing staff you have any bed sores and infections and things like that run play lots of stories but we don't have online yes this is charcoal so if you would like to you can peel it off if you have any little so are any little thing that's going on see that that black part you can put that right understanding is like that and see if Dave 's right they are not little stallion if you need to protect it more this little fan but they make it more like a Band-Aid yeah yeah these my better first minute now what they were because everything 's anchorman is to figure that out after well because my brother when he worn at night sometimes and get on a sheet with the needy that's what these are for C it's just a little man flying conic bank and you can play it right over to stick your pennies aren't that expensive I think we have four or five of the these size of the at least five of these that come in the past and in like you can cut it any size you want and we sell in our school and we get them from a little Korean lady I think we sell these for about ten ninety nine maybe eleven dollars for something like this eleven to twelve wonderful wonderful and is universally think and do not base salary for all wonderful where also say that a rocket many we get them from their yeah that's can set from Barren Springs Michigan if you want to write this down College of technology variants sprang Michigan Marriott PL printing out what everybody should have needed home or your chart call or however else you have it but these are so great for travel lane when you go places and once you've opened them put them in the fridge raider because they can get moldy I've had the mountain on scene and get moldy so put in refrigerator once you've opened Pat I have to feel nice they can price out for years once you've opened that just put in refrigerator door or something and everybody knows where to get it when they get injured if you have a sprained ankle he just slapped one of them on how to help decrease the inflammation that she right away so young now either way I was still this is a block right here this does it block this bag back in past half Nancy yet we're discussing eating in the first lowest five something five ninety nine and he said from Wildwood okay so no reason to get it it's not outlandishly expensive might you pay more than answers for what costs are a verb asked Brenner whenever people find nowadays it has been mentioned to read we get back to our dog our job is to get little tumors sometimes so some invention some about to graduate I had to march him right now makes sense so we sprinkle it on our dogs they can see it right now and if they can misuse you started about a bigger tumor on her on her spine near somewhere towards her neck and went right away within days it was gone so and then I told from the also work about that her dog was getting that she used it and she knows a huge difference to a perfect yet if I'd known as anticancer now anti-inflammatory so you know if you can study herbs and things they are small much to the line out there that you can help each other I want to share with you the paraffin bath although we didn't get to want do a whole lot with that a lot of people believed fire some people are like I wanted down for some they bought one for me but I don't know what continuous that so we bought this at bed Bath and beyond for what thirty nine dollars and it comes at the little ledge here and the lack inside so e.g. just take these problems are scissors at the wax open and put it in here and has a fine job on Sergeant Dale AZ just put it in there and that this has applaud bluntness in the wall course could take out the directions and has a little flight here that protects you from the bottom which he saw that he never wanted prints the bottom of it or you'll burn yourself so they put this little plate there to protect you to take this out of package put it down here to open these up put them right in there as for a bonus pack that's okay they stick that because they will now so you just plug in and let it now and it's good to go and out while it has here I think exists as a on on sweats some of them will have high low high medium low on you don't need anything fancy just hit heating here and is pushing a button when the light comes on you know it's heating in all meltdown you can just leave it this way my brother he always makes sure he has a appear from Bath where he sits in the evenings when he's reading or doing something and he does a lot of carpentry and handyman work so he gets his hands and it almost every night so keep some nice and soft and keep some from feeling so beat up in stiff in the morning so you can put your feet in here if you have found maybe sprained an ankle a while growling you still have a lot of scar tissue and its release that meeting parts are far writing and cover your ankle and how we do this and it's mostly for arthritis it works wonderfully for any type of arthritis usually if you use it every day you dip every day for a week even after weekend to get rid of your arthritis is you may not get rid of all that I say straighten out your fingers if you continue to use on a regular basis once you peel that WAC soccer exercising your fingers if you keep doing and changing your diet like Tonya mentioned earlier the milk and sugar very very on detrimental to people with arthritis for some reason I really really affects the joints so stay away from milk and sugar and Doctor Thomas used to take people off of we and Ronald and a lot of the grain that people tended to have allergic reaction to her something and a lot of them would become arthritis free and remember when I was that we are we would have these little ladies come back that had been here years ago they went through the program they said no one I kept up with my paraffin kept doing it every day or at least a few times a week and look at my fingers now there's straight in their beautiful neon can believe that but I had a couple different elderly people and County that say after years of doing that because our bodies are made to heal so you put that one accident surrounds your joints and your scanning anyway you can't sweat out the heat doesn't go anywhere but deeper inside the joint so it really helps to increase the circulation and joints ever having any hand problems as long as there is no redness no open when things like that he don't don't use it for now if anything I find are affected otherwise you can safely use the paraffin bath so what you do take a few these out once your wax is melted down nicely he wanted yet they can to twelve times not just one time so you dip your hand and if you're having wrist problems you can do the same like if you had carpal tunnel surgery a when the sauce and some that scar tissue used it then and pull it out and keep your fingers the same as when you put the men if he was going around at a make little on openings in the wax the wax gets in there feels really really hot so however you start get things right keep your fingers apart just keep getting out way bring in our interns whitish and just maybe ten fifteen second snippet back in again wait for it to turn whitish debated again and how many times do we do this right now a hazard to twelve times just like that and then if you look here these are little bag needs now I just use what we get Stater brothers or any of the low grocery bags you have to purchase fees that you can use the ones that come with that he's out here CDs are actually quite standing and once you get your hand it's nicely waxed to stick your handwriting now any take a towel and wrapped it with a towel to keep it nice and warm and you can do one at a time if it's just you work with somebody else you do both of them and images that they are watching is or whatever you happen to be gang for about ten minutes and twenty minutes just as long as it's still warm the him her hand out UPL off that wax and you exercise your fingers after that you put it right back in your mouth again right now we liked always claimed before we get right to that way always have nice clean hands so each time you feel the soft and put it back in arrogant I can get debris and things like that Howard are dirty dirty earwax Cadillacs will it a little dirty and it looks like some sedimentary things and after you've done this maybe a couple months or stuff like that physically restart out with your hands and your feet that you're getting the longer your waxes in Alaska for the remember don't know the wax a way back in Yunnan you can keep using it over and over that it lacks a account is still gets thirty and then you can just dump it out and then you just buy new wax nap so any place for you bought this life at bed Bath and beyond had a little thing a refill for I remember how much it wasn't that expensive hay burying my tanning lack wit where you buy that wow now nice nice so canning wax and another thing you can do is add a couple drops of any essential oils you can let dad lavender whenever you would like or whatever you read about that fight hey this is good for arthritis and this is good for that failure any use it for print just a few drops of adding more and make it smell really nice in your hands smell nice and have never seen you go for a pedicure or manicure they do that it has an extra hands both old farm I NY though yes they do yes Nightingale is a wonderful thing to have at home and we share with different people if they need any type of therapy is like crap Mrs. thirty nine dollars at bed Bath and beyond if you get a coupon and thirty five and you can give her Walmart Walmart for like twenty nine they come in different shapes and sizes but we could only get these before for like over hundred dollars at specialty stores but now thou live in a place so making it much easier any questions yes you know it's okay because this is a hundred and thirty some degrees so it's usually about a hundred and twenty four to one hundred and thirty degrees so as far as bacteria and germs and rattling here you need to worry about algae in anything growing here just make sure that anybody who uses that that they disinfect nicely before they get right and good question any other questions arrogant so that is a little bit of an idea of hair that you look here anybody else take a hot and cold shower again hey you guys might get help now Mary Kay that's the best way to keep from getting colds and things in the winter time for your family is set I get sick when he wants to get back but not yet hot and cold showers a wonderful thing are you noticing that right exactly and actually what helped the town near scanning to make your time I do stand firm Weiser don't forget and with the cold and the best bargains in it see here we have plantar fasciitis anybody here to fasciitis or had had to get rid of that and how long did it take that's good that's very good because even athletes and young people they suffer for sixty with that unseen and even on crutches and unlike what I be downloaded Doctor Tony Hill takes six months to a year get better and white one see you that's a long time and has the pain so here we are sure fast guide at yet we believe you can get rid of it all whole lot sooner than six months to a year where you have the pain when you have the plantar fasciitis okay did you have it heals for that went with that said that is remember we said hi and he keeps honey on the down what would you develop PR account samurai trim is trying to heat that can help to the van so it will create more calcium so a lot of times people get heel spurs which are very sharp right on the heel can you imagine walking on a spur every day very very painful a lot of times this is caused by not enough flexibility in your calf muscles your gastrocnemius inure solely right here we have our gastric anemia it's our nice big my come back here and see how far you have in common is that they think Keeley and then when I was a sci-fi was about the field and then doesn't feel part of the barn we think how iconic Doctor Thomas says she was throwing away the trash so the dumpster was up there and someone had used a can opener and opened up the can and part of that can was right there at the edge when she went to throw the trash can and it caught her in action heard and then she ended DNA passed Vermont's frightening like six months or more in a task order for that to secure back again so I can see and ligaments don't get a lot of circulation so once you've really learned them it takes a long time for them to heal sometimes people even just off occurred but not quite off the curb where are just catching part of the curve in their flat well extend like best and you can care and most of the time if you've been on prednisone for a long time or other medications you're not marked trying to actually carrying Achilles tendon so we had three muscles that attach onto it the two main ones are gastric geniuses nice big one and if you feel you can feel how comes out the worst starts the bold here and loss also that and then is quite long and in writing underneath it we we had the soleus muscle which is a flat line of flat monthly console he is like a selfish which is a flatfish so that's the silliest right underneath their and if you see here and then here's a key ally the calcaneus and see how closely connected here to this whole plantar fascia ligament so now that selling amendment doesn't get a whole lot of blood supply president have muscles on either and like attending guys so what is an mile fast unremembered time you mention about the curiosity and how this actually gets connected underneath the bad and the curiosity and so we leave these are very closely net so when this becomes very tight it pools all along here see that and when your hands are when you're there certainly Nancy or calf muscles are tight what does that do to your flex right when muscles are tight it gives shortened or lengthened they did shorten right so we have her calf muscles here what happens if I shorten right I pull it and I and more more or less pointing my cat 's right to keep that in mind as we go along so where is the pain the pain and plantar fasciitis is usually a little bit more menial it's closer to heal but it's usually more menial and here they were that is in Elsie went when they do cortisol injection later today and then win is the pain grade as this is how we know when he can remember we do not diagnose but this gives us a better idea while her working with a person turnout do they really had planar fasciitis or something else going on pain is usually worse the first thing in the morning when your feet hit the ground why do you think that is right if it's been tied and Friday poll remember about harmful time a lot of times the flaccid website so at night it just goes like this what's the same thing when talking about planar fasciitis what happens is this muscle becomes very very tight and it all night and especially if you have well being she your theater like this I can't labor is session and had felt that make my bed at night after breakfast covers back again so that my feet will be like this at night but if your sleep thing and especially if you have any pain in your feet please uncovered that do not sleeping like this song I is on this muscle is contracting is becoming very very tight it's short at night so as soon as your feet hits the ground a new stretch that all where you feel it right along that planar fashion so which is it feel like it's just ripping and burning in the morning but after they walk on it a while using throughout the day gets better and I would actually become a bit more tolerable in and remember when he keeps talking on Seattle and Atlanta fashion being so kind in that area to develop a spur and you can see right there where that is actually a very sharp looking thing I had a friend one time and he was a physician and ER doc he actually took the next right of his own heel spurs ethernet was such as electrolyte took an x-ray and I have the biggest skills brought ever seen in any of my patients in a big heel spur so what do you refer somebody that has a spurt can we rub on and get rid of the sperm no matter fact we don't want to put any pressure in this area because were discussed aggravated more and have any facts they cause down ads when you're doing that so why is it half as Shiite as I seldom even parts the bottom of the feet and especially in the heel area they are now the pain is gone once the pain is gone then it's safe to work that area all stripes potatoes I'll do some different things but I'm not put any pressure in that area there so now from everything she learned when Regina planned fasciitis where would we start to treat our where what what muscles will we begin right muscles Bergkamp muscles to work on add to skip ahead here that will want to start in Saturday's usual treatments have you ever seen these before say put these braces just like for carpal Connell Ahab Danson this is abrasive they sleep at night to make sure that there are their muscles they stretched out in minute core design injections sometimes become so painful but clouds that looks painful to me that you can see where the pain typically as a naturally gave the injection and in their different ways of taping you it's fun to take any Seo taping class or sunlight that some are really expensive but it never learn about taping very interesting and then other times though do surgeries can you imagine and cutting and synapses sometimes if they ever really big heels for the Cisco inerrant hack away at it but it's very very painful and at other times some things that people do this is all take of the water bottle like this and put it in the freezer so it's nice and called in no runner rubbed her feet up and down so that may be some things for relief but again are we down down to the problem what's really causing mass that were just treating symptoms so again you guys guess correctly tight calf muscles are often the problem and it's not only the muscles that we were fine as you see here again a gastric mean yes and that's always connected that Achilles tendon we also had the hamstring muscles because these are also very much connected so you're working on the afternoon highs will work right up and work on those hamstring muscles now continue to do that many guys ever given like a Swedish massage you have to go way deep and stuff like that to help him out even just taking a little bit while with sound my lesson about the car but unfortunately we don't have tables and we can work on each other but you would just take that well put some on your hands and just working here are some pictures of how he would work the count you would just use remember the thenar eminence along with the song that whole area and just work up there like that some nice strokes for the circulation right you don't have to be on the size therapist to do this if you can never take classes at always a wonderful thing but in the meantime you know working on family friends and people that you know it's working nicely and then you can go and just a little bit deeper just like keeping your sons together running straight up the cat because it actually splints up here the gastric genius it has to see you can work riot at the middle no digging underneath in the world is careful because of the land from the vessels here in the nerves that are closer in the knee so that she can work that just do now make it very comfortable economists not been the same tank I have no right at the Cath Lab landline up the pressure at the popliteal area are behind the name never put a lot of pressure there and this worked right up here and where you feel its height this work is a little bit more and you can even take your fence and go ride along Eric your fifth and here's a cool thing to is sometimes sought as part of sinusitis take your feet you can does work in their love it stretch and Convair flying a little bit of pressure so now that's a minor nostalgia Sunday kind of fun little and consumer crime because there had alive trigger points in your cat and I'm glad you brought that up clearly with semifinal rounds a lot of times the symptoms of plantar fasciitis occur with people at with fibromyalgia which I wouldn't be surprised at all because everything tightened said that releasing some of the trigger points and can be very effective to an end hamstrings and you guys are Khmer right remember the trigger points we never go beyond a night five six area right now Davies sat the pain doesn't go away or that's in my ear while you're putting pressure on it than just back off you might be on a nerve for someplace it's not safe to be and then we had danced rats why the cash-strapped family our if they get up from your chair were wherever you are stretch those calf muscles now when I hear a stretch like that right where stretching our calf muscle I can feel it session I Cas I also like that the soleus muscle because it's another muscle that patches onto that Achilles then so way to do that is to bend your knee and still keeping your CEO on the floor and just bend your knee so everybody can do that within a nice cat scratch remember how often should they be doing that at every town where you know half-hour to they can but just a nice little straps to fill that now keep your foot flat on the ground and then your need down you feel a different stretch and it may even feel more intense as it may even be higher that's for your solea facility is behind the news picture here up on the wrong direction we look at the anatomy picture again to see that dastardly Nancy air solely after that then muscle underneath their silly Justin and posterior tibialis is a little tighter there's there's some mother I mean a little further and deeper so go to the other one now stretch them down and of course before and after you walk you can do a little bit of stretching you should always be warmed up fell little bit before you stretch I like to walk for a while then stretched and afterward stretch a little bit so for the gas shocks keep that leg straight and electronically stretching lonely bend her knee down solely yes yes good thing you feel a reality this is often as they can think about it on every hour maybe they'll do it every two to three hours in Dublin and now as often as they can stretch that out and a lot of time once you work that is stretching it out and down work and some of those hamstrings and then later on we start to work on the flat that their symptoms are gone usually within a week or something this depending on how often they come to get treatment after you take off that enchanted after that eases up it just starts to disintegrate in reverse itself and you get more circulation in the area generally too hot and cold water von chiropractors in PT like to do ultrasound so that's another thing but anything to get the circulation and are doing hot and cold foot baths contrast that that would be wonderful whatever you can do to get the circulation in their enemy time you can put on a certain little things like this while freeze and pass this around it's a cooling spray we like this bio freeze he just put it on and then it just cools feels good you can also take asked for cream on my big for medications that you can put a little aspirin cream on their tail that will help you he had a quite bad one time he had arthritis again this volt friend or something like role I just took my daughter and I smashed it all up and I put it in a little Vaseline and stuck it right there any fetid help so topically can put some things on their otherwise where these as you know I was over at Walmart this morning our Walgreens increase so I went I was looking for some pose but I went through a section where they had footcare and all these different types of insert said he can put in your shoes very soft ones some were gels how are you a house like this is a little drugstore but yet it had so many different fashion so you might want to invest in some of those songs softer to walk on TL the pain starts to resolve itself and you can bet around like cattle that's for any muscle aches and pains when you're working on people and any more questions as were going along are you getting the idea of the theme when things are tied aid credits pulling on saying always work the opposite muscles as well you know still he can always work the different muscles a little bit here and distraction now both of them as well the defendants and we want you guys to start thinking about these things so that you can help more people and inheritance is solely a stretch we just brought beneath a little bit down toward the ground and then once you've forgotten a hamstring sound just some nice hamstring stretches member Tonya said if you can't bring your your leg up this far you're tight you're fighting your hamstrings they can stretch and a little bit this way are like she's saying on the track if you are overweight you know what most of the clients I've seen have not been overweight I've seen I remember firemen one time he was taking these classes any of this let underneath his chair during the classes so it was her fat flax is what we call plan reflects sea was like yes even under the chair during the meetings so for hours he had in that position and that seemed to be something that caused it my brother wears these big workboots ways working and found after police to do is just hit the ground to get denied in the dirt off from Pennsylvania and the the actually anger the bottom of his foot Sunday and adding every now and then help you plan our fasciitis but even as this comes to climate students work on his fine so and it wants you listen up and you don't have a lot of planning and you can start suggesting the size of the plantar fascia it may work at the tail area and very beginning just a little bit but never where the pain it then they get better I was stretched as all steps the path and boy I hate the lady buddy on this table here is there anybody small that that would like the layout has stabilized for our right as the landfill collapsed during thing all right thank you Janet that will be fine and you need to lay face down the easiest way to the feeds and pricing now this is like sex and love it here okay very easy way to work on the theater right here just like that I have their feet right here I have their cast everything right here and I like to start always away from that and maybe I'll work a little bit here maybe do you now use a little bit away all you can always go up here like that and then I'm getting a little deeper and I can use my bad and I like to shorten muscle to while I work on some makes it easier right he can just figure that the scout arrived at two B Karen synchronous worker ride up bear and you can see after I and also I like to supply low-pressure that stretched down again and my digging anywhere my mind now you know in detail stay away from this popliteal area cannot come down to maybe use a little bit lotion care work at times I can do these crossovers like this with my full singer Eminem says it down nicely and I can put my sons together goes straight at now see if I feel anything like a trigger point so if all the sudden I feel some Israeli pioneer and when I get to the knee I come out to the side I does follow the muscle attachments there and back again and if I felt some role-playing and eighty close to the Achilles tendon down here or maybe right and middle the cat then I can just do the trigger point silage is gently going here now a lot of people do have science on the low bit more right in the belly here and then I hold for how long about ten minutes in Manhattan I asked her if the pain is decreasing as it decreases and what do I do down for two or three goes just a bit deeper so what is that now houses she doesn't have a whole lot here but if she says it's not going anymore when I go deeper than undying of taking care that layer that means a trigger point was pretty superficial I said and we always size nice after that and then I can live right down to the feet now to see you can use a little better why all stretched out that planner fashion little bit in her right here is where the pain can be sent out to prod and push on any of this stuff especially at the beginning I made this work appeared sacred as stretch a little bit but as she gets better I will stress that every direction of this book he usually feels they get like that all stretch it all out and under this way and stretch it anything remember we want to get the circulation in their take the tags and how to move on back and forth right between each one of these metatarsal areas here nice and simple like that and then as she gets matter and I can work closer to hear closer to the heel area he knows how I just put a little pressure and stress little pressure stretch I can do that he had the same white I squeezed lightly and push down to squeeze and pushed down this is what we learned in this is actually British sports massage Stuart cause he teaches all over the world is amazing and alive his stuff is just applying pressure and stress pressure abstract noun is putting my son right into the valley the gastric anemia and stretch to see that so you think those simple things and bring some circulation into their now had to use a lot of effort did I cause a lot of pain now and you never should I never said NCI can tell the difference you can sell how one ones looser than the other just that little bit aware so so that's pretty much so when you plan fasciitis remember it's not just the thought it's up above it I hour catering and different color they calculation the last thing thank you Selma standout first day that I did see that you have to get them into where you're comfortable working tale see how easy that is an interesting all yeah but whenever I get into one leg is there problematic or not I do the other the body is very well-balanced if she was in a long a lot of pain I want and on the opposite side because it has a reflex trying to bang to the opposite side they just getting them to know your Chi Chang relaxing on the one side will also help the other side so it's always better to work away from the pain and come closer to and anybody else how you how close your lapses of pain otherwise they went from it for now that body heal itself because all we are just increasing the circulation so the body can heal itself and just simple things remember avoid running on hard surfaces that we found because I ask a lot of questions tail when I start working on somebody when you think the cause is the juice run a marathon you know what kind of shoes are you wearing right now all these type of things what happened to cause the injury but running on hard surfaces can do a lot of damage to your feet not just with planner EIS and on as Doctor Thomas used to always say he should be walking on on eBay surface says and means not always on the red where just your front and back muscles are working you want a high EQ and a walk on Roxy one walk on that's why when I walk I hear I try walking the grass and know where your feet are going all different directions because you have muscles on five here to your prior muscles and different muscles that control your feet gone back and forth this white so we always want to be found serving hundred at walk on the runs all the time it often rides walk in the sand yes life is Doctor Thomas back in the days they come on Corolla let's walk now we're always walking in the standard way on the side of the ride and because he always aliens did what he talked about how is an I respected him for that so wear proper shoes where supportive shoes not those fling the things try to get something with a little bit of art support something that's nice and soft and comfortable for your feet I find that eighty six are great for me because I can stand them I can teach and him I can walk in things and my feet won't hurt but if I go a return night here indeed it in our some of them are quite comfortable so final issue that works for you so any questions at all yes mostly in the muscles mostly a lot of times there in the belly of the muscles and also toward where the ten days meet the muscle itself you can find a lot of trigger points or word where the candidates matches to the venue may be able to know fines and trigger points there is well trigger point actually means where when you press it has pain that radiates right so by press here and I start feeling pain coming up here I know that's a trigger point you have other points we can't stress points they may not radiate me but there's still something that you want to get rid up but a true trigger point will usually radiate pain press here and tangos may be up or down the arm for up the same thing in the glitzy could get down the leg to go up him person gets the size they will become more and with their bodies like kindness and sometimes a foreign noun when you're working on muscles that are almost as hard as rock and remember even when we started out we didn't know anatomy quite that well and you would feel these fairly leapt half muscles I think that's a muscle but it sure does feel like a bad stuff go back to the box and look at the thing that is in the soul but because it's become so hard they were even collect calcium and become even as part of the band that doesn't mean it's calcified but I remember even one time we didn't not topsy on we were just sitting in on topsy in this lady was alcoholic and a smoker and so we had that we saw died I guess they sought her brain we were right there in the Saunders calling you could see it when they pulled it back and she had a massive structures big clump of blood there down they opened around and start pulling out her organs do now her lever just crunched the whole way through all of her vessels just had this atherosclerosis this calcium that that was in there and I just never forget that even cut down a order open at the aorta and it was like Swiss mountains it was like the calcium was so sharp leaving falcon with our gloves it was very very short so calcium dies trying to protect things in the body and it will develop it we end up with the bone spurs and things like that so far bodies always now seems to be collecting it somewhere so but as long as you're healthy have good circulation and can be collecting it all over so he grew the root this media would I thought rumors including anything else someone you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or you would like I was more green online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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