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Fear God, Part 2

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • June 28, 2012
    11:00 AM
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or a I go ahead and get ourselves started to me yes a son with the session key has been discontinued on study on year of the Lord isn't it amazing how just this one instruction it is about reinforcing us just and the first Angels message you see how to fear God took us just an hour and still have stress is and that is how we study you know when you don't rush through this with you to take your time and medical word by word the universe is going to see amazing things and God gives us the ER and SEC and you decide okay I think I'm getting Outlook and in Isa Sycamore more open and honest is going to begin with a word of prayer and then will go into session to let us father in heaven we thank you once again Lord for the privilege to learn how we can truly fear and we thank you for the privilege and the opportunity to receive the Holy Spirit we ask for your we need his power we need the wisdom that only comes from heaven father we need strength to truly do that so few are doing today and what I pray that you would manifest itself in a very marked manner open our eyes and help us to behold wondrous things from your and I thank you for hearing this grandfather for me ask it all in Jesus name all right we are now inquiring how do I get to a point that I can actually be done or we know that fear the Lord is one what does it mean to fear God to Haiti to Haiti that affect the experience and keep in mind you are living in a time of judgment the only people that are going to make it through the judgment on those who can fully reflect the image of Jesus himself you will find a limited Scripture little bit better to show us that the young one of the things that was very significant about the life of Jesus is that he hated evil he actually had any sort of reflect the image of Jesus fully then we should hate what he hates and we should oppositely love what he loves now I want to notice how do we get to a point that we can begin this love process because we don't want to pervert love we don't want to make love into something mushy and wishy-washy and white uses a term called goody-goody love youngest thing that people just limited to a feeling that the kind of thing were talking about when I'm talking about just some kind of feelings you feel here today is within his phone tomorrow that's not true love love is a principled more than a feeling I'm thankful that feelings can come from love amen but law is not a feeling of the principal that whether we feel the knot we do it because of our love for the now in understanding this how do we get to a point we learned that we need to look good and who is good God is good amen we'll know we learn that God is good of you text that you go to Matthew nineteen number seventeen when the Bible tells the story of the rich young ruler who came to Jesus as for those of us taking notes the rich young ruler comes to Jesus and he says good master Kelly what I must do to enter eternal life and Jesus is why call is now legally there is none good but God so therefore we know God is good so when the Bible says hate the evil of the good is giving us a call to love God when you when I allow God will love the things God lots will find out shortly what it is that God loves and this is how God will answer us into the experience where we well have victory over sin victory over sin victory now how do we get to a point in this process of fearing God which is the hate evil and loving the good and the good of course is God notice of the Bible says in Proverbs chapter one is under Proverbs chapter one and I like how the Bible says is because if loving God is what is going to bring me into an experience where I can stop sinning against and I could stop doing those things that break his heart and so on then obviously they must be a step-by-step process to do the notice of the Bible says in Proverbs chapter one and Proverbs one and verse seven messy with the Bible says it is a man now known as the Bible says in Proverbs one ten verse seven it says the fear of the Lord is what the beginning of knowledge so the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge so if I am going to love God God said that it begins with getting to know me that's really how it began some also incredibly practical that it got this one let me you were disappointed to let me so that you can hate what I hate gossip it starts with getting to know me it begins with a knowledge of me using we must understand that to annul God is to love him design phases page twenty two ten no God is to love him we know that love is that security that protects us from falling back into thing but God is within us start with you getting to know me and to know God is to love God the only people who love God those who clearly know him and you don't love anything you love any person that you don't know if the people that you know those wanting to say what I love them watch this what is the benefit anyhow of those who actually know God John ten seventeen and John the seventeenth chapter the receipt and was a legal portable backwards go forward to go backwards at times the Bible does that we can do it in John the seventeenth chapter look at what the Bible says he now Jesus is preparing to go to the cross ensuring some final words of course with his disciples but in John seventeen you find that this is this incredible anointed chapter will be seen Jesus praying to his father and of course and assessing on behalf of the disciples as he is preparing to depart from this world with a Bible says in John seventeen in verse three it says and this is what moonlight internal or eternal life that they might want not only the only true God and Jesus Christ and thou hast sent so we find that the beginning of what is this fear God it must start with knowing God the end result of knowing God the Bible says is that we had eternal life selecting a result of knowing God but this knowing God is not limited to a knowing of him this is not to be some sporadic idea in guessing God is a lot of people today to seventy administers and I could guess a lot of things wanted and I don't know but I will tell you this guessing where this is to get you in a lot of trouble on the lodging but I've had a lot of times when people would say I guess this assesses that there be completely wrong and give it had that experience and has some mistakes of people to rebound from the something people can get one of tests on things that God gives us the privilege to know in the bluegray controversy were told on page five ninety eight spaces we have a chart that point every way mark on the heavenward journey and we do not have to guess at anything when they get it with the heavenward journey when when dealing with the Weimar certainly has their you and I'm not supposed to guess was will maybe something like we can guess which ongoing get to a place of recreation we might guess that it might be left to find out his right will be coming down from that would run this is when it comes to the road to head don't get no don't suppose no Bible lets us know that if we know God will have eternal life but this is not to come from some actual knowledge of God is not a come from some guessing game you're not enough to know God on a level that Jesus expressed in Johnson put it on the exact age on your chapter you find that Jesus express these words in such a way that when I looked it up in the original iPhone was very powerful and I wanted to see how Christ expect expresses this to us in John the eighth chapter in John eight chapter and verse thirty one and what the Bible says he it says John eight thirty one this statement it is then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him and he continue in my word and are you modified both in the soul Jesus makes it clear that his true disciples are not those who only focus on our past experience with it is those who continue that present experience if you can't can you and my word then ye are my disciples Palestine would be interesting he uses the word continue within the present experience and then he says in my word and his word is truth in other words traffic choked if you continue unpleasant truth don't talk about what you learned five years ago ten years ago don't glow over the language all I remember when I used to be on fire the fifties of the next day that we feel happy kissing I used to Jesus into their present experience depressing truth is designed to meet private issues with the present issues and is where we have the issue of homosexuality right now that the present as you got the resolution of that issue is in present time we got issues right now everything for the economy at the present as you thought that I was a loser that in present time today with the essential essentials and running rampant all the wealth that the present issue this preference group to address the present issues don't ever let present truth becomes something that is so hot and theoretical that it ignores private issues crisis if you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed and Linda Weber thirty two cents if there's any ease shower no truth the truth will make you free when Jesus mentioned no one the truth the root of that word no in the original language in this case it would be the Greek the root word of that word and no was like the way came to his wife on my cock Adam knew his wife in other words when it comes to knowing God it has to be chanted to mix it has to be something that is a deep connection with the word of God it cannot be sporadic and haphazard and when the line the book of second Thessalonians chapter to watch this one is not those who are simply equated with God 's words of truth that I make it in these final moments of his history there must be a deep knowledge of God 's word to the point of express like this in the book of second Thessalonians chapter two and second facility is subject to listeners with a Bible says as we consider verses four to ten hours a test this because and second Thessalonians two you'll find that Paul is talking about events that was soon to come in his own shortly after his days and it was fulfilled in the time of the dark ages but it would also transition further out in a dark time in our day I will send a second Thessalonians chapter do now starting in verse four talking about this menace in talking about this power is Islam holds up and exalt himself above all that is called God or that is worse is that he has got to did in the temple of God showing himself that he is God W not been when I was it with you I told you these things and now you know what would hold it that he might be revealed it is time for the mystery of iniquity doth already work only he who now lives would let until he be taken out of the way and then shall that wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming but did that happen yet as elegant as yet no if not this is still future so again Paul was addressing things that would happen shortly after his date but these are a businessman a transition all the way down even past two thousand twelve eighty seven the mortal cell destroy with the brightness of his coming now look at this in verse nine is a game and whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders and with all this singleness of unrighteousness in them that perish now right now called to talk about how this power is going to affect the people and many of them are going to parents now Paul is going to be find the people who perished to do what it says in the next portion of the verse it says because they received not what long on the truth that they might be saved so therefore when the Bible encourages us to know God and threatened that was true God is not encouraging us to simply have a casual reading because that'll never get to an actual point that we will actually love truth the only way what will truth it means that we must learn what it is to spend time with you spend time in his work in fact known as the quotation is when I told to study the Scriptures amen not in God 's call to study in second Timothy two fifteen he tells the study to show thyself approved and got to study the Bible is different from reading the Bible to study the Bible music article being a music have to spend time in music cannot be in a rush is not a happen that way telling right now and this is to be young as well as an old if you go to read the Bible you must study it and when you study that means that you don't move away from the burst until you understand what the verse says whenever I teach my children I still miss some things yet the number one method explained the mommy and daddy what is the first thing as the first point second point you need to tell me what does that have to do with you do you know if we read the Bible it is at least walk away with those two principles you on the road to some good Bible study you never ever read the Scriptures and just close the book and some I would ask you was redeveloped it was about is our analysis revealed synthesis is that it can prepare you for the market a beast that kind of Bible studies and unfit you for the final things that we get ready to go through if you want to make sure that I can handle the heavens may fall to the righteousness of Christ we must understand that that means that when we read the Bible I must walk away number one understanding what was the birth talking about the number two what does it have to do with me because that's what is made practical now that's what is relevant to young people build my city and the Bible as long as is relevant to the wood is not relevant when we say higher here they can't really understand what's going on Abdullah estimates into mountain is a you know what I know is that you looking at the curtains in the Florida immigrant everything else will bring attention to the word of God what are the biggest thing you know what I understand that that's leaving young people is a you know what this is interesting in the top study and work seems raising tells us that we are to understand it is not safe for us to turn from the holy Scriptures with only a high school reading of your sacred pages this is my character and personality book one is ninety five if there's rain the mind up to the high hat that has been said before and not eating with the German interest that you may understand divine truth you see I was will to study studies with determined interests we must make it our duty to say I must understand what is this book talking about what his verse talking about what is it saying what does it have to do with me those are two very key principles that you must let out when studying the Bible it says those who do this will be surprised to find what the mind can attain God can make our minds brilliant dunces out of your help dull the mind is there's no mind that is to build into a faithful study the Scripture documenting that dull moneymaking brilliant in fact you'll find that reading the Bible is the best book to read to limit expand the mind of reading the book education and tell you never read that book you need to read that book in the book education it talks so much about how the study of the Scriptures expands the mind to such a point that makes it easier to comprehend temporal things sold not to come to a casual reading it's not been a come through just simply going to the verse is a constant oh well yeah whatever and in moving on brothers and sisters you must study with a determine interest and you must make sure that you are seeking to understand divine truth this must be the mission when you study now in order to do this in order to gain this is not a dog for the PennDOT begins with knowledge you know God and to know God is to love God and to know God 's love is eternal life so therefore we must first get to a point that we study the word but when we started we are not studying it just the gains that were not studying it so that we can understand things brothers and sisters when you study you want to see the character of God there are people today than when they study the Bible to go see anything about God 's character it is possible to be in front of a book for an hour and learn nothing about Jesus and started and we wonder why bless the process will argument was aggressive this is the know that it is impossible I repeat it is impossible the only thing is it unless they are just a total complete rebellion processes I believe it is impossible for a husband to stay mad at his wife if he's having devotion with God I believe it is impossible for a wife to stay mad at her husband tests having devotion with God about some of my devotions on talk about when you study you are with the determined and just looking to see where it is the character how can I understand his ways and his mannerisms and the list goes on because I don't care what it is that husband and wife have done one to another when we see what we did to Jesus when we see nothing of our thing about this case without the gentleman Mister Zimmerman and what happened with this young man shame on one end and a whole loud without a start everybody in all courses is especially putting a lot of pressure on the bill though the moderate and I thought to myself that this is interesting we once again already to go ahead and cast this man off because he's a wicked and evil had done this thing and it's a wicked and evil to kill any innocent person event it doesn't matter what the color is a licensed I thought to myself interesting we want to consider what our sins into Jesus Jesus was innocently Jesus Kenneth and Bible seven thirty eight he went about doing good I cannot trace one's state of Jesus is life when you get anything bad or wrong to anybody all he did was good at here is that it was funny when you think about of certain common murderers always think about some murderer the only killed a person wants method because the person get right back up again he only do the murder once right about this the Bible says in Hebrews six six that every time we sin we crucified Christ afresh with talking about fall of France we can also crucify Christ afresh every time we chose South and Finn over God and brothers sisters that would mean that maybe having the fitness of the month is serial killers is going around just committing random murders over and over and over again why for no reason except the love of self so that when we condemn him and because he killed an innocent present God said magnify that time and energy on what you deserve because you killed my innocent son and all he did was come to bring to you good in this world and to bring to me and when God in mercy and love says but I'm willing to forgive if you just come to me if you would just come to me I would accept and I would forgive you I would party needs if you would just come to me and confess their sins and be willing to forsake its giant got said I will bring you into a covenant communion with myself and I'll show you how to never hurt my son again brothers and sisters in God can demonstrate that kind of love to you and I how the world can we be mad still at our house the why baseball was an unkind manner because they might have done something that surely legitimately was wrong I believe if we were having real devotions not as a haphazard stuff not this language is Chinese to go from a gristle intelligence what if where having to do most of the evidence that we might be built ourselves to God even deeper you will find that a lot of the bitterness anger and resentment that is many is in many of our heart would suddenly go away because as Godfrey gave me so I can forgive others it comes with knowing God and to know God means you got to spend time with him if you go to get to know God no matter how busy our lives are you must realize he got us into the brothers and sisters this is very certainly this is a wood getting practical I told him to get practical right the angel is calling the world to fear God what does it mean if you got your guys to hate evil what is a problem the problem is is that I love evil I'm accustomed to it is my lifestyle as I understand it but I don't break the cycle while you do that you hate evil only by loving good when you are I learned to love them we will hate evil while that what is good good my laws good when you learn to love me to love my lawn you love I love the nipple you'll hate what I hate about how I feel that it starts with getting to know me how I feel that God says you have to take time to visit so far easy life is so busy do you know in the book great controversy page five nineteen is as Satan well knows that those whom he can get to neglect prayer and the setting of the Scriptures will be overcome by the fact that what he in all sorts of Jesus Smart phones iPad and iPod world the galaxies these instruments are not wrong in and of themselves they are not innately evil brothers and sisters but many times we do more evil with these instruments than good we spend more time chatting in all these other things as positive as officers who were on Facebook and it says Facebook is even operated out of this book we find ourselves so busy doing the things that we call it we have no time to know Jesus and we wonder why Mike honestly in inside a religious meetings was to be awake when I'm hanging friends or foes of the lovely significances is a longish and silent as it applies to a sad R Salas Liam your hours for prayer Bible study and its self-examination why do I do this is that set of five a portion of how many days each day for a study of the Scriptures and communion with God the know that you know what you hear this campground you should be setting aside a time wishes you and Jesus don't let your religion come from the spoken word from God 's ministers only throughout this time when people get a chance to get away specimen you live in the cities this is your opportunity businesses figure here to country the other this is the best place as far the physical environment to be able for the mind to connect with Jesus is the best place to be out there in nature as well as you find that if you cannot take the time and we're going find some place we can go ahead and have communion with God to talk to and let them talk back to you if you just stop and listen then open up the Scriptures when you open it up don't just simply read the Bible you think the newsletter learn how to prove the Sabbath truth when other people try to challenge me on it not as a father help me see your character as I studied this topic of his right I would get a really good training in October in San Diego and in October that it might my family and I would be here for a whole month in San Diego I will go to be running a training school and one of the things limited to the training school is how do you see righteousness by faith in all of the fundamental beliefs of the seventy administered via know it is possible that individuals can teach the issue of the Sabbath and Jesus is not in the know that it's possible that individuals can teach all sorts of different things on jewelry and diet and the list goes on and there's no Christ and it is not simply no wonder people sometimes get back and fight so much you said I was a modification of the Sabbath tribute gift ideas of Matt did a great job today and all of a sudden a person says what I appreciate the study thank you very much but I'll be going to get decision right now but you know base of the study anyhow walk away sometimes in other than what the wrong now it is possible we did everything right could be but I believe with many of us because I sat down with many of us many times we present the Sabbath brothers and sisters we are more about fulltext things the day in the week then we are about pointing them how keeping the Sabbath brings us into a closer covenant relationship with Christ our righteousness in him telling you depending on how you teach it will determine to a large degree the results you get many people study the Bible and they don't see Jesus in a bid to studying about the letters and statements in their mind that is not stimulating enough to break the love relationship they had within and therefore they stay loyal to what they love so therefore we are to guard jealously in other words fugitive from today you said you want to know how to do that for you came back so now what this front okay number one you are going to set aside a portion of these days you would go ahead and look at your schedules your day-to-day life scheduled and given a set of portion of time each day this is for parents this is the children within a set time when we are going to commune with God and study his word now once you set the time guarded jealously that means that sometimes the cell phone is going to ring and it's got a call you away from your time with Jesus you must learn how to take that cell phone and cut it off and put it away somewhere with no longer distracted many times the individuals may all of a sudden at the time but visible to commune with God and all the things that I need you in an obvious upmanship might be something noble but not an emergency it is an easy time you have to make a decision I have to disappoint somebody universal that it seems like God is often most disappointed when it comes us make a decision most times it seems like whenever we have to go ahead and realize whatever decision I make somebody to be disappointed either human being or God as soon as I human being a human being could be mother father brother sister friend coworker and so on as soon as that time is set to meet with God all of a sudden the human being comes in ways that I need at this time and now we have to make a decision okay who are disappointed and nine times out of ten Gaza when they get disappointed we cheapen his love is that we are full of grace and mercy you'll forgive me for this process that delivers immersive it will forgive me and therefore we lean on the side of flesh when does God become the priority when does God become the priority that you live the look on singular straightlaced which is him in choosing the present even though in the mind of the person they think what I need to pull within five God must become a priority because I can guarantee it is always any something in your life that has been appalled at you and say we need you now and so is that some of the times you and I'm supposedly in God sooner or later you got to get to a point to break the cycle of disappointment and say I will no longer disappoint God I will let the world know I have a time with Jesus and nothing is I get in the way nothing guard jealously your hours for prayer Bible study and self examination is well that after praying after studying the words that are still while we begin to get to a point start to say Lord is everything well between myself and my Savior below the mortgage when I began to search our hearts and put our lifestyles in connection to God 's principles and demand will find that there is not any harmony and it wasn't your call to surrender the purpose of self-examination one of the reasons why do so many self-righteous people is because they're so busy telling everybody else what to do and they don't get the time to examine themselves and they said they are okay with every anniversary brothers and sisters I can do one of two things I can either assume on a great husband rocker look right in the eyes and ask a honey have been the man of God and the husband that God is called BT over this past year I choose the second May twenty fifth of two thousand twelve inches past marked fifteen years that I've been privileged to be the husband to one life Alexander limits and when I went to my wife I will I want to ask you honey have I the husband the house band that inspiration calls us to be had I went back to you know that's called self-examination every birthday you know hi every birthday you the finest we celebrate the creature a nasty something name one thing you did to get yourself from two thousand eleven at two thousand twelve number of visits when I think about it then it's a what I did I can remember times I was driving my car and I can remember times that attacks came in and go I know texting and driving is not a good thing the temptation kicked in and I will go ahead and say existence of that group because in my mind I made urgent subsequent existence replete a hearing on doing this up-and-down up-and-down and the next thing you know eventually I been caught up in the text that all of a sudden it's like a distant look up and always an easy lookup will even eternal to the side because you were gearing off the road God says if I let your life in your hands you wouldn't have made it through another year so why isn't it just celebrating yourself every time you get your birthday why would you deceive the child and let the child believe that they are worthy of celebration when they did absolutely nothing to take themselves from one year to the next that's why I've been his home has a whole chapter on birthdays and if you read the chapter that Venezuelan birthdays she says what has the child undertake themselves through another year at Venice phone says that we should take time to offer bank offerings to God when our birthdays come will we do with our children as we take our children we go ahead and go down a area on our property and we go ahead and sit down with the children and we do something called review the on Monday we must really hear and what we do we look at two thousand eleven at two thousand twelve came is coming up July twenty fifth so came to my daughter see the next one in line and here is what her birthday comes with go ahead and move in a review that you look back if they are right let's go ahead and must look at the and her siblings get to participate for siblings get to say here is where Kayla did a really good over the years and reflected the image of Jesus being a celebrity was all about how we do a better servant of God Howell you are better servants and then over the past year and here it is that the marking down music Sunday is a whiteboard so think she was more cost she prayed more she gave out literature see that her devotions such facets and what will because even in the book of Revelation God plus with the churches with the good doctor say you did this you did that he did this was remembered a book of Revelation without visible churches synagogues and right got it I have an ought with you so eventually we review the year with the goods then after that we saw to look at where were the areas where Kayla could've improved quality of the time and you link a little short tempered while there was a time in January where Kayla was acting a little selfish as exercised in what we do is we look at the good and we look at the bad and then we come together in prayer and we go ahead and pray on behalf of Kalo and we thank God for the victories the good that she did over the past year and then we ask God to give her strength in this new year to overcome when she failed last year 's self examination this is God 's onset of what will help us brothers and sisters editing understanding of the mechanism becomes advanced phonebook that we say we believe so what I'm saying to you is that don't it nor the need for self examination you and I this may not be as great as we think we are but one never find out until we examine ourselves therefore if we guard jealously eye time for prayer but it is grotesque and self-examination as we do this build a communion with God and as we accumulate and gaining a knowledge at hand now we're ready to go to the next step Robert Sapna Robert seven nine notice of the Bible 's easier now Proverbs and I sent we commune with God we get to know him as we get to know him litigants do something else Proverbs chapter nine number five percent this is the next step is the next phase Sosa is one house I get to a point of fear God which is the hate evil for the only way I can fear God the Bible let me know is that I must take able to be elected hate evil is my loving the good and how I get a lot of the doctors you got to get to know me before we begin by setting up our study principles our time with communion with God time with prayer talking to him taking a moment let them talk back to you the actual talk if we simply would pause to listen minutes as we does pray in Jesus name amen to pop up and were on run but if we were to simply pray in Jesus name amen and give God a chance to speak to us now and being quiet for the you find that the Lord will talk to your advantage of basic six the eighth felt that that God will speak his mysteries was personally but you be willing to take a minute to listen now after that go to the local farmers nine and out as the person problems nights and introduces phase two for the fear the Lord is the beginning of knowledge once we gain the knowledge is something we must deal with it now the Bible says in Proverbs nine hundred ten the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy is understanding so therefore while God for the fear the Lord the beginning of an outage after we gave and how is the next step is now will not enter into wisdom wisdom is the follow-through will follow up to the holidays and I want to know what wisdom is the book of Deuteronomy chapter four in Deuteronomy chapter flown us find out what that wisdom is Deuteronomy chapter four and is noted for the Bible says as we consider verses five and six of Deuteronomy chapter four Deuteronomy chapter four verses five and six when you get there please say amen now notice what the Bible says in Deuteronomy four five six we gain a knowledge of God we gain a knowledge of his word we distantly discover the requirements of God what God calls us to any time you read about God and his character and you made about the things that he called us to do and wants us to do given a five that the next step is to exercise wisdom what is that wisdom Deuteronomy chapter four verses five and six less noticeable the Bible says it says behold I have taught you statutes and judgments even as the Lord my God commanded me that you should do so in a man would be legal to possess it it says he therefore and do them so is is talking about simply acknowledging whether talking about obeying is talking about okay here is cheap therefore and do them forth this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations which shall hear all these statues and say surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people according to the Bible when an individual not only knows what God requires but keeps it and does it the Bible says that wisdom that understanding a wise person is an individual who were one John reply has been and I think all the process of learning how to fear God when we learn what God requires of us and then when we do it the Bible says this is wisdom that's understanding so therefore was done is when an individual knows what to do and she loses to do it therefore it is for this when we know what to do and do it not in fact what the Bible call that James Ford verse seventeen the Bible says to him that knows to do good and do not to hit on it is in only one thing that separate us from God in other only one thing since sin is the only thing that will separate you and I from Jesus so it makes no sense to know what God wants but not doing so therefore what is the fear of God the fear of God is to hate evil the problem is that what I love evil God said I know that's wanting to break another cycle while you do it nor will he took the famous five fifty he said hate the evil but not that I thought that this is how the great recycled so yes why give it a season in April also Riordan to do well to start having the good what is good Jesus says God is good Matthew nineteen seventeen Paul says in Romans seven by law is good so you say all right so therefore you want to left that was how do I love good for the mentality of a good is another thing to show me how this is another that is apparent parenthood is good you are some sweet things I have learned that it is one thing to tell a child to behave themselves it's a whole different ball you show them how to do it that's why we insisted on telling you you got to be practical with the particular level that a child can understand when it's out what was it that when you know that it's all right brothers and sisters how to get the point we love that will got to love them but you got to get to know me it begins with knowledge you will need to know about is the love of God and when I don't I love them I get eternal life the people who are going to be deceived in the last days by the bees collect and receive his mark ultimately our bills and did not receive the love of the truth so that's why I get to know God in a way that intimate not something casual has been broken in August that it must be consistent so God says beginning of knowledge of me when you study make sure you see me search the Scriptures but in the end you think you have eternal life for they are they which testify of me don't you dare leave a Bible study and not know something about Jesus in the process don't leave the disk understanding a bunch of facts and dates and marks and signs and symbols but to understand nothing about the Savior from sin in that teaching Jesus is get to know me size that he learned about me learn about my character meant about my waste matter righteousness learn about my mercy murder I learn all these things and then what happens is as a growing and analysis and growing in the knowledge God says all right now now you make a choice you learn some things about me now I need you to do it and you know this is typically where we falter I was on the phone within and you did not know it was a very rare isn't it that's where it happened but it's rare it was time I I do know that the Sabbath was part of God 's ten Commandments and that God expect me to keep it not bring it I didn't know that I was living violating God 's love and setting I know that this is possible that a person can send an accident I didn't know that but most of us and this is the only notes and before we do it so again the problem is with loyal to what we love we love sin therefore we keep doing it some doctors must break the cycle now Gossage again analysis made then he says I want to exercise wisdom wisdom is the keeping and doing of what he says now watch this Brothers and sisters that is the garnish but if you feel it you know that's where we usually messed up where we usually messed up is I want to do this wrong thing the spirit of the Lord will say don't it's wrong to send you regarded Jesus I know but I don't care because I wanted already got I don't feel like doing that I feel like doing this is not the common great controversy we go through a number number of the sisters Christ says listen there's something I gave you that literally makes you different from monkeys notice is called the power of choice is called the power of choice that's one thousand twenty four fifty shows you this day whom you will serve as when first Kings eighteen twenty one when Eliza is or how long quality between two opinions in the Lord be God follow him an e-mail then follow him choose Deuteronomy thirty nineteen and twenty the Bible says I present before you life and death blessing and cursing to life we have a choice everybody who goes to hell chose to be there for solemn thought there will not be one person lucidity and health is because they happen to be there it was good choices that enter not one person will slip or sneak into heaven except community chose the ways of before they got choice one of the most powerful statements I've read in the spirit of prophecy comfortable growing writings page seventy two where is his fate is ours to exercise but joyful feeling and the blessing is God to give to us why is that we use them to Scotland because Northfield to do it but you know why we don't feel to do it because that's not a responsibility to feel God never asked you to feel to do what he tells you and I to do it you know what that brought peace to my heart because I remember a time in my life was in the back if it will feel like doing is not doing it and that was the world today is about message resonates a lot to be people who say I know it's rather ultimately it is always a Luddite of health reform within the same I don't want to be like and therefore I'm not jealous God since faith is yours to exercise got this when I tell you to do something even though you don't feel that users choose to do it anyhow your friends we really want to associate with my children love Association but not anybody who tries to associate with them are good associations and at times that I have to let my children know that Association am sorry of money that he picked I think my wife pics my children's friends they'll be different this something that my wife and I went to tell my children as they decided not big enough to be different for you right now not now need in the future but not now bit too much of a distraction to mislead you in the wrong way why is our children's children have a tendency to succumb to peer pressure they have a tendency to say if I stands for Jesus then not go to be my friends and then I went to be alone and they don't at so therefore they will sooner thinking that I'm sorry I'm back to compromise so I can go ahead and hold onto the friendship and is that because they are adults who lived like that to the brothers and sisters one day you're hanging out with some friends and revivals friends and I would be made at the conversation that you are English and have this conversation they decided to talk about foolishness on the Sabbath is talking about Jesus and now he don't make a decision God says what way is it what I don't want to walk away because it might look like I'm trying to be more holy of events not funny Mahony of event industry continues away I don't feel like you got to do it anyhow we say yes will we walk away we walk away and then all of a sudden once this is beautiful it happens ten times over you walk away when they haven't won the conversation on the Sabbath and you go ahead and sit somewhere also do something else all of a sudden the people who were sitting here having the weather conversation it becomes eighth silent rebuke to them they realized it will work us also walk when we were talking about this you know what maybe they realized and all the sudden convention kicks and some of those friends that he is a you know what you walk away this happened for some encoding you know what you walk away because what we were talking about well yes I did they save you thanks for reminding me that I need to keep my conversation focus on the more can be tried again and you say absolutely guess we just have to God to send joyful feeling for the decision you just need for him faith is ours to exercise but joyful feeling and the blessing is God to give to us God says I'm responsible for the feelings you just do it you dating a guy that you have no business dating because God does not endorse dating God endorses courtship God condemns dating you realize you heard him but got the uniform relationship you need to break it but one maybe I can win and no heathen and a converting unit breaking you don't feel like but God says to do it you choose to doing you go ahead and break away at first all the relationship seems travel now the thing is that you are you missing him and he's missing you described is broken he's taken you but you're ignoring them because if I'll adopt a man with eventually all of a sudden it just end up at the store one day and you see him walking around and that's nobody's walking with another young lady by his all of a sudden you realize something about his character that you did not see beforehand but praise God you follow God 's instruction and then all of a sudden we were feeling band broken about it before now all of a sudden you feeling good about the decision gets sent back with you God got his easy gotchas listen every good and perfect gift comes from above God said if it was good for you I never take it away from him if it was bad for you I would never tell you to do it love systems assistance but we follow his plan with the follow his commands amen so therefore we began to get the knowledge number two then we exercise wisdom wisdom is the keeping and doing other now is that I gained and gossip is so that the wild when you keep learning about God beholding God and following and working with dogs what happens is almost like a miracle you start to love God before you would just doing it because you distantly try to follow what he says but you open but all of a sudden you pleading for his spirit is spirit is coming in your life more and more he's opening your mind to obeying his word and you've seen the fruit of obedience and all of a sudden the relationship with Jesus is developing to the point that you began to actually all even when nobody else is looking at brothers and sisters the point that God wants to get us to see I want to look at this way the judge ruled and highest sense of love God is found in John fourteen visiting the Bible says in John fourteen in verse fifteen we talked about it earlier but we just looking at it for reference St. John fourteen in verse fifty in John fourteen chapter in a fifteen first notice for the Bible says Jesus promises us he says if ye love me he says keep my commandments the greatest demonstration we can show our love to Jesus Christ is when we keep his commandments and to keep God 's commandments means you don't write anymore and to no longer great got tremendous means victory over sin and this is the experience that God was to bring us then and only love for good combining with hatred of people will get it done now when Jesus walked on this earth you want to know what I thought was so interesting about the statement of his life Hebrews chapter one preparing to close Hebrews chapter one Hebrews chapter one in Hebrews the first chapter is so muddy so what is it to be like Jesus and if I could put in just two versus what WAP Hebrews one eight and nine in Hebrews chapter one verses eight nine notice what the Bible says the Bible says in Hebrews one eight nine but unto the son he saith thy throne O God is forever and ever a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of thy kingdom now look at verse nine description of Jesus now has what love righteousness and what else and hated iniquity therefore God even by God at the no duty with the oil of gladness above thy fellows the description of Jesus as the Bible says he loved righteousness and hated iniquity brothers and sisters Psalm one nineteen one seventy two says all the commandments are righteousness Satan tried to get Jesus to celebrate God 's commandment but Satan could not do it but you know the reason why is because Jesus loved right to all how love I thy law it is my meditation all the day is it yours you see this is what God wants us understand God 's righteousness his law is righteousness and Jesus love both therefore Satan could not penetrate and when we love God when we love his law brothers and sisters Satan will not be able to penetrate you either but as long as we think it's enough to just be around Jesus as long as we think it's enough to just keep coming the big meetings in all these things and try to listen Buddy a VR religion the law though the longer that we keep neglecting what it is to get to know God you never have victory was in Philly when a son-in-law test comes you it will take you not just what it will take you as an overwhelming surprise as it happened to hundreds of thousands if not millions of people throughout the world and be taken by absolute surprise because they did not cultivate the relationship with God that they should have been doing right now you really as we review remember fear God what does it mean to fear God what we learned that improperly thirteen to hate evil of the problem is we can't hate evil on our own we need God in us so the first of his gap gets what we have to get to know him how can we get there got number one get to know him not casual haphazard efforts or any of those things not neglect of inspiration not in turning away from gospel to the truth stick to the Bible stick to the spirit of prophecy follow what God teaches us through these inspired writings but then after you get to know him the next step is to what okay him whenever you know of God light of a whatever you know of God light right now the many things I'm sure all that amount including yours truly but I'm telling you what you know to be true live up to those rays of light now that's how you get greater light so therefore the one get to know him as I get to know God and I begin to open pay him what happened is as a result of knowing him and okay we're going to the next step we begin to love him and actually get some love God the Bible tells the fruit of love loving Jesus calls us to do what keep his commandments amen so therefore we love them and then when we will begin to hate anything unlike in that's how you need you cannot hate evil unto you learn something better than the reason why Christ must be lifted up as we give the points of prophecy and show the end time events and so the nearness of the Christ as Christ must be lifted up because of my beholding him that he all rises within our hearts as we get to know him and obey him we begin to love him and when you love him you'll hate anything unlike him and guess what you know what happens when you hate when God hates and you love what he loves your happens next you're just like Hebrews one nine when you get to a point that you hate what God hates when you get to a point that you love what God loves revenues this is what happens next is now uses like you know that Jesus is coming back for bunch of mirrors all I love Jesus is coming back for budget people that he can see a perfect reflection of himself in America the nurses are perfect reflection of yourself your real self Jesus is coming back for much Americans he is coming back for people who look just like him he was tempted in all points but he did not since he's coming back for people web intended at all points but did not finish and when the web wonders how they do will be able to say because we learn what it is to fear God this is the experience of the first Angels message this is what God wanted to accomplish throughout prophesying again and bring them back to the first so that we can progress to the second end of up to the time we are in the third Angels message right now God wants us to understand that it's only until we get to this experience that when I'm ready I don't care how much you know and show about what's happening in this world and what's happening in this church if it does not transpire into a love for Jesus and his truth that causes us to be like him in every way it is worth it is worthless and I wanted say something taken from me for the trust manager can listen to a testimony process this is listening I've been in several camping I've been in lots of different events I've been in different places under different circumstances and have heard so many things about end time events and all these things I preach it to I believe it because it's part of what was later a man about this incident we do not let those end time events bring us into an experience with Jesus that we end up just like in testing the higher intellectual relief doesn't matter I cannot impress that upon the hearth in it doesn't matter because even I know what it is to have drive for mounting heavy dredging you go home and you change address you change your diet you change all these different things that the heart is still the same the heart longs you dress right and you long for the garments of Babylon you eat right but you long for the flesh pots of Egypt's elicited nothing but him but you want to rock 'n roll in the hip-hop so that God says that might be acceptable in this world that's not acceptable in my world because first I was sixteen number seven says God looks upon the heart God wants Harper for their brothers and sisters I live in the country right now praise God I do not listen to any of these foul forms of music that we have in the world today my diet is not even a vegan diet I believe God is not call any of us to be vegans not as cold as the health reform bill things that vegans leap that ever health reform I would not eat so I'm not a vegan you're not either to get educated in out of the I believe in dresser for my wife my daughter is everybody we all plaque practice dress reform based on the Council of the Bible the spirit of prophecy the brothers and sisters don't ever forget this could I address the worship styles and all these changes that are necessary and that we make in our lives don't ever forget this these are fruits of righteousness not the root of righteousness if you're connected to Christ our righteousness you by the grace of God will address right eat right live in the right locations and everything else you know why because you know how Christians let you know the one important question on the Christian 's mind bother what best pleases you the last demise of the Christian the Christian doesn't they do because they know that it pleases God it doesn't merit the many favorite doesn't make them holy and righteous it simply pleases God you know what I like about that is a man who had experience a few years ago quite a few and this man had an experience that I believe all of you want I believe all you want is an advantage you should want there was a man who walked so much with God I like how one evangelist tells the story there was a man named Enoch and when they came and got took a walk together and as him and God were walking together along the way eventually he and God look back and got realized that Enoch 's home was sold far away they got that you not even walking with me for this distance along the Muslims come home with me and got decided to go ahead and take him home you know why because the Bible says Enoch had a very special testimony when a enough that the money was good Hebrews eleven as we close great Hebrews eleven in Hebrews the eleventh chapter what was it about Enoch 's testimony the Bible says in Hebrews the eleventh chapter and I want to see it in verse five is says by faith Enoch was what translated as our Savior seventy benefits that this should be your desire you know that seventy others are striving by the grace of God be counted amongst the translated group is that we were told by inspiration that we should seek to be counted amongst the group a hundred and forty four thousand and we ought to seek to be counted among those who would be translated is has by faith Enoch was translated in the finished verse this is by faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death and was not found because God had translated but now look at the closing sentence what the testimony of enough like it says for before his translation he had this testimony was the testimony that he pleased God I think that's a lesson for us the more you live a life pleasing God is the light that you are living preparing for translation why do I dress right when please God water eat right what he does well and please God why why talk and act as wireless as of the forms of music I listen to a lot of things because I wanted please becomes your heartfelt lifelong desire to please how could I forget this is a beautiful statement when we know God as him permission no him our life will be a life of what kind of obedience continual obedience to an appreciation of the character of Christ to communion with God sin will become what hateful to us and brothers and sisters in Christ saves you follow these steps step-by-step you will learn how to truly fear him and give him glory in the final moments of this judgment out my hope my prayer that as we study this together that by the grace of God we better understand how to practically enter into the experience of the first angel number of the sisters give God glory in our misjudgment worship him these are all expressions that I'm trusting you are going to continue to study this in your personal devotional time they met a man but I encourage you police dig deep into the word of God understand what the Lord is saying in my heart so that we may truly be a people prepared to meet our God amen amen let us pray father in heaven we thank you so much that you have helped us in a more practical way to understand the very first instruction under the admonishment of the first thing which is desired Lord I know that there is so much more that you ensure that I need to hold of the chin that we are studied in these practices I know for you something miraculous innocent Lori please father created us a clean heart renew within us the right helpless father to remember the principles of what is to get to know me as we get to know you merely exercise with the middle bay that what you are to us Lord I pray that through this knowledge and obedience may create a love a lot I asked that we love you realize what it is I hate anything unlike and when we love at the hate what you hate praise God we become just like abide with us often and powerfully written by Holy Spirit we ask all these things in Jesus name amen is a a an a a this is not as hot as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more and he would like to know more about hothouse of his life is more certain is www. audio person .org


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