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Culture, Spiritualism, and the War for Your Soul

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 4, 2006
    3:30 PM
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hi this afternoon will will will labor talks in the series of view on the pop music and actually will come other substances that most of the sounds of the Loomis and Loomis in urban churches around the state and what I've learned is that no as goes the United States ogles the world and so even in the Caribbean and Europe Africa was spoken Manchester England another amazing how popular American rap music is an Western Europe in France and in and in England so there was some some rather heavy issues and this is him the memorial we thought about releasing bonus cutting-edge is worming up with you so you will see things you probably will never see casino was the music or a regarding this world I can tell you that growing up in Connecticut I wrote about an hour from New York City one hour fifteen minutes to get the ropes when I lived in when I was growing up in the seventies and eighties hip-hop music came on the scene like a flood in nineteen seventy nine in album song was released called rappers delight classic rap song now enables one is a hip-hop even if it popped those that brought probably heard of even an old lady do it in the movie was a movie to the holy as a result so it came I found that of Manasseh that Russell Simmons who will talk about later on again to jam recordings and then run the MCL JN pretty quickly modern American culture began to really acquiesce to urban hip-hop culture and said it now you have artists girl wall in the background you have art is that of really small but forgot the name alludes all you have everybody listening to everybody listening to and you go to the finest Hollywood home you know of that and have an after party air hip-hop music on this ongoing visit of this kind of taken over this particular talk focuses on aspect of the music that actually encourages or all kind of enables Spiritualism to be taught to those who get into this music all the time window black America really didn't get into anything that seemed like it might be smoking that are just not room for all inadequate FRA have parliament in the seventies that there was nothing like when you look back at him kiss K ISS and other groups that were like the scary look at with no real equivalent that they didn't seek out and about in the black music world while the cellular this business wellness chains and the devil is on the way and I'm open to some of you now when you summoned is as healthcare students at you when you deal with patients all you try to witness that you get a better understanding of kind of them the thinking in the logic that pushes much of our culture today and be able to better witness than absorbable signal was that visits the larvae while being upset about music itself but hopefully you'll be better able to relate to be moved to listen to the music before you want to answer this limit is at work must have a prayer father God we thank you rescue Holy Spirit Bassler but you would show up in this place near the presentation we pray amen I also reversed so that no man deceive you with vain words for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience the not therefore partakers with them for the worst group in darkness but now are you in the world walk as children of light proving what is acceptable to the Lord and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them I love that you expect the next is a statement not only about where we should take our stand on right and wrong is clear to me auditing a stand for right but also because the statement about where we were as when we were in the world when we are contrary to God 's will and what we have the compliments that God Lisa Jesus Christ our Savior the descriptors as you were once darkness sometimes darkness I mean literally you were the source of evil your actions the old man in you was that adhesive button how you are the light of the world walk as children of the light so you can say you made the transition from darkness to light and be a lightbulb it doesn't give like you gently made the transition out of the world and yet all of your lifestyle all of your actions it tastes your ambitions all still the case of ambitions of the old man something wrong with the process is what you desire is what you say you've escape from and then he says we ought to reprove them we as Christians ought to be willing to stand up and say no that's not right Mrs. Dennison one three one three one of five the encounter of even the circuit now the serpent was more subtle than he be forgotten maybe some of the woman of God then you shall not eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said to me before the trees of the garden of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden God said you should not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest he die in the service that you shall not sorely die God does know that in the day and eat thereof he shall be as God knowing good and evil I want to say that this text is important at this stage of the devil will almost always manifest themselves through a medium and the download appeared at a tree in an angelic form you think he would've stayed there encompassing theoretically at least she probably would've run theoretically she witnessed David when she looked up in this serpent was brilliant in that time conservatives is both about weaning this book would be shiny wonderful beautiful creatures the development is the reason that every tradition on earth as a drag the Dragon with this business with the lobectomy of the serpent before send a wing that firebreathing able to speak intelligent sophisticated she was drawn to discourage and what it began to speak the planes will her weaknesses the circuit was so while it will looking wanted the script this is what she saw that it was good to make a wife and she saw that it was good to eat she gave it don't listen to the fact that the devil is a master at using a medium somebody to put in front between him and you and you are not so frightened by even Jesus knew there would be a one-time civil subpoena and said get thee hence Satan is linear feasibly speaking the same while the devil likes the speaker was to Elizabeth the Last Supper it just stopped to gzip decoding is about the wash my feet and I think that's up to leave liberalism is that that the devil and of individualism while she was is still in the present of Jesus that just being around the church is no living around innovative jewelers was there at the Last Supper one of probably the greatest worship services and holy service will have healed himself washed the feet of the disciple yet in that role Satan filled your revelations well says Walter the inhabitants of the earth of the season the devil is come down among you having great wrath or he knows he has what short time the devil is Mattie Knoll don't have the short dark diesel battled across enrolling in the grave it was clear to say again without he was finished it was all over with it with no chance you would take over eleven eleven ago to get above God he understood that he was cast to earth permanently let me what he knew we were going to be stuck on earth permanently he got angry and he looked around and he realized he can't get himself back to heaven when they get hurt how does your dog by causing us to be lost you realize that you are now we become the center of the battle between good and evil each of our lives is ground zero because of the devil to get you to forget turn your back on to reject them and be lost the devil then have a chance to actually harm God into God heart God because God loves you that much so the Bible says Walter the inhabitants of the earth and the feet that means I be careful there's only a short time left yet it's ironic that the devil will do it lived for thousands and thousands of you is wise enough to know that only a short time at an wise enough to get angry that we are of the advanced hope sometimes act as if we have all the time in the world the devil knows he doesn't have much time the serpent cast out of his mouth otherwise this last night Revelation twelve twelve and fifteen and the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that she might be carried away of the flood the Dragon still speaks is a group of three six Mafia again ventured off in the Alabama and north of the double Avenue three six Mafia six six six Mafia will what makes you think that they wouldn't love the double and of course much of their lyrics also you later on Satanic letters against the one God as a hand in the symbol of the Ghana bottom right corner all would do that was a Satanic symbols and similarly even a rock concert the program the wind and the next symbol because it basically is a way to conjure up being they get demonic strength as the three six Mafia which is one of most popular rap groups the daily one Academy award recently for the song it's hard out here for you the movie hustle and flow they won an Academy award the subhuman that that will be away on me much greater singer than a dictator than that one Academy Awards was all liquid movies and they did so you have been used since ancient days in spiritual warfare Saul and David the Scripture says and I got some geek recluse of those that serve the truth the truth behind hip-hop scripts is that it was Saul was so angry that Damon was called Plato 's heart and a little able to play an evil spirit out of Saul Malaga suggest that if you can play an evil spirit of someone in the inconceivable that you could play an evil spirit into someone now when I say that I don't simply mean play like a heartwarming when you look at the date the rep of the technological revolution iPods and other arms small portable devices in a lot where most of us probably going to view one of them is the music and you did want to personally rebel a Alesia headphone then evaluate of his fancy level I took away if you go to sleep the mileage of the churches that he go to sleep would it would be listening to the new visit of one CD auto one hundred songs great over and over and over again all night long if they had and then they come to church and I can't since the visible church service while you given yourself over the other spirits because you can't walk with spirits began to Masters one of the one of the two homographs away so when you sit in the governments are similar in a minute we went last the whole world of again begins to have a powerful effect on with the boys when when Armitage another one hundred dollars and I will when you do play music Erin and the golden calf music the party is at the rock 'n roll America rock 'n roll advertisement under the influence of the enemy to popular music so to the exemptions in the existence of the footballers begins in the city limits one of them is that you are not to like it in the outdoor life benefit they were on the division of this movement and other hypnosis is one of the big flaw in these New Age belief systems is that you are God that is the unwanted attention of the New Age movement ironically it is the exact same thing that the devil said to Eve you shall be a God that interesting interesting same exact aging waterways this is manifested in modern times and the teaching of call the nascent assist the five percent Nation of Islam most of your vertebrae with Mark on the million Man March in every now and again he pops up something happens he shows up on the day of the splinter group that came out of the Nation of Islam on the five percent Nation of Islam five the Nation of Islam taught that the black man is God and that the white man is the devil you know it hurts to say it I was a Islam in Brooklyn and easily really have a lot of five percent of F8 while you'll get the job doesn't sometimes most unemployed note that none of strong in the divinity but this is the teaching I wasn't even most of the robbers you see on television Dave Vida Wu-Tang Clan on big daddy Kane wrappers from way back to the date most anomalies and genes even Eric about to most of them subscribe to the teachings of the flap the Nation of Islam not so much even nowadays in the racial overtones that was created that but on the premise that they are God and God and the women call herbs like Mormonism 's starting always connected belief systems as you start the study always wear things that the kind of overlap and one of the many euros based on race until nineteen sixty eight or seventy two when it would never present in a Protestant no actually black can be accepted the church same principle in reverse the concept that you are a godly will become a God that was learned earliest perceptions the Bible is inaccurate almost every one of these things attacked the Bible was roster very little is in the Bible of them is a is a European Bible it's the wrong Bible and Emma McAbee Bob of the Holmes witnesses as if I was wrong more Mosaic Bible is not completely the book of Mormon if you every body had an even addition or subtraction or or or change the make and distribute somehow the Bible is wrong smoking marijuana is a smoke marijuana and you get spiritual connections it always in the Native Americans is a smoke to get connections to the spirit world is talking high is not too much dopamine and and and and an adrenaline run around in your head of the continent it really living spiritual except that you probably open yourself up to spirits demonic spirits race as religion sexy rather than righteous jaws a spiritual false religions violence as a solution and is glorified so for Samuel fifteen twenty three says look for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubborn iniquity and idolatry rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft on authority laws enough to remember that being rebellious just for the sake of rebellion does the throw monkeywrench in whatever's going on electronic practice witchcraft because of the attempt to manipulate and control somebody with a negative or evil of forceful persuasion rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft Isaiah says for thou hast trusted in thy wickedness of their forty seventh and without instructed by wickedness dollars that none cc of me by wisdom and by now that it hath perverted the and now is that in my heart I am and none else beside me they are set in America I am and none else beside no society and that is self-centered and hours of the limited government an urgent year after the investment ten thousand twelve thousand dollars on plastic surgery that really they did not need now to complications is all over the world are coming that exploded and blood was pouring out of the cyber of of over midriffs enter and act like a sack it was collected and she's yelling at me do something about my God and to plastic surgery the VA has fast as they can get here because I would touch this was so self-centered that anything we want we want physical perfection week we believe that we are the center of the universe just one of us all culture has gone that way that is at the table waiting to be as a society and easy to the effects of it if you wish that the poor remain connected even the charges unluckily they talk about ministry models literature to do nothing for those that are poor I have been a widow and fatherless most of them no real program to help single mothers or fathers to I live says five hundred ninety seven on the works of the flesh are manifest which of these adultery fornication uncleanness lasciviousness idolatry witchcraft hatred variance emotions wrath strife seditions heresies and means murders drunkenness revelation suchlike of the wits I tell you before and I also told you in times past that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God is no mincing of words the long list there which grasping one of our in adultery fornication a lot there when you look at one of his drunkenness one of them as murderers because what you'll notice is being pushed on the youth of America debate in popular culture as all of these things out notice anything on this list that is not intricately woven with almost any movie television show was or or or artist that comes out to sing a song if they are trying to pull the car from other people 's pockets that would allow them to get into the kingdom of God variance there should be going out of course one away from Oregon Avenue though this is six eleven also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence it is not very long before there begins Obama got decided his spirit would not always strive with man and God 's runs toward Earth lifeline in the nineteen early eighties urban America with Hitler a perfect storm the introduction of something I'll crack cocaine but if you think about crack distantly unreliable we left Connecticut mother moves the land we live in a section of my McCall Perrine noted on this side of Richmond Drive on the other side of Richmond Drive just a block and a half from our house was one of the highest crack on bum infested neighborhoods in the in the country we should view an image of something of us are getting a drivers delivery people does wandering a Leslie and the minor this is scanning the radio only wanted to find out how to get in the theater crack cocaine and crack cocaine crack and will be released on urban American drug it was given began the seven daltons it up flag was released on urban America especially black America is rapidly increase the number of men going to prison rapidly increase the number of unmarried women having children rapidly increase the number of gangs and gang violence and an Street wars over Turkey territory instantaneously introduction of this came in at the same time to the Prince the blood another gangs and cartels began to become popular all across the country at all is happening while this is begin the plug all of this happened at the same time in hip-hop music began to rise to prominence so all of a sudden AltaVista like a perfect storm to the condition of urban America understand it it was like a perfect storm it all at once and at the same time people began to take church more like the church itself began to change so you not only the groups yet NWA from Compton on the gangsta rap music super popular and all of a sudden they began to the ghetto rap about this shouldn't children and being a gangster when I was growing up someone called to thought it was an insult the lives of the called upon but by the time to possible within next pitch over the time he started rapidly attachable crosses just visit for the life all of a sudden lobbying off I went from being an insult of being something that you should want to be nice to the kids would contact the normal renal taxes on the shirt says of work or are some remnant of the fog clouds of course come from what I understand they come from ancient pagan religions where were these men would sneak into the temples of people were leaving that gives the pagan god in the people up and steal what they had to offer the pagan god when medical they will qualify what I am learning the Bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue but what happens when you have a generation of young men especially grow up I want to call themselves bugs pimps players what happens when that is the term that they use their own self and life and death of the Napolitano speaks on the script is that you speak it in the Hebrew word offered sounded like the jobs of the pan comes out and begins to form what you're saying especially to yourself if you grow up and Dana Ogden a dancer is what's popular and accepted you become it's like self-fulfilling prophecy multimodal to what actually was not a fun DuPont Weatherspoon Art in Baltimore Maryland a copy of the studied acting at any studied music there was not a street dog he had some troubles grown up but he wasn't simple common strength that will badly betrayed himself to be and everybody wanted to an eight and actually he and the next guy in the bottom left of the Notorious B.I.G. were shot dead murdered in the streets less than a year apart because both of them wanted to be for you to promote at fault than gangsters and criminals and ironically what baseball came to pass they will murder to voc murdered on the strip in Las Vegas on the small murdered in the streets of Los Angeles but they still came to pass last visit got a fifty cent fifty cent pick this up is that what they said is looking back to get them to the effect that I will never talk about dying even everything out I will talk about killing a name 's next album the massacre with maybe good of the fifty some ornamented by this guy is Om BMS staff of dark man at it is out numbers one of the first line of our children it shows him with M oversensitive that some of the MSL helps the big horns on his head is covered in blood in the name alchemist lesson blood of my blood on the album the other song we actually have a conversation with the demon speaks would be never comes into a demon and was also has long latitude is also amazing soup came to visit our Children's Hospital not too long ago I was pulling the trigger I would never make a decision to bring suit Baltimore Malone Linda but because of what he represents the people of the community know what he represents we may think you know bring money but I doubt he gave that much money BMX is always a young woman my mind up any of it here everybody was singing is all a popular song at all it was all about gang raped in prison today this book is not easy stuff the swallow in the seller agrees a vessel muscles of the devil and the price was cheap living life on the level of this twice is the is the vessel was sold to the devil is what he says yet I go to church when the kids are all unit meeting the Christian artist in the sale of prayer and ended without me praise in the visit of the changes they think he's a good guy of the guys usually don't say they sold us over the last time I checked session is violent and always destroy murdered in opposite of creation Satan 's pleas of the murder of Christ who was really murdering crime in the world while yet another beer of the guy Snoop Dogg loves talking about an area interviewed on Black entertainment television and I tell you as an African-American who you know you know I thought I lived a group of genetic itself out with a nice place to grow and be black but Miley was a little different story I faced a lot of racism in Miami was possible I swear every day without the schools racial epithets spray-painted on the walls the Jewish synagogue across the street was vandalized constantly with actual while we're gone over it if you get a black entertainment television network and it would at least be edifying after all the years of everything that happened they would teach noble character education hard work noted on instead actually promote way the stereotypes like the fact escape with the raunchy videos that derogatory terms the women all over the promoted allowed Stanford take this but it's true of anything is only done black America harmonizing them much good as a probability people some money on August twenty second two thousand two Snoop Dogg was interviewed he says in his interview that he has given up weed and alcohol use is the sharpest move I made as a businessman I stopped smoking and drinking that was the sharpest move I could've possibly made he said I believe and it is all the clip of five to six years driving the column again and the like come on let's go he said as he entered the car revving its engine and going over a cliff a city young people when I'm in Brooklyn or Los Angeles or Miami he has just admitted his agenda out of the country changed either little things really given about all the marijuana they said that his agenda he has been driving you all the cliff you've been spending your hard earned money the mind how would an artist admits that his music drive you off of the cliff and it's not a physical clip is a spiritual it drives you into the abyss this guy came out it is as Jay-Z talk to my last ninety minutes long almost burn receivables very was the strong five percent of what I believe he is a strong it is even worse is not like crazy the Park owner of the own New Jersey remove and burglaries from a group brilliant businessman but he has brought in a lot of spiritualism and a lot of dark music is all about Lucifer being the Donald the morning and an almost as if the song is somewhere the beginning excuse to Lucifer he says he is generally unlimited I am Jehovah God MC he calls himself Jehovah God he says I am the Pope John Paul of Yahweh are all followed Jacob he said that he several does something in all of Young America will follow him the Buddhists would test to know the time everybody would be crazy all wearing throwback jerseys you don't talk about it when old O.J. Simpson jersey from you from our USC are from Buffalo and Reynolds Doug Williams earlier old but Doug Flutie your old John Elway surgical throwback to find a old jersey is unique and you will and don't buy these jerseys everybody is when we praise a few summers JC said you know what I can change what everybody in him Walter Jenkins an America where anything from now on no more throwback jerseys underwear another one is the amount of aware button up shirts within two or button of his regular abutments and would be college usually stuck with what observes any settlement sure enough overnight though by jerseys went out of style almost instantaneously need to be ridiculed walking on the streets of directors are in most cities in America did this to show his power now he is similar to abandon Russell Simmons Russell Simmons every morning we he was aired on you and to be driven into depth about sea of red that the footage on it Russell Simmons is the founder of Denton record is responsible for most of an artist convert about rap music of multi- multi- multimillionaire by worth six seven hundred million dollars he makes that point Jay-Z makes Rocco Ertl is not aware symbols was born with these guys are doing but Russell Simmons every morning before we goes on the balcony worsens the Hindu God that God we probably the Basel image with multiple arms each hand is holding a weapon of nightclub blaze of some weapon of murderous weapon he's an and is a very evil looking face in the house down and worships his idol prays that this God for strength then go the .def jam recording in order that he can make the music that young America will listen to the make the clothing in America where are my spiritual resume cultures regularly about how profound it is now but is that much of the connection of people operating the gods of the world literally praying for them in order to go out after that and then trying to young America divider records you want a lot of music of the quality as what are the lyrics that it's because it's being made by the enemy so some guys that well you cannot be more Christian was that Kanye West made a song called Jesus walks with me Psalm took over Christians that a planet like crazy with her wild up in the rapids famous and he made a Christian song even got Lehman performed in churches the sun have really nothing to do with Jesus and efficacy want to dress up my doozy largely Catholic but does get into some bizarre spiritual lyrics and hearings on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and he supposed to be like Christ being in a suffering open of the other woman go back what is Donovan in the song though is is not well thought about over this morning he garbed drug selling in Christianity the real point is long is that when he goes up to sell drugs when he goes up to do is start he holds that Jesus wall of water and as long as mother says to him these of my mother told that only Jesus can save his mama I know I will be logging onto November are not taxable I hope Jesus walks with me the very different than being a Christian does have medical commits crimes and murder I hope Jesus as their mouth is leaving it's a little more disturbing is a group called to live crew some of you might remember that they were arrested in Florida because there staged performances were sold raucous and so sexual that it broke and Summit counties on indecent exposure in these indecent behavior laws and accounting they were arrested and then he came out is holding about a First Amendment on the Second Amendment are you he was fighting offers free speech this is wrong with America I still say whatever I want to begin on Islamic and in America is not banning as music all over the country 's lyrics to the song like this was the first being symbolic far right he says I'll let the beatings begin the name of the song by what you say is S&M fetish given the masochism is a part of this sold ten million copies and I'm a part of this just like you said the cycle of Satan with work to do is allow right at the adept in from your breast will work you like this actually did get no rest I can see it in your eyes the doublespeak inside a masochistic streak and disguised your love is a pain pain is a game before the fit within the string you worsen the bed with your life holding sessions of confession every moonlit night ten million copies that album sold everywhere you went every party went to in that time of his holdout this music was playing and helping when I go to Church 's office said it doesn't affect me is that it doesn't bother the secular music can't get to me in order telling you who the source of the music is as a disciple of the Ananova Limited that is not the norm without you would want to be discussed in the church begins in church listening to him the moment in our arsenals on the matter of the company you're behind the times Donna McEvoy appointed schools making the music and you really listen to what cannot be harmed it even stayed at the tree and not a given industry if you stay there long enough the devil is going to get you these have it clear that any of you can see there's much more to this the what is a list of the three six Mafia and I will read this open up to the present near these are the top least a sleep these days the grizzlies spatially you and spatially what it is a Scripture says be sober and vigilant for your adversary the devil walking around like a lion seeking whom he may devour the devil has one great wish for the people of earth that they would stay asleep but spiritually you won't wake up by the ten virgins and you just stay asleep all pointed at the bottom again they tell you wrote it is a Satan satanic insert were wrote on the seventh it's so sacred created by Lucifer you can read more more more more this is the three six Mafia won the Academy award for the best music and him and him and I saw the motion picture for the song it's hard out here for a pimp who is writing the music so what you do well eligibility must put on the whole armor of God they've got to begin to get ready to really know God and I'm telling you that if there is a weakness in the armor of many of the young people in churches across the country is that the they will not let go and let God not as young people what older people will not know of the secular music that is so damaging to your spiritual life the Bible says that take on the whole armor of God and other places the red armor of God if you go to drink the doubles point but an excess of trampled on armor it will purposefully drink that which will destroy even when we listen to these music out out of was nominated the second busiest figure out a popular radio stations on a dangerous understand that the devil is in control of what happens in this world what I mean that is becomes popular who stays famous who is all of that is the debit Devil pulls multiple strings that allows in the polls is for descriptive talks about his ability to pull multiple strings is good given a lot when details given a lot with Steve and Adam Satan is called the Prince of the air he has been given a lot we must be very serious than we do not do this and others talk really doesn't open on on church music Christian music but let me say that it that the same premise for them to charge using the person making the music has no real connection with God who anything happens to the quality of the music what happens if the person really is making a music when it is not a regular justice out records and make money the only reason you're done writing this worship song because you really couldn't make it to the secular artist Rona audit because you can be the next Michael Jackson so if you continue studying thought is what I think that this a lot of people when they are in the world they don't do well in secular music one of them a lot of them do if they retreat back to their roots and go back to gospel music get your popularity up again and angled back to secular music NCM is a perfect example that we went broke file bankruptcy a typical thirty six million all in the Bay Area the bigoted builders when the Holocaust one million dollars you keep it so he lost his home he went back on deviant region all I want to be in no date that's the street right next to you know you got a popularly backup back to secular music what is the source of in the Bible to put a viable solution just means me I can't tell you going to heaven or hell back in the Bible does it by their fruits you shall know them you must be able to say you know what I will know if this person it was living the lifestyle and people fall people make mistakes don't get me wrong I'm not saying to you you can only listen to somewhere hear someone if they're perfect when someone is living a homosexual lifestyle I suspect whenever they put out for God innovative uses happen this week the guy was ahead of the home national all evangelical counselor how they describe their Colorado Springs UWM anti- gay marriage guy he was pumping even the political circuit Somerset have a huge church there resigned after allegations about whether they are overlapping allegations that he was living a secret homosexual lifestyle now I know how you are writing on why you bring that together on I got back to my salvage I come before the people of God he joins the very lifestyle you're secretly letting and what the devil is so slightly does the allows you when you get this and it allows you to put covers on yourself it allows you to throw dirt over like taking the allows of a high distance on the attempt it allows you to take the battle was dominant and the vessels that you shouldn't take it high them under your daddy allows you to put them away with it with the devil is a master at it eventually the devil stuff back and allows you to send you suppose I was really like them to allow people to get the position Mike the gentleman of the preacher and president of the Evangelical Council he will stab someone in position so people look at as righteous it will have those people fall the governor on every time will be move on the people under them would turn away and they know what untitled third problem back in the world this is why I warn I warn people about trying to be upfront in church trying to join always be the spiritual leader always one positions entitled out one of because you then becomes it on put on Satan 's most wanted list and a devil towards tirelessly to get you to fall while you are visible to everyone it's happening and the many times greatly has fallen a turn from our believes and I'm not a right magazine the magazine quarterly that's all I just administered because by coming out of God 's church by coming by popular rebelling against guys or the committee some terrible sin it will cause many underneath the fall that's why the script is so careful to warn you never to put your spiritual trust in men we all warn we don't you don't take is not because some of the great war radar not because they can sing well that is not what qualifies them in the eyesight of God is not connected you really study the script is carefully most of the minute Jacob had serious deficits Moses couldn't speak well is I can't speak well enough to go back now we spent forty years in Egypt he was fluent in Egyptian getting I couldn't go in there and speaking to the customs of the arousal that he thought he couldn't speak but because of the humility that molded game after four years in the wilderness guarding sheet and towel in if you were commenting gotten out of that of your greatly so what Pharaoh tells you to possibly be an heir to the throne what I called you to do is talk about the greatness in this world with a call by holding the believers in Israel and so it will call you often in your strength your call you in your weakness we were waiting for data they can show up and sign in and in the front it's a dangerous place you take on the target of the enemy these are working against American start working on your weaknesses he knows what addictions you have a begin to the on a painstakingly worked with honestly the digital fall because your fall North Pole the beautiful cloneable to me when you leave mementos of your students whether the Google backed the local churches to be leadership remember that the back to where the gods of humility you've got to go and buy cloth at all that I am chief among sinners bought that I die daily is that in your weakness am I'm a strong political conversational pathologist try harder to be righteous to try harder districts if you could be more righteous no submit to God allow him to use you allow God to take over suggested to make the subject but not you got a really retreat God want you to be humble the story of Gideon that they are not at all these men were to go and fight thirty thousand men got annoyed by sending about thirty thousand manuals that you one is too many men but that doesn't make sense Lord you may want fewer of us to fight when we had better chances to glorify enabled more muscle fibers note that the recording of one hundred and twenty thousand is the full was enough to believe that you won the battle got the three hundred men to fight that battle why because there's no way three hundred megabit onto twenty thousand and access phone for the Islamic phone number the weather last night I'm not concerned of the church as thirty thousand members of ten thousand members jolting strategic sisters what all these people mean nothing to me that's not coming back for a big number is coming back to those who have given their lives completely to him he will say that apart from the worker of iniquity I know you not I never knew you one of the Gospels say I was got to know me and him knowing me doesn't mean I have to be in a church with thirty thousand other people e-mail may not know we've got to get out of that we got to shake those that thinking because we're supposed to be the remnant remnant at the connotation that is not the majority the connotation of the word said the just a few left over the economy carefully also noted over at Abbeville I hope you were limited and we want bigger number one of Brody charges so he was going out of the F who comes into the church is serious about being Christian ells and is that Alabama we had a harvest time repeat with the church under November twenty two years residency and I remember we had a crusade that an Abbasid commitment he was pretty written out when he decided to do in order to keep those numbers are good that the conference if he was the escape key pieces key messages please will skip the health message you will skip the spirit of prophecy and he skipped a couple of the Ida Noyes can imagine I will have that annoying skip messages so we had this big baptism eight people is always a people tough a very southern Baptist mother country eight people I'll have a vote they baptized I see one guy drive home pulled out a cigarette smoking a cigarette on oil women at least what was at a first got lucky brought like the first one it wasn't his fault because he wanted numbers you should get the message that you thought would not work for him and you know what he said he was so angry he W been duped into baptism and he left the church we presented you really believe that you should've told me was upfront nobody mentioned us at all possible for me nobody told me about clean or unclean foods we try to trick me into your church numbers are important we got to be fair transparent tell the people what we believe Ivan a problem what I believe and why am I with our raise the standards metal raise them on me the reason on my logic cannot reason my intellect the reason on the Scriptures there raised on the word of God on plus saith the Lord cover to cover from Genesis to Revelation is nothing that have been a believer but I cannot go back to Scripture the Bible and the Bible alone solo script for and find the basis for what I believe if you find a few believes that McCain backed up by scripture than your job the script after backing up a minimum to key doctrinal issues I believe in the Bible the people come against the automobile .com many websites and and and he becomes the last family that we have in Obata on meeting the monitors on the hill while the charts available with having that means that a meeting down at the bottom of a hill the church down at the bottom on the often little side street there was having meetings of a group of accepting this anger search for me to get the Adventist church the question really becomes an anonymous person of them were talking about this monoculture can you defend what you believe you know what you believe of why you even believe it we know what this is what we call ourselves something that we can't even scripturally defend the value work at Loma Linda and you get ridiculed for being admitted to hospital you don't drink caffeine you don't meet how unique the Sabbath while I still keep the Sabbath holy you can join any of the tickets relisting on the Sabbath because the little movies on the Sabbath is a good family movie 's good family time ridiculed in an Adventist institutions are being administered at anybody remotely I do not like fanaticism I'm very much against fanaticism and legal of the heap in the norm people that they don't should not have but I'm telling you when it comes in a poor fundamental beliefs of the church we have got to begin the accepting of what we believe ourselves because they are worse hypocrite enough quantity of him standing again he's damaged around job didn't last out was our watch I get nothing get outed someone walks in the monotonous imprisonment doesn't know anything is a patient near busy and I want to mistake is that really me in a person might encounter doesn't need the help message of course they just were clear that he has found his fake meat stuff I don't know how good it is on woman body value the wife while they have need of or salt pepper while I am I will have any idea why they do that in front of it but if salt is salt but not pepper is not the worst even salted minimum the desert desert on secular freezers that the Duchy line pie and cheesecake why would she likewise teased certainly the Shuttleworth and meet when you say what you say what we mean by this is an popular one of five ways that got a hold up piece of our beliefs are built certainly but around the best Krispy Kreme donuts around on the counter when we finally rectified God is calling some of us to rise up and say look it may not be pleasant but we've got to clean the house of God Jesus went into the temple twice and turned the tables twice and ran out the money changers two times probably some of you are in medicine some of you are in physical therapy nursing some of your students or residents here ensuring he will working here because God has called you for such a time as this so does you will not waiver in holding up his standards the jewelry willingness to listen we don't have to have that there is a healthy alternative must find what you know we are effectively secular music entries and center while working out maybe to the way we could place him enough I just don't play anything at all somebody has been called to be the stand up and say listen for such a time as this we have got to do what God says do and I believe that many of you and Ernesto God is called to do that in judgment in a pharisaical way within love standing on God 's word speaking out with a loud voice saying this is the way God has said walking must not be afraid to do that contact information I like this forever and one woman only be one hour to say this we are limited very very difficult times I'm so sorry Jesus assumed to come the masses of recent problem message the last generation on the book second Timothy and him telling it every day when you see what's going on in the world you become more convinced that Jesus is going to come more convinced of this world must come to an end but God needs us the Scripture says that this Gospel will be preached in all the world as a witness and then shall the end come the question as we close this out within the fabric of the closes what side will reveal which side of the battle are we going to deal arguments used to stand for what God has given us under lavender vanilla privilege not a burden at a friend one of them Addison the guy was admittedly was now evangelical and he is the railing of a solid pardon the Sabbath what I hated it I couldn't do anything in the rest of the week you work real hard and I love to noted in the day when I located it on turn off the electricity and the water for twenty four hours I don't even think about it the joint while I worry about how difficult the job is out of politics they play how Martz who is twenty four hours God gave me a retrieve at all I'm not aware about that lay brothers being in communication with a Christian as you want anything else Elena makes up in God 's requirement of you spending time within the garden if you love God is like you're married Inc. and you have a date night and every time they comes around you when your wife with light will ever got a book with that woman again on Thursday I wanted to get a dinner what are the big night is really the problem your relationship is the Sabbath is the issue is an issue is the relationship so I encourage you and hope to continue doing what is doing this is more of a likely new ever imagine more of a like more people hear about Jesus and are acquainted with Adventism in a more short form because of what is being done here that if this was not here so much so that I got e-mails them I thought I was speaking here not this the last time someone in a position on campus of the leadership position on campus e-mail me via e-mail because are you an avid homework of the sometimes once in a while to thought is so rigid as though it was those of you know so far as I have brought you know what what to do when I'm not there I'm glad if there's somebody on this campus is not afraid to be in a combat if somebody still in the activist on this campus the women all become Saddleback we had all become just it all go down the street only the rock out of me that church understand that when God comes he's not coming for the size of the building is not coming for the size of bandwidth on a volume of the music he is coming for a church that is without spot nor blemish is coming coming to a group of people that gather to fellowship and worship and pray you have come to know him so intimately that they would lay down their eyes before he would turn it back on one of God 's precepts I believe that that is cultivated here that either come under attack from either the devil is going to try and destroy what's happening here I will tell you that with prayer the enemy is flustered he cannot move when our people praying for what God is doing like urge you to keep writing because the southwest of years of the little glimpses some I'll show into which you are knowledgeable to a world with demon possession and and and and and and and and anarchy are promoted and an accepted on a regular basis until you learn the job seen kids who come in and the canceling of just coming out of growth illegals legal she wakes up was rearranged I suggest we could only get ice cold at night almost out of it Bowles lost a lot like that please you tell me that the room gets possible route is pulled that is exactly around not doing I am not those most are not riding in their job to jump in and cast out demons and beings Abbeville rule then you and be with you for yellowtail roll is the twenty one -year-old girl with severe panic attacks severe anxiety disorder severe long-awaited early candidate she said that there was demons speaking to her more mother began to look like a demon and it was voiced hilariously told as a model driving on the freeway and strangle and kill her mother on our way to the urgent care most of the other doctors listen that are five minutes of that notified within thirty seconds of that step out a curtain that a little tap on about faces went back to Jonathan psychiatry all psychiatrists asked to spiritual history where do you go to Catholic school what is it that you like the one he listened to what would music will be watching turns out to watch and always horror film driver on a Ouija board and of trunk of her car to full-size digital the original movie opposed to the rhythm of the exorcism on about revenue and advertising of the new pink stuff around the room while the utility to let sublet your home to the devil for free humanity got to go scarcely but are limited by the business did a mean we are limited that happen time and again I'm not much I would be goals must build and run around catalog not just stupid and out of infinity whenever I would do the job without a prayer for trust me you're going into a very hostile world the Bible says that in the last phase in the Guccione of the home and because of that the love of many would wax cold vocals on this note sold terrible this world become up to twenty four tells us that men will turn on each other in a way that like never before this was shown the CNN does the recent exposé in a series on the crowded Democratic raw Republic of Congo and Sudan on some other part of Africa have they want to a hospital in his hospital all the doctor took care of woe rape victims is Melissa was sleeping to the villages and written when the beginning is written when we were finished it with knives or guns into their genital parts and destroy mutilate their bodies is not his job yet two hundred and forty women at the hospital is out of the tribe appear the fistulas that were created when the camera CNN camera pans onto the African Doctor and he standing there he has lost what had been lost in the headlights standing there as the cameras rolling and obtain written on CNN what you think is men he said I become as an is what the Bible says in Matthew twenty four verse eight it says all all the beginning of sorrows verse nine says at the back they turned on you everything you see one woman were all other Guantánamo Bay all of the Rwanda genocide the Holocaust of World War II all that you are seen in modern era how terrible it is Jesus said listen the beginning of sounds and wisely the beginning right now which is happening kind of randomly it's just where the devil can get the goalies let me go but Jesus had listened the day will come when all of these evil efforts will be turned on you hold on my much I was to use this if you can't keep up with the footman and right now in times of peace we can't be Christians of right now when were free to worship with renowned big institutions we can be Adventist Christians now with the foot and began run out of footmen how in the world we go to run with the horses at the time of trouble really comes in when we're been really being tortured and persecuted because of what we believe how will you stand then if you can't stand now New Guinea faithful to your spouse now if you can't be faithful to God some of it as a single person now the Senate so easily beset you now when you're not even thinking about its consequences you think magically trouble and all of a sudden your discovery I think John is given at the time to work out our own salvation interference from the submit our will that our lives to him because we should be home by the idea the day is coming when we will truly be the center of the world 's attention when it comes the persecution I still believe that I still believe that an every down and somehow makes it crystal clear that the day will come when we will be the target if you can't stand being ridiculed now Kathleen then vegetarianism how even stand when just being called in minutes is enough to make you lose your job you can't run with the footman how we run horses father God we thank you for this opportunity to serve you to know you more to world is become only more evil only more destructive right now what I'm asking for your Holy Spirit the Lord every one of the people of the sound of my voice including myself more to begin to continue the show was off false Lord let us not focus on anyone else's faults but let us never do that instead father God show us where in our own lives we need to change show us where in our own lives were coming short of being all that you have us to be but is not worried about what are our parents or siblings or children or our work our coworkers or oracles are of the students in the classroom but we so focused on them with ALT.NET Israel first do a work of cleansing inside of Israel let us first call on the Holy Spirit to convict us of all the sins that we are not so willing to give up the medicals pride and arrogance father is not walk around that you were better than anyone but more lettuce understand your mercy and grace and the fact that you love us enough to allow us to know these truths should humble us the father God we go out into a world that is trouble for father as the victory was simply each of us father got the nonexpert to give us the loving heart of Jesus a father that of people come in contact with it'll get a cold unreceptive feeling stepfather got the love of Jesus who just was a harmless the people would come around us and want to know what God do you serve the drizzle kind and loving father God we don't try and make people see us as perfect what would we work that Lord basing your perfection won't be with his church the Adventist denomination father God is a great work has been and is being that been done through these your church father I plan on not leaving his church so father God help me to be change for you in this church let us be the righteousness through you that you would like seeming your church is our prayer in Jesus 's name as we close the Sabbath bless us when we pray Lord Jesus amen I'm not


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