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The Gift: Ellen White, the Spirit, and Critics, Part 1

Dwight Nelson


If the Holy Spirit gave her the Gift, then is it any surprise that the unholy spirit is seeking to destory the Gift? What was Ellen White really like? And how can I intelligently respond to her cyberspace critics? Check out the fruits for yourself. It may not be as complicated as you first thought.


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • December 29, 2011
    2:30 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this is the online menu I see where I had a if I have a feeling is able to get acquainted and we are right after dinner and you know it in our physiology in the works of rushes out a great meal to begin the digestive process but in the process indicates our brains and begin in the drowsy survivor movement into and were moving into final scene is matter what time again is this theme is via for us and so I humbly pray and we all joined in this prayer that you will open our minds with the gift of the Holy Spirit who keeps giving himself again and again that the that the giver the Holy Spirit himself will be present we're going to this cavalier spirit retweet we earnestly are looking to know the truth the truth might set us free so let this module now be optimized within us the power to spirit hovering over us for the glory and honor Jesus we pray in his name on it before I plunge into the teaching good analog viewing to come into the back glad to hear we want for the study had enhanced their to study guys today one will take you to the thing is up to the breaking and the second one you want most of you guys who were not I get both of them to you now were going to put one in your hand at a time in the somebody at their door I think doing that those understandings that do latecomers as they arrive once you do study guides before you do anything else does Michigan the study of the apart or URL start filling in just a moment but the subject the subject of Ellen White which is assigned a management like coming here would you please do this at the GG series about eleven parts entitled against the finer marchers in the campus of Rutgers University because I'm the reality has been a generation now that's grown up in the church that really doesn't know diddly squat about this gift with cyberspace now that is failed with voices pro and con regarding away and go anywhere you want in cyberspace and you get whatever you're looking for so in a world like this where you got really been that exposed to the story behind the gift I went in just a few moments of view this afternoon in helping join us tomorrow my Celeste module tomorrow morning to more handouts for you share with you tomorrow morning by the way fascinating empirical research that they have done a team of scholars has studied the effect what happens to a human being who was exposed to this gift and takes it seriously may have been able to measure what goes on in terms of spirituality and this get you on this tomorrow and give you the actual findings on the chart that the findings were published with finesse tomorrow but I want to plunge into the subject because you're going to be your enemy brought up short one day by somebody's SAO done about this gift that you talk about this and I get your signature to believe that Joseph Smith right now she doesn't accept somebody out all your pictures and maybe training at all that's really not I is the one you don't then transfusions not another group I wallow you all why why why why why does Hawaii ladies adhere sure you got shot Joseph Smith and Mary Baker Eddy lab and now you're into it I may know just like that so I want how I give you enough material to where you feel comfortable under the inspiration the Spirit to be able one day to intelligently carry on a conversation with somebody lastly and that may have some sort of authority in the area now I hardly is the practice of reading here for about two years it comes out of that experience and I want to share with you doesn't study I'm indebted to some great scholars who have done their homework as well I got gently down in southern any of you go to southern and Dave are you some you are there now I gently is found there has done not some excellent work through the book on a light under fire and by one the best books I've read on the subject someone almonds is pulled from these dollars put something together that obviously to you this is largely because part one was this morning the second coming of the Holy Spirit which hydrodynamic is always brings a great gift all this is about to get the Holy Spirit working in our contemporary in our contemporary world so does everybody have a study guide a guide are a good start childlike and you'll see him in the Minnesota guys you get tomorrow the vocally listed his name will be there but I was given in the kudos right here at the beginning just to assure you that I'm standing on some some full shoulders anything I guess I had good and I got to thank you for you were a you are all hanging out positive commandment NASCAR the story my friend Esther was our undergraduate does spiritual life later on the campuses and universities investing investing in Wisconsin and knees my keyed light straight person assigned by GUI CNN did really great upon semester even as they appear as a people company will get those is that guys okay good for them to walk right by now RI okay but not without our prayer line began with with the sermon on the Mount before we go to our PowerPoint everything is on PowerPoint it is his boom boom boom boom boom the sermon on the Mount be nasty chapter seven of them I would be pleased in Matthew chapter seven that's getting into it together can read about my son read letter by looking at red letter these words in big bright red I personally biased to read their Bibles I love very easy for me to quickly spot the words of Jesus on a page that you get the seven sermon on the mouse pickup in verse fifteen how want you to reflect on this for me to come back to this again and again MLB Flippin and on the screen but this first on just eating your own Bible Matthew chapter seven estate of a verse fifteen Jesus speaking beware of false prophets will be carefully says beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep 's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves but now guys versus the EU will know them by their fruits you know them by their fruits do men and women gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from vessels in the supplanting it makes no regard request to get a great performances but of course not verse seventeen even so Jesus said every good free bears the bad tree bears what better a good reverse aging can there is a key line here a good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good July that huge is usually just a moment that you verse nineteen every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire therefore it is a straight line therefore by their slopes you should know you know by the fruits you shall know them November twenty six eighteen twenty seven an alert little rural village outside Portland Maine free June New England Earth last few on Aleve windblown and strewn across that Brown and barren land in the home of Robert and Eunice Harmon owned by the way already bulging with two sons and four daughters overnight literally the home is expanded by two instantly puts it in the oldest first one out Elizabeth Elder Lizzie second one out and this farmer turned in a winter hat maker to survive now has two more mouths to feed in a tiny little New England farmhouse to this any in the world the frigid wintry world of New England in that year is facing a form minimal challenge is based at the sixty survival statistics in those years indicate that the Senate children under often constituted close to fifty percent of deaths in a year left on a stillborn children under ten the death rate fifty percent on the best seven hundred ten stated differently this is a is a maintenance accessing the city paper there and in Portland Maine the advertiser stated differently the average a legacy the average age at death during eighteen forty when the twins were thirteen are the average age at death was twenty two six years if you can make a good twenty two six billion and will well leading advertising the city paper to claim that that demonstrated quote the superior degree of health enjoying Portland Arctic Congo our town because the average age of the theories and forty two six Battalion the world the disciplines were born into the less what's going on they read that a chronicle of what's taking life typhoid fever that typhus cholera measles Scarlett consumption that would be a tuberculosis but as it turns out that nearly killed one of the twins was not a disease but anger there now the twins there home with her older sister after school they got into some sort of altercation with another older girl in the classroom and she's not she's not no answer none of the twelfth arrangement I got a mother a soft answer turns away wrath so their not responding this girl is a month-long headache you know what the problem you I knew that whatever was going on this person the older student is following the twins as they crossed the street between naming Alan wanted to gauge the distance that this protagonist is that turns around at the split second that a stolen Carolyn a nearby that older girl sales in the air and strikes this little nine -year-old twinning out smashing her face right here she fell to the ground unconscious they pick her up and carry her to a general store and the people gathered around held girl her this evening we will get buggy will give you a help on oxygen she's interested I can make and then little nine -year-old with her twin race home to go with him she collapses not realizing how devastated how deep the wounded men years later but that's on the screen Ellen that twin recalls this incident she's looking back now and with a look I was stunned such as right now some years later I was stunned by the blow and fell senseless to the ground unconscious this return I found myself in a merchant store a stranger offered to take me home and is cared for I not realizing my weakness told him that I prefer to walk those present I know where the mangy was so seriously and allow me to go but after watching only a few rhymes I goofy and dizzy my twin sister my schoolmates carried me home I have no recollection of anything further for some time after the accident my mother said that I noticed nothing but wait in a stupor on the semicomatose for three weeks no one but herself mama thought it possible for me to recover but for some reason she felt that I would live I was reduced almost to a scalloped design is in hiding in August I was reduced almost to a skeleton now she's she's slowly coming out of this misty fog three weeks brain concussion obviously today we would go a TBI with CBI stand for dramatic brain injury and son-in-law who came back from Iraq he's a medic with U.S. Army Rangers suffered seventeen documented concussions while in Iraq survive and be out there when the IDs are going off came back and I not has great if you made it months later he began to develop dramatic brain injury splitting headaches sleep apnea inner ear issues the whole nine yards back then it am a new anything is a business taken in the face with his rock just come out of her unconsciousness reduced almost to the skeleton one day a neighbor lady dropped by half a dozen liberal doing of them Ellen Ellen overheard after the Labor Day stuck her head into the room where I was not she overhears this lady sainted to Allen's mother what a pity I should not know her community recognized which is a elderly years that SOC merely him for a year or are his reaction she looks in the mirror and was staring back enter every feature on my facing change the site was more than I could bear I do not wish to live but I dared not die for I was not prepared to listen guys this is two thousand eleven that was backed that was back before eighteen forty England they the extreme consciousness of physical appearance asking is this generation hyper conscious of physical appearance of any generation on earth can we identify most with this little nine -year-old who gets a glass they bring the mirror in ACC she can't recognize a single baserunner face and what would you rethink your little girl your little boy what would you be thinking this is my life regarding plastic surgery will put a face transplant this is my life in any generation that could understand just the heartsick rock when I realize what's happening woe but the pain that Cutter was deeply to the quick that would win her beloved daddy the delay in Georgia when the accident took place on some business when he returned home watch this when he returned he spoke my brothers and sisters and inquired from Edward L and missing out it was hard so he steps into the room Alan ate was hard to making the reading that I was is out that's that's how much the physical visage has been changed this will the heart that I tried to put on an appearance of cheerfulness when my heart is nice nine years old is starting out life and -year-old Danny can even recognize you how do you think you're going to see how are you going to handle life is with his face forever from you later Eloi went back to that very place in the road get this guy she goes back to the very place where the accident took place she stands there contemplates her life and in right 's words I visited the spot where I met with the accident that has made me a lifelong invalid she never pulled out of she was weak she was sickly her whole life now get this I'm standing where the accident happened the germane to this this misfortune which were at times seem so bitter and was so hard to bear has proved to be a blessing in disguise can you believe it she says it is a blessing the cruel blow with light of the joys of earth was the means of turning my eyes to heaven I might never have known Jesus had not the sonic honor my early years led me to seek comfort in him a ladies and gentlemen that is quite a testimony wouldn't you agree I'm a place my life in Roman but I realized what a blessing it all the what is going on here I might never know Jesus him of the disaster while I did but it read aloud with me a tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit therefore by their fruits you will know them remember if there's good fruit if there is good for the trees and that the clear if there's good fruit the tree having that an highway if there is bad fruits particularly good it never and I just had dinner sorry guys are looking at mass and even on user understand more my tongue lashing right here now I get I got his attention now a good tree can't produce bad fruit it is good for it can I come from a battery R Siegel model you have on this material in your study of the people in eighteen forty and itinerant Baptist farmer turned preacher named William Miller came riding into town will let he is talking about getting back into the prophecy and based on the prophecies of the study and anger he'd actually get this phase predicting the end of the world and the return of Christ and I'm sounding like a Leica apocalyptic wildfire the driver is spreading to Portland Maine and little thirteen -year-old Alan with rapt attention is sitting on the front row of those public lectures she is drinking it and she's been impacted their that he's been impacted for the rest of her life by the preaching of the farmer turned preacher William Miller should always have a heart for spiritual things but as Herbert Douglas in his classic book the messenger what are the unlike the light just her life and ministry Herb Douglas baby seat in the messenger must make this point her primary motivation however result happiness her primary motivation was feared fear of not being ready when Jesus would come to fear failure because of her limited schooling and we can body and fear that in some way got had afflicted her with her all physical God has done this to me is the face sickly life as she is ready to go so she rated a being drawn into the apartment everything and the world but her motivation is is is is tragically here based by way of money even in our community of faith are motivated by fear how many people today are saying I want to go with Jesus 's management to be regarded really got me mad if I don't and none about wanting a lot of our good deepens friendship nothing about this is the most glorious life to be called not Pembina health I don't that's what's been driving her some mother wisely listens to little girl thirteen years old she says you know what you go to talk our pastor Levi Levi Stockman Young pastor so she makes a one for Elvis and out with Levi Stockman he gently listens describes her after listening to that young teenagers the character of God is as is reflected in the life and ministry of Jesus and something like a switch it just something goes on a house my essay layer would write talk about a visit with an estimate by faith amounts of possession of my heart she saw the story of Jesus shoot she contemplated his ministry they another possession my heart I felt inexpressible love him the wind is on the spirit that my students were pardoned wow nice views of the father were changed no longer somebody to be afraid of is someone to be a friend of that the patient is in an affidavit that you were about a way that is not something to be of greater visibility of Roundup magazine the father were changed I now looked upon him as a kind of gender parent rather than a stern tyrant compelling manner when the blind obedience my heart went out for him in a deep and fervent love my heart was so filled with love to God and the peace that passes understanding that I love to meditate and pray now would you classify that as a throat or good fruit of the no-brainers I love punches drunk and got on I now seems a tender compassionate father and love to meditate and pray so young elder family motorway joined tens of thousands of Americans who would hold more following the Bible teaches away nor I look at the clock counting down October twenty two eighteen forty four September imagine if you thought the world was ending one month if you thought the world was ending in one month how would you be living right now I'm even if there was a date in January that we've been given that end on that date Jesus is coming back to this planet how would we be moving Alicia shines in the psyche the mindset of that massive revival of Millerite movement revival cases she's moving the theologians have done the research everybody's sure the numbers are right Jesus is coming so you can understand that when October twenty two eighteen forty four comes sixteen -year-old Allen is on the front row of expectation view the soul were countdown even also understand that when the clock told Al that midnight in October twenty three game and young sixteen -year-old broken heart with the rest of the millwrights you want this last May this wasn't the last message is coming to my mind was apparent there was a a a greater teacher and in California give me his name again I am camping Harold camping what was the date it was on the Sabbath it was on a Saturday event reached out what was forty first of May May twenty one thank you May twenty one and you know what the press was having a heyday I mean if Facebook had a big party the day after the end of the world Carolina they were called Burbank Saturday night asked me with all across the country because the followers of this how camping know that don't you they were standing on street corners in New York City are costly these well-to-do New Yorkers I think you understand the world in May twenty one I am banishing unashamed by the thousands we believe that Jesus is coming in a press they rooted began the taunting him he was just even then the mainstream press is doing his best to be restrained but you could just sense as cruel and also as a relief on graduate wrong and a lot of that is relief but you know what I did join I enjoyed the view and join in this mockery a kid it aren't exactly interpersonal same with those my roots my people from the rights went to the same thing I'm born out of a movement that began with a tragic and terrible disappointment I make fun of them because you know what when was the last time I anybody I'm telling you the truth Sarah Jesus is coming soon my people 's cards that name even comes out of a conversation unless you see the car but when I taken the initiative to come hang you know that Jesus is coming soon when doing about ninety laugh at them I thought they were a morality tale for the seventh in this church about a courage once upon a time that we no longer have Eliana believe the date setting it all out they never south camping does it are you going to do something October I hope he stays away from it forever but the point is enough to laugh our movement came out of that and a disappointment so this is now the nose October twenty two a December morning eighteen forty four seventeen to seventeen seventeen -year-old Allen is at a friend 's home in a prayer circle for the women are not small groups she's fresh she's in a prayer group C-17 monastic which handed the seventeenth that's not hard to imagine who was seventeen -year-old is a seventeen -year-old looks like she's seventeen season of prayer group this happened up with the words on the screen for you while we were praying December eighteen forty four while we were praying the power of God came upon me as I had never felt it before I seem to be surrounded with light and the rising higher and higher from the earth I turned to look for the Advent people in the world but I could not find words as where the neuron movement people I can find that when a boy sending me a girl look again look a little higher at this I raise my eyes and I saw a strange and narrow path cast up high above the world to see CNL is able to snap just wandering up in the van is on this path there they were the added people were traveling to the city him are there and the path they have bright light setup behind and at the beginning of the path which aims it only was the midnight cry nothing that that's a Millerite movement Jesus is coming Jesus behold the bridegroom comes midnight club these assistant write like it's giving you some illumination on this pathway lies behind you now that's the midnight cry moment this life shown all along and I was no number has grown a passion for Jesus incoming election all along the path and a life of their faith so that they might not stumble it out here here's the clincher if they can't their eyes fixed on whom her first vision two thousand Lord these are going to come over her lifetime no vision what's the bottom line if they kept their eyes fixed on Jesus who was just before then leaving them to the city one of those last three words may were saying a gentleman I would like to have you carefully note please in this apology apology and the great apologia means defense not saying I'm sorry apology means defense in this defense of the gift through Illinois I want to know right here at the outset that new mail own elevation her number one vision her first vision they were good it's better first one we matter her first vision her first mission bottom line if they kept their eyes they sent Jesus it was just before then leading them to the city they were safe it occurs to me that for a community that was raised up by the seventeen -year-old little girl you are not part of the community of faith raised up by this little where I know she wasn't the only one but I haven't also know she was instrumental in this community ever finding existence in the light of day in a community raise that by this little girl I think it's significant that the first vision had as its bottom line is that if we can put this in the present estimate of the listener steady I know if we can put this in the present tense if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and study guide we are say the rest of his life everything else that needs you fill in your study guide if we keep rising fixed on Jesus with safe offense like this I like the gospel message to me to continue keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and Jesus put it indeterminate amount but he's a good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit so far the fruitage affiliated seventeen fairly different would you say fairly good fruit I'd say she loves the father she meditates and praise Ricky Bryson Jesus will be safe I'd say the fruit is good can a bad tree bear good fruit they will penetrate what she bats were going I is that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit therefore by their fruits you will know them so here's a question at one time a woman was out like like animal woman why should do it nineteen will my at nineteen thousand love and married a twenty five -year-old itinerant preacher named James way and it's wanting to gain the mother the first of four boys wife mother the Paul later visionary church leader speaker intrepid traveler institutional builder best-selling author one wise she really as a person from my last visit is a doctor or shop is to teach music and university for his doctoral dissertation at Michigan State University in East Lansing Michigan for his dissertation he was studying the rate it was it is called that at rhetorical analysis of LOI speaking staff it was that he was studying how she spoke as he guided his patient communication but together they get this regulator are speaking step but to do this he had to interview as many people as he defined core alive when she was alive and violated to say that the that the her speak is that she was widely acclaimed as a public speaker sometimes addressing up to twenty thousand people and her audience with no PA on survivor because I was little think with my tie twenty thousand no they get here her voice and I'm on a play for you tomorrow and actual the actual footage of the testimony of someone who heard her speak in her to break role-play freedom or right of the screen I so anyway horse shop for his doctoral research began it is many people is even better if you do this research back in the fifties he was a listener that he was able to interview three hundred and sixty six people who heard her speak right so how do those interviews a physical description of her emergence someone to distribute anything little word picture for you and you try to imagine what this looks like she was a short woman five foot two inches tall I given her an inch color five or three possessors likely to be knocked off I put as I find it to say what will I do I'm sorry anything if I do if I give my sitting in the life with you you go girl you think this is a okay come on you okay they've done is not five foot two okay is your daughter going again he is is okay that's okay okay but I will talk at all here now this is only just like this theme he began over almost thank you a very much the point is just a short related short sword when we know better regulators for your willingness to do that I wanted on our number one is likely to install in the region more interestingly on a definitive interestingly it was her face that was remembered the longest is not going out from a different recollection features round and full than one person sweetest smile broke out occasionally send another person 's face seemed to light up said another are 's beautiful brown eyes with a faraway look her eyes were large and became larger she was in earnest are excited and was smaller when she smiled her hair your notice her airplane hairstyle hair dark and always started actions simply deliberated not in the back of Burnett her dress black velvet or sell to these garment white cuffs and collar as accent gold watch chain silver watch her pocket and a silver brooch I went around as I got to find a picture of Ellen White actual photograph so now what are you doing up this is that's right hand is newsletter descending on the cover of Glamour magazine vision now to the Victorian woman she's living in the Victorian age and there she was in seeing where that stone left its imprint states that in Britain the collapse of her of her reach her nose as she bit during woman very much so and yet he carried this because I see the Victorian woman doesn't mean she was approved so straight races you would do with them it's a story on one occasion that she attend a wedding of a young preacher named Daniel Morville who for three years out of the theological seminary where it where we had these lungs and young men roving across the campus and the University so we were were used to this but this this this young man Daniel Margot for three years had been searching for a wife visitation are searching for a wife he finally found one and Alan Weiss has been James was going off initiated the wedding the wedding was was held in a home and because the service was made the day the newlyweds accepted the invitation of the host to spend their first night in their home where they just got married okay now Herbert Douglas is describing what happens next when Alan White who was thirty three at a time when I talk to burial right thirty three of the time when she went upstairs to retire she saw a very nervous young man pacing back and forth in front of a closed bedroom door she suspected a problem gently she said to the younger I will write later quoted her husband 's recital of the incident Daniel was his assistant can help inside that room is a frightened young woman in bed petrified with fear now you go into her right now and you love her and you comforter and Daniel you treated tenderly you treat your lovingly it will do her good and then she added Daniel it was good to see whether or armadillo Main idea let me as a very divisive and all more fool them glowing halo now come on guys really so what would I like what you like over there his wife and mother Elizabeth in a letter she wrote to James two days after he left home on a ministry itinerary safely when all the boys are left with her okay here we go okay this is the story I just do read it and we got so here's a letter now to James we are all well as usual it takes a little time to get settled down from the excitement and you're going you may be assured we miss you especially do we feel the loss of your society when we gather about the fireside evenings we feel your assets when we sit around the social board that would be the dining room table I wish you a couple weeks later she write another letter to Reno I bring you quite a lengthy letter last night but the ink was spilled upon it making it unsightly blocks and I will not send we receive your few words last night a postal card Battle Creek April eleven no letters from you for two days James White she goes on this lengthy letter was written by yourself thank you for we know you are living I will write every morning Williams is the same motion like his mother she had four boys in London the death away there was her lot to those boys as I broke her heart when her little John Herbert died at three months of age thirty three years old she loses her little boy three months of age if you have ever lost a child and young enough to where you ignore your average but if you ever lost a child and I have attended and intended to families in their time agreed there is no grief like the death of a child she writes about this death is impending death she's very clear zone she writes this Monday was worse I listened to his labored breathing I felt this pulseless wrist I knew that he must die that was an hour of anguish for me I fainted at the two hundred percent think the I fainted at the two my heart ache as though it would range yet I could not shed a tear there is no need for human pain and that she had once she had it twice this was three years later her firstborn son Henry died aged sixteen he worked in the review and Herald publishing out of the starting to R adults were a visit address Mrs. Young Henry is working at the review and Herald publishing house is getting on whereon and has never previously seen his end-of-life but I called and turned into pneumonia and that the doctors is that they gave in those days toxic drug concoctions exacerbated his condition his last words to his mother on the sunscreen is last in the review 's last words to his mother mother I shall meet you in heaven in the morning of the resurrection for I know you will be there and then he beckoned to his brothers and his parents and friends and he gave them all a parting kiss after which he pointed upward and whispered heaven is sweet these were his last words guys it hardly matters what you like what you do professionally when you go through an experience like that that is that that that that structure down to year their humanity she was a human being lost two of her four boys and untimely death thirty seven sixteen first motor three months three years later her oldest boy dies at sixty two candles who you can go for experience like that cannot be drawn to the very heart of the human race people who lost children and expanded capacity for compassion I found to set up has to return our team and we said is that retirement the service of his farewell December seventy three five three times and this is his third and last time we were lucky he was with us for his last installment of his ministries are pastoral care pastor 's name is best Re: Swanson great great pastor just and compassionate heart of their boy was flying a plane the student is very assignment when the plane crashed in there why was good twenty one twenty twenty one two years of age you never recover from you never do you can see the crystal in the Silver pain in the eyes of a parent is less a child you just see it and I'm very the children and I know the parents but hey it does something to your heart Arnie is is just one of the system she knew Harding may lose who loves the human race at his own tragedy God as and built a ministry form outweigh you cannot help but be affected by Jesus say something about fruit is a good true it is good but eventually with the firm and back-to-back fruit grow on a goods recorded using an effort run victory and actually can want out of the bad battery is that many difficult candy cannot be bushy bushy life as a mother ocean like his wife at a news of the merger of South Louisiana phone with a former associate who taught me how to fish a Paul Sanchez and that is pestering somewhere else I called him up and we got a conversation and easy just this huge fish is lost the pitch anything like I I found I got given the widest debris I found the letter were allied support fishing say on between okay and I found a sending a letter I will share with you but on the screen for you at this from the widest date so here is the background of this first thing to say LA Schreiner fantasies left the family in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado she's meeting industry academies which is left James and the children there and she's writing a letter to them and says can be read to the kids that she called father in the letter this very rent and your father are writing can be done in the winter as you want to write some books the summertime I write in the winter lay aside now throw up every burden being carefree boy again what enjoy life will remarry if they stay in the mountains a few weeks longer should neither study around with my study is that you guys had a break they should be made happy for the season that they may be able to look back to this time as a season up on alloy pleasure just undiminished pleasure and she's gone a few days you now have together improved Rome about the mountain about this though it is the word positive fish products go to places you've not seen rest of you go and enjoy everything then come back to work fresh and vigorous vomiting to be a boy again Romar amounts these ride horseback find something new each day to see you enjoy this a be the father 's health do not spend any anxious thought on me you will see how well I'll appear after the camp meetings are over and was in Dallas is a distant is the usual human being and was just her friend and you have a good time I'm not don't study no data associated all right just enjoy yourselves go fishing hunting do whatever you want to be a boy here who that letter inform us about the way very average human being into life and her family allege a year that I have had the privilege of reading it online for years and I reflect on what I've read over the years it's occurred to me that her life has been driven united by three passions our shared history passes passes with you and never come the end of first the first half of this presentation so they can get your rub is that I ready to go innocent numbers and some is got us a a a phone here we Re: okay are I three passions and I say what you can get you can get if you pay it in a few sentences in the alike before you are in the past passing number one she had a passion for the Savior which is relatively she had a passion for the Savior to the most Christo centric writer I've read your Christmas afternoon the crisis center Christo centric she's the most Christ centered writer I know and I we trust me I read everything in lands of she is passionate about his back to his number then on my CD-ROM varieties she writes that Jesus El Capitan does Ellen use the word the name Jesus three thousand thirty seven thousand thirty eight thirty seven thousand thirty eight times she write the name Jesus obviously was a name familiar to see space of Christ sixty nine thousand two hundred and seventy seven times in a hundred thousand manuscript pages of writing sixty nine thousand two hundred seventy seven and of the Savior the thought was but the sacred eleven thousand five hundred and eighty three times she had a passion for Jesus steps to Christ the spiritual classic that became her most translated book but a way it is her number-one translatable steps to Christ from that book limited in this great capturing her passion for Jesus you are not the look to yourself you're going to let the mind dwell upon itself but looked down look to Christ let them identify his love upon the beauty the perfection of his character I is something Christ in his humiliation Christ in his purity and holiness of Christ in his matchless love this is a subject for your souls contemplation just look to Jesus Christ is my loving him copying his depending wholly upon him that you are to be transformed into his life 's homers what was that first line from revision we noted and you filled in and what was the first line if we keep our eyes fixed on then we are safe she lived in Susan Pritchett on the priestesses it sounds good in Christo centric in a real think of crisis she has printed all hundred thousand pages of manuscript by the thousands she was focused by her word choice focused on Jesus what you can get more Christo centric and that since we does read focus your soul on the Lord Jesus as a number two so she has a passion for the Savior and number two is down she has a passion for the wording that I mean this little lady five foot two inches tall had a passion for holy Scripture unbelievable watch this is now my right where is this from the various data words it visits from the S by the desolate Greece three ninety three ringing exultation of my way to pick up any of her books pick up any of her books at the back of the book don't be what's called a Scripture index is other than a robust Scripture next FA were any direct Bible quotation is noted there so she quotes Genesis three fifteen José Dennis as they continue the page number now she alludes the sensitivity you want seen anywhere those are only direct reference quotes go back and desire may did you go to the back and great controversy as just page after page the woman was saturated with a passive rollup for the love of God 's word the Bible is God placed me he knew us just as surely as though we've been hearing with our ears Virginia age reference at this point you're that energy since the Bible is God 's wants as his words his voice if we realize that this was his voice with what all would we open God 's word and with with what earnestness when we search its precepts the reading and contemplation of the Scripture would be regarded as an audience with the infinite one so if you are in our first module this morning we talked about this time seven days a week thirty minutes alone with God and the word you and you and I could envision opening the bottle and even before the four Gospels especially before the forgot opening the word to one of those stories we are having a private watch what's what's what's worrying whether your privates audience in order and audiences with an audience if you go to England in the agreement if you go to England and you want to save the Queen to have Ted with her she has to agree to an audience what his audience it's when they bring you follow me please and even Scuderi told exactly what to do when you come in the presence of the Queen urging all the starving humans the audience is what you are ushered into the very presence of the Queen they shut the door and you are alone with the Queen of England private audience awaits as any of the word of God you have a private audience with the infinite one it's that something -ites with guidance I asked for the same general passion for the holy Scriptures and I'm gently what she had a passion for the salvation of the lost I have never read any writer and their multiple writers and they were telling us need to get into so when you know evangelism on and on and on I never read anybody who is more passionate about saving the loss in a white you can only go a few pages into her in her writings and pretty soon she's talking about she's talking about her longing to reach the law she's talking about her passion to connect with lost people as a lead-in to the Savior it's it's just unbelievable technically this recently in the night season I was awakened from sleep and interview the sufferings of Christ for men women this is actually kind of shell and this picture Jesus suffered his amazing quotation of Britain's rotation down by the way my page my bottle for secretary chapter five the love of Christ compels us to send and him and his views known keep reading his sacrifice the mockery and derision he received at the hands of wicked men his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane his neutrality crucifixion all are vividly portrayed before me so she seen the passion the closing Saints as I have thought of that cop in Gethsemane trembling in the hands of Christ as I have realized that he might have refused to drink and left the world of parish in it since I have placed that every energy of my life should be devoted to the work of winning souls to him and guys you will not find anybody more passionate about saving the Lawson family find that anywhere on earth is more than the passion is more than that passion at the right there to say that I have reviewed the picture of Christ's suffering I have placed that every energy of my life should be devoted to the work winning souls for you is that again on the call my gut is a seventeen gigs with the spiritual gift of prophecy Ellen Whiteley and her salmon the prolific years of ministry and ninety minus three passions for a passive action for the sake passion for the work that fast for the salvation of the lost is no one and I think about the little writer 's cramp his people and an output that is fast but here we go it is no wonder that her life and ministry were so fruitful she is considered today the third most translated author in history that's human history the third most translated author in history keep going she is considered today the most translated American author mail or female the most translated any American ally or Dan is the most translator keep writing her literary production is approximately a hundred thousand pages the equivalent of twenty five million words adequate school of eighty nine of that tragic tragic acts started feeling sorry for yourself because taking all this time to get to where you are in school would back into the life fully dedicated on an thousand pages in right on as based by the time you and Jesus doesn't come expire now you will write a hundred thousand pages twenty five million words you may speak them that you mean you won't run his enemies third most translated author in history the most brand Native American other male or female do not affect you know hundred and twenty eight times were in print bearing her name including books that are compilations all hundred and twenty eight times as a fruit of her ministry and leadership John raised at the seventh and assures to become a Japanese man armed violent God raised up the seven feminist church to become the largest Protestant educational system in the world today there is no larger Protestant system to Marla Sheridan Christian science Monitor and its response that is education a unbelievable alike educational system in the world today the largest Protestant health system in the world today Barna the largest Protestant publishing enterprise in the world today are nine and the most asked the most expansive Protestant missions outreach in the world today with a seven p.m. research in more countries than any other denomination a little five foot Jewish woman dropped out of school because of a traffic accident the agent nine and all of that you just jotted down the throat the fruit of her leadership and spiritual ministry how did Jesus but ladies and gentlemen a good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit therefore by their fruits what you will know them but a lot of conclude the day with a personal testimony with respect here the personal testimony I mentioned a moment ago that I grow bananas home fifth-generation and when data schools Southern went to and we feel like the seminary there and while I was enrolled in the University twenty two years old Master of Divinity I think a classroom of a great professor no longer teaches there European professor 's brilliant mind anyway is he he yeah this statement was a class act I scribbled down thinking on this pinup on a final exam in order to make sure I get it forgot all about the sentence forgot all about it until he came to Christmas break while I like there is a nurse and she is working hospital for nursing at the time this is a family practice nurse now but that she was working because were just starting out Leninist energy got the javelin the seven in the Saint Joseph so care his work eleven the seven autumn quarter is over get ready for Christmas break room and enter parents place and so I'm playing like every good seminary student does a prayer before going to bed this generation have messages now you do that you pray before pointed as timeframe they think this is the just something inside me to do this just felt missing just I know why was I send me what is this I just feel like something I completed my wife has a weird feel that over holiday break and just like that since like that the sentence that I've written Professor Bain can enter my mind and it was a sentence he was lecturing from Psalm ninety eight is lecturing on David and he said gentlemen that was back when there were just guys in the seminary is a gentleman we ask God to reveal to loss our true simple nature thyroiditis may end up on Italiana that has got to be less obtrusive location because Damon says and David says their classmate from my henhouse again Quincy involved in some a very nice David is revealed in the life is any wicked way in sleep you can find as I need to ask God to show us are too simple self songs on him kneeling on the bed and put a call in but I just sent this life and that sense of sacrifice on the prayer before my life that's a great idea prayed a prayer I think I didn't have much to show reseller get it over with quick of exactly what I think it's great ever known I felt better for granted nothing gained my love that this felt wisely with managers hosting Carolina deliberation outward of his master were coming back from Charlotte reclassifies a great place for crossing the Kentucky Indiana border when Justin are heavy oppressive cloud is good I don't just hope I couldn't shake it I think this is crazy get back to Andrews I wake up the next morning as it's all it's New Year's Eve today for New Year's up to it as man got up from his I have promises to be a great year next year as I got Micah six receipt and I wrote another piece of paper to God is surely a man was good but that the Lord require labor to do justly and to love mercy and to walk on they went I think I does not does not allow for the new year you have a very happy with I wrote that but it didn't help I started waking up in the militants I started having nightmares and in those nightmares little saying that I laughed off dismissed from college laugh do a little season started returning to my night vision dressed in all their dark guilty array in him these are suddenly realizing you know why this morning and so good after all only later did I realize it was happening is answered my prayer I asked us to take resulting loss showing like yourself is news why did I wait out with you vulnerable and then boom they started coming I am now overwhelmed with guilt I don't know what to do with the skill I mean I'm a young preacher to be a vice that year entering in Roseburg is a you that I'm supposed to know what to do in this field I go back to the professor benefiting a second classroom in after all this is his ideation at a solution toggle back and I went to the class is over as it prevents I need to talk with you and so we were going up the stairwell the old stairwell in in the theological seminary and a visit from Europe as I mentioned is not a real note talking typing so I I I is for a market messaging a professor I did what you should did you last this quarter address that issue in my simplest and I really overwhelmed with guilt what should I do what I want it was Wednesday what come on in my office let's just talk about this but he wasn't a doctor guide is a lease enemy is going steps to Christ steps to Christ after we got up to get baptized I didn't read I'd underline a topic sentence in every paragraph is that the Christ lighting and baptizes van I asked us to Christ but the signal reached us to Christ who is just a Christ so I went back to my apartment they are another room of the number job by every Sunday and I pulled that old Army Navy this is write down and guys have that little book I began to read it from scratch no topic sentence now just a hard desperate to know what you do with the skills and I stand before you today to testify at the time of the net book became a self-fulfilling prophecy in my life I found the steps back to Jesus that book I am telling you what I need to study her fruit from books I have found from the reading of just one little book the truth about the Savior and I am absolutely convinced guys I'm absolutely convinced that her prophetic spiritual ministry was a gift of the Holy Spirit and the fruit we see in her life is Jan good fruit she is a good tree and Jesus said can a bad tree bear good fruit now other good screen bears good fruit and by their fruits you will know them check it out for yourself check it out for your self see the venture start with the fruit by way when you have when you have studies with people and you have conversations I learned this from a friend of mine start with the fruit once you establish the fruit the rest will fit in ushering right after the break our priority right now with radio guy we must pray is as little woman the Holy Spirit use to raise up a sprawling community of faith as all those accolades that we noted on the screen or moment ago right now thought it's not about all that we are grateful for this church we love and belong to but right now the Spirit is teaching us that the that the focus of the gift is if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus we are safe my own personal testimonies the steps to Christ are embedded with you as I pray for every man woman no no every person you God namely taste and see that the Lord is good and so is this interesting this message will prevent him see what is CYC supporting ministry on the seventeen hundreds it seems to inspire young we might Bible makes unprecedented Christians the downloadable purchases of the resources visit the online and see what you see when watching


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