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The Gift: Ellen White, the Spirit, and Critics, Part 2

Dwight Nelson


If the Holy Spirit gave her the Gift, then is it any surprise that the unholy spirit is seeking to destory the Gift? What was Ellen White really like? And how can I intelligently respond to her cyberspace critics? Check out the fruits for yourself. It may not be as complicated as you first thought.


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • December 29, 2011
    3:30 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this is the online menu I see where I had a more afraid and break and reason bracelet you program the Sabbath into weekly calendar of human survival we need breaks in ten minutes a break every day when alone in our prayer closet with you and that audience with eternal and weekly break we need the seventh day to refresh our souls while one with you with each other so place over now fathers we continue examining this giftedness minds that are clear to comprehend what the Spirit teaches we pray in Christ's name amen I left less pungent description how to how Mrs. gives work fascinating or share this with you and were enough remove rapidly through this before let's go to Revelation chapter twelve this is that gray final line in revelation the Apocalypse chapter twelve this is the final line as all in the symbols but you know this text well and the Dragon and Dragon by way of Satan the devil that old serpent and the dragon was rock with a woman who the woman at the church chairwoman tearjerking chairwoman interchurch work right with the driving was enraged with a woman he went to make war with the rest thinking Jane says the arraignment proceeding who keep the commandments of God and him while testimony is Arthur and we all car I see on this testing are little apocalyptic community of faith this text we believe is it is a key identifier of God anytime you put the movement of the end of time it would be it I have two characteristics in the movement it keeps the Commandments of God and it will be a movement that has the what testimony of Jesus so it will be there be some sort of Christ saturation Christ centeredness that will be significant so what success wanted to assist its new and old fashion Bible study similar revelation chapter ten if I don't know what this is what it is all about find out and I felt his feet to worship him this is John in Ottawa this is the angel Gabriel and John is so overcome by the glory of this angel remembered Angel is like the moon he only gets his glory from his proximity to the divine vagina so overwhelmed he followed that Gabriel 's fate to worship if you says that John Stout on the same if you do not know that I am your fellow servant and of your brothers throughout the testimony of Jesus although there is a price estimate is what the testimony of Jesus our Davis has worship God here comes for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy is interesting so that I'm a church attendance on in pictures it keeps the Commandments of God and I suppose that would include the fourth amendment when it remember the Sabbath dated relic of the insurance of the sanitary community and the community of faith it keeps them up ASAP would that be correct to assume so the church and keeps the Commandments of God and half the testimony of Jesus we stay in the Multnomah summer and recently find relation I could get out of the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy now let's unpack that just one more tax him down relation twelve seventeen oh five communion that they told me one as it do this before we get to that that their deck number one they will be radically old deviance to the commands of God including the fourth so just this community is molded in a timely radically all being into the Commandments of God and number two will be radically new law yield to the testimony of Jesus 's own being to God 's law loyalty Jesus testimony to identifying characteristics of this community of faith Siam Elizabeth what's up with this testimony Jesus well keep writing we just saw that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy or the prophetic gift right so now you have is that you do the Bible say that this is a study that we'd be able to do about statement somebody is looking for testing crop are right so we now know that the testimony Jesus is a sphere proxy or the prophetic yet now giving the third tax business cards you know you got the setting and SCO have all this is not described screaming to write the text in relation twenty two nine then he Gabriel said to me John does the same thing all over again gave her shows up in a ball down worships in Davis-Bacon is that John would do this once but he doesn't he very graciously Suzanne saving you do not do that just said for I am your fellow servant and how dear brothers of profits now notice as a slight change here I love your brothers of property and of those who keep the words of this book worship God now remember in his preview Gabriel previously did John greeted I said I am your fellow servant and of your brothers who have the testimony of Jesus you represent him they haven't that's when it is what is called into the profits so the testimony of Jesus is to have an estimate of Jesus is to have a perfect getting to the register that the estate estimated at this time because I'm among the prophets so to have the testimony of Jesus is to have the gift of prophecy in the community the existence of a project and you know obviously we're going with this be a sacrament like I was associated as to spare process manifested through the ministry of a product forget you to give you that in the spirit prophecy is manifest through the ministry of the exact come on a positive event you clearly got out of committee of faithful on earth will have a ministry of a profit in their midst intermix I sounded that you know I'd like that matter is theirs they are so many spiritual communities and clean the ministry of a profit in their midst there is no way were going to be about an inch of the manifestations of the genuine gift especially when with some of them are in blatant contradiction with each other so how in the world is supposed to know which one is the genuine which one is that genuine what's a thinking person supposed to do so they saw the communicator than as a prophet and are not Al Qaeda people claiming property suffering out elements and LSO God makes before utilities for four tenths guy makes a very unusual statement about the gift prophecy watch this first Thessalonians chapter five verse nineteen all right do not request the spirit right-field adults don't limit the spirit the question you are going to spirit verse twenty do not despise from prophecies this could be automatic and I guess prophecies know extend verse twenty one test all things hold fast to what is good to guide needed something shall I open the door to find a there was going to okay so this incentive at all things I am not says is about done with my dad better come into play are more answers on campus and is a resident of existing serious everyone started there is nobody like that and he got to Michigan it was so cold in Michigan at one nice that the person is a non- arson on Michigan I have to wear these people this impact that any head red longjohns on you in a place interrupted as you just did as a one night minutes of it if someone got done his teaching jewelry are right sure this is less on the big deal about Julius if you want to wear something expensive on your body once you just do this and he reached into his wallet and pulled out about it I don't know what to get he just wanted up in the little tube like this people want anyone to the success if you will especially want people to notice it I just do this if they put expendables in his ear just a fifth two hundred are males and if you are given a notice in your word valuable stuff dollars of the so there's no telling when you go in there right now but I believe it's anointed by the Holy Spirit South okay let's go all right so Paul says hey guys did a check of the Yukon it's fast you need most to even examine these it's okay though despite obstacles it does need you I would probably throw wackos they're all there all space will even go that you him with a fall behind their manifesto on January the seller no forecast not away there are a lot of quacks out there every time I go to Walmart I sometimes you shall be a Walmart I love to go to the cashier line and what I do and I go to the cashier life as I want to check out the headlines are right National Enquirer you know that the so the first thing I do before I did that is I look around make sure you use their and then I pulled the singer visit ten predictions for two thousand twelve with the same about two thousand twelve so there there there a diamond doesn't separate a supermarket psychics we call how we know whether the gifted singer not only run is not a forecast of a separate in January from the counterfeit test number one eight twenty the word of the true profit is in agreement with alerting at if you mean agreement guys in agreement with the wording that Isaiah twenty six Isaiah twenty after getting agreement Isaiah twenty two the law and the testimony if they do not speak according to this word it is because there is no light in them I fear I found out every true prophet has made the writings of previous profits the benchmark for his or her own ministry as a key point and ritual profit makes the previous profits the benchmark down in this agreement in order to find a supermarket tabloid that is in disagreement with the previous profit and be genuine can be genuine illness the fruit and along the testimony is making a good point customer to wrap it in a theater going this work is because there is no light and so reinforce Isaiah a twenty SS number two I was eight and nine the prediction of the true profit comes through at the test the prediction of the true profit comes through is the most common familiar tests are used to gauge interest in the so-called product but I tell you what this is a tricky one and to render them on the run some examples by the task of the true profit comes true Nostradamus is a you get organized events of course Nostradamus supposedly predicting the great fire of London in sixteen sixty six with this quatrain memory modules at one three zero four line for lines fifty statements and he believed and others taught that he was predicting the future he wrote this about one the blood of the just will be demanded of London hurt by the fire in the year sixty six hundred years before the London fire the Broncos were Nostradamus is a true prophet yes and no and many of you have time to build a real strong case yet for another one here is the Irish Sea a writer 's Irish profit name Cairo H Y 's presidency twice warn a journalist WTC in eighteen ninety four and again in nineteen eleven that he would drown be warned as journalists German or drown in April nineteen twelve Steve can be very drowned when the Titanic sank in April of nineteen twelve twice before you go he wanted to drown you that April nineteen twelve that make them into profit Cairo to prop genus in America our American prophetess emerging this address genius was initially nineteen fifty six she predicted the election of a Democrat as president of the in nineteen sixty but that he would be assassinated in office guess what John Kennedy was elected a Democrat in nineteen sixty and he was assassinated in office does that make Jean Dixon April this she nailed that one on ahead issue through proper note declares God through Moses 's watch this up with the subject of this anything I please prefer E Jeremiah Jeremiah twenty eight the prophets and women before me and before you love old prophesied against many countries and great kingdoms of war and disaster estimates as for the profit about the size of peas when the word of the prophet comes to what when where the product comes to bat the problem will be known as one whom the Lord is sent really set so as Jean Dixon at Cairo Nostradamus know there is one caveat I got says to Moses just as now Deuteronomy thirteen verses one through four declared the test number two is only valid if task number one is true what's test number one yes eight according to the death or nowhere requires a lot of prophets such as number two is only now to test everyone is doing other words fulfilled predictions must be matched by the fact that genuine harmony with God 's word so just because Cairo nails WDs need in the Titanic doesn't make them into Brock Norte Vista for that same reason nor Nostradamus that they can caveat we got himself to Moses says you have just one in order for test to the about Iraq that's what a test number three first John chapter four verses one and two the focus of the true profit is on the truth about Jesus Christ rated at least a true prophet is to focus on the truth about Jesus Christ at three first John chapter four verse one you will not believe every spirit but test the spirits whether they are bad because many false prophets have gone out into the world by this you know the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in a flash is of God it's no wonder job is down it's no one that revelation when is when it's depicting the any apocalyptic community of faith of the end flash true community of faith on earth it's no wonder that Revelation twelve seventeen declares in the community the spirit of prophecy will be manifested as the testimony that has the testimony of Jesus Cas number three is saturated with Jesus no wonder relations of seventeen says that the community the community at the end will be saturated with the testimony of Jesus the second death that now a genuine propaganda time will be saturated saturated with the truth about Jesus incarnate it got atoning Savior mediating high priest Judson coming deliver testamentary Jesus entered finest never for regarding the workings on over but the good ones remind ourselves this is a test jotted down the life and influence of the true profit demonstrate the fruit the fruits of the spirit of Jesus I read that passage again beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep 's clothing somebody came up to me by the way integrated set no one to suggest that a criminal who's done bad things can do no good things but don't criminals love their children and no criminals do kind so they do not remember Jesus test is not for the criminal Jesus just is not for good husband Orban wife or the other way around Jesus test is for false prophets yes and beware of false prophets to come delicious clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves that was a false prophet his afternoon the false prophet is added to accumulated a following Jim Jones you remember that name Jim Jones Guyana Jonestown Guyana is a false property claim David Koresh that said that the name from our past visit data correct way could good night or text link protests false prophets false prophet I didn't do some good things yeah sure false product the tenure of his ministry they marry and then slapped with his wife plan false prophet beware the community 's clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves you know them by their fruits a good tree cannot bear good fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit the data course do good things of course you get what I think while never find anything good ingenious now is looking at the ten or the like looking at the slanted sac that that nothing good courses had a terrible fruit and to destroy an entire communities the Jim Jones by way therefore by their foes Jesus says in the sermon on the Mount therefore by their fruits you will know them it's called the Orchard test is the origin test of the fruits like we got the families of prophetic ministry that bears the fruits of the spirit demonstrates its divine authority and corroborates its divine calling therefore by their fruits seed the fruit will be if the fruit is their divine authority if the fruit is there surely a divine calling therefore by their fruits Jesus says you know understand the questions I have now what is it we believe that we have but the test out rubber meets the road how does this nineteenth century early twentieth century wife mother homemaker visionary church leader public speaker Intrepid Center institutional donor SLA must have been an American author history is a prophetic life ministry spanned often means for major test assigned out before you share your fascinating to the discovery this is something announced George Barnett never heard of George Barna George Martin is a Christian demographer is less a work in the area of ministry are allowed claim of George Barna because he runs he runs in Institute out of California where they pulled evangelical Christianity the always polling getting the pulse George Barna a few years ago I just chanced upon this video survey of the clergy in America and he asked the clergy what is it you're reading we want to know what you're reading so the clergy responded by the hundreds all denominations by the way they respond Barnett isolates that their responses by age number with something on the screen for you right now clergy pastors under the age of forty under the age of forty is writing about the under forty pastors champion with her favorite authors champion several authors who are not ranked highly by older church leaders those office included business consultant James Collins wrote the book good to great Center Professor Thom Rainer wrote the book churches Army right now and 19th-century seventh day Adventist icon Ellen White's and John Wartburg they did a survey not our church not our seminary George Barna the great evangelical demographer today is a pollster he surveys evangelical Christianity in North America and he him when he asked the pastor 's under the age of forty one he waiting that an attack for most error reading the Koran is rather that they are reading guesses there with alloy go around apologizing months sorry ashes of your essence yes I know something about her we go around apologizing and people are not in our community of faith or spiritual leaders in multiple communities of faith rate her as one of their top four authors that they laid unless by the age of forty amazing on days while ably adequate apologizing for the gift maybe they get really was intended to jump denominational lines and begin to impact meters outside of our community of faith will elevate replace for just a lie okay do it but please keep this in mind a light never called herself a prophet ever ever ever assist but these are worth a visit call me a prophetess but I have never assumed that title I have not felt it was my duty thus to designate myself I regard myself to others than I regard myself as a messenger and something I regard myself as a messenger entrusted by the Lord with messages for his people I waited another now I never saw Theophilus no genuine property and perceives the office because nobody in his or her right mind would wish to read the fruition and the public ridicule that goes with the job at Jeremiah if you call himself the prophetic office and in you call yourself did you take this job as your mind and encounter many times in I used his command prompt sawn asunder my monastic life as John the Baptist was a great day to New London venue great job that you pick a job for yourself no genuine property ever pics his or her calling you what it taken in your right mind in fact online refused she wrestled she protested watch this in my second visit about a week after the first member the first one if we keep her eyes fixed on Jesus my second was about a week after the first the Lord gave me a view of the trials through which I must pass in gentle preparation for what you are to face on what to let you know either way I am going to do something he gave me a view of the trust to which I must pass and told me that I must go and relate to others when he related to me and was shown me that my labors would meet with great opposition and that my heart would be rent or with anguish but that the grace of God would be sufficient to sustain me through all this is this is going to break your heart girl I wish you and you never said yes I'm just warning you I need you to say yes I'm warning you but I was assured that the grace of God would be sufficient to sustain throughout for several days accounts for several days and far into the night I'm afraid of this bird my dream over me and laid upon someone more capable of bearing it but the lighter duty do not change and the words of the angel sounded in my years as made known to others what I have revealed to you in this talent I'll take care of the consequences you take care delivering the message and my grace is sufficient you think Paul shows the approximate advertises a stone shipped direct money times forty less one lashes finding it nobody no genuine private averages about at the point so this is a seventeen -year-old girl resulted by the grace of God should be fate of those calling for the rest of her life and God gave her a seventy year prolific ministry on the ages seventeen and thirty nine pages eighty seven seventy years she was given that Ms. Law okay like a mantra mind being around emotional wants to know about this forecast knowledge and office got the second RI Festival addressee measure of test number one as a point what was a test toward the true problem is in agreement with the word of God I wish I had as I was out of line or plane and I did all carry-ons I did bring my is I raising great controversy but if I could right in front of you opened to the back the scriptural index I went to Canada when heating the number desire mages nine hundred and sixty lines of the stanza Mark nine hundred and six are you done itself nine hundred and sixty direct references to holy Scripture in desire of ages the life of Christ the classic the life of Jesus Niners 's son and another great adversity guess what six hundred and ninety direct references is an illusion is not is not at those inferences these are direct quotations with a verse is noted six hundred and ninety three you are is him away in the Internet of a great person these words the spear was not given nor can it ever be bestowed to supersede the Bible some of the crack so you know what you address she think she was going to the island nation 's equivalent of the Bible you guys are all anti- Protestant we do not think that that's a trumped up at the front that chart is simply not true we have never believed nor has she ever writings are somehow equivalent of the Bible rubbish at the strawman that they build in and be a negative that the spear was not given nor can it ever be bestowed to supersede the Bible for the Scriptures explicitly state that the word of God is the standard by which all taking an experience must be tested test number one does she speak according to the law and the prophets but a checkmark there there is no in the world who would say you must take my teachings and subordinate in the holy Scripture you can both products are hoping you never find a beginning other in conflict of everything I write separately Scripture check them out for yourself I customer to what was just number two you never hear my claim with the beginning of my my Jeremiah twenty eight what was that with this test but the prediction comes true some of them one we always used to check a product the prediction comes true let's find out what is forgotten I know what a September one nineteen oh two hello I wrote these words on the screen for a well-equipped tent meeting should be held in the large cities such as San Francisco for not longhand species will suffer under the judgments of God San Francisco and Oakland are becoming I saw them and a moron and the Lord will visit them right one nineteen oh two four years later April sixteen nineteen oh six she received a vision right is April sixteen nineteen oh six while Loma Linda California sixty ninety oh six their past reform a most distressing representation during a mission the night I spent on an eminence Iraqi outcropping from which I could see houses shaken like a reed in the wind building is greater and smaller find underground pleasure resorts theaters hotels the homes of the wealthy wealthy were shaken as shattered many lies were blotted out of existence in the air was filled with the shrieks of the injured and the clarified two days later today after she wrote this two days later five twelve in the morning April eighteen nineteen oh six eight two hundred and seventy mile section of the San Andreas fault slip generating a massive seven seventy seven nine magnitude quake that destroy the mighty seaport of San Francisco there is at the photograph property loss was measured at a rate of one million dollars every ten minutes in on million dollars back there was not a million today one million dollars every ten minutes obviously a fire is also destroy as a minutes progress for greater than the earthquake devastation where the raging fires that swept the city the loss of human life was numbing medicine of this telegraph lines when Widefield rumors of Chicago inflames New York City destroyed by a tidal wave it was the panic of doomsday when San Francisco was stricken to our something else very best thing about this relation this is so countercultural so counter social for Alan wake up and when was sobering predictions written April twenty one eighteen ninety five the time magazine nothing like countercultural because back in the turn of the century the eighteen nineties North American belief that life was moving to a utopian paradise that the world was actually getting harder and people multiple denominations people not insurance at all are predicting we are on the cusp of a glorious new chapter in human existence LI says while a low time download and sent that way all the exact opposite zero be the words the Tempest is coming and we must be ready for theory by having repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ the Lord will rise to shake terribly the year as we shall see problems on all side thousands of ships will be hurled into the depths of the sea navies will go down and human lives will be sacrificed by millions fires will break out unexpectedly and no human effort will be able to point since the palaces on earth will be swept away in the theory of the flames disasters my right it will become more and more frequent confusion collision and death without a moment 's warming will occur in the great lines of travel the end is near probation is closing I'll let us seek God while he may be found and call upon him while he is near full and arrow is a pretty good guys of the day I held my what a wonderful day countercultural to the max and what was coming no one of course is the time when she wrote those words in eighteen ninety and in the side of an impending millennial peace in the shattered by World War I and twenty years after World War II thirty years thereafter nobody had any clue that entire navies would be something new areas upon millions with their death on the right lines of travel nobody knew that there would be on the accident I have only a year where you got instantly she wrote it was enough one thing the right it wasn't a popular prediction to make this one she was right or staff member to could be a prophet speaks the truth about God and I should be obeying could it be she is a genuine problem and what she writes as moral implications for the way I live my life today September three what is the retreat of the two robbers on the truth about Jesus Christ we know this one only anti- ice you're just a moment ago in the first half that of all the authors I've read in my lifetime none have been more none has been more Christo centric or Jesus focused no way and I just I just say that without apology if you can find me a marker specific writer bring that often to me and I'll eat my words and I'll retract I don't believe you'll find saturated actually the Lord Jesus I want to share said something that my friend Marlon Byrd is director of the Center for endless research in any University instruments have been doing this research in a paper he wrote he made this point it is true that Jesus gave his own testimony through the prophetic gift as explained by John in Revelation okay that's throat facilities is a sphere prophecy that it is imperative that we listen but him Jesus we would listen guys Americans and blower on the testimony of Jesus brings us redemption and loving guidance in a world broken by says in the gift is the testimony of Jesus now I'll be listening rather closely do they get Winship number one seventy one in our life most touching and spiritually compelling letters he found it this letter not been published it was written to a point sister I got permission Elizabeth Lizzie it's written a year Lizzie died so Allen is writing torch went so this is private correspondence she never intended for anybody read this should another do I see would be in Houston and we had up on a big screen Journal club this is personal correspondence to put the words on the screen for you she's writing to her sister Lizzie who did live as a Christian through most of her adult life letters never published a area that he will die this year I went right to her sister I love to speak of Jesus losing his matchless love and my whole soul was in his work I was really I am not one doubt of the love of God in his care his mercy his ability to save in the utmost all who come to him don't you believe in Jesus lizard school for the closest one hundred fewer SEC Garcia Lizzie don't you believe in Jesus Lucy to you not believe he is your Savior that he is evidenced his love for you in giving his own precious life all I pray most earnestly that the Lord Jesus shall reveal himself to you and Rubin her husband dear sister it's a wonderful thing you have to do is come up with some grand economist with and then you're going to get say no no no there is one Lizzie who guided you might live through eternal ages just to we then Jesus will hear your confession receive your penitence and forgive the receiver and repetitive that he will forget every sin and make you rubric children of God all rights as the sister I long to take you in my arms and laying you on the bosom of Jesus private letter I could just carry home viewing taken to Jesus Jesus is your blessed friend Lizzie you need not fear to die for it will be like closing your eyes hear and opening them in heaven then we shall meet for more the car collision gentlemen is that a beautiful personal testimony or what it was written for shuffle was written for her service plan which he hopes will not die without knowing Jesus acted us precrisis in which you I can pick you up there I think taking myself to Jesus I would find a customer for the life and influence the true profit demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit is targeted to this was a good listen guys with LOI perfect was there life flawless but had lost was Jeremiah flawless was Isaiah flawless no was John the Baptist Wallace who says disciples is a guy go NASA's Messiah governance as Messiah guy asking are you really the one who is to come or someone else and we got is all raw was John the Baptist while the snow was human he was broke he was alone in that dungeon and disparage the big man collapsed Jesus visually the Masai know how I've made mistakes she had character weaknesses she was fallible and one elevator found and while mourning for the critics are going gunning for her but never like this it has been trying to her life was such that when she died this led to the St. Helena Star carried the story July twenty three nineteen fifty this is not a church paper this is not the Adventist review this is a new secular newspaper in the title the story was called her reward I'm reading the words that appeared in print I newspaper upon her death to life and this is why is an example worthy of emulation by all she was a humble devout disciple of Christ and Emperor went about doing good her death Marks the calling of another noted leader religious thought and one whose almost ninety years were full to overflowing with good deeds kind words and earnest prayers for all mankind would you call that good fruit or bad for and when the secular press picks it up would that be a plus or minus a bad tree cannot have good for while by their fruits Jesus said you will know them I believe Ms. and gentlemen that on the level of all four tests Ellen White's writings and a prophetic ministry successfully passed an meet before tests but don't say my word you go check it out yourself take all the time you wish there's no rush make sure that you examine the evidence I personally believe that if you will examine the evidence carefully and closely and you will come to be led to the same conclusion I've come to hasten again thanks again for the first time I pray we there got for simple tests embedded in holy Scripture their Marquess is the four that emerged before prominent test father people to get them decided this testimony of Jesus what is the evidence review your God each of us made a gift of the Holy Spirit coach each of us because what if this gift is for real at this waning moment a nurse history if this gift is for real then if we ever needed to give before we sure do need it now so that an give us intelligent minds I think the more energy and this message will hold him and him and she was she wisely supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence five young vibrant Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable but just the resources is online and CYC when I go


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