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The Gift: Taste Them Again for the First Time, Part 1

Dwight Nelson


How can writings a century old possibly impact my third millennial life? And if I were serious enough to check them out, how would you suggest I begin? It may not be as complicated as you first thought.


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • December 30, 2011
    9:45 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a morning everyone a lot less glorious Friday table at the window at the beginning of the day was Sunday look back all in another Texas sunrise but the clouds which is the dad but the sun is shining above on and God is on the throne of it does it have a good rest last time you slept okay you look is refreshed to feel his refreshes you look at recruitment of daylight did you go to the morning worship on was powerful of my favorite person on the privilege of meeting sure stuff but she is teaching the word of God with great clarity passion conviction and ninety five and bless his last two mornings guys remember learning in the state that it was the dribbling and as you know after this after breakfast moment but here's the deal you have to give most of them now with able to do the stapling the baby photocopy organization accidentally took the last scene of the first half in the other to the stable to the first as the first to the second half so you have to have both study guides now so we've got one study guide coming to you here in another setting I coming there you tell immediately went immediately when you see them one will say part a offense will use we want to use now the other one will not have a party on it it will be the second sheet it was a partly that the top line of it will read Seventh-day Adventist so make sure you get the ones of the Seventh-day Adventist churches position that packet the thicker packet and in the first one it says at the time of the first London as part and patient again for the first time Friday excellent sort of a just a few moments to make sure that everybody gets both study guides I was a good breakfast and they are what good time these people how to cook vegan here has bring the Betty Crocker right now I really was very good those of biscuits with that great man to get that in Ceylon now this afternoon granted they had a little sack lunch out of the Susan Salus is delivered more housekeeping overweight people coming in sale in the USA has out this session minds this is our finalizing module three it ends at what time exactly twelve and end we have a plenary at twelve fifteen Stephen Leonard Nino by me twelve fifteen back to the general hall and they have a book about my booklets over there in my briefcase computers speaking rumored is unknown the good MC at the end of the first page of present now before the seminars Jan Harry what chemical by a plenary and as it January whom call that I I have to say to come back again to the okay and what exactly do you want to start out so that people coming in and so make sure you get your study guide iPod satellite this room seems rather dark to me the same acting as an out this data really good I steadily over there so far way Simon my notes right here and store my associates and what you are standing in the perfect shadow so my apology and things can be happening on the screen again no some ask this again you get this material I I I missed the yesterdays can I get the materials you may get LSI as our website for our television ministry new perceptions so www. pinchers .tv .tv V1 because he knew pincher .org you are big a web center for Pioneer Memorial Church the television ministry uses .tv and you're looking for the series against the eleven part series the last four everything before is setting us up for the last four the last four are the materials that we shared yesterday afternoon and this morning for parts Ellen why will she really liked looking at yesterday fascinating portrayal of her very normal wife mother American and a follower of Christ Belushi really like number two handed really work in the forecast yesterday examine those without manual understanding and SSS on the main lesson happening in the study guide for the website all the study guides are there as well so what you have here is exactly as the rehab on the website so he washes with Fran Saylor Samuel and Margaret when would you like to have it it is going to get the PDF their print them off and use in any way you wish so this morning I want to one another critics that's can be our part one and in case again for the first time that's part to this morning and were often running into a busy Friday afternoon and am blessed Sabbath never going home on Sunday occasionally this is the next the last day in two thousand eleven the unilateral mind for me of something and it will leave it year is God unbelievable what a year and yell at you cheers can be even more significant life on this planet will never be the same again next year will will continue to disclose a radically life-changing iPad tale website were were awaiting here a gentleman named Chris Martinson Chris Martinson I don't know that he's a Christian he was a research vice president with a big bank living in Connecticut at a huge house on the ocean Atlantic Ocean began to study trends in this nation on the planet realize were headed for an extremely unusual time in Earth history is not a Christian that nothing will Jesus is coming but he sold his mansion bought a little farm in Massachusetts where is homeschooling the children quit his job as a fourth edit Fortune five hundred companies research VP and is now running hi Chris Martinson .com where it is his passion to alert the world in the next twenty years will be unlike any twenty years we had ever lived that's his single sentence summary and he hasn't up in the corner the website Ontario 's building moment up in the corner the website it will use a little box that says short course short course it's a PowerPoint presentation you never see his face he'll be narrating it of the economy and it is a bit dubious a primer for you on the life on this planet the economy peak oil all of that agency just as into it so here's Chris Martin C HRIS Chris Martinson MAR TEM SOM .com Martinson Chris Martinson .com and elastic you want them to get alerts that he'll send out the go afternoon and so you can e-mail a renowned you have to pay to get his inner class is make a living to get his inner papers that he releases the other papers and put them on the website so what I like about him is he scans the media of the of the world pulls out headlines and latest live in this so it's a great trend analysis and beneficial for you Jesus said that what and when you see these things begin to come to pass Linda look up lift up your head for your redemption draws not and so badly that they cannot decipher you find very informative I believe yes see HRIS Crissy HRIS Martinson and IRT in SOA Martinson Chris Mortensen .com .com are endless like we need to say thanks okay then pleasant when we get to learning in the second part because the first part you need the second part in the first part valuable for you even get one or some items in LA have one will will will the re- check to make sure you have what you need I can't have you thank you for coming IP San United Airlines we know you had a hundred different choices today is date getting to your destination were glad we chose United and I am grateful that you're here for the stage all I I'm praying praying or this morning this would be beneficial for you I have friends who bring for July seen down here this whole weekend are you be together Sabbath morning for worship and that he would be praying for that as well the Holy Spirit will commune with all our hearts this is the famous time is come filming are earnestly that it don't realize how that single prayer is checked into the omnipotence of God and unleashes for us unbounded power I wonder I want to read a quotation for you before we pray and plunges it into her teaching here to review it after our prayer a letter from young adult who ran into the critics of Ellen White she wrote me and I want to read her letter it reflects what we face the first and in my prayer journal because yesterday morning here at the sink in the Holy Spirit talk about reining in the Jesus member that I don't write an e-mail I have a journal I get a bite is little black-and-white standard black-and-white spotted journals at Walmart ninety two cents at Walmart by the way what do you like it was underpaid their hundred pages long last time I write a letter to Jesus Nottingham but in my prayer journal I have different quotations in a stick in the this one have to renew may share tomorrow morning as well speaking of the latter rain Elimite writing a little book called last day events view it here at note take your new right references it would be LTE last day events page one ninety four anything about it when now as you know what everything she's written sit right there one click away very I have I have an iPhone I have everything is there life on I said everything is it is unbelievable the accessibility and okay so anyway this is LD is not that in the PSI and figure page one ninety four but this is beautiful speaking a lettering we need not worry about the laddering sometimes overhearing all this talk about the latter reign without a training voice can be happening a lot with what Hope you're ready out my rate sometimes we get a little bit the illumination 's immunity and one went on November the nine rating with what is happening all around me not even know that is happening there is there the line somewhere to go just like that and we become that the unit hyper mania Max maybe I'm not playing long enough maybe not seeking God hard enough and I'm getting the Holy Spirit this is such a bomb for far anxious to listen to this we need not worry about the latter rain were enough to worry this is all we have to do is keep the vessel clean and right side up and prepare for the reception of the heavy rain and keep ring say everything a copy month old world knows both of those little mugs in which you say this is take that take that mug on your new retirement A just go through life with the lineup so that anything that comes now goes in the cup don't worry will assess no begun anxious disclosure and when it rains you made it is the brain got I have a couple of his escape vessel clean the limits on wireless mind you you do not keep it clean clean the keep it on just keep it up all we have to do is get the best acclaimed right side up and prepared for the reception of them in the right and keep great and here's a prayer sample prayer let the latter rain come into my vessel let the light of the glorious angel which unites of the third Angels Revelation eighty one yesterday that the lighter that relish making one angel shine upon me give me a part in the work that may sound the proclamation over and let me vehicle labor with Jesus Christ and a prayer the highlight right seeking God let me tell you he is fitting you up all the time and giving you his grace all you have to do is walk through life with a cup of posting about this survey came up to me last yesterday after the seminar and 's own quotation which I brought all related T-shirts with the top off African ways that we put on Mississippi a saucer to me that a cop facing upward ready for the rain is go through life with a cup of it don't be hesitated nothing is nothing the devil wants more than for you and me become so obsessed with this that we freeze up and we lose the things in the grace of Jesus is to move through life with a cup of stealthily when it comes to pick about you be filled in before I like to announce that you have our last regular and we are so grateful to be alive Friday morning this is a next-to-last day two thousand eleven wow here we are Houston CYC were thinking for a few moments as this will series of modules on this second coming of the Holy Spirit born out before the second coming of Jesus Lincoln markups up by your grace heavenly father to keep it right side up and when you let that rain comes us fill our lookups we pray for thinking about the gift was manifested the Holy Spirit to give the testimony of Jesus in a particular life is sent by their fruits you will know them a good tree can't produce bad fruit and pantry can produce good fruit so is she a bad tree or good tree we know what the critics are saying to take a look now little more carefully analyze their misunderstanding 's critics open our minds so that we might give an intelligent win some contagious response to those who ask us may the spirit being in our midst guiding our thinking we pray in Jesus name amen are there until letters sent to me by a young adult just graduated from Anders University so she wrote me near best and why blah blah blah blah Boston chitchatting now my other reason for writing hearing out my other reason for writing finally after all these months is unfortunately not a burden I have been dealing with this last year someone close to me who left at the amateur several years ago has become increasingly negative about Adventism the first was a general anger and frustration over wrongs inflicted I don't know what I felt that patients love and encouragement were the best response however and Alice in the last year conversations regarding advance and become increasingly more bitter and hateful especially involving our white was a black Vernon Harding I finished taking my own faith my trust is in Jesus but I am so worried about this person 's hate and their potential in this garden hurt those around many who are also close to me and known in the faith I feel so drained and helpless Anthony's conversations are there any books any sermons address is not an accusation should I spend my time seeking explanations was in a waste of energy should I just let it go and trust in God worked everything from the sign eczema through time God bless you something while recanted very open and very much reality their people just like that all over the nation somehow we respond in the skylight letting go when opened I will somehow work it out but do learn are teaching right now Ellen White but what about the critics when we do it I want to begin with the words of the great Jewish dollars was Rabbi Abraham has shown in his two volume magnum opus is it is to mindset and entitled the profits they begin with that special over the life of a profit as easy as you think you'll desert prophet sounds over the lifetime of profit words are invisibly inscribe all flattery abandon ye who enter here why because you have to have a headset to want to go into that profession that's why nobody is suggesting nobody in her right mind would say when I grow up I want to be a prophet on a prophetess into you be ridiculed by your life and excoriated once you're dead that gets you where they are alive or dead the last one which and you shall call flattering to the manager has or goes on to be a prophet is both a distinction and affliction the mission he performs his distasteful to him and repugnant a lot of boys through knowing what is promised him and no reward content for its bitterness the plastic bear scorn reproach he stigmatized as a man and by his contemporaries and by some modern scholars as abnormal in that wasn't happening or what while she was alive 's crazy now that she's been a week on overinvestment epilepsy or something going on here this is when you have a show where they were thinking we were negative anything that's what happens when your profit all flattering Amanda V who enter here the runaway in a letter with foldable camera show you in a letter with movable candor she faces up to this reality she's running the junior Ryan Smith and what year was this in eighteen eighty three he was editor them in this review she said she's talking and she started what's this is right-hand drive why do you remain as silent as the dead and gone after his women friends for a long time why do you remain as silent as the day is this the way even if the truth truth will triumph I expect that the rating will be made against me until Christ comes guess what she really must be a problem because that's exactly within until Jesus comes the man the trio to destroy her you can't believe the guys argued and he gone in cyberspace the rate will remain there until Christ comes every other closer to our great nation this is why is the text maybe do oppose the truth and then make a right against me why we arrive at I ask is all this zeal against me I want every word I write is criticized and remove my mate is commented upon I say what I believe my work and its results until we gather a pound up and down together about the great white throne in other words God let God be God letting the judge I'm eleven and the last word there's nothing I can do that and go after me after I exactly what's going on somebody is serious with this gift areas with this gift has devoted his energies to destroy this gift and what were saying is the fruit of that graph how to wrap perfect window with a disability and the dragon was in rage against the woman is not some was meant to be read that way and then Dragon is an rage against the woman our great at what would you send I wherewith we should examine a solution that we should not we should not challenge it now don't know if you got a remake of that pointless of this every chart should be carefully investigated yourself in cyberspace check it all out take my word for it every charge to be carefully investigated it should not be left in any uncertain way that people should not be left to thank that it may be or it may not meet every breakeven quiet sandwich on the worsening she says now that it was none of the negative nadir may not be the people must not be left to believe the lie he must be on the scene that's why were having a seminar on what you read on the web but I Grayson got one a few moments to undersea view if you've been hot into the Dragon draft want to keep an open mind some of you are here in the state of Athens is not so sure please keep an open mind you understand where I'm coming from check out today's teaching on life but what about the critics are my angle your mama but the words on the screen a crazy ass he was less than enthusiastic and while I wanted these essays chapter twelve verse nine annual meeting you will soon see why this passage is very important for us in our in our defense of the gift gift is the Lord Jesus revealed through the Holy Spirit but the testimony of Jesus is the manifestation again it is very prophecy relations where we noted that yesterday Leslie recesses twelve or Stein Solomon at the end of his life embittered and jaded Budweiser and moreover rating out and moreover because the preacher was why the P preachers refer to himself now because the preacher was wise he still taught the people knowledge yes he pondered and sought out and said in order many Proverbs William Ramsey find the province he sends them in order to watch this the preacher sought to find acceptable words I can when an enemy renders it just the preacher sought to find just the right word redesign of my acceptable words and what was written was on the right words of truth will what's happening I made known to the reader first Army initiatives that are at system nice little thought no no no Solomon has just described how he wrote the book of Proverbs under the guidance of the him racially now we got down we need to jot down right here in the steps of Solomon is just share with us because as it turns out to listen carefully as it turns out this is one of the most significant charges the greatest level of Ellen White and she plagiarized she got herself everywhere else it's not her she just cheat and an copy we finally caught her granny sitting at unrealistic one more time and input is good without what we see in the text itself what were about to read and note carefully had everything to do with inspiration which the critics have horribly misunderstood the scope is reading it one more time any recesses filled and moreover because the preacher was wise he still taught the people knowledge yes he pondered and sought out and said in order many Proverbs to produce hollow or brought them all together the preacher sought to find just the right words acceptable words and what was written was when applying it was words of truth are right and what what what we just noted an effort to teach the people okay so that's been my construction Solomon was saying living in an effort to teach the people I was his mission instruction this is one long sentence but I'm dividing up into parts part so in an effort to teach the people the inspired one Avenue solid in this case gathers together his sources keyword jotted down police sources those are just that that's human research that the human reading he's pulled it all together so that number three he's able to grapple now to find acceptable words he's looking for the words how willingly the right words and just the right word to use here at human vocabulary in order to number four communicate what will be words of will Thomas actually cleared up I know that when he got his truth work through authoritative divine revelation which by the way exactly I wrote them an apartment hold on you see because this really comes as a surprise to some critics as it turns out Solomon 's words aren't the only words and problems he has gone hunting with that lets of the second of this Hesiod a absolute right he neglecting of course you just described to us but he went to multiple sources is rented by his understudy got it going to North one through twenty two okay okay so those who are dishonest chapter one two twenty two and twenty five and twenty nine we know this all his words but now notice an excellent management chapter twenty two twenty four it's called the words of the wise and it asks writing parallels with the exemption is just as now it's an Egyptian source not the wisdom of a minimum I the wisdom of a minimum that is a data source of progress in understanding the Egyptians are pagans Solomon went to that behavior source called out from that collection privacy one to insert into his inspired book then you have any notice it says here the words of an unnamed Weisman objected twenty four then you have the words of Abu rejected thirty we had no idea who they are and then you also add any and the work the team let me without ten thirty one we don't know who he is either silent or quality sources and while the book of Proverbs is now now with that Egyptian source material inside the inspired book is Proverbs any longer and inspiring book oh come on eleven is independently resisting all Scripture on them he doesn't get his automobile investment all of the Old Testament all Scripture is given by inspiration so what Solomon described listening to these twelve pack process gathering sources command me a lot bigger dildo to do that here in all of the ankle old pagan Egyptian and grab some of that but then here all that was on the direction of the Holy Spirit to a false drill is the reason Grace have a heyday with this if they had no club LaSalle inspiration works we haven't exposed their Achilles' heel right here Solomon tells us how it works isn't that amazing apparently that is now apparently divine inspiration allows for the inspired writer or profit to console nine inspired sources for his divine revelation with out giving credit to those sources that the other charge a graduate felt working at bar everything went fine other patently wrong by the way of barring everything but get this down apparently inspiration does not preclude quoting from none despite sources and getting no credit to where you got Pentagon's okay with the song will doubt is the key point this is amazing what what what what what we've just discovered these short while it is amazing because that is precisely the most repeated charge that Grayson leveling itself like a charger and blatant plagiarism and use of other sources with the intent to deceive her readers by not giving credit to those sources just like Saul just like John O watch this the beloved John at all I was on the apocalypse is an endeavor that will get the and is the revelation of Jesus Christ and on my visiting a picture God revealed John the and of human civilization beginning of God 's eternity peace always we love a revelation but did you know China did you know that John Arata later actually borrow multiple lies from a non- inspired source and quoted them as if they were his own words did you know that you show you in other words he is another office words to describe what he saw in vision issues charge the Christian love it was first ride hours on Indiana right now and John got right on song they didn't know the Bible works this way it won't hold that against them they are dead wrong I will be within the John Lafon told him he first seen it it's part of the single paper file when assuming when assuming false all means right that's part of what we call the false writings we do not consider unit canonical is not that it's in the cabins Bible it's not an online art the Apocrypha is in the the review of the wider for Roman Catholic Bible the prices do not consider the economical new way who say the shows have been very interesting watched the skies not only did he file from a non- inspired source but get this he actually used anonymous buyer authors words for some of his own I saw declarations they go after online or off she says she saw in vision we found away from the window where she sought will guess what it is anyway I saw from a book barely got very comfortable with this but destroy how works is first seen in Chapter forty first one after that I saw most to me unnumbered reckoning who stood before the Lord of the spirits that sound familiar it sure does because Revelation seven was that after these things I looked and behold a great multitude which no one could never stand before the throne I saw is not first in eighty six verse one and I saw on the oldest are felt and Revelation nine one and I saw a star fallen from heaven one less I saw this twenty two lines jet that now twenty July is from first to Benjamin brought into Revelation never once saying where he got not inspired source with no credits just like Saul what social we declare John plagiarist and I want great as I you I think you latest get better that's all the stupid nihilism all on an identity that fell in all yeah that's exactly right when I can go join a plagiarist and yet when Alan why does the same as them his appointment and went down when does the very same thing Boris and uninspiring the resources like salt sometimes uses that word to describe her I saw visions like John Grisham on time false promises and see the prominent critics and with one of their websites and with what righteous indignation and sturdy wet LMI for doing precisely what Solomon John did in their books but probably the greatest as they had an uninformed and are biblical concept of inspiration and because they have set up a straw man that using a false concept the judge bridezilla that not only illogical and unethical you can do to but when you have an agenda you worried a little details like what I want to be gracious to the critics as Jesus was it's an honor my line critics I would simply suggest that out of ignorance they writes when Jesus Satan Sadducees you do not know the Scriptures is your problem you don't know how that works with you being me know don't drink you can say you don't know diddly squat you said you don't know you are exactly right you make a mistake as you don't know how this works amazing gentleman with that with Christian politeness I wish to draw the attention dryer mind that reality so what is the biblical inspiration really look like right upset here's what I want to go for my friend Jen Lake professor at Southern Adventist University mile moderate than he can hit if you can get all of this but even he must buy his book you've seen in your studying at MMI read that again I mentioned yesterday Ellen White under fire identifying the mistakes of her critics he calls this whole person inspiration I miss and the liquidation got the ability of the whole person model of inspiration going this rate hike the whole person model of inspiration writing numerous blows with the spirit I work with human management of Scripture and put them here in Iraq is when Moses had gotten that I got working Moses and easy theophany with the theophany the actual pairing of God you do there in the morning listening to show that a business amounts on Internet with Jonah but when Moses uses the with the wind Daniel Gabriel comes is a Srivastava United decision do this with our right but when Magellan is the voice go and it's enough for John when the solid wisdom check the sources Apple Dominion event off green at in my book so using multiple methods and and is as late this is the whole person model of inspiration one of these give me one of these modes relevant to the issue of literary borrowing is that abuse of historical research in this mode of inspiration the biblical author produced inspired writings independent of dreams and visions I knew that he was in information to research by the way one of the Gospels written this way in which gospel with any wilderness or a position at historic is that it tells us at the beginning of Logan and I think it all out I looked at all the sources I examine the stories and from the collection together for you O Theophilus over God using information to research reading studying compiling and editing material from various documents that would be literary borrowing by the way and generated by both inspired and on inspired authors nevertheless God was prominently present and he was supervising the entire process who clearly uses historical reason by the way you know that Matthew and Luke will borrow from Mark and never say a word not once did a thousand Mark Mark Marquette 's outburst is only used as the template the crucifixion account in Matthew and Mark almost identical in the new Solomon Paul and Chantal Klingon inspired literary sources that's a whole person mom and inspiration work with from other writers I believe we as Seventh-day Adventists believe that this same model of inspiration work in the same way with online than it was during alike and that would would get in the moment that will who has the authority of the difference of drink on white and authors two thousand years ago is we have much more close opportunity to examine the actual primary source of the handwriting and briefing so the scrutiny is intensified exponentially because were bright now we have computers and analysis we bring all their so-called show into a scrutiny that no profit is done through because of proximity and the development of human intelligence and research got wrong is life we believe Ellen White to listen this carefully we believe that Ellen White experience divine inspiration in the same manner and to the same degree as biblical writers did does that grant her the same authority canonical authority of the Bible no it does not and under that her moment but first how to how the critics responded this when I miscalculated by okay I'm grudgingly except that the obvious fact the Bible Prophets and writers utilize extra biblical uninspired literary sources for some of the right by a what I want to see that Alan White getting way more than all the others so she is the one that we should go for is the thing about a lot in that problem it's okay to you will love it but if you do a live connection that's not good that where planted into a lot of political content for EA is at the LOI to state attend these his words the rebuttal from all my coupons to this comparison the biblical method of instead divine inspiration is that the quantity of copying his hire in her writings and among the Bible writers within borrowing by a writing is irrelevant to the question of whether inspired writers may legitimately use the language of other authors including extra biblical sources once it is recognized that inspiration is not negated by the use of pre-existing human sources all is to say what percentage of an inspiring messages language must be free from such dependency you get what she just said if you want to say it's okay even Psalm it's okay John once we agree with that who comes of the percentage well I moved twenty one percent good stated twenty of been okay on it we were moving on to the ridiculous an employee 's point of the logical if it's okay and I was that goes how much he can do and what he can do now for EA has checked out the chicken I said okay how much of knowledge rights are dependent on other literary sources other than a nut research researcher Fred Feldman spent eight years examining her writings to determine the level literary borrowing anyway any wrote the following conclusion and by what you have aesthetic value you can go online you can read his documented read report so your pages here's the bottom line him I hear it is a Mrs. Randolph and the scholar a spare assessment of the evidence should not deny or underplay is making a fair poignant and you catch it should not fair assessment should not deny or underplay the degree of her dependence she was dependent on other sources but neither should it overlook or depreciate her in dependence less I like this line the sources were her slaves never her master the unit that means resources they didn't need taking Al Qaeda division in addition not the sources she said I'll do this how do this the sources were her slaves never her master so here is a question that what is so amazing the nonwhite and with a look at Amicus one hundred percentages of barring work but what is so amazing is not what she borrowed its Washington tomorrow which was Jesus with waving her waste material outing that I believe that why did she not believe that out by Stegall pages means more words or phrases Skidmore money for your books now it's amazing how much about how she left out recently that out how do Solomon always easy borrowing of this pagan Egyptian document old with women who are blogging but that I now something happening in this whole model method of inspiration for me anything Law eighty to ninety percent when Ellen was written as all been borrowed bond periodically sure they ask you it was eighty to ninety percent a light symmetry about the answer that you need to give his wrong foyer with you and he is it okay to send it out that I is Sega great controversy is a fifteen one percent a source indicated quotations and another five one percent uncredited quote applications total twenty five percent this five five received one five percent other sources quoted in nonvoting is is that here's a application I'm given the state 's room without you give me all that you get all this keygen lakes both there and there are all kinds of sources for you to get first aid human and institutional life of Paul it had twelve two three percent of our material plane Aaron house and irrelevant with no just long same twelve two three percent of Paul's other sketches in the life of Paul Morrow is no steps to Christ six two percent in six two percent all other books excluding design ages were three percent or less of borrowed material was only stayed on us she asked he talks about her borrowing without giving credit in international economies you know that the shows with it this is an internationally great anniversary the great advantage of mark the progress of reform in past ages are matters of history well known and universally knowledge by the Protestant world they are facts which none can gainsay in some cases no notice carefully in some cases where a historian has so grouped together in events as to afford in brief a comprehensive view of the subject or has summarized details in a convenient manner his words in my book but she say his words had been quoted but in some instances no specific credit has been given since of quotations are not given for the purpose of siding that writers and authority but because his statement affording ready forcible presentation of the subject she goes on him relating the experience and views of those caring for the work of reform in our own time Sam uses the name of their published works she's being is upfront humane as you say that sometimes think I gave source references other times I did it believe that in the sources of authority and wanted to quickly summarize what I've been writing about I just went to until you were not all there okay oh digital that thought and reserve because they look as if they got access to the kinsman 's University if you tried to do this in a class at Andrus wholesale borrowing no quotation marks put it into your own would say something in the adding era of evening out just like that if they get you another way the zoo that they can become the theological seminary they have programs now the domain using the seminary of the other places in University will that take your essay that you've written just some minute into the computer program in the web and computer program will point out where these ideas all first originated so if you buy something wholesaler no quotation marks around the computer program all who that was Henry David Thoreau Walden South MS airplay is our space I want to begin now use it against you so be careful if you do this today are you out down here so I can happily say that it is okay in the nineteenth century a payout because that's the way to get it back and watch this this was fascinating but when I heard Mark Twain the American writer humorist Mark Twain ugly and I wondered if there was anything in any human utterance oral or written except lasers is in Lamar everybody Marlis and does it affect the nineteenth century it just was just not a big deal but then eliminate the conditions favor you have an understanding again important to being a theological seminary University Jerry moon Professor Church history and written a piece on plagiarism and literary borrowing for the upcoming Ellen G White encyclopedia and I got an event set look at this from on from there unpublished manuscript title and as you have an aesthetic that this is fastening the practice of borrowing from other authors without giving explicit or detailed credit was widespread among the writers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when she wrote 19th-century it was widespread although like today's literary standards this practice is unacceptable it forms a historical context and elements on practice what's this such a practice was followed by for example by John Wesley in his blog explanatory notes upon the New Testament of John Wesley was a hero no one wants because using methods in your mind and I'm not but is lessened in any event only Wesley it is a liquidation interapplication is within our writing it was a doubt with me for some time he wrote in the preface whether I should not subjoin to every note I received from them the name of the author from whom it was taken I just debated back and forth he says whether I should give footnoted credits where I got this where this quote was from but up on her other consideration I result a name not of my sources that nothing might divert the mind of the reader from keeping close to the point of view and receiving what was spoken only towards him that is something what he's saying is if I thought about for a while but I finally decided to use footnotes if I use footnotes distract the reader I want to really focused in on the content some knock on telling one another as they were innovative my wheelchair I'm making a point and may point anytime through TM Island because it wasn't a big deal back then somehow find you and she did the same thing Marxism was doing all happening here John Wesley John the revelation Solomon Paul Gahan that Danny Fortin MJ moon going to make the point why so critical for us this in the MSM was a bit user point and is a fair point when you get to the real issue however is not whether online bar without giving proper credit but whether she borrowed in such a way has to do see the reader she is confused by the greatest of being a safe alliance exploiter church members who constituted a captive market for her books she knew she can get royalties by writing his assistant right-hand lane so that her church and or the bottom of his unit which that's the charge of the critics so we asked the question did she set out to deceive her readers this is this is not in your notes that elected him it indicates that this is this is fascinating in the great controversy that apocalyptic classic L-1 bought extensively from building is history of the Reformation at the French often domine and she wasn't as aggressive than she does she quoted extensively especially from Wiley 's history the Waldenses JN Andrews history the Sabbath Uriah Smith the sanctuary of his cleansing should cord from her own husband to his wife why Wayne Miller and never gave him credit her husband means not so well they were meaningless by the way were well known to her and his readers in fact this Christmas season eighteen pages are she wrote a piece for the church Journal the review and Herald in a magazine in which she hurts her readers to purchase building his history of the Reformation to provide something to be read during those long winter evenings through the missing NC Notre Dame 's economy long ago I want to buy a good book to read over the winter goal by Domine 's history of the Reformation alleys and dumb luck if you are a plagiarist the last book you will ask your readers to read as the blog you're plagiarizing that is a no greater you want uneven on the bookings and it wanted to see it on a shelf in one of the error it because you bark similar to the glass of cold winter nights did nobody even along read the history of the Reformation and then amazing are the six months before she comes out with her book sketches in the life of Paul action that can manage and eighty three advertising with an advertisement for Coney bearing housings but the life of St. Paul and by the way Danny Danny F Wharton and injuring my own indeterminacy borrowed twelve percent of her book from Connie Barron house six months before her book comes out there's an ad that appears inside the magazine with her endorsement of their book and these are her words I regard this book is a book of great married and one of rare usefulness to the early student in the New Testament is to complete the book this is one place comes out I repeated your plagiarist that's the last book you want your readers to find is the one you borrow if they knew the earth they were doing John Wesley and caught plagiarizing Amanda 's losing segment on plagiarizing with the legal opinion a Roman Catholic attorney is a trademark attorney named Vincent Remick specialist at trademark and copyright law in the Washington DC firm Diller Remick and white nineteen eighty one illegal aspect of the charges he plagiarized was examined by this Catholic attorney here are his conclusions based upon our review of the facts and legal precedents Ellen White was not a plagiarist afterwards did not constitute copyright infringement piracy it is impossible to imagine that the intention of Ellen G White as reflected in her writings and the unquestionably prodigious effort involved there and was anything other they sincerely motivated and unselfish effort to place the understanding of biblical truth and a coherent form for all to see and comprehend considering all factors necessary we can just conclusion this attorney lose on this issue it is submitted that the writings of Ellen G White worked conclusively on plagiarist it went over the corpus of material in the nineteenth century says it's clear she did not say the plagiarized embassy right okay too I hope you feel so she wasn't a place but a friendly land and especially that you consider Hawaii loan authority with the Scripture really sensitive finally one of the statement anywhere in the EU can you be looking anywhere you wish finally one statement seven and asserts is that all we consider away with it authority of holy Scripture we don't find one account you'll select all that I what are you waiting for me than what is commonly number eighty nine when the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be just restricted absolutely clear on what I'm adding amenities of the night because now here's what you're declaring to me is that she has no authority in your church what is I would say that first no-no I write here this is this is significant is that regardless of price object lesson in the films and by the way he Christ taught the word of God was to be understood by all he pointed to the Scriptures as an unquestionable authority and we should do the same unquestionable the Bible is to be presented as the word of the infinite God as the output in their the last word as me and of all controversy and the foundation bottom line of all faith there is no you can't make her say you can find a church to say she is able to Holy Spirit nowhere nowhere nowhere and anybody that's in front of charge of the critics but people who don't know find that essay have you gotten just like Josephson Hassan on the others it's not true but look at what can you say is that until the truth that's why you have a study identifying the long that's what you keep that you can share this love guidance is gracious and have authority to hunt nobody nobody is saying she didn't even have authority that we know straight is late David committed adultery with Bathsheba Miller that the Dallas when he committed adultery bashing but the only Bible available at that time just as they would be the only model available at that time was amenable to Moses through their are solid and the Mandarin and okay so when you come storming in and throne room anyplace is prophetic finger at Damien he says behold you are the man of sin in a nightmare thank you so much for bringing that information e-mail to remind you who are brought without authority you do you have a single in the Scripture saw not less than you did respond that way you can when they do so you are the man collapsed in tears just dissolved in tears and repent Nathan Housing Authority apartment needs new and consumer Henry award now is he going to get the official going out Nathan has authority first Chronicles twenty nine twenty ninety nine the Nathan wrote a book recycling I finally wrote about so let's say that next week archaeologists do not know the name and will be available to Nathan now does Nathan have canonical authority because we found is what all these years later sitting at canonical authority another disease equal to the mileage on it we found his book now he does does he still have authority video authority then yes is he equaled again who again I found a new window will now become a part again no dark Angel about any site that that that Nathan was a noncanonical profit but he had taught via spiritual authority was his begin that clear noncanonical product but had plenty spiritual authority and how and when Atlantic City is uses illustration with others now Gerhart on no with his romantic and I know it would remain as an inspired book is a prophet it would remain an inspired book outside of the can him this is what the composer Bible and theological statement were found in Nathan 's mother it would remain and inspired and authoritative statement money would be outside the camp is a know nothing is with Verizon online Chicago new issue I think you brought it is authoritative like a rabbit yet I let my friend remember that the life estate of the Gainesville universe eloquently puts it the quality got this down the quality of inspiration in her writings is the same as that of viable profit but the purpose the purpose is different same quality of inspiration but the purpose is different she expressed that her messages were for the purpose of leading people to the Bible to justify the centrality and primacy of the Bible she wrote his or her words I have a work of great responsibility to do to environment and voice instruction given he's not alone the seven a.m. as much of the world I have published many books large and small and some of these are then translated into several languages this is my work to open the Scripture to others as God has opened them to me it is the greatest inability to differentiate between inspiration and authority that causes their utter confusion they are confused do let their confusion confused you to win I followed cunningly devised fables the baseless charge and withhold the writings of Ellen White as equal to the holy Scripture is simply that it is based less there is no basis what we do not US-made like what you believe and why you believe it right here if I can show it here on luggage I teach and preach and every preacher in the seven amateur designer that same holy obligation the house says the Lord national immigrant allotment by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God writing this wine had no authority to hold enough she has bloody of authority as I share my personal testimony yesterday afternoon it was her little book steps to Christ that led me to Jesus at twenty two years of age I believe the Holy Spirit brought the testimony of Jesus into the life prophetic ministry of Ellen White no question Alan and this is my play video good for you okay I landed this the eighty second nineteen eighty two a document entitled and this is now the first page in the second handout people at the copy place got it wrong closely the last failure birth and is now the first phase of the second handout not to be confused to keep the two together you refine in nineteen eighty two and document have the same pianist churches understanding in all its authority was published included in the document are ten affirmations and ten being held that a non- CAV authority of Scripture and a place in our life prophetic ministry in our faith communities are close by reading book lists three to ten affirmation and tendinitis you may follow on the document you have outputted on the screen in our enough of the screen affirmation number one we believe the Scriptures of the money revealed word of God and is inspired by the Holy Spirit as a positions in the demonstrations are number two we believe the Canon of Scripture is composed only of the sixty six books of the old and New Testament number three we believe that Scripture is the foundation of faith in the final authority in all matters of doctrine and practice number four we believe that Scripture is the word of God in human language number five we believe that Scripture to him prophecy will be manifest in the Christian church after investment yes we do believe that number six we believe in the ministry and wife Helen wife were a manifestation of the gift of prophecy number seven we believe and now I was inspired by the Holy Spirit and had her riding the product of that inspiration are applicable and authoritative especially through Seventh-day Adventist we believe that number eight we believe that the purposes of the LMI writings include guidance in understanding the teaching of Scripture and application of these teachings with prophetic urgency to the spiritual and moral life number nine we believe in the acceptance of the prophetic gift amount why is important in the nurture and unity on the seven amateurs and finally affirmation number ten we believe in LMI Houston literary sources and assistance by parallels and some of the writings of the Bible varnish on that this morning now ten denials here we go in on number one we do not believe that the quality or degree of inspiration in the writings of Ellen White is different from that description number two we do not believe in the writings of Ellen White are in addition to the canon of sacred Scripture number three we do not believe the Verizon LMI function as the foundation final authority of Christian faith as the Scripture number four we do not believe that the writings of Ellen White may be used as the basis of doctrine number five leader not believed in the study of the writings of Ellen White may be used to replace the study of Scripture number six we do not believe that Scripture can be understood all only to the writings of Ellen White report by the way some evidence don't understand this one and they don't like the last words of Scripture and absent big mistake number seven we do not believe in the writings of Ellen White exhaust the meaning of Scripture but she derided that can be true center number eight we do not believe in the right felon why are essential for the proclamation of the truth of Scripture this aside in a large number nine we do not believe in the writings of Ellen White identified the mere Christian piety that's what you hear always is a devotional writers of this blessed now we do not believe that right now like other private new Christian piety and finally number and amount of content we do not believe in our lights use of literary sources and assistance name to the inspiration of her writings but the point about the critics and in that he who has the time and the resources to do the research and as we had just got in a few moments can conclusively answer every other charge that the critics level we are not followed cunningly devised fables the brightest minds in the denomination I spent years and carefully making a mantle what I share with you in it on an infield if fifteen minutes UIQ study community websites are not the concluding sort of forgot the concluding statement we conclude therefore that a correct understanding of inspiration authority Verizon online will avoid to strengthen the one regarding his writing is functioning on a canonical level identical Scripture or the other extreme considering them as ordinary Christian literature I want to miss that conclusion in these two websites becoming a study guide and those my friends at Lake has a website Ellen White answers he's got documents is not a disease ridden others a written go to that website seventy came to me after zygotic I have a question question on amalgamation one million rate came to me afterwards and that question these lands there will be questions that will come along the way people communicated only about this regardless to websites I went all right yesterday we were looking at process on his five test all things hold fast what is good as for by their fruit Jesus said you want to know okay nine and then leave the one in my years as a young minister was a gap in the Google scholar and preacher named H M S Richardson senior spoke of our nation learning out an organ at the campaigner and he was a breach of your nation afterwards I went up to him and said this is really admired that may now sleeps in Jesus but I would estimate the average amount of time is revised standard version acids Doctor Richards would you like signing my Bible so he grabbed the Bible is a safe thing may have been a Muslim in his eighties late eighties he had if he had for the longest time is like glasses so thick they are like the bottom of the Coke bottle images that stick and so he held the Bible appeared and I've opened up to where I wanted to sign it and he scribbled his signature and then underneath it he wrote first Corinthians two two in our first institutions price determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified that was the passion of his life and as soon as I saw that that person has become a model mile south of Doctor Richards for me a man to be greatly regarded so I finally came across this YouTube clip don't ask me because I cannot replicate the journey to finding it it was accidental in in my humble estimation I was violent with you though because you're going out here Asian X-rated on old 16mm photography you're the next year he and speak out you just go ahead and watch that screen is on Laguna and here and I'm sorry this usability allows screen that just got a new computer and it's not transferring the anyways I will bring and then none commonly frequent time with those green outlets of QuickTime don't leave me now QuickTime and Windows screen failure should turn black well it sounds I know what happened on a petition saw if I close this by closing I don't have a million of a minimize it on this time I have to close it within its gone will never see them again word of God Asian resurrection so I went over here in the last night 's but I open a new okay thank you you're right it right there I think I add I can get any bigger than this guys because it's now sitting in a vision a little circle my runaround keep your eye on you are getting sleepy you are dumb is trying to open it now guys over maneuver take Morgan have a prayer and take a break when you come back when you come back aches in his riches will be front and center right whatever that's technology for but thou art greatly would you buy in please verify that this is been a whirlwind we just move through this material but what we know the father and we thank you for the Holy Spirit who is helped us to understand realities like this we discovered that this whole person model and inspiration that you invented and you use allows for your servants to or from other sources draw into the orbit of divinely inspired material that which you determine would be beneficial for us no credit given just taking using the father in all of this we don't want to get in the position of where were exalting the gift above the giver she had the gift there is no question in my mind she had to give she exercised the prophetic ministry but the testimony of Jesus is just that it's the truth about Jesus don't let us lose that Jesus centered focus and we come back heartbreaking realization as rigid who was there when she reached he recalls that moment reminds me minus the is one of the experience new community thank you father and thank you for being given Jesus name we pray this message was remodeled and him and him seamlessly G Y Singh subaltern Ministry of the seventeen hundreds in sequence by you Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable other resources visit the online and see what I see when the lodging on


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