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The Power of the Spirit, Part 2

Ivor Myers


What should we expect from a Spirit-filled life? Discover how to work in harmony with God as the Holy Spirit leads you to a transformed, empowered life.


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • December 29, 2011
    3:30 PM
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him him him this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this is the online venue I see where I had a and is by and in life is so final message today is a designed to encourage us in our and our process of changing through the Holy Spirit and Dom and tomorrow I have two more sessions are two more messages on one message will be entitled the fourth decree to be a closing message and got huge indeed I really encourage you to be here for that is the message that that I shows us what can be done as far as a lot of rainbows how we can finish the work once we are filled with the Spirit of God and we want to finish the work quickly and and and and and the message before that is a mystery message to Mister Ness is not my limits on what is because I will know yet what it eats so why you can't find out how find out with him filtering on what the lower hemisphere for that first message in the second one will be the fourth increase up and said that lets you what would whose business is going to be a little bit shorter because one a sense of common prayer and then at four thirty five similar coming here and grab me from the pulpit and take out so that no one can talk to me the Aussie Disney to be a meeting somewhere I have no idea what is our anyway so if you have any questions for me you cannot bring those questions tomorrow and what happened on the question-and-answer set obsession tomorrow J and so let's saw how another word of prayer and then we will not jump right into this final message from the father we once again come before you and ask more than him you would just grab us your spirit show us once again but when you're trying to do in our lives show us how you decide to prepare us to meet you when you come into the encouraged Lord and may we never know the review on our side who can be against us thank you for answering our prayer Jesus namely asking a man should the Bible states appeared of four hundred years in which saw the children of Israel what of sorrow as slaves they would be in bondage and this prophecy was given to Abraham it was not until Genesis forty seven where we find the children of Israel have moved to eat yes I because I was jealous of not being the second-in-command has invited them all to come to Egypt and there given the land of Goshen in their big role and they prospered through a great multitude and then you know the story of Farrell and rose up and did not know Joseph and the children of Israel went into captivity went into slavery and a half to four hundred years ago never came on the thing his name was Moses and the remember that when Moses was born it was a it was a decrease in shell all the baby boys but Moses life was spared she had moved to shallow show on to destroy what was Exodus chapter seventeen Exodus seventeen Exodus seventeen the children of Israel have Internet out of our Egyptian captivity in Exodus seventeen we find a powerful story the Bible says the Lord something Moses Mister back to verse verse three to the people first and therefore water and the people murmured against Moses and said wherefore is it that thou hast brought us up out of Egypt and show us how children well with our DNS in Minnesota and Israel began this journey they were exciting and newer way to the promised land then and I won the first things they do Exodus seventeen in Exodus fifteen they had crossed over the Red Sea and they were celebrating in not shortly afterwards he began to complain that you brought us out here to show us and Dom Benoit sophomore this goal on before the people and chatting with the of the elders of Israel and Oregon where we bounce was delivered taking my hand and go behold I will stay before being there on a rock in order and all shops in Iraq and there shall come more out of it that the people majoring power that is part content with a short Barack and the people will drink you said no thanks I guess they are I will stand upon the rock and smite the wrong and what is shortly after that we have his battle with Israel and Amalek in the Bible tells us in verse nine says Moses said unto Joshua choose us augmenting the outside with make tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the will of God in my soul just as Moses said accepting and fought with Dominic and Moses are N-terminal to the top of a hill and it came to pass when Moses held up is that Israel walked prenatal when he left all his hand like this one most hands were heavy and they took us all and put on lien thereon and there is one on the one side the other on the other side and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun and Joshua discomfited Amalek and the people with the edge of the soaring in our beautiful picture where where where mostly after this block is if you want to come down to write a story of my nose is go to the top of the hill and got back in town and her on either side of them and has always what you think those rays answered when you raise your hands to heaven but that symbolizes symbolizes for me pray that Moses is praying what's happening on the battlefield about God 's people I went but if you want to win in your life you need to be trained you need to be trained but one wants to stop the Bible what is on the Old Testament is not just the New Testament that the automaton driven between the book of Malachi and Matthew slaughter years and years just as in the office in captivity and then as I deliver solid investments for years between Hong Kong and you and I can't I will say is fine or so and destroy all the children so Satan moves Harry to destroy all the children under two years old talk to destroy Jesus is the start to look in Exodus chapter seven hundred feet in the incredible parallels is not just a more in a dry and thirsty land and obsessive that says to Moses Moses striking the wrong but wait till I get on the wrong way down the rock and started the rock an interesting other than Jesus Christ died on Iraq and you're not know what happened as he was on the wrong along the salvage a strong year you are really going to mean anything along with all listenable meet along strong the rock and blood and water came a little at the seventeenth after the rock is strong we find another story almost is going up to a hill top holding up his or my I will not if you are so able on either side of him and his will on them I feel so lonely right now him and calls to people for the support of Mosley but I want to understand that Jesus went to the hilltop and held up his hat in both the fees on the cross for which he held his hands because each one of those these represent some portion of all of humanity she died for those who wanted him and for those who rejected Jesus is not a want to understand that Jesus holds those hands up yes he's now in heaven I want to understand that sacrifice was an eternal sacrifice with kids of very important as the beloved will have to sacrifice what eternal there is no reason for you and I to be losing any bad and there is not reason for you are not to be losing at him because she is at are still ways to his father she is praying for you like Jesus is training for a second day and his brother is the being prayer day he's trying to strain that will be filled with the Holy Spirit on the lot to think into your mind that no I don't harass anything praying for you sort your friends what Jesus himself is praying for you please pray that you will will allow the spirit of God to come into your life and beloved ones they understand that both hands are still ways before his father we can know that there is no reason for me to end me that the spirit of God should be able to work on me and transforming and change it into his I don't really want to chat with me in the book of Mark chapter four March before March four thirty five the Bible says and the same day when the even was he said unto them Passover unto the other side then sent away the multitude they took him even as he was in the ship and there was also with him other than six sundown a great storm of wind and the waves beat into the ship so that it will not fold and he was in a partnership of three on a panel on their way to think of him after care is not probably perished and irrelevant review the wind and sounds of the sea peace be still on the Wednesdays and there was right on me so then why are you so fearful and then you have no one to and they feared exceedingly and said one to another but none of magazines that even the wind and the sea obey him those words verse thirty five notice Passover to the other side I want you to get a mental image of the final salvation on him and attend a picture for you very quickly a picture of our journey our exodus from captivity to heaven it's sure coming in the fourth to get ahead is sure her on a journey right so I will get a picture of Jesus coming to us and says I'm saying that Passover genocide is a good-looking sort of have to know what the other side I just think that us pass over pass over pennies out of your mind Passover is welcome to my wants to come here my Passover time to get back right now I was hassled about was about the children is a Olympic Games on this death came home right on also have the blood on the pulse of their dog is also a story about how the children of Israel were passing over from captivity to freedom they are not the castle over to the other side if you win his imagination this is fraud see Jesus says in John fourteen that he go to prepare a place for us you know he will come down off and bring us to where he is my disease is coming to bring us where he's one of becoming a second coming that you write to become the benefit of the students come again before that focus in another way of recording what you say is that if I go I will send the comforter is on the company is on the confident piston guide us spiritually and honest sodomy with me sometime and you remember your call I call test pass over to the other side like all I called him out of the hip-hop artist and the name of our interesting enough that about seventy minutes and may not recall the boogie monsters very funny value I laughed to an somebody wants to drive but what do you know how long was called writers on the star ammunition I am not because of a group and we had fun in love with all the negative it was Jim Morrison and the dollars that you remember that group I know that you weren't always that this is real popular song about it was on the porcelain break on through to the other side I look back and I think wow quite quite interesting will you take the reins Jesus invites us to the other side will take those very things and create lyrics and create songs that goal directly against what Jesus is speaking time is finally all right to me unless I want away on Jim Morrison and die and the doors also have a song called by various of the stone on the comeback so so if you are these ships representing you when I am I on this journey should get away to the other side to the other side and on the Bible says there again in verse verse thirty six when they had sent away the multitude they took him even as he was in the ship and there will also other little ships with Jesus seminar coming in I will send the hope the company was one of the company was accompanied to comfort physiology and what the shred and all who imagine accommodations forty unlimited things come stable really like to be comfortable and is confident he will make things comfortable for you omnes accommodations far I have one done with accommodations for Ryan we can relax amen .net accommodations for no one in the accommodations on the way and Don you probably are putting this together the law hold the star manner connected and connected logo design but what you see what happens he is so on verse thirty sentences and their own goals a great storm of Wayne and the ways be into the ship not an estimate how many of you have to know when she is first centralized fossil videos are the water is peaceful the son of God shining itself looks all good outing we are excited you are when you have to trust both of you I will we see the folly horizon that he was on the missing probably none of problem and also his opinion would allow the Rhine to start off smooth my United need you to come in the Nixon years so exciting and without you know your old pastor how lovely the discovery that some of these local churches is to convert over to be a great income after all these are your best friends I can only tell your parents about how you have developed taken up a new life in all hotter than the sole problem when thankful and ask you about this new religion of northern builders want to follow right along will if you only if you only knew the sauce that lay ahead if he only knew that no wife for your house was saved enough money if you only knew their children would save all you are crazier your parents would say how much talked about this anymore if you are a you and then you would not have gotten on the shape another is good to create sunshine and nice going wins seventy degree weather this should not be wonderful but Michael says that the storm comes the waves beat into the ship so that it was not for varsity and he was envisioned upon the ship home asleep on a pillow pretty pretty good about the storm the storm that Joseph went to the storms of Abraham when the storm 's potential when you think about the storms of life think about how trying people not that that the various trials because this is all dealing with the spirit of God has been sensitive notwithstanding spirit of God that's instead to make our ride comes forward one minute comfortable store houses were how does this work Jesus is in the hinder part of the ship and he's asleep not only if you flee but he's asleep on the panel is life so on this is the right has find them I emphasize something he was only sleeping he was leaving after having it says that Jesus was depressing how do you ever been in situation where you felt like Jesus was asleep in a situation by choosing that you are you a good feeling and is happy to not be there when you get your time of need and Jesus asked why I have sent you a panel of an account that are ransacked as well I mean when I don't reject the continent are sent you know I knew what was coming I think the comfort is a you judging from what you are in the mix of your child on your stone Jesus was very very and then wondering why is he sleeping Jesus don't you care that the quest Batson Jesus don't you care anyone arrested that question Jesus you can don't you care about Paris Gaza Strip the way you seem to be coming up over my head so therefore lets someone she dusted to learn in fact that we all need to learn okay that's another one is this what bothers us does not bother Jesus what bothers us does not bother Jesus of using the disciples there that I is making an Jesus we now I think this is also the biking she probably didn't even realize there was a thought when you like to go through life and just like to know what you're going through even as I am of the sleeping sauce recipe and just as in Christ and one and God says it is possible to actually go live in the ghetto and you know now that Kennedy is left they did it anyway you are in agreement of its earlier gains into general 's what bothers us is not bonded you see remember when the when the disciples came on the Roman soldiers came to take to get Christ then the disciples pulled out their swords and seasons like oh we just sort of is not only convince on for four more fathers with a piece of Jesus came because he was comforted by the father 's will he knew what the father 's will was and when you know what the father 's will and you can rest and comfort because you are situations saved by Jesus was certainly known Jesus had in the word of Islam each state in the evolutionary process seems the spiritual evolution of salvation will come to pass this by the chaos that's number two what does not bother Jesus should not bother us that the number one what father will not bother Jason Umatilla what bothers you that should not bother us were on a journey started and how I come to you if you don't look what happened you're going to panic but if you do when the comforter you can rest you can know that God 's word will get you safely to where you're going is a need to be in the shave first Peter tells us for suggestions but that's identical to the first few chapters three and first Peter chapter three verse eight Martha's finally be all of one mind having compassion one of another love as brethren be pitiful be courteous not rendering evil for evil railing for men and the consequent blessing knowing that you are thereunto called that you should inherit a blessing for his level love my can see good days that refrains from from evil and his list they speak no God that initial evil into good little CPU settings with caveats galore over the righteous and his heirs are open unto their prayers but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil quiz at Holy See that will harm you if you be followers of that which is good but if you suffer for righteousness sake happy are you the and Sarah neither be one child in words if you're righteously or storm comes in your life you have to be afraid of the storm you have to be afraid of the Sarah is why because you're living righteously in the easily on here don't worry happy are you sure you can imagine some don't tell and annual annual you are fortunate because of the lines that unfortunate inside the margin it is your far righteousness sake County is being forced cast nonelderly terrorists may ask this I think it shows that they had not yet fully known Jesus once is not enough in a marsh for buses in verse thirty nine after they say Jesus chose him up in the parish is not he aroused to review the when and how they see patient is still under when everyone sees and that was a grad on a Mac you know for the time that you please made and anyone who is that it is already policy is that these days something missing beloved Jesus said peace be spent to turn on and off Jesus seems to have been very disappointing the first floor he said unto them why are you so fearful how is it that you have no know what no faith affect I just want my faith not by sight so long what your library there was no circumstances and they disregard the fact that Jesus was made in the boat asleep she gets up and says that I was speaking of the Jesus always seek to set an example for us you guys shouldn't sneak into I think they finally wiry black and sound I don't think that Jesus might be the want of fresh recognizing that when she said I was sleeping in your world view is that envelope sleeping to use of the technique I had to stop his evil probably nothing to worry about because I want something to worry that she will be the first one you see in Jesus wants us to learn how shall I list on what is please is a disappointing to see how another storm is coming in and medical humidor elements of the storm is coming up in this business your headquarters to negative we what I saw you several being on both ways but will also than think about that when God them and then he said I delivered you on eagles wings got a strike that Jesus turned out a strategy to try to thought and why we love and suffering are not waived that right from the start is to settle at how well you have any right to the heart of the wanted agency asking if anyone I the spirit of God is trying to convert our shine for all to their bullying I start sucking out loud situations that come into our lives is okay not his own around the store I just want to turn back relax Holy Spirit Chesney just relaxing seat until she had writer 's today have their eighth two thousand and eight note and try to get you to relax why because we have to learn how I miss you storms so when the big one we would eventually by the spirit of God it's often those jobs Jesus looked at them and it's okay faith comes by what here and now you guys are missing than half a so is utilizing this evening that he speak to the Wayne Embassy five feet ago we cannot demonstration on what they do and angle for a man is this that even the wind and the season opening him in faith we don't apparently be the same as if the wind and the sea chest my more pleasure doing the usual God sends us this theory so that we can learn how to ride the storm that's why Isaiah forty six forty first thirty one says they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up and with means at Eagle 's not Eagles do you know what do you know what kind of weather equals lack of flying Eagles are the only birds that look at a store cables won't wait for the story and they'll sit there and like all of them that once too small are in that store and all they see that storm on April the youngest on those the other related like the storm is because the storm release them I well sometimes they get higher than it does so effortlessly they just got an severe delays and so sometimes I will get us to some of our entities I will give you an Eagles wings because the Spirit is designed to damage what it is and how to override the storms of life somehow we understand that the bitterness are in and the bigger the star closer it takes you to Jesus and seven other when you see a big storm coming in I built the bomb will flight the pilot tells beloved that when every time we meet the goals much I'll be going to a circumstance in the design of God and Martin these temptations these child window in yields the peaceable throat on right we need some more copyright installs you know the early church wrote the song did you know that the Bible says when the Spirit of God now it came like on my team last scene we got snow one another to the church at all through out the early centuries nothing could stop bending they learn they understood through the Holy Spirit how to run will prosecute them among the top in all even in the dark ages the on the Bible says the Bible to the revelation that God gave his bride game nightshirt to me of any even the charts of the dark ages they understood how to ride the storm so that's why the more they were persecuted the more they multiplied we become our how to do what I is so widely needs of the ribosome and you revelation set the relationship at Revelation seven verse one after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the fall are lots in my tests on the art that a man should not allow on the earth not on the scene on any tree I saw another angel having the alternate these having the seal of the living God the crime voice to the four angels to work in the pregnancy saying that neither deceive nor the trees countless servants of God having learned how to ride the storm having the wind out why I was going and why because every time a song comes along my servant asked me to stop the storm every time the wind blows sometimes the pools in a brief and just a little lower word will be weeping and gnashing teeth I will start Monday and not pay out the money trust me they need to get more acquainted with the uphill they need to become more points you with the comfort and minimum when the time comes when God 's people know what it means to ride the storm talk says okay that the winds that the whimsical watch my circuits identified the store and they they are riders of the stone without it the spirit of God is waiting for us so that he may last you earlier this morning I said do you really want the Holy Spirit really you've been here for all for all messages you will understand what I need out the costs if you really really want the Holy Spirit also have to take to some harness but he says no more I may give you much of that I teach him come unto me all ye that labor and I had a incredible juicy breasts so this was the lowest despite the circumstances this situation all that God the Holy Spirit has been sent to want to try out safely from his side to the other at all but until we know like the image of Jesus Christ is to help identify Jesus is our enemy is been said to Major 's nineteen I hope they are you'll gain an understanding of the work of the Spirit of God in a way that will change your life forever I hope today that you will go home I don't hope he will go home today him and I do hope today that when you go home after these meetings have encountered the cost you will say Holy Spirit teach me not to say stop us all gone luckily but he does it disappoint choose me not to say stop the storm but teach me nor how to come if you want to be writers this has been fun thank you for your work your words once thank you for this theory 's he was sent to comfort us on this journey she just going to ride this we pray in Jesus name amen I like to take a we do not want twenty seven assists in five minutes and a life lesson reader into grooves three four five people maybe and they just pray for all that you have learned today not only in this seminar but meeting any of the seminar the Cuban this is really lift our voices to God home in the front was insulted most have any strangeness divorce is not asking Lord help me out about spread of God and then I will close on the session and this message was removed and she was anyways the symbol of the Ministry of the seventeen hundreds in sequence by William B Viagra Bible makes Christ centered Christians the downloadable purchase another resources visit the online and see what you see when I


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