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We Believe - Who is God? Part 1

Chester Clark III


We’re familiar with character assassination in political circles. But in today’s message we explore a defamation attempt of epic proportions – an attempt which has too often been successful in distorting the character of God. Join us as we explore the battle between Michael and the dragon and uncover evidence confirming the divinity of the Son of God.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • February 16, 2013
    9:30 AM


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father in heaven they were grateful that you've given us this chance to spend time in your presence thank you for these young people for their music of praise thank you for the familiar hands the words come back to us that it is virus of your Majesty and your glory one day Lord we want to we want to sing your praises with the band and orchestra of heaven what a day that will be today because as we open your word as we study that your spirit guide us in the near future we thank you for this in Jesus name the only reason for having this discussion here today Google is God is because there is some question there is some dispute or some distant agreement or misunderstanding in fact there's something that we call character assassination of government character assassination character assassination is defined as an able and deliberate and sustained process that means to destroy the credibility and reputation of a person institution social group or nation there are assassinations unlike regular assassination with the person literal life is taken at character assassination assassination attempt to remove much of a person 's life or livelihood by destroying their name or reputation in fact there is a number of historical instances of character assassination that we could point to we can probably find some examples in current politics that since I try to stay away from politics I thought we go back oh maybe two hundred years or so and that's safe enough breath to the particular years ago okay John John Thomas Jefferson hired a woman named James calendar to write about his opponent James Madison John Adams and he wrote that John Adams is the reports of the peanut engrossed in a credit and a hideous hermaphroditic goal character which has needed the force and firmness of a man with an gentleness and sensibility of a woman in fact what calendar was trying to do was dehumanize John Adams right we call that character assassination the Democrats called the win Canada's aging forty four they call the wind candidate Henry Clay on his supposedly baggage train of gambling and dueling womanizing and by the Journal swearing and Clay lost the election in eighteen forty four another politically aligned newspaper told voters that Lincoln should not be elected president because he only changed his socks once every ten days now whether it was true or not this is what we call character assassination right character assassination moving on nineteen seventies opponents of general route through the haze spread around the rumor that he shot his own mother in a fit of rage Congressman Davy Crockett in eighteen thirty six accused candidate Martin Van Buren of secretly mind you wearing women's clothing he is lazy nothing courses such as women in town where and if possible tighter than the best of them I suppose it well we will commenting more on that and this is one of my favorite of the items not a good word used by the most most most fascinating of wind pamphlet said Democrat Andrew Jackson was a gambler a cock fighter slave trader and the husband of a relief that life and this was an insult for which he never would forgive his opponents character assassination but they were going to be talking about and a character assassination of epic proportions character assassination may involve exaggeration misleading half-truths manipulation of facts to present an unusual picture of the targeted person and in fact character assassination uses many different techniques such as doublespeak spreading of rumors innuendo and deliberate misinformation on topics relating to the subject 's morals integrity and reputation it may involve spending information that is technically true but that is presented in a misleading manner or is presented without the necessary context of both you friends that there has been a gargantuan character assassination on foot for over six thousand years such acts is this our care are difficult to reverse and one thing that in the line they become hard to remove and that's why were stagnant and who is God that's why we're going to look at the character assassination of the ages coming face-to-face with the greatest assassination as well as character assassination of all time and without this intentional sustained deliberate distortion of the character of God we wouldn't need to be discussing this topic today it all came about because of interpersonal conflict and were familiar with interpersonal conflict right we know what this is like in fact most of us have some understanding at least a limited degree about character assassination we had things we've has been said about us that were not true or were not presented in context right we all understand that but this happened in our cosmic story because of the interpersonal conflict between two individuals but this wasn't just an ordinary conflict is like all the mother and father of all stats and all this disagreements and arguments it took place in the very center of the universe of you have your Bibles are with me to revelations chapter twelve Revelation chapter development have a couple sections in here where we going to be more looking at the Scriptures and so I you have your Bibles happen out in handy in as quickly as possible what lived through these passages revelations after twelve and beginning in verse eleven when you're there is a man revelation twelve over seven and there was more aware in heaven Michael and his angels lot against the Dragon and the Dragon fly and his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called devil and Satan which deceives the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him in this passage makes abundantly clear to the Dragon is that it makes it very clear this is talking about the devil is talking about Satan in a little while run a look at other passages that make abundantly clear who Michael is and what it will be seen here is in heaven Michael and his angels the devil and his angels are having a conflict notice Michael is specifically singled out as the leader to whom the devil is bringing this conflict Michael is the one the devil is angry with the one he is fighting with who is this Satan anyway again you'll turn in your Bibles to the book of Ezekiel Ezekiel chapter twenty eight and verse fourteen Ezekiel chapter twenty eight and verse fourteen we find here a story of of amazing amazing consequence that took place in heaven it says in verse fourteen you are the anointed cherub that covers the anointed angel that covers the covering cherub and I sent you so you were upon the holy mountain of God it walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire you are perfect verse fifteen you are perfect in your ways from the day you were created till iniquity was found in you the story is of an angel found not only Ian the presence of God in the high and the cords of God wanted in the highest echelons of heaven is structure you might say he was the one of those the Bible says Angels that covers and if we get me remember the story of the throne of God we remember the story of Rosenberg will remember that Lucifer was the one who was right there closest to the very throne of God in the in the society of the Angels the created beings in heaven fatalism or how the highest position that any angel could hold he was the highest of the created beings he was close to the throne of God you know this well this is just a and artist conception of the throne of God easy on either side of the angels you remember that when God told the Israelite people in the book of Exodus to build a sanctuary that dwell among them he cut he gave them specific instructions as to how to build the furniture in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary right there whether Shekinah glory dwelt of the most holy place there was a mercy seat on the in the center of the Ark of the covenant underneath which was the law of God on either side there were two golden Angels representing the two covering chairs next to the throne of God Lucifer was one of those closest to the throne of God and so he would've been intimately appointed with the plans and the purposes of the Trinity look with me back to Isaiah chapter twelve Isaiah chapter twelve and will read a little of Isaiah chapter fourteen I'm sorry and were going to read a little further about Lucifer and his fall Isaiah chapter fourteen beginning with first well this is the prophet Isaiah marveling that someone so close to God someone so and when we know by should have fallen he says in verse twelve powered up fallen from heaven was a person of the morning Howard felt that down to the ground was to weaken the nations for your set in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be live the most high is a list of her had a problem was over being so close to the throne of God began to think that somehow what God was doing he might be able to do just as well somehow meaning anything that even though he was exalted as high as God could possibly exalt a created being he was not exalted and somehow the worship that was directed toward God and were going to see especially towards Christ brought a big hens every sentiment and jealousy in Lucifer 's heart began to covet the worship that Christ was receiving he began to want what only God could have and that you know I remind you what Abraham Lincoln said one time nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character give him power for truth the truth of Lucifer was given power he was given procedure was given a high position and yet this was his undoing he was not able to stand in that type of a place not because God made them all of this is one thing that I don't propose to try to explain to you this morning the Bible called the mystery of iniquity how someone perfect rated by Parker God living in a perfect world with a perfect government could have sent a rise in his heart and before I spend too much time dwelling on Mister Nicky let me just remind you the Bible also talks about a mystery of godliness Mister Godwin 's helper for God come to world like this and I ended in covenant to live in the hearts of his creatures and writers for one thing to heaven in eternity all I'm so thankful for those for that second mystery I would propose you this morning the jealousy that arose in Lucifer 's heart was especially directed towards Jesus Jesus perhaps because of the Archangel as the one often referred in the Old Testament as soon as the angel of the Lord perhaps in the pre- incarnate form he will like one of the Angels perhaps he was not obviously physically distinguished from the rest of the Angels the created beings in fact let's just go through the Bible study about Jesus as the Archangel shouting let's look in our Bibles and a number of passages were put there very quickly and we may not even look at all these versus of you taking notes and write them down but here were to begin with John chapter five verses twenty six and twenty seven the says that for the father has life in himself so as he given to the son to have life in himself and his given him authority to execute judgment also because he is the Son of Man notice verse twenty eight Marvel not at this for the hour is coming in which all letter in the graves shall hear his voice in verse twenty nine shall come forth David had done good under the resurrection of life and that he wanted the resurrection of damnation so the Bible here clearly tells us those voices going to Raven it is that is Jesus was right beside very clearly the Bible says this announcement of the inventive first Thessalonians first Thessalonians chapter four and were going to read verses sixteen and seventeen first Thessalonians chapter four verses sixteen and seventeen and here we find a nether piece of the puzzle we see here that Paul describes the second coming the resurrection in these words were sixteen for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the wild the archangel and with the trumpet a lot of the dead in Christ shall rise first according to Paul whose voice will Raven the Archangel right so this makes sense to us that Jesus was raised with any archangels voice of reason that so enabled me to meet with Xavier made with meaningless even a ghostly right and so we know that Jesus must be meeting the Archangel are the one for the Scripture in June the last very last book just before revelation that we almost called about the chapter the very last chapter before revelations Jude verse nine again moving quickly the Bible says yet in my holy Archangel when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Jesus single going and so on now here we find another right the Bible calls hearing Junior Michael V Archangel the genes of the Archangel unlike Michael the Archangel that means Jesus is Michael is right member that great controversy that war in heaven that we rebound relationship as well Michael and his angels were fighting simply Jesus and his angel providing why perhaps because of the Archangel he was the one over the Angels art does not mean highest innings the one over right that means the one that was responsible for the Angels Jesus as a archangel would mean a natural object of Lucifer 's envy the natural object of his at his coveting of Jesus worship will look back very quickly in the Old Testament now and Daniel chapter ten Daniel chapter ten and were going to look at how the Michael is referenced in the Old Testament as well and they were to look at some texts that talk about the aims of the Lord in the Old Testament Daniel chapter ten verse thirteen this is talking about when Daniel was praying is praying for the Dean of Persia he was praying that he would mean his heartwarming that he would let God 's people go back as Jeremiah had predicted and reset will restore the promise land dedicated to researching the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty one days but low Michael one of the chief princes or my margin says the first of the princes came to help me and I remained there with the kings of Persia fascinating story Gabriel here the aims of the Lord is talking to Daniel and he says that anyone pray you are praying that that the King of Prussia would have a hard jangly let the Israelites go back and restore Jerusalem and because you are praying I think Angel award went down to work on the heart of the Prince of Persia and I was there for three weeks green waste argue that glad that God is just give up a first try on the argument dangling above the person trying to bring some England see anything happening but God was working and then sometimes we don't see immediate answers our prayers we think that God is adhering to listen this tells us there's something going on behind the scenes that we don't always understand at face value we don't always understand why our prayers are being answered that doesn't mean that God isn't working for the release gain the most powerful angel of heaven second only to Lucifer before he fell Dean was working upon the hearts the heart of the king of Persia after three weeks when he made no progress the king 's heart was so cold and so hard and so resistant to the impressions that danger was making who was sent Michael himself Jesus himself was sent to work on marketing how do you like that you believe friends about this prayer God would send the most poverty would send an member of the Godhead and they'll work on heart of the king of Persia powerful story about an answer to prayer Michael in the Old Testament the back even further let's look back to the book of Genesis and let's look back to Genesis chapter sixteen I wanted to take us through a short journey here were to begin with this concept of the angel of the Lord and were going to show that not only is as an angel or messenger of the word angel means but it was also fully divine being Genesis chapter sixteen and this is the story of Hagar and the desert notice with me verse seven says and the angel of the Lord found her by a fountain of water in the wilderness now if you have some of the newer translations or to notice something angels he is rowdy Old Testament and some of the newer translations are defined-benefit particularly when the scholars have indicated that in the Hebrew is specific not only had an angel not a angel but the angel of the Lord using A in your translation I A this is not an ordinary angel notice with says the Lord found her notice of me these give down the verse thirteen she called the name of the Lord that spoken to her of this book under she recognized this to be the Lord and spoken to her and she said now used me look at me a few chapters overdid Chapter twenty two Chapter twenty Junior we find the story and versus well-meaning verse twelve of Abraham this is on mount Mariah is just about to kill his son verse twelve says eleven says names of the Lord called him out of heaven and said Abraham Abraham said here am I and story goes on in verse fifteen names were called and Abraham out of the second time this is by my swap out five squares warns that the Lord because you've done this that in blessing I will bless you and so forth Abraham was in contact with the angel of the Lord look at me on a few further verses here and the wording is even this angel the Lord was not just an angel not just the higher exalted creating this angle the Lord was actually fully gone of me in Exodus Exodus chapter three and turn with me there I know this is a lot of text this morning but we're going to look through these his life very quickly and then were going to get on with our message I enjoy studying the Bible you hiding the Bible 's words are more important than my words is great all right so that it has a chapter three verse one talking about the Moses in the wilderness that she will start the first units as the angel of the Lord appeared and him and a flame of fire out of the midst of a Bush I like that Angel the Lord appeared to them Moses and what we call the burning bush and then by the way I want just take a moment and look at the context of this traveling within the context backup of your verses or maybe someone here who is struggling with the struggling with the burdens of life know sometimes sometimes it seems like the rodents it's rougher the burdens heavier than talking about and the Bible says in chapter two of Exodus verse twenty three came to pass in the process of the time thinking of a vegan diet and the children of Israel side by reason of the bondage they cried in their cry came up to God by reason of their bondage notice in verse twenty four and God heard their groaning and God remembered his covenant with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob anything but looked upon the respect that looked upon the children of Israel and had respect unto them what this verse simply says friends in the God was aware of the trials and troubles his people were going through the Bible says right here there's twenty four got her bare growing I want to know when Nelson is not obvious in the English verse twenty five this is not looked upon the children of Israel and God had respect under them using that phrase I'm not sure exactly how it is in your translation of the King James 's morning but God had respect and then the word used is the word that we often find the Old Testament translated as new as in Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and brought forth a son the word that is used here to describe God God 's knowledge of his people 's troubles is the most intimate word the Hebrew language notes you can sometimes reveal God to somewhere off on the road somewhere God doesn't really care about her troubles I'm going through it may seem like that at times friends but the Bible says that God looked upon the children of Israel and God God was intimately connected with his people and he felt their pain he knew their struggles he knew that neither trials and so because of that examination of the Lord notice first to thank the Lord appeared to Moses and identified in a flame of fire to be logon Robin renewal story but it says in verse four when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see God called him out of the midst of the Bush and said to Moses Moses Moses and he said here am I doing that in the burning bush with Bangalore that was God himself in fact he says here that straightaway down in verse thirteen adverse working godsend opposes I am that I have you shall say into the children of Israel I am has sent you and to me you see here we find evidence of the divinity of the angel of the Lord next this chapter twenty three Levi I know another another passage which also indicates that there is a divinity is divine qualities of Angel the Lord Exodus chapter twenty three and verse twenty this is God speaking and he says behold I have God send an angel before you so here you have a lot plurality in the Godhead don't you talk more about this afternoon to talk about the Trinity and how we understand but here we says I can't send an angel before you visit as an ordinary angel interlinking things work Bible this angel is capitalized right and it says verse twenty one beware of him and obey his voice provoke him not for he will not pardon your transgressions for mine name is in him this angel my friends had the power forgives sins were not producing that is the power that belongs only to God a divine attribute this angel would have we move on to judges and were not going to look at all these passages that this is fascinating to me and see in the Old Testament the Greek character of God in the thick the definition of God that we find in the word of God angels and judges chapter two verses one before we find the story of the Angel Lord appearing to God 's people and God speaks to them through the angel of the Lord skip down the judges chapter six and this is the story of Gideon Judges chapter six in verse eleven we find is that there came an angel the Lord and Saturn audio and this was actually not just named what this was God notice levers appointed when needed Gideon perceived that he was an angel of the Lord Didion said alas oh Lord God before because I have seen an angel of the Lord face to face rewards and peace be unto you you're not you shall not die and again in a chapter thirteen we see the story of Noah and his wife the story of the birth of Samson and once again and the Lord comes and he appears to have to first know 's life and in Manila and tell them they're going to have assignments of work and once again they recognize they have not dissing an ordinary angel they have come face-to-face with God in Isaiah chapter forty eight look with me there we have just a couple more passages Isaiah chapter forty eight and verses twelve to sixteen Isaiah forty eight verses twelve to sixteen this is a fascinating passage talking about the plurality of God in this passage we actually see we actually see the Trinity we have to see all three verse twelve says Harkin a meal Jacob and Israel my call I am he I am the first I am also the last might have laid the foundation of your so forth and so want verse fifteen I even I have spoken EAI have called him I have brought him a shot and he shall make his way prosperous verse sixteen near Jimmy this I have not spoken in secret from the beginning from the time that was there in my and now the Lord God and his spirit hath sent me using all three components that God the father either creator the I am in the spirit all right here in working in harmony together and moving on to Zechariah will skip that and move the New Testament John chapter one John chapter one turn with me there I just I just love this passage because it tells us once again of the most amazing mystery the world will ever know that which will we will contemplate throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity John chapter one verse one beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word was God the same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made Colossians Chapter one Chapter two answer questions after one of her sixteen says four by hand by Jesus were all things created that are in heaven that are in earth visible and invisible whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created for him and by him Hebrews chapter one verses one to God who at various times in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets has in these last days spoken to us by his son whom he has appointed heir of all things through whom also he made the world see Jesus my friends was the creator and while he was here on this Earth Jesus claimed the prerogatives the qualities that belong to God alone for example he claimed that he was the IM in John eight hundred fifty eight he claimed that he had power to forgive sin in Matthew nine in verse six but that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins he says the paralytic arise take up your bed and go into your house you can see from these passages this brief survey of the Old Testament and in and into the New Testament you can see that Jesus is the I am the Old Testament he is the one who appeared to Abraham and to Moses and the prophets Jesus is the one who gave the Decalogue on Mount Sinai the one he delivered Israel from Egypt Jesus is the creator of the heavens in the area and everything they contain and one thing is certain before the fall of Lucifer it was a pleasure it was the honor was the glory of all the creative modes honor and worship and adore the bow down and glorify Jesus the one who created them the one who sustained them the one who was eternally part of the Godhead that would change that would all change with this change in the heart of Lucifer the lead character assassination were talking about today the Angels joyfully acknowledge the supremacy of Christ and prostrating themselves before him poured out their love and adoration Lucifer about with them for time but in his heart it was a strange fierce conflict that even he did not fully understand truth and justice and loyalty were struggling for the ascendancy in his heart over the envy and jealousy the results of their influence of the holy Angels around for a time carried him with them and as songs of praise ascended from the angelic choir was over but also join and praise in his sole and outer harmony with the sinless worshipers and love the father but once more his desire for supremacy return and is in need of Christ would grow stronger the high honors conferred upon Lucifer were not enough for him he even wanted the brightness and exaltation and position of the son of God he was beloved in reverence by the heavenly host Angel delighted to execute his commands but yet the son of God was above him he shared the son of God shared father 's councils while Lucifer was not privileged thus enter into God 's mind why send this mighty angel should Christ be honored above me why should he have the supremacy so Lucifer went about in the heavenly hosts to begin sowing seeds of discord and doubt he began to diffuse the spirit of discontentment among the angels it might of been little innuendos at first not outright lie but there were little things that he was saying to confuse their mind the eleventh amendment maybe there was something wrong with the government about why we have rules anyway why the law of God is not much less just to be able to do the right thing aren't we perfect be why is there such beginning why is Christ exalted as if he'd been artificially so he began to insinuating doubts concerning the laws that govern heavenly beings intimating that they were not necessary or perfect angels they were unfair and unjust maybe there's an organ but obtained to his his his appropriate place he would be able to set things right you'd be able to make improvements purchasing a listener game under the guise of trying to be on the Angels sign just trying to help me just trying to improve things but wasn't really a man even after a while believed himself to be but this was all part of the great deception geez Louise ever-present the Lordship of Christ is something that had been unfairly conferred upon him he failed to recognize that intrinsically organically the angel of the Lord Christ VIM the son of God was God it wasn't something that was given to him in Jesus was life original on borrowed and underived remember what we define your character assassination to be in an this is what Lucifer went about to do anyone about to destroy in the minds of the universe and he is going about stilted gauge and destroy our minds and understanding of who God really is very quickly let's look at this character assassination of such massive proportions for example we had we had the visitor in the garden of Eden leading to oh Eamon Friday news game with you trying to tell me that what God had was was limiting one how was keeping something good from her and really if she wins NYC had to offer she would gain something better write that God 's is trying God is trying to keep something good from you what is the truth of the matter the truth of the matter is that God knows what makes his creation happening and then God knows what's best for us and you don't I be honest with you as a young person I remember being struggling with the same as saying innuendo worked out because on one hand there's this is the sort of inmate assumption because of the effectiveness of Satan 's campaign is as innate assumption that we as humans have to somehow the surrender our lives completely to Christ what a missing out on something I never had a feeling I'd have thought that somehow were to miss out I'm thinking that and I remember struggling with this and it takes faith my friend thinks that young people to choose to believe that God who created you knows you better than you know yourself and he has something better plan for you then you could plan for yourself he has had part of perfect happiness of all his creation and then I remember when I'm trying to decide what I was going to do for a career I know last thing I wanted to do was be a pastor I had no intention of going ministry I plan to go into a professional career and my family were professionals and I just assume that's what I was when you do and even when I think indicative that God was calling to ministry I didn't want to do it and their specific reason somehow in my mind that will get all that somehow my mind I find a missing out on something that I would do something fun something something good that I won't have him I surrender my heart and my will and my choice and my future that sometimes the hardest and it is a your by surrendering to Jesus anonymous on something all I'm so glad now that you because you know that everything that I thought Amazon got a sense of humor I got more of those and I would've never gotten guaranty if I had gone the way I wanted to go with my life as a late audience God gives us the desires of our heart is not true it's true that he sometimes changes those desires so that a desire to make of the happiest but there's only one way is only one way humanity can ever experience the desires of their hearts and that is my phone because godliness with contentment is great gain and there is no such thing as having the desires of your heart without spirit of God living without him giving you the desires of your heart because no matter what you have you still want more matter what you get someone still had something else and the only way we can truly be happy is to listen to what God 's word says about the Lord instead of what Satan 's character assassination says another taxi says her daughter drinks restricts true freedom he began out way back in the bargaining you want to be truly free don't worry about rules are worried about logon laws restricted with repressive is not freedom why can we be free will imagine living in a society where there was no rules and no rule of law is that freedom that's what we call chaos football anarchy for the terror and distinctly opposed to freedom freedom is where there is a rule of law where we can chose to be in that state right I want to disable quickly I believe I believe there is no such thing as freedom outside across the right I say that because when it leaves of the bad fruit which it was brilliant even adamant when they sell and humanity became a fallen rate was we maintain are slaves of Satan that is the same NMR and ourselves in our own strength there's no way that we can resist the impulse of the rings he knows how to play the instrument of our lives he knows what to do the job buttons with our buttons to make it and we are powerless that freedom brings Satan tells you it's freedom and autonomy free to fly in this article no restrictions we doesn't tell you the different afraid while not a parachute that's not freedom freedom is being able to choose where you want to go and what you want to do the longer you live committed to Christ surrendered to Christ the longer you live with Christ the morphine will restore you in his image which means me the strengthening of your willpower the strengthening of your ability to do what you choose to do that's how God created is beginning belonging to live enslaved to Satan the more you'll be in an wild about by the courts and have records of habits and connections in history and lies and bondage once later become lesson is not freedom is not it is not freedom meaning more than jumping out of an airplane without a parachute his readings on their wanted about an airplane by the way I never never done that of letting the music strangely most the time as a pilot does that make sense to me to jump out of perfectly good airplane and so not ready to stay in the plane you know but the one thing I know is not freedom jumping out without a parachute right it may have a great feeling for a while that sudden stop at the bottom is not freedom and it's not what God had once for us the truth is that the only true freedom is found in Christ I remember in Russia one time there was a young well there is a question that came into my box at edited that this foot of the stage at a question box and there was there was about sixteen of seventy questions and neither were coming into this box in one question came in the box young people in Siberia one young person this this question why you come here and force us to believe what you believe that puzzled me for a while why would she think unfortunately what are the doors open your hiding dragon in here no one is keeping you in here how even until I understood that no offer in our concept of God issued by authority figures in our lives and post- communist side the authority figures in their lives are mostly the way the government operated in the way the government operated was this is true this is the maximum of lots of real live arena deal with and if you don't you're going to get on the site except I guess they couldn't get sent to figure the right thing but if you're going to face the consequences right and they thought God was the same way they thought that if this was true they had no choice but either accepted or be punished the funds good men to come out and I would take care of the beginnings of history landed back on that and explain this and got that way remember how I said we lost every garden the ability to choose we were destined to be lost except that Christ's kingdom stretched out his arms and I and what the cross of Christ it is not to force us to follow him the cross of Christ P class the freedom to choose life or death someday building the Statue of Liberty is the greatest symbol of human freedom Leslie Rehberg friends across that was erected on Calvary is my greatest symbol of human freedom because Jesus loved your freedom so much Jesus loves you so much that he said I'm not understanding why that died without a choice on the privilege of choosing to the dial love this one which is one you guys have the choice it's freedom the only true freedom is found in the cross of Christ another attack this season brings is that God is an angry tyrant is only here to be appeased is Weber currently valid and in good working that an advertisement offering but again earlier noted about in Los Angeles and I got happy with all her selling times not secured undistorted not just outside of the church but inside Christianity as well some of the greatest most epic proportions of distortions of Christianity in crisis come from with in the Christian church in America I do one of the same series and Siberian member is a group of young people that were coming with with questions every single night they were atheists they didn't believe I was not in the company every night and written on a piece of paper the question that I was in a slump I couldn't answer because this was about you know religion and so forth and I thought my Bible and I tell him well I truly don't believe that this is what I believe the Nagel wastewater no other children in legs and talking among themselves Russian and the next night could be back with another question final last night they forgotten a thing is not trying to write an all-out about the whole book there from and it came to me that night and maybe it started really digging in London to begin other leg and another and another there was desperate to find something that I could Nancy know what almost every challenge to Christianity they brought to me was from within Christianity itself about the character of our members and to show me the picture you see this picture the Roman Empire that was the thought of putting Jupiter title in Rome now they put the patient same idle the same statute is now Peter what about that while I answer that as a biblical Christian I don't believe I don't worship myself right I finally got the distortion of the truth right to Ellis and every distortion they brought to me was from when and a misunderstanding property by Christianity itself in the Bible Bible answered you see we have a misunderstanding of the character of God God is a loving God longing for relationship finally the idea that God is unjust and unmerciful through mythologies through grief in other traditions through pagan ideas God the God of Scripture became deranged or delimited to a God that is like the pagan gods and goddesses wanting to punish people and we have the ideas on the subject of another a later topic for us to look in the weekly series editing and even a church but as soon as you dive Uganda either heaven or hell your punishment and not have that helping others wanted in internally or burning apartment so many people doctors and I can't believe in a God who would do that for example suppose a little shepherd boy back in thirty eighty was picking up rocks and Hebrew it needs broke something his neighbor 's house and he never said he was sorry never repaid in any never repented of his center is anger whatever cause in the Billiton Levine died and lost in the hell house affairs of that little shepherd boy who simply did something wrong and never repented of never confessed networking due to God as a savior how wasn't about little boys in a burning helper two thousand years longer than Hitler software that just know it's not looking on Bible has the answers to these types challenges even the ones that have become popular in the thinking the Bible has been taught is not an unfair unjust God tyrant looking for other than Jim Zorn had to get his his way God was actually willing to take our penalty he was willing to it was so committed to justice that he would die in our place that my friends that God who could answer the objections that were brought to all objections that are brought to him ultimately the Devils character assassination became a literal assassination of us what Wikipedia says about character assassination in a totalitarian regime the mobilization toward ruining the reputation of adversaries is the prelude to the mobilization of violence in order to annihilate them official dehumanization has always preceded the physical assault of the victims this is what happened when a rebel Angel not content to simply destroy the character the reputation of God decided that he could take him out physically God couldn't use the doubles method supplies and inhuman innuendos and half-truths he was the truth God is the truth and if people could only see him know him they would know his character was nothing like Satan 's mischaracterization so we see Jesus being born Jesus being raised as a young person of Jesus and his ministry and finally Jesus of the cross the Bible says the word was made flesh and dwelt among us so that we can understand the character glory of God this is why Jesus came and the cross was the final cosmic showdown in this whole rivalry between Christ and Satan Boston would win by killing Jesus but in reality Satan lost faith in law because by killing the son of God Satan proved that all of the accusations he was making towards whom God was supposed to be a really nice he was grasping for power she was selfish he was just trying to use people he was a tyrant and God was just the opposite the cross of Calvary demonstrated that the character attributed to God and Satan 's character assassination cap campaign was actually his own as we lingered across the contemplated themes is a considerable love freely poured out on Calvary 's Mountain we cannot but be drawn to a God who would go to such lengths to save a race this even lost our eyes are open our hearts are attached about you this morning friends which side are you on a view sometimes like me had your thinking warped by Satan 's negative campaign of character assassination do you want to know the real God of the Bible better to spend time studying his word in learning more about knowing the planet he has for your life that you desire today you like to say thank you Jesus for coming to show us who God is let's pray father in heaven today we're just so grateful that you have brought us to this time when we can just ponder what Californians Lord they were bold claim the devil made the only way you can make them obviously seem to be false was given time and adjust their your heart when you are thank you for sending us Jesus thank you for giving us in your word the testimony of who he was in the Old Testament and the new thank you that in this great controversy in Christ and Satan we have the freedom to day to choose which side they father you seen the hands and whatnot using the hearts of those who are gathered here there's some here today you want to say Lord I'm on your side I want to read about undoing the devil 's deceptions I want to be about telling others the truth about Jesus the truth about his work and his love his signature or there's some hidden data that one assay I've been due to have been deceived by the I want the perfect happiness and freedom that only living for Jesus can bring the Lord bless them bless each and maybe in the Valley of decision struggling with that choice made a cross of Christ come very near they they see that ultimately the devil 's offerings are but a Marrakesh will Jesus asked her for a minute or him and as soon as I finished spreading God 's word to read seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe is more certain than him please visit www. .com universe .org


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