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We Believe - Who is God? Part 2

Chester Clark III


In this presentation we explore the Biblical concept of God as monotheistic but triune – and evidence from the Old and New Testaments confirming the divinity of the Holy Spirit.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • February 16, 2013
    11:00 AM


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father in heaven they were so grateful for Jesus we just sang a song asking for more of him every phase of our life everyday we need more of Jesus I just pray that you bless us today as we consider your word has me think more about who you are sooner the mystery of the Godhead Lord we realized that we are we are walking on holy ground we are considering things are beyond human comprehension and so we need your spirit we need you to help us guide us help us Lord to not be self-sufficient as we seek to understand these things help us to be dependent upon your UV articular guide we have to send Jesus name not for the story of the Christian philosopher and theologian who was traveling one day and he met a gentleman seated next to him who claim to be an atheist and believe that there was no such thing as God and so the Christian center date is why I can describe for me what you describe for me the dog you do not believe in now they just never heard that quite before but he began ticking off his list of reasons why he could not reconcile a God of the Christians claimed with the reality sees the world things like why their sin and suffering things like a God burning people reverent health things like a judgment right now the list and him when he thought he had said enough to sufficiently satisfy anyone who might believe in this Christian God the theologian rather astounded him by one thing thank you for telling me about God not believe in I don't believe in that not either this is a son of a little illustration you might say of the confusion that does exist even within the Christian button daughters and I believe the highest calling that we can have the noblest undertakings we can be part of his helping to tell the world the truth about God but God really is who he really is and so were we talking a little bit more today about who God is and may need as we do so will be able to have more once a arguments the more evidence to share with those who do not believe in the God that we also do not believe in and done I will begin with the concept that is throughout the Old Testament Scriptures that God is one and that will start in the book of Deuteronomy is two verses will look at in Deuteronomy here the smoke this afternoon Deuteronomy chapter four and verse thirty nine will start off with you see after the after the flood and after the Tower of Babel we seen that there were a proliferation of God there are a there are many different idols that were worshiped many different superstitions that were established and yelled from the astrology which came soon after the Tower of Babel in that one to two sun worship there was a making of God of the created world 's of the created things right and then you remember that need to also follow this multi- theistic polytheistic thought he needed there are many different God there wasn't just one God they were not monotheists and you had to have her example and I don't know much about Egypt the nonexpert but I understand the even worship cats sort of like an here we have someone at the house of some of the different types of cows being worshiped in and in Egypt there were cats that were worshiped and so you see that the deed of the on some of the money is and even on some of those sculptors and so forth you have the past eyes and became very popular and then at some most traditions of still still need make their impact on society still today but in an age of the Israelites were immersed in a multi- theistic and multi- God way of thinking as God led them out of the land of Egypt a house of bondage house of slavery to the promised land he was educating them or maybe reeducating them in who he was you remember they'd pretty much forgot about Sabbath observance again to teach them how to observe the Sabbath again had with the whole man a historian and so forth and so there was a day was a reformation of the of the church and bring them back to an understanding of who God was the Roger before burst thirty nine says this note therefore this day and considered in your heart that the Lord he is God in heaven above and upon the earth beneath there is none else you see God says that Israelites think about this pondering let this be something that you talk about that you discuss there is only one God and is the true God of the drawings there is there is not a is not a a God or borrower some gods in this place in that place there's only one God when going out with his other their other powers that be out there out there that they are subordinate to the one God the one power and that is the God of the Bible and so God is trying to teach the Israelites this now let's look at the next passage here in Deuteronomy chapter six in verse four we read this earlier today Deuteronomy chapter six risk for this is the news probably the equivalent of John three sixteen for the Jewish nation and then I won't try to say in Hebrew but just like John three sixteen is the best-known Christian verse that the New Testament we know Christians believe in and memorized Deuteronomy chapter six and of verse four is the one verse that is probably the most memorized verse in the Hebrew culture and it says simply this hero Israel the Lord our God is Wednesday one Lord one Lord very very very very clear very very exclusive there is no such thing in God 's way of thinking as polytheism and so the reason I believe that God was emphasizing this in Deuteronomy was because he was trying to teach Israel is one now there's there's there's a lot of things that we don't understand completely about autonomic and to try to explain arteritis and describe what I don't understand myself they are there things that we don't understand that what we think you'll mathematically think one is only one and one cannot be two or one cannot be three right we have that sort of mindset ingrained in us and so what we emphasize the oneness of God in the Old Testament and certainly got emphasized that the Hebrews he also would go about to emphasize the plurality of that one God this is something that is just amazing it is a mystery that we don't fully understand the mystery they were going to be looking at here a little and little more in greater detail so I want us to move on now to God as plural and were to be looking in the Scriptures at this and were going to be describing hosting how the Bible describes God as not just one but also as more than one and I did yesterday was go get him so as we turn to the book of Genesis unlikely to generate me there we find the very term used for God is a plural term is a term that is not singular but the plural and for those of you who know other languages this makes more sense in English world and the limited army because our pronouns but we have key versus them we have single or plural but a lot of are a lot of our words and nouns and verbs negatives don't reflect gender or number and the Hebrew does so here we have the first very first verse of the Bible Genesis chapter one said in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and heaven and the earth this was a this was an act of creation obviously knows we believe this the place and it at first glance it from the English perspective but when it says that God created the heavens and the earth is a singular God and this would match with our idea of oneness right fanatic idea of God being one God but if you are reading it in the Hebrew the word there is Elohim and in Hebrew every time you have the ending theme is sort of like an ass in English it makes it moral right she versus eats nothing but most words in English new address on the end and it becomes plural right and so the Hebrew word but when it's a Elohim it's gone but it's really sort of like translated gods in the beginning God 's creed that they are not glad things Bible doesn't do that because income a lot of confusion wouldn't it with this one this concept and what is the plural concept I guess I shouldn't say we got a lot of confusion because living room I wanted it and it didn't seem to cause a lot of confusion to the Jews but noticeable when even without the will about the English conveying the number of other than the noun their notice with me that the meaning is very clear as we look on it later in the chapter verse twenty six and God said Nelson got down singular or plural sounds singular and God said let us if you hadn't spellcheck right there Microsoft go crazy I is God Cingular said that 's world but the translators in the right transmitted to the right because God was speaking in the plural God said let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the year and over the cattle never the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the year of notice with me down a few verses later Genesis chapter three and verse twenty two Genesis chapter three verse twenty two once again God peaking and he says the Lord God said behold the man is become as one of us to know good and evil analyses but with his hand and take also of the tree of life and he can live forever so he sent man out of the Garden of Eden we could move on to the book of Genesis Genesis Chapter 11 and verse seven Genesis Chapter 11 verse seven this is God speaking from heaven as he views what's happening after the flood as they built the tower of Babel and he's just about to confuse their languages and scatter them upon the face of your and the Bible says that we getting in verse six the Lord said behold the people is one and they have all one language industry will begin to do and now nothing will be restrained from them which they've imagine you do go to let us go down there confound their language they might not I understand one another's speech was over I understand that this is a foreign concept to us but we have to grasp the fact not that we have to necessarily understand them as everything believing something understanding are some things we are asked to take my faith there's some things that just don't many people describe to me the whole concept of infinity I believe in as the definition does my mind really and rather wrap around it no eternity is the same way their things the baffle my mind about eternity Bible says though that there's going to be no doubt that there will be no end of time eternity forever and ever amen right I can believe that but I understand I can understand okay I can understand this much I can understand starting now and I was born twenty century starting now know and I can understand that that sort of like wrap my mind lived around but the idea of eternity not having a beginning even that's where it is off the bus I just can't really comprehend I mean this is the time to fix my mind as maybe you maybe resolve these things better than I have been when I think of them in eternity no beginning and no win I'm thinking okay there must've been a time when God created his first creation outside of himself okay if that's true then when he met for just as long an eternity before that existed with no creation that's hard for me to imagine but my first premise is not true there was a time when God first created on the outside of himself and creationism and I also look I just can't either way I both use either way I can't really wrap my mind around it so there is something representative I think the right something something that is not to say you know what God 's word says it and if God says that I believe it in some one of these days maybe I'll understand it better maybe when our feeble brain gets a little bit of the update upgrade that got us and give us Wednesdays and course he wants to give us every day as we come in contact with him but here we have this concept of intention between oneness and plurality singularity and plurality as I was reading about this I came across a research paper done was research papers a doctoral thesis done by student on at Notre Dame and it was I read I didn't read the whole thing ever the abstract and the paper was on the ontology and epistemology epistemology of numbers basically the whole doctoral thesis was discussing whether one was really one that okay somebody is some a spell on part-time thing about this than I probably ever will I'm an accept the fact that God says he's one remix were to look more at that with the Bible says about how he is more than one obvious plural okay so we move on Texas Chapter twenty three Exodus chapter twenty three own a look at another verse there exodus twenty three versus twenty and twenty one this is a verse we refer to this morning I just want to spend a little more time to contemplate what it implies for us as we consider the multiplicity of God 's nature verse twenty eight says behold I send an Angel before the and in my Bible that that word is capitalized right that the word angel exes chapter twenty three versus twenty twenty one behold and it's an angel before winning in the way and bring them to the place which I have prepared beware of him and obey his voice provoke and not for he will not pardon your transgressions my name is in him I believe that this angel that God is speaking of here is none other than Jesus Christ and you speaking in the first person I send an angel who was going to send Jesus God the father right of the father so here you see at least plurality right duality in the nature of God only back then Exodus chapter twenty three using God sending an angel who had the power to forgive sin the power to to either forget or not to forget and that of course is a characteristic of God once again Isaiah chapter forty eight Isaiah chapter forty eight and this is one of the clearest verses in the Old Testament where we actually see a triune God we see the day the spirit itself being listed and that's what were going were less than those at times looking specifically at the spirit this afternoon as well because this is a question that many have the spirit seems to have less of a visible role in the Godhead from the very beginning although look back in Genesis chapter one verse two we saw the Spirit of God moved upon the waters right from the very beginning the Bible talks about the spirit but the spirit seems to have more of a supportive role if you know when describing the body of Christ doesn't Paul use type of description that every every person every part of the body is important even the parts that don't have is open and approachable as it doesn't I'll talk about that and sometimes we tend to think of note the pastor up front it's this important part of the church with the Netherlands essential part of embodiments I become a pastor you learn right away that you can do a lot of things but you're only Harper Bonnie and you know you make it more of the credit you deserve there's all the other parts of the body make it function to make sense and the Holy Spirit I think is is is a similar situation if not the upfront visible personality of the Godhead but it is behind-the-scenes supportable and rent talk more about how each part of the Godhead is is subordinate to one another here in a few minutes doesn't care Isaiah chapter forty eight and verse twelve hearken unto me a Jacob and Israel my calls I am he claimed the first I am also the last mine hand is also laid the foundation of years in my right hand is spanned the heavens when I called them they stand up together now who is this sound like it's describing from what we know about the rest of the Bible 's texts about the creator and who uses SLI so like Jesus doesn't I am the I am on the first and the last is identified just that way in Revelation and he's the creator so he goes on he says all ye assemble yourselves and here which among them have been among the most declared these things the Lord has loved him this pleasure on Babylon his arms up in the Chaldeans I even I have spoken I began a I have called him speaking of the Chaldeans comes near Geneva sixteen and hear this I have not spoken in secret and beginning from the time that it was there and I and now the Lord God nice speaking first-person he says the Lord God who wouldn't your drinking begotten of the love the father right now I and the Lord God he says in verse sixteen and his spirit has sent me there many times and we say God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not pair have everlasting life and we relegate that definition of God in John three sixteen to simply God the father when I don't know biblically we are justified in doing that the spirit was a part of sending Jesus is the same as well the sacrifice of Jesus in our behalf was a United decision of each member of the it was Jesus was involved in the spirit was involved in a fatherless and often we see here the spirit also been listed as having said Jesus and Isaiah chapter forty eight Jesus spirit was a part of that decision I think it is sixty three moving on has a chapter sixty three verse seven and and onward is a sixty three and verse seven says I will mention the lovingkindness is of the Lord and the praises of the Lord according to all the Lord has bestowed on us in the great goodness for the house of Israel which is bestowed on them according to his mercies according to the multitude of his loving kindnesses whoever believes that the Old Testament God was just the tyrannical fears God New Testament church that God was a loving God maybe hasn't read Isaiah very well know the gospel comes here includes a Russo clearly here in Isaiah chapter sixty three and then he goes on and he says and for thus for he said surely they will enjoy the are my people children that will not lie so he was their savior and all their affliction he was afflicted and the angel of his presence saved them here you have met Angel reference again I think you hear of it contains one modern translations it has the same jeweler capitalized using that in verse nine in all their affliction he was afflicted and to gain what is presently none Jesus referred to once again as the angel of the Lord and here's calling that called the Angel of his presence to Satan in his love and his pity he redeemed them any bear them and carry them all the days of old but they rebelled and asked his Holy Spirit is not using Jesus as being sent is the Savior but they're rebelling and faxing who the Holy Spirit and therefore he would was turned to be their enemy and plot against them and and so forth then he remembered the days of old and let's get down to first verse fourteen of the beast goes down to the valley the spirit of the Lord caused and arrests noticed only by people to make thyself a glorious name once again and I say you have a picture of the Trinity involved together in salvation Savior being sent the savior of being their Redeemer and the spirit working to try to teach people and then resisting the spirit so there's a conflict between the hearts of men and the spirit I want to look more closely at the spirit as he talked already a little bit about it from the Old Testament we looked at how the Old Testament presents of the spirit as being part of this salvation process let's look a little more closely at this these passages and then we'll start with Genesis chapter one verse two I know this is familiar to all of you and so we won't spend much time here but the Bible says in the beginning God treated the heaven and the earth thereof was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water so here we have the very first chapter the very first verses of Genesis we have a mention of the Holy Spirit and so is not as though the spirit system something this really obtuse and difficult to see if you fulfill the same role in the Godhead that the other parts of the Godhead did and so we look in the New Testament here we look at wood by organizing a couple of the verses about the spirit I will look at some of the New Testament evidence but I do see the about about the Holy Spirit that it is not just the presence of Christ or the influence of Christ the Holy Spirit in the New Testament is presented as a part of the Godhead part of God himself Luke chapter one and verse thirty five and were going to look here ethics example the story of Elizabeth and Mary but this is Mary actually begin with a Mrs. verse thirty five than angel answered and said under the Holy Ghost so upon the and the power of the highest shall overshadow the and once again if we understand Hebrew prayer parallelism the way they spoke when the angle says this he saying the same thing in two different ways not smart filly this is the same thing over and words that sort of a Hebrew tradition was parallelism they would either do it either do a positive negative problems when they say something and in the opposite and then select a BAB or a BBA or just AA understanding to say the same thing in different words and this is a common Hebrew liturgical or literary technique that was was was using here he says the holy ghost of bonding and the power of the highest shall overshadow the is actually saying the same thing in different words another words and then this becomes clear in an little while therefore also that holy thing it shall be borne under the shall be called the son of God why because the Holy Spirit is God but the Holy Spirit is the son of the highest and more the blood of the spirit of the highest in the highest is a part of the Godhead family look on acts chapter five look at a couple verses you're probably spirit real quickly because you know within the Christian church and even within our church there is sometime discussion about the Trinity the discussion about the Godhead there is a there is the fact that some of our early pioneers did not believe in the Catholic but they call the Catholic view of the Trinity which tried to make God into a three headed beast essentially one God with three different heads and I would argue two things are rocky first of all that early Adventist some of them clearly change their position of the team to understand more what the Bible taught the second thing on argue is that the understanding of the Trinity which some of them were arguing against is not today's understanding of the Trinity it's exactly very different we see we seem differently than what they were arguing against the darkness has confused some say that you know this is a this idea of the Trinity is a an invention of the recent times it's a part of the medieval church as part of false theology they develop I believe it's a very clearly biblical message that we see God being one but not also being three and one United there were some there were some early advance to were opposed to the idea of the Trinity and they had some of them believe for example the Jesus lizard adopted at three to twelve but sort of a one of the adoption that's one of the understanding within Christianity there been people who believe that others believe that he was somehow begotten some time in the eons of eternity but he was he was not eternally present and this of course is not what we need to the church and it's not what I believe the Bible teaches and certainly not with the prosecutors you but here we have accepted five the slogan verses three and four beers said Ananias you members for your right and I think the fire with undergoing all the details they sold land a pledge land to the cause of Christ and when they sold it may contain claiming that they were giving the entire proceeds of the sale to the church when reality they were pocketing some of it and and which was their right to do right they could have said will give X amount of the sale to the boy but they were not they were being devious about it there being deceptive and there they were they were complaining to be doing something they weren't doing in the member this is the New Testament church in its purity this is after Pentecost this is a time when they come together but sin out of their life the church was pure the church was as his representative book of Revelation I got the white horse of Christ leading the battle and God was God was not pleased this type of sin would be brought into the community of faith in such a deceptive way that says Peter says in verse three and I asked why has Satan filled your heart to lie to lie to the Holy Ghost and to keep back part of the price of the land while remaining was it not your own and after was sold wasn't on your own power why did you against seeing this thing in your heart you have not lied unto men but unto God now in verse verse for verse three says Satan is filled your heart to lie to the Holy Ghost Holy Spirit and here you have inverse for just one verse later you have not lied on demand but on there were on bigger things always there was God how do you mean there was no question peters minded the Holy Spirit the holy doesn't Ananias and the Bible I do was just as much God as Jesus was you love light into men but undo God of course you know what happened there they were taken out first Caribbean chapter twelve in verse eleven it's been a lot of time talking about spiritual gifts that's not the topic of our conversation today but I want to look cool quickly and this passage in first Corinthians chapter twelve because the president is chapter twelve we see evidence in Iraq this is one of my favorite verses for showing that the Holy Spirit is not just was weird of Jesus like you and I have a spirit about us know we have an influencer is no the Holy Spirit is an actual person personality with the power of choice we see here the list of the different workings of the spirit in verse six and onwards were seven only to start remover seven the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit from it front to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom to another the word of knowledge by the same spirit to another faith by the same spirit to another the gifts of healing by the same spirit to another the working of miracles another prophecy to another discerning of spirits and to another different kinds of tongs and another the interpretation of times but all these works that want and selfsame Spirit dividing to every man severally as he will and I don't know maybe you can reach me in a newer translation what is the last part of verse eleven say the spirit device of each person individually as was a as he decides as he wills is he alone decides anything else the idea is very clear from this passage that the Holy Spirit have the capacity to make what is determining who receives what gives them a sense now listen you can have a very strong spirit about you some people you walk by and you just sort of have to smile because of the influence of their presence right and have been around someone like that they does this is no charisma many positives sometimes I think the Holy Spirit Angels are around them and you know this is this is not something clearly in the Bible that although we could probably look at a couple passages that elucidated but unlike said that it where ever walking with Jesus 's angels around us and those angels actually conveying the atmosphere of those who are amazing to spirit that each of us possesses let me tell you the Holy Spirit is not a spirit just the spirit of Jesus in that sense because you can have a powerful spirit around you but that spirit has no capacity to make determinations are decisions that make sense it can make choices I don't care give a positive spirit or negative spirit around you it is the spirit itself cannot choose anything it's all a reflection of you and who you are but this spirit Paul says the Holy Spirit actually chooses when a person is born into the body of Christ the Holy Spirit chooses what gets building as an act of willful decision divides each man individually as wills so you can tell me the Holy Spirit is just the spirit of Jesus but the presence of you know the Holy Spirit only a person can make decisions and choices and that's what the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit does the Holy Spirit is a part of the Godhead we find here in Matthew chapter twelve let's look back there many chapter twelve verse thirty two speaking I context of the Holy Spirit we find that even during the ministry of Jesus as he is describing some serious serious sins always spirit is elevated in the teaching of Jesus notice with me while we reimburse and thirty one for context wherefore I sent to you all that are San Blas we shall be given shall be forgiven unto men but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men verse thirty two whosoever speaks a word against the Son of Man shall be forgiven him but whosoever speaks against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven him neither in this world nor in the world the commonality just asking these questions when it makes sense for the Holy Ghost to be Jesus now I'm feeling off the ideas of the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus would make blood season saying here but Ginger Rajesh communities couldn't make heads or tails of it obviously the Holy Spirit is a separate pane separately not only that would it make sense that you would always spirit is somehow less divine or less important than Jesus no in fact you can speak a word against the Son of Man be forgiven but you can't offend the Holy Ghost of the leader given up before me before we leave that topic I don't want to go into great detail about the unpardonable sin here but the Holy Spirit is not easily offended personally do not believe in Isaiah about the Holy Spirit working for our salvation and yet people not people resisting and so they need he became the enemy member that person has a history something you have the cock you have the Holy Spirit working for our salvation we'll talk about that morning just as the minutes voice there's working for salvation as as a person resists that Holy Spirit is the way I like to explain and as the Holy Spirit read the person resist the Holy Spirit is not the Holy Spirit becomes personally offended and says well you know understand take my toys and go home no that's not been added to the Holy Spirit have the Holy Spirit has all the attributes of the rest of the Godhead long-suffering merciful right patient it's is wanting unselfishly to give itself for us but there comes a point where no matter how loud the Holy Spirit is yelling in our ears we become so accommodating to its steward went to it to itself would become so acclimatize selected note you put that you drop a frog in boiling water don't try this at home but I've heard that if you drop a frog in boiling water to jump out but if you put in the pot New Jersey slowly raising them to boiling it while ill never jump out it'll sit there and cook because being cold-blooded it takes the temperature of the environment around it it can take ten cents differential so becomes acclimatized to the hotter water in a trench you can try this at home and go home and put that get addicted to pot of water and fill one with his hot tap water you can take it from them from your sink and then the other put with water and ice cubes and put both but one handed each of those pots for a minute or even handle the long that's fine maybe two minutes old and not boiling just as hot as you can handle don't don't hurt yourself that put icewater in this spot hot water put one handy spot for minute or two now have a third pot or the sink may be filled with just lukewarm root ginger water and when you take your hands out of those pots and you put it in the sink of lukewarm water this hand is to say that water is hot this standard has the water cold and exactly the same temperature it's a bizarre experience to have because you know that water is the same temperature but this hand says it's warm this has a cold and it's exact same water because even as in our physical nerves we do not think absolute temperature recent relative temperature what happens is the Holy Spirit speaks to our heart of hearts neither can become softer or they become harder as you cannot hear the truth without something changing and heart because either were to become softer as was open our hearts the Spirit working will become harder Israelis close the avenues of the soul and we resist the spirits working and when we resist we pick ourselves an adversary to the Holy Spirit we become less and less capable of hearing his voice usually said I did not say he becomes less capable of loving us of Satan 's I said we become less capable of hearing his voice until the time comes when we cannot hear his voice and SSN of influence is not the Holy Spirit says of Cambridge the line arbitrarily cut off now the heart of Christ hearings after everyone is his children the heart of the Holy Spirit works wants and desires a relationship with every single person but there comes a point where we become deaf desensitized and as some people come to me and said you know what I'm afraid I may have come to that point and I've always told him this listen if you're afraid you come to that point I can pretty much tell you have because the Holy Spirit is bringing you to be concerned about your one of my favorite books of the crisis in this way every longing after the soul of the soul after righteousness is evidence of the Holy Spirit working in the heart and so I am thankful that for that promise of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is what Jesus says here that a lot of things we can we can pull out of this little verse here and Matthew twelve verse thirty two whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven him but whoever speaks a word against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven clearly and always there is different than Jesus clearly he is not a lesser important personalities in Jesus he is I believe a part of the eternal Godhead this is very interesting this is one of my favorite parts of this and this is something that I had more time I would like to spend more time studying maybe you can study and share some things with me but I is been fascinated with the concept of mutual subordination within the within the Trinity within the three members of the one Godhead in other so many practical applications that can be made to this to the study doesn't remember that this is a unity of God three and one is also at a similar mystery that as the new unity between God and man number policies so says but I speak regarding Christ Church just like just like a man and wife husband wife to become one again not mathematically not not not though not you know the way we would generally think but to become one Christ and church becomes one just like he says I want to be one with you just like I am one with the father right this is relationships simply could understand better than neutral subordination of the Godhead we would be able to understand better how it is that we are to be submitted to Christ how does that we artists one another in the body of Christ and in relationship such as marriage there has been this concept within the Christian world for a long time that male headship somehow the involves dictatorship you're familiar with that idea that is as as because the father is the priest who founded the home that that somehow there's a subordination of the wife to the man but not the other way around but what we see in the Godhead is actually there is mutual subordination it seems to me and this is sort of tip of the cusp I wish I could spend more time I'm setting it seems to me that the responsibility of the file of the father or the husband is not so much to be the one who doesn't submit as is to be the one who needs in demonstrating how do you actually submit to one another notice what happened with Doctor John chapter five and that sons will start under the tree actually let's look at first how the father submits John chapter three and will read verse thirty five and then we'll go to John chapter five John chapter three and verse thirty five speaking of God and once again we have we have in verse thirty four another passage which speaks of all three for he whom God hath sent speaks the words of God for God 's gives not the Spirit by measure unto him powerful verse powerful verse this is John the Baptist talking about Jesus as the one God sent a says for he whom God has been Jesus speaks the words of God for God is not the Spirit by measure unto him and felt that means that what we had no translations here Wednesday for God gives him the spirit with our women in measure less money most of the time even we sort of you know if you're making a recipe when you do you measure some thing outright but a cup that had you had an infinite amount of sugar cookies right getting to be a good thing parents would not think of anything without limit for most of us when we receive the Holy Spirit you know we received the spirit proportionate to how we ask for and the use were to make of it I believe that's what's demonstrated in the Bible before Willie wanting it and if were really getting using it really is a far own self glory in some cases not individuals now he gives us as much of the spirit as he can proportion to how much were going to desire it and how much were going to use it for his glory okay but that's not the way the Holy Spirit was given to Jesus the Holy Spirit works through Jesus with our limits as much of the Holy Spirit as was needed Jesus had that powerful it I believe that we should be looking for more of the Holy Spirit I don't think they were ever going to come as has fallen human beings to the point where like Jesus we are given the Holy Spirit with out limit I think we can have more than half I really think that he can notice here father gives the son and the Spirit without limit again we had the three verse thirty five it says the father loves the son and has what given him all things are given all things into his hand so you see how the fathers the father loves the son is a relationship year right within the Trinity is a relationship and the father gives everything to the sun where they has a there is a thing of the father and the son assessment of the father lives in those holes the son and the father is willing to step back out of those roles note doesn't mean verse five chapter five chapter five verse twenty two it says specifically one of those roles which the father is given a son it says for the father judges how many people no one but has committed all judgment to the son so it's not in God the father is incapable of judging is it now but there are specific goals within the Godhead and it's not that Jesus is better than the father or Jews is more important than the father they are equal Walter Egeland and every way but then different roles different roles inequality is a biblical concept and it it it it it indicates that the father is willing to to have certain things that Jesus Jane is willing to accept it submit to it and they are respecting each other 's roles does make sense within the Godhead this is a mutual subordination that I see taking place in the Scripture notices me how John describes Jesus in similar ways John chapter five verse nineteen the same thing passage then answered Jesus and said and to them verily verily I send you the sun can do nothing of himself but what he sees what who the father do for what things renew it these also do it the sun likewise an amazing they're both gone there all and that they are equal in God but the father says no I'm not really judge Jean during the genus is not I'm not really living by myself I'm anyone who says there is there neither of them are taking a mastery position over the other they are both mutually dependent management mutually subordinate or submitted to one another notice verse thirty John survivors thirty I can have my own self do nothing as I hear a judge and my judgment is just because I seek not mine own will but the will of the father who sent me a beautiful using wider one is as good as any insights is that we can be one sure thing is what if we understand how we can be one with each other there's there's a an allowance of people in the body of Christ to get too much of the subject you're been the body of Christ clearly God assigns different people different will this unity happens when we think we should be worrying about the roles of other people instead of being mutually subordinate respecting the rules of God places the body to powerful key and it's all exemplified in the example of God I think it's the similar application can be made to being one with our spouses it's something that we have to have to learn to be more like Jesus John chapter eight verse twenty eight haven't turned there already John J Weber twenty is still looking at how Jesus submits adjoining verse twenty eight he says then Jesus said and then when you have lifted up the Son of Man then shall ye know that I am he and that I do nothing of myself but as my father has taught me I speak these things verse twenty nine even his enemies with me the father is not left me alone for I do always those things that please him most of the Spirit Holy Spirit mutual subordination as well John chapter fifteen few chapters over further along in the Gospel according to John John fifteen verse twenty six speaking of the Holy Spirit says but when the comforter is come whom I will send them to you from the father even the Spirit of truth which proceeds from the father he shall testify of who he shall testify of me and you shall bear witness because you've been with me from the beginning so the Holy Spirit is not out to do his own thing as a postscript not out to make his own name the Holy Spirit 's role as the testify of onion and know the spirit because what the Spirit teaches you can impact what Jesus unit test by what Jesus said by the words of Jesus and by the way today there is living Christianity at times there is a tendency to be so open to the Spirit or the supernatural which we call the spirit that we fail to test what the Spirit is teaching by the words of Jesus by the word of God that's not intended here he says you will bear witness because you've been with me from the beginning even know what the Spirit says matches what I said and there's a camaraderie that there is a compatibility their junta to sixteen in verse thirteen again speaking of the spirit howbeit when he was speared through this he will guide you into all truth for he shall not speak of himself but whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak and he will show you things to come so the spirit not only does the father 's son the sun upon the Spirit also submissive to the Godhead and does it job is part to play the role in not exalting itself but in the exalting the others and in teaching the things that it's been assigned to teach the new Luke chapter three verse twenty two now that we have the sort of backdrop for an understanding of the Spirit haven't we seen this morning that all that Jesus is absolutely divine names of Lord new Old Testament throughout the New Testament I am that I am we seen evidence this afternoon the Holy Spirit is also divine part of the Godhead notices me where to look now how the three of them work together for the salvation of men as we close up you this afternoon the chapter three verse twenty two that return there we see we see an instance of the three being present all it wants all the same time magenta three and verse twenty two this is a thin account of the baptism of Jesus and that will reverse twenty one for context now when all the people can were baptized taking the past the Jesus also being baptized and praying the heaven was opened and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven which said you are my beloved son in whom indeed I am well pleased to see all three of them in this verse you see the heavens opened and the voice of the father who we call the father in heaven God the father speaking and saying you are my beloved son multis and the Holy Ghost is there an form actually visible form not very often the receipt and is performed in cost at times but the Holy Spirit is there in the form of a dove and he says in you I am well pleased about the father 's voice the Spirit 's presence with Jesus there is a guess so looking on let's look at a couple versus your bout with how all three were involved in our salvation Burlington holiday breast roentgens Brendan seven thirteen converse fourteen second roentgen seven thirteen and verse fourteen Mrs. Paul saluting the church in Corinth and the he says greet one another with a holy kiss we sort about practice that anymore and to be more sanitary that way but you understand many cultures they will bust you exclusively come to church together than apart by the world where our Uni watch television the dignitaries may need each other they know the at Saul from the biblical culture still in different cultures world today and all the saints of that universe fourteen the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all again I can see all three of nineteen yet the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ love of God the father and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all amen first Peter chapter one verse two Peter addressing the church says something similar to get some of the same concept from what Peter says Peter and apostle of Jesus Christ and strangers scattered throughout Pontius Galatia Cappadocia Asia and the stamp Finian elect according the foreknowledge of God the father through sanctification of the lot spirit and obedience of the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ Grace be unto you and peace be multiplied so you have a father in the spirit of Jesus Christ Peter is saying all all three are working together for your salvation for your for your sanctification continuing on net Egypt twenty eight Matthew chapter twenty verse nineteen Madden twenty eight numbers nineteen familiar passage to all of us and says go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father the son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things with the recommend you low I'm with you always even and then the world why would Jesus say that we ought to baptize in the name of the father the son and Holy Spirit because all three are part of our salvation all three are necessary for our salvation and God would have us God would have us believe in his word in his words teaching that God is not just God is one yes but God is more than one as least studied this as we try to understand it more we can actually with these understandings we can be renewed in the very image of God think about this from God made man in his image right God said that us make man in our image one of the ways that God made man in his image is he made us with the capacity and the need for relationship different types of relationship I want to say this we cannot be restored into the image of God alone there's some people say well you know I really don't I really can't handle the church was the organization was because the tickets they are weathered because whatever else I'm a believer in Christ but I just don't have fellowship as a way way way within you don't understand what God wants to do in order for you to be restored in the image of God you have to be more than an independent act because God is not an independent at you have to be brought into relationship where you have to learn to submit like God submits within the .net that could happen in the church that can happen in the body of Christ that can happen in families right it's all a part of God 's plan to restore the active image of God which includes relationship and has to it cannot happen my theory maybe I think what we look at the David would support it cannot happen it which is independent God brings us into relationship so that we can have our characters refine and we can become more like God as my desirable choice you like to have that experience but start its reprint father in heaven thank you so much for giving us the word of God thank you for giving us some glimpses of who you are we know you're not just one of money one among many gods we know there's only one true God and yet we also see that one true God has more than one personality and more than one person or being involved each being mutually submissive and thus united perfectly with one another but I pray that in the relationships you've brought us into his family the family of God that you would work to restore us in your image board its crosses ourselves that crosses every fiber of our fallen nature and we want to be more like Jesus only by his grace we buy history can we be restored thank you for the father and the Spirit who were willing to send the son we think of a son who was willing to die we thank you that all three are today working for our salvation and their respective roles but we just pray that we might cooperative network that we might one day come to know more about you because we can see you face-to-face we can walk with you and enjoy the relationships of you that you made us to enjoy as a relational beings created here in Virginia throughout eternity we can enjoy that perfect visa comes from surrender even surrender and submission one but I just pray that we are experiencing we can see you face-to-face we can know I want to go I think I will him to as high as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is more certain than him please visit www. audio verse .org


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