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We Believe - The Burden Bearer, Part 2

Chester Clark III


One simple verse describes the experience that God wants for His people. Join us as we unpack Micah 6:8 and find its parallel in God’s end-time message.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • March 16, 2013
    3:00 PM


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this afternoon we're going to be looking at a passage that is I think helps us to understand this helps me to understand this whole it was called a balance in my in the Christian walk you know there is there is there's always a question when we start talking about the when they start talking about the Christian experience and we preach about salvation and especially when we are we're talking about the three hole issue of obedience and of of you know keeping the commandments the question always comes up to us as Adventists well I was saved by grace or we saved by works and what place does obedience have in this whole experience do we half to obey is it just something that happens you know perhaps after we are saved or is it something that's required after were saved and sometimes I think we did a little bit of our tales cited not when it's simpler than we would make it out to be and so I thought this afternoon since this morning we're talking about salvation were talking about the gospel I thought we look at one verse which I think fairly aptly summarizes this balance if you call at between faith and works and so I am even be a good study together it's not going to be a long time together with the students spend a few minutes to see what God 's word might too just and those living in our prayer found in heaven thank you for giving us this day thank you for giving us Sabbath ranking for each one who is here and I dislike pray that you would bless our time together we are grateful for the blessings that you've given us already today thankful for the beautiful day outside thankful for the Fellowship really enjoyed and we just want to pray that as we open your word once again your spirit guide us that he might be your teacher we thank you in Jesus name okay will you remember that the Jesus said to take my guilt upon you right because my guild is easy and there were some there some who might say because of this this statement might yield disease eating like crazy it once we come to Jesus they are worried about anything we just accept him as our Savior and then were saying incurred different variations of that some even say once you save your always say right and others say well you know what you do your work so your old deviants your fruit that you bear after you're saying it doesn't matter you might not be as at Hyatt Place at the table in heaven to be in heaven anyway because you say no and gather different views of how these works the end of the scenario which by the way I think that last you is is quite legalistic to think that even afterwards say that our goodly garden works in America anything in heaven to me is a is a concept is based on on works and Mary but I want justice look at the context year between between before we get to our verse elements in the context of what we're looking at this morning when we look at the context of Matthew chapter eleven twenty and thirty and we backed up a few passages back up all the way to Matthew five and six if you can and I was point out however look together at a couple of passages which it would appear that are contradictory to what Jesus is saying for example let's look here at the end of Matthew chapter five Matthew chapter five you know the story of the sermon on the Mount the longest this of course that Jesus gave that is recorded for us and down for example he says this verse forty three euros further than said you shall love your neighbor and hate thine enemy and that's what the culture demanded of the time but I say to you Jesus says who love your enemies bless them that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you out you tell me this is how my Jesus healed it easier or near than what the culture demanded if you're just talking about it talking about external fruit in our lives it was seen to assist humanly speaking it would seem that Jesus actually has greater requirements for salvation or least of us then then then then Pharisees would have themselves a notice verse forty seven he salute your brethren only what do more than others not even the publicans the same mean therefore perfect even as your father which is in heaven is perfect right and we do no one any good we can see here in the same sermon how Jesus says what you've heard the note said you should not commit adultery but in verse twenty of the same patch Saint Jeffrey says that I sent to you whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart to be what I learned Jesus healed is it apparently it apparently does not take away from the why doesn't it actually I believe is what empowers us remember that experience but let's look at how I look at our personnel merged to spend our time mostly on this one verse of you have a marker in your Bible you might want with their Micah chapter six and verse eight is a little profit of the book that what we call minor prophets in the Old Testament towards the end of the Old Testament only seven chapters were to be looking at near the end are the middle of the sixth chapter my projector six and verse eight when I spend most of our time here on the will look at other verses that afternoon to compare but I want us to have one us to see when this one verse into just about salvation I think it's a very existing summary that might exist this year Micah chapter six verse eight does what he says he has shown the old man what is good and what the Lord require of the thing that's what we need to know but he says to do justly and to what is the second thing love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God so what I want us to do here is your appraiser is there a these are these are cooperating but I was just the fact this verse by verse or part by part as we look at this verse he had shown the old man at the first phrase is and that is a whole topic we could spend looking at revelation inspiration but God 's word is how we find the path to salvation he has shown the old man there is there something in that you know I member when I was a kid I learned this song it was sort of a popular praise on the time I guess I don't know one of my teachers taught it to me the film like this there is a road and decided you inside of me there is one to owe stumbling pilgrim in the dark the road designs in your heart now I don't know who wrote that I don't know what their intentions were but I can say this the humanist approach to salvation which says we just need to look inside of us to find what the inner life and I would need us to do this to be true to ourselves as way to salvation the biblical way to salvation is God has shown us and where is he showing us Jonathan 's word is shown us through the messages of the of the province and we we will take the time to look at all that right now but but about Paul wrote in the thesis from a child you known the holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation Scriptures this is where God shows us what is required of us and whatever we do whatever we can determine we dare not be among those who simply say I think what we want to know what does God say we cannot just you know have a philosophy and a theory that all makes sense and is cohesive and not contradictory within itself we want to know what does the word of God say he is shown the old man what is good and as we go on it says the three things over to look at here he says he shown the oh man what is good and what the law requires being not to do just anyone have other translations that was a segment know what the word just means within the just shall live by faith whether talking about or when we use the word just meditation was that me you justice to do what's right offering me the sum of synonyms like righteousness just reasonably rightly condemned to do the right thing you might say well you got that you don't like is just here explaining what does God require of us and the first thing that he introduces is what we go is acting like it might be maybe works oriented well it could be except except that we remember our own works are not righteousness all our righteousnesses are as well filthy rags the only way we can do justly the only way we can hold babies gods or word keep his laws do righteousness if you please the only way is if we have a miracle conversion heart and God 's grace empowering us to look at a couple of verses giving you and Mike Jefferson look at a couple of promises from the Old Testament out of seeing them as promises before but if we look back in Exodus chapter twenty when we find just after twenty we find the ten Commandments so we would think this would be a good place to find out how we can do just slamming this is the expression of God 's will for mankind this is the law of God by which we are to be judged in computer and notice what it says immediately notice in at just a few twentieth courses a couple of things that we have to point out the first of all let's look at the first two verses exegetical and in verse one God spake all these words saying I I am the Lord your God who has brought you out of the land of Egyptian out of the house of bondage now what is your context negligent manner redemption eighty half case right recently learned the wilderness there on the way to the promised land anyone in the very there on the way to the promised land and God is reminding them you have been delivered from the house of bondage does that sound familiar to us in a spiritual sense God calls us out of Babylon because it out of Egypt because out of spiritual body he says if the Son of Man makes you free you are free to the right and Jesus says was unequaled Jesus said that the Pharisees as we were immensely we've never been auditing while they had been very well but anyways they thought they were sovereign even when their bondage understand but Jesus says he was committee sent in the servant of sin right and Jesus came to set us free upon he's talking about something in a spiritual sense we are leaving Egypt Jesus said I have brought you out of bondage I delivered you you shall have no other gods before the ten Commandments become less of the declarative like it like pronouncements that something was supposed to do and be renewed in that sense they become ten promises don't day because we have been delivered out of line gauge we no longer have to have other God and our own mind you this is the only way wouldn't leave Egypt is if God delivers us because we are powerless by ourselves to be free from slavery we are Howard said it's only God 's grace that can empower us to be free from that on Allison Tom notice with me we can read read all of these ten Commandments as ten promises because God is our reading room is brought us out of Egypt but we look down in verse twenty exit twenty verse twenty the most ascended people fear not for God is coming to prove you and that is clear remaining before your faces that he was sin not and so here you have I love this passage don't be afraid fear not for Lord is come before you to his ear to me and you and your basis is like a contradiction here are what was just white white if they don't be afraid that if Leslie Frazier are not the failure of theirs there's obviously something that were missing Canadian the translation not sure but what I think Moses trying to say is that God doesn't want us to be afraid of him in the sense that we are where this little peon and were sinners and so were about to get squished by the great angry God but he doesn't want his fear to be before faces which I like to use the word not just respect I think that's involved not just reference but I think the fear of God is a part of the conversion process whereby instead of being so concerned about what people think of us we come to be more concerned about what God thinks of us and I love this because it's a very liberating message I don't have to be so concerned about the Google people I'm not saying we should be comprising society and destroy the obnoxious like the butt when my priority is that Jesus approves of my life I'm not so comes people who disapprove or look down on me because of the decisions I make and I proposed you I would propose to you that before we can do justly we have to have the fear of God implanted in our hearts before we can live righteously in a world where righteousness is not popular we have to care more about what God thinks about us than what man thinks about us Jesus said that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God that's how different on few things in the world these things and so he says they're not related receive your goods and receive me right the only way we are willing to be able to live righteously to do justly in the sight of God consistently is of God works in miracle of changing our hearts now I want one of the four New London I want to look at one promise here and then if we turn with me keep that minors and thought in mind and transmitted Jeremiah chapter thirty two Jeremiah chapter thirty two you're familiar with the new covenant of the reading Jeremiah it's quoted by the apostle in the book of Hebrews is becoming our major houses those days I'll put my law in their hearts and so forth I did the most inward parts Isaiah Jeremiah chapter thirty two inverse forty is another iteration of the same one and I think it's parallel C compare the everlasting coming here nevertheless encode and elsewhere notice what he says he knows how he describes what is to do in this near miraculous transformation of our hearts he says in Jeremiah thirty two verse forty I will make an everlasting covenant with them that I will not turn away from them to do them good but I will what say I what my fear in their hearts will be met or not twenty yeah the Lord is come that his fear may be before your phrases that you send not he says here is not a matter meet regularly linguistically say I'm not a sin I'm not a settlement it doesn't matter now it's a matter gone fourteen back in my heart as are the other lasting government is this is something he has so even my own obedience is predicated on based upon contingent upon God working something in my life which I cannot do for myself it can't be meritorious and I because it migrates to all through his miraculous power I will put my fear in their hearts that they shall not depart from me so when the Bible here says and in Micah chapter six verse eight when it says do justly it's not beginning with a legalistic form to religion is not very well just start doing what you know you're supposed to do and also about not saying there's only three simple things required the first is of the righteousness the digestion and boy I don't about you when I read that I start thinking more and more my need for Jesus not less because I is you know as good as our lives can be if we were to spend time at the foot of the cross comparing my life with the requirements I thought you Jesus there some people who in understanding the gospel stop you dear okay because they start making lists and even if they theologically know that is not by their own power there added not only out of this applicable for themselves those lists are most convenient for application to others she am talking about so we went while Henry said he will you're supposed to be doing this and this isn't as they may be good things right that's why there's a second part of what God requires of us the person doesn't end there doing just like what is there love mercy love mercy and not having my mercy and you know okay well I guess I have to but to love mercy that in the face and I like it when the Bible uses words that are clearly emotive and heart related and loving mercy is heart related right to have mercy than dispersing them to do mercy it is all mercy and loving mercy means that even though I am allowing the Lord to change my life so that you are able to help me because I follow him in his word in his will people might think that some people think of extreme people think that you go to church on a weird day of people people listen that's not I want to do just down the one to do what he requires of me right now that I want remember working I want to love mercy I've met people who were very well meaning I'm sure very well intentioned were very well-intentioned but they really wanted everybody around them to have the same doing justly aggravated now I don't want to get a specific Sugiyama sensei we forget sometimes that God took us over time to where we are right and we forget that we didn't we can just get there overnight as I look back on my own life even growing up in the church my family grew through eight time is years just days but sometimes we may have this idea that well you know we know all this truth in all of these good things we everyone should be right there now is my next Sabbath rate and this is where I think it requires us to love mercy what is letting Mercy loving mercy I think is while not lowering our own standards being able to love and accept any coverage those around I look at this way I think there's something happening it's going to happen before Jesus comes I wanted to follow subject here but if we look at the three Angels messages remember that each one Revelation fourteen they mingles the loud voice that were shed and all of you know the first in his message second Angels message starting his message I believe from my study of prophecy and history that this these three Angels messages actually describe the seventh day Adventist move the last seven years they worldwide message is being given a loud voice many are being converted but in all the Revelation predicts that Jesus does not come again until what it describes as another angel was sometimes called the fourth Angel right Revelation chapter eighteen remember that without going into detail in Revelation chapter eighteen I want us to does recognize the revelation fourteen dangerous it's a loud voice Ms. awoke my message and historically that sentences but what happens if the revelation de novo nation eighteen that did not happen with the first two Angels is the earth is like with his glory I believe this is talking when glory is used in the Bible is often talking about character and I believe what's missing at this message is not necessarily a doctrinal position but like Jonah we've been preaching effectively than message ideology could talk out loud voice people of Vancouver it's a worldwide movement for what the world is waiting for is a revelation of the character of God and his people Revelation eighteen the fourth Angel is a revelation of the same message come out of her problem with people as Jupiter descends same where you heard that secondary message but this time how great Powers of Texas and the earth visible and with his glory is the character we are right sometimes but we need to not only be right beloved and Micah six understatement says he has shown real man what is good what the Lord require of you but to do justly done something as loving person the world is waiting for a manifestation of the character of God that's what is waiting for idling when that happened this cold gray controversies can be wrapped up I think I think that's going to be that's going to be when God 's people are ready and when Jesus can make a very short work and cut it short in righteousness but then there and not get chapter six verse eight it continues in what is a safe and is only about what is good and wonderful required to do justly to love mercy and to walk humbly my fable why do you need that immediately think that it no hair showing mercy sort of encapsulated the character of God walking humbly should be given right you would think but the reality is the reality is the forties and come again we not only need to figure out the way we treat other people in the way reflect the character of God but there's got to be a humility that is a part of our water why is that I believe I believe that just like on the day of Pentecost even now even greater than on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit is poured out and latter rain power a few words spoken like Peter 's sermon to read it it doesn't take more than about a minute and a half thousands making decisions for Christ in God pours that kind of power out upon his people while we are still proud what were the new memory offering somehow gone one says to not only do the right thing I is grace because he's implanting his lawn our hearts not only love our neighbors as ourselves and love mercy as he describes here but he also needs to bring us to that experience while still being humble so that our pride in what he allows us to do does not become I believe God is seeking to work out his spirit on his church Gnostics I believe he's trying to pour out his Spirit on her personal lives on our witness on our communities on our homes and that he wants us first of all to be able to walk humbly before the Lord I would proposed you today that if you want the balance gospel you find it all and now in Micah six percent do justly love mercy and walk before God out of the budget one other thing don't and data that is if you alternative need to our final texts in Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen I want us to look at the first Angels message the first Angels message we begin inverse versus six versus Logan verse six and will reverse seven also I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell near to every nation and kindred and Tom and people saying with a loud voice when you say fear God and was is a next glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship him that made heaven and earth see and the fountains of water I I want us to see here I think this is really neat I think that as we compare not like a chapter six and verse eight with revelation fourteen verse seven we could notice that dealing justly is eighty and approximate equivalent to this command you justly fear God isn't I think that how God help again and this is this a legalistic thing no gym either timber sporting tells us of the new covenant experience this is a is a great experiences a miracle experience but doing just leave the obedience of God 's law is the same thing as fearing God it's the same thing what is a sake of love mercy and the first Angels message says Kim glory to God what is talking about it basically the first Angels message is saying the same thing in Micah six and verse eight says Overbay God through an experience with him and who while other people reflect his character his glory to the world around you that's exactly what needs to get working on this one one way to do it we know that Paul says even in our lifestyle what we eat and drink we give glory to God is not just what we say the profession we have the doctrines we believe the way we live our first Angels message says fear God giving way to him and then it also says worship him and he had never seen the bounds of waters the basis of worship is the basis of worship is recognizing who we are persons who does make sense I would I I would propose that the first Angels message is nothing but my birthday put into revelation in time symbology the same message do justly love mercy and walk humbly armrests today is your God given glory and worship the same experience that God wants us to have and I'm thankful thankful that in this one verse Micah six and verse eight oh as well as a revelation fourteen seven I suppose we can see that gods message is unbalanced message of and is interested not just in what we do reasons given her heart is interested in keeping our heart and our heads together in his hands and so I'm just thankful that we can serve a God who makes things simple for us even if not us not rocket science don't have that HD don't have to go to seminary my guess is look only to simply what does God require to get the dust of mercy and walk humbly and I found that if I'm honest I need is helping regularly all three I need that experience of his grace to be converting my heart each day each step of the way that I can do justly to the temptation is for us to either love mercy so much that we don't justly or unjustly so much we don't love mercy in any case not to walk calmly only God can help us to have it all together in one package right that's what I want and I keep arrhythmias the father in heaven thank you for giving us your word thank you for making a simple force we want to have your fear before our faces keep your commandments we want to do righteousness we can't of her own we claim your promise that you will do that in our hearts that you put your fear in our hearts that we might not depart from you Lord we can reflect your character on her own either and we just created help us a positive part of that last date a group of people who are represented by the fourth Angel revelation eighteen who likened world with the glory of God and yet even though they are doing what is commonly the most significant they're part of a significant movement of all time they still walk humbly help us I pray you help us to keep our eyes on Jesus not on ourselves oppositely rise on Jesus and not on one of us to reflect the world around us who Jesus is and how he was is a you and him and him to him and is not as high as at spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is more certain than him please visit www. .com universe .org


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