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We Believe - The Burden Bearer, Part 1

Chester Clark III


Once again we turn our attention to a fundamental teaching of God’s Word, and explore the mystery of Christ’s life and death in our behalf. Join us as we unpack the meaning of Jesus’ invitation found in Matthew 11:28-30: “Come unto Me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

This week’s study is a continuation of the We Believe series, and part two, He Has Shown You, is the second part of this week’s discovery in the plan of salvation.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • March 16, 2013
    11:00 AM


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have you ever felt you had heard it was needed help carrying not remember one of my first international trips I was about eighteen years old and it was during the first goal for that I know let's figure out a little bit how old I am older than I look some people tell me back down it was actually hearing it was actually supposed to be my senior class trip that's a whole other story but it was during the war were very cheap nobody wanted to travel very much in fact I will remember that in London Heathrow Airport they had Hanks around the airport concourses running is a very tense time in the world and ticket prices plummeted and we were able to get tickets to Europe for a song for little or nothing so we decided we were going to go and we spent some we had to read itinerary planned we were since time in the London there used to be a vegetarian restaurant in the madness that they are and that we were working in the restaurant and had exchange for housing and so forth but anyway what I found out was that even though the airline allows you were at that time allowing you to pack a certain amount of luggage that didn't mean that it was wise to take that much and I remember this was before you have a lot of the wheeled bags that we have the day in life is an old suitcase they had wielded it worked very well so what follows hardshell suitcases and I had a big hanging bag and I I have both those bagmen know why seventy pounds is that what you are allowed back then and and then I packed all my things and less I had my camera bag and you and I was how was good to be a really easily identifiable tourists and what the problem was when we got to London Heathrow Airport we had to take public transportation down the downtown London and anyone here ever written to and when you get to the subway in London you don't have a million is unexpected it's no easy like it when people don't take luggage on the best not the way it is meant for commuters going to work in so many of those stations don't have escalators may have stairs and so here I was with two seventy pound bags plus my carry-on bags trying to go upstairs and downstairs and texts ranging on trains a lot of drains in its rush hour and it was a nightmare I can tell you I would of never made it hadn't been for some very very high Londoners who literally as I was struggling a long flight of stairs hundreds of stairs they would come up behind me and just pick up the back in the bag and help me carry them up to the top of the stairs there are times in our lives when we need a burden bearer and this is our text this morning an indication that Jesus gives US and were going to spend some time unpacking this together manage up to eleven verse twenty eight well-known verse Jesus says to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest in others different people there different people have different ways of being honey laden but I would propose to do today and that pretty much all of us in one way or another are heavy laden were burned in their many ways that men and women today will find themselves hobby laden in some senses I think all of us are so worldly men and women burden themselves with the cares of life the fruitless search for wealth and fame and honors and you know the story most of us really in the Western world probably fit into this category it around race earlier this week I was visiting in a homeland and it wasn't a rat it was a it was a hamster that hamster was climbing into that wheel and running it's hard out and going nowhere and I was looking in that little rodent and seeing myself as a true too often we're running full speed chasing after something that we are not even sure what it is that our neighbors are taking into your that expression keeping up with the Joneses often were not just keeping up with the Joneses we are the Joneses were trying to say the Joneses were trying to keep up with the Joneses know the story of the birth is it something that is never enough were never satisfied worldly men and women burden themselves with the fruitless search for honor and profane the frivolous and the sensual labor in pursuit of pleasures the slave of Satan and his own lusts in the Marist Drudge on earth and those who labored to establish their own righteousness also labored me know sometimes having found no satisfaction with the things of the world we attempt to use the same techniques simply turning them into the church in an insane there's a human tendency we have a human tendency to try to earn our salvation to try to merit favor with God the try to make ourselves feel letter to apply Band-Aids on our will by the things that we do and sometimes having not found the sound to be satisfied in the world offers sometimes in our humanity our human tendencies we turn healing to blow things to try to make ourselves feel better to try to somehow make up for the deficiencies that are glaring in our lives we know that there are good things are going to do don't don't take me wrong I I I glad when people are going to church I'm glad when people are doing things for others I laugh when people are giving of themselves but all these good things that we might do can number the tone for our sins they can never see you are wounds there's only one who can and that's Jesus and all so much better when the good things and we go our lives with our as a response to the healing that we've received rather than an attempt view ourselves all their many people even good people doing good things that are sort of like hamsters on a wheel bird with the attempt to make themselves feel better to establish their own righteousness the convicted convention center is having laid in with guilds and terror and attempted and afflicted believer has labors of gardens I think it's safe to say that matter who I am they matter who you are in Jesus words have some page to us to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest I will take your burdens notice that mean what he says he gives us an invitation and we we we see that as we continue on we see that in the next verse in Matthew chapter eleven verse twenty nine he says take my guilt upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find when you say you shall find rest unto your souls rest in a troubled world rest rest and a rat race of life yes Jesus offers an easement for Westerners in two thousand and thirteen Jesus says the real labor movement I will give you rest take my note upon you and you will find rest for your souls this image of a yelp I want to think about that little bit demonizing the radio this is pretty much the image that I would usually have right this is one of the guilt that I think I second of the early American young that's the way we would typically imagine a yield for cattle to the right with his wooden 's U-shaped bar that would go around the neck to keep you from going from sliding back now that the real the real of the real work that is done some yolks are made where they will have no somehow that have well there you have yields that are made to go on the warns with a big hole from the head and at other notes there may be no one back in all some cows have a home in the rack and the different types of note from the kind of childhood most yellows 's mental restaurant along the shoulder here and had a easy how the point of the point of load is sort of lower it's going to be distributed and the weight is distributed along the bar and so primitive times when they always have the ability to abandon the strong these wrong path to go around the shoulders and neck of the ego of the other cattle that you might look something well something like this will darkly can see that but this benefit of those bars this actually has a leather strap around and this is this is in India and then we can see that very well received by get a better better illustration here of something more like that of the more primitive video that would've probably been in use when Jesus was speaking of these things it was as easy to make right even have to you have to clean up steam however they were then those those hard wood the new adjacent of binders they would simply put the stranglehold that would refit and so they fit along the shoulder of the of the oxen and then they would have banned strap they would tie around the neck to keep it from moving her to keep it from going anywhere and this is exactly what Jesus was talking about when he says take my guilt upon you are likely to Germany Bible Isaiah chapter fifty eight Isaiah chapter fifty eight until I began studying Nokes I did not understand exactly what this passage meant in Isaiah chapter fifty eight there is it describes the unveiling of the Oaks the wind and I'm trying to make the point is not ingenious is not clear trying to say to us you who are unknown taken my guilt upon you Jesus is here saying you who have a hot video I'll exchange notes with you okay not as what we see in Isaiah chapter fifty eight in verse six this is talking about God 's people and the work that they are to do and it says in Isaiah fifty eight verse six is this not the fact that I have chosen to loose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free but to write every know when the Bibles here says to loose the bands of wickedness than the word there then now is translated band and its describing specifically these straps that were used to hold a note on the oxen understand what the Bible same the Bible saying men and women today are encumbered with having oaks there and covered with bird anything God is not designed they should bear there their way down and any he identifies at least one of those youngster visiting because I will loose the bands of what an wickedness unrighteousness or send this is the yield that the blinds is that it pushes us down the greatest burden that we can bear in the ways of sin because sin separates us from God and since consequences are eternal death and so here he says is this not the fact that I have chosen the work that I want you to do to loose the bands of wickedness untitled yokes of those who are in bondage of sin the ESV version says is this not the fact that I choose to lose the on the wickedness to undo the straps of the young to let the oppressed go free and to break every young see the language used in Isaiah indeed in verse six is specifically note the language is talking about those cracks those bonds will ban that would keep a note onto an ox and any other media percent time probably not many people here remember that much time with a yelp of oxen anyone here to study curiosity I haven't emphasized in foreign lands where I written oxcart from that thing I myself worked with lots of I have the closest thing I've come to to do that is riding horses anyone here ever ridden horses I figured that a little different different response when I dropped we had horses and done new EE know what it's like to give sallow horse and go for a long ride it it's a wonderful experience you come back from your ride and you take the saddle off right and it's letting underneath the saddle and you rush out and underneath the pad and then you let the horse go free where they do they run and often able because they're so happy to get out from underneath that so I can imagine he'll go boxing films I can imagine after a long day of work what a relief it would be to have that note to feel that draft being on time and you know the moment is coming when that wage is going to be lifted off on your shoulders and know that you can head to the barn or had the fielder had to wherever it is to get some refreshment he seems this is the work that God is chosen for us to listen to bands of the of of wickedness to undo the straps of you to let the oppressed of bringing up to bring you never know according to the standard version Isaiah fifty six describes for us a wonderful Savior who wants us to be set free from the yolks that bind us to undo the straps of the oak as as I mentioned using is not a matter of having no yolk or his you sometimes in a rematch of Chapter 11 verse twenty three weeks what a thing well no changes in the body must have Visio and we imagine ourselves being unveiled footloose and fancy free and now we're going to go to his guilt which it says is easy in life any any and he talks about how these meek and gentle and so forth but the reality is that it's not a matter of know you're going to zero the reality is our yoga or his you back to reality the reality is whether one of their own burdens our own problems our own trials are all difficulties our own guilt our own pain ourselves or whether we can allow the one who has more than to carry them away it's a choice between our yoke in his yield and he offers an exchange notice immediately viewed chapters back in Isaiah chapter fifty three Isaiah chapter fifty three and were going to read it with beginning in verse four Isaiah fifty three in verse four menu there is a man purse for surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken smitten of God and afflicted when Jesus came on into this world when he came as our Redeemer and as our Savior became not with all of the book counseling have anything on all the praise of the Angels will not win all unrelated movement entrapments of royalty payment he was born in Haiti is lower than Harrison lifestyle he was born anymore his first career was on manger and someone can look at him and say this diseases this Jesus that you really have one game really wasn't unfortunate person in world and asthma brothers and sisters and didn't understand the dysfunctional family deal with alive morning was not understood by his peers they ridiculed and made fun of them because it was so persnickety about living the righteous life that his father wanted him to live and we can look at Jesus and the human reaction would have been Jesus Jesus had a fire but the point and I think it's trying to make here is not that Jesus had a hard but Lindsay has had a hard for so that when he came in as well he understand what we are going through even understanding the difficulty that humanity faces he could understand the trials that we please notice with me this is a diversified but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes we are the own all we like sheep have gone astray that's pretty inclusive isn't it all we like sheep gone astray as Paul would say all sinned and come short of the glory of God all of us are part of the note that Jesus bore and even though we did look at Jesus we can we get me to say while he's really usually not favored by God is not Iraqis online even though we can look at him and as our main wish of his trial in this seven they wow God really has separated his presence from an e-mail he has burned them in the point Isaiah is made here that was my that was your sin Jesus got up with a new thousands upon thousands in ten thousand times ten thousand Angels you commonly have an abode that would put any of the managers on earth to Shea Jesus could have had anything he wanted materialistic lead you to create but Jesus gained off everything in order and where are you in order for you the burdens it in order to know our son to know ourselves brings and eventually the Lawrence all we like sheep have gone astray Isaiah fifty three verse six we've turned everyone to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all the yolks that Isaiah fifty eight says to be lifted from the backs of centers today Nokes replaced on Jesus the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all for seven he was oppressed he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth he is brought of the sheep lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before shearers is dumb so he opened not his mouth all my friends if we could only grasp this concept of what Jesus offers it would be a no-brainer it doesn't take a rocket scientist sometimes we struggle all be honest with you I'm ashamed to even verbalize this but sometimes I can level the surrender my life the devil has all of these marauders painting for just a little bit further it will run on a hamster wheel just a little bit longer it'll see trying and trying and doing and doing just around the corner building building will find satisfaction and I will always hold out like a curiosity is somehow lying that as we are with my harmonization to yield our lives in Jesus and we only have the blinders off or on if we can only see things as they are and invade it is a it is an insult to our intelligence that we should struggle to make this decision then the exchange of our low for Jesus you ought to be the easiest decision any person government because if the best deal anyone can never have too exchanged hands no of freedom and righteousness and happiness and holiness and peace with our old note of of sin and stress and pain and turmoil and grudges and bitterness and gossip and all of the rest that comes with it the canker sores that have been working in your shoulders it's a no-brainer Jesus offers us so much something so much better the best deal we could ever possibly imagine he offers for us he year he was impressed he was afflicted why for ask for me before you he was wounded for our transgressions he was rose for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him with his strike near field all those young women bearing the new source many scholars but Jesus even know now it will take you on many flavorings I understand I may be speaking to Bloomberg hyperbole here I understand there's a real struggle because our human nature doesn't yield the throne of our hearts very easily but intellectually at least want to be convinced intellectually today that it ought not to be a struggle probably ought to only be an emotional struggle and God will give you victory over the e-mail he will give you victory over the emotional struggle that is yielding to him if you intellectually know it's what you want to do and choose the power of the will you see my friends Jesus offers us an exchange I love this passage and desire pages page twenty five this is not in any way that I could imagine singing better it's a paraphrase you might say of Isaiah fifty three Christ was treated as a deserves Chrysler treated as we deserve that we may be treated as he deserves stop there there is not enough how does Jesus deserve a training he is the son of God and now because of what he has done for us because he was treated as meeting as early mentoring because he could become our you know and offers us his Jesus now if all were rather adding me to become the sons of God and the more they men John Jeter one hundred twelve says but as many as received him and then a hour to become the sons of God that he will receive Jesus we become the sons of God to the cause of his brethren were part of his family meeting on errors of the eternal kingdom that he deserves to receive what an amazing amazing opportunity we had one I'm talking about hairdo some were reading the words on earthly your Dynasty your estate this is an error to the riches of the universe Jesus offers that in exchange for what exchange are for our rotten sores putrefying sin and smelling the newer the world he was treated as we deserve that we might be treated as he deserves he was condemned for our sins in which he had no share that we might be justified by his righteousness in which we had no share he suffered that the which was ours that we might receive the life which was his with his stripes we are you all I'm thankful for Jesus I'm thankful that Jesus offers to pay our bird with his stripes we are healed turn with me to second Corinthians chapter five second Corinthians chapter five and were going to reverse twenty one an amazing amazing verse Paul states are rather matter-of-factly here but in it is is encapsulated what may be one of the mysteries of eternity I would propose that this is something we will never fully understand will never fully be able to comprehend what Jesus did for us as Paul described it here today and we see in the previous chapter five verse twenty one for he has made him to be sin for us who knows that stopped there for a moment talking about God God has made Jesus to be sin for us who knew no sin Paul throws in the last raise and who knew no sin because he wanted to remind us of the even greater burden that sin is in a pure environment interest balancing many of you need you remember your first pangs of guilt when your child I do have the latest design strange that way but I maybe told the story before forgive me if I tell you again but I remember the first time I felt that oppression of guilt in my soul I think there comes a point as a certain age where you're old enough to understand right and wrong and I was about five years old maybe six I don't member exactly but I decided to go out and improve the front yard and appearances in the front yard by pruning the red country that stood in the center front yard and I took my found the garage my dad was a work on the following and then I found the garage lens on you know the band like this in a sharp blade with needle sharp teeth and then I found that Lynn saw and I went to prune the red three and here I was five or six years old and I was doing my blogger best known to do to make this improvement in our front yard which was probably a little less than an improvement but I'm I'm walking away in random places when random limbs and then my sister inside an older sister and what her older sister 's good form that she and thankfully I had an older sister who spared me probably what would've been worse damage the trees she went and told my mother and by the time she'd gone for my mother my mother was retrieved and I figured out what was going on out her window and saw and was acting as if nothing happened and so my mom asked me to say Chester did you cut the branches off the regular drink not as if they were how easy I know and I said no and as soon as I said no I knew I was a restricted I felt so guilty I felt awful not because I thought just because I knew that I will I was not a good thing in your consciences at that point my conscience was very tender and I remember I was so I was so distraught about this I had to go immediately and apologize to my mom and I was crying about it and I was like so so disturbed that I live you know why when divine consolation my older sister but I did and she I think you are member sanctuaries in the issue so it's such a big deal to me because it's the first time I ever told a lie and she said Winchester no it's not evil lots of lies at and probably you are a probably I had no understand but I have not done so in an environment where my mind understood right versus wrong I hadn't done so knowingly willingly saying I know this is the right thing to do but admitted the wrong thing anyway and there's a difference income doubling our lives when we recognize the difference between right and wrong at all I wish I wish to God that my conscience words intended today as it was when I was five years old in other like me me and our conscience that the Bible talks about in his seared with a hot iron because the solution things away in our conscience tells us right as a whole other topic no conscience is not is not directly God was speaking to us exactly product of our education we can find that in the word of God will have a cinema that sometime it's amazing God actually offered to cleanse our consciences and good news of that is I had half a conscience and like I had when I was five years but imagine it imagine the guilt of perverted adults for six thousand years being imposed upon someone who had never never known sin his whole life Jesus had maintained oneness with the father his whole life Jesus said I do not let own will but the will of him who sent me his whole life Jesus had had had had not been willing to allow anything not even the visiting is a ministry to get between him and his relationship with God is with his father he was going to get a whole lot Jesus had never felt the competing pangs of guilt and now as he comes to the Garden of Gethsemane the waves and understand of the world is being lowered onto his shoulders it was such an incredible burden it was such an overwhelming video for Jesus that Jesus would pray for a time more if possible father if possible let this cup pass from me it is any other way to save humanity seen in some other way three times Jesus prayed that prayer in the barn why because God was leading him to be sin for us for me my milk was being late on his shoulder my tears my anxieties my worries my fears my sin 's were being laid upon the spotless Lamb of God the one who knew no sin never and it was almost more than he could bear the Jesus prayed that prayer three times let this cup pass from me nevertheless not what I choose to what you choose if we would be saved at last we must learn the lesson of pendant penitents in faith by looking at Jesus bore our bird 's we need internalized in Gethsemane we need to turn our eyes to the cross Christ suffered humiliation to say but from under lasting disgrace he descended us born in mockery and abuse fall upon him in order to shield us it was it was on our transgression that gathered the veil of darkness about his divine soul and extorted the cry from him as of once smitten and forsaken of God he bore our sorrows he was the debris for our sins he made himself an offering for sin that we might be justified through God by him everything noble and generous in man respond to contemplate what Jesus has done for us I went to my friends are good story about of an early settler school knows different in those days the schools in America were community schools lay down hard teacher this particular village they couldn't keep the teacher is so routing and mean it would only be around for a few days or weeks before they be gone any young with a young teacher of apply for that for the job and when the school director looked at him he thought this is the last for all you know what you're asking for every teacher we've had gives up and defeat and the young teachers that will listen I'll try let me try so when he appeared for duty the first day of school there's one big fellow big Tom and sit in the back of the room and the kids were cited to drop us a king into the classroom they look at that Internet John says he's a little guy I will buy myself and when a dangerous good morning all glass creating the morning sarcastically the other long they really knew everything they could to harass and to annoy this this man well that the young teacher actually had a AAA plan and he was able to convince his students that that instead of him governing them they were the government so and then they sat down together the classroom and they decided what the rules would be some of you may print this story there would be roles for different things they couldn't do that they couldn't they couldn't see him they couldn't steal and they couldn't do all the different things that the rules they wrote down dozens of rules that is going to have and then he allow the students to set the punishment as well the punishment for these infractions would be and they all decide what it would be one day big Tom's lunch was missing his lunch box was empty and the penalty for stealing was a beating this wasn't two thousand thirteen ten times ten times on the back without a coat when they looked around they found out investigation revealed the littlest boy in the school had stolen become lunch and a little little Teddy so the next day the teacher announced we found the phase and we have to follow the punishment that we had agreed and he asked the little boy come forward and take up a script little boy keyboarding bags and pleasing to procedure building economic the notice of punishment everyone's in rain don't let the domain take off my coat finally you know the choice to produce code classroom became silent they saw his skinny emaciated body you should on hundreds the only had his suspenders holding his pants have to and he said I'll had assured I just borrow my big brother 's code and data daddy died on the job and I was so hungry did you know what the learning of the rules the rule as he is about to begin the punishment income back to the room jumped up begin running for the digital don't don't don't question can you punish me a little bit is a private teacher after class is that all right all right they all agreed that John lose lunch and installing if you wanted to be good to the city in that class that day hardly had a dry is as big home took off his coat took the gentleman 's cause is that the Teddy threw his arms around the thinking we are loving the love story I think that's what Jesus did for Jesus to witness a crime can we now have we don't even our Saturday lines on our Sabbath close we don't have a threat all of our righteousnesses are as filthy we deserve the beating that Jesus will we do if you're still in sudden transient chapter five I want you to notice here I want you to notice the next verse you know these chapter divisions and verses are all artificial there is applied later in Paul did not write this with a break between verse twenty one and verse one and he says here we then has workers together with him besiege you also that you receive not the grace of God how invading users many people today who will say well were saved by grace and I will say yes we are saved by grace I believe you are saved by grace but did you know that grace alone cannot save you I'm not saying I worked up in the attic to something in all I'm single I'm waiting in there and everybody some force race is the Bible says and insert dripping six verse one we've been working together with him we appeal to you not to receive the grace of God in vain you know the text and in Ephesians chapter two verse eight where he says for by grace are you saying through what proof they the greatest of Christ zero has already borne your note in my pain is what allows that not faith is when we set that sacrifice for me personally when we exempt that he has died for me personally you and I have a response to make when we buy faith etc. Jesus healed in place of hours when we recognize that his death on Calvary 's cross should've been lying sugar than yours when we're willing to let him loose the bands of iniquity to take our stand outward or inward public or private and having given him that permission when I trust his promise by faith then it can be said that I'm saved by grace through faith how about you today my friend is Jesus your burden bearer is that your experience today I'm reminded of a story of a nurse pediatric ward who used it when she was checking the health hearts and lungs I don't know the little patience she would she would sometimes plug the stethoscope into their years and then listen and listen to the heart their own heart beating away she never got a response like the one she got from little four -year-old David she he she gently talked the stethoscope into David's ears and she placed me stethoscope over his heart and he drew his eyebrows together for a moment as if puzzled by what he heard lost in the mystery of the strange tap tap tap tap tap then his face broke out in one screen what do you think that is she asked Thomas and they I wonder if Jesus is not your hearts for I wonder if you contemplated what Jesus has done for you if there are some burdens that you want to lay at his feet and there are some things that you would like to say Lord I carried it long enough I carried along on the alleged to have you larded morning amid taking your yoke upon me instead perhaps that's your desire perhaps that's what you would like to experience and what I'm going to do I'm going to make an appeal here today I'm asked that as we sing our closings if there's somebody here who hasn't heard any kind any kind of bird but a very manual thing carrying and you heard Jesus voice speaking to you today that you want to give it to him I would invite you as nursing just to come down and join me at the front I have some burdens that I want to get Jesus today maybe some of you due to pressing together I can find it here our closing hymn burdens are lifted at Calvary number four hundred and seventy six and this is between you and Jesus is there something that you say Jesus I want to give this burden to you this is something I will let Terry does come down let's sing and pray together number four hundred and seventy six or a sentiment is the same variations are to live saw him at all and can hardly so lonely to learn inside is that he's a bad a very good design there is a home creating love me and I and I ease us is there really is yours on Jesus to a lien for me burn and means us is than he that is on and that all about me and Americans are in a geez us is bad troll oh oh the baby on dancing and reading holiday then he learned in these us is that he learned design and the graying and word enzyme and it sees us is the need he spring father and had today we just want to pause and has become to the foot of the cross we want to thank you for being harbored in their we want to thank you for being willing to take our jokes to bear our burdens yes Lord to cast all of our care upon you you can care for us O Lord today we come not because we deserved account may be become because of Jesus because he invites us to come all who labor and are heavily and he promises to give us rest what do they use each hard to know each life you know the burden is that we carry the burden is that we bear record you know that the decision of each one has made today I want a printed journal blasts each of us that we might make the most intelligent decision possible despite her emotions at times that we might ask so your note in exchange for hours oh Lord today I pray for each person is come for you only know you and them alone no the burdens they are giving you but I pray that they will find peace in their hearts joy in their hearts that they will know that you love them personally individual that you've tasted death for them there there and even give them today your life all Lord mainly each one experience what it means to feel your life easy guilt upon us and may your grace that you freely bestowed on us not very as a trio of this rule is not as high as the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to be seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about a person is more certain than it is www. on universal .org


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