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Micheal Goetz



  • August 16, 2013
    7:30 PM
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him as far as I you made this a special appointment with us and you don't have normal in mind so we will ask that you would come in and that you would disabuse us of any distractions or discouragements regarding our minds shift the button I capture us and don't let one of us leave this place that we worship and tonight the same I pray for miracles during in the name of Jesus amen I don't know exactly what heaven looks like exactly and I don't know what heaven sounds like exactly although it may sound like the saloons choir but I do know I you know what had been smells like no getting I know what heaven smells like his Southwest Michigan is there around the University Andrews University we have we gotten vineyards in California and Oregon in the Northwest are not strangers to vineyards within the southwestern Michigan we have Concorde grape vineyards and in September and is and who the cool nights and one in allowed to run one day I will be out of a run through the backcountry roads and I'll catch that smell you talking about Condor is a cool morning and is is anything like this handling is linearly offhandedly experience and how I know that the heaven smells like because in our Bibles Jesus before he goes the crossings in a huddle with his disciples as in the book of Matthew erupted I was not even have as much money as the share budgeting dendrites continue to do that bless you some you think it really is you bring your Bibles using cilantro Matthew chapter twenty six by Nancy E said Jesus 's data standards but here's my body healthy all you hear is my blood drink all of it and then I love these verses verses twenty actually not we did something for you Gabriel ha ha but as an outline necessary about the need to pick up at the twenty first forty seven and gave thanks and offered it to them saying drink all the for this is my blood a which is for furthering which is sad or Portland for the for many for the remission of sentence but I say to you this is my favorite verse writer but I tell you but I say to you I will not drink of the fruit of the vine from now until the day I drink it new with you in my father 's kingdom either grandson having yes there are still some grapes and have as does have any smell you exactly like this analysis when you catch the ball send coming out of Vineyards is amazing Jesus is at the cause of obvious time here as he's preparing for a child resides to them I will not celebrate drinking on the fruit which represents forgiveness and salvation I will not do this again and now I do it when you in my father 's kingdom so very many years and happen growing grapes being Jews maybe angels although I I sometimes wonder the Angels were dared to drink if the commander isn't drinking all of heaven is at his economy has experienced so do you smell that are so delightful like this constant reminder of their mission and for the Angels the sweetness of the slough of that grace is compared to the sweetness of their mission young people and the angel well I guess is saving they were working for our salvation for the business analysis like why in the work that they engaged in the business to allow pregnancy disease is a solemn moment great views as his favorite cars orange juice languages apple juice but creatures I think Jesus as he seemed now all great but Jesus areas where the disciples it communicates a message to them that communicates the message that really the style of Jesus what is it about a communicates this idea I'm not living for the present what is going on now is for eternity say this is a smooth transition in their mind because they are all about the present you've read their stories and what do we do now what about the kingdom of God establishing the here and messages of the necessary transformation working in the translation of their minds and that everything is for the future everything is for eternity but that's how God is the lands for eternity hallelujah and so when the invitation comes followed Jesus when the invitation comes beloved for us to follow Jesus him to follow Jesus and living on the process but for eternity and if you did he will take the time you will find that golden thread on through the followers of Jesus let's look Hebrews Chapter 11 are theories ever a favorite chapter Hermes Hebrews eleven in the first two verses that he was down twelve fevers eleven Butler gave America the Chapter 11 and her sixteen this is this is about these followers these faithful followers of Jesus these men and women who have lived completely for the cause of the gospel even in the Old Testament these men and women lived for the gospel and here's their testimony if they were to stand up tonight in Abraham and Sarah stand up and tell us your testimony this would be their line of verse sixteen but now we they would say or now days we read desire a better that is a heavenly country where therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God for he has prepared for them a city that is that these faithful followers of Jesus also lived not for the present but for eternity you can set and I were sat on the future what they say and what they thought to accomplish him for eternity say this young people they live for eternity was easy to itself thirty two the members of the Duke wasn't what more shall I say for the time would fail me to tell a duty and a Brock Samson of Jeff also David and Samuel profits thirty three who through faith subdued kingdoms works righteousness obtained promises stopped the mouths of lions quenched the violence of the fire escape the edge of the sword out of weakness were made strong became valiant in battle turned to flight the armies of aliens winners see the dead raised to life again others were tortured not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection still others had trial to Motley 's escort you just can't change that imprisonment they were stoned my personal favorite they were so on and they were tempted were slain with the sword they wandered about in sheepskins and ghost is being destitute afflicted tormented upon the world verse thirty eight was not worthy they wandered in deserts and mountains in the ends and cadences of the earth peace were not the norm all because they were following a very normal normal God will look for the president established in the presence and the followers would learn from their God but these followers have learned from their God they learned their eyes out to me on the future on eternity just like Jesus when I read this description young people I was sitting in the back this morning sounds a lot like Cole Porter Zaman him six three four what mathematical the Bible also tells us that they were like as we are they were subject to temptation then I disparagement their failings but what made them radical and extreme was this idea of not living for the presence but living for eternity he presented well and verse one here it becomes very personal wherefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses witnesses from Hebrews Chapter 11 let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doesn't easily ensnare us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us beavers after eleven paints a picture of men and women will following is a very radical and extreme God and in Hebrews chapter twelve turns its attention not on them but to us therefore we also since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses let us pick up this journey of living not for the present but for eternity with a great cloud of witnesses that makes us feel good it makes us feel good at the counter convention to be part of a call quarter team to be part of a ministry team they were part of a great cloud of witnesses but who are the witnesses being the Chapter 11 lines are not able start with a bar in but will split within a hour but still within our and Abraham and Sarah Isaac and Jacob and Moses who stood with them in young people it becomes cogent that this cloud of witnesses is not some school evangelism is not some form of her and praise God for four-month programs is not even an institution like Andrews University now I'll align myself myself with that and will become part of that great cloud in the article but the Bible as our witness it is a great cloud of men and women are men and women who stood alone and now the paradigm is completely different men and women who stood alone I just need a shower they are not word alone is what I like and then alone the like along with other people that are long right all along amendment is legitimate with a little but more profoundly we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses this is like a culprit you like a Greek word on their T-shirts was agreed him how I will for you guys there was a game you see Nevada Utah Citizen reports of green scarf is called in Greek word for witnesses in Hebrews chapter twelve verse one and mine is going to work there's after one is visible when in English as witnesses in green it's hard to use parties parties parties we are certified Ricardo Martinez market possessing life English word pull it out for me martyrs we are surrounded by a great cloud of martyrs and now you may protest but all those men and women in numerous Chapter 11 were martyred but their testimony was very one of them would have been willing to give up their lives for truth is on learner doesn't have to be one who's actually sawn into more stone but everyone everyone enjoys this cloud of witnesses this standalone in the one was willing to give up everything even life itself young people the standalone what's your name or in the naked word from Nathan I'm not good cynical to buy anything from Golden and Haman will just turn around and look back just a look around days Gaia is a social visit it's look around you are standing alone Nathan Young people message me listen listen listen to get an idea along with my we are friends along with my salt alone with my will serve as maybe from the again I can I guess the only improving by young people you cannot be a groupie enjoying the weather is nice but I think I've have to stand utterly completely alone and that's what it looks like everybody look at thinking so the invitation comes in Hebrews from a cloud of witnesses each stood alone a living off of the present relating for eternity these men and women who are willing to die to give their very existence in young people I work on the campus of young people but I know how is this goes like it would be sacrifice to give up I will list list list list like the voltages was lit like people 's bridges in the legal like let's give up like media like okay just a couple of days really like it had a conversation with my colleagues in the planning of oysters a pastoral team to talk about what we can do to be radical and if I get what we fast for a day grandma hearts are given or cell phones what if it was your life thinking we can play organization this is only for you to serving this article by Clifford Goldstein in liberty magazine back in two thousand ten the lines that he writes within the unit whether in politics or art or science whatever most human endeavors including and maybe even especially the good ones where the cop was my actual balance and moderation but like Boca worked with a fanatical extremist determination when we get if I always eliminate the balance be moderate vegan we like don't leave weird about what you're doing but a clever standup is not the greatest thing in the world were accomplished not by men and women is not understanding balanced with this but those who work with fanatical and extremist determination the orphan they were extreme radicals and and and with we love to get together with the whole ceremonies and recognize those lived on outstanding things we love to attend those young people God is looking for more ceremonies there are thinking I'm from Oregon Brooklyn Oregon I visit a visit in last summer last summer visiting my my family my my brother-in-law were at that crater Lake and we hiked down to the nearly to the water and we get to this rock him and what does this overhang were to get in the cradle it were a jump in and we decided on the children were jumping from the top of the rocks run around the water 's edge it was all crap like twenty five years and I was super but as his family to Stewart's family to move there that taking pictures and atheists are down ours are swimming trunks upon this rock legend haul all the flag-waving we would like like lowballing streamers like a wild and exert their cameras and nights and they showed us in anybody's in the motherland and some far-off day learning from the US but young people listeners they were as relates to get a lot of one of legitimate normal walking down to the waters and should and getting it and nobody what about the camera why because we like people are willing to do extreme things that continues with the honest terms such as fanatics or extremists and fundamentalists much more closely reflect the kind of faith revealed in the Bible is that new words such as moderately warm or temperate legal songwriting in this article that Satan has hijacked the words extreme is when you read extremist we think extremists what you think somebody in another country doing things that are dangerous and even illegal let me ask you this is a very generic well known everybody's of the night whether him eleven thousand and who rode those playing this destruction referred to in the news as extreme as radicals fanatics why they do it they didn't do it for this life Satan is hijacked those words now the media presents them a something wrong you don't want to be an extreme sure you don't want to be a radical you don't want to be odd it's called linguistic hijacking oh you would need the world to understand his world the world needs to be an understanding young people the world will never understand someone who doesn't live for this world will only understand you if you live for the same ideals and goals as they do if you're understood by the world in a very dangerous ground is wrote on the thing Francis Jennifer illustration and Tina Schumacher the year wrote the thickest rope is but it is black secondary this is your life at birth Arthur first grade high school college I intermarried have some kids work the retire to see we and then at some point you'll die Larry Summers young people don't think they die in a life is like a very sensible or something us to see that what was the rest of the rope you and theologically did you logically correct with the Baroque go that direction to this world would continue for ever and ever and ever young people if you were if anyone was an intelligence being where would they want to invest where would you want to invest black tape just when we have a silly robe appeared trying to illustrate a eternity but young people and all people go on forever and we all guess at everything that is around as you step outside the magazine you want to commercial and it will be about your satisfaction in life everything is inundated as it has blinded us to living with a sore little black section all the while on the invitation from the Savior and then the invitation to follow him and is about living for the rest on the road therefore we most surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every way and the sin which so easily and says let us run with endurance the race that is before us looking first elected Jesus the author and finisher of our faith when I feel availability this happens even those lives for eternity I'm not drink the juice again and tell we celebrated at the beginning of eternity together looking entities is the often of his related the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and is now right now tonight is sitting on the right right hand of the throne of glory where therefore we also surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses witnesses who stood alone witnesses who stood utterly and completely alone nor speak to those who spent their summer and others more even than some of you many of use but your summer working for Jesus working for eternity of Somers not twenty it in people I was a canvasser once but my leader my leaders name bill creek and him I have a colleague canvasser 's were not spending tonight this Friday night welcoming in the Sabbath I have leaders MacBook where the leaders I have met with leaders who led me into serving Jesus 's summer after I is are not welcoming the sad time to graduate your self do not graduate yourself into thinking you have now you are now living for eternity on Google and it's not just the summer 's your and section on the role in investing in the rest of the row and not just the summer for the sake of heaven standalone for the rest of your life Satan has seen as a mark on you some of the brightest and the best resurrected by a great cloud of witnesses with Liz and every weight in the sinlessness of easily ensnare us let us run with endurance the race that is set before us I love to run when the high school in upper corner conference every spring every spring there was a outrageous in Spokane Washington called Wednesday on the spring group of us guys would let them run this race seven half miles twelve K I remember last time I ran it as it is a is a hill called doomsday Hill is about three quarters of a mile I get is an incredible grade just as I thought about a mile 's five after six and a half right on their to put some miles and now you get this bill this is almost a mile long will him him everything I had and I I close the lid on my legs were burning my lungs were burning and I broke my run I began to walk this old man I don't hand square in my back and let's finish this boy I've never seen a man again but he finished in downtown Spokane under the banner was a man on an elevated platform speaking into a microphone that he came under new and welcome you welcome you back welcome all to Bloomsday finishers welcome home and and very soon there will be an entrance into another city I will cross the finish line in command was validated but not because of the platform but because he is elevated and he will hear and not because he has a microphone but because nothingness hears him he'll say Dave 2-D boy welcome home finish Nathan welcome stood alone so cloud of witnesses along because there was and I share because it was a school because you as a single individual to individual follower of Jesus Christ but not for the present but for eternity and don't kid yourself there will be a cloud of witnesses when this is all sifted out the majority of the universe the universal majority will be standing for Jesus was only one third of angels themselves that's two thirds visit unfallen worlds and then there's the redeemed from planet Earth those together when the two sides all that ever lived in the universe are masks for one great final showdown there will be more standing under the banner of Jesus than those who reject at the very end eleven we will be part of the universal majority but here while we travel here not so not so are our individual that are alone decision must be I will following is falling doesn't matter what the rest of a cop working as of the rest of my church in Colton does it doesn't matter whether Andrew University of Loma Linda last year PUC are soldered or any other institution does not matter Jesus I follow you you'll stand alone you will face ridicule from within don't kid yourself we live for the present in the church just as much as the world 's therefore we also since we are are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses Mark consists let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doesn't easily ensnare us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us following Jesus arson Nathan rewinds Panama are so standalone paper you understand along the standalone as anybody else to anybody else that tonight will standalone for the cause of Jesus Christ standing alone for the cause of Jesus Christ therefore since is nice let us lay aside every weight is ended then I will run the race and use looking unto Jesus the following alone we must stand willing even to surrender and sacrifice life instead of even greater testimony that we live for eternity not here want to be thought at dear God as extremists and radicals please make it so and every life here in this room rooms and not one is seen as normal moderate a and we followed him to wherever I is so but I will know about this media was used by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word into three seven audio and much more than you would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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