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Earl Morgan




  • August 16, 2013
    10:45 AM
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father thank you for your love for us we've done in the past that we might perfect praise and your holy name and that we might learn more about your character you will not even are amusements is listen to that who put you first and declare our loyalty for your principles your love your mastership with the name of Jesus in you know this is had ever heard of an artist named six two Rodriguez six oh Rodriguez not pronouncing his name properly you probably don't know him he's a singer from the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies says song had a litter quality of Bob Bylund and Leonard Cohan but his voice was like James Taylor is out one never sold that well in America is well known in South Africa and his songs enjoyed rockstar 's status there were new to Rodriguez there was a problem he didn't receive a single cent from the sales of the album otherwise he would've been a millionaire that Rodriguez worked as a laborer in Detroit Michigan is he so often so far six the Rodriguez was dead the source of the rumor is mysterious no one knows faculty help out and even came to South Africa I was told on NPR radio show Mike came into spread and he became famous of course it was told he was as bad as Jimi Hendrix everybody knew his albums and everyone knew that Rodriguez was completely dead him or Tom feel and looks at the successful but his records that fail to take off at home in the United States meanwhile a bootleg copy somehow made to South Africa what struck a chord with the progress of young whites exasperated with the apartheid system perhaps the social disinformation have to do with the fact that Rodriguez is music was censored by the apartheid government and therefore Rodriguez with a bad artist the main problem was cold fact and continues on such as this is not a song outburst or sounds of blues inner city blues and stream way in two thousand thirteen this year a documentary film was produced called searching for sugar man it tells six four Rodriguez story starting off of the forgotten artist but everything changes when some sole occupant journalist despite all rumors of his death get back in touch with Rodriguez it was arranged for him to come home to South Africa that comeback concert film with his family performance of Africa 's plane was met with a limousine is obvious it wasn't intended for someone else his daughter expected audience of twenty to thirty people found instead five thousand fans waiting for him many in the audience thought it was to get to the concert when Rodriguez walked out onto the stage he was greeted with ten minutes of cheers and applause before you even begin his performance and they all knew the words to songs he was bigger than the Beatles no one had no no one had knowledge of him until recently it is as if he was resurrected from the dead the story of music trade as sustaining hope a apartheid South Africa it was a story of people listen to all the lives of the soundtrack of the youth even though they thought he was dead long as the songs were alive hope was alive was your soundtrack the music that you listen to sustain hope sustains spiritual life and colored success and good values your focus on your goals is to do this in more we can also do damage as well it can cause distraction in this quarter cause mental pollution instability and impurity I want ask you some questions about how you enjoy music essential binaries of hands how many of you listen to music on your smart phone or iPod how many of you have Christian music loaded on your device and how many of you also listen to secular music all rights here are a few styles of music that you need into how many of you enjoy country music we have a few people how many enjoy classical music but some more R&B blues or jobs how many of you like world music confusion music it's sort of a wider genre but basically in the music catalog anything that's out of North America or Europe is called world music sixties and seventies rock and pop music how many of you like reggae calypso Socha is want to be honest as to what our influences are how many here are soulless single wire are there any professional musicians here people make a living from music I think there's actually more of us dedicate our ministry to music relax and live off of that ministry how many here in addition how many consider themselves non- singers and by the way although they haven't told they had to have the phrase tone deaf no one is actually calling us all with training a person who is mostly toned attending me to recognize distinct notes and learn to think and I've seen the top and I've seen the top regular discuss some principles of music for this naughty by nature how did you know that most of you and I at least tell your story woman will call tracing young woman she was in grade seven grade seven at the time of the story am not in my nature to help with this is brand-new song I think with their debut album and it was called OPP I don't know if anyone remembers that okay is so long in short it's an ocular with OPP mean they are other people 's property but of course the Lasky did not stop her property that was something else was a vulgar song poker ideas okay so that's good that's all you have a little confused look on his tubal North something of an hour it is not thought of that song very no truth in the story Christian young woman everyone know that she is a Christian but she like the beat of the song that's taxing and sold to start singing it and people see her sing the phone tracing your existing OPP by not my nature is Ontario provincial police no OPP moderate and then it was explained to her what it really matters and the look of disgust on her face I've been singing the phone all the time I didn't know that it was talking about sex with about okay is good but he didn't know the thought of it but him it's very important that we understand where our music comes from I'm not a blessed tax on some popular music and start singing and dancing to it we did haven't analyzed where the music comes from you could actually be participating in the doubles plan when in fact he had no intention of doing so I love music I especially love a cappella music I was blown away when I was a beloved news eleven or twelve cents only gave me a copy fix it not take six this is committed to hex he sang in a competition on television already and God I was blown away by the white a cappella music I didn't know that music just vocal performers could make such beautiful music and that's that the most common musical in my music collection MP3 clips in the past I like rock music I like small group harmony what I like violin quartet were brass quartet are any things on a small it is thought that where I can actually pick up the parts of the kind of music that I like to let you that makes me think or focus and I always choose a certain type of the music when I'm working out and got a playlist when I get the computer limited to two three four hours of work wasn't on the opposite when it might consider some work I'll make a playlist sort of debate instantly to my mind and I don't feel like falling asleep I feel like focusing when I listen to some good music on the other hand all the way love music I love music there are two exceptions but in general I find that most love music most of the pop music do lawful I think is little for the keywords will be together tonight let's rock all night long for what you love me in the morning to cancel that really that whatever some of love it is time to find a secret it got nice its adultery on the other hand some music is very choppy and dependence I can't live without you you are my everything in it how do I would die there all I live for that's not real love neither that is the I idolatrous love you I live all the person you are dependent upon them I was doing some interesting research on drums and I found out that the Wikipedia that of modern drums that started in vaudeville vaudeville entertainment if you don't know what I want to go by we can figure from a lot of the old cartoons even think about the Three Stooges can think of comedian making a joke and then someone will write that Bob will benefit all about slapstick silly entertainment exciting that we not moral all those involved or at least don't go to the moonwalk will ask again the jobs and then rock 'n roll disco R&B rock punk and pop I think I still see the same vaudevillian characters of our modern music quite often very serious topics are introduced with innuendo I've been googling someone's corridors of the Snoop Dogg Nielsen know about Snoop Dogg I slimline his lineup maybe he's changed his whole brand I cannot believe what people are looking to those funds are glorifying violence misogyny suffering really suffering in the house attaching music and clever lyrics are funny it would be dishonest in the world are talking about but it is made to the last that Satanic the love of music nowadays is so old through blasphemy and sex and so we're going to play our blossoming music was a loyal inquest and let our audit on short I can find a lot more of these questions out which artist has called the name sounds like deals I can't knew us all right with a few artists draw hip-hop artists that have names that sound lazy lizards varies on what rock are now causing so to hold off and Daisy is and if you do the music from a loss leader to guide new thing the song is wearing in the Boston and discard both are true I did a lot of research for further than this is just ridiculous the artist artist that artist performed top times over the two thousand twelve Super Bowl it with a twelve minute display of dark religious symbols filled with references references the illuminati means of Arianism before this old Super Bowl before the soldiers to the announcer or to the substances that are not television symbol of the client with the holy holies in America all how come halfway through the church experience and I'm going to have to deliver assignment it will be very impactful incentives so that already knows Madonna two thousand and twelve I two thousand twelve in Iran which form a record executive worships before a statue from beginning tally the goddess of death which form a record executive worsen forest action from India named Callie the goddess of death and I know it's Simmons will the guy who did the job I have been here when Russell Simmons they now owns a fashionable as you but little does lots of interesting on religious imagery used in hip-hop nowadays and I from mom and was an even ancient gods in his old seat in creeping his hat up in modern music would start to see the sexual language in connection with deals while praising Judas as heroic Lady Gaga which was famous for the quote were more popular than Jesus fans of the Beatles that's correct the person being John Lennon and/or the immediate response after you said that more than twelve major radio stations suspended below from their playlist several cities cancel or band the Beatles concerts in the city and John Lennon was forced to backtrack and apologize for his comments and have to explain his comments several times that's when the nation was mostly Christian they want to make sure you can get away with that happening now so suck some blasphemy so also violence food and illegal behavior but the learned extreme examples we can find that what's we can find that the influence of the values of anti-Christian values and values of all the religions are creeping into music from the time that children are infants to go over some of these textures is no man can serve two masters either you hate one and love the other party will be devoted to one and despise the other Matthew six first twenty four and are you we are choosing either the values of God or the values of Satan and when we made that clear we need to gore our playlists and see if we need to call some of those songs or playlists are right there there I am a much thinner and younger me a little about myself I look to sing and arrange music out of them by the power of two optical of newsgroups that is to tour around the Toronto area and into the states aluminum just a few years ago won first place at the Toronto Gospel for members of the pressure of the Lord to be drawn if the fools pitfalls of modern music it intrigued its confusion its lusts it's idolatry in fact I have some regrets about winning first place of the gospel concert buckle contest because winning contests and awards in music can lead to pride in the wrong sort of attention I have the five from definitions and principles of his recruitment you know what to enter the last phase of history on earth music is a powerful language fossils cultural and ethnic boundaries as does the picture of some guys that they're not Indian yet one of them is holding a sitar they're playing that their experimenting with other musical influences would like I like it when musicians expand the range letting people do need to study broadly about music is over the a trend in music to have more fusion blending different style together part of the nature of music to do one thing with another and we don't positively or can be done to sneak in a message that you were thinking of the metalanguage like drama because it is drama oh I don't know what this group this is what they do with grammatical power music is the power of suggestion the ability to say something without actually saying it the ability to plant appeal and desire in the subconscious for value and purposes the conscious mind might reject or not fully understand suggesting meetings and attitude performance and Association meeting to be suggested to attitude performance and Association just as much as to lyrics that music does not need lyrics don't convey a suggestion all it needs of the mental or visual Association perhaps the music is associated with the movie a movie star advanced video of political movement or particular lifestyle by the way what's wrong what's the message behind the song one way is after that what that will message behind the news the song born this way what is it going to serve the devil I haven't heard the interface before but the depth you can change what else it is a song that promotes old team the team out EVGA I forgot the acronym it promotes promotes a promote the .net community it's very interesting that the how many modern songs there are open to interpretation by the middle of the signal being definite but it's just the direction of the going and I'm the father of two children I bring home CDs for my children sometimes DVDs and of the song they write for a lot of children's shoulder a great I love backyard gives you to Houston very clever songs but the more I the more I listen some of the more I also realized the art started to insert values especially Eastern kingdoms and human to the secular humanism in the day when you walked in the London Street everybody got to meet housing original point of view it must behave wonderful day and I had an right and right is under the parliaments of and believe in yourself Brian and I think I see a lot of that sort of the a lot about Supervalu didn't children's songs on this stage is for the music starts off seemingly innocent secular humanism taught at the children's level be because self-esteem into the preaching of the startup pocketable exploration exploring her feelings exploring emotions relationships and by the time they get to the problem is that it becomes explicit or passionate with us to show still under the subtopic music of suggestion and one of the things that sometimes modern music has delayed understanding were her understand what we were going to until later when he was the first time and later find what it really meant when somebody is writing of this agreement by and then they actually die to rely that you are writing the obituary set of hot water tube is actually raises the popularity of artist when they are able to do something like this to foreshadow something any remaining afterwards a lot of artists they saw a lot more after the diet actually it would a lot of so much so that they brought the guy that I together the two thousand ten they actually need a 3-D hologram of Tupac and had a bad thing in a concert that was so lifelike but back to that the point of delayed understanding delayed understanding very powerful syndication because also conveys a superior intellect of the person with whom you're conversing with quite often happens in rock music and rock music in fact of quite often I'm convinced that spirits consultant speaking to the music introducing themselves and describe themselves that Iraq actually to ask you to read the lyrics of a certain song a long time ago and it was a very nice the hospital didn't know was about song called I reconciled against nineteen seventies I've been alive forever and I wrote the very first song I thought were the melodies together I music and I wrote a song if not I played the song for you to recognize right away but we haven't heard in a while I followed the whole world sing write the song love and special things articles on the young girls cry I write a song I wrote the songs either my home live deep within you I've got my own place in your soul now when you guys are ninety hundred and one variables this is actually Satan described himself old and lots of photos lots I only realize one time when I was working of working in a labor after high school out I did a lot of our need to be high and improving jobsite painted large industrial garage doors because it will adopt the more money so outworking of this place whether playing a lot of all I was at Rolling Stones Rolling Stones I think it was bad enough over and over again I heard music I first walked into the background for me you know that playing the music that's that's fine but of a list of fun I relentlessly was speaking through the songs introducing himself squad how long you been around describing how he disappeared any man with all smooth lives what was also involved lives of Queen Bill Queen right so if you analyze lyrics analyze liberals on the little single and analog lyrics and you'll see that Satan is introducing himself and many of these songs do also use delete understanding and teaching sometimes operating at top a parable people wouldn't understand what he meant until later on and when they realize the message the spiritual message that they were not they were humbled with methods they would be filled with wonder living times two thousand four as if you were a Pharisee and he realizes a just thinking about us like what he is talking about it all about Demott twenty one percent forty five when the chief delivers even heard his parables they perceived that he speak of them are right so I bought some anger that would lead understanding and duly convicted neither time into the person methods but when you realize that you have been a message of the incident in your mind before you even understood it and the first people to accept that would not be realized hey it's actually undermining your own belief system to become upset what music can do we can undermine your music since there your your your beliefs or it can draw you out of your beliefs to something better Luke Somers forty nine of the Luke seven Jesus is lying down around the plates of food with all the other disciples they didn't have seats back in those days they live down the light on in the circle RAF wide Bible says about God John could lay his head on Jesus breast right of the lightweight on the circle while they ate food so their feet are on the outside of the circle this has for the Gonzales and circle the eating food putting bits of bread in the song you know and the matches of the issue the story of the woman the woman who wanted to anoint Jesus feet with her tears and Simon says it to a new person was not hiding new matter person this woman was because some time or other he was involved with her sinful lifestyle in fact probably been helped through the driver down to the degradations and that she was a sweet deals times to Simon on the hospital to send the last essay on end to describe that there was to enter the older master some money one morning a little and one old him more than the two you believe when the master forgettable one of them low the master more sums up well the one who holds a master more edges turned in answered correctly the new thank you and boy he was the one who bored more than the woman if the one with offender key for his event no one else in the room knew what he was talking about also be the power of the message and song I wish that more Christian artist would realize their opportunity to affect people of a particular experience so that they realize they are my favorite song why put that spoke to their sold and spoke to them alone they taught you about the syrinx you have a Linux and Google syrinx that the birds have the syrinx and are they how Linux but it doesn't make us on their song comes with a series the Linux is about the trivia and the series does a little trickier the thing is there is there is about bird each lung allowing them to actually sing two songs at the same time they can think of it pleasing some of the things involved within time some of them alternate between the right and the left syrinx in the Bible tells us that there is an angel in heaven also had multiple pipes are adopted and deliberate of God Ezekiel twenty first thirteen etc. truth adorable to the stones and the workmanship of the habits of a bipartisan prepared indeed in the data house created Lucifer had several pipes and was able to see several melodies at one time it is it is cool now the speaking spiritually though Klingenberg thinks insolvent ones it's possible that sometimes you are you can send us a gospel song but depending on the way that is presented you might be also present consumer policy message at the same time all right there's the story of the woman who was following Paul and a little God gene screening the following Paul wherever she went outdoors golf of noble Basra way of expression and he was called after a few days she's little while she realized that she's actually starting a different message than what we are preaching a turnaround to her and rebuked the spirit so it was not a typical saving the matter what style of music you use the golf music along with how to write lyrics but the way presented and the mood and the rhythm and will the defeat of the music if they are borrowed from another Association one of the mental voltage orbital position that for all related that lyrics with another message and so we need to be careful as Christians what puzzles me out of here until info the Bible calls us that we must make our messages direct risk reduced forty percent a date and anything felt like giving song whether pipe or heart except that they did the distinction in the sound hostility known what this part of your heart for the trumpet give uncertain sound who shall prepare himself to the battle of Christian musician songs of his leader ought to do distinction to the music so that the audience the contribution Knowles exactly who they are serving and what the messages there should be no mixture from outside influences at the stimulus will not defile not the topic with the topic is fallen as a mnemonic device of the singles love you because quite often there is a group of artists who we might call him full artists and the thing about Canada or the civil history or the singable certain events and its a way of letting people in general no that they should not forget these things but without the wonderful tradition I like to come collect Canadian folksongs and Caribbean folk songs so I can know the history I thought a lot of history through songs on read the rest of the verses to pull Canada you might learn to the above song of the mnemonic device where you can memorize facts and even verbatim information another solid waffles into the Railroad trilogy by court unlike what talk about the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway Titanic together when the cable country very interesting song and this is why I like hymns and stricter songs songs are actually meant to help you remember the Bible especially the E Bell the two songs are very doctrinal holy data or the rest of the old hand is not in the current handle right look the lyrics online holy day Jehovah 's rest of creations we go about last of all the children seventh blessed of God to man was given a dozen lyrics in that song but if the address on the keeper in oncology down because it will fit it on it will really preach the top of methods in a very particular way I wonder why that may be just what you know it was a little too direct drops off yet another fundamental bomb look for the week marks look for the wave marks as he journeyed on look for the wave marks count but one by one the paraphrasing down through the ages past the kingdoms for Luke for the way marks etc. the thing is the whole song is about the the Daniels dream no Nebuchadnezzar 's dream and the different metals in the image so what about having a chart as easily but in the process of marketing gold through the friends of kingdoms with the king of the prophecy amazing song that the another of his music to help you memorize and remember the facts of the Bible is fourteen fifteen the Bible says that when we pray or sing sing with understanding what is it that I will pray with the spirit and outgroup understanding also I will sing with the spirit Nelson with understanding also musics and make you understand I know that there is a big improvement how a lot of praise and worship songs with simple songs on the exciting and they can be quickly wonderful sometimes I find them quite trite they are the thinker message to something simple that your people over again and am nothing we want to use songs you want to his song but caused people to understand the possible that some bring people proposals of learning and that's what I find that most tends to some of the older appraisals was looked down at worship and if you have family worship every day your singing songbook teach the children before they can read they are strange worship I do not know any other way the American child can be involved in worship accepting music all right one more points music and guided meditation on the outcome for this thing got invitations learn to meditate with these a lot of people a lot of these religions they say when you have a certain pose and that you cross your legs in the yoga poses what do the is a very simple way to get into meditative state that because of the use of mobile music of meditation and using it as therapy to music you can forget your pain open Watkins states of dementia or Alzheimer's can be awakened to lucid and proper thinking and speaking to the music very interesting the chain and you'll see when you play the favorite song of someone who is reasonable they start speaking normally working for the working poor Harriet and didn't remember to start going people are the room though the thoughts change I believe that Saul had some mental issues optical spirit of God left him and music was able to bring him back to two proper thinking that people spirit left him all also through David's music a few of the box conviction and he became angry by almost ten David called cannoli and some other worship leaders instead of just being solo artist giving the congregation the lyrics to the music and they want the hobby fishing with them and this has become a very potluck for worship and I saw a big overall cannoli doing this and populous six seven five the people were in tears as they sang beautiful songs about Christ and forgiveness and acceptance and surrender sometimes sometimes lectures to short I believe an extended song service him him I believe that many of us saw our losing many of the youth are losing the appreciation of singing and why we were dealing with it is to keep on singing if you have the drama and the ability to lead songs and you can talk people out of themselves and to encourage them to function as leader to enjoy the fun and I've seen congregations and audiences or of the Filipino people who might not have written thing I've seen Jane's attitude the Holy Spirit comes down and I've instructed all the signs of leaders who are young people as much after the done shortfalls as a single need to do the longer until the toolholder comes down I believe that having a extended funds in the form of tiring for the Holy Spirit in the Bible told us to type a voice so signal a bit more all right all right it will be well for us to spend the thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of a liquid crystal strums is a strong desire of ages we should take it point by point of imagination grasp the scene is specifically ones of you that dwell upon his great sacrifice for us our conference in him will be more confident our love will be quickened and we shall be more deeply imbued with the spirit if we would be saved at last we must learn the lessons of pensions and conciliation of the cross one of the ways that we can have this power of meditation is to sing a song before worship when are your personal meditation there's many thought will take you step-by-step through the points of juices intercession for us that will buy the meditation and conclusion was go over some of the points that we put one over on the Bible tells us the fruits of one's fiber sixteen to nineteen rejoice of a more free without ceasing in everything give thanks with the will of Christ concerning new the spirit spirit but we do it for more pray without ceasing the hydrocodone season if you cannot consciously or purposely proved a seasonal time you might change a playlist so that you can at least be in a prayerful mood you want ovoid music that will quench the Spirit in a so the Bible is telling us that we are my thoughts must also always been a purple and praise for attitude approval things that the scriptural emphasis test the spirits without a test these artists as to what spirit they are of the program that which is good and abstain from all appearance of evil the visuals of artist drafts their lifestyle their music video that tells us where their lyrics are coming from however appear their lives may be not collected in music if their lifestyle is his preaching a different message Romans twelve to three do not conform will be transformed by the renewing of your mind and improve what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God for I say to the Greek grace given to me than is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought but to think soberly as God is given don't remember the men for the following Colossians three were sixteen the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts the Lord I think of doing is predictable principles of to what sort of music you want to choose but remember that some people entered to a different state when you say and I am looking for the church entering into a different state of consciousness where we all act of disciples and I believe that music plays an important part of its fascination with it we're staying at listenable revival when Reformation and musicians some leaders have is that he is a man of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more certain than please visit www. .net verse .org


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