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We Believe – One Body

Chester Clark III


Another in the series of biblical doctrines, this sermon examines the teaching of the Church as the body of Christ.  If you’ve ever had questions about the Church, this sermon is for you: Why do we need a church anyway? Aren’t we saved as individuals? How does the Bible teach we join the body of Christ?


In the follow-up presentation we explore the biblical evidence for church organization – and a brief history of how the Seventh-day Adventist Church was organized.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • July 20, 2013
    11:00 AM


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Sir Michael Costello was a renowned orchestra conductor in the nineteenth century and the stories told one Daisy was then conducting a large orchestra and along with the orchestra rehearsing was a large choir many of you ever heard an orchestra and choir together it's a wonderful wonderful experience and as the orchestra was playing in the choir was singing and the sound was filling the room there was one member of the orchestra who had some technical difficulties and decided that it wouldn't really matter too much if it seemed to stop playing for just a second to adjust and he was just playing below after all he is just a little tiny instrument and as he stopped playing and began doing his thing all of a sudden served Costa he threw up his hands they said stop stop where's the Bigelow where is applicable you seem to his training here he immediately knew when even the smallest instrument was not playing in harm even though the choir was singing in the rest of the orchestra was playing in that great massive instruments and voices blazing away that people will have an important part and he needed it to be playing and sometimes I think we feel like that player don't wait we feel like welding out only our card isn't that important they were to be looking at the body of Christ were going to be looking at how we are all important anyway all have a wonderful privilege a wonderful privilege in fact it's so wonderful that even referred to by the apostle as a mystery a wonderful privilege to be part of the body of Christ nothing today we haven't a society that is infected with radical individualism and I'm talking about we want to be our own person and we we we created our own spheres in our own virtual relationships I honestly I also have a lot of concern for future generations who grown up without a IEEE society around them a a an association of friendships and accountability in those friendships we live in a day when if you don't like what a friend says even unfriend them you'll have to talk to them we live in a world where we are friends with people that are hundreds and thousands of miles away no listen I'm not against any of those but there's something about an organic relationship the way God meeting face to face not Facebook to Facebook in her life said facing the face not even telephone call but face-to-face God made it in Association God made area relationships and God created and gave us the gift of the church to help us in this way as well so today we're going to be talking about what it means to have to be a part of the body of Christ so throughout sociologist Robert Bellah calls that radical individualism concentrating on personal obedience to Christ isn't all that is what matters is Jesus and me have you ever heard of people like that in the Christian faith they said you know it doesn't matter on the part of a church doesn't matter if I worship with others what matters is my relationship with God and I would be very clear to you today I believe that salvation is a personal relationship with Christ I don't believe that we are saved by going to church I don't want anyone to come away with that misunderstanding what I say to you but I believe that God in his infinite wisdom not only desires a relationship personally and individually with a relationship that is so state and so personal so real because if we were the all in person for whom Christ died wonderful wonderful beautiful truth God one that relationship ended and wisdom he not only related he desires in the mix of other relationships whereby we can gain advantages in growing in him and then handles and those relationships include the family God placed us in relationships we are born is not just a biological action accident is not just an evolutionary mistake we are born into a family we're going to family and that's where we have to work on our relationship and has we learned that relationships with people we learn to have a relationship and you know some of us we may be you know their orphans or others don't have to listen I have another family yet the church family and he was in these relationships told that God can use those relationships to help me but now I'm not saying that salvation is through those relationships when things begins in the end I use them in our growth in our in our in our relationship with him and so while we can be saved individually if you are the only person alive on and I am not island in the middle of the ocean and no one else around you can be saved by God 's grace in our salvation is through Jesus but God places us in places where we can have advantages to grow in him and you know what there's some people who seem to say and I don't know that they'll ask you say this out loud they seem to say you know what I know about this advantage that God is given as better than his advised of us that I don't really need those advantages on fine and I would say that the person who think they don't need every advantage to be saved in God 's kingdom is probably the person the needs of the vanities the mouse is dangerous ground we need we need every advantage we can have in order to be saved so let's just open our Bibles here they are want to look at a couple of passages from the Bible first of all were going to talk about this this body as being headed by Jesus Christ illustrated Ephesians chapter one Ephesians chapter one this is a theme that all the apostle repeatedly refers to and done you have your Bible start of me there I love the sound of the pages turning the Bibles I love to be studying to God together God 's word and then today I I want to start with the vision chapter one verse twenty two dozen has put all things under his feet and gave him that's Jesus to be what the head over all things to the church which is his body the fullness of him that Philip all in all this is an amazing thought Paul is saying what it's not as if the church is just the is nice as the church is a body and in it it might even be more than saying the church in the body the church is his Christ who is the fullness of all amazing and the head is is Christ he is the head of the church does continue onto a few chapters later the Ephesians chapter four verse fifteen visions for verse fifteen but speaking the truth in love may grow up into him that Christ in all things which is the head even Christ the head of what from whom the whole body is fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies according to the effectual working in the measure of every part making increase of the body and the edifying of itself in love the glycine is ahead of your body as you and me are doing well in the last meeting through the one to another this is relational right were not just when I just been the often ourselves believing the truth is that sharing and speaking to one another in relationship we are to grow up in all things into and that they had Christ and that his purpose was likely to be quite a Colossians Colossians chapter one and verse eighteen Colossians chapter one and verse eighteen and this is speaking again of Christ will begin the verse fifteen for contacts who is the image of the invisible God the firstborn of every creature goodbye for by him were all things created that are in heaven and that are in earth invisible visible and invisible whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created by him and for him and he is before all things and by him all things consist and he is the head of the body the church who is the beginning the firstborn from the dead that in all things he might have the preeminence so this is a picture that begins to emerge as we look at this body the body is not a body the church is not just in all a group of people it is a very important body to Christ right it is represented not as a body or the body but he is by specifically that how close Christ unites with his people that the religion rehab is also the mystery solved the mystery and I'm thankful for family and thankful so my family can be here today Amy gave until the story my sister my brother John and Jill are here and their kids family 's importance family is important and we will all our family and sometimes it is easy for us understand we love our family and and and and every hearts and and we we we missed them whether not there and we look forward to seeing them and we join join the present but sometimes it's hard for us to realize that Christ's relationship yet this rate is illustrated sometimes families are older brother right closer in the relationship that Christ wants to happen with his church is so intimate and personal but it's not just represented as a family member but that relationship as it is represented as being a part of in an uneasy object lesson in an easy description what God wants to have the relationship he wants to have with his church glasses get into in verse nineteen Colossians two and verse nineteen again were looking at the head of the body and not holding the head from which all the body my joints and bands having nourishment ministered in the knit together increases with the increase of God that Jesus is the head and the rest of the body has to be united it has to be working together that's gods purpose God 's will for us in fact that's what God wants for us if we continue on we can see some other amazing as I want you to stop working a look back to prescriptive chapter six will break and come back to Ephesians prescribed in Chapter six I want you to see it in the way Paul addresses the Corinthians this morning we're looking at the body of Christ and how the church is meant to be the body of Christ this afternoon our continuation of the seminar after our fellowship meal today and this is are we believe we can third zap of everybody every month we have a a presentation for the church service and a follow-up in afternoon see you all are welcome to join us this afternoon and looking not just about how the church is the body of Christ and how God wants us to function as a church today and I entitled that why I believe in church organ is patient what I believe in church organization that will again present in chapter six and were going to see a couple of verses here in verse fifteen onward it says no he not put your bodies are the members of Christ shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of an harlot God forbid what do you not know that he was joined in harlot is one body produces he shall be one flesh in marriage we are called Weinreich usually one this is what this is whether the Bible teaches but he says he that is joined to the Lord is what one spirit it is amazing what God is saying is when you enjoying yourself to Christ you become a part of his body you become a part of his very flesh and bones and is not going to be joined is Christ and be joined to know is over what positive things that he is look you can just go on living the way you always live in assuming that you can live in your sins and enjoy your sins know Christ is not going to be in any an hay and adulterous relationship is not going to be hit with a lover who is going out and and and and rejecting human and cheating and that he once do we want to see laws is right we have to make a decision no man can serve two masters right and so Christ is inviting at to be joined into the united with him and to part ways with our old man without wife's because Christ is he is the essence of holiness and purity and he wants us to be joined with him in one Paul addresses this also I think is what he's referring to when he talks about the great mystery let's look there in Ephesians chapter five visa chapter five and an organ going to be moving on from from this to some other ways of looking at the body of Christ Ephesians chapter five and you know this passage is talking about husbands loving their wives even as Christ love the church will start with twenty three for the husband is the head of the wife even as even as Christ and that of the church and he is Savior of the body and notice of me go on he says for no man ever yet for twenty ninth for no man ever yet hated his own flesh but nourishes and cherishes it even as the Lord the church revival are you thankful that when Christ excepts us as part of his body even nourishes us cherishes us he's long-suffering I'm thankful for I'm thankful that that is the truth and he says in verse thirty Weaver we are members of his body of his flesh and of his bones for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother to be joined and his wife and they two shall be one flesh this is a great what a great mystery but I speak concerning Christ and the church the greatest mystery of all my friends is that Christ would see something in me worth reading for an coming down to this Earth to try to win my heart infections to try not only to respond to me when I seek him but to leave the active agent to to search for relationship with me a relationship that is more intimate than anything we can experience in this world as history what does Jesus save me he could've created a thousand worlds filled with people better than me but why in his infinite wisdom in his foreknowledge they look down from heaven and see you and see me and say I will do anything I will do anything to have a relationship with chess with you hello his heart is wayward even though he's rebellious even though we yet even know the capacity of my heart and love I will do anything even if it causes me extreme suffering and pain and it has I do when my heart Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice he gave his own line all because he wanted a relationship we serve a God who is in the God and it is a relationship so now you better think again looked at Calvary the cross of Christ teaches us that relationships matter Jesus could not get at W Coto exaggerated another one he could have found another one but there was no such thing as an expendable soul to the heart of Jesus relationships matter so much to God that he would die to save another lesson for me the lesson for you on asking questions morning white and church we kept various reasons as if that isn't because you desire to fulfill God 's purpose for you in relationships that you might be see through the relationship with him how committed are you to relationships and sees place in your life you know sometimes sometimes our closest relationships can be the most annoying given notice that you know one have the capacity to to make us happy of the people of God or to make us try no one had the capacity to noise like that before we have to see day in and day out right and that is you know I'm thankful that despite the challenges relationships we learn to love each other nonetheless but if you've ever know when your brothers and sisters when your kids you seem to write a squabbling fight it their knowledge of each other the whole world is revolving around them in that situation that time the way they tend to be also even the church no and what God wants us to see is that while there may be hiccups along the way and towns along the way the main point is relationships the main point is he's trying to teach us to be committed as he is committed to love is the law and demonstrated the world by all by this shall all men know that you are my disciples by what I do love you have for one another our relationships important to Christ if they are just feel so I believe this is a wonderful marvelous mystery that God has revealed to us what does it mean our first read this chapter twelve this is a passage that are Scriptures taken from the date first Corinthians chapter twelve and were going to notice what Paul is saying to the church at Corinth this is a very interesting thing is to give you little bit about a heads up you know that is not as though the church in Corinth were all wonderful perfect people in fact there were some serious and even some church discipline needed to be dealt with in court the times of Paul addresses them as the same pattern quite giving of yourself with the same hopefully not actually that you are okay God refers to those who are striving for his Kenyan as the things falling further than that it doesn't mean that you are perfect accepting Christ Windows me is you have been set aside for all you've been sanctified I forgot purposes that is immune and first minutes after twelve and there was some issues there were some issues he talked about an first twenty eleven there are heresies among you there were seven of them practices vision and then ride dealing with the Lord supper another thing there were some problems upon trying to address in his letter to the Corinthians and actually first Corinthians we believe to be second Corinthians because on First Amendment referred to the previous letter regarding wrote them for some reason it wasn't deemed unnecessary part of the biblical canon but we're actually being second drink is now in second and second surgery he will like that but look in your Bible first Corinthians are right and that is what it says in the Bible it says in chapter twelve he's talking about offending addresses some of these problems he's talking about he's talking about the body and notice of the inverse was just look at verse eleven onward but all these works that wanted selfsame Spirit dividing to every man severally as he will for as the body is one verse twelve as many month members and all the members about one body being many are one body so also is Christ Simplot upon saying this luck is reminding us that the body has different parks we had hands with the course if Paul were a doctor today he would know a lot more parts than probably use aware of the time right and he would know there's some parts of the things that we don't have the obvious functions but they're very important nonetheless right and this is what he's talking about document the different bodies parts and he says over surging for by one Spirit are we all what this is very important because there's some people who some people who feel that feel that the baptism and church membership should be completely separate but this is a biblical teaching and not just here but elsewhere were baptized into the what when we joined the body of Christ the this is very very clear were baptized into one body with images of Gentiles when we might be bond or free and have all been made to drink of into one Spirit the body is not one member but many if the foot just say is I am not a hand I'm not the body is and therefore not of the body and ears and saying because I'm not VI I am not of the body is therefore not of the body what if we had a body that was hardly need of the Bible or eaters were Tom 's will you see my friends God got his wives and he knows that we need many parts of the body all working together to be effective and to be healthy and to be able to function and survive me is true of the church but evidently there are some people in court that said you know what I think is really important is this ministry what I think there's a another what I think is really important is this ministry and others had other ministry altogether write me altogether and they are letting this he but they were all right the guy gives different people different gives a different burden and because you may see the little differently than I doesn't mean that you're wrong and I'm right doesn't mean that one of us as expendable what would with one of us would be expendable if we were all if we were identical right is like that of the husband and wife them talking about how we sometimes disagree and then forget who said this they said look and we always agreed about one of the above and about everything one of us would be redundant like we wouldn't need it you would need a second person in the relationship if you're identical and the same is true in the church if we had all the same get the thing burned the same perspectives we wouldn't need each other God places us not as a whole body in relationship with them in place as I had a body part in relationship with him through his jar journey with me this is why this is his purpose not sold that well we can be the answer to everyone also no we need everyone else to we need other people know some people have a more visible role than others some people have more in old age it seems like they are more important but every single person has within the body of Christ and the body is only healthy when all are working we need each other a look at a sample of responsibilities that come to us as a part of the body of Christ as a part of the body of Christ we are called to promote truth and unity revisions former twenty five says therefore each of you must put off falsehood and he truthfully to his neighbor for we are all members of one body we are we have an obligation because of that be careful what we say is promote truth and unity through what we talked about as part of the body of Christ we are called to serve as first rent is twelve for two oh eleven outline the different gifts that God has given the different spiritual gifts that God has given and you are getting my gift is unique and it is equally important with everyone else's it may not always be the same attention everyone else's get there are there are some people that are working in the background but I want to tell you something they are just as important as the people that you see in you here from the front on Sabbath morning the church would not function without it we would not for a function to be able to reach the world and I just want to I just wanted stress now how I believe you I appreciate so much and many deacons and deaconesses and pollen Cruzan and everyone who working behind the scenes to make this family what it is your ministry is absolutely essential to the blessing edifying the building up of the body of Christ no matter what that is it may seem like well you know I just do the same thing I just come early and related no one really appreciate listen Jesus appreciates you and Jesus knows you're missing Jesus said it this way don't do your all for men to be seen of men know when you say prayers when you fast don't be don't do it so that your scene he said that of the Pharisees do and they already have their reward and to use those gifts are not as public engines thanks are not as frequent I want to say your rewards come those of others also front we are to have our reward in a sense we are to receive the gratitude in the Thanksgiving in the appreciation but someday you're going to hear the word said well done good and faithful servant enter valid the joy of your lord and that banks which you didn't receive here Jesus himself gives which would you rather have the praise of men of appraiser Keith all of us are working and what's important is not that people appreciate us sometimes even discouraged in the body of Christ because people don't appreciate is in fact people he may take advantage of us and their views are our gifts and are getting are getting are working in and whatever is with his left upper hand this is not for them is for Jesus and while we may not be appreciated and we may be taken advantage of the important thing is that our heart is pure with Jesus that our work is done for him as part of the body we been given gifts were given at the abilities even given talents to begin resources let's use them Jesus was using the build up the body it is essential to the body that you use your special gift in service for God as part of the body of Christ we are called to hear Jesus Romans one verse sixteen Paul says I'm not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes as part of the body of Christ all to hear the gospel with others now may not be all the same way we may not all be preaching sermons are standing on the street corners or or writing books that all of us have some gift that we can use to help your Jesus we have some ability to tell others of what at least a least a television what Jesus has done for us that the most powerful witnessing we can never accomplish no one can argue with your testimony no one is safe not sure because you have experienced it for yourself you know Jesus you know what he's done what he means to you and so each one of us have an opportunity whether it's in public or in private in one quiet way in writing or in verbalizing or just in the way we can part our yard show people what Jesus is done in our lives we can witness were called to share others as part of the body we are called to worship and I enjoy so much coming together and worshiping with you you don't I enjoy the fellowship and they worship that we experience here Psalm ninety one verse one and two says it is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name O most high to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night what a wonderful opportunity we have two worship together as part of the body of Christ we are called to love each other this is sometimes not the easiest thing but first John four verse eleven says dear friends since God so loved us we also ought to love one another I'm glad that Paul is it waiting for John presently does he doesn't just say we ought to love one another he says then God so loved the words the only way this is ever to happen only when this is possible that we could actually love one another and give ourselves run administer one another as one part of the body helping another part of the body whether were appreciated whether reviews were learning anatomy not all only way this can happen is in you Verizon Jesus and how he loved us since God so loved us we also ought when you only need to keep a rise on he's given us our exam he has loved pastor with the love that would not let me go he has allowed me the Bible says with an everlasting love you love you without as well and when we see the love of Jesus we are complaints beginning to seem petty intrigues you honestly are members of teacher there are some times when I would begin complaining to God you know I spent fifteen years teaching high school students and I loved it I enjoyed it it was a it was it was my I was not it was it was I was very privileged to have an opportunity wonderful wonderful students but their students or people and people are people right and sometimes I would start thinking and having pity on my cell no never had any party and I would be like you know why don't they don't appreciate me the only thing they only care down Delhi the mailing all I am is convenient you know it is like his life is as if they need me they start all your sister wonderful person and now you're my favorite scene sure and add can you help me with my and they don't need me they never think community is what you want to be appreciated you know sometimes even came to the point where I collect under certain circumstances that they were taking advantage of me and my goal abilities on saying and I would be like I'm a person right and then I would realize when my easy prey I mean really great women need some right there now different and I am leaving on feels like we were getting exists when everything is going well when we get in trouble all by means and you know what the more I turned my eyes towards Jesus and remembered what I done to him the more I couldn't complain about what people did to me because I probably done worse to God than anybody's ever done to me and God loves and he gives himself for me still and he forgives me still and since Christ has sold well 's we ought to love one we ought to have that love and passion for one another freshman is just a twelve version twenty five says it this way that there should be no schism in the body but that the members should have the same care one for and whether one member suffers all the members suffer with or one member be honored all the members rejoice with limited aprons let's be on that document each that only comes from a heart transplant and a relationship keeping our eyes on Jesus because you know human nature is in I don't care out there who you are you can say whatever you want there may be some exceptions in some circumstances but human nature is when someone else is suffering I'm glad it's not me you know someone else's mothers cry on glad someone else's honor teenagers were jealous and truth is is what happens even in a church even in churches it is a third tendency because that were humans in our human nature shines through is there a tendency sometimes were even there to be bickering squabbling jealousies even in church if this were true for screenings twelve twenty five and twenty six if that was the actual experience of all the members the body had there would be no bickering and no jealousy they would be suffering one when anyone suffers we also when anyone is on her work all because were all part of the same by is not them and us access the church is not made of a member but members America is not made of a bride and groom and bride right and army is not made of a soldier with soldiers and ensure it is not made of one person churches need almost that's the plan that God has for us to know and I'm not in the vanguard in the distal was just too appropriate for me on here peanut had his foot in a cast and this is the way the cartoon red money my body being lanes my foot for not being able to go places Michael says it was my headphone and my handling my house my eyes they might these are clumsy and my right foot says not to blame him for what my left foot and and then it turns many turns towards the audience you know on that the cartoon any he says I don't say anything because I don't get involved and the reality his friends we laugh at this and we think it's humorous but is not humorous with real in the bottom this is not humorous when it's real and the body this is not the way we think because we know when we discover that we don't blame that so we know where all parties upon the church we act like peanut right you can't stay out of it you got a love and got again and you've got to suffer with those who suffer and rejoice with those who rejoice because we're all part of the body of Christ verse twenty seven personages at the twelfth verse twenty seven notice what what it says version is twelve verse twenty seven now you are members of the body of Christ our Scripture today your PR you are the body of Christ and members in particular all wouldn't you want that to be the experience we had here in golf the we are one body where we actually rejoice with those who rejoice up with those suffering as what I wanted you know I'm thankful I'm thankful many ways as we have I'm very thankful I'm not saying that God has blessed this church family not at all but we all can growth and all things and they had to scratch my there's room for us even us to grow house rebus story of digital maligning of Charles Plum and Charles Plum was a US Naval Academy graduate who was a jet fighter in Vietnam he survived successfully seventy five combat missions lying as a pilot in Vietnam when on his last mission his plane was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile and plum ejected and parachuted into enemy hands he was captured and there in Vietnam he's been six years in a communist prisoner of war detention camp those were not good years he survived of and now lectures about the lessons he learned from that experience he's a Christian one day Plum was sitting in a restaurant with his wife and down as he was enjoying his quiet meal a man at another table kept looking at him and finally that man got up and he walked over to where Islam was seated and he said your claw marks you your blog you flew jet fighters in Vietnam from the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk you were shot down in combat weren't you and Plum was quite astonished you know we can expect to be recognized or anyone would notice story and he said what he yes I have one and I was shot down in his lab at Kitty Hawk and how did you know how you know who I a.m. and very simply the man replied I packed your peers you plum stood up and grasped his hand in pump kit in gratitude and ended the man said well I guess it worked in onset of me if it hadn't worked out to be here today and he thanked the man profusely and was so happy to have had a chance to meet him but as plumbing home and went to bed that night he couldn't sleep the memories from Vietnam kept replaying in his mind and particularly his experience on Kitty Hawk I kept wondering what that man now eight years would've looked like as a young sailor he tried to remember if he ever saw him what we look like Anna Nagy maybe happen then is uniform he wondered how many times he might have to on the deck of the Kitty Hawk is not realized who he was a help or a would-be juice future he wondered how many times in my past seven not even stop to say good morning because he was a fighter and this gentleman was just ordinary site than plumbing and thinking of all the long hours and ordinary sailors spent down in the bowels of the ship on a wooden table folding parish carefully with detail with attention and how those significant tasks it didn't get recognized were important to his very existence and survival so we ask today what about a church in other parachute folders in the church today their people that are doing very very important tasks usually don't get recognized and on up front learning documentable but we all just and when we get into the kingdom I suspect where to look back on the panorama of history that God can reveal to us than I suspect were going to learn if it hadn't been for that brother that sister even the annoying circumstances perhaps that we went through them within it had been for the costs of supply perhaps we wouldn't be there because God uses us to help each other grow to become the full stature of our head to grow up into the will wisdom and stature of Jesus Christ so we need appreciate one another and then we need to thank those who might be doing insignificant task we need to have the humility to suffer with those who suffer and to rejoice with those who rejoice I think a big part of that bioenergy of thankful God has placed us in relationships I'm thankful for each one of you let's pray father in heaven today we're just so grateful for your wisdom placing us in connection with people the Lord where it were all imperfect people so we sometimes we sometimes find each other's flaws in your father you have a purpose you have a reason for doing this it's for our own good so that we can learn to appreciate what you have done for us more were not afraid you'd keep our eyes on Jesus did you help us as part of his body to marvel and mystery that he wants to be one with us not just not just our elder brother not just a close family member but he and he wants us to be a very part of his body Lord help us to treat others the way you treated us forgiveness forgive me where I filled the room is one who is our head even Jesus this media was brought audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about hothouse as you like this is more so than please visit www. audio tours or


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