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Jury Selection

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 5, 2007
    12:00 PM
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him everyone is there you go there you go I need to write before you begin out license does offer another word of prayer site life pass you by your heads with me and I will kneel as we pray heavenly father Lord I thank you for your presence being in this room today the father asking a very special way that you would like this room with your glory father please speak to me as I see through your word hardly behind your cross and may Christ be lifted up we pray in Jesus name amen I want to start by telling you something that I'm sure you will find quite amazing I know who you are a nobody found what you are amazed I know who you are and before I tell you and prove to you how I know each and every one of you are using sassy never let me but I'm telling you today that I know who you are at and before I tell you who you are hard like to tell you little bit about I is not okay I want to share with you very briefly my testimony as was mentioned little bit earlier I used to be a hip-hop artists dreadlocks anybody knows what those are and started never seen that before dreadlocks tax hanging off in him him with jewelry slang curse words of crazy mentality about eleven years ago I had a major recording contract with EMI records and I will group appeared on soul train rap city DET on it out of contract for eight hundred thousand dollars microphone name was a Yoda anybody ever heard of that name before Yoda why was my coordinate you what it because I was after wisdom and I like that fictional character yelled at because Yelena was why she was that old sage who just knew everything about everything and I was in such of wisdom in fact my younger brother his name was Jack he was part of the group when you so you could tell we were Star Wars fanatics I did not realize who I was until I was introduced to the Bible in nineteen ninety four had an encounter with the word of God and second Corinthians chapter five verse seventeen tells us if any man be in Christ he is a new creature all things are passed away behold all things are become new and so in beloved I was someone in God 's eyes that I did not meet until eleven years ago the Bible tells us Jesus God himself says before I knew he will before I brought you forth I can finish it for me I knew you in medicine God knew who I was before I knew who I was I thought I will yell it out but gosh sodomy is faster pastor my God once when I didn't know who I was but I wanted that you know today that God knows you are and some of you in here to not know who you are you think you know who you are I thought I knew who I was but God knows who you are not assistant with you if you if you have your Bibles in the book of Mark chapter one verse twenty four very simple verse verse twenty three and twenty four there was a there and it wasn't a synagogue a man with an unclean spirit and he cried out that is as Jesus was coming towards him he cried out and Ms. Lewinsky said that's alone what have we to do with me thou Jesus of Nazareth art thou come to destroy us I know the cool down our is not interesting the devil knew who Jesus was not what you don't know who Jesus was because Jesus knew who he was different King Jesus knew who he was Jesus knew what his mission was and because Jesus knew what his mission was when he came far off face to face with the enemy of souls without effect I know who you are it's interesting how both of your reading that story about the sentence on the schema for China cast I will never read a story and all what happens when the demon is no acting up and then here's use of the Skiba channeling past him out and then he says something interesting he says Jesus I know and how I know but who are you mad at him that was me how it turned out that the timeline is okay I guess is okay I was pale pale hand out and tell you how you can think of the Lords work in a double term promises we know that was a statement the devil made in an attempt to intimidate I want to ask you a question today do you know who you are God knows who you are and the devil knows who you are but do you know who you are I'm sure he's on the just is is so amazing you know when I was on the world I was into Star Wars but then I realized that I was someone I was not going on I was someone else whom God has called me to be there was a greater battle that God has called me to fight and I had no idea did you realize that Star Wars is real as anything that raising is raising a hand seventy but that is interesting in Revelation chapter twelve verse four Revelation chapter twelve verse four and you know what I cannot see the time sold as someone consists you know that me know when it's getting close to time I can't see the top of every revelation chapter twelve verse four as the Bible says on the reverse nine first the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which is seen in the whole world he was cast out into the yard and his angels were cast out with him many things before I expound on that verse in order for you to know only why you got to know the context behind you are you got another one context behind who you are and were ultimately the context right now because I want to share with you that there is in this world something called the great controversy anymore between good and evil the forces of life versus the forces of darkness and Rich Hall here done this conflict began again having with an angel named Lucifer and the biosynthesis are cast off these Angels are part of the Angels the Bible tells us if you look over in verse four we are told you the same thing the address for reasons of the differently it says his tail drew the third part on the stars of heaven and didn't cast into the earth who are these stars are what are the stars that Satan cast of young their archangel 's solid love it and having there were angels who was deceived and these angels which are also called stars engaged in a war against God which lets us know that the first and original and genuine star warlord began where not come to cry now you think I'm making enough to go with me to the book of Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen once you notice verse twelve Isaiah chapter fourteen verse whilst he was further one-off form and only Lucifer son of the morning how down to the ground with Disney in the nations fastest sign-on heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne of God stars him no pool where the stars of God angels angels so here you have Lucifer countering his stars to five and more identical size of God and we can come to family and close in the first Star Wars was where in heaven and not another medicine that Star Wars spilled out and came down to plan and are the findings of this is on chapter fifteen in verse five God called Abraham and said to them I want to look up to the one stone cells shall your seed be your seed will become more will be like the stars why Abraham because that was the star war that began in heaven and now that Star Wars has spilled out onto the yard and Abraham on calling you and you are see to be eaten by star warriors are no who you are the you know who you are managing to save and follow the same time Daniel chapter eight verse ten we are introduced with little more than little horn is set the task down some of the one stars to the ground were talking about this power that would rule during the dark ages and it says that it would actually prosecute once like to be strolling all the more intense the stars of God so a star war that began in heaven now spilled out and was taking place we're here on in honor even more interesting is that when you go into the book of Matthew chapter one and chapter two you got three wise men coming because they have seen eleven in Star Wars has nothing on the Bible nothing on the bike son Jesus Christ MorningStar comes upon the same and I read this article focused on Star search you advise men searching for the start by searching for the start of the W himself is searching for the start because they know the importance of this star in the Star Wars and pendulum in the mutual unit there was another side because over the book of Jude the BBB read up on the Bible speaking of ranging all always talking about the wiki as Azhar Azhar wandering star 's and I are a diverse Jew wandering stars but I think there are stars let's represent the people of God saw there are stars which represent those who stand against God and used to all parties are at war with one another we are not only rested against principalities and I was lucky where wrestling against against demons who are in eighteen and so I know who you are is a gossip will tell me who I am so I want to sell you not that we understand the context not notice that we are not just feared since it could be here we are actually in the middle of a crisis in the middle of confident and entice him there is no such you must sign you are on one side or another whether you choose to be or not nitrogen shows but even if you don't choose your on one side are not Seattle seems to be on the dark side nonetheless I was leading people into the heart saw while them out of me thinking not one of the people at the darkness you have to do that since of the people that are into darkness all I had to do was to neglect the line units evidencing so now I want to show you without a shadow of a doubt who you are and the Bible actually no who you are north of the individual chapter twenty eight to find out beloved to you while we has slowed the context and now with to find out something absolutely amazing in Ezekiel twenty eight again this chapter speaking of Lucifer describes his fall from heaven I want you to notice verse fourteen Dorothy anointed cherub that covered and I have set the sole malice upon the holy mountain of God has brought up and down in the midst of the stones of fire that was perfect in thy ways from the day that I was created on sale while in bankruptcy was found in the what is it that started the rebellion in heaven in language he was found where in Lucifer now what is iniquity is saying what is seen transgression of the law which lets us know beloved that he had been there has to be a lot all in order for there to be transgressions on a sense what was the law that within it was the all of the many asking whether ten Commandments in heaven we've been amusing yes I'm using no thoughts are not commit adultery was in heaven and so on there novel out of the ten Commandments were summed up in one word which was not now I like to call the ten Commandments as we have been written by the hand of God 's righteousness for dummies and singles this guy is hot an entity at the start Outlook this is what righteousness a because we have lost our sense of discernment and judgment but I want you to notice it goes on further versus the bottom of my merchandise merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence about testing therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God I will destroy thee O covering cherub from the midst of the stones of fire now some people that's a question why didn't God destroyed Lucifer ripening there is a question and I should wonder if Santa brought up in heaven if Lucifer began to say that God was unfair that God is unjust that his law is unjust and eleven that's what he was saying this argument was that God was an unjust and unfair dog and I don't have time to go into that now but I will show you in an upcoming message and Lucifer 's argument ever wonder how was able to deceive one third of the righteous holy intelligent smart angels everyone him a set of angels Asian angels I think I want to be people who want to come along my session the Angels with no language easily seen through that they were not gone the news for have to do something else and I'll see what that something else is and another in another message living actively why didn't God destroyed or challenged Lucifer right then and there and I will tell you the answers found in Deuteronomy chapter nineteen Deuteronomy chapter nineteen I would love to take a look at verse sixteen Deuteronomy nineteen in verse sixteen this is what the Bible says he gone commands Moses lays out these laws these principles I want to listen carefully to this principle Deuteronomy six nineteen sixteen if a false witness rise against any man to testify against him that which is wrong then both the name between when the controversies shall stand before the Lord before the priests and the judges which shall be in those days as an shot shall make them acquainted and a diligent inquisition as beholden to the ethnicity of false witness has testified falsely against his brother then shall you do want to him as he thought to have done unto his brother so somehow put away the evil from among you what is the principle here is a controversy on walls between two people there have to be walked and started part there have to be a third-party tension is between the two amen DC-9 there are now many asking the question again why didn't God judge Lucifer one Lucifer rolls out to what's use God how many parties were in happen when this controversy arose how many two Lucifer and his angels God and his angels as so and I feel an adverse there is no hard party just imagine that you want I have a conflict and you know we say so there I met on the ceiling corn used as synonymous see you in court with as he was then winded and you come the court I guess a certain on the banks me what you begin to really select really a hard drive because you know how this case will turn out is not right those are is is is accusing God at all heaven is polarized into two sides now there is identified as a war standstill there's no third-party but I want you to notice something again in his Eagles will need something that God tells Moses that must have loosened for scratching his head I want you to notice Ezekiel twenty eight and willing to take a look at verse eighteen has defiled by sanctuaries by the multitude of mine iniquities by the iniquity of my traffic therefore will I bring forth a flyer from the Mississippi and it shall devour the time of bringing classes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold the goal of that company one versatile sentencing Barnhart was because of our duty now has corrupted by wisdom by reason of I is I was casting to the ground I will name even before I came to that van and evolving and is wrestling what they need before cool document I is polarized to side then maybe foreclosed on the time maybe fourteen the term symbolic of judgment even when the when not when that woman caught in adultery was brought before Jesus what did they do this through before the feet of Jesus so that Jesus could do what Joshua Aristotle Lucifer I want at all you are an angel before it came that then anxiety and most of our scratching his head saying who are these canes all I do is I suppose since as we know nobody and you and everybody is taken to I you will die in I know you are you may not know who you are but I love you why fantastic low who are these King that God would see me before the WB Revelation chapter one verse six it tells us praise be to God it tells us who has losses in its blood and has made our team has made us one unit of Revelation twenty and burst forth in a space about this great resurrection that takes place others says that John Smit was thunderbolts who followed Jesus for the worst judgment was handed over to them and that was frustrating chapter through the Bible says no you not to shout Josh Angels do you realize who you are I don't know that also you watch me on that issue about when God created mankind they were as sorry as the jewelry within the businesses join selection on the recall that on Charlie selection when God made mankind they want us are as that star party two two two two sides between God and Lucifer was a high and holy and awesome and incredible coffee I need to do your game do you realize who you are I know who you are God knows who you want to die on those who you want beloved that's why when I gave were created the deficit including I see the ones that are to rule over me are thieves the ones that aren't it just me if they distribute and surely if you are a criminal and you have an opportunity to get to that you during what would you drive at a single any criminal and always view and sometimes enjoy you want something disqualified and jarring because a very long jewelry and various multiparty indeed not all just me I know your knife you may not realize who you are and you may choose to live your life who he got never called you to ask for gynecology but I always wore goggles we want to go on those who you are and all beloved are trying very desperately to win your league notice what happens Satan comes to Adam and even the garden and he says that God saving you know you can either the treatments is which which is entertaining in a single he says that God don't listen to him if you gave this guy does know that your eyes will be opened and he shall be as one God is not a Hebrew word is actually translated into a chassis using the chassis determining right and wrong for yourself you wanted to follow God 's word to determine what is right and wrong you can be sizes for yourself determining what is right and wrong Johnny Donna tell you what is right involved your junkies determining what is right and wrong you don't need to listen the Bible does Chris have been thinking that only ones I know between right and wrong and amazing that I is talk about fruit and a gas watch C Moss her ability to discern between right and wrong and then the devil says God are these the ones that are supposed to exacerbate our think I even know of God 's beloved even to say yeah you're right on the neutrino will know the people says not been redeemed on the bring back sound judgment to them so that they will indeed judge you and he comes across eleven and now we understand that the entire purpose of the gospel is to reinstate and us sound judgment and fit us to enter the Supreme Court even getting started again to just to answer into the supreme court the supreme White House which is where it had to be a part of the charm of God is calling you to be a juror that's who you are not he may not be living up to entice them below there are three conditions for your number one I'm sure is chosen first because he has very limited or almost no knowledge of the case well was there when and where and when facing the reason is nobody that time was not bad I saw another one gone from hating us outside all the prices outside of that work separated from the conflict so we would be fair a man we were in a button original Angel armor must be an outstanding citizen of the country which he represents as Solomon is the reason why the devil tries so hard to the squabbles that disqualify your citizenship usually if you can just get you to say that you know what North 's victory to jury duty do you know of anything but loving it it may be hard here and use it jury duty that God has called you to beloved only jurors entering the master that is because God has created each and every one of us to the edge are not good news and I know who you are do you know your when I was young I thought I knew who I was I know who I was I know what God had called me to be I know what God hardly out of my fusion beloved gone into the future for everyone and he lays it out right here in his word are you sent me you will incur criminal the limits on the number one thing they were not there number tool that got the offsetting citizens and number three they have to have sound judgment sound judgment these is why not let me tell you this is why in the last days were talking about Star Wars were talking about a part of one another if we are going to make it through this morning we've got to learn the art of war amen we do not learn how to fight mistresses did not understand what was about and what is at stake in the retelling this is why in the last phase the Bible speaks on Babylon who makes the world walked drunk with her why is wanting to get into Harris the sensing is so that you cannot be sorry between one right and wrong what is that alumni configure your confusion is confusion in the opposite is true that's it it's thousands or someone other than the very philosophies that are out there today while there is no such thing as absolute truth do you know what you are doing when you say that in God 's hearing Donna Sandlin athletic viewing movies and what was the matter with the devil I mean gosh all of a sudden I think you'll become the devil 's advocate but not in fact many of us are the devil 's advocate might now and that's why God 's hand medicine and sometimes caught in a do not do the devil 's advocate don't go around saying well how can we know to listen truth is truth is true the Hollywood College is accepting a wildcat industry zones should know better than it has so many different religions out there how do you know that Christianity is the right religion how do you know that is a McCarthy were brought of the Christian is that good enough reason to say this Islamic Christian beloved then that's your reason that's not that is not good work that's not a good sign of obligor of the insurer must understand why he is what he used why he believes what he believes that he must begin to look at all the evidence and come to the conclusion that should issue a name I know your Daniel chapter twelve in first three a beautiful province of beautiful Scripture and the word of God Daniel chapter twelve verse three the Bible tells us and they that be why they that be what let's put another word in the data be begins with a J big that be sure they got the charges shall shine as the brightness of firmament and face-offs that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and number on the star not not the kind of store I used to be I'm a different kind started not because of popularity if I was never known by anybody in this world I would still be a star in God 's eyes the show 's star is not one that is popular in the eyes of management popular in the eyes of God in the eyes of the watching universe and eleven style I know why and I know one now you may not know who you are but I know you won't and it will be sad if you went through life denying who you are cooldown has called you to be in the November God calls those things that are not as though they are so you might be fantastic to get on the line and don't say I will need to know who you are because I know who you are I'll need to know what you doing now because I know who you are in Christ if any man be in Christ he is a new creature some of the clones throughout this this week were to be looking at the Star Wars winner to be looking at the ways that the enemy of souls is attempting to eliminate majority and with a look at the way in which the jury will finally bruised the head of the serpent another it is an exciting story and what's more exciting about it is that it is not a story is not fiction it is an unarmed when asked is this not evening the afternoon are you ready to make that discovery of who you are not solely told me ten years ago that this lobby doing ten years later policy absolutely crazy that's not some of these it has run out thinking you don't even know the future God has for you and he would simply open yourself up to his I can use you as a mighty star warrior figure in the sky will love in Jesus at the age of twelve had that moment when he went to the temple and he was looking at that man suddenly included in his mind I know now I as a thought and that the slave and things began to Craig in his mind he came to that realization I know now who can tell you that every one of us must have an experience like we must come to the place where we know we are in crack are you willing to leave to be Christ wants you to be if you're willing straight and then you know some of you have not raised a hand and you know that's cool your that I have to sit and you have to be listening here more evidence that's been a good server of another here the evidence amen amen within a go ahead and close with prayer when asked about his heavenly father thank you for forgiving assist time together nor we learned today Julio Wetherbee except that picture Lord is another story please bore witness open our eyes that we may see that great discovery that will change the course of our lives may we realize we are in you in Jesus name we pray amen


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