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Holy Rebellion

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 7, 2007
    12:00 PM
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heavenly father we thank you Lord for your word we thank you for your truth we thank you for your note from this father has to be the you would please speak to a helpless loyalty few would you have to see funded as we deal with this issue of music today Lord help us humble our hearts that we may be open to the truth we pray this in Jesus name amen amen I want to try to get this as quickly as I can I will probably just be according versus for you instead of asking you to turn so that we can get through this you'll remember by the way the name of this message this afternoon is entitled holy rebellion wholly revalue your remember that in the book of Ezekiel chapter twenty eight we have been reading about this this this angel in heaven by the name of Lucifer who began a rebellion began a revolt and we understand that according to first Samuel chapter fifteen in verse twenty three the Bible tells us rebellion is ask the same of witchcraft is as the sin of witchcraft and we might rightly concluded that the first rebellion or the first revolution took place in heaven and that we say this Satan was the instigator of the very first revolution Satan is into revolutions did you know that Satan is into revolutions what is a revolution it is an attempt to overthrow an established government for the set up of a that's what a revolution is we read in Jeremiah chapter seventeen verse twelve yesterday that Lucifer are rather that the Bible says that the throne of God or the sanctuary is is God 's high throne from the very beginning we understand that in heaven there was a sanctuary this was the wide house of the universe from where of God rule and we also learned that Satan in beginning this rebellion recruited one third of holy Angels not on letter reads your verse in the book of Isaiah chapter fourteen want to show you just how it is that Lucifer was able to convince one third of the Angels before I read that remember that Ezekiel twenty eight that those affairs I was thrown out of heaven the Bible says because something was found in him what was that thing iniquity enacted twenty four twelve the Bible tells us because iniquity shall abound the love of many will do what wax cold now the word therefore in equity knocking twenty four verse twelve is the Greek word unknown mediocrities and award-winning binomial what does that sound like to you what wonder that sovereignty is horny and hot gates I like about it but I found it am looking for I'm looking for is it know me in the zone and I never heard that word known in his amines are against the lot against the law so that it's interesting that the fast loathing in love school websites and as we look at the rebellion that is going on Earth now what is that rebellion against it is against the law law of God now remember the law of God is the very foundation of God 's throne or of God novitiate so when the devil was what attacking the sanctuary on the throne of God he was attaching the governing law of God not it's very interesting because in Isaiah chapter fourteen verse twelve the Bible says thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations found that an unmarked I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the clouds about half of the codefendant of the highest in the cloud I will be like God most high note now watch this on one hand for a saying we don't need a law that was his argument in heaven there is no need for the iniquity means lawlessness or against the law and those of troubled against the will of God however at the very same time Roosevelt was saying I will be like low question what is the most highlight if someone was walking down the street and stop if any can you tell me what the most hard like what is presently much about the most high is locked he is good he is love yes he allowed he is viewed as wonderful using massively 's guide these are the attitudes of the multi- now watch this without it what with those of the same way so I'll be like the multi- Lucifer was saying I can be good loving merciful with out having a long to tell me how to do it okay to guess that seat see the book of Psalms seventy seven verse thirteen focus I will God is where in the sanctuary bundles or what he was saying was not God don't tell me that there is only one way to be righteous you don't have the market unrighteousness they are always had the right to agent he writes is folly not mankind without you telling us how to delete and eleven this is why it is getting I called it a hall in the banality because of those if I hadn't come to DeAngelis who wants to be able they want to send you do that by itself when I'm over that but the argument was and how much fun you don't cause trouble I'm just saying there other ways to be righteous in a lovable loser was attempting to do was to decentralize the sanctuary decentralize the power of God decentralized the authority of God so that there could audit that could be other ways opened 's for one to be righteous where God was the only one in charge that make sense is that what counted decentralize the power of God 's authority and this is why one third of the holy Angels fell for the last because it was brought to them under the disguise of righteousness now when you get up examples in Scripture the mother have time to go there but how can you run the story I'll call Rob Cora Carron rose up against Moses as they were in the wilderness and you'll remember Cara says something very and just human but he does find it and read for you sixteen talks about Cora and he rose breasted they rose up before Moses would start and the children of Israel two hundred and fifteen print of the assembly famous in the congregation that only now that means that while honorable man I'm not as when first recess and they gathered themselves together against Moses and Karen I set up and then you take too much upon you see all the congregation on how the okay getting checked Carron is approximately eleven billion and has more than eighty represses sorry what happened Ron opens up and swallows Umpqua wrote for his rebound but black-tie Mendelian decor relief that was a highly regarded Moses why you were lifting us out of a lot of people don't you see that all these Israelites are wholly worthily you know the stories but it was a holy medallion on millennium Israelites fell for Revelation Chapter eighteen verse twenty three we read they are that sorcery would be the means by which the whole world will be deceived you remember that that works sorcery the Greek is pharmacy and that the the the meaning of the word is this anything that medicates no one minds that will not follow the will or the law of God can we assume that you are writing come to the conclusion that sorcery was taking place in heaven among the Angels let me ask you what is and then Lucifer have to change about the Angels in order for them to get on his side he had to change their thereby are you ready are you sure you're in raising money familiar ready to finally for him all right on the substitute a word for mind because we talk about my waxy talking about the one the okay we have documented a brain know what we're talking about the house and anything connected the thoughts so that it will not follow the will or the will of God the devil had to change the thoughts that means you on the Angels in order for them to go inside the department to see things his way not to substitute a word for thoughts are you ready the devil had to change the musings of the Angels what word I think you what is Buddhism using me what resonates in you it means a lot the faint sound at all that's rubbish making twenty three sorcery is anything that United States our musings anything that Americans are musings so that we will ultimately rebel against the government of God and not worth anything then management musings so that we begin to see our attempts to participate in this decentralizing of the government and the order of God the final rebellion on planet Earth the devil realize this must change the musings of God 's people as you as you and I have fun with this move he will attempt to change the way God 's people will about things incidentally but we asked the question in the Lucifer when explaining what can be black but possibly one of the ways in which the devil attempt to change the musings of God 's people about Shari in the last days and I want to present to you this afternoon that the devil in the last days will use music in an attempt to change the you saying of God 's people and so you understand that music by definition is the art of expressing one's thoughts and feelings is realizing that's what music is music in the expression of the way one is thinking and lots daily and that we weren't supposed since it's about music and it isn't it is the total expression of one's musings then yes do you think it's possible that the devil tricking you start a new page with his meal saying in an attempt to change the musings on God 's people I think so I think some but the problem is beloved it is that as I said before for every genuine there are school travesty was the world but the charge use the double fault that's not a nice plain evil so the devil Christian ideas or brings about a holy River Valley a holy revolution not an argument of the story of all of us Samuel when when Saul or Saul Robert when Serio told him Samuel phone that he was to wipe out this whole nations that even with a gun and we talked about the candidates that were installed to each cat some of the stuff your not now it's interesting because what was solved in particular was he cut some sheep because she and when Samuel comes and son is about to rebuke him a salsa on the US so I have done I've got rid of all the stuff of any medically beloved you become a Christian you're supposed to get rid of all the civilian everything everything nothing is to be left by but by Saul Katz some of the shape not novelist and just when you read the account with Sanyo convalescing Samuel says that is what name it this leads me in my ear I call this method is what meaning of this breathing as I thought about this more bleeding than other one leaving us in the Hebrew call quality is used also to represent song I definitely recommend that some say Walmart if you son of his sheet music you have a creative imagination you know so but everyone else's addition of August that when you take the same are the same word is found in the book of Exodus chapter thirty two when when when Moses went up to the mountain the children of Israel tragic to add anything I build us add cow I set out to Gilchrist captain is starting to slide has announced that today is a fees that we are dedicating onto the moon did you get our installations golden calf access its Babylonian but when I take it and use it for God 's glory and when Moses comes down Moses as I hear the sound of war and the same workforce sound is the white call call you back in I hear the music of war holy regarding beloved when we say that which belongs to the devil and attempt to sanctify by getting into God it is in essence a holy rebellion and now I want to talk to you for little while about contemporary contemporary Christian music now now if you are you you heard the whole mess is about the music itself about the ribbons about about about about jazz and R&B and we learn the origin of these musician we learned that they came on the base very good he wanted last night need to get the message but now we want to take of the beloved Christian R&B and Christian rock and Christian rap and Christine Jack and what would I do is instead of looking at the music itself we doesn't want to see what are the musings of contemporary Christian music one of health while the musings what do the artists themselves say about contemporary Christian music and to do like a child usually doesn't signify our to do and I have very both my sons go to read maybe one or two and I want to share with you beloved is that contemporary Christian music has a four pointed philosophy how many form point of philosophy that that that that represents bear amusing let's see what these four points on number one contemporary Christian music and when I say content problems I understand I do not mean modern music I'm talking about about R&B rap rock you know if you love fifty cent gives even in the Christian new resort if you love fifty cent and you love this now what are you doing another fifty seven as a Christian and how will they know what fifty cent for this artist has to know if it is a stylishly innovative who are your favorite artist listening to think about that one bastard so I'm so not a one one of contemporary Christian music is out there and try and establish me talk about anti- church establishment I will not release names on the phentermine diet supports to you under this principle here we go is the contemporary Christian music artist with I found out that certainly wasn't the place where I have more freedom it was the opposite I actually was restricted more I always felt like I was swimming upstream in that environment I guess the main thing is I wanted was an artist I wanted to write whatever I want to write about I really don't want to be restricted and archives facility restricted the born-again movement is about obsession and narrowmindedness and repression and true Christianity is about mercy and freedom and love you tell me coming from a Christian musical artist speaking about the Church of God and what is a Church of God it is his central place of power where on this than even another one one advantage of moving past the all government model of the church is that it is less important for the past and have the authority is not natural for the church is not a force people without governmental mode of spiritual leadership in other words none of what this gentleman here is seeing is that is that we need to come to a place where we had a revolution and get rid of that old governmental monocultures where that Hastert has the authority not as a the passing authority in the church because of the word of God not because of who I am over the pastor is as for the Far East monkey is speaking from what this book something challenge then the authority of a pastor is and is not really child in the pastor if you speak the truth is challenging the one the one now get me wrong I'm not in the meetings of bells were not speaking to the following talking but I love you see here is antiestablishment theme that is present among the hardest all contemporary Christian music non-ionic antiestablishment there also will listen and assess underwriting you can go to movies you can put it in dancing there were a lot of bows and now sound known as the word is now and now sound not come from the tank that's interesting all these obvious flaws here is another one of this assignment is not you would know rightfully Israel that every single one of you you are always going to have those very conservative people they say you can't do this you can't do that you can't drink you can't smoke at the print is our way of thinking contemporary Christian music are antiestablishment and signoff and number three they are anti- evangelism lesson here is one artist he says I'm a sinner not a creature but the convert anybody contemporary Christian musicians and melodic it I read all the points on this page you will see that there is this thing about the obese are pretty younger don't be so preachy in your music in a preachiness turns people off but otherwise not called us to do is call us to preach the wired a so when the artist was certainly not when other talk about Jesus so much in our lives even though is it supposed to be Christian music we don't want to come off preachy than excited when I was in the hip-hop industry and we were not as Christian rock Christian hip-hop of you know other magazines like Rolling Stone then and an end of five hundred they would write about us they are cool because they are not preach I look another thing something 's wrong with this I can't put my finger on Douglas Bernini into more life but beloved the purpose is so that we take don't be so pretty just enjoy the music and by the way what is the music is that syncopated rhythm of rock pop rock rap R&B that we learned yesterday cautioned your Disneyland yesterday that hypnotic influence at that influence body weight is not an amusing when we talked about rebellion last night and we saw how that music always leads to rebellion rebellion against parents were forgotten in the wild that music leads to rebellion against the government using that Gothic I think about the sixties there was a rebellion against the establishment and was all about freedom do whatever you want related not eleven what happens when you bring that same music into the charts provide quality evaluating freelove don't talk so much about them on boxing gloves and just as you are and you can relax in Sri Lanka and Kevin what you do I want to say or how you look or how do I free zone quality rigatoni people are tired of Christian songs to see that one than before quickly establishment Long and final delivery events of the number four and five distinction listen I have a healthy sense of right and wrong but sometimes for example using found words among friends can be for the union had it seems to me that people who are most adamantly against Primus against premarital sex have experienced some kind of pain in their own lines like the people who say absolutely no rock 'n roll chances are it has something to do with the past set I want to review the lyrics of the song mother and son who wrote the song everybody do the twist the mouse potato that goes like this the funky chicken monkey to there wasn't nothing they wouldn't do but there's a new now no one can stop aiming for joy to be called at the Holy Ghost top now get ready for us they don't deny it just try to be bald mound that goal medical now in the Holy Ghost control now all you brothers and sisters to donate tradition tell you what to do not another Washington citizens of the lessons in this business is incredible I will be only difference between a rock and Christian rock is done that race and then the difference is sometimes little and the basic rules of a single decibel difference Christianity is about mid Valley Jesus Christ is the biggest rabble to ever walk the face of the inner he was crucified for his rebellion rock 'n roll is about the same thing rebelling to me raw and the charts go hand in hand now that I love rock music Yuki I think you begin understanding of Romulus and you are love rock music UN and I him to answer the rock is Jesus rock music is all that it was around during the time of the children of Israel it's all of them what a counterfeit rock music and Dennis attempted to bring in the church to support the Jesus Christ seminar waltzes that I think the company could when we bring in these people into the charge of what happened we have brought in the people who are brought in under a particular movie losing to get they weren't preached to them was naughty event and so on and you have to know the mound to a particular establishment and we tried to say hey you will be being smooth if at college you are and I is people come into the charge what in order to get them now became suddenly flip the switch and now the establishment here are the dollars are you know there is a difference between right or wrong we can't do that why because that's not who we brought in and so now you have to discharge a war of two new losing two different groups now and wanted to say you know what we want to bring about a revolution we are tired of this all governmental way of thinking we have decided this is not just your yard this is leftist rebellion this is only rebelling way to do things our way we can arrange them our way when Anthony used the word of God to preach one thing that meant that it serves women around them into the church went on around them into the church and love and what you find happening before our very eyes is what I call hold the vicious of the assistance this is a holy war we are doing this for a long call but I want you to think and think very carefully many savings Jesus was indeed he biggest rebel that ever lived on planet Earth and we can say amen to that and the Allah to make a call for some rebels today we rebel against the system of this world I guess the darkness of this world a lot of insight on arrival okay I am in value against the system of Islam in rebellion against the kingdom of Satan and darkness and his principles so yeah I know what God is meeting right now he's meeting more people who are willing to red Bell against the ways of this world anybody interested in rebelling against the ways of this war beloved as the rebellion goes forward you realize how music has been playing the role music has played in bringing about a revolution all throughout the ages is no different in nature and that I believe that what we need is a counter revolution you know that is it's a revolution against the revolution excellent value against the rebellion of the other event is calling the people of the same lesson when he reads he first selected messages page two oh four the enemy of souls have sought to bring in the supposition that a great Reformation was to take place among seven p.m. and that this reformation would consist in giving up about two percent of the trim is about the and engaged in a process of re- organization where this reformation take place what would result the principles of truth that God in his wisdom has given to the Roman church would be discarded our religion we may change the fundamental principles that have sustained the word for the are you trying to bring in new organization would be established a system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced the founders of the system when going to the city and what wonderful work this out of course be regarded as also the God who created it nothing would be allowed to stand in the web the new movement the leaders would change that the front that brought you is that reminds but God being remodeled they would place independence on human power which without God is working attempting to behold the way out telling us how attempting to be righteous in all other ways to worship God you don't have the only way that is so what audacity to think that that is the only way that we can worsen also if I want to bring my job here and worse about what much on how dare you tell me not rebelling nobody would go for the unholy rebellion and we can get behind holding I would bring about this counterrevolution would bring about with the word of God amen we preach the word of God amen how do we win people and the charts with what the word of God you realize that this music spreads less and less people know about the word of God as more of our young people to provide me pay agent forty four what was that again was when Moses no no no no no no no no no no our young people out of I will let everyone upon the mortal this holy rebellion gained momentum so Manasseh you want to rebel against the rebellion amen amen I wish I had more time to release this and I really refuse I pray if you have any questions you can talk to me afterwards I will be here or write to question down whenever an end we will get to it and thank you again for being here let's pray heavenly father thank you so much for your word north again I pray that this man been smoking in love knowing that I'm not condemning anyone largest trading you would all just hung our hearts and we need here and understand and seek out the truth with all our hearts we pray in Christ name 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