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02-Did God Make the Devil?

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • October 18, 2013
    7:00 PM


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not in title of our entire theory is God 's law but with a big the Bible repeatedly affirms not the God of love leave you with a gun is lobbying from time to time to begin the personification yet love itself and that is the big bold statement and just like with all the other night just like the left like the bigger the claim the greater the evidence required to support verify that validated last night the claim was simply that God 's word is trustworthy it's reliable it can be trusted it's accurate and God make this claim and give evidence to support he simply said I can do things that nothing else claiming to be God loving us you can believe it will actually do and that is simply tell you the end from the beginning if I am truly the eternal being I should be able to say the early things after the late things before it happens and you should be able to sit back and watch it come through and sure enough the Lord and Daniel chapter two getting that dream to King Nebuchadnezzar in the interpretation through this servant Daniel without Babylon and then all the subsequent empires me to Persia Greece and Rome divided Roland were living at that time he says this is the history of the world twenty five hundred years before even takes place and think about all the millions billions were even trillions of people that have come and gone during that time and yet God court that just keep watching this will happen and this will happen and then this will happen and lo and behold exactly as he said boldly well so God is trustworthy he is real word is what it claims to be the very word of God but now we shift our attention tonight number two okay if God 's word is so true and accurate and if God is truly this powerful being who he claims that he has then why is the world around us in such a mess basically but if if that is the difficulty that everyone faces the point of God is so good why is his world so bad if God is a loving God if God really in love and if God is all-powerful all-knowing if he is aware of the problem you have the power to fix the problem any of the love and you want to solve the problem yet the problem still exists what does this tell is about the character of God the corporate wrote the Bible okay so what the strongest that mean that he's thinking about the implications if God is all-powerful and all-knowing so he knows about the problems he knows about cancer he knows about natural disaster knows about war at all the different problems and yet he doesn't fix them they were faced with the dilemma is the not as powerful as he claims he's got a very weepy bleeding heart need loving is something you just can't or is the all-powerful he absolutely could do something but is not as nice as we think you supposed to be as he claims to be what's the problem but obviously there's a problem what's going on so one of the Bible through what does it tell about its author is God really love that's the big question is not going to dive right into that question is the question most people wrestling with and where to find it solid biblical and I think convincing powerful answer to the life biggest question was begin with the word of prayer dear heavenly father we thank you so much for another opportunity to come together and to study you and your word hopeless to understand that word and see that you are will you claim to be not because we wanted to be that way but because you demonstrate that this is true of the scene clearly providing your word for we pray in Jesus name let's go to the book of Matthew page nine four eight in your pew Bible Matthew chapter thirteen the question that we just describe how can it be such a good God in the bad world was taken up by Jesus himself the good thing is we don't than make up answer Jesus actually recorded it for us he actually had a terrible addressing this will start tonight with Jesus addressing of this question that the chapter thirteen hundred in the first twenty four page nine forty eight in your pew Bible says another parable he put forth to them saying the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field but while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way course tears are bad either we thought verse twenty six when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop then the tears also appeared on this issue with gardening this very year you put out a seed and immediately doesn't it start to take root pop-up yet the weight looks like dirt of the day looks like there any start questioning that when anything at all I just the dirt and then stuff starts the pop-up when you don't know exactly what it is yet is that a weed is that a real good plant is there any forget you what were looking at here who takes time to develop right but apparently he's using this metaphor to explain this big problem in life again verse twenty six when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop then the terrorists appeared also so the servants of the owner came and said to him Sir did you not sow good seed in your field how then does it have hair that is the perfectly logical question who are the people asking the question according to the parable who are the people asking this question his service there the ones who serve or work for the employees of the seller right the man who owns the field and they come and who are they asking this question to the owner of the field are they not visit Sarah when our body language box how is it possible you said that he is so good seed in your field yet we look at the field and once the crop is we see that there is a mixture of good seed about the bittersweet end if there is the implication of the question who do they think it bought did you not notice the act almost accusatory to you and you and not so good seeing and how cremaster and notice the bosses answer verse twenty eight he said to them an enemy has done this basically saying I didn't do it somebody else bit it's not my fault he's an enemy has done this the servants said to him what do you want to spend to go and gather them up I mean surely now that you're aware of the problem you want us to solve it right but he said no that seems a strange answer but look at his reasoning no less while you gather up the tears you also uproot the wheat with them this is getting a crucial thing but even in the parable we start getting pictures the character of the sewer is concerned is when we many said no lest while you gather up the tears you also uproot the wheat with them the reason I don't illegally fix it now is because if you fix it now you'll do damage to the point no less like other than the you also uproot the wheat with them verse thirty what is ready let both grow how together letter just go let the thing go run its course let them both together unsellable in the harvest and at the time of harvest I will say to the reverse first gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them again and wait into my barn so even if you want to install it now no but there is a time coming when he refers to as the harvest wind then I will say to the reapers okay now that the tears and buckled in and about the bird and the other one that we gather into my barn there's one group and burn one goes to the barn and at that time we will harvest and that time it will be ready but for now let both grow together until the harvest now that was begin to the parable he doesn't say what it means you can't left to wonder what you know decipher dreams up but the disciples apparently caught on this is a big deal in fact over the verse thirty six then Jesus sent the multitude away and went into the house and his disciples came to him saying blame to us the parable of the tares of the field but if you are to review Matthew thirteen you think that was not the only parable that Jesus only told several terrible a comparable threat with barely a storytelling day but this one particular parable was seriously itching them a little bit as a jailer and you can just leave it alone all the multitude of Dunaway give us the inside scoop explain to us the parable of the fellow in the field and that it is in verse thirty seven a onetime Jesus strips away all the mystery instead exactly what each symbol represents he answered and said to them by the way you can start filling in the blanks no wonder worksheet he hasn't said to them and he who sows the good seed is to the Son of Man which is Jesus reference to home himself right the seller is the Son of Man the seller is Jesus himself the owner of the field now what is the field verse thirty eight the field is the world and the sellers the Son of Man or Jesus the field is the world goes on to save the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom would you be the righteous right the good guys if you will but the tares are the sons of the wicked one so that we can weather unrighteous or the bad guys if you write now goes on to explain verse thirty nine the enemy who so then it is no the devil the heart of this is the in the VA and the reapers are angels is this in his parable who are his employees who are his workers the Angels right and apparently according to this they as servants of him the owner of the field the ones who do the harvesting the reverse according she is are the angels know we go back to the parable and we noticed that Bill was asking the questions about God the angels the service is a possible friends that even the Angels have the questions that you've been asking tonight if God is really so good he's so powerful so why is the right how is this evil wickedness is the disastrous situation even possible and don't you want us to go fix it apparently the answer is no not yet know not yet the enemy sowed them is the devil nap with best thing about this Jesus that the good seed of your go back to Genesis chapter one we can do this very briefly on any of your Bible with literally page one is the very first page of the very first book of the Bible Genesis chapter one he says the field is the world and who created the world will we know that God created Genesis chapter one and verse one in the beginning God created the heavens and the art now if you would also study your Bible in more detail you'll find up the member of the Godhead specifically you do the grading of the world is Jesus Christ John chapter one said that very thing Colossians tells you the same thing at all things were created through Christ and for Christ so here it is Jesus Christ created the heavens and the earth and in what condition of the maintenance or we can is a very brief scan look at chapter one verse four and God saw the light video made on day one that it was put toward either therefore could go to verse ten would very quickly and God called the dry land Earth gathering together the water he called seas and God saw that it was guide I was going to burst well and the earth brought forth grass the herb that yields seed according to its kind in the training yields fruit whose seed is in itself according to Scott and God saw that it was what's the word Goodlettsville in verse eighteen all of us over seventy people sentenced in their gut that then that is the light of the sun the moon and stars in the firmament of the heavens to give like on the earth and to rule over the day and overnight in whom I like the darkness and God saw that it was good verse twenty one so God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves with wooden waters abounded according to Americana and winged bird according to its got and God saw that it was the first twenty three five hundred twenty five and God made the beast of the earth according to its kind cattle according its kind and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind got thought it was good the Larry last verse in Genesis chapter one after all six days of creating what it is they then God saw how much everything that he had made and indeed it was what very beautiful just a good very good God created through his son Jesus Christ this world which he called in the parable the field and he said here's the condition I made everything good good good about again and I look back on the whole thing is that it was very good question how much then did God create in the garden none he said I didn't do it but in the parable instead who did an enemy in the explanation of the parable he tells her that in any of the double is the enemy who did this it was interesting the devil has done a great job of making us think that God is bad and that he himself doesn't even exist for instance if you win if you win some major prize they are I'm so lucky something good happens out with Locke something bad happened the tornado had your house all that was an act of God right anything that God did anything good about this lucky somehow he makes us think that God is bad and that he just doesn't exist and apparently the Angels at this picture in their mind as it will how is it to be gone you planted such a good field is their wickedness and his answer is enemy has done this with learn about the enemy within spend several nights now looking at the enemy and all the problems you cause not because we want to know more about the enemy to because we want to learn more about God but an enemy has stepped in front of us and not as tainted our view of the character of God the one revealed that God 's word Isaiah chapter fourteen page six six seven six hundred sixty seven Isaiah chapter fourteen starting the first twelve there are coupled right places in Scripture that give us an inside look at this enemy of Christ the devil Satan a tells us about him where you come from and the question are burden of our test tonight did God make the devil did God create does evil to be fine addicted to fourteen verse twelve through the prophet is looking back on the instigation of evil and noticeably write some verse twelve how you are fallen from where have been only subvert some of the morning now Lucifer because of what he chose to do in his life is not a very nice quotation of it I'm guessing very few people name their children Lucifer if they do there into visit the psychologist later on public but Lucifer right means light bearer loses his life let the light bearer and he was as glorious main effect what you described it but we'll get into that a minute beneath those appellee was in heaven how you are fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how you were cut down to the ground you who weakened the nation and why was the cast out of heaven verse twelve thirteen for you have said and this is crucial where is he saying these things in your heart no I don't know what is about the faint of heart and sincerely but think about this I'm guessing there are some things that you think in your heart that you don't necessarily say out of your mouth a fellow to get in trouble because there apparently isn't the stop gap between our mouth it aren't you know what goes on inside of a religious comes out but I will day I would be willing to wager that there symbolically if thinking even right now they cannot even expressing on your face you might be thinking why don't want to guess what you think either my part I feel you know but you might be thinking something negative but on the outside of the notice of the thing in his heart and by the way do I know what's in your heart right now no you would think praise the Lord you do not know what that you cannot read my thoughts you cannot mind my heart but somehow God we will lose in this guy 's heart you can read his mind what's his verse thirteen for you and said in your heart I noticed in your blank visit as a LeBlanc Daniel worksheet I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farther side of the North I will listen about the height of the cloud I will be like the most high will could of thought are the even going on inside of Lucifer selfish boastful arrogant self-aggrandizing I I I I commentators rightly said that Lucifer had an eye problem all about self listen listen the notice he saying this in his heart perhaps on the outside of the looks up but on the inside something was eating them up I will listen I will exalt I will be like the most high you with who another book easy fuel chapter twenty eight this can be page eight thirty Tanya Wright to the right nearby were D eight and verse fourteen Ezekiel chapter twenty eight any page eight three zero in your pew Bible eight three zero the very bottom of the page that goes on eight thirty one but Ezekiel chapter twenty eight in order to start with verse fourteen here the profit is describing the same thing that Isaiah describe the same individual you were the anointed cherub who covers now cherub is an angel these if you are one of the Palin one covers now later on were to get into the sanctuary lunacy that the on earth there is a replica of God 's throne it was called the Ark of the covenant and inside of it was the ten commandment log on and on the lid there were these two angels had their wings spread out and in the midst of those two angels on what is on the lid of this ark of the covenant is what's called the mercy seat which are praise the Lord that his throne is called the mercy seat not like the seat of judgment or damnation you the mercy seat but apparently had these angels that covered and according to Scripture this fall and being with one of those an ordained minister in the courts of God if you will you were the anointed cherub who covers are established you you were on the holy mountain of God we walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones and in what condition with the neighbors fifteenth you were what that word perfect in your ways that God creates an note we created a perfect being what happened you are perfect in your ways from the date you were created zones were talking a created being here is not the creator or the God one of his creatures you are anyway they were greeted until the Nicholas he was found in iniquity but another word for sin not till iniquity was found in what was the location in the you are either fourteen or use it in your heart I was then I will I will I will I will I will apparently sin was found in him now think about that again God is the only one who can see in the people that we can see the outward manifestation we do have a pretty good guess of what's going on inside of you but only God can read the heart and hear the Lord even imagine standing out of the net how many millions of beings is created but here is the right-hand covering cherub is ordained minister in the courts of God he sees in his heart and what was on the outside didn't match with what was on the inside on the outside is always crazy about all the wonderful glory happy holy holy holy Lord God Almighty but on the inside I will listen and I will I will be like an enemy has done by the way what's this now for sixteen continues the story by the abundance of your instance of weird word trading in fact in some version of your King James version Bible it says by the abundance of your merchandise it's like commerce it's selling something by the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence and where was the violets within and use them severely he was merchandising selling something around and it filled him with violence the more he sold the more you cut with them waiting to believe in a more angry he became the inside of the rock and rock further way it is it is therefore I cast you as a profane thing out of the mountain of God I destroy dual covering cherub from the midst of the fiery stones noted and then destroy them all together just you loses his job he was fired he was removed was going on with number seventeen your hearts was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor and this is of paramount importance I cast into the ground I laid you before Keynes that they buy what the thing gays you that they might gaze at what the descendent for gay hoopla with another one stare out the business zone El Cajon and right on using it on you all up and gave that you will looking in fact put your finger then go right back to where we were in Isaiah Isaiah chapter fourteen you'll notice a striking similarity between these two passages already does a reference to the sin being within him in his heart and both talk about him simply being removed instead of being destroyed he was passed out instead of blotted out of existence but now watch this in Isaiah chapter fourteen verse sixteen notice the same language those who see you will not gaze at you and do what I consider you saying is this the man who made the earth tremble who shook done with facet of this to me in Isaiah and Ezekiel both describe the same spirit is in heaven but there was a perfect created being no sin no evil no iniquity whatsoever what inside of him within his heart started to stir these selfish ambitions I will exalt I will send I will be like the most and apparently have old this thinking around and the more he talked about the more subtle and correctly put it out there the more he came to believe in it became not just jealousy but he became violent according to Scripture you are filled with violence within notice is still all within and therefore I cast you as a profane thing and he says what he was asked out instead of being blotted out if so those who know you could have a chance to look at you and consider you the core symptoms synonyms for consider our think ponder ruminate meditate basically apparently the Lord cast this being an out of heaven instead of simply destroying them out of existence so that other people can have a chance to see what was going on nothing about this back to our parable they saw the workers the servants the reverse saw that there were some tares among the wheat is as they say do you want us to go and plucked up and he says no this while you do so you uproot the wheat with them apparently there's a way there's a reason for what we see so again we come to the bottom of our worksheet here Lucifer was cast out of heaven so others would gaze at him and sitter apparently in the Lords dealing with this evil problem this problem of evil every one having an opportunity to look and see and understand and think for themselves there's a lot most important heavy ever thought about this blog shares what you think your thought process is important to the Lord it's a big deal to him that he gives you an opportunity to think for your self affinity of huge keys we continue on let's go to the other side Revelation chapter twelve page eleven eighty two Revelation chapter twelve page eleven eighty two will start with verse seven we see the third description of this testing out of Lucifer of course is now known as the devil or Satan this enemy who has done this revelation chapter twelve verse seven and this time he doesn't talk a Kathy also much as it says and what that word war broke out in heaven notice again the location could always start square in heaven apparently the problem of this Earth didn't start on this earth is starting to have an war broke out in heaven now you might be thinking away to be eliminated it said that he said in his heart and really being used to as merchandising selling stuff Billy the violence was within that this is a good war we did not believe that it interesting thing in Greek that word war the English word that three letter world war in Greek the word is pulled Lemos P O L E M OS you have this little extra in your site if you want but that's where we get our English word poem limit which is a bit different in that the dictionary definition of polemic is a strong verbal or written attack against someone or something it's an argument and he it to verbal attack at the oratory it's it's a line of reasoning basically can see the war broke seven God had his way of doing things and this enemy right up and had other ideas is limited up I know that you know God 's way but let me tell you something have you noticed that all of the songs here are about him where is on the value in knowing well that if it is all about him and he notices all in his rules glory to him he's at the Lebron everything is about half with dignity your time frenzy was to keep you in subjection I want to give you freedom and I think war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and the dragon and his angels thought obviously Dragon and Michael Beazer representative words of other beings this is the book of Revelation a lot of the descriptive language is of the Taliban a minute who these characters are in the dragon and his angels fought that they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer so notice what was the result of the war they were cast out they were removed Silverstein the great dragon was cast out and notice what it describes itself as a dragon is that serpent of old which were to come back to in a moment that serpent of old called the devil and Satan Jesus in his parables that an enemy is done this annuity say that anyone the devil and he says this is that being who causes all of these problems it's not my fault that is so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the devil and Satan who deceives this is very crucial deceives that if he doesn't if they persecute and oppress and harm is most frequently used in most successful method of letting people do as I is not brute force this deception this is good to be laying a framework for a while however going in this series who deceives the whole world he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with him notices the war in heaven was not a war of weapons because you imagine what would have it look like I need literally with their bodies angelic bodies strewn across the street with her gut it out mansions and bombers and fighter jets no it was a warm weapons it was a warm word is basically a political campaign if you will God and his government versus the enemy and his new ideas God rules versus the supposed freedom of the new way of doing fascinating and hear the Lord doesn't destroy him now you can imagine if you will why that would be a difficulty where the conduct of this more tomorrow night but here the Lord has a beautiful harmonious universe and you can imagine it all coming together to worship the Lord everything is greatly singing anthems and as beautiful as melodious glorious and hear the eye of God was not only see the outside office he begins I like it like a living x-ray machine right scans of the Universalist harmony within and without everyone's outside NAFTA there inside the joint expressing the mouth is actually found in the heart it was wonderful until he gets around that covering cherub right next to his throne on the outside it praise God from but on the inside it's like I been now imagine if you will the Lord says in the there is a discordant note in the kingdom of God everyone of course got to stop their bizarre level okay interestingly we don't usually stop in the middle of the song but okay this is Lucifer I need to come forward all yes how can I help you on your right-hand man one hundred forty meters you can drop the act I've seen into your heart and you know the wages of sin is death and right there in front of the whole attending congregation Lord takes the very life of that Angel and then he turns that I have nothing hit number three a to go back and just picks up like nothing you think the Angels would have any questions will will will will slow down on me we love you Lord put her what would you say just what happened the Lord in his wisdom allows time so that everyone can see so they can gaze at and consider for themselves over to come back that's more like the north of the picture in your head by the way that Worley was in heaven shifts out of Europe is go back to page one Genesis chapter one member referred to this devil as the serpents of old who deceives the whole world Genesis chapter one when he goes back to the description of God 's creation of the world one of those things he created would humanity male and female and noticed how he creates the much the same when he created Lucifer in a perfect place in a perfect condition Genesis chapter one verse twenty six then God said let us make man in whose image our energy was to make man in the dental vintage will manage according to our likeness and they want to let them have what that word dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air over the cattle over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the art so we give the dominions of his rulership now did the first human beings Adam and Eve did they actually create the world know they were part of the creation right but they were the crowning act of creation and got the okay you are going to be entrusted with stewardship rule over this like I am to create more on the sovereign but you in my place will rule this but you have dominion over the whole earth so that's what happened for twenty seven so God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them maintenance would team a family verse twenty eight then God blessed them and got seven be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it and here's our word again have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth God created humanity with this with the intention of having him rule over this world have dominion over the course Genesis chapter three comes along verse one now thought what that word memory revelation the other in the Bible refers to the devil as the serpent of old this is where were introduced to the circuit the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God made anything the woman has God indeed said no by the way regardless of what he says next do you notice will be starting to do is injecting a little seed of doubt into God 's good field has gone him really sad that he actually said has God indeed said in than what is exact you shall not eat of every tree of the garden at the back of the record of course condensate but that they were supposed to eat exclusively of the trees of the garden dirt is one that was forbidden in the tree of knowledge of good and evil but he twists God 's word paints and alike as a restrictor summer doesn't have your best interests in mind it was virtually the woman said it certainly make the trip the trees of the garden through the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said you shall not eat it nor shall you touch it lest you die and the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die the notice there's a political campaign got lost his life as best the serpent of old deceives the whole world that you will not surely know which one is more appealing die or not die right if I was given an option this morning which rather die or not I which is not die it makes the whole God 's word says but this new one says you will not surely die I'd like to hear more about the Internet is what is in the service of the woman you shall not surely diverse five for God knows unwitting implication is God knows and he hasn't told you he's withheld something from you God will that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be wise open your pussy nude the you can yes they do new high and you will be like God in what way knowing good and evil you can know good and you have to have some arbitrary bit person being telling you this is writer this is wrong working for Mister going to miss for this rebirth is that you can decide for yourself you can be very God doesn't want your eyes open he wants to restrict you you want to constrain you want to hold you but I'm giving you freedom you will not surely apparently that sales pitch was pretty effective is what happens in verse six so when the woman saw that the fruit was good for food the tree was good for food so noticed that she started not trusting what got him said the source trusting in what she has seen she starts to evaluate good and evil for herself let me take a look at history regardless of what that is that all my own inspection Yep it's good for food he does have throat on their is very pleasing the iPhone some smelly toxic degraded thing it's a gorgeous splendor three good for food it was pleasing to the eye and achieve desirable to make one wise there is some wisdom that God is withholding from me I need to violate his law in order to have the freedom that has been promised by the circuit she took of its fruit and a she also gave your husband with her and he and through the book of Romans Romans chapter six is the timeless principle page ten eighty nine Romans chapter six is the very simple timeless principle that the apostle Paul articulates in Romans chapter six it simply goes like this Romans chapter six verse sixteen again this page one zero eight nine in your view by do you not know the right is as though it's common sense do you not know that just when you present yourselves slaves to obey you are that one's slaves whom you obey whether of sin leading to death or of obedience leading to righteousness notice you're either going to obey God because laid in his sermon or you're going to obey Satan and the interest slave in its servant but you're going to be ruled by someone and you simply get to choose who's going to be your ruler who's could be your master who you would answer to any citizen as you obey one you become that once life and that makes total sense if you have two people calling you in different directions over narrative that out of over here your decision will determine who is your boys are going okay and the one with the electrical laptop then the next then he said saving another turning of attorneys all that already become his servant whoever you love a is your master very simply and in this instance God was no longer their master but they gave their loyalty bear allegiance their fidelity over to a different ruler go back to chapter four of the book of Luke which is fascinating think the devil himself admits this by the way the devil walked up to Jesus Christ and literally said all of the things we just talked about it was distinct and compact what is that Luke chapter four three page nine ninety four in your pew Bible nine nine four Luke chapter four when Jesus came as a human being the devil that human person and contended with and try to get him to send the same way you try to get out of a need to sin notice what he says in verse six and the devil which of course was the enemy Christ said and the devil said to him all up for it the I will give you three shows in the whole world instead look I'll give you the authority to run this place and their glory and why can you give this away is not an empty promise by the way if the real thing it's a real deal all this authority I will give you and the glory for this has been delivered to me that the reason I have the keys to the places they handed it over to me other people that you gave dominion to the cited obeying me and in so doing they give me the keys the place they gave me the authority in here Christ I'm willing to give it to you for free well almost for free you don't have to go to Calvary onto darker people think it'll happen suffer all that humiliation at a what all you have to do is just bow down and worship me one you obey me to will make up for that little spat we had in heaven you'll admit you are wrong I was right for thirty cents and I give it to whom ever I wish I choose to give it to you Jesus your lucky day verse seven therefore if you will worship before me all will be more about Calvary or Gethsemane don't worry about the cross and the nails you just make a shortcut course Jesus doesn't take him up on his deal but you can see the in the me who has done this deceives the whole world basically paints God as the bad guy in himself as the one looking out for your best interest freedom is apparently even angels have followed in the other Angels have some questions hey why don't we just figure this problem right here right now the disciples were thinking that Jesus gave the parable of the sewer with weed and the tears that came to tell us about this this is kind of scratching we were itching we need to understand Melanie Chavis to a conclusion here page nine zero six in the book of Naomi even those who might be biblically literate might need the page number for that one page nine zero six notice what Nahum chapter one verse nine which I believe I contend is the biggest promise and all the Scripture is found in one of the smallest books and all of Scripture Nahum chapter one and verse nine simply says this what do you conspire against the Lord what are you thinking against God he will make an offer and it knows what it is affliction iniquity transgression affliction will not rise up a how many seconds of no heavy rhythm the first time yes were living proof of that but apparently when it's all done it will be all done it is as active as if nothing arrived up a second time apparently whatever the Lord is doing to end this problem of evil he's not trying to put a Band-Aid or patch or temporary cure no he's not try to as our video talked about to another spin to put a little bypass he was actually fixed the whole thing systemically holistically from the bottom up he said look I don't know what you're thinking about this whole problem of evil but I'm telling you once it runs its course it will not come up second time so whatever he is doing is a permanent fix not that the temporary patch first John chapter three for the book of Revelation first John chapter three page eleven sixty nine first John chapter three and verse eight most people if you ask most Christians why did Jesus come and die why did he come to this Earth be born of a woman go to Gethsemane and die on Calvary why did Jesus do that I guarantee you the answers going to be to save us from sin I praise the Lord that the Lord doesn't want to save us from sin but I would put the thought in your mind like it might be the first time you've ever thought it but just saving you from sin is not the big picture God has in mind and sending Jesus or there's something bigger than just getting you and to have on his mind now I pray the Lord before the package to watch the smell first John chapter three verse eight he who sins is also the WC was consistent theme in Scripture the enemy is the devil if not God if the devil he was sent is of the devil for the devil has been from when from the beginning and obviously this is not talking at the beginning of our planet because he was already in play before leaving for this is done by the beginning of all sin problem itself is the instigator of these the originator he has been from the very beginning that this issue do you think that the devil for the devil has been from the beginning and watch the snow for this purpose the son of God was manifested the for this purpose whatever the double dated the very beginning this is the purpose of Jesus Christ is made manifest here for this purpose the son of God was manifested what poor that he might destroy the works of home basically the works of the will be started in the beginning of heaven he is now shifted because he was cast up to deserve and now got himself a step down instead I'm going to handled as if I have come here the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil to summarize what we've learned not God did not create the devil anything is absolutely no responsibility for evil 's existence I love it in the parable when they ask him I thought you sowed good seed how come there's tears you know he doesn't say what you have on sorry my bad I groups I level of thin slip out all these that I didn't know it was an enemy has done that now I can tell you the story of it but don't look for me for blame there's an enemy he's bad and I'm all good no responsibility whatsoever he doesn't say like you know I shouldn't put up a fence I should've kept watch I should've done something very subliminal I've done everything exactly right and all the blame is on him an enemy has done this God created a perfect picture word perfect being who chose to rebel by where the concept of choosing to rebel a big mean that throughout the rest of this choosing to rebel now because only God can see the heart once sin began it had to the word we're looking for there is mature we can say develop come to fruition it had to roll it had to mature so that every created being in God 's universe could see the difference between good and evil is apparently every created being has a choice to make anyway take aware that you as you wouldn't be a freebie so he simply says I'm an event you look for yourself you choose this day whom you will serve the choice is yours of course I am one person I once that great controversy between good and evil is finally ended rebellion against God will never happen again for and what were seeing in this world is an all-powerful God and all loving God handling the problem of rebellion not just in a good way or anyway the only way they will ever actually solve the problem and will exhibit dive into that tomorrow night but while you think about it okay what would you do differently if you were God what would you do differently through a comeback that tomorrow night but after tonight 's question did God create the double no way whatsoever not even an ounce of blame is that I didn't do it in an amicus done this and he's come here to destroy the works of the devil so that once it happened once will never happen a second thought is selected as a makes sense tonight with the least clear I pray the Lord for that order leaving tonight with that in mind to come back tomorrow night when we talk about God on trial gone on trial tomorrow night at seven o'clock with our heads toward where heavenly father I thank you so much that you exist at all in that your word is true it's fascinating your crew your communicator you'll just created and run away but you want us to know you you give us your word Lord we know that Satan doesn't want us to know you we want to skewer the truth of your loving character and so Lord help us through this word to understand who you really are ending you did not create evil the problems of the world and not by your design you don't enjoy it and you are working on solving it not just in a way but the only way that will actually solve the foregoing would help us understand your plan one more important in a movie and he was her this media was wrong audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about how the universe will feel like the more certain that the visit www. .com universe .org


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