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07-Antichrist Evidence, Part 2

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • October 25, 2013
    7:00 PM


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last time we met together we discussed the item but not the identity of the Antichrist but we started discussing what the antichrist is fully articulate cool or what the antichrist power is we need to articulate what it isn't and as our theme song says of course more about Jesus if we what we really want to write we don't want to an end on an understanding of the identity of the Antichrist will not save you only knowing having a person of faith relationship with Jesus Christ brings salvation is not clear of it but having said that the reason we talk about the antichrist is because the enemy of God once you do not have that knowledgeable relationship to Jesus Christ we want to put an imposter displaced up we talked about some of the myths of the antichrist last time that ideas with all the antichrist will only shop at the very end of time that it will be a nonreligious figure will be a political or military or some sort of out five figure will come in and it will be pressing the church it will coming in from outside where the Bible repeatedly indicates that the Antichrist is already stirring this what John called the spirit of antichrist the path that was already at work in the world in the time of the early church it would only develop clearer and clearer as Paul said in second Thessalonians it will be the restraining power at that time will be removed in added time the Antichrist would be revealed that man of sin what was that other thing is the man of sin what else was the coldest on son of perdition and of course the other reference to son of perdition in the Bible is to what other person can you recall Judas Iscariot one of the twelve apostles which is one of the twelve disciples the inner core group this was not outside oppressor but it was an inside betrayer had someone coming from within the church and this seems to be what we see the apostle John we see the apostle Paul as they look forward to this antichrist power may not talk about them becoming outside very good and will come into oppressed but something had been there all along will grow emerging grow stronger fallaway and then tried to not only be opposed to God stand in the place of God in the temple of God we worship the God claim that he is God and that the antichrist power were looking for and I believe that was not a very good job of keeping us all informed about the truth of the antichrist so that he can bring in his deceptions of the very end which is the number one thing that you then watch out for less no one think you continue our study now you look more at the identity of the Antichrist and not just the myth of who the antichrist typically as part of the people what does the Bible actually say the antichrist is that the burden of our study tonight part two of antichrist evidence but before we get started started our study is begin with a WordPress heavenly father thank you so so much for being a God who created us who relates to us a God who sent his only son for us and Lorene understand to a knowledge of Jesus Christ of faith relationship with him that we are saved or nothing though there's an enemy who doesn't want us to have salvation though he knows his time is short he's trying for much collateral damage as possible and to steal away to kill the Lord help us to not be deceived not by trusting our own inclinations or thoughts or ideas but Lord help us to test all things by your word and hold fast to that which is good to help us study tonight accurately we prayed in Jesus name in that we're going to go back to Daniel chapter two page eight fifty six we went to Daniel chapter two on our very opening-night in your pew Bibles against page eight five six we start off Daniel chapter two because God litmus test is evidence that he gave the all the eternal all-knowing God of the universe is predictive prophecy he basically said anything of the claims begot let them set all the things that are going to come in order and see if they can get right on the God who not only claims to know the future but I will proclaim it to you you can write it down put it on a timeline and watch it all develop exactly as I have said that so he does visiting Daniel chapter two just a quick review again we studied this before but he gave King Nebuchadnezzar who is the king of Babylon at the time that time was five hundred years roughly before Jesus birth a way back in Old Testament times two thousand five hundred years basically from where were sitting tonight I history of the entire future of the world from that time and basically said you okay are that head of gold and then that great image recall had two different metals of reports the head chest and arms look so you okay know that head of gold after you another kingdom will come inferior to yours and then a third kingdom and then a fourth kingdom that will be divided and we go through this outline very quickly in fact with his go through it in the Scripture itself just we can recall verse thirty one of Janet Shepherd to you okay and were watching and behold a great image this great image to split it with excellence stood before you and its form was what awesome it was a glorious grand thing this image is had with the Feingold its chest and arms of what metal silver its belly and five of bronze brass his legs of iron its feet partly of iron and partly of clay to notice that the iron continues all the way to defeat the end of the defeat in the toes part it becomes iron mixed with clay they now verse thirty five then the iron the clay the Ron notifies verse thirty four diversity important first you watch while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broken in pieces the stone comes in the image doesn't strike on its head no not because of all the way at the very and edit the info right strikes the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces or thirty five then the iron the clay the bronze silver and gold the whole history of the world right was crushed together and became like chaff from the number threshing floors the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found in the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth and he goes on to explain this is the dream now we will tell the interpretation and he goes on to explain how first thirty seven you okay working of gains and he basically wraps it up and in verse thirty eight you are this head of gold speaking of Nebuchadnezzar King of Avalon that Babylonian Empire but first thirty nine after you shall write another kingdom inferior to yours and another thirteen abroad which shall rule over all the earth and a fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron is much as I am breaking these the shatters everything is like the iron the crushes backing them will break in pieces and crush all others basically what you see in again we don't want to go exhausted we over this because we spent the part of an evening on this before but in Daniel chapter two King Nebuchadnezzar through the strain that God gives him a shown the entire history of the world from that point forward from Babylon on in the image of entering right image of great men he was medical doctor and another kingdom would be later on Daniel Chapter eight by the way specifically says the Medes and Persians me of Persia then that the lead belly and thighs of brass or bronze was Greece after Greece comes the great iron Empire of the what Rome and of course Rome doesn't get taken over by another kingdom it simply divide into ten different sub kingdoms if you will for the Empire of Rome divide becomes divided Rome so basically it's good to our films like snow what you wish what we saw in Daniel chapter two looking at the Earth 's history were full or that the first for their four successive empire success at me one right after the other this one and this one and this one and this one Babylon media Persia Greece and Rome of course Rome that down exists in two phases you have the legs of iron it just iron of one material one in the higher Roman Imperial Rome you will fit into five in the feet and toes and you have different materials you have still ironed but is mixed with clay right about that how does this clay doesn't mix with INA will try to mingle with the seeds of men will not adhere to one another it will be divided kingdoms there's these have rolled into phases him the role and divided Rome then the next thing he sees Christ eternal kingdom established with the stone was cut out and grows into a mountain and notice if you would you can go on the interpretation is given to the King doesn't really focus on Babylon these of the mural came to the King of Kings Lord of Jimmy's interview stalking the king of Babylon three thousand things but principally goes the next kingdom basically says at another kingdom will come up check that another kingdom check but then he gets in the role and really starts to talk about Rome the emphasis by the way is not just on the legs of Rome but especially on the time of the feet and told and if you fill in the blank the feet and toes are focused on Daniels to Daniel to interpret they go back to the chapter long as he was for yourself I did this on for thirty nine after you and other people shall rise inferior to yours within another thing you get to kingdoms in one verse in your Persia Greece TechNet not the focus of the interpretation verse forty and a fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron inasmuch as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything and like the iron the crushes the vaccine that will break in pieces and crushed all others okay so there's a hold of the whole of passes terrible sentence a whole all for one person thank you devoted to Imperial Rome they look at verse forty one whereas you saw the feet and toes partly a potter 's clay and partly of iron the kingdom shall be what's that word is still the same kingdom right affecting that will be simply divided so it's been emphasized the second phase of Rome or divided Roman interpretation continual verse forty two five if you were sufficiently one yet the strength of the iron shall be in it just as you saw the iron mixes with clay they know what time to be done with that but he's still going persuasive and as the toes of the feet were partly iron and partly clay so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile noses still roams just the divided phase these different toes is that fragile and strongest divided as you saw iron mixed with ceramic lady still going verse forty three as you saw iron mixed with ceramic way they will mingle with the seed of men but they will not adhere to one another just as iron is not mixed with clay so you have multiple versus night it takes one person talk about that on Beta version and grace that Imperial Rome to diverse all of its own but then you have three verses in a row talking about until the time of the divided role I want to highlight that because that seems to be the emphasis of the interpretation Daniel is not given equal treatment for each kingdom that comes along basically just a fair battle on the merger grief bulimic I got Roman especially that in time as it could be divided that for attention is that we focus so again the interpretation emphasizes the feet and the toes now go back for worksheet prophecy Key number one property key number one prophecy as you can see especially big picture in time or that the call apocalyptic prophecy like Daniel and Revelation always does one thing and that's very very handy it always repeats and in the large is it always repeats and enlarges so what we see in Daniel chapter two is the basic framework the basic framework the basic outline of world history for the twenty five hundred years from Babylon to the return of Jesus Christ there are certain things it doesn't say it's a very clear overview but there are more details that could be added to want to be clear about that Daniel chapter two for this you notice if you're studying a chapter to Daniel is not at all perturbed by the dream setting is great reward it never says he's disturbed body never loses sleep is never anxious she's not troubled in spirit he's fine all Daniel two shows six successive successive chronology of political empires right that one new version grease from Roman by the ten subject to and in the real kingdom will come when Jesus at the visiting that everything be shown in Daniel chapter two there's nothing spiritual about it outside until Jesus returns holding is the political history of the world no problem which by the way Daniel Daniel lived in Jerusalem was kidnapped from their came to Babylon was threatened with death a couple times survived that he survived the entire kingdom about one ureters book he died during the time of some I the Persian so we would Jerusalem and Babylon and the Medes and Persians another political empires nothing to do these the taking effect to but what we see here in this prophecy will talk about the delays the foundation but now it were to see when you try to Daniel chapter seven which is were going to execute when the pump I kept the right Daniel chapter seven you have a repeating and enlarging of what was already given in Daniel chapter two we go to page eight sixty four the Daniel chapter seven again this is fascinating to me was the come up later in our seminars want to plant the seed right now then you'll did not receive the vision of Daniel chapter two directly the dream was to whom Nebuchadnezzar Daniel simply interpreted his dream right he was given a drink to help it and of Nebuchadnezzar understand Daniel 's own vision the first time you have one of those doesn't come until Nebuchadnezzar is that it's an interesting tidbit while altering that Nebuchadnezzar 's life the only reason receipt was the nebulizer back to fundamental engagement before expressing but Daniel chapter seven Nebuchadnezzar 's office seen a new Kings on the throne in God speaks directly to Daniel Jenna took a seven verse one in the first year of what that word Belshazzar king of Babylon so were still inside of what Empire Babylon but there's a new king on the throne right Daniel had a dream and visions of his head while on his bed then he wrote down the dream telling the main facts alleges is just as the side this is a very handy passage to demonstrate that God does not operate by verbal dictation I think this right does not write the direct is done exactly what any doesn't just pick up the writer 's hand and move around what you don't like a pin each show Daniel dream and Daniel says it in his own words on the tell you the main back to the point of what I thought and delete outlines this simplified version of history verse two Daniel spoke saying I saw it my vision by night and behold the four winds of heaven were stirring up the great what story of the great Sea this will become important later on but the very first thing in Daniel 's very first vision is received a C and is a calm and placid and beautiful novel is being churned out by the corporate wind is only about big churning sea bed now verse three and four great beasts came up from the sea I like is that it will be important later on where these these come from the big come up out of the sea each different from the other and you could think well if that's all the information you have you could think that all four came up at the same time a lineup of four beasts but that's not what the text indicates look at verse five of fibers for the first which implies this one became first a note on second and third right the first was like a what line and had Eagles wings I watched till the twins were plucked off it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand on two feet like a man and man's heart was given to this is a fascinating parallel and again with the received data chapter seven is simply a repetition of Daniel chapter two but it's been expanded in a large of a certain section of the property but here we see the lion is going to be a parallel to the kingdom of Babylon and interestingly enough Nebuchadnezzar of course then again yours and you okay and you are that head of gold right this individual year with automated so great and if you read the book of Daniel Fugate again good right now but reading a chapter for a new fun and incredibly humbling experience with King Nebuchadnezzar Winthrop by the way I have had the opportunity to go the British Museum where they have all these Babylonian relics and artifacts and you know what the symbol of the kingdom of Babylon is it's a window line I think you have this great these days you know the with it is big lien on and everything but these big Eagles wings on the anyway so here is this line being described as such is aligned with Eagles wings is great greatly if a humble letter of those wings torn off and it was set up and given the heart of a man right to change in the hearts of this leader of Babylon fascinating but we continue on first-line veggies looking at this one this first piece also diversified and long ends suddenly another piece a second like a what fair it was raised up on one side of the interesting tidbit to keep in mind apparently had no unfair to the symmetrical left and right it's got to write on to let off to one side it was Raven whose vigorous bulky on one and smaller on the other it had a superior side in a diminutive side a big one and little was raised up on one side and had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth so something a bikini on and conquered three different think that the rids in his mouth and they said to the two would arise devour much flesh so there's this bearer is raised up on one side and again if we were to continue our parallel back to Daniel chapter two this second part of King Nebuchadnezzar 's image with the chest and arms just like a symmetrical bare you have to side with every person has a strong side and a weak side I humbly left-handed people who we haven't a man which have a special prayer just for you saints we've had to live in the world of three ring by there is an spiral notebooks everything is against us I know what it's like to be a minority in but I'm elected person to enter and for this it's really weird but my forearms are my form is bigger on my left side and right side I wasn't just born defective lawyers about that but this was just this side is more developed because that's the one I used primarily right and the same thing happened you have a dim strong hand in the dominion of having about powerful times a week are stuck here in Daniel chapter two there was the unit C of the Medes and Persians but of course the need for the diminutive side of the Persians became a superior dominating side in the bear of Daniel chapter seventies have two sides but one is stronger or bigger than the other raised up on one side but we got to continue or six after this I looked and there was another light and what animal a leopard which had on its back for wings of a bird the beast also had four heads and the menu was given to is a clear by the way they were looking at symbolic language right very clear that this does not represent that there would be out of a C comes a four headed leopard with four wings right that will looking but we are looking symbolic language of meanings and anyway this one has four had four wings of one of who he is always in prophecy wings represents speed flying swiftly if you want to go even the same thing out the window some are fast what you will write something up there really that you must adjust flown down the road rightly so you the same imagery anyway verse seven continues after this in the night visions and behold I saw the night visions and behold a fourth beast and it doesn't give us an animal it just simply call that dreadful and terrible exceedingly even strong dreadful terrible exceedingly strong terrifying beast it had a huge one of that I Deepika what do that automatically take you back to Daniel chapter two the fourth kingdom of iron which was of course wrong same parallel all the way down to a huge iron teeth it was devouring breaking in pieces and trampling the residue with its feet it was different from all the other beasts that were before it and it had ten horns of the horns are later on or to decipher all of the symbolic language odds with the basic picture in your head first I was considering the horn by the way was invented chapter two was there a division into ten parts for the Rome yes the ten toes right now we have a terrible dreadful iron beast is divided in the ten horns for the jig is up horns are kingdoms of the study okay that's an easy one once again it's this exact same thing he'd seen again in chapter two so so far all he's got is the same information as Daniel to just with different imagery to go along with it is that clear so far okay we continue to first make things get I was considering the holder rightfully thinking about the horns and if he's thinking of you Guardian 's mind put together the parallel is Babylon new version brief room of course he doesn't know the names of Babylon I mean me to Persia Greece and Rome at least thinking about London another kingdom in other than theirs that Portland and that it could be divided if there is ten horns ready vertigo was right there thinking about the ten horns birthday I was considering the horns and there was another one another more a little one coming month among them before whom three of the first one report out by the roots known then in chapter two there was no mention of anything else after the toes except Jesus return and got things into but now it's in largely on that part it was emphasizing left out giving us more information he was thinking about the ten felt that the ten horns Jenna was considering the horns there was another one a little one so were introduced to this nefarious little character called the little horn that the funny little name and put will get into an affair in this horn was released first looking at the ten horns these this little horny looking very closely that little more news getting bigger and talking up things in its way right and their endless porn would be eyes like the eyes of a what and a mouth speaking pompous words apparently doesn't like iron teeth it doesn't have wings it doesn't have one of them have all the extra stuff this little one power only has two attributes I will utilize you see you look around right as it was my way of my fellow horn on animals on point it had its own set of eyes that would get my attention in the eye through the boards looked at me like I'm not using metaphor literally had I was staring at me was I and what was the other attribute nothing what kind of things were coming out of the wood with another word for pompous boastful proud arrogant right arm great bar will I don't know why give it four in a high-pitched voice that is a little more great evening with the but all it does is look around and talk really big it's a little more it says to big things right and this is the collation using the line in this prayer this leopard is terribly the ten horns and then this little one comes up with these eyes and both will now so Daniel doing exactly what you and I would do he's just considering and thinking about the little horn now what would happen first night I watched till something else get the attention till thrones were put in place and the ancient of days was seated his garment was white as snow in the hair of his head was like pure wool is thrown with a fiery flame you doesn't take much of a scientist to figure out who is the ancient of days Mrs. got himself right and he sits on the throne and they were stoned Stephen he comes in his hair was pure like wolves phone pistol was like fiery flame its wheels as burning fire burst into the fiery stream issued and came forth beforehand and so is a thousand thousands of ministered to him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him no notices be very critical for court was seated and build books were opened this is a courtroom scene and who is the judge God right he sees the judgment of God God comes in he 's not alone two thousand and ten thousand thousand thousand there is a huge event God sits down on the throne that is now set in place for the specific purpose you can imagine a gavel and handing out the court is seated and the books are open this is a picture of judgment God doing the work of judgment to notice the sequence Babylon Persia Greece Rome divided Rome in the time of divided Rome up comes this little board up and Dennis focused on that until something else arrested attention this grand vision is grand scene of a throne room in heaven where God it's down do the work of judgment now what happens continue in our sort is reading directly through the first eleven I watch and then because of the sound of the pompous words of the Lord was speaking so noticed he's watching the one first then his he's watching this throne in heaven this courtroom scene where God is sitting as judge and then what is the year more pompous words so he looks again and lo and behold there's that little born-again fascinating I watch them because the sound of the pompous words with the horn was speaking I watched till the beast was slain and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame after the recipes they had their dominion taken away if their lives were prolonged for season and a time for each of them had their time but this was taken away as well just like you saw in Daniel chapter two when the stone was cut out without hands smashes the feet and toes then the iron the clay and the bronze in the silver and gold all were destroyed Bush walked away the whole history of the world is wrapped up because now where God 's eternal history now it was basically back to what you see and then a chapter to the destruction of all the other before in this instance of me misses of the beasts Daniel to the rest of the image first thirteen so you would expect now that you would see Jesus sets up his kingdom and that's exactly what you see in verse thirteen I was watching the night visions behold one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven and you'd think Kerry comes to the earth right notice where to go he came to where what did we just see the ancient of days has been doing setting up this courtroom scene right calling together all the thousands and thousands opening the book setting up cones in place ancient of days takes a seat and now one like the Son of Man which is always the Christ's moniker for himself that's what called the Son of Man returns and all the good talk about Jesus here and behold one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the ancient of days and they brought him near before him so before Christ returns to this earth he goes into this judgment scene investment fascinating now for sorting to him was given dominion and glory and the kingdom is like we saw Daniel chapter two and the kingdom that all peoples nations and languages should serve him his dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away and his kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed so verse fifteen by what had a Daniel like this vision I Daniel was grieved in my spirit with my body and the visions of my head troubled me as you can imagine after Daniel chapter two what he thought King Nebuchadnezzar 's dream that one meter Persia Greece Rome Rome gets divided that Jesus comes basically clean simple but now he's given the same overview of history chronological outline but more is given him specifically about the time of the toes witnessed on the time of the ten horns more information so does the same it repeats and now it enlarges in this part of the vision is given to added pieces of information number one were introduced to this character called the little horn and number two we see this judgment seen this courtroom scene in heaven and only after those things transpire vendors Jesus set up his kingdom and it will be never taken away think of your beautiful beautiful thing when Daniel understands the prophet Daniel here understand that this is the same thing he saw anything more for me something is very off about this with enough so that a troublesome to let go to the other side of our working widgets can by the way all are doing studied right through Daniel chapter seven now recall last night the Antichrist has several names antichrist son of perdition man of sin and yes little for the little horn power is this antichrist we were studying about last night Daniel was troubled by and watch what he says in verse sixteen I came near to one of those who stood by and asking the truth of all this basically says what does this all mean now if either the position that Nebuchadnezzar within right telling interpreted right now Daniel of them understand what is own dreaming verse seventeen problems zero six and after the bother so we told me he made known to me the interpretation of these things now carefully watch the interpretation and you tell me if it satisfied Daniel 's curiosity for seventeen those great beasts which are for our four games which arise out of your giving Daniel has piece that together already I think so now herself that the first of the whole interpretation of two sentences long were halfway through it before beasts are four kingdoms that arrive earlier okay verse eighteen but the saints of the most high shall receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever even for ever and ever notice for games and then the saints will get a king on their own and possess it forever and ever and ever what has he not talked about the little horn of a judgment seen enough everything he's been given in this initial interpretation is stuff we already knew so that you like I'll go home now I know that there's four in five hundred and eight on fourteen pneumonia and then after those four there will be an eternal kingdom of God people who do know was not to continue networking what is not this answer did not satisfy Daniel because it merely explaining everything the already know there was nothing new in this interpretation even though the vision clearly had some new elements to it but he wasn't told anything about the new so Daniel was specifically interested not find out reasons for doing the blanks with one from Scripture verse nineteen what is Daniels responded with a thank you sir I appreciate that clarity that the verse nineteen then I wish to know the truth about what before they does he care about the first B second beast of thirties that he would ask a question that will leverage regional whatever the battle of the reprise looking for sport ninety evolution of the truth about the fourth piece which was different from all the others exceedingly dreadful with you the iron in his nails abroad withdrew fired a devoured broken pieces and trampled the residue with his feet analysis is done it's only a right I want to let the tip of the this this form based but and this is the verse twenty the ten horns which were on its head and the other horn which came up before which three fell namely that horn which had eyes an amount which spoke pompous words whose appearance was greater than his fellows so notice that he doesn't just cannot be used in general nor the ten horns visited and he wants to know exactly who this little horn is why is he so interested in the little horn look at verse twenty one I was watching and the same horn was making war against whom Babylonia Persia Greece Rome whatever political kingdom in Jesus comes this little horn is different it's making more against the saints notice and not to forget the faith and prevailing against them it wasn't just trying to war it was actually warring and winning against the saints I was never mentioned in Daniel chapter two this got his attention on sale verse twenty two the ancient of days came and the judgment was made in favor of the saints of the most high and the time came for the sites to possess the kingdom so he's like I understand there's four kingdoms and some pages will set up a kingdom but you up missed out on that little horn and the judgment that Wolf ended to tell me about that so verse twenty three Vasquez said the fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom on the earth if you know that already yes which shall be different from all other kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth trampling and break it in pieces verse twenty four the ten horns he is our interpretation are ten what 10K needed to move sub kingdoms of that same divided nation who shall arise from this kingdom and another shall arise into the B key when does it arise after them he shall be different from the first is given a unique little different power and shall subdue three kings in his rise he takes out three of those other boards in his path verse twenty five still speaking of the little horn he shall speak pompous words against whom the most high he's those pompous words that were coming out of mouth were directed against God that's one thing 's computers were to have a Elizabeth you fill in the blank by the way Jennifer December 's twenty five he shall speak pompous words against the most high shall with the next word persecute the saints of the most high the notice is targeting the most high is going to go after you speak against them in general speaking it works against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most high and then what shall I do and shall intend it to change times and law the implication being time the law of home God at the most time finishing phase shall be given into his hand and noticed with the interpretation as the dream didn't for a time times and half a time there's a particular time timeframe with this little one power would have troll over the Saints and persecute them but verse twenty six but the court shall be seated so good after that time then the court will be seated and they shall take away his dominion to consume and destroy it forever then the kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms of the whole heaven shall be given to the people the saints of the most high his kingdom is an everlasting thing and and all dominions shall serve and obey him verse twenty eight this is the end of the account as for me Daniel my thoughts greatly troubled me and my countenance changed but I kept the matter in my heart now I believe we skipped by the way one filament like a bear apologized Danny was specifically interested in the little horn and the judgment in heaven those two elements that were not given in Daniel two and it were new to Daniel to seven that vision again the little horn which speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most high shall intend or think change times and law men the state should begin this hand and it says for how long for a time times and half a time now it introduced the interpretation has introduced a new element namely time prophecy a no sequence from Daniel two and Daniel seven that perfectly except Daniel two just into the political history than Jesus comes Daniel seven at the time of the feet and toes where Daniel seven with a the time of the ten horns six fans and larges and gives us this little horn and a judgment in heaven keep that in mind which by the way on the first front side of your sheet that's why we have them side-by-side like that so the one has the expanding it large enough hope you see that the Nellis ghost prosthetic key number two the first key of prophecy was that whenever these big histories are given it simply is repeating what was already given before and enlarging on some part of it okay property Q number one a repeat and enlarge or expand now prophecy keyed up or to how you understand or decipher the code time prophecy fees advisory for time times and half a time I have no clue naturally what time times and half a time it in there's no interpretation given in the text they are just a place as any for that long will handily enough being a chapter that gives the book of Daniel is the only book in the Bible were given we have sixty five other books we can check from right in the Bible his own interpreter and handily enough the Lord has already used this concept of prophetic time elsewhere in Scripture so what we need to do is find out if under the Lord given a future property and he is used time prophecy any given explanation of how to understand but the book of numbers book of numbers appropriately enough overlooking a time prophecy numbers chapter fourteen at page one four zero in your pew Bible Numbers chapter fourteen verse thirty four Genesis Exodus Leviticus and the numbers chapter fourteen in verse thirty four to give you just a brief little bit of context this is talking effective ancient Israelites before the dawn of the land of Canaan in fact they were just about to go in the land of Canaan they been wondering through the wilderness they received the Commandments of God instructions the tabernacle which will look at a whole might want to they wanted to as low as regularly as the promised land in Gaza Gulfport crossed the Jordan River take it as your own they say okay but let's take a look first and they send in twelve spies spy up late and they come back with a report of the delay is beautiful it's awesome but there's a problem is filled up with people people scary people were like grasshoppers in the right so we've come all this way but I moved in someone else seconded the motion that we go back within the least we just don't go forward is to stay here two of them Caleb and Joshua said come on guys deserve a bigger nominees that it's our level of the outpouring of people work with the ten instead of the twelve and they decided not to cross and the promise that the Lord was not bit is not pleased with his people and they decided right of the very finish line to stop the race I noticed this bill I bring in a likelihood of numbers chapter fourteen in verse thirty four with Ethier watch this on first thirty three with backup one person and your sons shall be shepherds in the wilderness for how long forty years into the real-time is getting forty years long what is to come up with four years as a part of the children of Israel wanted to the wilderness for forty years why was it forty years it tells us ready in Scripture essentially shepherds in the wilderness forty years and bear the brunt of your infidelity until your carcasses are consumed in the wilderness I went over the purpose of them wandering around for forty years Sarah but he can die really not you don't pick me up feel-good thing but it's true now look at verse thirty four wife four years according to the number of the day in which you spied out the land so they sent these five deliver little over a month or forty days looking around and they come back and think I've got to get out of your and God says all right you spent forty days in there now is that you forty years out in the wilderness what's this now anything like according to the number of the days which you spied out the land forty days for each day you shall bear your guilt one year namely forty years and you shall know my rejection you see a very similar thing if you go right back close to the book of Daniel right before the book of Ezekiel very quickly page eight zero four using the same thing in Ezekiel chapter four and verse six God once again if you've dealing with his people and something they're going to have to face in the future the employees this prophetic time element explains time prophecies of Ezekiel chapter four now the major finding is eager for the age of forty some of the profits have an interesting job description Hosea for example was supposed to marry a prostitute to be a living demonstration of what it was like for God to have a people who were unfaithful to him is like you to marry this woman and she's been a cheat on you and when it hurts now you know how I feel this ministry I don't want to be that guy that they finally called back Ezekiel had another unique ministry to us both to build part of this usability little ironic that the ground and stuff like little here's the intent of Jerusalem and then here comes the invading army sure to wipe it out and he was supposed to watch this want to verse four list to start their music as a performer for why also on your left side and lay the iniquity of the house of Israel upon it is that this time there is Israel and Judah got deeply divided and fell into two camps Israel is largely due to the smaller lay also on your left side and lay the iniquity about the miserable it according to the number of the days that you are a on it you shall bear their iniquity Brian laid on you the years of iniquity according to the number of the days three hundred and ninety days so she bear the iniquity of the house of Israel some useless to come to work everyday and lay on his left side and the next day to come back and lay on his left side menu solicitors three hundred ninety days over a year these every day is a year in your face interested in going versus and when you have completed them lie again on your right side and I can imagine please be a short amount of time if then you shall bear the iniquity about the Judah how long forty days I have laid on you a day for each year so notices consistently when God looks to the future of his people and he outlines the time props of the deals with them new particular something negative that could happen he always uses this day in prophecy equals I hear in real time okay not extraordinarily simple but it helps to unlock all the time property of the Bible all through the book of Daniel although the book of Revelation you come upon proxies some will be in days and will be in weeks but will be a month and will be in years but any kind of time is given in a prophecy all you have to do is use that Stephen God of argument is word that it's a prophetic equal to a year in real time and also in your understanding tolerances if you have a one day prophecy how long will it last in real life one year with the advanced course if you have a one week prophecy how long will exist in real time seven years you guys are geniuses fiercely that this is the entirety of it I was go to a month one month in profits the equals how many years in reality thirty notice to for twelve months or twelve month noted that year of your one prophetic year or time you have created and sixty units you sit three to sixty five seventy one no biblically a month is thirty days and twelve of those does not equal three sixty five equals three hundred and sixty three and sixty five the handy little invention and will get back to that of some of the time perhaps but biblically a day is one a week is seven a month is thirty any year is three sixty so if you have a one-day prophecy of a one-year reality to a one-week prophecy is the seventh so all you have to do is multiply this is weeks is multiply how many weeks by seven oh you got the real-time to make sense of where the stimulus does make one up a forty two month prophecy how do you decipher forty two times thirty gives you the real fun right now what's interesting about this admission time times and half a time or time is one one year to time as is plural right and that half the time you add them all up and you get three and a half times the green half years to three five three half right times three six zero three sixty you end up with this number called one thousand two hundred and sixty three one thousand two hundred sixty literal years payments and how did you get that we just walk you through helicopter one thousand two hundred sixty this happens to be by the way the most repeated time prophecy in all the Bible I look on you will charter you find it in Daniel chapter seven verse forty five which is all this time times and half the time also in Daniel chapter twelve or seven it refers good in his time times and half a time you get into the book of Revelation in a talk at the same time I hardly know it's talking at the same time as you just multiply by the right things then chapter eleven verse twelve it refers to forty two months if you take I made up forty two months for reason you forty two months forty two times thirty is one thousand two hundred and sixty exactly what three five times three sixty is one thousand two hundred and sixty okay and just in case that's unclear the next two times it is mentioned in Scripture Revelation eleven and twelve it says one thousand two hundred sixty days to eleven days eleven months eleven years and they all just happen to equal the identical one thousand two hundred and sixty literally year time period it's a fascinating thing that the Lord does produce consistent in his use of symbols they were almost done now by the way this profit-seeking number one and two will give you the outline of the Daniel will give you all of revelation it will help you decode all of the Bibles apocalyptic prophecies boost to Civil Code speed up your moneys worth from it and you and I know it was free but still judgment heaven was the last thing they see that other thing but the court shall be seated by the way this is planting a seed for a much later talk but the court shall be seated seven verse twenty six and twenty seven the court shall be seated and they shall take away his dominion to consume and destroy forever within the kingdom and dominion of the greatness of the kingdoms of the whole heaven shall be given to the people in the Saints of the most high his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey him so you see that there's going to be this little horn antichrist power that comes out of Rome not Imperial Rome but out of divided Rome in fact he comes up after the ten tribes within kingdoms of divided Rome among them but after them uprooting three in its way as I said about the speaks pompous words against the most high persecute the people of God but for some little part of the variance on the long stretch of earth history from one thousand two hundred and sixty years of Earth 's history and that's exactly the same finger talk about last night last night the last time we were here together when the apostle Paul is saying in the time of Imperial Rome he was living saying don't think that Jesus is coming right now because there are things that must take place before then namely this man of sin the son of perdition must be revealed in his time there is a time for him to be revealed and happy apex in power and Zenith and glory and during that time it would be a time of persecution for the Saints of God but at the close of that time after that time God would sit and have a judgment in heaven then of course little one would speak again then be destroyed by the coming of Jesus if your member and the second Thessalonians that's exactly what the apostle Paul said that both alliance chapter two but this man is the sinless son of perdition would be destroyed by the brightness of his coming to the spirit of Antichrist is already stirring in the early church being held back by Imperial Rome at once into a room got out of the way how would be given over to this little horn beast with little horn of the support beams and for one thousand two hundred and sixty years would persecute the people of God after which the review judgment of heaven then this little horn would start speaking pompous words once again only be destroyed by Jesus return the brightness of his coming bank now if you put all the pieces of evidence together it is inescapable unavoidable undeniable completely biblical who be antichrist power is because there's only one entity and all of Earth 's history that actually fit all of these criteria is Babylon 's thunder keep me to purge it is not brief but it's something that comes out of Rome during the time of divided realm after it's been divided in the ten tribes the ten kingdoms divided Europe if you will write and upwards three of these things in its way and absolutely has no army no anything is geographically small as it are reviewing evidence here the Antichrist our courting the Bible would be the culmination of an influence already at work in Christianity that kind of Imperial Rome he saw last night it would rise after the division of Rome into ten regional kingdoms uprooting three in the process it would be revealed or come to power at a specific time and remain dominant exactly one thousand two hundred and sixty years it would be a small kingdom within the geographic territory of divided Europe it would have no military force of its own but would instead rely on the strength of other kingdoms to enforce its will you would think to change times and law and persecute the saints of the most high you would have a vocal and self-aggrandizing leader from her eyes and a mouth like that of a man speaking pompous words it would be in existence until the return of Jesus when it would be destroyed by the brightness of his coming last line right there you can telecommute already there is only one power in Earth 's history that matches all of those criteria and that is the Roman catholic papacy bottom line nothing else matters nothing else fits another and in interesting ways to reinterpret the prophecies to give us spotlight of this awful this entity but if you take simply the Bible as a three for battle on me Persia Greece Imperial Rome divided Rome and out of that comes this little horn power that does these things which by the way an interesting tap and thing happen in the year five thirty eight were let you go interest but minute and five thirty eight A.D. these ten empires and started dividing of Rome is different tribal entities of Europe now that we have today started dividing and getting up Roman and taking it over and splitting up exactly Scripture instead in the Roman Empire Imperial Rome no longer could handle and so it turned this the keys of the state over to the one power that was respected almost unilaterally and that was the Roman Catholic Church the papers in five thirty eight eighty the papacy was given both the leadership of the church and also of the state took out three other tribes as it was coming up it becomes the seat of power for all of your for exactly one thousand two hundred and sixty years now if that were accurate you would expect to see something at the close of that would take away at our inexact in seventeen ninety eight and what we now know as the French Revolution the Polian Bonaparte sent his general birth EA right down into the Vatican which by the way is the smallest geographic territory in the world of this country if for some reason nowadays everyone in every country in the world has no diplomatic relations and ambassadors to and from the Vatican the small territories no army no much of anything it's that not much is so influential so big so powerful exactly is the Bible described in seventeen ninety eight Europe with some simply tired of being thrashed about and porn about and attacked and persecuted by this power that would make King 's stand outside of its door in the snow for gay because it offended them in some way and the power that had was not financial or military it was spiritual with the threat of all excommunicate will send you to help on view longer time on the miserable afterlife concept during this time but we secular history would say what is that time notice now the dark ages as a reason it was the Crusades the Inquisition the death of more people than wars combined these days ever had millions upon millions died at the hands of the church eyelid is a reason a lot of people don't like organized religion is that that's what the church interesting during the time the close of that time general birthday marches literally into the back into the papacy that the papal audience record the program and takes captive hauls them off is basically your house of cards you're done takes in France the Pope dies in exile in the world rejoices my car there's been a fatal wound given to this power the Lord is now dead but where are we now there's a resurgence of this power in credibly in the world today it's an fascinating how the Bible exactly point by point articulates the chronology of world history and crisis there is a God he is trustworthy in fact I'll tell you exactly what's going to happen to sit back and watch to demonstrate the veracity of my quite now get we reveal the antichrist not because that gives you a knowledge of salvation now I have the inside scoop now at the minimum it so you understand where the misconceptions about Jesus Christ coming from as we want to see Jesus more clearly the one want wipe away every smokescreen of a cloudy thing that might be the way and say Lord whatever your word actually says is what will go with what to test all things and hold fast to that which is good that make sense in the transfer WordPress and my father thank you so much you've given us your word that you give us prophecy not so that we can have some sneaky insider information that Lord that we can see clearly your word is true accurate it's trustworthy Lord help us to understand that underlies personally that we can trust you at your word and Morgan Stanley were living a time as Jesus would save almost universal deception we don't want to be the scene floor given that a true hero that way everything is whatever remains when it was when they were even in a a media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about you for life is more certain than please visit www. .net verse or a


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