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  • March 9, 2007
    12:00 PM
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heavenly father we ask your Holy Spirit would please be with us today nor we thank you for what you have done so far and when you will continue to do five as we open your word today I pray Lord that you would speak to our hearts father right now we ask for stillness of mind I know there are many things that must be done today what a gorgeous grant us the power of focus that we may shut out all the things of this world and how my eyes riveted on you especially in this room Lord bring about a sense of holiness and a sense of your presence we pray in Jesus name amen if you have your Bibles I would like for you to open this meet in numbers chapter thirteen numbers chapter thirteen and I'll begin reading from verse twenty five the Bible says and they returned from searching all the land after forty days and they went and came to Moses as arrogance while the congregation of the children of Israel unto the wilderness wilderness of Carron tikka and brought back word unto them and unto all the congregation and showed them the fruit of the land and they told him and said we came onto the land whither thou sent us I'm sorry flowing with milk and honey and this is the fruit of the nevertheless the people be strong that you are in the land and the city 's all walls and very great and moreover we saw the children of Anna there burst thirty and Caleb still the people before Moses and said that us go up at once and possess it for we are able to overcome it by the name that went up with him said we be not able to over to go up against the people for they are stronger than we as a bargaining report of the land which they have searched unto the children of Israel saying then and to which we have gone to search it is Amanda Edith of the inhabitants thereof and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature and there we saw what John and we were in our own sites as grasshoppers and so we were in their assigned the title of my message today grasshopper grasshopper the children of Israel these twelve slides go out and tell of them returned with an evil report they go to the land they see all the obstacles they see that the sergeants before them and they they they compare this battle to a eighty eight Sonia versus a grasshopper and are just imagine how how often we look at our designs and we look at what we have to face and the obstacles that we may have to come across if we fully give my life to Jesus or if we fully decide to follow the man with us wherever he goes and we may see ourselves as grasshoppers the devil considers you a grasshopper did you know that and he sees no challenge in you in and of yourself but without it while the devil sees you as a grasshopper God as well sees you as a grasshopper and Adam God this is beautiful because God says our son and daughter not only are your grasshopper but you are my grasshopper yeah grasshopper trash you know what you think of a grasshopper if you think of something that is what that is small that is little that is not exalted like design and the ability say this that in reality you are one or the other you are in science all you are grasshopper I'm even thinking another illustrations look at the story of David by way before we get to the story of David do you realize that God desired the children of Israel to see themselves as grasshoppers God one yes yes you are a grasshopper in this site but I work through grasshoppers that was the whole purpose so they knew that day in and of themselves had not strength to go up against the Giants God tells us he who exalts himself will be walked humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted and so the children of Israel should have been rejoicing that they were at grasshopper status not consider dating what is dating dating with the grasshopper and he comes up to Goliath with a challenge and a lot of it was a design and Goliath looks at this grasshopper and says grasshopper are you coming to challenge me in warfare don't you know that I am a skilled martial artist and he begins to go on what is not included due to the set of grasshopper but he doesn't realize of this grasshopper haven't mastered by the name of Jesus and Dennis grasshopper had been being trained in the backwoods of the wilderness a man so I went online and the bear had risen up against this little grasshopper this grasshopper was able to destroy both in end of the and not the life comes on the scene not realizing that he is the real grasshopper and David is the real Johnny you see a lot of the real world everybody weeping for David but in the eyes of faith everyone knows that happened to who go it's interesting beloved that God calls us to be grasshoppers because he wants us to be humble amen he wants us to be little in our own sight and another when we become grasshoppers in Christ when we enter that score love faith and he begins to call us grasp me tonight he is called grasshopper crest why because we have followed ourselves we argue students and what ever he says we believe a man it's interesting if you look at the story of Saul story may have mentioned a few times when when when Santa comes to saw after his final rebellion Samuel gives saw a speech your member sounded nonchalant and that God told him to destroy and sandal comes and is in the speech I want you to notice what there's something very interesting about this speech first out of fifteen verse seventeen this is just a few verses before Samuel says song rebellion is as the sin of what witchcraft that's what he says in verse seventeen Sanyo said when God was the sole and final sign was found not mean they can't all the tribes of Israel is a solid used to be on grasshopper humble small and is all I but then he began to become a odds are so novel and the line if the design you have a story when the life and science Commons and request for someone to fight song that song in backs down because his file was no longer in God so you've got solvents on you but you've got David the grasshopper and David the grasshopper the little one comes on the scene and that's what slogged in Zion could not do when he was little in his own site beloved we can either be a giant or we can be a grasshopper to be a giant is to be exalted is to exalt yourself is to magnify your self that is the principle of Satan the Bible says Satan I will do what I exalt my throne above the stars of God Satan 's Hollow goal is whole mission is all purpose was to exalt himself above God 's word and about God 's rule above God 's law and you know they are even many giants in the man to gain I'm sorry something Isaiah twenty four Isaiah chapter twenty four this in the last days there are only two groups existing giants and what grasshoppers I want to knows other twenty four months on verse one through five says Isaiah twenty four behold the more negative the empty and negative waste and turn it upside down and scattered abroad it had as well verse three then shall be utterly emptied and utterly spoiled for the Lord has spoken this word are the morning and faded away the wound that was it I'm faded away the whole hot tea people on the earth to language was heartening the proud the exalted the design needs those who magnify themselves this is why the earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof because they have transgressed God laws changed the ordinance broken the everlasting covenant therefore has the trust about the earth now some of you may know that some of you may not did you realize that this war would be destroyed because of the change of the sample engages readers and the is the strongly because they have changed the everlasting cup the everlasting organ in other words there are those in this world who have exalted themselves above the line not all of God not others of you may see using the past occupants outside and about but every time we break any one of those laws of God yes we may also Johnny the CNN Johnny lifting ourselves up all what God said so when someone felt so much so my brand-new shoes that I just bought what always we find ourselves beginning to become instead of grasshoppers Johnny Johnny it's interesting but evident even when we go to the book of Daniel in Daniel chapter eight were given a description of the little horn and the Lord does the very same thing that Satan himself because the Bible says team that they find himself what was going to magnify it means to exile and can make bigger than you actually are so how does the Lord make himself bigger than it actually was he in fact made himself like God the Bible says in Daniel seven twenty five by thinking to change times and laws set up another as the world comes to a close yet I have two groups of people grasshoppers who are humble and she themselves in line with the law of God and to say we are about this we don't need a law to tell most what is holy so guess what in the last days the final conflict will be the new Jerusalem grasshoppers through to vertices Babylonia Giants Donna I is one in the black side do you want anybody wanted beyond Babylon seen any good reason nobody I mean that favors you realize in the I have a favorite they are they far outnumber the grasshoppers but see the grasshopper said you know what it doesn't matter how big they are we can go up and take the land and the mother indeed that is what will happen you see the Bible tells us in Revelation chapter fourteen that are these grasshoppers are available for the last the message amen you seen anything at this way these grasshoppers they have come in at one time giants in their lives many now they wanted to live on disregarding the law of God disregarding you know all these things above and got it all and wanted to do and now something happen in their life and they moved from John and status July grasshoppers and they said whatever you tell me to do that will do if I read it in your word I will do it I grasshopper is below one who was humble and will follow the land windswept evils master will finally come with anywhere you go I saw these grasshoppers have been coming from all over the world even come into the master and and and another was not happen if I can't find the master would have created a team of grasshoppers that already to do bad with that alternate jarring the devil himself because Windows for wins under whose beloved endeavors China destroyed every single grasshopper student at Christ so these rows harbor as they have trained under the master and now they are ready to go forth with this message fear of God and Jim Watt are read to him Revelation fourteen sixty seven they are charming the everlasting Gospel and on Gizmodo for an hour of his judgment is come and it says to worship him that made heaven your decision on that in the news in other words beloved these grasshoppers go forthwith and this is in particular of the law of God stop exalting myself above the law of God that's the message stop justifying your exhausting yourself above the block north of the world while I just vibrate along with people use the Bible to justify breaking the longer holy rebellion setting forth of this message and not only do they say on I just find yourself above ground and above his mouth but then they go on to say Babylon is locked found in a beloved these grasshoppers who were at one time in Babylon who were one time confusing when you die you know God is loving that he praise you forever in all these teachings but evident in update all you are you need am not making funny on telling you beloved shorebirds don't just believe what you always believe because that's how you were brought up the shore and so you know what forget about the number of people that believe a certain thing I was starting out myself and studying in honesty do you realize that you are grasshopper you will always come to the truth you see the grasshopper is one who is of a humble heart who says I don't care where that show the knee I wanted to go outside and Seth Nana do have the truth on the amount of friends over here and I want to do that because then they will see me as legal they will treat Mina and want to be treated like crap after I saw these grasshoppers golf for this method that is fallen Babylon is fallen and beloved old this is beautiful time with me if you have your Bibles to Revelation chapter fifty I'm sorry just as Revelation chapter fifty Jeremiah Charlotte Amalie chapter fifty kilograms lab and x-ray Jeremiah chapter fifty and what were about to be in Jeremiah chapter fifty is a historical account but how postsecondary application about unwanted tell you right off the top Jeremiah chapter fifty speaks of our Cyrus of the Medes and Persians coming to conquer Babylon okay and for the sake of China on the anniversary of funny but for the sake of time I want to tell you that Cyrus is dating site of who on Jesus okay so as we read this and its primary application guys are speaking thing he is about to bring Cyrus the needs of the persons to all the throne but then there is secondary and an glassfish application and that is the heavenly Cyrus which is Jesus also hasn't our meeting pool you will use to overthrow last day 's spirit sure so now watch this Jeremiah fifty adverse one Jeremiah chapter fifty and verse one the word that the North state against Babylon and against the man of County of the Chaldeans by Jeremiah the prophet declare you among the nations and published in substandard products and conceal not say that God is taking Dallas confounded Marotta is broken in pieces are confounded her images are broken in pieces none of the first three four seven North there cometh a nation against her you want to know who that nation is not the grasshoppers not just a thought just in case you thought of making that up the word here for nation if you have a Strong 's concordance you take a look at the Hebrew that works for nations and it's translated into the word grasshoppers I yell at yet for Alan God there coming up for a nation of grasshoppers never letting you know grasshoppers and locusts the Bible translate both of the same thing and you'll remember what happened in Egypt what was one of the police in Egypt the locusts came upon the land and covered it and give them away you see beloved this list will you see what the Bible translated nations as grasshoppers because Masons armada of many more many people and when you look at how the Bible uses the term grasshopper on Locust it would always use it in the context of numbers grasshoppers for great multitude so many you can want to help them and you'll remember in Genesis chapter twelve that God called Abraham Connie said Abraham looked up at the stars can count them he said no and then he says so shall your offspring be they shall not be numbered these nations that come out of you in Genesis twelve or use the word nations it's the same word for grass Hopper 's will seven undeniably get him in Revelation chapter seven any read about this great multitude that no one can number is a great multitude off grasshoppers those who have removed themselves from John and status and have come to the feet of Jesus and said Jesus exist in your word I will do no argument no debating if it's a no word I will do they had learned to be constrained by the Grand Master Jesus Christ they learn what it means to be still to be Simon to focus and three D to know without knowing to fly without fighting at the counter crucified and now they are ready for that final battle beloved and that they read to you more from Jeremiah chapter fifty verse nine for no I will raise in cost to come up against Babylon and assembly of great nations from the North country Ms. Nadal talks about you are you ready got called most things that do not possibility where talk about you is all set themselves in array against her from then shall she be taken there out oh so because the money expert on how you read as a mighty one expert that has almost Jesus has trained his grasshoppers to become experts and the last days when they take the spiritual house and with a talk tonight about the weapons of fate because every warrior has to have used weapon what are your weapon until you the word of God is from when I talk about that but these warriors become so expert that when they get when they take their weapons to shoot against Babylon the Bible calls an expert mean no one shall return in vain notice verse fourteen and fifteen the Bible tells us put yourselves in array against Babylon roundabout on you that bendable shoot at her and stared all our forcing a save against the Lord shot against her round about do what shout anybody and not try that Latrice spoken of in Revelation chapter aging bursary which tells us that God 's people in the last day will will will will stop amplify the gospel of Jesus Christ and him crucified that it will fill the whole world with its glory but who is it that gives the shower grasshopper 's grasp sound against her roundabout she has given her handheld foundations are found in our walls are from down the road I cried Babylon is what is falling down with new verse twenty nine called together the arch is against Babylon all you got been developed around the camp against it round about midnight and I will escape recompense for a point was appointed on that she has done do I get harder that's all familiar therefore the book of Revelation chapter eighteen verse forty six verse forty three the king of Babylon has further reported that it has waxed feeble and was still called and asked how the woman in travail can you imagine the Bible tells of the devil himself will tremble when God 's army of grasshoppers is ready the giant himself that he was the last that you will now tremble and not one undivided verse forty nine and when he says verse forty nine the Bible says actually chapter fifty one chapter fifty one and with a look at verse one thus says the Lord behold I will raise up against Babylon and against them that dwell in the midst of them that rise up against me a destroying way you want to know about destroying Wendy it is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit what if a what is and what is the wind of the Spirit of Oslo B are destroyed and went to Babylon just and by the way what is the wind brain one of the wind braying back Darren SS when the plagues and brought the grasshoppers but I wonder I wonder I was always very followed that a mighty rushing wind and want to send an army on and excited for you will a mighty army of grasshoppers beloved that will consume this entire planning with a loud cry with the gospel Jeremiah fifty one percent in Babylon has been a golden cup in the nonevent in the north and then they all get drunk the next essential to provide therefore the nations on Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroy junk I would need to verse verse fourteen the Board of Health has sworn by himself saying sorry I will still be making an ass with caterpillars but again the original Hebrew is the word grasshopper and eyes grasshopper and then close Jeremiah fifty one would read in verse thirty one it says they are one polls shall run to meet another speaking about of Babylon and one message it's one other to sue the king of Babylon that his city is taking up one and that excites me the king 's anger will be sitting there at his angel to come and say a man you won't believe us have been over Russia and while you being told that I'm not going to come he will not believe what just happened over and over Linda and another will come and say hey you you you you master ha ha I'm afraid to tell you this but but you see the grasshoppers will be all over the world how I mean what a final country what a final battle and another to believe that some of us may be willing to miss out on that because we want to be Johnny we want to make your own plan I do want all of these and tell doctors found that serve you whether you like it or not Revelation fourteen you need to turn their revelation fourteen aims with this great harvest that takes place Jesus is able to come and gather the harvest you want to know why because the grasshoppers that he trained has done their work of another Jesus cannot come until the number of his grasshoppers Armida he's waiting for you some of the Missouri Giants city undue amount is waiting because he knows who you are you're supposed to be and you can ultimately say God I reject your efficient for me I want a grasshopper out of your diet and do my own thing and God will sadly have to pass you by what he will do it with teachers about Andrea I want to share with the process from moving the process of moving from a giant to a grasshopper is the process called conversion converse in order to become a grasshopper you must be converted and you don't convert it to be but if it wanted to become a grasshopper and submitting yourself to the master you will come across water garden is the sign of conversion so the question you not ask if something is a mod grasshopper on my anxiety am I doing my own will myself myself about God exalted myself about his loan eleven excited that honest people out there who are breaking God 's law year is there honestly wonder what ignominy breaking God 's law and God love them and God will save them but with other women like columns and honest person chooses to exalt himself above that like he makes himself on John Manasseh question there may be somebody in this room who realized the majority has a hard confession to me is how much I forgot I wanted to come across if there is anyone in this room today who come to that realization injuries and Sony wanted to come across a man and another to make an even more specifically you know know who my audiences another some of the artist and I know that some of you are not of another this is for those of you who are not and maybe none of your and your I don't know but when you afford things this we didn't need to go you know I have not studied with Adventists or or you know really know what they believe and I would like to get to know I want to be a cross I see what they're talking about I just want to study with someone and we can go through the process and you know what this is chosen then I'm willing to the following unless I want to be a grasshopper and that God considers your grasshopper if you are honest in heart and open in heart amen so not been asked if there's anyone who is not as big as you say know what I want someone to stay with what I have cards and would be passing them out and you can just fill out a card I would ask you to raise your hand you want to study with someone to help you understand what Adventists believe is there one is due to the reason don't be bashful please please alright nominate my next you have backslidden and not giving yourself have not made that commitment that recommitment the father you using you use the Fatherland but you felt when you know how you do when you turn eighteen and nineteen you go you know what I'm not really serious about this and now you say Lord I want to come across I want to follow you with a surgical and I'm ready to rededicate my life and whether that be through baptism with two public confession I want to be dedicate my life to you today to begin Lord to be trained as grasshopper is there wanting him to reach out we have all grasshoppers and you this way how many grasshoppers we having if your grasshopper raising money and are not only say that private not punish you you have found what I'm doing with crazy but out-of-town anyone want me you know what went when it feels like these are made the devil knows that someone is struggling he knows that someone is on the verge of making a decision I know you got class nonmarketable you long for the basin please don't allow the opportunity has to weather your backslidden or whether you have never given your life for Christ not ask you to stand if that's you know reasoning and was made an easy phenom make it real difficult making them before you have any difficulty display that if you are ready to make that decision that that that conversion decision I would ask you out my brother my sister if you are in this audience would you stay to stand and come our way you know about it is my sincere strongest desire that I will seat each and every one of you on the battlefield as a grasshopper amen that every one of us will keep every one of us in this room in prayer and you know it for those of you who heard the voice of God calling maybe heard was calling and instead police brass copper 's you know if you need to do right because this is real the battle will come and beloved if you are found as a giant it appears me on as a grasshopper praise the Lord amen we devalue his heavenly father we thank you Lord because you have asked us have invited us to become your survey father I pray that you would cause us to be grasshoppers even our own eyes may we not be found guilty of exalting ourselves above you about your law about your principal humbleness Lord that we may be exalted by you and not myself and finally we look forward to that grand day when you will come again to receive your people unto yourself thank you Lord for hearing our prayers in Jesus name yes a man named


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