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12-The Good News About Hell

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • November 1, 2013
    7:00 PM


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take a working leave number twelve so excited we're talking about held tonight this is the good news about how the Bible let's talk about it with the with the Bible said typically we think in hell of the negative the people that you could just be the hub of yearly people thinking about all the time right is the other night was Halloween and people are dressing up the pictures the people have a mind of ghosts and goblins and all this hellish stop what is what does the Bible actually say about this topic I think it's a good time to look inside of Scripture and see what it's saying be clear what is not saying okay to understand the good news about hell but before we get started let's begin with worker heavenly father thank you so so much for the abundant rain outside and thank you for the fellowship they were enjoying here thank you for these precious that the powers of no commencement thank you especially bit even difficult topics like how can be good news as we do understand your character and your plan for us for let your words speak to us and not just to our online though we do want clarity understanding good instruction looks before hearts help us understand who you are opposed to see your plan for what it is a place of love and mercy for a prayed in Jesus name all right let's go to Matthew chapter ten page nine forty four good to get or stay with Matthew chapter ten Jesus himself speaking about this particular issue of health Matthew ten verse twenty eight page nine forty four in your pew Bible what does Jesus say now he says in verse twenty eight do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the what so and so he makes a distinction there some people just do you physically other people wouldn't get you physical and spiritual right all the way that if you will would rather fear him who is it because of fear fear him not view them like some extra believes he is putting is right on one person had with the H this is God fear and who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell that does not sound like good news right fear God because there's a hell to to shun them to be aware of yes Jesus makes it very clear do not fear those who can kill merely the body to take a little be afraid if you want to fear respect something of the whining him who can destroy both soul and body in hell let's go right now to our first film of blank the purpose of help first of all with the clear hell is a real thing whatever it is it's real Jesus spoke about it as though it were fact that so the fact what does it mean what will continue with that but the purpose right here Jesus said is to do what the body and soul destroy please put that in their he talks about destroying the purpose of help is to destroy both the body and the soul please notice that hell is not primarily punitive that needs a punishment and death as they fear him who can torture who can destroy the purpose of how the primary purpose of health is to destroy both the body and the soul so let's go on that effort for operating premise from the lips of Jesus himself the purpose of hell is to destroy completely both body and soul not just on the body are not just for the note is to destroy the wipeout the person body and soul how is that good news well friends already right there is a drastically differ Richard held in your body most people listen to most people have in a month the purpose of most people see in hell is forgot to torture the Bible doesn't say that Jesus himself said the purpose is to destroy and we see how that is good news first of all good news everyone held last forever and you think of when and how this is good news well if you notice is how last forever as the Bible defined forever as the Bible to find it what does it mean for something to last forever biblically speaking let's study it out Revelation chapter fourteen page eleven eighty four interview Bible eleven eighty four Revelation chapter fourteen starting with verse nine this brings us right up until the very last moments of Earth 's history those who have not been out there need to the antichrist power of not taking the mark of the beast which again will be studying later but this people has a message for the world and that is what it says in verse nine the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his Mark on his format or on his hand he himself shall also drink the right wine of the wrath of God which is poured out full strength in the cup of his indignation now here's the key he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels in the presence of the Lamb and verse eleven the smoke of their torment ascends how long for ever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and never receives the mark of his name so that is there to be tormented in the presence of the Holy Ghost and present the land and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever forever and ever what does it mean for ever and ever biblically speaking let's look at one more first chapter twenty Revelation just to the right a few pages Chapter twenty verses nine and ten this is the material we covered last night but I told to put a pin in it were to come back to it but last night the last time we were here relationship twenty verses nine and ten here it says that resurrected group of now resurrected wicked who under the leadership of Satan is going to see begin go out to make war with God 's people in his holy city says here they went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city and fire came down out of heaven and in what devoured them what's what's it mean to devour something to consume it to eat it up a the devil who deceived them was cast in the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and false prophet are and they will be formed in the day and night how long for ever and ever there you have another reference to burning this fire destruction in the fire and the results are for ever and ever be clear about that day which begs the question and I know it sounds like a dumb question but how long is forever how long is forever and in our minds forever means without in forever typically means to continue wanted to continue on and never to stop it is to keep going going going going to infinity eternity for ever and ever means just that for ever that's not thinking but this is not the way the Bible uses this term what does the Bible mean when it says were ever let's look at some other examples let's go to exit chapter twenty one how long is for ever page seventy one in your view bio page seventy one Exodus chapter twenty one verses five and six one of the earliest references to this concept of forever in Scripture deals with interesting enough this laws of the children of Israel specifically specifically can turn concerning their workers their servants know what system exit twenty one verse five but if the servant plainly says I love my master my wife and my children I will not go out free monthly what does it indicate about how servants were supposed to be treated in Israel as well right so much so that they can have a comfortable living they can have a family and they could say when I don't want to go free I'd rather just keep working here right if that's their request after you give the opportunity leave anything at all I don't want to get personal it is asserted plainly says I love my master my wife and my children I will not go out free then verse six his master shall bring them to the judges magistrates the rulers right he shall also bring him to the door or to the doorpost of his and his master shall pierce his ear within all so we can put an indelible mark to get better on your ring if you will some sort of device there pierces it was an all and he shall serve him how long for a associate for it forever does that mean that the choice to stay under this Masters rule being pierced without all gives this individual eternal life no it simply means it's going to keep going and going in perpetuity of course until it's all gone will be the past way to leave that for the rest of his life for ever this finally seems to be the week the concept is good you would look at another one page two fifty seven in your pew Bible first Samuel one twenty two first Samuel one twenty two again was still under good news number one the idea that held last rapper is good news why because we have to understand what for ever means when the Bible mentions it first Samuel chapter one and verse twenty two to give you background on this head and her husband I'll cannot or wanting a child specifically Hannah wasn't all she was so sad she didn't have a child and she prayed the Lord of the whole story along with this line but the Lord looks with favor on her granted her the request of her heart and she was given a son and she named him Samuel and with the rest of the books about seven ounces here will will start with the first twenty one now the man Alcan and all his house went up to offer to the Lord the yearly sacrifice and is now but ahead and did not go off for she said to her husband not until the child is weaned then I will taken that he may appear before the Lord and remain there how long forever she's basically saying I'm going to give my child to the Lord for his service forever on arrays into a certain point and then when I go up if not before one year they come back to go back and forth and when I called my son leaving in their only give him back the Lord has given me this gift and him and give him to the service the Lord used to serve a Lord forever again the same thing as the other servants serving as master forever is not an indication of eternity or infinity as we mathematically think of it it's the concept of continuation until it's completed right continuation until it's completed with this person 's death the rest of their life as long as they live but perhaps no one in the Bible exemplifies this concept of forever and ever in biblical terms then does David noticed me as fascinating that a first end of twenty eight -year-old revered first annual go six more chapters to the right first annual twenty eight we look at verse three and again will get some context Damon was not necessarily popular with the ruling King Saul even though they started out close install has been since jealousies of David and Saul declined spiritually David was increasing in popularity David is all understood that David was good to be the things that they did not like this at all and sought his life David spent a good deal of the younger days on the run a threaten from the front threaten from Saul now David found refuge interestingly enough and the Philistines this is universe one percent to twenty eight now what happened in those days of the Philistines gathered their armies together for war to fight with Israel now I cash said to David you assuredly know that you will go out with me to battle you and your men basically David is his allied himself up personally with the Philippines the Philippines go to war against the Israelites who David's actually a part of and so they kiss this guy who turned himself over to set Outlook here were got to go to war with the Israelites you know who you fight for right to fight for me now infected a lot of are stupid so David said to the case surely you know what your servant can do that's an interesting retort you know what I'm capable of and another that sounds like a clear yes or I will fight for you but he says you know what I can do verse continues and the case said today that therefore I will make you one of my chief guardians for a click I will keep you monthly you'll be one of my security guard a close confidant forever and again there's the third time that we've seen the Bible talk about forever but it's about one person 's individual life to move there done for the rest of their existence Psalm eighty eight later on Damon when you write the Psalms Psalm eighty eight eighty nine that Psalm eighty nine use this language of forever all the time over and over we see it page five sixty seven in your pew Bible Psalm eighty nine and first one was look at just a few examples there are more than the event listed here but these are just a few there because I will sing of the mercies of the Lord how long forever with my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations that mean he's going to live for all generations though we've been recording his praises nubby red for all generations but you said I will think it forever a ousting of mercy Lord was going to the right Psalm one hundred and forty five horse could do a brief survey of the book of Psalms and see how often and in what regard David uses this terminology forever Psalm one forty five versus wanting to hear David makes another commitment to the Lord I will extol you my God O King and I will bless your name forever and ever every day I will bless you and I will praise your name forever and ever he claims he can do this for ever and ever go back to the left now some one hundred and nineteen Psalm one nineteen forty four David and forever again I will start with verse forty one give a little context let your mercies come also to me oh Lord your salvation according to your word so shall I have answer for him who reproaches me for trusting your word and take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth Brian hoped I have hoped in your ordinances so shall I keep your law continually forever and ever goes back little to do this forever and ever now all that sounds nice is a big commitments to make that go to first Kings chapter two there is a problem with all this for ever and ever talk when it comes David first things chapter two and that is what it says here that could be page three twenty by the way in your pew Bible first things chapter two verse ten so David was the next word only took a nap right it says he rested with his father 's what does that mean if you're resting with your fathers that so David died so much for all that forever and ever talk right or maybe his body died but he do real hinges solely to have any still singing praises to God right maybe that's what he's doing difficulty there is when you go beyond to ask chapter to go to test acts chapter two just in case you're thinking well he physically died spiritually you still praise and glory still up on a cloudy still doing something you use plucking the harp I don't know singing praises writing songs he knows what he is doing up there but he said forever and ever so he must've minted acts chapter two verse twenty nine the day of Pentecost was the page ten fifty three in your pew Bible seven two twenty nine Peter gets up on the day of Pentecost and preaches a sermon all from the Old Testament Scriptures and he quotes from the book of songs he quotes from the book of Psalms and will start with verse twenty five for David says concerning him and you're going to see the David according to the apostle Peter here is writing prophetically about the coming Messiah about Jesus and so what he says when the review is about Jesus and not about David personally will get back to that he clarifies that Alexis for David says concerning him I foresaw the Lord always before my face for he is at my right hand that I may not be shaken therefore my heart rejoiced in my tone was glad moreover my flesh also will rest in hope for you will not leave my soul in Hades nor will you allow your holy one to see corruption you have made known to me the ways of life you will make me full of joy in your presence she did say ha ha there is David knew he was good and obviously go to heaven right so that's what he could say using the praise and extol the sing and sing his praises all group for ever and ever but then look at verse twenty nine with the apostle Peter says then and brethren let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David that he is both what and and his tomb is with us to this day let me make it very very clear statement is dead he is buried his tomb is right over there we could take a field trip you like to go see it we could just stand around and that's where his body was any visit WoW 's bodies they are but he even real family to have an right verse thirty four for David did not ascend into heaven we accepted to make it patently clear David was living wrote some things then he died he was buried his tomb is right over there just in case you're wondering maybe he went to heaven it also peters is the absolutely did not send in that gesture you know so what does it mean when he was he being disingenuous when he said I will do these things for ever and ever I will praise you forever I will sing your own what did he mean Bible is go back to the book of salt it tells us what he means by Psalm one nineteen Psalm one nineteen Scripture interprets itself verse one twelve three page five ninety new pew Bible one nineteen one twelve he explains what wiki means he says I have inclined my heart to perform your statutes forever this is to the varying what according to Scripture does forever have an in yes it does not incline my heart to to keep your commitments to perform your statute for ever and then he defines what he means by that to the very end so biblically speaking forever has been in okay so yes how will last forever in the biblical sense that it will go on continuously until it's done and what is done is done okay it will exhaust whatever it is like they someone who wants to be a servant be the first observance for the rest of their life and when they guide you can't hold him to that because there did on that forever as an end in David says the same thing I will before they doesn't mean by the way that after forever that would stop performing your statutes will reasonably think one minute long as I am and then when I'm done being that I want because my forever has come to an end biblically speaking please understand this for ever as an end and that's good news about how because I know that our great many people who have this wrong conception of forever and believe men I've only lived no thirty forty fifty eighty ninety years of the liberal hundred years old okay but I would be tortured for not just a hundred years but ten thousand years two billion years ten trillion years without it ever ever ever ever ever ever ever know you're only good to be destroyed forever so it's all done biblically speaking forever as in Jalisco on point number two this is the first good news second good news is number two on the other side a paper help destroys completely this is exactly what Jesus and said fear him who can kill both of body and soul destroy both body and soul in hell so again the purpose is to destroy and to destroy completely not partially page nine thirty one in your pew Bible let's go to the book of Malachi Malachi is the very last book of the Old Testament and just as we seen so often malachite pics of any other Old Testament authors look forward to the second coming of Jesus such as the first coming of Jesus but also his second coming in he describes it this way Malachi chapter four page nine thirty one in your pew Bible and look at verse one for behold the day coming burning like an open and all the proud yes all who do wickedly will be stubble and the day which is coming shall burn them what are not just burn them but burn them out from the consume them destroy them annihilate them and then you can use whatever language you want but the fire is not just to torture the buyer is to destroy in the day which is coming stubborn enough that the Lord about how do we know with complete destruction look at the text continues that will leave them neither root nor branch nothing is left for the University of Virginia who fear my name the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing his wings and use of a low-fat lifestyle that task you shall trample the wicked for they shall be what's that word actions under the soles of your feet on the day that I do that since the the wicked are going to be burned and then what's left over is the actions the written at the evidence that it had occurred but the wicked themselves are not continuing to exist because the fire is to destroy not just to ensure and again I know the caricature that people have upheld cartoon images I watched Tom and Jerry before to understand your note whenever something new gets all the Clifford Latin under Carter where there were negative often have really good and health always hallows the flaming pit where they live right nobody actually dies in hell but this is not the biblical close of the purpose now is to destroy but to keep alive right any other picture people like on a spit or something like from the roasting earth of the forgeries involving this is not a biblical concept yes there's fire yes it does destroy the note does not exist to endlessly tortured it exists to bring to an end and let this again just in case you think was his one text out of context with building an easy kill Chapter twenty eight we been there several times back up in the Old Testament just before the book of Daniel we go to Ezekiel page eight thirty in your pew Bible Ezekiel chapter twenty eight starting with verse eighteen page eight thirty again this is going back to the fall of Lucifer Satan no and the punishment is going to become his it says you defiled your sanctuary by the multitude of your iniquities by the iniquity of your trading therefore I brought what fire from your midst and it did what and I turned you to ashes on the earth in the sight of all who saw you a fire destroyed leaving the ashes as with the other prophets of said NL verse nineteen to be in the all who knew you among the peoples are astonished at you you would become a whore and shall be no more what Nalley is the firm now you we know more is longer that no more continues which will be forever right there's been a be a destruction by fire it turns to ashes and afterwards it's all done it's a very simple concept help destroys it does not torture is not its purpose is not its function back focus on Psalm thirty seven page five thirty four new pew Bible five three four Psalm thirty seven verse ten you'll see that in the Psalms David always this is great struggle between the wicked and righteous and looked into the wicked will be how the Lord will fairly treat the righteous is very concerned about these issues of justice and equity and fairness notice what he says here and some thirty one five thirty seven and the front page of thirty seven through verse ten for yet a little while and the wicked shall be what what is he mean by this indeed you will look carefully for his place as though there is a location where all the wicked are capped it is a hell of a you will carefully for his place but it shall be no more but you can look high and low there isn't a place for the wicked left wants the destruction occurs they will be done in Denver 's twenty along the same lines but the wicked shall what parish and the enemies of the Lord like the splendor of the Meadows shall vanish into use that word we saw in Revelation when you become smoke you notice you always see things like smoke or ashes being the result of the fire the often hear the phrase in its corner the laws of nature is actually incorrect to say where there's smoke there's fire smoke is where there was fire right in the fire you don't find smoke is when the fire stuff and what's left over the ashes and when the floating of the smoke right here talk about smoke and talk about ashes where the fire has done its work that's what remains a overt over again with the begin of verse twenty one thirty seven verse twenty but the wicked shall perish and the enemies of the Lord like the splendor of the Meadows shall vanish in the smoke they shall vanish away I was term parish with another synonym for parish the busy very very perhaps the most well-known Bible text in all of Scripture uses that word parish for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have notice of the two options are life or death to live or to perish but a great majority even of the Christian world does not believe that text because they say the two options are to live forever with Jesus or to live forever in hell that you two options are live or live the only difference is the quality of the living within happy on a cloud full of bliss or is it no back to the Tom and Jerry is like a cartoon where everybody's ally would you describe very clearly said the two options you have our live or die not live happy or live real real painful but we set on the Scripture saw a bumper sticker one time said a total life smoking or non-smoking right but this was the best the best evangelical concept that everybody lives forever the request is just where and in what condition it was taken for granted that everyone just always be flooding but according to this the purpose of hell is to destroy so that once is done is done good news number two held destroys completely it actually accomplishes its purpose but let's go to number three good news about how number three three five right hell is a win not bakeware help when and not know where what we need a good Job chapter twenty one page four ninety five in your pew Bible book of Job of course are you really stand Job at a very miserable experience Job a very difficult time and course issues of life and death were on his mind in the justice and mercy of God and why would this happen what what was the always different things and in the midst of this notice we read in Chapter twenty one verse thirty it says for the wicked are what's that word in your Bible reserve wicket are reserved they're being held inside the forgot link for a later time the wicked are reserved for the day of doom they shall be brought out on the day of wrath this company was and go along with what we studied last the last time we were together write out the wicked die but then after time they will be resurrected as a second resurrection resurrection of the wicked there reserved and then brought out for the day of wrath and then they'll be destroyed the very simple install at the moment they die of it plunging the things that help them they are being reserved for a day of doom they should be brought out on the day of wrath hell is a win not where the second Peter chapter three way in the back of the New Testament second Peter chapter three page eleven sixty seven second Peter chapter three that will start with the sister with first three weeks over this ground before begins a little broader context second Peter chapter three starting with verse three knowing this first best offers will come in the last days walking according to their own lust and saying where is the promise of his coming remember we studied this on the night of the return of the King for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation that you need be employed as phrase sleeping with the fathers fell asleep like the father 's right euphemism for death right all the generations before them all die and everything continues as was for this creation but notice what he says about these people who say such things first five for this they willfully forget or phrase to willfully forget to choose to not to remember their something you could remember but you choose to turn that off and I want to think about it's like if we choosing not to hear someone talking estimated effort will allow you to foot a willfully forget it by the word of God the heavens were of old and the earth standing out of water and and and in the water by which the world that then existed perished being flooded with water is like you forget the Lord has destroyed the world before and what was an agent of purification water right big slut a black verse seven the heavens and the earth which are now here's our word again preserved by the same word are reserved for what fire but the weather that article until the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men is very clear the earth that we now see is being reserved just like sell back with the same exact wording even from the book of Job the oldest Old Testament and New Testament paid the same picture with the wicked are being reserved is not like the Lord isn't going to do something there just isn't a place that's currently burning that they are being sent to now take there is a day of wrath a day of doom a day of destruction and this time is that of water buyer and the buyer will destroy completely hell is a when and not a wear one underlined this one more giggling June six through the righteous few books here to choose that little skinny book is so small there aren't any chapters June six and seven June six and seven are now we got back anytime at value versus it were to notify persons before it just to give it context okay I don't buy when you see the Bible very clearly only thing we all need to put out this one phrase and it normally lifting all of Scripture I very clear June the sister with verse five it to remind you though you once knew to the Lord having saved the people out of the land of Egypt afterwards destroy those who did not believe the time of the destruction of people all with the Lord very clearly and the Angels who did not keep their proper domain of the Angels who what was their property mainly started where heaven right but left their own abode he has here's our word again what is he going with them reserves in everlasting chains under darkness for judgment of the great day notice the destruction of the wicked even the wicked angels is reserved for a particular time there's a great day of his judgment coming the hell is a win not where by the way it's going as verse seven what will they be like as Sodom and Gomorrah were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by the Lord yes what was the agent of destruction fire rained down from heaven and so we says just like on West Sodom and Gomorrah in the cities around in the similar manner these having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh are set forth as and what example suffering the vengeance of what all right the vengeance of eternal fire has already occurred for Sodom and Gomorrah so let me ask you is there a place on the earth you go over the middle east the location a geographic territory that used to be details of sophomore and they are still on fire no but they are set forth as an example of what happens when someone suffers the wrath of eternal fire what happens when you suffer from each of you could destroy the purpose of the fire is not to just simply torture it to destroy to in and they are set forth in example notices also by the way the fire not to just really scrambled brains the fire is forever the fires forever but the destruction has been an microphone of your following and noticed a sermon example set forth an example suffering the vengeance of eternal fire I met the chapter eight we saw this on the other night it's really like this interaction because Jesus is so clear that the demon is so quick well let's know let's go to one vortex before you go there with her the little one had there than the second tier two six second Peter chapter two verse six starting with verse four of the step two cellular sport I should distribute chapter division is to read it then we'll talk second Peter chapter two starting with verse four same thing we saw a record in the book of Jude for if God did not spare the angels who send but cast them down to hell and deliver them into chains of darkness could use a hop to recount them to help it is a place weight watch the description of the cast them down to hell and deliver them into chains of darkness to be reserved for judgment by the way the location of hell will be right here on earth so tempting to title this message hell on earth but that's where it is any places go to be here December the Lord will come back and if I will destroy this is not currently burning it up when right to be reserved for judgment and he goes back to the flood right and did not spare the ancient world but saved Noah at one of eight people a preacher of righteousness bringing in the flood of the world of the ungodly and verse six turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into what I share this condemned them to destruction making them an example to those who afterwards would live ungodly I don't know how much plainer language could be besides just in the same way these are two different Bible authors now who have employed sodomy Gomorrah as examples of what destruction by the fire of God will be like it will be destroyed again completely in what's left over his actions over and over Old Testament New Testament the same picture is painted now let's go to Matthew chapter eight again underlining the idea that hell is a win and unaware Matthew chapter eight Jesus has this encounter page nine forty two with these demons is not often that you see Jesus and the demons have a dialogue back and forth because they do Matthew chapter eight verse twenty eight when you come to the other side contributors seems men met him two demon possessed men coming out of the tunes exceedingly fierce of the known at that way and suddenly they cried out saying what have we to do when you owed Jesus you son of God I don't know if they were trying to be insulting but that's not at all lately or that they recognize the right and noticed a question have you come here to torment the same languages revelation rights forming us before the war time do the demons even understand that there is an appointed time for the destruction of the wicked absolutely they admitted with their own mouth there is a time coming for the torment with the destruction of the wicked they saw Jesus coming on a your coming early for him not to do that you'll do that later but it's definitely coming they understood that hell is a win and not aware number for good news number four only the righteous will live and everlasting fire Doug and I told you the fire is everlasting I've no problem with everlasting fire when an issue with is the concept of fun in being or everlasting infinite torture the Bible does not talk about that the purpose of the fire is to destroy the fire is forever and so is the destruction being permanent forever Hebrews chapter twelve a one sentence statement page eleven fifty seven Hebrews chapter twelve verse twenty nine very short little simple statement but it's very very profound in its implications for this study says for our God is a what break this down into parts here are God efforts of argon is a fire if you notice that every time that God is spoken of it looks like flames are coming out of streams issue for the wheels of his others others for owner acquired the references to fire right talks about got it here he specifically stated our God is a viable what kind of fire is the notice is not just a low burning flame right it's a consuming fire consuming our God is a consuming fire while that sounds great when caused by the destruction of the wicked but what about those people you trying to say how can you have yell is a problem for us is Revelation twenty two the last page of the Bible Revelation page twenty two verses four and five notice the promises given and we have to think is this really good news Revelation twenty two verses four and five they shall see his face and his name shall be on therefore had speaking the redeemed now there shall be no night there they need no layout nor light of the sun for the Lord give them light that makes sense because the Lord of the what fire is erroneous Sonya got the sun of righteousness right areas of fire right and they shall reign forever and ever apparently people are going to live forever in the fire is just not the wicked whiskey stains out with states will get an amen on that how I no one ever stopped going up to heaven in a jealousy thing Bible Isaiah mental just a minute random because you calling adjournment don't do that no Isaiah thirty three page six eighty seven verses fourteen and fifteen powerful patent on the concept of eternal fire what specific verse fourteen of Isaiah thirty three the sinners in Zion are what afraid fearfulness and sees the hypocrite and notice what's on their mind what's on the cool alumni shall dwell with the devouring fire who among you shall dwell with everlasting burning need to go out with the wicked who noted that the gladiatorial buyer look at the answers he who walks righteously and speaks uprightly to you despises the gain of oppressions who gestures with his hands refusing bribes who stops his ears from hearing a bloodshed and shuts his eyes from seeing evil he will dwell on high his place of defense will be the fortress of rocks rent will be given in his water shall be sure the question is who shall dwell with the devouring fire who among you shall dwell with everlasting burnings and the answer is not the wicked the answer is the righteous think about think about the power that if God is a consuming fire the same God that destroys me that God brings life to all the strength when Jesus comes again the Bible talks about the wicked being destroyed with the brightness of his coming Antichrist powers could be consumed with the brightness of his coming some people will see this at that event think hide us calling up the rocks and mountains to fall at the highest from the face of him who sits on the throne and the wrath of the Lamb yet living with a load of Oregon we waited for him he was famous because God is a consuming fire and what he consumes is wickedness in the question on obligated who can possibly live with this devouring fire will be righteously because God is righteous so we should be interested it is developing a fireproof character you will dwell in the fire first you remember the story likely your stories and how it is vastly overrated Daniel chapter three Nebuchadnezzar by the way try to do the same thing we talk about a question-and-answer session change the times of God liberty was just ahead of goal but after it was to be another kingdom of silver and another one of brass not right but on the plaintiff zero that would happen to chapter two in chapter three he sets up an image top to bottom all made out of goal right God 's word instead your kingdom is great and whatnot but there's another one coming up to you and another one after that and another one after that even than enough about this Mike it was great in the state rate right and he called everybody to come in worship and in the penalty for not worshiping with can be brought into the fire fire consuming fire right seven on the therewith Shadrach the second to go the three were these who decided not to bow down by the way when put to the test don't don't wink and nod and fake people that you notice that in the text they never like they will does the good time to tire shoe right they stood for the right hey this might be my death a real waste of later called out for their faith they had answered before the king the king since I like you guys I'll give you a second chance and they respectfully said we don't need a second chance we understand that my mood is stable enough musicians time were not bit about it on again and he did so many thralldom and the fire but of course he doesn't prefer the Limited commences guards do that right so the guards the wicked are with the righteous and about approaching fire code is the fire destroyed the wicked right regard to further add fellas that men the righteous into the fire they go and then it really blew Nebuchadnezzar to start squinting right not throw three men in their that how is it that I see in this one looks like the son of God with a friend the fate that the safest place for those young Hebrews that day was in the file and the safest place for this in the fire with the low they were righteous there standing for the right the work begins invoices no problem the wicked however the same event destroys the wicked and save the righteous FLV with the second coming the Lord and in this way carefully in this sense heaven and hell are the exact same thing the same fire that destroys the wicked brings home the righteous and according to Scripture they will dwell in eternal father have no problem with a fire being eternal that the great problem with the concept that God will purposely keep people alive prolonging the agony throughout millennia and millennia and unceasing ages of eternity with the picture the Bible says it's going to be destruction and when it's all done it's gone forever the destruction on his permanent and forever the destroying just until it's done that make sense for ever and ever the smoke of sin but not the torture continues one be very clear about this again was the number five now finally good news number five hell isn't meant for you God does not have a picture in his mind is like I hear some people on earth of this was going to have a ineligible to have a good OL Elko heaven hell heaven help he doesn't operate Matthew chapter twenty five with the Jesus himself explaining that the check twenty five this is perhaps the best of the best good news about health that the Chapter twenty five watch this stuff when Jesus describes his own coming this by the way is eighty nine sixty two in your pew Bible when Jesus describes his own coming the other verse forty one when he speaks to the wicked but this effect then he will say also those on the left hand depart from me you cursed into the what everlasting fire the notice as part he says the everlasting pot fire prepared for whom the devil and his angels does the Lord had plans to destroy people and how is that what he's going for course it is one he wants to destroy wickedness and sin and root out rebellion he doesn't want in iniquity and send ever rise up against transgression will not rise again it was compared to the devil and his angels there's no reason any of us have to be there the park for me you cursed into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels develop earlier verse thirty three when Jesus speaks to the righteous what does he say to them and he was the that is there's a sheep on his right hand but goats on the left person before being the King will say to those on his right hand column you blessed of my father into the kingdom prepared for home you the kingdom is prepared for you the fire the destruction and how is set up for the devil and his angels then the King will say to those on his right hand come you blessed of my father inherit the kingdom compared for you from the foundation of the world the plan all along has been for people to be saved and well at the Lord instead of being destroyed by the war board in his eternal fire destruction watch your you fill in the blank destruction in hell as for the devil and his angels friends have been is for you destruction and how is the devil 's Angels heaven was prepared for you know not everyone is going to go this up because the Lord arbitrarily says now you're out there and I want this one a look at without Olympus would you know it's up to you is as I prepared for you the question is do you want to go the fires prepared to destroy devil and his angels and those who instigated this whole problem when you are given a layouts for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life the kingdom was made for you there's no reason anyone should ever experienced destruction of health Ezekiel thirty three or less to text Ezekiel thirty three page eight thirty seven two thirty three verse eleven notice of the says hopefully this helps correct if there has been a misaligned picture of God an incorrect view of the character of the Lord in your mind please let the speak to Ezekiel thirty three verse eleven he says say to them as I live says the Lord God I have know what in what the death of the wicked big old looking forward to destroying his own creatures even I can't wait to do it on the Dragon had one him and make it on the group created no because I live upon the foundation of me existing I say that I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the wicked turn from his way and what live time trying from your evil ways for why should you die O Israel it makes it very clear there is a destruction but you don't have to be a part of it you can swear and live second Peter three nine alas text see we've seen in the Old Testament recently the New Testament shows the entire Bible wraps around this theme God does not look forward to the instruction of the wicked he wants the salvation of the wicked to turn sinners and Saints he wants to take them home second Peter chapter three page eleven sixty seven if you vinyl notice what he says about the Lord and his motives his character in verse nine the Lord is not slack concerning his promise and again in the context of the promise of his second coming finally just because the Lord hasn't come yet doesn't mean he's late nineties slacker slow when we think of someone not doing something what we consider on time we assign motive to it I get some individual to work with and of the work on time you must obviously they don't care about the job or their lazy right or their forgetful is the Lord lazy forgetful or doesn't care actually not so why does the Lord taking his time second Peter three nine address of that very issue the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some count slackness as you might think slowness is about but is long-suffering towards us not willing that any should what parish but that all should come to repentance friends good news number five is the best of them all how isn't meant for you it's meant for the devil and his angels let it happen but don't join in their there is no reason of the bodily friends I will use the over and over there is good news about health good news about the destruction we could say it's been a be complete B it's not the last for ever and ever a least as we understand it three it went nowhere for the righteous will live in eternal floodplains the eternal fire and of course the capstone of all it wasn't meant for you don't let for a moment the concept of hell that has been continually push out in the evangelical world come into your mind as true because the Bible shows that in the Bible picture of God by the way is a God of love God 's justice God of mercy in a God who finishes what he starts he has no pleasure in the death of the wicked wants everyone to come repentance if you have that pictured your mind for God is looking forward to ending people or maybe even better yet not ending them keeping them going right please disabuse your mind that let the Word of God speak to you that there things hindering that relationship between you and the Lord repentance there's no reason you needed on the devil and his firing in as a nice presentation made sense was it clear with the biblical praise the Lord praise the Lord with our heads forward for family fun I want to thank you for being a God of love the God of mercy and the God of justice that you were purification of the universe your rating the whole establishment of wickedness in rebellion and sin something you looking forward to something you're going to do that help us to see clearly from your word that this destruction was not intended for us your plan for us is that everyone should come to repentance but anyone who's willing and have eternal life and not have to suffer the death of the wicked photo last night there's anyone here who has a even struggled with the character of God because of this concept of an eternal burning hell would help us help those individuals to have a more peaceful more accurate view of God from directly from his work in Florida there are many your move allowed something to come in between themselves and the Lord I refuse and your Holy Spirit to cast out all distractions all the temptations all the widths of holding things you would give the victory so they don't have to worry about piercing that they can look forward to that eternal life the author argues are helping the place where everyone was here so that when you will will is in a media was brought audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe this is where seminarians visit www. .net audio person or


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