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22-Temple Maintenance

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • November 12, 2013
    7:00 PM


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please value worksheet number twenty two believe it or not twenty two Luby 's meeting Temple maintenance Temple maintenance no if you notice I'm sure you picked up that each and every night beers been an health feature physical helping not just the spiritual value might've come in at these meetings big Mike I came here to know spiritual things why do they keep talking about health like going up to the opening just tell me the thing that have to do with my soul right well that bubble might adversely thought to be you don't have a soul you are a soul and all of our body all that we are physical mental social everything belongs to the Lord and tonight were good to see you tonight will start at just a couple of practical things of course were coming in for landing this weekend believe it or not we wrap these meetings up Friday night would have important appeal of entire that a long time would be having appeal on Friday night then Sabbath morning would have our final meeting together on Hopewell not our final final meeting of the series of we will continue to meet long after that but a final meeting of this series will be Sabbath morning and in these intervening nights before that time to talk on just a couple of issues of practical Christian living now there are lots of things we could talk about we could talk about having wholesome healthy language come out of our mouths right should not use foul language or take the names Lord got invaded we should have a whole sermon about how God gave given as a mouth that we should be using it to his glory and honor while you have a whole sermon about a financial responsibility you know the Lord talks a lot about money both old and New Testament principles for a responsibility not being in debt all these we can have a whole meeting about that sometime he will we can have a meeting about once with some sexual purity in infidelity is a big problem we want to be pure we don't want to communicate God 's law and all kinds of things in our personal relationships but here's the issue with picking something I'm guessing that for the most part you already agree with those things I'm guessing if I spin up as a preacher the Gospels that you know you should not take the Lord your God 's name in vain your doctor as they now wait a minute you got to show me that in Scripture are they like you have any survey not the green amen I feel great or it recently must be doing Rachel or you can do the same thing the finance response but I think you probably shouldn't live a hundred thousand dollars and that nobody could I think that might actually be a good idea you will reasonably question whether warning on just on these next two nights are something you might have questions about tonight is could be something that the inside of your body health and how you take care of this body blows given you this is open to some sort of discussion right now different people have different ideas of what health means of we need to see what does the Bible actually teach about how to take it inside of her body and similar night were to talk about the outside of our bodies does the Lord give any instruction about things like what we should where and how we should present ourselves does the Lord talk about will be inside and the outside of her body or is Christianity just merely big theory about big ideas or does it come and hit home inside and outside our bodies so tonight by the way I want to illustrate this there is a you went on to say that morning you good morning Jacqueline Osorio you look but before we commit the lift our heads for the worker and father thank you so much again for another day of life opportunity now to come together in fellowship and enjoy each other 's company but most importantly to learn the truth from your work Lord let everything I say tonight be just that the truth from your word that my opinions not slide and let it be clear that what we are presenting is founded solely on the Scripture alone and Lord to that in help but not to be mere theory but help with the final root in our lives application and daily endeavors as we lived to be your people both inside and out for we pray it in Jesus name all right we'll start with Genesis chapter two is a very brief review but there's off-chance that you forgotten what we talk about that evening all are that you were were not here for that evening Somerset the table this way lay the foundation in Genesis chapter two for our message tonight Temple maintenance will be pilot that will get their just a moment just to chapter two in verse seven we find this passage about the creation of man says here and the Lord God formed man of the left dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being is to say he wasn't a living being then God brought the dust of the breath together and that combined makes a living being or as the King James version would tell you a living soul so right there to your first fill the blank in this review but you don't have a soul you are a soul now for tonight work and extend what that means know what does it with some practical application of that bus physical health and spiritual health are not independent of each other were separate from each other these are not two separate worlds we are soul and that soul is combined of the breath of God and the body he's given us right he created forty formed in his image so physical health and spiritual health are completely intertwined they are not independent of each other that would become of this title Temple maintenance will be picked up from Jesus himself but the John chapter two John chapter to pay ten twenty seven in your pew Bible Matthew Mark Luke and John the fourth book of the New Testament about pastor friend who doesn't like to call the old and New Testament he called the Old Testament and New Testament in the New Testament the new Burke estimate I is all the New Testament as we do now before God gives it to us John chapter two page ten twenty seventy P Bible will start with first nineteen Jesus has another interaction with some people who were questioning him it says here Jesus answered and said to them destroy this what terrible and in three days I will raise it up destroy the simple in three days I will raise it up then the Jews said it has taken forty six years to build this temple and you will raise it up in three days on whether the whole interesting sermon why did Jesus say this at this time I mean you find out as later this statement would be rehashed revisited and twisted around so that at his trial which by the way was a mock trial from start to finish right button he could get they could scrape together enough witnesses that Jesus said he was in a destroyed the temple so he's a risk you need to be put out of that I went right but is this what you thought was he talking about the Temple in the in the courts of the hidden all the buildings in the edifice physically well done by the Bible tells exactly what is not verse twenty one when he was speaking of the Temple of what body Jesus referred to his physical body as they what Hemphill you refer to any Doucette destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up they were thinking of the big building your document this double-click forty six years the Bible clearly says you said Temple he was speaking of his own body now she is a slave background work it seems like other writers predict the apostle Paul picked up on that metaphor that analogy that the physical body is a temple and he runs with it was good first Corinthians Chapter six example first redeems Chapter six in verse nineteen now in the immediate context you'll notice that he's talking about not diet and exercise is talking about sexual purity and fleeing fornication but those are still physical axes talking about it he goes on to say in verse nineteen as though it's just a commonsense principle do you not know that your what body is not what Temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God and therefore you are what noted a couple points on your number one we are not our own we didn't make ourselves to start right even if we rejected Christ offer of redemption and salvation we got still have a patent on our body yet he formed from the dust of the ground he's got RCC I can blow with his so just by the fact that he created us at all he owns us by rights but furthermore he came once we sold out of that arrangement and gave ourselves over to Satan he came back and brought us back again with the blood of Jesus Christ so we are twice here is if we claim to be Christians once by creation and again by redemption so this idea is underscored near the Paul says you are therefore not your own people so well I have an allegiance Florida I'll keep my spiritual health of the date of my body I can do see this to go a little bit deeper it might be a couple people are like the deeper stuff for the takeoff loadings in order to deepen for just a minute there is sometimes a very subtle acceptance of an un- biblical picture in our minds on biblical picture is that again I have a soul and it is eternal it is spiritual it lives in the clouds it will go on after my body and then there's the rest of me that physical and I like my heart my fingers I had my eyeballs my knees and all this comes of that but that's the stuff of this earth and so it really doesn't matter what I do in the body is long is my spirit is healthy and we've accepted that the report a dualistic anthropology dual me there's two parts right and an understanding of humanity and anthropology that we are two parts of the Bible clearly says we are one you are the sole and as Paul employs that this would your physical body is just as much a part of your spiritual life as is your mind is it your decisions and everything else so we apply that in this context to sexuality don't think that you can be living sexually one way and still be spiritual another you can divorce the two he says do you not know that your body is the temple and he was the Temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you which I love the question does the Holy Spirit have a body yes it's yours you he has a body and apparently your job to care for to make a place of sanctuary a holy place for our Google ripoff of the universe nineteenth you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God and you are not your own because on verse twenty four you were bought at a price by the way how expensive is the blood of Jesus there's no value but it is no price tag could ever place upon the blood of Jesus if very high price I've heard it said grace is free but it certainly isn't cheap you were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God 's he makes his case that you'll just have a physical spiritual you have all of this intertwined is you and your responsibility God he makes his case again if you backup a book to Romans page ten ninety five interview Bible Romans chapter twelve he again makes this case for Christian living Romans chapter twelve verse one I beseech you therefore which again means to plead to bag I urge you please brother by the mercies of God that you present your what bodies as a living sacrifice that Jesus Christ died the death that we should have died right he was the deck sacrifice the but we are still supposed to be a sacrifice to the one that lives greatly was put to take the death of Jesus Christ and apply it in our lives that we then become a living sacrifice present your bodies a living sacrifice in what condition wholly acceptable to God and he doesn't say which is your reason of both services only makes sense if the logical you're not your own beginning of on and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind you that I learned what the Lord wants from his word make application in your life physically in your body and therefore do not conform to the world your transformed by the word is either the contractor he says don't be caught and formed to the world but be transformed by the word but only the word and the world both want to change you write both the word and the world want to change you both want to create you into their own image the choice is ours we want to be made in the image of the world when we went to be remade transformed in the image of God so he said I beseech records you present your self as a living sacrifice lay yourself down and let the Lord transform you into the image of Jesus in which you originally created to be powerful now back to first Corinthians Paul Jen speaks to this issue and he lays down this beautiful little principle Romans chapter I of first Corinthians chapter ten page eleven oh five and verse there chapter ten prescriptive chapter ten sizes the is the incorrect taxpayer talk much cells for just a minute there is verse thirty one correct your notes thirteen is wrong thirty one is correct to switch the numbers there now cut it out of the tape bill insert everyone saying amen Google and prescriptive chapter ten verse thirty one as he said all therefore whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do do it all how would apparently there's wet again he wasn't talking about this diet and exercise in this passage either BuSpar but the things that you do in this life with your physical body and he says look whenever you eat or the drink or for that matter what ever it is you do make sure you do it to the glory of God which implies they are things that you can do that are thought to God 's glory right again this eliminates this concept was what was unspiritual long as I believe something in my head it doesn't matter what I do with my body or what my heart feels that my body is separate and you're wondering and he says whatever you eat whenever you drink or whatever you do do it all to the glory of God which in this immediate context implies that there is a way to eat and drink that glorifies God and there's a way to eat and drink that just honors God now this would make sense especially if the Lord you know what to tell us what to eat and drink which handily enough he does thank you for that and if he did we would say well just pray and hope that the Holy Spirit would inspire you you know learn some healthy tips is a but what's good about this is we don't have to guess what the Lord 's will is for our physical body he lays it out in Scripture step by step by steps that would unite by the way third John why were in the New Testament with over thirty John chapter one page eleven seventy two in your pew Bible third John chapter one and notice what his prayer for the believers was in his time this is third John chapter one verse two page eleven seventy two beloved I pray that you may prosper in what all things he doesn't just hope you have a good spiritual life will I I pretty prosper in all things and being what an health just as years old Hospers just as you spiritually or flourishing and helpful hybrid I want the same thing for your physical too I want you to know that those go together there intertwined that was the prayer of his heart so let's go back as we do with every big thing in Scripture it begins at the very beginning Genesis chapter one where to start with verse twenty six passes we look at frequently but were to go past where we usually stopped and where I would guess most people usually stop in order to see what else the Lord said Genesis chapter one in verse twenty six were defined three Bible diets three Bible diets recorded in Scripture we start with the first one because you know that make sense there were drawn from their network just to chapter one verse twenty six this is basics of the creation week God said let us make man how in our image according to our likeness but the net dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air over the cattle over all the Army of Earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth so God did what he said and he created man in his own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them then God did what bless them and said to them be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth so he makes man and woman in his image complementary to each other given dominion over the planet and they are the head honcho now they can decide for himself but not look at the other construction loan if he says be fruitful multiply fill the earth were very familiar with that book the very next verse what else does he say to them and God said in addition to that and God said C I have given you every nerve that yields what seed which is on the face of all the earth and every tree whose fruit yields seed to you it shall be for what the notice he doesn't say that when he's bringing all the animals before him the honey don't you religions that you and you can read that story how the Lord God brings all these different animals performed what is with the new event idem or name them again if they are all good utilities you know Terry the rhinoceros now I'm going to eat you out of this ever the names that they go about their merry way right is the Lord and say these are for food these are visit for other things but this isn't on the point to you and say this to you is through would be great if the Lord that in our cupboards or when you're going out to eat when you're the grocery store by Lord I show me what I should eat here perfect I can almost guarantee you easily take you right past so you know some certain aisles and disabling looked him straight let's start with that one with all cool and crisp at the front the produce area that can start right back when you live your for they hear this is good for you this is any point to be said that stuff over here this is the immediate moment criteria every herb that yields seed which is on the face of Europe and every tree this proved guilty to you it shall be for food now continuing on verse thirty also see the call I guess we had a whole DBMS no verse thirty and also to every beast of the earth to every bird of the air and everything that creeps on the earth in which there is life I have given every green herb for food she noticed new listings with seed in it the fruits in the abundance of the plant those of the things that humans respond to eat and the animals were supposed to keep the plants themselves the urban growth on the ground right they goes on to say every birds outside every bird of the air and everything increase in the earth in which there is life I've given every green herb for food and it was so and then we read in verse thirty one then God saw everything that he made and indeed it was very good so the evening in the morning with a six-day I'm guessing we read these or hear these passages read all the time God created that is in it be fruitful multiply fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the earth and he saw what he thought was good we skipped right over the food part one threat in Scripture for a description with more worksheet for the film of blank please notice what these passages tell us the original Eden ideal the original state before sin into the world humans and animals were both vegetarians right there from Scripture humans and animals were both experienced some man's original idea I diet was made up of fruits grains and nuts the stuff that grows above the ground it has the seed in it this is what he's those that basically you can should simplify even further down then ate the food above the ground while the animals ate the food on the ground a bit of there is no mention of tilling and getting down in the soil planting things like the gross up and has accrued and it is for food for you back in the bird itself that's the Vienna the aboveground Buddha for us on the ground food after the animals and that's how it was supposed to be what a simple way to live by the many great in your beautiful healthy beautiful peach what he did with the drop in the ground all it makes another trip this is great it's a beautiful excise to talk about organic but it is so cutting-edge but that was the original ideal of course we know something happen Genesis one and two don't last very long we turn into Genesis chapter three of the fall into sin and brings us this problem by way want to slide this in Genesis chapter three of her studying this notice verse twenty two says in chapter three verse twenty two then the Lord said behold the man has become like one of us of course this is after they send to know good and evil and now lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of what life and eat and live forever so even though that is beautiful even ideal diet it wasn't just the fruits grains and nuts the kept them alive they had been eternal life life in perpetuity forever more as long as they continue to eat of the fruit of the tree of life verse twenty four says well-informed observers twenty three discontinues therefore the Lord God sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken away but still the grounds that we go back while most of it just meant but he drives men outburst twenty four he drove out the man and he placed cherubim at the East of Eden east of the garden of the flaming sword which turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life on a highlight this point in her the bottom of the page there no diets keeps people alive for ever even in the Garden of Eden it wasn't just the diet alone of eating fruits grains and nuts all this healthy vegetarian food the thing that kept them alive forever was the tree of life eating from the tree of life and thus in order to unplug that life they separate the treatment had a nice long life this portable links of life is concerned from our perspective but this is my point eternal life has always needed inserter will always remain a gift from God eternally when I don't want to give the impression that boy finds his feet and not healthy so if I drink just enough water forget is that I'm going to somehow live forever so you're not read the wages of sin is death and were all subject to we don't have access to the treatment someday he will restore that access and this mortal will put on immortality praise the Lord but even in the Garden of Eden it wasn't the diet itself that made them inherently and just live on out of their own they had to have a gift from God given eternal life now I believe however that if we go back closer to that eaten ideal that he will extend this life and give is not just more quantity of life that give us better quality of life that we can start living close to that ideal but diet is not salvation Jesus Christ as salvation when we clear that the net I thought they were good now I get to eat pizzas burgers slowdown let's just do the Scripture says still in chapter three let's go back to verse seventeen why did the Lord have him go in till the ground well it's go back and see one of the consequences of sin what's Genesis chapter three over seventeen then to Adam he said is that we sorely spoken to the serpent he spoken to the woman and I speak to Adam you said because you have viewed the voice of your wife know policy that doesn't mean we should listen to her wives right however if you wife is telling you something contrary to the law God you should listen cool law write this is exactly added music God said you shall not eat and she's okay here eats pieces because you heeded the voice of your wife and eights and have eaten from the tree of which I commend using you shall not eat of it cursed is the ground for your sake three curses the earth itself something is cursed for out-of-state to teach him a lesson something to change about Adam because the Lord 's cursing the ground and he curses the ground for your sake in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life everybody's got the stuff above ground is walk ready fruit of the trees and always brings her heart was great but now you have to be down in the ground notices you shall eat of it all the days of your life by the way fighting the same ground either verse eighteen both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you so not everything is your friend anymore you cannot discern all this with harmful listens good this was bad this is this was dangerous with her prickly thing I want you guys might have what you know things have changed physically on the ground again for thinking both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth to you and your shalt eat the herb of the field will who was supposed originally the herb of the feet animals like you notice there's just as you want to call the food chain that only net evolutionary wise right but the food chain that God established you know mankind take the step down unit will eat the herb of the field now it doesn't say that animals are going to begin eating each other it doesn't mention animals at all and he dear but it does make the statement that man's humanity now will eat what at that point was considered animal food step down the chain you shall eat the herb of the field in the sweat of your face you shall eat bread we're they weren't ever eating bread before right now we've got sweat all the stuff that raise up and make a cooking process of maintenance hanging out literally paying the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground and why does he make this consequence for Adam for out of it you were what taken for dust you are into dust you shall return one of the more interesting tidbits about this the consequences the curses and consequences number one only the serpent in the ground get cursed the man woman don't you curse the serpent the grounded to be destroyed serpents forever the round will be remade to be a new heaven and new earth with the earthen serpent is cursed but the man is a woman both have consequences to deal with it there's opportunity for redemption but if you notice both of their consequences tied them more intimately more closely to that from which they were taken over woman's consequences tighter closer to the man and all the bad stuff with his tie and closer to the ground and he says life for out of it you were taken for dust you are but remember the temptation no-no you can be like God it's like I know you're not you are created being you can be close to the ground work the ground can be tough and even a guy go back to the ground I may give you time a probationary time here on allow you to continue to live but it could be difficult now he retired more intimately to the ground I think that's fascinating how the Lord works that way but notice here in our fill the blank the post fall ideal there's still an ideal notice again that God gives them instructions about what to eat even after sin entered the world fellowman was tied more closely to the ground after sending humans were still vegetarians even after said the ideal the God establishment and was educated man's diet now consisted not only of the fruit of plants but also the plants themselves basically that the demotion down to animal food now the third diet the Bible outlines against the outlines because I don't know that it necessarily recommend but it does allow for this third step is for the book of Genesis still chapter nine all three of these diets are found in Genesis of anybody says on the back of the Genesis diet yet the state Genesis Chapter nine three page seven of your pew Bible here Noah stepped out of the ark and much like Adam and Eve he gets the same for his wife and he is the same instruction that Adam and Eve were given when they first made the planet now this is the planet after the wash pure and have them coming out of the boat was says in chapter nine verse one so God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth sounds familiar yes a endless and noticed that the notice is that and the fear of you and the dread of you shall be on every beast of the earth and on every bird of the air on all that live on the earth and all the fish of the sea why would that be why they get to be afraid of people now will says they are given into your hands case of did you know what he already given dominion over all the earth but something is change what we look to the next verse to see what the big changes every moving thing that lives shall be what food for you every living thing that lives shall be food for you I have given you all things even as the green herbs Ellen asked question was man eating the green herbs his original ideal no it was a concession because of sin of the situation right and always is just like you had that step down now that is that no men just like I didn't know you knew a third step now you can eat animals eat meat and they are good understand that they're going to run away from it right just like the grounds can work against you with missiles on board the riding of telegraph now that is not like it is to walk up to you and often so that he got to go get them right this is good to be basically the next step down interestingly enough but this is a versatile you shall not eat flesh with its life that is its blood sugar to eat meat there are restrictions about this let's go to our fill the blanks after the flood God allowed people to eat meat I want to be clear about this God does allow this but the very next day I also would be good this allowance however included certain restructuring work limitations it was not an unqualified anything that you see you be well it seems like in their as you can read verse three they are hot anything that moves if it had a mom to be dinner right now you are or what is that what you know could look at verse for a given but you shall not eat what the blind so you can use it but you can't eat it with the blood still in it I think that out okay now also there's another restriction again Chapter seven before we get onto the boat just go back a couple chapters before no interest in art or at least before the flood start to come and has began a mold or injuring the Ark by the way every Hollywood movie you see about knowing the articles every single one is wrong no one and his sons didn't go fetch the animals they came to him right the Lord designed this boat he told the flood was coming he brought the animals they are jobless to the build about and call people in and the animals led the way which if I would imagine okay the name of the resolution puts up in your head right then no as drinking for hundred twenty years accident lit up your eyeball the little bit of it is real that he starts building the massive bolt okay he really believes anything but I don't know I need to see some sort of supernatural evidence that there really is a God that he can do this powerful flood think and also and you see all these animals come marching in no human being alas though no ropes no net snow prods just orderly walking me think about it you see cats working together on a project headed to a boat I've never seen cats do anything orderly among that list is not discussed but also dogs and you don't rhinoceros in an hippopotamus and interest in and pick up on maybe that's something chapter seven note as the Scripture says here starting with verse two you shall take with use in each of every what clean animal not people right now you can think Wade amid women would clean and unclean restrictions those are for the Jews that are the ceremonial law will apparently not the differentiation between clean and unclean was established long before any Jew walk the earth this is before Abraham was even a twinkle in Abraham 's grandfather died it wasn't even there in much the same way that one other institution we still keep called the Sabbath instituted originally before there was any Jewish people around any Israelite at all and it continues to this day you notice that here this is before the Israelites rose has nothing to do with the book of Leviticus this is not about that even though the book of Leviticus will go on and clarify what clean and unclean is the establishment of clean and unclean was prior to Israel being a nation is that clear think that was the first to you shall take with you seven each of every clean animal a male of his female to each of animals that are what unclean a male and his female so why would the Lord differentiate between clean and unclean animals because at this point when they're entering the art they are not going in as food and what apparently as they step off of the votes the Lord says and now further than what way by the way you go we all of the corn you can find the hit of all the fruit recovers we just wiped everything out the old didn't think about that didn't God plan ahead said look and noticed he brings more seven of each repairs apparently she can think of fourteen okay and each of these pairs of unclean you were far fewer uncleaned and there were clean but apparently if we got the boat there's two reasons why that is number one the very first thing they're supposed to do is make a sacrifice of thanks to the Lord in every sacrifice throughout the Bible is always clean always clean which represents sinlessness right it points for me Jesus Christ which by the way is where Paul comes up with present yourself as a living sacrifice holy acceptable to the Lord we are supposed to be fewer even as he is you are first on his virtual chapter is very simple so clean is for sacrifice and also clean is for eating as he will further elucidate and articulate in the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy but it's clear that the Lord yes allows them to eat meat but he has certain restrictions namely to first thought has to be clean means and second of all it has to be drained of its blood and which I don't eat meat but I can imagine that would take some of the interest away it can be juicy and bloody and it has to be clean so even if you want pork chops are off like in Oz with you on the Sabbath but if they were my porkchops nonoptimal on nothing where porkchops the Lord is that the handy thing I don't want my opinion told I just wanted to read whatever the Scripture says that the Holy Spirit is a convicted bank licenses continue the Bible by the way you can look this up and Leviticus eleven and Deuteronomy fourteen readable chapters if you'd like it's very interesting reading but when the nation of Israel established at this establish the Lord reiterates and clarifies and expands on his law for example let's take the ten commandment law did the ten Commandments come into existence at Mount Sinai no for instance was there a bow shall not kill way way back in the beginning of Genesis yes otherwise Kane would be in trouble right these lasers of all ages I didn't know that was a rule my benefit we just killed all is clear the Lord has these look good as they come up out of Egypt he has to reach random rate give them he gives them his law clearly articulated speaks it out loud or writes it down with his finger gives Moses and to the right the same way apparently these dietary laws existed before the nation of Israel but as they come out of the land of Egypt he clarifies that and gives them more and more of understanding of how to make application of those missiles of the principles previously established are clarified at policies for the Israelites you see that picture with a look by the way just to real quickly summarize what you find in Leviticus eleven and Deuteronomy fourteen mammals must show the kind that have split hooves birds must not be carrion eaters that is noting that things or birds of prey fish must have scales and fins finally if you're interested in reptiles amphibians and insects there almost entirely from the grasshoppers and locusts you can eat so lit up to be related to music women checking out a know it all the insects you want as long as the grasshoppers and locusts Lewis Gross I'm fine with Abby and unclean but he allowed that one ill by the way again for more complete study unclean like the MOC of Leviticus eleven and Deuteronomy terms chapter fourteen but now let's talk about something else we talked about what the Lord wants to eat obviously his original view night deal was that we never even told rounded off we just walk around if the fruit all the grains are come up often in the plants themselves to be eaten by the animals we eat the stuff above the ground they even stuff on the ground everyone vegetarian and it's literally the Garden of Eden after sin entered the world then there's the step down now we the plants as well as the seeds and depth soil so that we get potatoes radishes and carrots and we have to make the food we had planted in the fight against the missiles so it becomes much much more labor intensive apparently the labor in the beginning was much more pleasant now just stinks as part of the curse but it's still vegetarian then you go to God 's allowance after they come out of the arc and that's what he prepared clean animals ahead of time so they would have sacrificed and clean animals ready but even with in that he gives restrictions you can eat this but within these parameters bank so now we dealt with what the Lord God says you can't eat now we look at how you should eat not what should you eat but how should you be an interesting that the Bible does speak to this pretty clearly it tells you how to even better yet how not to eat watch this is the Proverbs Chapter twenty three basically the principal organ of the spouse now is in that title don't eat like a king now imagine there is a view in agricultural society we don't have the know the modern technology of the things we have today we don't have a society that we have now and most people live in a very humble way and you can revisit for it if you run into hard financial times you start trimming back your budget you and their certain things that start will fancy things going to Lockheed is conformant it is if you don't like rice and beans and Peter butter and the very basics right and end whenever your lungs feel offensive and it was nice big but what if you were in a society where you can eat fancy every meal of the day will in in ancient society not everyone can do that in fact most people live a very humble very simple very agricultural database life in the eighth the basic staples just as Lord intended but there were a few people the nobles of the event the bill royalty the Kings if you will who could eat what ever they want whenever they wanted sadly enough modern America has become the Western world has become pretty much like we could all be Kingsley one eight you drive down the road you can have pretty much anything you want anywhere you want anytime you want as much as you want and I don't believe that God 's ideal for how we should eat notice here Chapter twenty three of the book proper twenty three and verse one and I'm not saying this the Scripture saying minister faced but notice that page six twenty seven pounds twenty three one when you sit down to eat with a ruler that is invisibility with anybody but a ruler in particular implications it was to be fine big bank but right anything you want when you sit down to you with a ruler consider carefully what is before you but when you sit down to eat at home if there's serving that soup salad you don't think that's what you get paid but here you've got all these options don't just start everything before you eat think I will make clear thinking before eating is a biblical principle when you sit down to eat with a ruler consider carefully was before you Bruce to read it to you from Scripture and put a knife to your the ropes if you are a man given to what it's like if you look around like all he's like you would be better off just put in in yourself think I will put a limit on myself right but that knife while hyper Street do not desire is what is fainting Knightsbridge boot list who I never did get the only sermon ever because I think it's a punch but it's fun do not desire his delicacies for they are what dissected who he looks so good it smells so good we put in your mouth is probably taste of good because it feels so good but in the end is it good it's deceptive food with deception and by the way it's lying to you right this is this is a difficult reason so now we happen again we live in a society we can eat anything we wanted in the volume at any time friends I think we should take proper twenty three little bit more seriously like wait a minute before I eat let me think is this good food this is true food or is it deceptive food is it a food like substance or is it actually to thought Doctor want to actually promoting a teacher to just simply says eat food interesting things that are not actually food with their credit food like substance that you like you take apart the Twinkie bar like what you say this is not really taste good okay but isn't food well it might behoove knows what it is really but if it needs food simply helpful consider what you need before you need it Ecclesiastes but I thought that the only places that the wood Ecclesiastes 's return further to the right Ecclesiastes chapter ten Ms. Whitman of course these are all these this Robertson Ecclesiastes at my most brilliant man ever to live the Lord inspired and give them wisdom above all Ecclesiastes chapter ten start of verse seventeen he said Blessed are you oh land when your King is the son of nobles and your princes feast at what the proper time for strength and not for drunkenness they are eating to have fuel to go forward and do things not just eating for pleasure and gluttony and drunkenness he's like you are a blessed land of your led by leaders who eat at the right time and fees for strength and not for drunkenness continues on because of the laziness the building decays and through idleness of hands the house leaks it's almost as though you talk about the Temple is of the body is a temple back into right and through idleness of hands the health leaks of feast is made for laughter and wine that makes Mary but money answers everything don't worry we got plenty of money refine this to me describes our current health situation in the Western world prematurity be anything we want much as we want but don't worry I've got health insurance aware that the hospital where I could pay for villi can pay for another item that is fine this is how they would think about Nobel laureates by the money the meal suddenly that's not a good situation blessed blessed are you if you don't have that in your land Daniel by the way chapter one gives is a living example of this Daniel chapter one as Daniel you know was taken into captivity along with his friends they were scouring Jerusalem Jerusalem and Judea looking for the best of the best not to kill them but to turn them into leaders of the Babylonians there to teach the literature given the new names the Senate religion and make them a number one Babylonian examples right and so they took the best of the best in the neighborhood frame and make them even better and of course in chapter one verse eight by Daniel purposed in his heart out of five got it backup backup backup chapter one verse three after the punchline before we set up Billy King instructed Ashman as the master of his UNIX to bring some of the children of Israel and some of the Kings dissonance and some of the nobles young men in whom there was no blemish but good-looking gifted in all wisdom possessing knowledge and quick to understand who had ability to serve in the king 's palace and they might teach the language and literature of Chaldeans if he wanted to start with good does the very beginning and then make it better at least in his mind first five and the king appointed for them and daily provision of the teams what delicacies regarding her proverb about that right watch out though with those delicacies don't don't don't don't play around when you sit with a ruler 's deceptive food and Daniel had already made up his mind they call it whatever they want to make me read whatever book they want but there is a line I will not cross into Gaza I diversify the king appointed for them and daily provision of the king 's delicacies of the wine in which he drank three years of training for them so this was to get this diet for three years so that at the end of that time they might serve before the game now from among this those of the sons of Judah where Daniel Hannan I have Michelle and Azariah which might know the more familiarly as Shadrach me Shaq and Abednego to them the chief of the UNIX gave names he gave Daniel been a belt other two had a nice shout out to be shown next me shock and Azariah Bendigo but Daniel purposed in his heart 's that he would not the vial itself with a portion of the king 's delicacies nor with the wine which he drank so that was his line in the sand I'm not going to cross that line therefore he requested of the chief of the UNIX that he might night not defile himself now as it continues Daniel asks for special provision verse nine now God had brought Daniel and favorite goodwill the chief of UNIX in the chief of the UNIX of Daniel I fear my lord the king was appointed your food and drink for why should he see your face is looking worse than the young men who were of your age then you endanger my head before the game the notice was concerned what if you turn down these delicacies this rich healthy wine all is good stop release of their mind right you're been into being worse off than the other gentlemen in jails and that was the other way around the worst off it will be better is to make a test that so the kids Danielson the steward who was the chief of the of the UNIX had said O'Daniel had and I Michelle has writer please test your servants for ten days let them give us vegetables to eat water to drink to get these guys he said these gentlemen are going we know you come in here and they been in gorge on the delicacies on the wine will include the fatty sauce can be great for the beloved but let us have a very simple vegetable and water diet and ten days you'll spot a difference ten days as a couple we can half to see what happens in the you can imagine these guys of the drug across the desert there famished everything another given the royal treatment literally should contribute anything want as much as you want anytime you want any kind what is unique they do that for ten days straight when Daniel 's friends are dishonest both are just have water notice what happens so I goes out of her thirty 's then let our parents be examined before you and the appearance of the young then we proportion picking delicacies and as you see fit so do with your service you just just after appearance subito come across like a no less exhausted and healthier and fitter happier and eventually consented within them is better and faster than today's at the end within days of the fair features appeared better and fatter again that's fatter in a healthy sense like a robust obese specular thing in flash that all the young men who rape portion of the king 's delicacies thus the steward took away their portion of delicacies and the one they were to drink and gave them vegetables interesting Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself why did he come up with that because the Lord 's word had already instructed this is on the live faithful to the Lord 's principles even in this foreign place and sure enough the Lords will was clear by the way speaking of one of the sickest a few passages on this Proverbs chapter twenty three again because alcohol is mentioned in Scripture and it can be a confusing thing until you give me some other principles to go along just like the food it also talks about drink proper twenty three starting with verse twenty nine a series of rhetorical questions who has blow who has sorrow who has contention two has complaints who has wounds without cause who has redness of eyes and the answer those who linger long at the wine those who go in search of mixed wine so what's the principle to be learned here do not look on the line when it is read now again in Scripture you have the word wine both in Hebrew and Greek same as fermentative as unfermented out Pollock and you are right nonalcoholic and he says here's a simple principle do not look at his juice of the mind 's wine when it is what when it is read when it sparkles in the cup right it's fermented don't you look at the sparkles in the cup when it swirls around smoothly why verse thirty two because at the last invites like a what serpent stings like a viper like it's going to go out to get you don't even look at it don't even mess around Chapter twenty just a few pages before single property after twenty tells us this counsel wine is on mocker and what is a marker do it mocks it it's easy to talk to plays with the right one is a locker strong drink is a brawler and who ever is led astray by it is not wise it does not make sense to go after this and by the way you can I I we don't even have to have a sermon about this but think about the distraught the effects of our home in our society today only those across the street in order it in facilities of incarceration are there in part due to drugs and alcohol the percentage how many lives do we personally know perhaps of even personally lived where alcohol and drugs and those kind of abusive things have been nightmare of terror in our own lives absolutely helping fatalities on the roads how may times to drinking is involved in a time drinking is involved you know something crazy after something harmful something detrimental always seems that seems for these purposes like the delicacies went in the end it's going to get you the biblical counsel to look at it stay away be done with it more Scripture Habakkuk chapter two six page nine ten in your pew Bible Habakkuk chapter two page nine ten interview Bible verse fifteen whoa to him who gives strength to his neighbor pressing into your bottle even American drunk you may look on his nakedness apparently by the thing a lot of the sexual misconduct that goes on is I'll call related this is not new news this is all biblically says woe to you for that don't be influenced don't take yourself offer to others that always follows of course Revelation chapter seventeen when it was described the antichrist power page eleven eighty five it describes we must use picture language to describe an apostate awful terrible church uses the imagery of a woman but a woman in what condition trial of this revelation seventeen verse five and on her for head was written Babylon mystery Babylon the great the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth I saw the woman verse six drunk with the blood of the saints with the blood of the martyrs and what was she drinking from of course if you go back earlier verse four and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls having in her head a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication with the Bible wants to paint a picture of spiritual infidelity corporately it says here's a woman in her hand is as golden cup is full of all these awful things and she's making everybody it paints a picture of drinking and infidelity they should picturesquely register hey that's not good we should not look at that image and say that something to emulate apparently that's something to avoid she drives back to what should we be like of course the answer is be like Jesus first Thessalonians chapter five first Thessalonians chapter five page eleven thirty seven I believe that where again but I absolutely believe that we are living in the final days of Earth 's history and that Jesus is coming very very soon in preparation for that what conditioned we want to be in I for one would be a late alert and sober and responsive and ready and clear minded faithful first test on chapter five verse twenty three the prayer in Paul's heart and hope whose a prayer for each one of us to now may the grace of God maybe now may the God of peace himself sanctify you how completely sanctified it means make holy completely sanctify you completely and may your whole spirit soul and body be preserved how blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ if we truly believe that were living in the days when Jesus is coming soon very soon yes we should make spiritual preparation but don't dissect spiritual from physical apparently the Lord has an original ideally was terrine mold us into that image and that includes what we do with our body yes actually what language comes at about and what food goes into a wooden drink goes into how we treat this temple apparently it's a simple of the Holy Spirit and we should maintain it as such is life presentation made sense is a clear praise the Lord Bell and what appears to the heart of what a causal irritation about a major rethink a few things but that's between you and the Holy Spirit but my job is to present the biblical evidence and let you choose whom you will serve with our heads forward for family father I thank you again for this great opportunity to come together to study your word to see what it really says the Lord help us to be help us not just to read the Scriptures but help the Scripture to read us in the light of your low of your your truth Lord we ask that you would cut to the Harding cut away anything that is not glorifying human dishonors you anyway Lord help us never to view ourselves as somehow distinct from our spiritual life physical labor to do with everyone with none of the opposites either your word speaks to us in very personal application and help us more than just theory will help it become prior one allies Sunni just like Danny when people see us they can see some for a faith of the glory of God or McDonalds the Lord we ask and you can restrain you are assuming a reprint of his or her a media was wrong audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe and life is more certain that the visit www. audio person .org


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