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A Love Story

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 10, 2007
    5:00 PM
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for Mrs. tonight and title I love story is also called the city of fire and that this is this is a message that I pray that will leave it will leave us truly desiring to get closer relationship with Jesus Christ someone asked you pray for me and some of his aching and I'll not pray to value enhancement spirit of God be with heavenly father we come before you one last time recognizing that we are all miserable wretched naked in the we need you more we need to and tabernacle with us we need to speak to us to draw our hearts and diamonds we ask that Jesus would be the cetuximab and that we will be drawn by your spirit free Jesus amen if you would open your Bibles will take your Ezekiel chapter twenty eight we'll start reading the first thirteen speaking of Lucifer Bible says there now has been in Eden the garden of God every precious stone was not covering the sun is the told that the diamond the barrel beyond the Jasper the Safire the Emerald and the carbuncle and gold the workmanship of thy tablets and other heights whispered indeed in the day that thou wast created thou art the anointed cherub that come with and I have set the sole novelist upon the holy mountain of God thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire the Bible tells us that Lucifer in heaven was not only a beautiful angel not only did he hold a high place in heaven but the Bible tells us that Lucifer walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fine what is that mean if you would open with me or turn rather to the book of Exodus chapter twenty four Exodus chapter twenty four and verse seventeen the Bible says and both sides of the glory of the Lord was my devouring fly Europe on top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel the five-year the stones a five-year that Lucifer walked up then down again in heaven who represented the fact that Lucifer walked up and down in the very glory of God the very presence of God by the fire also represents something outside my future in your Bibles to the song of Solomon chapter eight the song of Solomon chapter a dynamite for you to look with me at first six the Bible says there sent me as a seal upon Barnhart as a seal upon my mom for new love is strong as death jealousy is cruel as the grave the cause thereof are coals off on your which have a mostly Phoenix Lane many bloggers cannot claim should want the so let's put this together when the Bible tells us that in Lucifer walked up and down in the midst of the stones of finder 's fee was walking up and down in the very presence and glory of the father but not only that he was walking up and down he was surrounded in the very essence of God no can you imagine I want to understand that in the Bible the fire of God represents is the and Lucifer was surrounded by the spiders surrounded by this love and when we we are told that it was a fun mess this place he rebelled against the law of God and we understand that the law of God is really on the ball of what in fact when God brought them all on tables of stone oh well the law in fine Lucifer walked up and down in the very presence of God 's love and when he rejected that he was cast out from the midst of the stones of fire now it's interesting that there was a vacancy in heaven windows the front was cast out from the fire and we understand that mankind was created in part to fail that they can see a man God is not a repopulate having with humanity someone got created harmonies it's no wonder as no surprise that I was able to be created with the ability to stand in the presence of God now you understand the Bible says that our God is a block consuming fire but I will need to get their perfection were able to stand in the presence of God and not be consoled however when sin entered what the Academy need to they went running when he read a statement to you for the book education page fifteen face-to-face heart-to-heart communion with his maker was Adam 's high privilege what face to face masking can anybody see the face of God and we know why the they would be destroyed by his press portfolio anatomy 's professional face-to-face heart-to-heart communion with the most is with his maker had remained loyal to God on this one and then forever but his disobedience by disobedience this was forcing through saying the divine likeness was marred and well-nigh obliterated so when sin entered an ottoman even when running from God because God is a want consuming fire but their concept of God is all that has really changed in my life fire a huge warm right but we don't like to put our hands what in the fly when I'm in a sandy flat of anything that could walk up and says talk to God and it was nothing in fact sci-fi they were fireproof but then when sin answers they suddenly realize that they are naked and I believe that they had roles of light around them now roles of Leiden I cannot think of this Mike in the light simply relevance of fighter and that far-fetched but because you know that in the book of Revelation we are told that God 's people will be given wide roles and the wash for white this degree program pros which newsletter how do they light lands and buildings electricity five can you imagine rules of fire will want to put one on and so the amount him even the barn had no running from him and Don realizes us in his word realized but don't understand that he is now enough and was put into into place a plan that will allow mankind to once again stand face to face with his major the gospel then is really simple in its purpose is to bring us to that place where we will be prepared for the second coming of Jesus and not be consumed how does the gospel seem to do this Matthew three eleven job about this and I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance but he that cometh after me is mightier than I was suicidal not whether there he will baptize you with flying and with the Holy Ghost so there is a spiritual baptism off I yard that prepares us to stand in the presence of God who is a consuming walked five what is that fire represented were baptized with God 's love and the ever felt a burning in your heart for somebody special now it is like a five year ever felt the fire but this will be the one in trouble I understand but the gospel is designed to reignite the fire in our hearts amen to have us to stand in the presence of God consulted me it is it comes as no surprise that the gospel is often explained in the terms of an story Ephesians chapter five verse twenty five husband love your wives as Christ also one note that sure us and gave himself for me the gospel beloved is a nonstory amen and what's really interesting about this love is that when we get to the book of Revelation under the same something that may shock you but a revelation is the alternate love story it is the story of a bride bridegroom and an antagonist who says in essence give me a couple of moments with your woman and I bet you that I can steal her heart goes the bride the Church who is the bridegroom Jesus and who is the antagonist see it's a lacerated my idol stars it's it's it's this quote I saw them last page four fifteen it is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is in shouting the world men are losing their knowledge of his character it has been misunderstood and misinterpreted at this time a message from doctors to be proclaimed a message in illuminating its influence and saving in its power his character is to be made no into the darkness of this world is to be shed the light of his glory the modernist goodness mercy and truth those who wait for the bridegroom 's coming artists say to the people behold your God the last range of merciful Mike the last message of mercy to begin until the world is our renovation of his childhood there no did you get that the mass message to be given to the world is a revelation of the character of keys the one thing will be certainly understood from the study of revelation that the connection between God and his people 's clothes and decide on a fresh redneck one thing how do you get what you mean when you study the revolution you're the sweetest love story between God and his people but without indeed that is what it is and then we say this the purpose of the revelation of Jesus Christ is to prepare rest for the revelation of Jesus Christ amen the purpose of the revelation of Jesus Christ is to prepare us to stand in the face of Jesus without being what comes in seven out as we begins on Paul is also a revelation of a nonstory you know we often the disability and weekly outings a net this is a military book not advanced as on nonmilitary conflict for us who will be able to stay who was introducing the hardest but I want to share with you today a new view of the book of Revelation it's an all you really exist maybe you haven't seen it this way because the state events is really about the those who love Jesus the moves are the one that making the time of trouble it's the most amazing because when Jesus first came on the scene John the Baptist served as the friend of the bridegroom what is the friend of the bridegroom don't behave like the guy that that goes between the bride and the bridegroom and what John the Baptist John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way he went to the bride say listen you've got to get ready because the bridegroom is why is coming but we don't have the John the Baptist John the Baptist died he had in the book of Revelation we are introduced to a new frame of the bridegroom who is the new friend of the bridegroom it is John the rapidly John is not Amanda thought that she has chosen so John is not a go-between between the bridegroom and the bride John turned the rights of the Bible tells them of any most of the bodies of missing bride this is what you need to do it in the writing for the wedding John is the new bride or friend of the bridegroom and so that is what we understand now is the book of Revelation is really a letter from Jesus and Edinburgh 's receipt of a medical reason John the Baptist is writing it he said this is coming from the heart of the bridegroom and his assistants on your floor is why I so not as we begin to look at the book of Revelation and just enjoyed very briefly we find in Revelation chapter two one three opens up with the seven charges of the all that is is the story of the bride and bridegroom are rather that the bridegroom seeking after his bride as the antagonist trying to carve out the prime tenant begins with a fresh start status is and what his letter you have left your first love and what we find down through the ages the seven charges both dollar and lower and lower and lower but guess what happens by the layout is the insurance you know the latest insurance returns to their first love CR is a negative amount of the lukewarm wretchedness with the land is in charge the water anesthesia actually means the people of the judgment and the time is coming when God stretchable sake not just me because I'm ready I want to note on the and then begins revelation chapter four and Revelation chapter five and the love of you have a beautiful scene of because Jesus is saying before his father and what's happening there if he is getting permission to personal the broad the revelations on the five and six mobile rather than chapter six with our ride on a wider morning who was a writer on the Whitehorse HG and what is he writing forth to do the Bible says he's writing forth conquering and to conquer what is he trying to conquer what is the outcome he is like that night in shining armor but love writing after his charge saying that he has going for it he felt that are all in his hand on his head and he is going forth to conquer the hearts of his people it's a love story and the seven seals depict the same thing it depicts the bridegroom or the broader the antagonist rather doing all he can to attract the right we get down to Revelation chapter eight through eleven and we find the seven trumpets how the enemy of souls would seek to destroy to manipulate the bringing false doctrines and false teachings into the broad we move further down we get to Revelation chapter twelve we find the woman hiding in the wilderness because she is solid loving Jesus Jesus saying you can chase me all day long but I will not give you my head she's hiding where in the wilderness and then about in Revelation chapter thirteen because the devil has done all he can and because he is tried to bribe and talk to manipulate in Revelation chapter thirteen we find all this gathering the gathering of all the forces of the beast and the dragon of the false prophet all China gathered to force the bride to reject seasons and as you leave this for the attack no book of the Revelation fourteen we find a counter for seats in the three Angels messages amen we find God sending these renamed to tell his bride this is how you are prepared for the last days this is how you understand against the beast that he is admitted at his more and then undoubtedly get the revelation chapter fifteen the semifinal please did you know of the seven final place in the love story because beloved as as as as the world is gathering around to destroy the people of God those seventh legs are in essence God 's manifestation of his love for his charge and what he's saying is you will not touch my woman back off on the story in Revelation chapter seventeen we find introduced daredevil 's girlfriend and what the devil 's girlfriend after she tries to get to the products they love Melbourne and ninety she would say your non- newswoman you don't need a man you are your own woman as she tries to influence and she comes with all her stuff back down and she's trying to get the pure are looking woman to look like her and that's why in Revelation eighteen destroys a girlfriend don't play with my bride Babylon is fallen his pharmacies cast into the sea and at any of the are you sending a far off for her and her smoke ascending and then because Revelation chapter nineteen beloved and we have to build dry County to rescue the bride don't dry tomorrow sorry coming to rescue them from when Jesus Christ was on that and what was with the armies of heaven and he is coming to save his woman Amy and then in Revelation chapter twenty we have been thousand year honeymoon blue and other Avenue has use of the county has spent our honeymoon without eleven inch face us at in Argentina demands that women get mad and send the honeymoon like okay but not normally black carbon that is Jesus and he intends his woman and that are on one thousand year time in glory and then revolution chapter twenty one happily ever after it's a love story and other the point is that all these goals who know Jesus thoughts in the last days that they will give anything for him already goals are the ones that make you through last the evening now you know we think of love story we think of an emotional connection don't be as an act and you know I think so often when we think about love for Jesus we think of this kind of love yes Jesus we know you and you know I mean enough husbands how many funny I love you is satisfying because he always says that as we said you know what what is loving the same love is a wireless principle so many I love you why because its principal know we all say that another window would talk about someone that we love you just love is a principal and principal influence an emotional connection a net as so and the saying went another we might love the dodges of this church we might love the teachings we might have the children it's different from loving season you must have an emotional connection with Christ's and I'm not talking about emotionalism where everything you do is dependent upon emotion but what I have seen the event he was a sake did not our hearts burn did not own hearts and set out on a get some really interesting because you need to understand something here did you know what I'd like you to turn to the book ask you what will in the Bible is the least read book because you wonder what in the world of this book do it in the Bible if you have sought asylum in Waterloo while this is going to the Bible I have come to believe that the song of Solomon is a prophetic book what is it about it's a no story is about a man out in a module Solomon who was Solomon anyway Solomon is little son of a son of David Valassis call center be Jesus couldn't do that for those of you who were here for my afternoon meeting could be that Jesus is the second Solomon as busy as a second Solomon that of who is the woman that Solomon is speaking to in his book the insurance I thought a lot of it is very possible in my understanding that the song of Solomon may actually be a complementary book the book of Revelation in fact notice that it is called the song the what the song of some and in the book of Revelation they seek about the song of the of the land and I just wanted pretty possible that these two songs are connecting currently possible that cause would learn the song of Solomon was a song of love are the ones who end up singing the song of the man which is a song of victory suddenly say something through the book of Solomon saw Saul Solomon in Revelation chapter eighteen ninety to turn there in Revelation chapter eighteen the Bible speak this office power name Babylon that will shy induce a whole world to join on the wine analysts argue that as he opened the book on the song of Solomon the very first Mars is frightening with them with prophetic meeting sells Solomon chapter one and verse one the song of songs which is Solomon 's notice person rather than that and here's me with the kisses on his mouth formed by is better than wine this is the bride speaking what is it that Jesus God God 's people from partaking of the wine of Babylon in the last days then I will want one season on his own solids in the home with you that you are now is better than the wine of that authority you see on the story in fact but says let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth the first one there is is actually translated in the Hebrew has harmed so that you are need with the kisses on his life God 's people beloved in the last days are armed with the love of Jesus signed by one of the armed humanity our beloved but this incredible love for Christ and OSS for she got a lot of things wrong maybe one on after the digging has brought me into his chambers we will be glad and rejoice with us and when Jesus was on was here on earth what do you say to his disciples and I is I the why him from the young well no one 's wrong all men underneath the bride speaking of her bridegroom is solid nubbin Jesus and what he did on the cross for our values and wellness journey story my brother six nine went to Penn State University propose to his girlfriend on the day of her graduation so you know Penn State University thousands of people there and all teammates is this the sob poster and on the poster said well you marry me space Sally gall studies in the top no one probably just enough so you can read a walk across the stage as Saturday my brother all six Monahan that's that thing down on one person product growth of the summer and all of a sudden you know Stacy Lazar as you write down the stairs yesterday and there is a five and on having all the dramas in the plays are trying at every is thinking all is going on and had an and with evidently two thousand years ago Jesus stood before the watching universe and stretched out his hand and say we you know will you marry me and saw the crime as she is reading here's what everything you see Ezra memory the proposal of Jesus Christ on the cross see same how can I have ten no thank you Babylon no wine for me no way for me it's a story about Psalm sixteen arthritis on chapter one start chapter one and verse sixteen notice of the Bible says the bride is still speaking behold thou art fair my beloved gay pleasant also however bad it is green our bed is green what in the world is she talking about our bed is green you want to find out with me to Psalm twenty three Holger place they're going to be the song saw in Chapter twenty three you get this imagery of her lying down in the field with her bridegroom and notice what he says here's something for you know that the Lord is my lot seven I shall not want he may give me to do what you lie down in green houses he immediately beside the still waters he restarted my soul you need me in the paths of righteousness for his namesake and though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no all evil beloved by the time of trouble and upon God 's charge she is so in love with Jesus that while everything is gone chaotic sea saying our big screen armpit is green and I wanted and not in a shutout that you know I want to the time of trouble I still love you any screen but not a quite different from the picture you have a bear pulling their hair out you know that's a really good where pulling out here I know beloved while we may be struggling mentally it is not on our roster of Christ's love for us because beloved we would have such a relationship with him that we know no we had that certain fee amen that are sorry for this is what the devil was not expressed in the last eight again I want to turn with me the song of Solomon chapter to Saul Solomon shouted to them where to skim through this fall Solomon chapter two and first eight is for the Bible says he is the bride speaking the voice of my beloved behold he wants a comment related upon the mountains skipping upon the hills did you know that the second coming was a romantic evening behold my David come on in a homily was one of logo when Susan just come in and say below this is the one behold my watch below the con numbness is not according to the score Saul relative sanity that when Jesus comes they will arrive at a high saying a high pass from the wrath of God that no one should get a significant can you imagine walking down the street when the NBC somebody wanting in the other direction with their eyes wide open terrified and you're just like an end a ride and they symbolize for your lies right for your loss I am I you and Elizabeth Russell and what is the matter with you above another this is one of the week and find out how I is from the days on the way the one who comes to rescue his people no one who comes to say all that more than they solve Ms. understudy is director that they they run in terror just like having a need in the garden song of Solomon chapter two verse ten notice with the bridegroom says all this is beautiful in answer to the bride saying this is my beloved it will become a notice firsthand the bridegroom says my beloved aunt about the Bronx is my beloved spake and found to need this is the bridegroom now speaking rise up my love my fair one and come away for all of the winter is past the rain is over and gone beloved this is Jesus 's invitation at the second coming weight he says the winter is over the rain is gone at the time of trouble is ended come on let's go home anyone interested in school and then I want to go this on some incentive for an verse seven the Bible says there thou art all fair my love this is the bridegroom speaking to his bride thou art all fair my love there is all the spot in the abroad has raised herself from every spot and wrinkle my because of her in-laws for seasons she has been cleansed and purified by the eBay I need to find his Rehoboth size so much yes that will tell you how Jesus looks at his church cannot look at verse nine notice when the bridegroom says to the bride doll has ravished my heart my sister my spouse now has ravished my heart with one of thine eyes that romantic Internet of faith I don't think I can finally hear that equivalent in another place he says here turn away thine eyes from me because they have overcome me five solid solid substance was like trying away thy eyes from me for they overcome me to the Caesar says turn away thy eyes on me when they have overcome is like all don't looking husbands one day when you're home he was bluffing hope I is somebody much that I had lot in life turn away your eyes for me for they have overcome anxiety here with your wife will now and eleven we are announced when we understand that Jesus is not halted in PAC team of his charts on the story amen noticeably song of Solomon chapter five song of Solomon chapter five and verse one the Bible says here in fact many start with first also reverse when I'm come into my garden my sister my spouse this is this is out the bride and bridegroom speaking I gather monomer with my slice I need my money with my honeycomb I have drunk my wine with my milk Ito friends and shrinkage is abundantly old enough to not use the bride speaking I sleep but my heart waking and ask a question what was not sure if sleeping with what Orthodox Church sleeping think about eighteen do you remember that the top of the ten bridegroom unintended the ten virgins and they were all asleep and then all cobbles are awake on the convergence so much of the business we read I sleep at my heart ranking it as the voice of my beloved son you can't say he opened to me my sister my love my dog my undefiled for my head is filled with the doing of my thoughts with my months with the chops my thoughts with the drops of the night so what you have here is that the bride is sleeping and then she has a knock at a door and the bridegroom is a opened the door verse three I have put off my how shall I put it on I have washed my feet house and I just love them what he is being put on my coat and come on out there I'm ready for you know I have prevented myself your traveling I know you're coming I read the prophecy that says that the daughter is about to open and I love the child what really got out there into the world in a following and many many read on some more my beloved put his hand on the phone of the daughter of my guy was removed for him I rose up to open to my beloved my hand shot with merit my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh upon the handles of the above lot I opened to mind another but my development had shot himself and was go I opened up my benefit who I thought was charming according to a prophecy in Daniel chapter eight verse thirteen fourteen but when the day came I couldn't find my beloved he was gone China help here and so they goes on to say myself failed when he's mad I saw him but I could not find him I called and what he gave me no answer then it says the watchmen that went about defending found me a small mean they wounded me in other words for the watchmen also was supposed to be standing on the Gates of Zion yet the past is the ministers also had a watchman the watchmen farther and said ha ha Ha you thought that Jesus was coming he was not that he was at the door it even says they talk our way or the keepers on the walls soak away my day out from the man are you following the will fail the aliens these of evidence in a most holy place person they have no sanctuary he was semi- Seventh-day Adventist and you know what from that time until now God 's people have been ridiculed and laughed at and mocked that but you know the Bible tells here in verse eight when the woman which will finally get an opportunity to speak to the world this is what she said I'm sorry to all daughters of Jerusalem if you find my beloved tell him to come and avenge me so I am down prosecuting me and I made to the rescue Callahan that I and sing out loud that's another way of saying love seeing now you don't catch that because the bride is being prosecuted under the engine is one hundred and at the moment she gets a chance to speak Jesus okay we find Jesus of America when she gets her opportunity to speak she has assigned gender events are popular prosecutors she is just so in love with Jesus I will not think that that's all she can talk about the final manifestation that this will need to see if the revolution of the character of the love of Jesus and now wants the now now it's interesting that this is how the daughters of Jerusalem respond in verse nine whomever she spoke to the daughters of Jerusalem which represent other searches I want to do this in the verse nine after they see this incredible display on the bottom of the I think all women what I do nothing more than another the lobby on when and what is your sees us to you a lot in the Jesus that we learn what is so special about this there's something here that I see that interest me on as anybody excited what is thy beloved more than another what is thy beloved about that so charges and now the Brian gets to respond to give the gospel message about her beloved and what she says my beloved is wired and ready the chiefest among ten thousand shares of the most fine gold has lots of pussy and Black is a Reagan advisor is the highest adults by the rivers of waters wash with milk and fitness in his cheeks are the best slices parsley flowers is Libby is dropping sweet smelling burnt if Arizona's gold ring set with Beryl is valued as of right ivory ornaments off positive measures as a marble set upon the thought of the ball his countenance is of Lebanon accident as the Cedars his mouth is most sweet day he is altogether lovely this is my beloved and this is my friend all daughters of Jerusalem done now to try is the revelation of the character of God not all she's done the arguments have been presented now it's about lifting Jesus don't you know what you know what I would do anything for him about you yet guess I'll do anything for me and not eleven this is beautiful you know what happens when God 's people give them out privately distribute you a revelation of the love Jesus Christ the very next verse in chapter six of the other women respond this way chapter six verse one when there is not enough in the on hold off there is among women whether inside another turned aside that we may see in way the one I the revelation of Christ revealed through his people will cause the other women just say okay that Jesus heals Sarah is that since he's up on a farm where is he may follow him you beloved a new love story I want to turn that into some Osama chapter four verse sixteen song of Solomon sent the former sixteen this into the try on the broad she says first sixteen awake all night when I come down south below on how to garden that the spices thereof may flow out in otherwise another that shall get to the place where they house already for Jesus to come that they say Jesus you can go ahead and let before Winslow was a monstrosity of a sweet smelling sacrifice to show you how much we love you so the devil puts on the heat we just want to give you with Jesus on the show of appreciation of how much we love you so go ahead and install were ready Jesus to show you that no matter what happens we love you see right now when we know that the rings go by because the people of God are not screen while berating this is the cause we don't yet have a revelation of the character of his love living in our hearts go with median song of Solomon chapter seeks and verses for song of Solomon chapter six in verse for this and to what Jesus says oh no and we already read that verse let's go ahead to verse eight on chapter six verse breasts were in my here breasts birthday that's right verse eight this is beloved you know what it amazes me in the in this mankind that there are so many younger than his reading and not speaking here there are three scar will and force court concubine advances without number my dove my undefiled is but one who do you know that they has come and when Jesus is going to reveal who he is woman is yeah there are many women out there and letting Iselin ensue yes they're doing good things etc. but seasons while Charlotte Cooley 's show charge and is in the last days we don't need to worry about that God himself will declare the broad it's all right here before our very eyes and then he says in verse ten from first first first nine months of my dishonest but once she's going one of her mother she is the choice one of her mother that the club of season size limit her that they are the daughter saw her and blessed her yet acquainted in the concubines and they praise to God says that everyone else with technology to for I was seeing that and looking forth as the morning fare as the moon clear as the sun year without women in Revelation twelve that is standing on the moon with the glory of the sun shining in her face because she is reflecting Jesus Christ standing upon the morning because as the more reflects the sun saw the word of God reflects Jesus she standing on the word of God who is she than the fourth as the morning fare as the more clear as the sun and terrible as an army with banners God 's choice in the nasties and what is the banner is the banner of love his banner over me Islam the bride say it's not honestly one more person assaults on women chapter eight psilocybin chapter eight and verse six says we has a seal upon thine heart of the field of online arm for knowledge is strong as death jealousy is cruel as the grave the polls are the files have the most human slaves many Waters cannot quite small neither can the floods drown it if a man would give all the substance of his house for mold it would probably be condemned when the devil comes and is take the Mark of the beast or die abroad with a sorry love is as strong as death you can also reject the mark of the beast on those who love Jesus so much that they say well you know the display and take my life and because I will not reject Mina it's announced him I want to come to the combination of this message because once we understand that the gospel is a nonstory and once we understand that it is preparing us for something greater now we need to understand that have been a few days since he off on your music pastor how would you mean heaven is a city of five okay want to listen even when God came to Moses and Moses saw a voice that was what that was burning do you realize that in that burning bush wasn't the gospel in action Moses of the bush and so how is it that this Bush is burning but it is not what concerned God was trying to illustrate the most is the gospel plan and that burning voice he was same old if this is what I want for you nothing about this in Daniel chapter seven we are told that God sits upon a throne made of one since they made of a phone covered a lot fire this guy was like a throne of firing as we had a frame 's wheels as burning fire do you realize that Jesus says to him not overcome it I will be running the sit in my father 's throne now how you benefit of the highly venison and a five-year eighty one burning here on a not only does not stand up under fire not only in Barcelona by the Bible himself is a lot consuming fire the Bible says that even angels long like a flame of fire the Bible even speaks and renovations at the fifty first two thousand individual in the basin are standing on AC oblasts are stalled in the men who weigh fun so when God come to get his people to take them back to have peace bringing them to a city of five now whether that may beloved very simple heaven in the city of love okay that's why I suggest everybody there is on fire for God somehow glasses now beloved when you get to heaven and on Dorothy 's unity wants to come over and I just can give you great big do you realize what would happen if you were not prepared to see God face to face do you realize the fact that you want to enter into this city off on your that it would be like torture to you see God is on the Angels of love and they all wanted to come up attachment talk to you but you'd be running from everybody and having you in the running for your lives sometimes ideal for heaven is that he is preparing us to be able to stand on the sea of glass mingled with five hundred eleven one of the three Hebrew boys were thrown into the midst burning fiery furnace and what happened because they had been love of God burning in their hearts they start and end of farmyard were not the kinds likewise beloved when we get to heaven in addition do you know that God wants to burn you forever did you know that God wants nothing more wants to burn you are an effort ever and you never thought you hearing in his pastor say something like that and worse you have it on film but let me prove to you from the Bible that God wants to burn youth for time with me I say young thirty three and verse fourteen when you get there please say a man if you can have came the sinister design are fraying fearfulness surprise the hypocrites who are less sound twelve of the divine father Anna Southwell was everlasting by means he got is waiting will wow plan and I've always been taught that if somebody can not have everlasting driving phenomenon and is not the weekend that while the everlasting burnings in the right such that are you ever tell anyone about forever you never thought you answer yes to a question like that what she doesn't want getting righteously and speaking him rightly to satisfy the again of the apprentice second attack from holding a prize of stop his ears from hearing a blind shining eyes and seeing the evil he will burn forever yes while heading off any off-line inside the cause the widget installed fonts that he was not them into heaven for that very reason did you counsel in that many reasons you beloved by customers regardless of its five forty two hundred thousand lives have been spent in rebellion also I have been spent in regarding his God be suddenly transported to heaven I witnessed the high holy state of perfection that exist there every solo fell in love every countenance beaming with joy and rapture and music in the melodious strains rising in honor of Donovan on the seasonal strains of mice dwelling upon the redeemed from the face of him who sits upon the throne could be whose hearts are filled with hatred of God of truth and holiness mingle with a heavily wrong and joined as songs appraisers could they enjoy the glory of God and of them know no years of probation were granted them that they might form challenges ahead but they have never trained the minds of most purely they had never learned the language of heaven and now it is to me missing a life of rebellion against God on unfitted them for having its purity holiness and peace would be torture and then the glory of God would be a consuming fire they were all to flee from the only place they were unwelcome distraction that they might be hidden from the face of him who died seventeen the destiny of the wickedest fishmonger on sliced their exclusion from heaven is voluntary but themselves and just and merciful on the part of God did you hear that just and merciful on the part of .net and explain why this is usually when you see the city of God descending there are that there is transparent while all the way to be able to look into the city and see the righteous standing on the sea of glass mingled with longer and then I wondered how is it that they are standing in the presence of God standing on the sea of glass mingled with founder and yet they are not and another daughter that I have to explain to them hanging in the CD of funny having is seeking a loan and pencil I can't let you win because you know the bigger but I want to get in the know that they want to take the city or go to want to get in and say why can't we get in and the Bible says that God is to do something in the Bible as to cause any as strange and otherwise causing the mysterious farewell using another as the wicked are saying why can't we enter into the city of heaven and as I slammed them understand and love that's okay the only thing that remains into his diamond Street why cannot enter the city of confusion demonstrated gone will hug the wiki one last time with those great arms of my which represent his people embrace the wicked one last time and I completely feel that every bride they will get a taste of heaven and it will be hell for them in a fight David cried over his son Absalom Jesus and the father stretches almost armed and constantly given the weekend when they understand that if they want to enter heaven in the state and would be eternal torment say please destroy and God because he is the destroyed leaving them appointed Malachi chapter four verse wanted to neither roots nor branch turning them into ashes and now you see what the devil has done is so righteous that burn forever God must awaken she wants to burn them forever by the gap I have somehow twisted and taking it to say that it's the weekend that burn forever and God is capable of doing something like that Naha you how you out of God is love with Kijiji burning in the Finder for ever and ever and ever and ever and it's watching you and does when you're not funny so now I know we have only begun no nothing God is no God is love and even in his destruction of the wicked and it is still seen that John is not so who pulls with a thought for you in the flow there was a sense of anything that was not found in the heart and it was not destroy you know that you really account on another website on the resident on other people resident in but there was one set of creatures that were silently on Dunbar not destroy no changes were the same creature Germania County says everything is going to air in the morning upon trying on in whose nostrils was the breath of life Wyomissing is very simple John rain down water on the earth but they didn't have the same night because they were already in the last days God is not a rangefinder on this username on for now will be the ones that survive all those who are on your creeds all is well understandable and learn what it means to be baptized in his liar and my God burning in the heart and soul consuming then that when Jesus comes this is like finer and finer and finer on on another is because as soon as I fire was never meant to be a fearful thing is the reason why Don may have been in the sorry state is in heaven in the city of our sin has caused disability on your something evil just like the fish creatures may save who ever wants to go to the air would be sure another dot has made us able to dwell in the midst of the stones of fire I understand me something and as I is that in an amine moon him for an airline to me her and a pass she had had an him and him and him or her him and a is a him and to the man or wrong there is a possible doing things of this world and cause you only give out your heart and your mind and testing of when and as part of you is hot and the same awareness that's me but when the dry run a because our goals the whole universe how difficult they are to stand in the soul Lord I want to send your proposal in my life I want to frame on I want to burn for you I know I know that there was someone's one doing and meeting my dedicated to you are you one of me and I was watching a a run on and on how the Lord is will will know when you send one another once known only thing I see the love of God is my most your release rise is about a he do you will burn within you I'm not saying I am listening even in the five-year and will will is as you know who God says when you discard I want to help the flame on so that when I is is will the rest of the team going to tell me that she is going to help me in all I can enemy is no restoration or rooms that are here to help a you can no note where the Bible were designing the black union you know the rest is only a restoration and I'm not saying this restoration of on want to know when I first came in to my friend drawing curious drama smoking marijuana seventy and you want to talk to sitting down and I think you know is a burning arriving in London is like and what can happen myself on the State Senator is one of those moving Molina translating the same statement will and we musical there .com is in a twenty three seventy working on firing everything we I mean surely and I surround myself with writing moments from here out the ongoing if you mean the one you will learn you are not the main in a you have a honest and giving me this song is so New Orleans is on a all Norton has spoken to online has spoken on my long you have called this sure is an enterprise you have explained in greater need pastors is that he is going to have written you to assume for now natural when this is where I finally told plans back to you and his lien is intended the entertainments of this were a a a a body and armor to humans and a enough father you must learn to burn things what more can we ask all anything but as you are giving a seminar was a you can know what is oral clients a handheld will him dreaming is confined in the third Angels message is a burning reality is enough for me we were there is no every grant us your mind Lord that we need these thirty to half guard is from the devil spyglass is a hormone on the honest and genuine was the name he or you will a name not one person is she practiced the letter you need to handle this father as we close maintaining your Star Wars turning many to righteous things will Jesus will a


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