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01-Daniel, a Witnessing Book: Turning Many to Righteousness

Joe Kim


Joe Kim

Physician, Yakima, Washington



  • January 2, 2014
    8:45 AM
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him as he hung the scene where the only man in he even had the flag is online at www. delay he-man and I are thought to many people have sung the song and then laid to rest I want to sing the song and only in the midst of the verse when I see you coming in the clouds father we don't know what lies ahead we've heard rumors that there are trials of jubilation and much wilderness scare us but father in your mercy holds that lies ahead in your word in Scripture oh Lord be with us we pray ask this sending your spirit in this place that you might give us understand what if we learn this topic before and we're we are in error in some places it was the miracle to change our minds if we have not heard these topics and it's going to little bit but I had granted the numerical comprehension we thank the Lord that the Holy Spirit speaks to me we thank you for the Holy Spirit teaches the listener and that which they noted private communication we asked for these gifts in the name of Jesus Christ arson and I met again a couple of coronary announcements on while Sheehan outlives hands out some are you okay I again I'll depends about fifty or sixty zone policy is in effect in the front end hassle really really quickly sold without loss is not singled out I don't select thing again I I do have books with a serious policy preset of them so anyone that was all I am not trying to get you distribute an election is anybody able to all the first five completely I'm a set of books that are three of them and then they are yours to keep that I don't know how to do yet stop I just put in a basket the names of those that have onlookers five and I have begun I get to go about it not really antibiotic to be the first thing in Houston Judah that's okay but he did not name the books are in the bag so that people who maybe relents and promptly and study of it can possibly get and go home with them but subjects he improves deeper I haven't read too many issues that cover current issues better than this but here I can have it and so we hate issues with air in our church and you know they are there are about prophetic issues you want concise material this day and age in its concise you need to have this book back deeper and many of you have read elder Fielder 's books these are two of his books hindsight and disposal on I love practical application of prophecy and history about what it means a lot I love the study of history and what how it impacts our lives and so does those out and I thought that it gives us guidance and lastly Edmund a Cox Christ and Antichrist the action of the three parts there is not fixed fixed fixtures must be fixed it very large and siding share with me we can mail it to your house to get those this plot the three-part series I think that there's on fix fixed thanks again and in-depth analysis on it okay after reading whole that although some bugs look at in the middle free I work for myself and will free see the legal limit then run again what does it home where does get them again what was the first violence I think you picked your private reserves on Daniel and so for you it's obvious that Bigelow commodity moment and look at Jennifer after the lecture Morrow and it says in revelations out of ten in pursuit and had a little blood and what event it is an original of this having been open to go Donna Davis that he had his foot on the sea in his left foot on the earth and then it says in verse six these were made in the limit for ever and ever who created heaven verse a reputed again anywhere in Revelation ten and that he sent to me seasoning eight and a voice which I heard from heaven spoke again unto me again and said take the little book which is open which block is this what books are there in the Bible that is difficult referred to as a book or books other notable called Daniel right there is for Daniel and when I get the intuitive there is both a life all what about other book of remembrance it was on the island quite but I think of the book of Revelation for the six seal with the other books were back then right I know this is Daniel we have an angel with a little booklet on it now it open he swears by hand related forever and ever a little book open lastly he says hi no longer be said about this sort of the end zone one this is the other hand assuming this one had a book in the other hand is where when in the lives for ever and ever and it was a time no longer what are we talking about turning about going on at the summit he said it Daniel chapter twelve o'clock and here is my watch and put it up here when his assesses the book then by the night with five I a time of public and so I'll try to keep that time that I can benefit as well verses four and nine but thou O Daniel shut up the words and seal the book now in revelation ten we haven't open book and that's what we have a sale book into the time of the end Revelation chapter ten we haven't looked at open ended and of those around this time that me time no longer this is an dance while we have a book that clothes until the time of the and to have a time longer the other time no longer if you read in verse eight he repeats himself and I heard of this did not bent that I owe my Lord what shall be the end of these things verse nine anything go that way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed to the time of the end knowledge choice on December seven and I heard the man clothed in linen which was upon the warm waters of the river when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven and he swear by him that what that if a lot ever possessed unfamiliar language sound familiar but well holding onto that is the familiar double and one hand on the air the LA had to hand in the air as learning is holding a book of the existing thirtysomething this book is open with time no longer with the angle swearing with one hand the air in the same boat as the book that was closed with a new swing to happen here on time in the end this book is the book of Daniel more specifically if the non- understood part of Daniel people knew recently occurs that you are not Daniels writing correct more specifically the book that was cause is talking about sanctuary David things that were quite understood we thought that the daily what did the mellow I think that it was what mankind that was a close look on if you understand little bit video is that all you know are much up but there's some part portions of it now the time of the incident is an overview the not to be a lot of proving going on that for the next few lectures this overview it can be open when a devastating open at the time in the end now what is the time of the end seventeen ninety eight one of some of the seventeen ninety and how do we know that within talk more about that load more lecture five but just briefly when you look at January eleven and again this is not a proven lecture it's kind of an overview time again when we understand Daniel and you see things like verse thirty five if that and some of them up understanding self fault to try them and to purge and to him him why even to know what time of the end you read about in things like thirty three like a sword and flame in captivity and oil the kind of twelve hundred sixty year persecution with the Lord and playing captivity so the time of the end is after what days seventeen ninety eight I have improved it today and sleep eluded out with little skepticism on the USENET today after seventeen ninety eight after a twelve hundred sixty days we call that the time of the and will have at the time of the end the cookbook will a lot be filled markedly what we talk about now will happen the book will be open I will do but that's besides the four minutes driving about the revelation chapter twelve so Daniel will be open after what they tempted ninety eight okay the next at the time of the end you do realize that some are sixty days much as seven times about time time divided not twice and Daniel twice in Revelation eleven went twice and religions will want to Revelation thirteen ninety seven times in the Bible Revelation twelve verse six but verify the data will be time again privileged twelve verse six and the woman fled into the wilderness where she had prepared to meet what you have a place prepared of God that they should feed her at how long a thousand two hundred threescore days we know from the Bible that a woman and probably equal a check of the church what about the eye known a perennial hot today forgive me tonight we would doubtless so a church is bleeding for twelve or sixty years a day go down four fourteen and two other woman would get until we go great in Eagle that's my fly into the wilderness into a place where she is nourished for a time and times and the halftime from the face of the serpent though he's running for how long will from five thirty eight at North Gambrell got in their own overview therefore dwellers they feared a woman is what running at four seventy ninety eight which is not coarsely running what is a time very called the time of the Sony HD happens for seventeen and that you are again was wrong with the who now limited church but specifically which portion of history of the church owned now five thirty eight and the ninety member the plumber six via the running and running and running the Dragon was wrought with the woman and went to make war with know who remnant of her seed of the woman was not apostolic woman was the Christian church a remnant is the church to emerge into the scene with a church that emerges in the rent has the final final one okay then covered the so the Matthew question was this remnant of her speed before I began or after the time of the end before the surrounding its amended August the came from the one and was it before the time of the end I should take an hour or during event during and after totality and if they during and after I checked on it for my mother I and my mother gave all defense and ninety eight ago I was always something I had never run and we were okay you see that so we have a charge at the time in the end and we have a book open at the time of the end one more time we have a charge at the time the end and we have a book that's open at the time of the end then ask you a question do you see that these yet so far there is a charge of the time of the end the Dragon may want to run up her sleeve you see that the confidence ninety eight a chart at the time in the end there is a book open Italian so do you think do you think that this church might know a little bit about this book on the folks this is our book the whole Bible that book but this is our book five stars this church got opened this book after the end you ought to know you want to know that better than yourselves you know better than your address got no better than mom and dad faces this is your identity folks at all while and then someone said he was the more back to your hat thirty years on all mobile and just noticed it the notes soul well the identity if talking about you so like a ravenous believing operative gold silver brass iron ironing clay within the culmination second coming will talk about why nothing coming in this commitment is lion bear letter to the fort be little born with the culmination than coming to provide on-site the conifer or that the issue of Dennis seven in best and judgment that the temporary round go little horn with me as soon anyway the any sense of the two thousand three hundred days nationality sanctuary be glanced at eleven instead seven and some of you most even if it will get there tomorrow what is leaving outside Greenland a manure said that I do in Mississippi and most arson about the document he believed what happens I believe in the twenty debt crisis efficacious for my lack to forgive me of my sinewy power to overcome its expected on Sunday and to be prepared for what is she really asking when she says I can what do you believe in what you really asking what the what is the difference continue nine outside of the different we believe in a literal physical thing coming we believe an investigation we believe if I join method women in the family based on it one two three four Daniel tells exactly what we believe in you'll have to guess what is our identity what do we believe in we mean the physical letter often come in Jesus Christ we believe that right now is investigating our record with him right now he is clearly our record in the heavenly sanctuary and we believe right now that a major issue in the final date will be the seventh day that this is our I I density folks it is our privilege if a people and a book in the final days this is our book when you know it this we cannot walk you with that unethical never noticed this one all well you have time but the cowardly time now if I understand this note well now I was baptized about twelve years old all you got was later when a pastor that need back into the water and I came out that I also allotted both little ones because he are ravenous why not I was an avid church you know I was eighteen and I got my front of the differencing Corinthian and Chronicle realtors to fix it at my baptism during about that as well gone are the people wish it should be synonymous that question I asked to have rhetorical I spent most of the nose to nose around what we sure we should know it means me not have the portal understanding everything over everything with simple but we should know and you can don't be intimidated for those who go back there about who just can't get them aboard trying to undo it all got between lectures twelve God did say who's you know it if your dance club statement I guess they meant that I turned it to Daniel twelve and if that's an interesting first nine and he said go thy way Daniel for the words enclosed in sealed to the time of the end many shall be purified and made wind tribe but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand who is God but allow to understand the book of Daniel the wise the first four of seasoning first three and there shall be why don't shine in the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness of the stars for ever and ever the wires toward the wire this wife is why does the why the job if you shine forever never you know why could a shinier in heaven why did God pick why people to understand the book of Daniel in the end time because they'll share because Wilshire it says in the wise shall shine as the brightness and from the God-given heaven that will be your job and United W John had to do it on your last younger I find it not with little if any one of you are like interior designers each election can you let me know if I can do this in a right way by the awkward so I find it yes thank you and you must read the notes are you distancing link here thank you you know what the wise shall understand the book of Daniel I find it more than coincidental without one talk about Danielle and in the evening things need to take note of the permit for that story and at the end of things that all you know what wisdom and understanding of greater than magic and sorcery January tenth wise and knowledgeable in a wise Daniel Ezekiel contemporary when comparing him to the Prince of Tyre which is car the nation that the king of Tyre twenty eight is associate with the antistate in the present ties maybe Satan 's kingdom or I have others please let other things King him God show host home Wi-Fi tell people that they do in the kingdom is a positing the twenty eighth your wiser eying yet he might be wiser Daniel but I think in his heart in my whole life to show seemed to be present at the annual I tell you otherwise know why the bucket down your was a wise man is proven and Daniel one the book is written a new article by who the why God had a wise person by the book of Daniel so those who can understand the why can understand so you know what you read Daniel one through six about his life to understanding the seventy twelfth you must argument about sanctified life read about Daniel read about his life this is the character issue folks to understand this book with the mind to it need intellect we need effort is the character issue is not want people to share this out again it would be within the muddy antennae I went to medical school with people who'd never studied and when no Doctor Reasoner University of the classroom I've never studied I photographed in red thing I hate another's being courted I rather laterally unlocking on Holly and I don't object and don't understand and I found someone is agility with is not a swim test mountain everything is gaseous that it should not you know engaged in at just a little different you know his wife how did Gannon get with Tony Milo everyone is intimidating as you look at the speakers I want to go to them in the lectures the other on this handout taken at the police vigorously while they know their Bible M any lot of aerosols the one had to share down after one for seventeen hours share with you some things about as for these four children God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and number one how did these people gain wisdom who gave it to them God gave number two Proverbs twelve fifteen Proverbs twelve fifteen Proverbs twelve fifteen it reads the full the way of a fool is right and is own eyes they see that hearken unto counsel is if God is in counsel and you have your own opinion who is will you choose counsel or your opinion what we do why did they not councils and other words put God above may include yourself God above man is my market environment in the did God tell Danube and wine with a mock mock mock her so in member so and I wanted I assume it must been someone there to drink that God told that it was clean and unclean I assume that there may have been some unclean animals before him that God told down how to train your meet I assume that the battle is into enemy quite the same way that the Israelites did that God felt Daniel not me I don't think food is dedicated I don't do that if you look a minute Dina Mehta new the Mosaic books by God but God and guided what God ahead of men number three reason colors this is his Lawrenceburg is not necessarily on an attack by chapter one is talking about the health message now minor assassinations and wire images and Doctor Kent I said this five reasons number one the species in the food I said would you take a stick and put it around it's wonderful and put in the microwave is basically now I would for the species in the food number five I put it back with the number four I said I think we get it will hunger if we all became vegetarians I would I have two children no ephod and starting to death because the need traffic as a number three have you ever look at how in the eyes you think we can love and I said number two is another species in the food and number one to know what God wants from me today I want to understand his Bible and I when I saw how to share it a good friend of mine is only recently got e-mailed about midnight the spiritual letters I wrote any rollback not receiving no one 's will for me my life is health message and number four this is more implied than it is in the text the Bible says that if you will do his well you shall know the doctrine John seven seventeen is and when the cup for commerce in all truth John sixteen the type one and have a note sixteen thirteen while looking at me and asked after five or thirty two acts five thirty two I know what you think when you come it will get there not bit like it will get there acts chapter five three two thousand and eleven facts about Daniel there in the note that will cover a lot of talent in fact been hit hard we have to get the basics down accept a five talking attorney important lesson to turn to thirty two it says and we are his witnesses of these things and so is the Holy Ghost who needs of the all understanding by the way Holy Spirit right couldn't God have given to them that all day now Daniel was a pretty wise men God gave it to put God above him in man health methods and obedience by God 's grace can you be obedient by God 's grace can you follow the health message to give to you by God 's grace anybody can learn about your thoughts and by God it can just give you wisdom you can understand Daniel is not an intelligence issue one two three four now Daniel might embarrass the on and at the report that he was there today he would I know that for a fact but you can do this country and you can sure get attention but give you wisdom now it's interesting that both the book of Daniel was in my wise man who otherwise do want to share that research within her chapters one to six have to question this study on my own question yes he shared with us and thank you very much that he did one two six and has a question by setting up a Dominican dancer but what I discovered legislative who was the greatest comfort of all time but in the world lies with the greatest person at the convert that you know of all in all five of the Christian church Earth by the greatest man never has asked up in the greatest kingdom the greatest king I put a quote my studies about the past and predict the prophets and kings about Nebuchadnezzar 's conversion facility the last was another witness after he said something about half of us are the greatest king of the greatest kingdom was converted you told me nobody nobody is outside the gospel reach nobody cannot be reached this is for everyone and not only that but nobody is out on the reach of this gospel demagogue while the kingdom is not the gospel of Joe I carried everybody now Daniel got it done within a special present of a needed action with them it was Daniel which of the greatest king that tells me that we have asked more wisdom from God shouldn't we if you have in your mining apartment I need with my coworkers my parents mom and dad that there is an hard we asked Doctor wizened only will God-given promise that he wants to give it there's no one outside the reach of the gospel is little indented one two three four but cannot find and fix but for the sake of the study will want to attend one I simply call health methods or reaching people where their acts of meeting their needs without the food pantry of the clothing distributor the fiction in the depression seminar is meeting them at their need in the next health methods to back after Nebuchadnezzar 's attention sure do anything about it and was anyone meeting and Nebuchadnezzar 's needs you are the Rich Apple person a title hotness is the greatly written by the way of Mrs. meeting them at their need chapter two I was in but each one chapter to its that was talked about that the first great prophecy of Daniel it's prophecy or confirming the word of God and people how event that the word of God a shoe that you can trust in it now I'm too heavily great way to do that by the way it's simple and direct if not very argumentative you don't see too many movies and books about Daniel to non-bank you'll get that contrive bias in confirming the word of God that it should three all by the way you know what's interesting to attitude here again everybody got to violate after you got the dream firstly that was what saved the wife and I by the way it are somewhat affect it by the way vision of the locals do you know you colleagues at the home of the intention Daniel three we need solidarity more but I just will briefly Daniel three it bringing people to the point of decision or testing I've ever given while studying Kabbalah study at the Bible study and remember not to talk nonstop until I can get you know is going on you go over ad infinitum I meant when I just predicted Internet etiquette without everything I do allows Leslie Thomas added and everything in how pleasant is the strangest utility divisions in our affiliated and bring in the point of the present was that if there's another another the proxy and attempting to the heater like very much that his kingdom was not the last member in the middle looking at something and write a golden king of all England right with what has been a lot more out of some more but so is the number three evening the rain until play decision at difficult or important fiscal quarter at the door before I cope around Trent Lott Eichelberger availability for visiting other books are great but until the very idea but the worst part of the distal radical than sin there is no duplicate heart if I was in the faith to give this book to them bringing the point is annoying me my heart that on day one but there comes a point where you need to bring people to a decision sometime this maybe not the whole of the business sometimes this is normally number four two and it is one benefit for Daniel for four four verse nineteen and another had a dream faithfulness and Daniel thought the stream then Daniel 's name is Delta shows are was anointed for one hour on site was a stunning for one hour in his thoughts children could imagine to go to a doctor 's office the doctor had this rash in my leg we think it is the darkest of their awesome honest for now now nothing is little out of the speaker publicly is the devour what you think about it and quite a bit of a novel I was well him as he says particularly for data and his thoughts troubled him commences phase of an concentration the King state of the Delta Schadler let not the dream or the interpretation thereof troubled me Delta shouts out that instead sedan about a week my Lord the dream me to them that hate thee and the interpretation thereof of thine enemies is the Daniel loved that need no treatment I think it before you need ninety one 's enormity care meet the matter needs settled among the word of God bring them to a point of decision pray about that when we need what what is the law that one they need to know you love processes work at outreach thankfully how to share you want to share what do we really need not go out as the outreach I want to share with you but every piece of the issues chapters bottles aluminum etc. five three that patience is developed through the doughnut lovers tribulation I had no patience so I had to learn how to change a diaper to an morning when my document letting the one hundred foot on tribulation and so if you turn your Bibles second Peter chapter one verse five through eight and I won't read it but it if you have an funny you check in second Peter chapter one five two eight would talk about testing truths chapter one five two eight gymnast like a staircase of Christian development your faith and virtue at zero two knowledge knowledge temper that it have rent patient know if I have faith in all while Jones is really trust God and I go to the next dental growing and allow on Joe does a lot of good and virtuous is righteous and I go to the next bailout don't know a lot about the Bible the knowledgeable and a next step I'm climbing and climbing building while Joe is temporary looking at me when easily when even the later night and an alcohol but the next that is what patient how to develop patients through what I think tribulation and accept occupation as godliness God life nests in other words after people have the new software for your faith don't believe you don't think Joe has a lot of faith Joe has a lot of knowledge by virtue of a lot of knowledge about July while temperance but when the people you suffer what you believe in DC I see God kept me when did Nebuchadnezzar say I see the Son of Man abseiling or new when it never connect I see the Son of Man where in the fire with that sentiment Jesus I see Jesus in the fire my friends is the featured part of this region outreach and they need to see Christ in you only hinting you it won't work they want to show you the door at the top of the rapture with them to show you the door the market of these of the seventh day you see how much the business is worth to you that you want to suffer for this message got I believe this message once what neither needs to sound vitamin the word three testing true that anything I continue for the need to know you love Daniel won over the greatest man in history is anyone outside of each of the gospel nobody now I have a outreach within the last couple of minutes in the reach with other Jews and how Daniel imagine that image that were present and wanted others of your sort it out the keeper of the slaves that only ten dollars you can edit them inevitably compare you to others of your sports like other Jews when the music started playing and did whatever is almost a nickel and they got halfway found out my dancing out on the ground appearing about on the statement of nickel here on at music land as they are a lot other than a nickel there cannot dine down everywhere the setting when everyone is a thinking can imagine other children Dana fixed you can upgrade anyone out to Darius and Daniel was his cousin right for the window another just well right up to pray ride around here I guess was down at you your dad 's ashes or stoppages sinners unrighteous people done his own image the vision in Daniel eight of the King Arthur's Cabinet under and thing what dark sentences and his memory went back to Deuteronomy bottom of the king of fierce countenance overcome even understand their own Deuteronomy twenty eight and in verse fifteen of the right twenties and if you send you to see the King as though dead chapter nine verse five result after he saw a beast okay Dawson Vincent Daniel oh nine five event disparities that large we have sent nineteen we have sinned not then we have sent and what the story going out to personally close with this reception through the levels the reverse is Joel tapestry for seventeen Joel to her seventeenth close Joel two seventeen he came and lay him all the letters are in TinyURL .com Daniel Cox by the way and develop according to follow along with all of them finally came in late Daniel to a mutual to seventeen it reads that the freeze the minutes of the Lord Weidman between where Horton authored that was that God has made you kings and priests okay presenting where the parts are talking about the outside of the double holy place and the altar altar sacrifice lean between Toby okay know what we're doing waiting another word they were crying I think the reminds with me about the individual chapter nine individual nine first four there was there were six angels with destroying instruments and one with the riders and corn which current is a frightening thought to the left ratio by the way that when an time as well and that was what the mark the one with the writer in Cornyn people who are doing good verse four and the Lords of them go through the mix of the city limits of Jerusalem and thirty marks on therefore heads of the men that want size one while Gannon people were crying the world and what location with a crying head between the parts and the altar individual eight EV Gill eight sixteen if you want the dual hole three times and every time he was astonished to start and could not limit yourself to the call would be defeat and he brought me into the inner court Lord 's house and behold at the door of the temple the Lord between the ports of the altar where where ports and the altar were five and twenty men with their backs for the time large they're facing toward the east and their worship of God toward the east worshiping the sun notable God was where I was coming to worsen again and then work and that they had in fact turned to God where are the people I were visiting women between the port and the altar and when their call worshipers fill in the brother and sister of the mother out in an image that be when I pray behind closed doors Daniel six Daniel pray for these people I tell you what with all the issues in our church today I have one plea for you today take half the time that you spent talking about the things of the church and pray for them to change I stayed up efficiently when you know what I mean take half the time you talk to brother and sister uncles and aunt wife and husband talking about the things of this church and pray for them you see folks and the great controversy is not been ended with swords and spears in light favors and some celestial get galaxy the great controversy is getting ended on your needs it can be ended because of supplicating that I would if I want to thought the whole lecture series I can't finish this work Lord but we finished on your needs Lasker 's revelation chapter twelve get back to start Susan Revelation chapter verse eleven the final verse and he said unto me the left of the great disappointment the book is an open they connected Jesus come back again and he said unto me thou must prophesy again for many people and nations and tongues and prophesy again William Miller Joseph will Robert Winter the Catholic man while the Clinton they prophesy once but a rest now living as a prophesy again harvesting Joseph Bates James White JN Andrews G.I. Butler Uriah Smith they prophesied once but a rest now but the commission 's prophesy again cool in this world the talking is this worth talking to now then prophesy again close verse is this fourth and who is this grist for the IE regular Daniel are you ready for Daniel is our art on Isle of Man stammering lips and foolish intellect incapable ability and I really have nothing to bring to your altar but a broken spirit and many of us have felt that way which is sinful round of town a granite tile I him the father a day where in the afternoon will harm the development and half are dismissive than women in length you may see you supporting Mimi Stevenson is an interesting he seems I young be my eye relief I think the increasing to download the pictures other resources like please visit us I am coming to see my scene I


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