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Emergence Christianity's Impact on the Seventh-day Adventist Movement: Part 2

John Jovan Markovic
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Many people are aware of the existence of the emerging/emergent church movement, but few know that the idea of “emerging/emergent church” goes back to the early 20th century. The emerging/emergent church movement is a tangible manifestation of a new way of thinking, a new way of doing Christianity, and a new worldview increasingly referred to as Emergence Christianity. The latter is a broader category, and once understood, it becomes clear that it is in direct opposition to the biblical teachings and biblical worldview. Hence, Emergence Christianity and biblical Christianity are incompatible.


John Jovan Markovic

Professor of Modern European and Church History, Andrews University




  • August 8, 2014
    3:30 PM
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good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome back now let is going to let us continue where we stop this morning 's lettuce awarded prior their father we thank you for Arnold are committed to sue them to study to learn this very complicated subject to the same time we ask you for Holy Spirit doesn't help us to understand and we ask in Jesus name in the name of Holy Spirit and I I see some new faces here I cannot take peds four three seven this morning this morning just to recapture a little bit this morning I shared with you what the emergent church is basically what has been happening in the last about fifteen years since it on the turn-of-the-century I gave you approximately half a dozen all major characteristics of the emerging church things that I want you to remember not to forget and that is we are not talking about the molded denomination overture for that has to always always have to do that in my actually that weren't emerging that work church means community but the merchant community business on track rituals of merging church when they mount you will see the second part of the new world emerging also present being it is not exactly means coming to the scene or coming out this something new it actually means evolve it is very much when use uses the converging thing called evolutionary theory and that this was a fall morning in other words the emerging church is the following church enfolding community our guys about his needing to keep that in my salt I pointed out to you that as his group folders pastors teachers and I mentioned Tony Jones Brian McLaren Doug Padgett of incongruent some others as these are these people are considered light found in quotation marks found and you will you we cannot truly put a date when it was found of our main June twenty one two thousand one it is mentioning the birth on Jones talks about it in his book but that's taken it good that that was a conversation in which they decided okay how are we going call ourselves so they decided up to will call ourselves the emergent church but the idea or the emergent church existed even before and I trace that back there is literature there are books which exist in the very first book the earliest that I found his book and paperback came to blog tool parts a and the title is the emerging church and it was published in nineteen sixty eight which is only about three years after the conclusion of the second Vatican Council and it is much of that stuff that they shared with you honestly is not the original my original but I'm coming up with I'm simply connecting the dots of much of the stuff that I share with you about what happens what happened at the Vatican second Vatican Council the connections between dim contemporary emergent church movement and the second Vatican Council that's made by the scholars are invited matter-of-factly the X the emerging churchmen as the church comes out for the second Vatican Council you can use that as the Catholic churches emerge a God of the second Vatican and you can also say it is the charts C that means all Christians all Christian churches emerging after and therefore saw that is basically what is shared with you now the question is one of the big questions is what happened at the second Vatican Council and that is a question that it's still being debated among scholars interesting fingers I gave you little something about adding to what I told earlier interesting thing is that second Vatican Council five and for many Christians it includes out that for many Christians it kind of happened and then people got over what happened well not think out and the reason for that is as a photo earlier this morning that going to adopt his mother dealt with non-Jews doctors came out of the second Vatican null clean cut ethical doctrines were dealt with these there was no challenge to the church has to deal with some problem and also the second Vatican Council was in a way for many captains especially conservatives in Vatican it was a surprise when John Paul when John twenty thirds called for it as I told you as why do we knew the console what is consequent to so what actually happened in the console is as I said we do this morning is that Vatican II is important but not those is because people that a customs accustomed to the previous plan the ecumenical councils since the twenty five people or custom that when there is a dramatic positive tool with some doctrinal change something new of in half something new happened but it was of a different kind and what happened is if the change in style is the changeable cabin is the change in attitude and those things are not noticeable is the trip and you have to think that that is serious scholars are now recognizing and in a last approximately than fifteen years the last couple decades since about nineteen ninety nine now scholars there is an increasing number of books written on the meeting of the second Vatican Council the fourth dose of the second Vatican Council and what happened at the consul and there is more and more scholars were recognizing that all the second Vatican Council to place in the nineteen sixties the importance of the concept is for the twenty first century so they're calling it the console of the twenty first century will it happen in the nineteen sixties goes now it is only now the fruits of that change in style in language and direction that is now showing the fruits and now we're seeing more and more is this new attitudes and I also mentioned the word new world zoo in the making the question is what is world and I think as I pointed out to be a simple address that question so I'm going to share with you I have several the slides and several sets of slides by using my classes and the value saw in the presentations saw I'm going to be little more free today that now in Berlin one of the more those cold instincts of the effects so now I'm going to share ideas because I want to briefly worldview because the police to give you a glimpse on the assumptions I am reworking on-demand book manuscript on the emerging church in emergence Christianity by as I working on it I have to oppress the world you the concept of and so what I realize now I am writing on another book manuscript that just deals with that because it takes a lot of space for explaining events so shared that with you and then I will share with you the world on theology and worldview that means the worldview which is very much say right here they are the shortstop which I mentioned at the very end of the presentation all well known how long colleges assigned to his by the way he's well known scientist he died in nineteen fifty five so this kind of earlier generations of men you don't care about you but Utah geologist colleges scientists were dealing with geology and dealing with evolutionary theory and they know very well about the struggle and so they are this is done is the one who put evolutionary theory and Christianity together that was his the was subject to Christianity and it was dearer and put together and therefore when you talk about things think of Lucia Newsom you are talking to people may not mentioned by others about what they said is actually the father all that as Charles Darwin is the father of evolution of the also child sodomy is not the first one who came up with it was through the butt he's credited as an old rule signal medium communities and all that they can do the same thing they are is very obviously support for the Ogden saw and so and I mentioned to you this new scope of this new theology school of thought with the sensory Paris which existed as well early as early as nineteen parts of advertisements fifties and so might a time of by unveiled the salon was very much many of these friends were there and you'll see all of the interests continue with what I stopped at the moment that our goal to these slides and and share more with you okay so as early as August ninety six in John twenty three appointed capital market the who bought this also well known French theologian adjustments also the same time whose ideas were previously condemned by core money canaries are used in a moment for that is it's a papal encyclical and and and he appointed Handel Bach is apparently that means as the as an expert to the article geological condition which was an oath of Jan a copy of the will of Janik was a staunch conservative the Vatican Vatican of that time so the full gauge what Giuliani organizes commissions which he did they were ten different clinicians think in terms of like quizzes the job was for the good work on this for one half years of their bear their objective the best was to produce documents which will be taken to the console we did discuss an obviously visual whatever they produced that that's a good document it will take you there it'll most likely vehicle itself that's what happening the consuls in the past because it was very much controlled by paper since one went away now John twenty Turnkey visited looked at now I'm connecting the dots and I believe because John twenty third before you became the full it was at papal envoy and support number of years in Paris and most likely while he was in Paris he was collective and got in touch with that whole theological circles and you will see how that that's about it he got sympathy sympathetic and he was very much a counselor on a very poor family she was one of those persons who would easily joke about himself and make jokes and laugh so very much like with people he bound the earth person and what you can call probably say he is one of those who connect with you recognize what I was studying this morning it is new theology school of thought was arguing that the church lost thoughts with society and the church had to do something to get back in touch with society that was the idea and so he most likely like that thank you most like you went along with it and that this most likely and what I say that because it almost is I'm not always into the book soon you can prove that I'm speaking as a historian story is when they say a copy of his fails to consult I say most likely well I don't have closed shop most likely he will was the eye the supplier and he decided that he will convene a grammatical consult on leaving enigmatical consonance to step up and give it its own identity cards to do it when he did so now he is aware that he has these these listings of these days at least mostly bit of this progresses people in the theology school and you have the schools are at their school are looking is that one of the loneliness of trying to build an assault team and will work very carefully between these the song IKEA plans he gives up beyond it to put together this permissions but that he appoints this experts the permission so can your toolbox says while he was there in the commission he didn't have much influence because experts are there only to advise they have no right to full install whatever he said probably he was alert of house music with the overruled because of his members of the commissions they were basically those that go beyond your point but for a problem is for the Elian and his clerical meeting that went all these documents came to the agreement of the console there up to one half thousand members of the Council and the whole heavily they come from all over the world heavily influenced by the writings of many of these theologians and they know who is an handlebar that is where kids ground was and he was very influential and virtually all stock and the scholars fell to the fellas that the most important documents that sixteen documents of the Council produce the most important documents virtually all they were going back and forth back and for until they were rewritten and written in such a way that the council would approve if not the way open beyond the accused people want one thing to tell you with this is that it is the so-called progressive new theology school of thinking they carried the consul you know the warning and everything which was put together so my engineers that's a big part of papal encyclical now the struggle between the side of this is clearly visible as the twelve abuses in nineteen fifty two use of this encyclical and in this encyclical he directly about this new theology school for this point out there knows what a change within about a decadent cult have featured in order got out of college before his election to the office of the spittle and with there is some hope that Bank 's opening speech the bold step a different phone for most of the prepared preparatory documents for he indicated that it was time for the church to respond to the concerns of the modern world with words of understanding and encouragement rather than with blistering condemnation which spoke usually like talking fast this is taken from was the solace book now I wanted to keep in mind that there were three basic concepts which were designed being what they were foundation of the second Vatican Council wanted then his ecology and words used I give the men which means catching up with keeping the order update the wall that nice in other words uptown school all day and in other words get in touch with society because of realization by that time is that hardly anybody listen to what the judge was sick of my a late 19th-century people societies especially in the Western world in Europe and United States societies were very much secularize by the middle of the twentieth century and especially with the conclusion of a World War II vet I told you about that so-called assuming all modern attorney everything that happened between eighteen eighties and nineteen forty five those six to seventy years there at the Sundar Singh S that is the product of modernity and therefore the Tollway modernity we throw away everything when it don't be surprised that you have kind of throwing away Western civilization there's a lot of beatings and of the old Western civilization now what was it the same thing goes for Christianity and of a surprise when you listen and that's basically what postmodernism is a reaction to all that that was a month but the smaller and so after nineteen fifties of people aware very much but since I lost out to Melissa 's literature either Protestants lost all that respectability right now he wants to be a preacher increased one four one or the celibate judge finally recognize they have to do something about and they didn't and they did it in their interest second cause is the source Mall which is French for which means going back to sources that now once you catch on watching Lopp update yourself with society as a church but then you have to offer something to the church to the people will do the old doctor is don't work anymore at least the way you have the way you want to enjoy the thought ever lawless in this generation so when they go is now they come up with is while we are going back to the sources said it's like we're back and then restart it or maybe the interpreter with a good different but we go back to source the problem is when they speak to the sources the question is not what sources and for that for the emergence of sources to reach the goal is the early Bob were talking about starting about second third century opera about seven eight four nine so there is a very much a reference to UK's Sun in contemporary literature there is more a more emphasis on early fall and then fathers throughout all these sentiments and so don't be surprised if you go back and outlook of the literature written for example look out I use the reach of false so you know which enforcement is a minimum program is limited knowledge of what August many Adventists use the literature which of course they did recognize what it is but you google from his earliest writings in Bengal all his books and what is happening can see more and more the most recent publications but it's a foster the greatest heroes of literature the people that we are supposed to admire our the mystics for the last seventeen cents thunder of the spindles are the sources we go back that's what they're talking about going back on problem with that is you and I when I talked with the let's go to the sources of the air by the apostles of Jesus Christ not the judge on now that there is a whole new out there is a whole new kind going there is a whole new subject on patristic Christianity versus biblical Christian which I agent searches see when people talk about Christianity the rates and thought about this question out to share with you when I got the professional meetings and sometimes I am also the consummate historian secular concert cycle to professional meetings which have one of those percent for example Association for advancement of Slavic studies and your holidays during the lunch composers all at the related people find out and sometimes their own department Christian for example they seem to vibrate by motion something so and there were signs of the Mosaic all your questions and I don't respond yes I along very fast and I like sometimes these people but I like to make thinking but also serious I cannot think I cannot respond to them the script element yet some saw usually felt well IM and I'm not all that really puzzles in the knowledge that what it was a leave you on it you're not so well if I tell you I am Christian that began the conversation because you would put me in a box would you understand the Christian news and most likely what they know is couple is as a Baptist Methodist areas of the Gospels that's what Christianity is for that and I say I'm not about but I as you want to value what I believe and then you put in a box and that is that telling a person while on our while to send out your window box so what I'm trying to tell you with that is that when people speak of Christianity they don't necessarily mean exactly what to talk because they talk about autistic Christian Christian starting the drive is about the historical present Christianity which is developed through his but it's not necessarily biblical I called Bob in Europe and the cost of the Coptic bought the books you have all kinds of Christian or Catholic is only one you have any other kinds of because two centuries old this division is that they were involved in different directions all the talk distance so they broke away from the Catholic Christianity even the Protestants whether their Lutherans approved areas you can say even after this none of them he knew that the process of reform that information meant going back to the Bible but none of them the newest Google to the Bible there was a term that I have used yet Christianity over the centuries starting as early as the IMF this is the second century but most likely because Paul speaks about problems of the churches it's not the probably right there in the middle of the person with talking about apostates the judge was and started in the second century church fathers as early as second center as early as the middle of the second century began the Linda Ripley this is the husband 's cell from Judaism Old Testament and the tour deliberate that was done deliberately and that process of distancing themselves they aware the parting farther and farther and farther away from guilt us and so when they began to discuss issues and one of the big issues for them was that the optical vehicle when I was in Minnesota to many of the meeting of the merchants at a conference that went since it was with Mister what they're doing and I met there and expects fairly young pastor retired Episcopalian pastor on sort the entire Nipsco Bishop and I met there an active multiplier of moods and preached and I asked them and because of the goods they told earlier that they are involved in the emerging church from two thousand two very early that so I asked them I said okay belt name what are some of the uses that you guys struggled with the most because they already found out the wine there and I told the site I mean from studying emergent church movement that I want to know that's what I'm here I want to know what you guys are doing I want to see you get little yours here's sensitive dog of salt because I don't want to misrepresent general lab so anyway I asked the one of the issues and they quote the bishop tells me well I can tell you this is a zero three oh nine while that is we really don't know how to come to the Bible that did not surprise me much and nice what gives us more difficult problem is that I do but we don't know how to handle homosexuality that is not surprising even than that did surprise a set and the third one is we really don't know what to say and do with your phone which I responded to him I said well given up hope for about three hours an op-ed in which the Lord that I responded to call and I will eventually that she knows much more about that is that there discovers a way to look at the mutual consent well I know it's been a talisman of the groomsmen which immediately gave me all day now I am stand I can see why he is not interesting to listen to whatever the last to spend several hours together thought to solid atonement issues of the disciplines of phone before the emergence of an I will share something with you here after the slides do not want to can you guess what is the what is the top what is okay for the new unaware of the some of you are aware of all the atonement to you is that flow out there among Christians on the acuity of opponents some of you don't some of you don't go there is approximately a dozen flaws field is only a phone I probably heard of the ransom theory satisfaction theory penal substitution theory on my goodness where zero is more of a influence theory are that entrepreneur is talking about is about half a dozen of you and doesn't limit one five six the most important ones and the systems under reduced right I have here only about five of them is a kind of base than the others but Henson theory satisfaction theory panel substitution more of the influence and Chris's big now the one they're the biggest problems with is the penal substitution and analyze the because the present generation of people this destroys the postmodern post- six sentences and use of the author and talk with them you will see that they have extreme difficult time to accept the fact automated to accept the idea that God can and will destroy they cannot put together and accept that God will kill and for the D idea that Jesus innocent one was killed on the cross by God for the this doesn't make sense they want to accept that only and so therefore they cannot reject that view just guess which the unity like the most hundred more influence of course I like about but even that's what is not exactly what fits with what they are talking so I'll come back to it in the metabolic receipt of order so go back and spend one more development of doctrine that is not a principal insert important to keep in mind what does that mean this is done development may not be strong enough for you but this term was borrowed from the writings of John Henry Newman John Henry Newman is the nineteenth century Anglican Bishop who converted Captain Susan became a cardinal and eventually evolved a book on the development of theology and basically what he was arguing development working means evolution think in terms of theology was involving over sentences okay so I think it's going around talking to much personal happens when I'm what kind of free without bottling the now I get to those three catching up with society on updating the next one is going back to the sources and then develop a theology of three concepts that were permeating the thinking of all these people so they think of listeners and something has to be said about you may want to does want to say a few slides of the Bastille at read as fast as you reading the slides as fast as you can I would've skipped some of it is so important well I told you already thought that this could buy already sure that the field of IP about this this is the book this is the phenomena movement of his book gave a number of books now while he was writing his theological books she has problems with the Vatican Korea when he was writing about science and oncology all of the date is not having problems with so many of these articles were published however as he was writing this manuscript and he was doing this while he was in China he completed this book manuscript by nineteen forty six and he has that he submitted his manuscript of the Vatican Correia as for improvement or for being the cause permission to publish and a forbidden they matter-of-fact for bacon even to teach at universities the reason for that is a super big insurgency they simply did not know what to do with because manual this conservative Catholic can't host a webinar there was their creations they still believe that God created the world and his guy comes and he is now giving up quickly different because he is a told you earlier he accepted the revolutionary to me except that he disagreed with child soldering trials and argue the most interior is given by the process of natural selection by the salon argues that was the deal is driven by whose advice given by the principal convergence which actually means that God God becomes part of that Ross is an event took not only did he believes that he becomes part of that process so okay look at this during the nineteen twenties he was well known in for the present intellectual circles after nineteen forty five I know some of you was someone goes on that doesn't mean much but those of you who are the precepts of education who knows him the father of existentialism very important philosopher highly respected well-known after nineteen forty five by God is on also on where the most sought after speakers tell you about the popularity when conference call was conducted in a recent survey recent means about six seven years ago and they tried to find the survey over on the most important spiritual books of the twentieth century guess we just book it was number one the phenomenon of men that means how many people read it I'll tell you and one of the meetings where a lot a lot of Christian Adventists were struggling with this the good news modified how do you put together scientists gives you evidence and then here you are a Christian of you put together I occurred and that the scientists say I was at a meeting at all like the point I was surveying this matter in order where the meeting is zero seven zero cents an figure out where this an young man was struggling and you said all I am sonic is a science is just how do I put together and then CSU was talking to join us in a sense finally said I came across the book which put it all together nicely for me thank you phenomenal man in his I read so serious up I walked in on UN Secretary-General Secretary United Nations in two thousand five May that's this statement finally I'm convinced that if they are just about as unthinkable for the person very influential person now I principle emerges a force that exists what is his files this is how I this is out of his book now notice that you and I are according to keep entire creation which starts at approximately fifteen billion years ago fourteen some scholars started and then he begins to write a paper that's what you have differences in creation and as we go we come approximately here to a point notice how now everything is beginning to convert and for dialysis on this is how he understood everything started here and at certain points the divine will intervene in the process and then continue with the part of that process until we have this stage here which is called because the Genesis and that is a part when Christ a grenade at himself became part of this evolutionary process now when he talks about incrimination is not talking exactly what happened to a thousand years because of languages here kind of vague thought and fifteen thousand something like that now I am back I was simply distributes them sorry we just don't have time to give you this this is they are fixed I just been thinking there is the graph that you saw it and transporting them in different positions that you consider them about this is what he says okay is a business this is a representational editing his ninth birthday the inventors of point of conversion and applause what is important here is to remember not reading this here this line I creation is on as we fulfillment and it's driven by the principle of the merchants okay now this here you will see that I'm reading this point here loses value are you are you I hope you consider that we should visit each of these four evolutionary processes boosted business across the Genesis biogenesis though Genesis and Christmas Genesis out this process is untitled she says and I like to present this with collars this is kind of good answers it continues biogenesis green and continuous this one continues abyssal groupings what he is saying is that these processes do not start and stop and continue and salt what is happening approximately fifteen views you are doing is usable that's when Khosla Genesis costless is born with this begin this is pure matter approximately two billion years ago we have the second that is biogenesis that means that means life and words in this process of course how will say well it is divine intervention God knows that the divine force it into message in life emerges then approximately one million years ago we have emergence of intelligence in that process gives going up and then human beings the men that's the cause of the phenomenon that for him a human being is the highest number of points over merchants and now cries crystal Genesis begins now all the Christ is the day the entire creation the Omega point at which point the entire creation becomes one with make while now you can see what's happening here some theologians are beginning to bear to say that after all God 's love is so huge and big beyond your comfort Hansen and mine that in the end God will save everyone because of that but it's thought that the background they are the seven okay he did his work throughout this is all left behind as the others will pick up on it and do the building of the case about let me share my goodness Stein specifies five flies in uniform that consent on about world giant planets in six and I will do this nine five six minutes I called him a butcher of the boob comes out to the worker but you need to understand world is extremely important and went out and think we know it much this is his diagram this is what I just told you about the stages this is again this upside down I turned around because it's easy to switch and send the question is what is a world united fiberglass is the oatmeal believe that there is some something doesn't mean he will world versus modern world really is that anyone here who will challenge NSA that's one of the same not valid everybody knows that's so simple there is such a thing on world vendors such thing as a modern world now we all know all that we do not find stop before modern thought and we hold all that there is a physician bundling the question is how the people not talking about society of law and basically those intellectuals and people were in power people who met there all that will presence in the countryside brother they had to struggle to survive and have time to think about this if they know the peasant was supposed to the present both the priesthood as it was through the priest ultimately believes so the point is now how we have to switch that is transitional Nevada from media world is modern world and that position to the number of views and the mechanism that tools the vehicle which felt that the most is what a best-selling disorders when August three literature of course but it does the books what I'm saying based on my study emergence Christianity is a transitional period towards something after all the postmodernity we are going through a transitional matter of fact this is good this is in the making something is happening here series why we have a large number without you all young people being attracted to emergent worships remember what Doctor do this we have to do something about our warships by the understanding of the gospel learning Bible I see it as your president through my conference I'm sorry to report to you guys to know that half of my students how do you know anything about what I'm sorry that's that's I know if I ask my students how many of them read at least over the Bible daily basis more than half the point of you you cannot imagine it will the impact of contemporary culture on deal of it we talked about television satellites we are now talking into our talking phrase up talking about twitter you talking about cell phones are talking about these young people are so in fact that today what incorporates is people want to be satisfied right now fast and people who are influential on Tony take it that these were the most influential in the lives of celebrities I ideally suits all the time and the eyed Ireland still much that it's okay let's move for if I were to ask you what you think is the question that bothers that bothers human beings the most all value or close to it people say meaning of life for all kinds of stuff but the question that bothers people do most of the matter where you live five thousand years ago today it is the question of that everybody sooner or later maybe when you are young those of you who are younger think about nine is your younger metal the world is in front to conquer at the left but sooner or later by the age of forty five fifty when you begin to feel aches and when you begin to bear your dear ones so her later you will come to a point where you will be facing debt and then you will say that's that's the question that start all generations struggle questionable death pain suffering evil injustice and the new commitment therapy believes Google but that's questionable that is the question that everybody wants to come up with some answers to and you can start you start reading the literature from ethical dilemmas that goes about almost two thousand years BC you can read the literature of the myths of companions of the Egyptians of the Greeks of medieval age the day you eat pieces of literature one after the other one team that struggled people struggle with is the question that suffering and evil and human beings are always looking to find answers for the then and there and then in order to answer that question Newcastle hold Sears and other questions for example is there golf are their thoughts if there is there some superior force or what happens when people die who are we human beings would we come from how do we know what's right or wrong I decide is the biggest and this though the smartest is a great order to court decides what is right and what is wrong on what basis do we decide that question on how we called we know what we know what the source is what that means that children actually learn where do we go when we want to learn the truth when in ancient times people go late look for a coastal town priests that's where they went during the Middle Ages in Western civilization of course the ultimate source of the priest during them often times they would go through the goat the scientists abridged this is so important to keep in mind not just observe ourselves even preachers when they reach will cite something why is that he or if I don't cite an old fortitude all that you're talking about your own and nobody wants to listen to your own subjective stuff I haven't seen a breach of four years will gently opened the Scriptures we description make comments and close the book that's not a good server I need to cite some of the more authors I saw out I have nothing against citing lots and on busy new year I'm not against intellectual I am want to make a living because of but what is happening here is meant to be aware this idea that if I want to know the truth I rather go to the sign is that the pastor or priest to see how much it's changed we are influenced by Celtic Bay modernism is kind of losing popularity so what do you think postmodernists they want all the truth with little while they are good normal web there were they will not they will fail without you know all additional one which is absolute and great story which is less than but they know that there's an there are many truths sometimes they are confusing with the body of knowledge body of knowledge is about knowing about stuff truth goes beyond what is nonstop that's why okay keep in mind this is an event that there are questions in life if you ask the question what I would courteously have one that's a personal question and that that's really not a fundamental question of what interview mechanic unity of Doctor 's to make a living in the house party sort from son that's not a fundamental question scientists to measure that fundamental questions of life are questions which science cannot fence philistines astride for example is there a God scientist can tell you there is no God but that's an assumption because I just cannot prove there is over the back scientist Don synagogue or they deny God the fact you have not seen God does not mean God is not there it's doing the sums when you say there is not that's assumption you cannot Google anybody there's got similar functional level of beliefs you can ask me what you believe in God well a lot of evidence that makes me believe and accept believe and I believe there's an for me that can become the fact that scientifically nobody can prove one of the other one what happened to human beings when human beings come from desirable assumptions all you can send well I know it's in the Bible but you know I think was read the Bible except the Bible is important I'll be able to buy votes will grow that well in almost what well-funded volcanoes where he got the little well get back the square well how do you know there is it seems all this you believe when you got today's questions besides it's wrong though was a meeting of life what is a fundamental questions of life and it's interesting this is what world you live more nougat is based on how to begin this summer definition simple as that remember this answer is that you get the fundamental questions of life and do you know that everyone of you you'll get a new begin to requirements is the day you were born your crawling and your learning answers to the questions that you have and is your drawing you are born again your additional stuff I know there is God how do one for my parents sue you acquire that it is only when you become an adult and begin people to challenge assumptions and this is now where we can believe it interchange we are all what is afraid and what is happening to us today my friends is our people are beginning to change don't miss those assumptions and what I'm doing is basically our database says this is the best definition I could come up with but I have seen with offices sire came up with this one world is a commitment of fundamental orientation of the heart that can be expressed as a story order to set the focus of positions our story is what great controversial act set of presuppositions what assumptions they can see they may be children the Department of Energy for which we call either consciously subconsciously or positions during Christmas about the basic constitutional reality and that provides the foundation on which we live and move and have our being incredulous expressions all each one of us has his own glasses through which is the world that's another expression for the same thing to see if you believe there is God now the question is what kind of government we will come to Brockman is not Yahoo and when people begin to doubt him but that's a norm here would be Reagan's ability that all law and Yahoo are the same though not all we believe the same government must know we don't our God Jesus Christ we are Christians not because of the father because in some closely related the father we pray to the father but our God is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is the grenade Seo for Muslims Jesus Christ and Alan on December so don't tell me that they believe in the same got ideally I'm sorry on him while they do it out of there playing about for God in thing to build bridges all that and I don't bother them let them do their work under the best again but in talking to you unplugged my students listen because I don't want my students to believe that all all I got the same thing so I can gladly evolve not you stay here yes it is by but it's not but Jesus Christ not all and I want my students believe Allah and abundant describes the state Jesus Christ saves it's not the fall don't father and his work everyone in this estoppel my friends what bothers me the most is emergence of visible the thing is that taking the focus away from Jesus Christ to either the father or the spirit every time I see that for shifting away from Jesus to me that the report you'll never go wrong it just think would Jesus never miss out on him but I heard some people I praise the Spirit who hold on nowhere in the Bible do you have always sucked the nowhere register a night and I believe God because there is a most and you Joseph overstate is not visible and to see results of his work of Jesus Christ is visible the following is a was that I think of that I am usually the optical of his abusive always remember that they don't talk there is signaling seduce and seduce you cannot get so I have these questions I that humans are that these are the fundamental questions of what that science comes up with identities who articulated that verbally slap philosophers come up with a statement of physic of man's metaphysical epistemology archaeology science breaks it down into seven I like now gone is my question I like to add more questions in order to make issues clear because there are more problems now this one this is a question that I think it's important for us all okay called we know what we know what the sources of knowledge this is a big question I think for all of us what is that it always in a positive watchful cutlet for Catholic value to ask this question in the church every good Catholic book value than a positive movie is in the church I cannot say that the depository all truth is in the Scriptures that now one of the sources of knowledge that's a fundamental question it's important for this in the scientific world inside is a long answers to the questions matter-of-fact science cannot answer fundamental questions of what they can try but they also he will be here to the role assumptions okay you want to know Piazza 's fundamental questions of life what do you go to the Scriptures and when I found out is that the Scripture doesn't deal with just any kind of questions scripted as them tell you about how nature works those of you from something that was a kind of insights the Scripture deals with fundamental questions of life they those are gone and six out for me that these have see I think God 's answers as my assumptions and I think in respect to all pastimes that's about it this is what I've done is invisible circle I ask my students what they write on one side the fundamental questions of life those I will doesn't and then imagine we have called Sega hundreds of Dawkins and some of this scientist was denying the existence of an asset that answered the fundamental questions of life and I believe these are the answers they would give okay there's the reality beyond reality in which we exist there is no God knows snapped a result there is it is indestructible and eternal everything came into existence revolutionary process natural selection in cause and effect and use events processes behavior human beings are competent machines that is extension of life faculty of reasoning involved in a autonomous art histories of the nearest table the veterans there is no purpose to life beyond what you decide to you make your purpose these answers these are all assumptions none of these can be proved scientifically one where the people accept this and this is called helper resist the glasses through which they look now but that in the corner as you do to answer all those fundamental questions of what these are as they were not do you know what all is my goodness okay on is the past sense and everything will desire cost in other words that's brought common now hot one is each individual human being the essence of each individual human being however they also say I wanted Brockman is one so the whole point in Hinduism is for you for me to cultural life and become one with the one want to see that and so my example what you see right here mile that's when the question of reality my eyes and there was a cute little dead wife did you see that's kind of you lose they call it my what they are trying to say is that all everything that you seem like a soft drink they know that it's not really real this would would go through it the point is this alive wheel of life goes on and you die actually you are in essence optima never dies your body kind of thoughts disappears once again if you are in dire month but if your dogma is not good enough then you come back your condo decides them to come back right away lawyer client deal whole objective of the wheel of life is that you keep moving forward and the point is to get all of the wheel of life that means you don't drink her naked back but you become one with the one but one is not a person in essence this will force so when I has received the bracelet set are you telling me that my ultimate objective is to become one with the one that needs to seize the individual distinct purpose this is not which I respond thank you very much there is a difference what do you think that both this world you now if I ask you bring most of the picture let at both the value the answers to fundamental questions about this as I believe now you can read it of God hello Tim Gough Leone is the creator God alone is the household help in public that the Middleton the mission omnipresence righteousness and the imminent apocalyptic proclamations remember that's a very crucial part one work if you divide that a robot and you said it is a part of nature then you are talking about pagan dots and interesting figures all human religions they then came to the house for this reduces the sedan 's greetings all pagan religions believe that God 's on a part of the Yahoo it is Yahoo is for Mosaic Moses religion or what we believe the best subscriptions that's the wrong religion speaks of God who is outside of it created that that's a distinction that when you have okay human beings have free will that God is the lawgiver two designs right a wrong is the source of knowledge intellect consciousness of sets humans apart from creation twenty two that were forgotten to visit the addresses that you find that the biblical worldview and I hope you and I live up now I put in two different colors this is not too bad because what is the most comfortable because I put an orange actually imagine the threat out to ask people how many worldviews out of them and people say well everybody has his own world or as well as that's true there is seven allows Windows 7 do world and address of the world is then let's not talk about it was fine I nonetheless can ever know all seven good worldviews we can make that decision which is the best there is no seven billion world there are three major worldviews which I'm identifying here I still have some issues called the altar Buddhism is little I call I would like to call this morning 's worldview because Buddhism is a version of kind of break away from Hinduism Taoism Zen all that sort you out here basically naturalist worldview okay and then you say here you could be racist because supernatural divine so this is one mistake but here you have also divine supernatural but these who are again be proved completely different because you talk about different kind of God okay so you see this the line see a value called system that means everything is enclosed in thoughts and everything in the system to travel the citizen which means that God is outside of nature okay here you have spiritual both of these are disputed so this is the basic review copies or combinations now people human beings people can be anywhere on this line people combine was a kind make some black ice scholars point out to you Arnold effect when we deal with the world is revealing with ideas like colors on a cause are there in the world depends who you ask of course none of us believes that the colors we will print about dozen columns as my wife interior designers to come up with the four thousand dollars to several millions of guilt that alone are enough to infinite number of columns that these which were talking about here all objects should be lead people to the world nuclear and no one listened these are the best fences and you after all what is the answer that the best answer when it comes to the question of debt no religion will give you promise with Jesus Christ promises a promises you you'll really a distinct yourself whatever you're not going to the big guys here will tell you obviously forget about this is that so this guys here will tell you all kinds of ideas and you are one with the one you are going since like the different Verizon 's Catholics will value up to hear you don't blend a little bit captains without a well sold liaison and stuff like that you know you live is your distinctive body except the compatible by guys now let me show you something if you want to stay it's already time over I winced again I was sure something about they are the salon this will blow your mind I can what business humans now look at this event C I tried to donate to this specific difference we have the additional vitamin E and this being here is a presenting world without sin I what happens is we have fall that at this human race however great we have flawed then for not building important event because of the stories the kind of incarnation God 's word is written down then we have apostasy exile Jesus comes and then life continues for about two thousand years ago comes to our base and then what happens I like to okay we believe that Jesus will come soon and then what happens is saying that they can haven't been eventually new Jerusalem comes back we hope fear of dying after Jerusalem comes to the ground we have the resurrection of the week of the visitors I will route all along and then we have appointment destruction of Satan weaker and even that will then we have agreed again life without sin now this is with talking here about another as more information this is important because of we talking about the kingdom of God here you have the kingdom of God loss but God institutes already these dramas that she is available to make it bigger for you okay God institutes here the promise that he will bring the Kindle got back on the cross he wins that but now here it is when actually does implement is that what we believe are the house do you know the second coming is coming of the storm the only problem with seaweeds can tell you that we expect someone coming as the Samsung adopted in eighteen forty four okay and that you have a destruction here all that you see that Dana Dickey term is here are processes stopped apostasy X apostasy Mister bringing you down to seven zero zero if you look at cost with Genesis by Dennis is no genesis Chris just now this is not to scale this is more the scale but I cannot put that goes out to make a point if so this is not the scale all of this would come abroad somewhere here and because of this fifteen years went the point this year that from this point on Christ's takes entire creation tool may form at birth sons and I have I don't have time to sort on Saudi atonement theory opponent in praxis for emergence this is the kingdom of God here and now this scheme destroys not only add that this scheme but even Scholfield and hold the other focused on scheme that is the reason that the evangelicals of the critics of the work see here and that's a few earlier emergence emergence completely discard all of these games whether to dissolve at this or some other about seven years overlaps are and all of that stuff they did think that's a big they also describe the ideal channel burning hell you can see why that doesn't fit into this thing about the whole emergence if we aware because the question is how are each individual has a more prominent Claire will feel comfortable is this is what Mister kind of belief this is what is now overthinking and social activism and kingdom of God CNN out that is the key driving force right now so what about second Vatican Council calls people to holiness with it it is not a regular they did for Saul they made the mass mandatory that good Catholics have a mess at least weekly update becomes not the judge spells and you can read the Bible even from some persons and medical consumer law that's a big thing but it is a big thing but at the same time the church is now talking about also spiritual disciplines while you can read the Bible but infuriated as a spiritual discipline and you moving to spiritual formation then you're not talking some computers remember I told it's called the spiritual formation is forming your spiritual life through spiritual this lets human effort sanctification award is what God does you let them do it to book and I hope you believe that God can change any kind of sin any kinds back so is it just differences here now they call people to sanctification this keep people busy involved in the social actors and they miss the point 's all I really unattended source above the left last semester as is so much to say so complying challenges in Nagano you might not have written more than five hundred maintenance services and industry learn more and I find that he and I is the more a free online service please visit www. my favorite


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