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Time of Trouble: Who Am I?

Wesley Sifflet


Wesley Sifflet

Student, LaSalle College 




  • August 22, 2014
    4:30 PM


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my name is Wednesday on problem are originally from recess turns in Montréal who write to going to know which is like will and I said eyeing Bono group called to offer each set of French East CYC in terms of bytes we tend to be more we can instead of being from the states to Sunday so we half twice a year on a Bible camp and drink and beasts the weekends we studied what about we half people but young people basically French young people who comes and every time there's a lot of new faces asking a lot of questions things are dating understand and we try to out his Bible with him to clarify things and so that he can continue their walk with God so this is basically always and with this Bible boot camp so before we start the same in all I would like this used to do but two things for me I was in other seminars and I heard some form who was swinging swords you can take off for this hour please and every time if you can't every time you have a moment when we are hopping session or devotion obtaining my form also officer attempted how the example of the second thing is to pray what I'm speaking and every time you spew your hearing as somebody speaking in front here please keep in your prayers and also proprioceptive is okay so we can start anything that time as father in heaven we come to you in this time to understand living more about the time from father what are the things that we should have again of the day one of things that we should have I and hopefully before this time because it's not warning to happen that we should learn to do things but the preparation starts now so please have the stability idea XD understanding but also had us to be able to understand and put in practice what we can learn today that this be a blessing for Barnabas noticed that this moment be a blessing for the one speaking us one in Jesus name and I couldn't can send me a for you when you ship them the time of trouble what do you have in mind what's the time of trouble for you it's a time with a lot of trouble right after I envision is the case so what kind of trouble what kind of trouble we so wish about him felt like but we don't know what it is exactly what it looks like what what what is happening and how it started and mostly one thing is we know they release a time of trouble coming days can be a tough but let's say I'm what it's like to goal as well this power of things and within sight to see one story in the Bible that talks about the time of trouble in wintertime lasts a few of the points that we can apply to a lot prepare ourselves for this time of trouble selecting surprised by so when we talk a lot mostly to talk about a time of trouble we talk we refer to Jacobs 's time off trouble which is found in Genesis thirty two and also we can all apply to some breaches but with connections that Jacob some trouble with which we can send money when Jesus went through this moment and any union and did not involve some sort this is what we can half from the Bible and connect with the time of trouble it seems that the Time of troubles it 's it's way out show and I can of course rule by a moment of really really deep of a non- physical pain but moral pain while trying to say is is that we can go through a time that's when you have to decide if this is winnable witness or just let go of what have to make a decision about time if we should if we continue to want onto what we believe or just let go so not a question of the scholars have one isn't in a stock you have any idea this after probation closes using a taking notes again McDonagh chapter twelve verse one I done something when first one at wait wait wait it talks about Michael standing him there would be a time that has never been before when Michael Stang it means that she is ready to give judgment now I you have also the story and accept the seven verse fifty six where it is that we don't open the Bible but I'm just trying to give you the text you can right now and take it off if you want but I'm the type of move out of the office when we can cohort everything that we half accept the seven lists and fifty six one does Stephen was stoned to death and he had his vision when the Son of Man was standing at that point and we know according to prophecy sign that God was rejecting the Jew 's eyes God 's people now everybody off access to what the salvation ISO and what is to be part of God 's people 's awareness then so wish me that there's something happening when his friend is right you gave judgment when it things stand with it which means he's ready to say something old he has finished on making his decision so what is some trouble when does it start and now what's the hopping during the time of trouble what's up in Revelation twenty two verse eleven Revelation twenty two verse eleven I submitted just googled for some Bible texts witnessing how is the pain and effort out of him as often when you some promises to a revision number seven C that is I'm just letting the unjust in and seeing which is filthy let him be filthy and he that is righteous leading the NPC that is holy let him be holy still so now is a time when she has sped up as they know what that everybody wants to be unjust Linda McMahon just because now instead probation is closed so when people are being unjust thoughts what is just and withstand being understanding to contribute begin of the treating you just think no right so we can have an aluminum I don't want to happen and that's not how people that you treat it on the bike this statement that Jesus said we can be treated on Jesse Navas and that's available through is Isaiah twenty six was sixty one two one so we all going through some Texas to see what Isaiah twenty six twenty six sixteen to twenty one a window I know it the sixteenth two twenty sixteen to twenty one militant in trouble have how they visited the report out a prayer when die yesterday was abundant like a woman with child tool with near the time of the delivery is in pain and cry it out in her again for his pains thank you so how we've been in thy sight O Lord we have been with John we have been in pain we hop eyes it would all four are not blocked any deliverance in view of neither how do inhabitants of the world phone and Baghdad mentality together with Baghdad but he saw the arise awake and Sing ye that dwell in dust for the night to easy as the jewel of birds and date earth shall cast out the dead come my people enter out into the numbers and shut thy door was about the high nice that 's it was fully legal moment until the indignation people who pass so he's talking about being of giving birth pain by the delivery of that woman go through Jeremiah thirty Jeremiah thirty and another common on the both of the states that we just went Jeremiah thirty verse five two seven four thus says the Lord we have heard a voice of trembling of feet and not of piece of last year now and see whether a man don't travail with child wherefore do I see every man with his hands in on his loans as a woman into by and old faces are turned into paleness I last forgot date is great so that none is like it it is even the time of Jacob 's trouble but he shall be saved I'll update I thought so the Bible lays is talking about a day dots one question who went through the Bible says in verse six amendment door problem I would try the Bible talks about a man a dust supply with Todd Whitman is ready to give birth in its own event I heard yesterday ten yes I don't like things are misusing friends like put on things like French I still so he's basically saying that this moment would be like a woman giving birth to a child so imagine miasma and will that means people who are not married don't know what that means it's only people willing to give birth who knows what it means and some people don't because we have what we call a bejeweled individual right we don't fit anymore but this time with me that Sue giving birth of the new way of giving birth to trot so even if we don't know how it looks like how it feels like when the time of trouble with me all back to you and show you what was a woman is going through during that time and give it so I think so as you can imagine how it could be in that day but it is important to how that time of trouble getting to sport in it it's important that we come back to one of the things that look to hop and also when you read John chapter eleven verse fifty John was fifty when that it says no consider that the suite verse forty nine so we can the setting and one of them named class being the high priest that same year said unto them can know nothing at all note consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people and the whole that the whole nation perish not so what's happening here now to talk about Jesus Danielle saying you know what it's prefer willful for us to let this man die so that we don't all die so when we get to that point of this time of trouble the people we look at us like people one was looking at design that time there was a you know what it those people are put to death it's better for these little guy got done all die all I do a human again yes because they were saying that you want we are having all these calamities all this trouble because we are not keeping the law which is within the law so the only people that is not that on keeping the sun below is the Adventist rest that while keeping that that that the Sabbath so if we get rid of those people so we win be able to get the favor of God and we will go through those times while nobody would die and all is vulnerable to this problem died so that we okay so still alive I'd be angry need to mean anything now when we went to talk to thirty Jeremiah Jeremiah talks about the time of Jacob 's trouble is okay I don't come with texts that that of course would mean but said the spirit of prophecy said that as the sun below comes in this is the time of probation is closed weapons appointment so we as Atlantis we have to decide we have two hot already decided where we we can be so at the end of probation for the whole world exactly I don't have it in mind let's pretty sure that we house insights of how it's could happen again but right now I don't have it in my I can give it to you after if you want I can look at it saw it yes the muffler mentis said Lawson as it comes we all eat in a week we noisily with it we don't know when exactly yes you you lost me to the cook that lets we can talk often I let me let than let's go through this is the study to what Jeremiah talks about the time of Jacob 's trouble we can talk about Genesis thirty two where Jacob experienced abuse moment with with who necessitates some a couple of things from this story I personally do Genesis thirty two was twenty two and it says and he was of the night and took his two wives and he's still some woman summons and his eleven sons and pass over before the job and he took them and send them over broke and sent over Nazi high and Jacob was left alone and their West saw a man with him into the breaking of the day and when he saw that he prevailed not against team he touched the hollow of his in the hollow of Jacob 's thigh was out of joint and he was still with you let's help you and then we would continue select putting in the stories you what's happening with with Jacob so he was afraid that his mother will come and give a everyone in his family including himself so he's trying many things so that if his brothers one part of the family the other one can run from from these all but a done time in the Bible says that this when he was left alone she rests so with so many who was that person who is that person but she was blessed with a man after when he mentions wind of the story he said I have seen God face to face and was fast says that he was much less wrestling with God which is the point here when Jacob was wrestling with Angel with Jesus what was happening in his life what was happening to him he was well doing what this high by right but you can walk and he was warming onto the convention and heating want to make cool on the back person that he was wrestling with because only right now he was a matter of life or death member that that that that that the morning devotion with Jonathan was hanging there nor let's read some I don't even continue or just let go so check was having that moment with God and an AC was saying in his mind exists in his heart that if I let go I can knows everything if I don't let go I will have something unison what's what's going through his mind so he has to keep on wrestling and wallet on that person even if you can't wrestle anymore he was still holding onto that person now she has one basic principle that we have to learn before we spent time of trouble the one thing that we have to not easy to his severe disagreements we can stop at some point we cannot just drop everything and say to what phonetic untitled piece it all one of the things that's that happened most of the time with Christian and also Seventh-day Adventists is that we don't have the specific items when we were all asking for looking for something we all ready to give up for us but wait a second we have something we all ready to give up fast on praying something but we're not ready to give up on something that she has been those one so in the Bible must be as soon as you know in the chapter eighteen you know what to talk about the agent human of the story I'm just a rough present you the story about me being the judge that doesn't fear God and it was a woman who comes as we did to fade away how things me and of my adversary suit every need was like but in this game but it was like a God so as that is more like bugging me at meeting so that just gave collection is so that I can use it on trees at night write so each day is all woman gave up to what doesn't feel God was able to do nothing but person who's bothering him every time don't you think that God would something that is resentful of those he loves so why should we give up many times the writings page seventy three paragraph system white was talking to an angel and she said I was the angel why there was normal faith and power in Israel you ready for the answer he said state that go on all of them old truths on me that I know there was no why there was no more freedom and power it is why as he said he didn't go of the all mother lode to soon presto petitions to the clone and jornada invites strong faith the promise or promises of show believe you receive the things you us full and you saw happen when we would go to some that sweet another story of still in the shop to twenty two new Ubuntu versus forty three and verse forty four Helena is says and there is an angel unto him from heaven strengthening him and being in an agony he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was it were created lots of blood falling down to the ground so what do with Jesus you he was going through in our time of trouble recruiting qualified atheist so he was going for that sign and the Bible says in verse forty four and being in an in the shape create less rights and being in an agony he prayed unless I'm missing but while we watch when things happen and it's hard to press database example of being disadvantaged and something that you want and what is happening in your life when things get hard when things get worse don't put less we have a tendency to pray less women when things get hot like a precious tool like it's it's it's it's Kennedy and women across bite but but the only thing that can keep us spending in that moment is being on outings because if you look at the rest of the story if you compare the still really don't want to pray was able to stand and no one who didn't pray was plugging away with the sorry that he thought to what were they doing what sleeping why was Jesus doing when the soldiers came much as they were setting what is it then spent several days there was a month away is that of difficult question you pray go able to send you don't pray when you run you have to work on your card until right so that's the thing that we all be seeing these to be the surveillance at in all war decided to to see what God 's promises of one quart minute one two reads is set up by the way I have a couple of days if you would need the course I can convince you of okay it is taken from his instructor may twenty fourth nineteen hundred there isn't enough by this work that we may have strength from God to resist the enemy we so come in a flood yes we must agonize in order to send you so it is an Sabbath in dungeons all the most sought cave of sins simplifying the conscience and by blinding the understanding or vandalism of Hoffman testing message would awake from their sleep and no longer remain in careless indifference we need the earnest desire of the importunate widow and a final Phoenician woman deal with the thought of an Asian woman it was the woman was asking for for daughter to be the initiator and Jesus said we cannot take advantage of dogs remember what it should do she said oh people gathered to that right that's what that's what happened in the story it are not okay what happened is that she could use she said she didn't even dogs and even from exactly thank you she was pursuing him in what she wanted to house so we she said we need that those people to reach vocalist to me nation that will not repulse I select move with its move quickly I'm trying to look at the time of same thought so it's kind of outlet suite verse twenty six Genesis thirty two so what is the first thing that really needs to throw the time on it is it in the time of whimsical was this wrestling with God to Simmons why we need this why do we need the sentiment will spend a lot of time on it it is this saying one that's take a few weeks if she was on your knees before God you will be able to stand before me I think was Lakeview 's I issue you pay your news on before God can stand before him I'm not that most of the court are so Genesis thirty two verse twenty six and it says and he said that legal for the daybreak and he said he we I will not let being cool except now best me now here's the question of the angel was when I went to the angel of the multiple of the engine am talking about Jesus okay when the engine was ready to leave a schedule what that may go and Jacob says and a lot of our click to go in it blessed me first what kind of blessing Jacob was looking for I safety interesting it is actually why safety because of the zone estimated Genesis thirty two verse nine I verse nine to twelve and said and Jacob said O God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaiah the Lord which said unto me returning to the country and to thy kindred and I was jailed when we I am unworthy of the news on all the mercies and all the truth which thou hast showed unto thy servant for with my staff I pass over these Jordan and now I'm I'm become domains daily living I create me from the hand of my brother from the Hanover Esau for I feared Jimenez you will come and smite me and mother with the children and I'll say I will surely do the good and make thy seed as the center of the state which cannot be numbered for the mother to two so blessed what Jacob is asking him this brain might just pray that he is asking for a deliverance from from us all but if you look at this prayer carefully what do you think he's a long she will say you told me that's easier than until do well with me she will call me the UN with domain going is this anything you want Miller I didn't take this journey by my says you told me to go and I'm going into for me either protect me so here are my claiming those promises and when I'm asking for a blessing I'm just asking that you will come and fulfill your promise and deliver me from that situation unison so basically you can wind up promise that God managed to keep in Genesis twenty eight five you can find it you can see what we busted on the to do good with you and is visiting taking God 's word and apply now in I so question is he turned to God our fees would be his creatinine is one of his problems his prime is what I think a lot of that when we think about that we understand that Jacob was thinking God 's word very seriously he was thinking that would force something that you can stand upon anything you don't like you promised in another and promise as you promised that an event like this is what's happening and a lot of forgot it I don't trust you anymore you know I don't want to believe in what you said all his promises that you sent for me just forget it but Jacob was slated to stand on what God said because God cited second thing that we have to understand in the time of trouble is still always always always when I sent all ways is standard on bus save mode stand on one bus save the movement will go through something that is deceptive three you us on this one so the geneticists of the three best went from first to end the woman said into the seventh we made it of the foot of the truth of the garden but on the foot of the suite which is in the midst of the God and God hath sent his son not innovate sorry not to let Lindsay not the sub and said unto the woman he saw not sorely guy she has what happening what's happening in the story no two she was talking too good to separate I don't want the seventh that you know what you shall not surely die but wait a second in Genesis chapter to open godsend and that you and you and I is nothing is like new it is one of debt right now the set comes into the pit says that no one if you and him and him and him dearly you will not die now think with me know please is thinking gone that you need you die now the settler is saying to a you won't die being it is mine right now what is she thinking which one is lying is when the stories that if you were a but think about what's going on it is mind right now gone save the ones did you die discipline his same age no one died but but cool schools schools closing the truth who can I trust who can I put my trust in what it should chose the trust set and you know what what was only thing that he had to define who says what of God he was those who don't and you thought it was not that kind of foot that we have to do when you buy what all of all of Julie's you have nutrition foxhunting it went up fifteen hundred percent what is your carbohydrate whatever you have giant hundred percent so that was nothing like this on those prolific it was only the trust in the word of God and the time God said would be going each this is how this is what's happening nowadays we all put pushing God 's word aside exactly soon many other things we listen to philosophy religion two two two two science was gone Australia but then we tried to take signs and and and compare with the word of God and entertain this is that at that God God 's word and try to see if science ADD spoke to win back and if science is okay with that then we accepted if science is not okay with that cost you cool science skin brings you the executive team saw that would do a half scientific proof just to prove that there are things that is not all in the words of God we don't have to size Bacchus off by the Bible up but God said we just do a use it wouldn't you look nice but lots Sears Sears with sportswear company I when God asks us to do something how do we value those words how do we value the word of God that's what we happen to question that we have to ask ourselves how do I find you words of God I'm just looking at the time and I don't think we have the get go through a lot of things but I will give you some facts okay I decided now and then you can take at home at Titus one verse chapter one verse one and two back to stop the one most one and two you have control chapter six verse eighteen and venue house songs one nineteen verse one sixty V still versus practice and Hebrews says that this is not to stop the one of us wanted to Hebrew chapter six verse eighteen Psalms one nineteen verse one sixty okay so there's still the first the first thoughts about God who cannot lie I so which meant that his word is what even candlelight his word is truth right and Psalms one nineteen talks about the word of God be the foundation is truth from the foundation so which means that it is a sunny blog where you convince your faith I know this is God 's truth this is God 's Word and God can apply from the story of redemption page ninety nine paragraph two all desire the blessing of God as did Jacob and with hold of the promises I think it and being a spinous and pursue marrying us she was with sex seed to succeed page ninety nine I page ninety nine those who we hold onto the promise of God as Jacob with succeed us she succeeded of I would like to continue because this something that is that I find interesting and where is it part of me renewed from here faith which we leave the same sample the same page that faith which will leave for the time of trouble must be daily in exercise now to get it a story of redemption page ninety nine she continues he said that faith I'm attributing what I just said that faith that we leave for the time of trouble must be daily in the I now is not wondering this time of trouble comes in and then we say no one we can be range we already know I is to play soccer in a new window in school but often when you leave school sometimes and a half times through soccer you will more working and doing other things like so you knows your cardio and and and mean things like the EDD defense is still having just a hobby but for how long we don't know so what the first time I think I played soccer share in common I often long time I play soccer so I was always I always been the middle was the first five minutes I was wanting I was like you know how was flashed on that field trying to do with born at nineteen born in a cost of five minutes on day one we drank a lot of mingling because I was singing who is who is gone is this my heart was pounding because I thought I highly I thought I was young I was still okay but that woman made me realize that this additional piece don't think when that that game is on now either practice don't think when the time of trouble is on then you can practice your faith in the word of God we have to experience and practices now practice it now it's not later I am jumping for many things but the last thing that I think it's important was what verse twenty eight Genesis thirty two Genesis thirty two versus organizer twenty eight and he said thy name okay twenty seven Fed and they said unto him what is thy name is Jacob and his undying and saw been called no more Jacob but is when I won't a full on the Prince hostile power with God and with men and has prevailed to push who was asking the question in this verse will God was asking what was his name but me I sue Christians is God only signs is gotten important is gone only present okay why did you ask the question that if she knows everybody's name why jihadists to ask Jacob what's your name was given as a villain I know you and Jacob right but is abundant I come a blessing but he still had his name and with me is it possible that God is a new evening is it possible that God is in the mining why do you think God asked that question the answer is found in Genesis chapter twenty seven first eighteen are you about Windows Vista or seven first eighteen Art and insight and came to his father and said my father and his sense here on my all about my son Jacob sentiments father I am Esau thy first four one eighty eight fall on this point the fourth straight out of the way and is still the best thing to have the blessing but now when God was asking him his name one of the things of God was like this remind him that the last time you took a blessing to children under the name of Esau now I want to know who is asking for that blessing if it is all orgy domain we put on clothes we put on a source project to put on these shows voice command than trying to 's for blessing with people pretending to be what we think they all waiting for it is just the Jacob hiding behind these sometimes it appears that many Christian or going through the same thing we tried to give a façade of we thought people would like but in fact inside of a space this kind of Jacob wrestling whose just here but because I'm addicted because I am a Sabbath school of teachers because I'm the printer because I'm a person because I might add and because I somebody I just I have to put on the side but then we realized that God can bless the person it's only when real real real honest with him and Jacob was able to receive his boss when Jacob said I Jacob I disciplined eye of the DC but I the person who stole a blessing that God was able to give him that I say that people today who was was was following God and Ed was trying to do everything that God required but then if you just remove the judgment that went gold digesting so that we also question why do you really or just because we don't want to go for judgment that we all keeping dishonest worshiping God trying to do what God requires to do once the boys behind all what we do today what's what's the purpose of all these things we are doing I refrain Williams born not I guess Foss audio files in either fossil and willfully is a scope of us doesn't exist so you something interesting I wrestled my field on a full I must attend a full week this one monitor twenty four talks about what he did then the visit thence I like the signs also okay was acting is it usually lies okay with it with blogspot market on April first eleven and many false prophets will arise and saw the same menus so if you continue to read this is the chapter there's a lot of things that Jesus would say but for the people was things many times that just talking and many false prophet I and the false prophet and fourth class with government decision so which means that there are people that would be people with sexual and spiritual school subjective confidence and try to get them to believe what they needed and that puts you in the inlet in the wrong direction because they save somebody was deceived is what was dispute what being this evening my two okay a all right this is the definition of the Sears but time in the meantime market Doctor Simon was fifteen seven was there main if I can put it in the Temple when as the sands somebody's mind to get it to change somebody is mine if you brings up every often is how and saw the food it was dead by Elizabeth I in the something talked about the first five over six she said that the Bible said she saw that affluent was good before he was back but now is good before was that now is the online exchange best deceiving art so many people were coming to save many pretend to be spiritual our company made as to how okay I think those verses and go look at it for yourself or I'd because I have to finish that's what I've been told my zero seven verse fifteen was under the ship school is loading muskets and twenty three verse twenty five to twenty eight my new twenty three verse twenty five to twenty eight there is when Jesus was willing to identify serious and and and priests admitted she was saying that you pretend to you have a fast sad but you are not the real thing right and and Revelation thirteen verse eleven to fourteen because the driving behind those look-alike land if you went until conventions eleven verse thirteen to fifteenth Satan guys been an angel of light to go into topic eleven verses thirteen to fifteen so basically what's happening here is seeing a couple of places that so is not that all somebody who's been sending me somebody else if you go for these verses but at the end of the day the real thing is that so is today and we are just pretending to be somebody that we are not we are just practicing to be one of Satan 's silence in Arizona think we are just practicing to be one of his that we can deceive authors so the last thing in the time of trouble what we need to consider now and that we need to work on now is to just be real with God is to just be real with God you know I is a good church and home having a nice thigh and I should night nice pants and in own night soon sometimes and you know when you need to get the truth you do feel like it you know I live itself the word of God you you okay your vitamin people and people look at you that's it they think that you will better that you will in all spiritual but then I realized who that's still a week before I was doing I I I saw this reset this message and I realized that God knows everything so why should I go to church and tried to pretend to be somebody else is linking the church we pretend to be somebody else who are you going to see a church who are you going to send me that the process Hannah who defines less than twenty four posted on the mingling of you going to church on Sabbath sign initial international sure what you're saying I than initial I feel a blank west of God going to Magog you are going to have a relationship with God you're going to stick to the house this moment with God if you are going to see God and how this moment with God to you and she knows Brady Quinn will of course but why should we pretend so on my prayer was was when I get into when I walked in church now I don't want to seem that I used one before I'm coming into your presence you know who I am really I want to pretend I want to be a fake Christian Burgess would be my sense and be ready for your blessing because I am here to be the next century so my prayer for every one of us at this time is that remember three things the Sumerians was the second one this saith the Lord always been on the wood of God and if things can be real honest with God and that's how at one single it starts now don't wait for the end time for the time of trouble to practice those things be age now stopped working on start to type us to move when I didn't have time to meet all the courts that have him but still available for what you guys would before we supplement is supposed to does just then and as it were where the spray father in heaven we come to you at this time not trying to pretend to be somebody else not trying to be a someone has in front of you what's the purpose you know everything you can read hearts and even faults father we come as Jacob came to us for that blessing that we need to ask that you will help us load to start exercise of faith now so that when we come to the time of the and we won't be surprised by ourselves we won't be able to say I didn't know I I was like that because if we know who we are now then we can work on it with your grace and try to reflect the fact that in every possible way please father we need you at this time do not process by doing that conference but give every one of us the blessing that we have come full and lead us so that at the end of this conference we don't go out father often be revised go out and died in these my listening to keep us alive in this media was brought I is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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