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Book of Nature, The Nature of the Book

Thom Mayer


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries




  • August 30, 2014
    4:30 PM
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alright on Monday so we were grounded it will get underway here it raises in the father Lord again we ask you presence to be here this and this place and speak to our hearts but you give us so much to so much that we had no season I understand Lord what you're doing for SN and what your plan is for us and how we need to conduct ourselves what things are beneficial and what things are not so largest credit you open our minds and open our hearts to the things that you have us know after seeing the precious name of Jesus and this talk is called the book of nature and the nature of the book in a row that title for my board he had a couple talks called the book of nature and the nature of the two separate talks I'm combining and no one here but the book of nature really documents to greatness about sitting on right the book of nature and the added they each vintages about the other as we just saw with farming in Isaiah twenty six three the Bible says I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on a MS so when we focus our attention on God on on the things of God Christ we have these said we could arise often we start looking around like Peter missing red so keep your eyes focused on Christ is probably the most important aspect of our of our Christian walk out thank you thank you the sanctuary message when you look at that table of showbread do you remember what that table is read actually what Fred was actually called the number that have another was called the red of the continual presence right so then the word of God is to be continually present within our with our minds and our hearts right the altar of incense was what the prayers of the saints right ascending to heaven and member that instances burning what always a continual stream rising to heaven the Bible talks about us living in a spirit having a spirit of prayer I always be a spirit imprisoning runner needs all the time of the week we had that right there the back of our mind Lord will again we do here this person saying this will help to have a response right to be in that habit of constantly sinning up prayers to God because he speaking to us right we should talk to God as a conversation right and I know some aspects what a beautiful representation never got a crisis unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood right now no part with me if you look at that that's an analogy of consuming the word and with the blood represent life anyway and write my blood circulates through the body bringing life and that's our president our prayer should be a circular life giving type of prayer right praying to God is as if we are praying to further talking to a friend and then listening to the still small voice gotten Scott speaks respect our hearts the seven branched candlestick right represents our you always pass a light upon the hill dizziness and a brass candlestick was the only article of furniture in the in the holy place that was solid gold the rest of the in the English of bread and the altar of incense were wood overlaid with gold I thought about that the cold labor the man has with with with God but our witness has nothing to do with us really it's all Christ and the second that we get a little alley that was me no longer from Christ right and pride takes over the heart so the fact that candlestick was was solid buildings Christ in us and does anybody know from Jewish history what good ways were made out of rags what racks dirty rags from where the priests undergarments is not interesting shredded into strips were used as witnessed in the seven branched candlestick is not beautiful analogy but we had offer nothing but filthy rags but so with the oil of the Holy Spirit we can become a light on a hill the rat isn't what's burning instantly the rat is just a conduit for the oil to be drawn out of the candlestick to bring light to a darkened bleak world and then with beautiful announcement estimates everything you missed so many examples of of of just a whole new century message being this cold is beautiful picture of salvation have you been missing I foresee no blueprint message and he just keeps growing you will it's amazing amazing Grace God the things that the Lord 's been showing man's amazing so let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus as the Bible is his finest talking about God so proofreading the human that is God 's mind within us amen wow psalmist writes in Psalm one nineteen one two three p.m. today utterance speech and night unto night show with knowledge there is no speech or language with their voice is not heard men so God is speaking to everything right the nature of everything and look at how that is how the devil has just twisted it just a little bit and how close those tracks of Aaron and Andrew really lie right the whole pantheistic ideas oh yeah goddesses that God is everything comes in the trees gone but they would have rings around his God is in you without you having to ask for that you are God and it you just need to realize that and become awakened to that and the Gnostic tradition is just the same age-old Linux is they say this is Satan is the Savior because he is the one that enlightened out underneath the fact that we're all God 's best the Gnostic tradition write an essay yet Yahweh is the creator but he's a lower-level gobbet was the son of some other God involve a blog he created the world to be material enough physical network evil and Satan came in the world realize that show us that we are we we are all God reaches upside down in Christ on at the very first chapter this is long quote was a bear with me but there's some seminar of things there's the very first chapter of press obsolescence in Christ's parable teaching the same principle is seen as in his mission to the world that we might become acquainted with his divine character and life Christ took our nature and dwelt among us divinity was revealed in humanity the invisible glorying in the visible human form men could learn of the unknown through the known heavenly things were revealed to the earthly God made manifest in the likeness of men so it was in Christ teaching the unknown was illustrated by the known divine truths by earthly things which the people were most familiar the Scripture says all these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables that might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet saying I will open my mouth in parables I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world Matthew thirteen thirty four thirty five natural things with a medium for the spiritual the things of nature and the life experience of his hearers were connected with the truths of the written word leaving us from the natural to the spiritual kingdom Christ's parables are the links in it in the chain of truth that unites man with God and earth with heaven in his teachings for major Christ was speaking of the things which his own hands it may immediately think about it was not about things his own hand made in which and have the qualities and powers that he himself imparting in their original perfection all created things were an expression of the thought of God to Adam and Eve in Eden home nature was full of the knowledge of God he was buying instruction wisdom spoke to the eye and was received into the heart for they communed with God in his created works as soon as the holy pair transgressed the law the most high brightness in the face of God departed in the face of nature the earth is Martin a file question yet even state must it is beautiful remains God 's object lessons are not obliterated rightly understood nature speaks of her creator in the days of Christ these lessons had been lost sight of men had well-nigh ceased to discern God in his works the sinfulness of humanity had cast a pall over the face of creation and instead of manifesting God 's work became a barrier that concealed him Nanette worshiped and served the creature more than the creator that's the heating became vain in their imaginations and their foolish heart foolish heart was darkened so in Israel man's teachings had been put in the place of God 's not only not only the things of nature but the sacrificial service and the Scriptures themselves all given to reveal God was so perverted that they became the means of concealing him Christ sought to remove that wasn't secure the truth the veil that sin had cast over the face of nature he came to draw a side bringing to view the spiritual glory that all things were created to reflect his words replace the teachings of nature at his words place the teachings of nature as well as the Bible in a new aspect and made them a new revelation and then Christ came to reveal a net sort of look at how does the health message him glory of God the message that we were infested with MN and I think it's one that we got on base in a lot of places help me figure that the network we cannot not think about the problem right disease and the disease infects a bigger problem than really is and that is more diseased people and planning are helping people right now probably most likely true especially in this day and age related in the last days work man has degenerated to such a degree that only live in barely sixty seven years on average by and I have all types of diseases is interesting health or healthcare it's funny that we actually call this over here healthcare when really it should be called what disease management is really what it is healthcare should be just that caring for your health not only broken fix me cut that out radiating right I mean think about it were were were anywhere anytime when when Satan is just these come along these paths on the back and significant time yet as you can find I got hospitals all over the world you guys are ahead of robotic surgery we are I thought I saw the film the agonist right made by Catholic way interestingly interesting any ought only to be critical but I just I see I see things for what they are and and if we were really getting the a peculiar people then what are hospitalizations of a peculiar hospital and innovation they used to be hydrotherapy and even do that anymore hot and cold water with a simple remedy civil remedy and and and biscuits the wayside when arriving from beating just the healthiest food we tended the sick people all we want to give them what they want that's the problem right and it has a prominent church right at the whole problem with the music and the church is always in the implement why is there listening to yourself will get something like to just make them feel comfortable that really how we should be conducting ourselves we need to ask if the health message is a reflection of the glory of God and a reflection of the gospel is there such a thing as an incurable disease right back hurt I've heard sermon after sermon alloy to be saying of Jesus comes to give me hope I want a single Jesus comes I don't I want our freedom from the things that I grapple with and if I believe it will well it symbolizes my lot instead have this filled Jesus then I'll be made perfect fishing interesting that problem they were it but if if we really believe that God has the power to change us why would he change his hallway and and that's reflected I think in health message because I think is an incurable disease is many diseases Doctor says incurable in a we can do we get is that the other and and I give it six more years would call that success interesting as well so I a few years while a lot of years ago I started looking into health and looking into these things in researching I came across this guy John Raymond Christopher on you heard him nobody are Doctor Christopher L one this was the American herbalist this guy came up with over fifty formulas I went to jail seven times for practicing quackery Minnesota Dallas Houston Texas seven six or seven times simple enough but I don't want to jail in a number of times and on that he came up with with all these different formulas is that he's got a tooth powder and an intestinal formula knowledge to make things right well his famous quote is that there are no incurable diseases on the German people and that's the reality that things I've learned about health and I've share those of my family and my friends and things when you get resistance you realize wow itself it is easy secure both this person they just can't see that if they put the pedal to the metal is ineffective yourself a carrot juice cream powder garlic enough but if you go seriously but the petal to the metal and watch a few the miracle took place vessels could happen next and across the sky protocol there are notable diseases Doctor Scholz and Dr. Scholl's study under Doctor Christopher he went to his school of natural healing and he became his little right-hand man he said he learned all the formulas everything in Doctor Chris forgot okay were going to this Formula One Lieutenant Richard Richard B is that what this guy has taken into a whole another level and he has one little shop in Marina del Rey called the American botanical pharmacy and my wife's and my my wife's mom was the first one to introduce me to this guy shows Hegel Doctor Schultz is a little place and get me some super time I might cycle in this place I like what it says is just as little room is always tinctures everything all the walls and everything had plants and he preaches a vegan diet plant -based whole food diet and then if you have a situation you know serious with using gerbils program and clan the detoxifying organs of the body and disease leave your body interesting sites I read this book fascinating the fascinating book he says the basic principle of natural healing is that we will never be smart enough to outsmart God or to know exactly how human body works so instead of getting in the way of what the body is already trying to do her worst thinking the body 's actions are a disease beavers headaches and depressed and suppressing it natural healing is instead a healing system based on a belief in God I believe the nature and a big dose of common sense and and and and you know he's coming across individual so I brought some I brought a bunch of CDs and steps of you guys are interested I trust that his of his CDs you even listen to let you there's no I won't that he's got colorful colorful vocabulary in places could be serious about it and I brought a bunch of this is catalog searches in a box catalog Sears over those you who are really interesting you can take one of these out I have nothing to his herbal catalog and an and see what he's got there pretty pretty powerful stuff I've got his thirty day plan that is now plans his liver and kidney cleanse they're all really really powerful cleansers because he looked at what what Doctor Christopher was doing everything and how how what cleanses people have been using and then he stopped there he went anywhere they go to cleanse the horse qualities that his stuff is super powerful it's it's it's it's powerful look at it when Christ's and out his disciples right and we called unto him his twelve disciples he gave them power against unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal some of all manner of sickness and all manner of disease ominously this don't you I didn't pray Lord policies miracles because you promised that you would give to us your power and that we would see the things that you demonstrated to us while while the doing of the fate is the question age it just what a beautiful example we have in Ezekiel 's vision of the valley of dry bones by and he's asked Son of Man can these bones live what Ezekiel said on a large you know and he said what prophesying these bones right and he saw this whole army come from dry bones and ashes and dust that the vision but I believe God take us from a state that is dead dry bones to a standing member of his army and the physical and the spiritual are one of just separated our minds and our bodies are one we cannot separate them right so if we are in taking things that make our bodies unhealthy our minds are unhealthy it were to even things into our minds that are unhealthy our bodies become unhealthy it's it's it's a two-way street we just separate those things Jeremiah thirty three versus two and three says thus saith the Lord the maker thereof the Lord has formed to establish it the Lord is his name call upon me and I will answer thee and show the great and mighty things that thou knowest not and it shows things we don't know shows things that we are that we are ignorant of that week and we didn't previously know because there's so much more community oriented be studying this bank fraud attorney right the love of Christ and what he did for us there can read this book testimonies the churchgoing seventy sixty two we have come to a time when every member of the church and take hold of the medical missionary work with everyone we are all called to be medical missionaries as me have to be a doctor right and what she says here I've been instructed that little companies who have received the subtle a suitable training in in evangelical and medical missionary lines should go forth to do the work to which Christ appointed his disciples let them labor as evangelists scattering our publications talking of the truth to those they meet praying for the sick and if need be treating them not with drugs but with natural natures remedies ever realized their dependency on God as they unite in the work of teaching and healing they will reap a rich harvest of souls amen councils to parents and teachers and students page four sixty nine this and this is great coherent councils diets and food space to sixty three but more important still is the art of rep pairing food so that it is both helpful and appetizing this art should be regarded as the most valuable of all arts because it is so closely connected with life it should receive more attention for in order to make good blood the system requires good food the foundation that which the foundation of that which keeps people in hell is the medical missionary work of the cutting undercuts your medical missionary or you should be with your cooking medical missionary right none of minutes as I was so inspired by Doctor Schultz and his super time that when I found the mouse exotic that it maybe have a little source router maybe maybe coming off a cold anything is not written season no one got under you and you and try the little spicy perspective that I juiced ginger garlic horseradish on our pepper and white onion and enemy so you I wouldn't I wouldn't advise trying out at home AVI wear a mask goggles linkage the horseradish root I keep my eyes closed it's so intense in my best I mean the vapors are I never never knew how I horseradish was decidedly my juicer I think my mascot on the outside and in blow my nose i.e. aces cleared me out it's amazing the Radisson stepped up sinus disgracing horseradish and read the vapor of you is on just and proper for so garlic chicken under their system to set up the hot stuff and that is preserved and drag-and-drop cider vinegar so use with Rob Senator there is a good preservative I don't think we should be consuming vinegar on it on on a daily basis vinegars of food in the axis of good preservative and and keep that fresh in there for years I've had bottles on myself I tried from past batches and opening 's Schultz super talk size of a woman called to talk to I just put on the sonics on accident Doctor Schultz in warm water put in warm water and yet he abusing alcohol yeah his uncles another good preserve of the degrees for teachers that something got in is a lot having anyone around that has been told that they adopted a year at a risk for heart attack yellow reality yes maybe not anyone know down you know someone else okay on a exactly is about Diane I'm a little label tortoises heart attacks upper him this guy right here and on here are a little caution it says two hundred and fifty thousand units most cayenne peppers will boast ninety thousand units that's actually Doctor Scholz 's cayenne pepper and bring the following of me but it's it's a kind pepper blend so I I heard a testimony of a guy took a nap is lazy boy he had a dream and horse came over and stiffness just woke up use of a massive heart attack and all he could remember Pam Pepper these indications is my sometimes never even tablespoon a glass of water narthex stopped it dilated all his blood vessels and an architect stopped while just we knew that you know you can shut out people is an easy easy natural remedy for getting that situation and that was good good no dice students frequently visit under the tongue you got down to the time you look at the front of the tongue on the restatement of the okay key for health but this quote by Julius White okay when meals are planned at home were selected to the public eating place to ever raise the question does this food contain the elements needed by the brain heart nerves and other organs and their processes nope nine tenths of people never give up thoughts of this they ask but one question I like this food I rewrite as we come to God is not unlike a valid now that is not healthy for me oh yeah that was good for the heart and that is how we talk about the price that and that alone determines what we will and will not be yet it is more important to us that we know how to nourish our bodies and those of our children and to understand the inner workings of the automobile the mysteries of the radio the latest fashion or movies or to learn all the languages of the earth or the doings of the ancients the debts of the fourth dimension to the marvels of the atom to be sure these matters are important they are absolutely no value without health men should be sent and that we really take seriously right choices but their abundant health page five I know okay so it when you go to go to Doctor Schultz's from the Temple pharmacies got these big ends up on the wall business one slogan of Dennis has stopped doing what makes you sick and start doing what will create powerful health and disease leave your body and it used to say start doing with you to create a healing miracle in your life exactly what it is right we can't divorce this health message from the miracle that God is the healer that God is bringing the healing in all the testimony this week he needs his out he doesn't advertise as all word of mouth I'm advertising for Doctor Schultz in obtaining right what's the best advertisement word-of-mouth is the best advertisement because when people see that really works for you to try don't it was a semi- stop doing something and start is with us and we hasn't my death an acronym that unlike the new start writing new start implies that you stop news and nutrition exercise water sunlight temperature air rest and not trusting God you have done all those that the new start right to have a new life to have students who experience the healing miracle in your life straight there is remember from our talk before I the gospel is about restoring God 's image in man by an one way to do that is to cleanse the mind right but what the Bible says in Romans twelve to end be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove that is what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God and then it's highly cleanse the mind husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of the water of the work the Bible is cleansing the mind is not the more we focus on Christ and his focus on his character the more we become like him that the sinful nature is cleansed out Bible talks about cleansing run beautiful the word is cleansing the Bible talks about cleansing the temple right but in the sanctuary again there was always a cleansing of the temple every year and care we are what were Temple and going up as evidence I never heard anything about cleansing physically never heard anything about it it wasn't until I take aim also I heard about it in my flow when I heard about this and you believe that you may summon trouble bias of the word is cleansing so some cleansing for second bentonite clay be heard up ethnically day a good handful of you well bentonite clay actually all Clay is these are layers of the benign clave and hard to see here these gray layers in the desert things they find these layers out the deserts of insight playing is all clay is essentially volcanic ash at the clay is an source raw raw test century right but not all Clay is the same when there are specific situations where the volcano has arrived settles out in either alkaline pond or lake or ocean body that night layers form and they classified the clays in the seven families and the Smith family is the family claims that the that the best nights are from the referred to as living clays because they can actually make we electromagnetic bonds to free radicals heavy metals and that's her thing in our inner system because there's a negative week negative electromagnetic charge on the crystal text be classified as a nano crystal that that my clay and so edition the Bible talks about my IDE are we ever going crazy very very moldable pliable right and they can be fired in a fire and the en vogue what's the purpose why is my referred to is this Clay what is what is God doing you will voice emotion offensive into his image into a vassal so he can fill it in and beautiful Isaiah is a courtesy but there is twenty five thousand nine vacation shot of the bentonite clay and it's got a lethal toxin holes in everything and so it's got this in the other aspect of it has a pH of nine seven possession out analyzing if you drink it maybe having a gastrointestinal issues are now the stomach burn heartburn you are you this pharmaceutical grade bentonite clay city drink that right now in five minutes you can zealously feel if you you you have secured your stomachs hurt by now in the morning okay so in the morning you try that any and just think the whole shop is on the one teaspoon of clay in that in that they need to do while on the insides from that one but all qualities and operas of it so I was just it is still don't send me in this lady can of my visits to my heart I have partners in Vernon I gave her a little swig of the of the clay water and five minutes the lifecycle is gone it's always a fun while you take a store cited me to admit that it is a is cleansing the physicals can help with emotional issues I read that if the bedside playlist for young people especially help regulate hormones and things in the system so it is no specimens young people have I have either gentlemen he gave my presentation he started by McClay 's using for his daughter 's acne nothing is working that nothing until he started using the click to strengthen making a mascot of it you got a son below some high-end aesthetician boutique and they put a mask on your face and try to sixty bucks is the dollar plan face as I recall it miracle not as lower branding right I brought them here the rehab act near this list is anything that they did try that spread on your face and easy and you needed to egotistical fingerboard needed yeah yeah you were blinded as powder and then and then selling it is outer so I just mixed up with water nicely set up a water young midnight or made liquid so you just is just a teaspoon in in a few also water makes a milky consistency it's a three to one ratio our water to clay to make my so it absorbs us that the other aspect of it is that has the power to absorb three times this amount and water that they will absorb three times nine water and while it's absorbing water pulling impurities and things into it and as you is a goes your intestines none of those and your bloodstream because the intestines are now and with it it takes all sorts of impurities and mucus and not something out with it yet you yet yet they are there fighting there to fight a battle that that's right that's right what is a sorrow satori Avenue started dated this is all incorporated along with a a new start stopping those old things and starting this new life because you the best for the best benefits like Doctor Celsus Beatty always something don't use this like you go to the doctor just give him okay is is a lifestyle change and when you get serious about cleansing the good talks of fine organs of the body your browser literally kidneys your body fight disease that's what it's been doing your whole life issues finally got the point where justice is anymore we talk about the negative electromagnetic charge it's very similar to charcoal right activated charcoal is the letter my microscope picture of the activated charcoal you can see all the little toxin holes in there and basically charcoal is the most used substance on the face the plan we decimated forests to make you realize that it's in every filter everywhere it is the most powerful filter that we have an IEEE lookup chart on the Merck manual daylight we don't know how it works is amazing is just it is it it's good stuff right well charcoal is more close of such article it has basically right at the end of the woods where Charles made out of wood 's addition of these two remedies are made of fire interesting man cannot make these things the fire makes these things right but activated charcoal will hit with steam in different chemicals in the end and create different sized cavities in the charcoal to target things that they're there wanting to target princes thicken it with a certain gas and make a chocolate specific to absorb ammonia gas and in one quart oh oh charcoal will hold eighty quarts of ammonia gas and that's because of all that surface area it is created by all the cavities and in one teaspoon of charcoal you have a football field of the surface area when system is and is and that he never used charcoal before the always act which are known ever nonhistorical nares are activated charcoal so here is elected charcoal tablets is one of those football field service or you never use either our life that's probably something of now when I first came across this old cleansing thing I saw in Doctor Sills is Belk Lindsey had been cyclase housing is weird eaten dirt it seems weird and I went into their pharmacist that you know what I pretty healthy what I needed all these cleanses is what you get you get toxins in the air you get toxins in the water even though you eat an organic you know you might begin some toxins in your food and you were accumulating that you know a in the air is the biggest thing you really were were breathing out seventy percent of the toxins that we excrete daily is coming out of our breath that amazing in her lungs are just getting rid of toxins I well I saw an episode on planet Earth is even bought that DVD series planet Earth racing printer right and there is just beautiful shots there beautiful to both male names and years ago I wanted to bolster his own and amount voiceover in this release on you to them that would give me trouble for sure okay .com one of the you forgot how all the elements would congregate once a year they would come to this clearing each year and it would blow with their trunks down into the swamp and it would suck up any just economically and the narrator said because their detoxing from all the toxins that are enough bullies that they are eating all year long out in the jungle a lot of those leaves and thinks up toxins in and they do about Clinton's Donnell considered alright on Monday as integer and I started using and with amazing amazing results you will feel more energy when you drink this clay because it's cleaning mucus and things off line of your intestines to wait now you have more surface area of the deluxe is a company with a autochanger driver just as all happens a change of diet and it takes time for the bicycling things out but if we if we hit it hard with some serious cleansing feel real results from that that new foods eating because they are Texans are lined with all sorts of stuff you clay and charcoal there they're very similar in the respect that they take the bad and they leave the good is not amazing what a beautiful analogy behalf right me crisis our example he's need cleansing Clay is the one that God is he allowed God to mold him into a perfect vessel is still gone perfectly and these are example and we ask and we pray for you and it to come in our minds he will cleanse out those things and leave the good and take about a man the whole are you sure sure in the new complete body cleansing acidity in a regiment of a few different things because you would weave weave segregated things and when you think about it we note in an medicine outside of the stock reveals of the foot and the stock the deals of the year in the stock you know when the body the whole and actually we should really approach it as a whole and so when when when when you get serious about cleansing the talk spine or if the skin is another huge organ you can cleanse and there's there is treatment psychology treatment for instances when you're climbing into about the cayenne pepper and garlic you can try that one yet and I and I tried to get my brother to do with music Moscow duty to act people in a good organ to his hide I would tell people about it and Dr. Scholl's says that at that one treatment he seen people take bigger steps in to help with that one treatment the cozy treatment in any of his other treatments because what it does is it the kind of pepper and garlic stimulate the largest organ in your body and bring all these toxins to the surface because you've gotten a bath and you've done a high colonic you and he has you actually hold in a quart of water which will absorb through your intestines quicker than you can drink a quart of water and while in the bathroom drinking eight cups see an herbal tea as of this detoxifying tea blend in there and so you're rapidly hydrating during this Baptist feel like your skin 's cocaine and a just and then you get out to fifteen minutes and start again if she ever out of a bucket of ice water in Raven that cold she knew Robinson classic vertebrae else pages sweated out a translate out all night if you can't at least do three to four hours as I know she is in Los Angeles he colorful colorful colors of toxins that it cannot be used in toxins embedded in your body today we put them there or they entered your body without you knowing so even Paris birds there my my Scottie 's father-in-law went on a trip to South America and they witnessed this percentage happen we were at this bridge everything always pictures in the past commodity in the bentonite clay off the edge of the bank and in a donating a very poisonous fruit that isn't right yet and it's not right it's poisonous but they're hungry and they know the way and then he even poisonous fruit thirty five that may seem have you ever heard of that there was an account member 's name off and I know there was a doctor is he got up in front of all of all of his colleagues everything and it is the University and I guess it's our only wanted dentistry a powerful chuckle was a position nine inch article in the drinking so bit in these things are powerful in terms of other others of absorbing and holding the toxins and if there is a book I read by the lady who was the clade we buy from is called the living clay company there in Texas their Mina Clay had a death Valley Antigonish and Texas with a gratitude three had twenty five mesh powder in the name testing for all you know heavy metals or our E. coli whatever the solicit the FDA gives them requires and tested for and be given a stamp of approval 's the great reminders pharmaceutical grade safe for human consumption and in her book she has this whole list of ailments that can be cured with bentonite clay and this is just a handful of it abrasions abscess acid-free what makes a spot a alcoholism anemia anorexia alcoholism I heard of people using the bentonite Clay coming up methamphetamines and not having any withdrawals this powerful arthritis autism bad breath these days blackheads blisters boils bruises bunions burns cancer candida carpal tunnel cold sores politics commands conservation corns cracked heels Prescott says standard depression detoxification diaper rash diarrhea diarrhea and fifteen minutes I am undone of them done I seem you have fibromyalgia the boys need flu longest gingivitis hair loss kidney stones arrange nuclear radiation to help cleanse cleanse nuclear radiation is my last life media seen this book like the other guy if you haven't read this book yet it's worth a read it's a very very interesting cells all was the original Greek word used in the New Testament for salvation and it meant salvation and physical healing cells are not amazing Jesus used it when he said daughter you could share your faith has made you well start off physical healing and salvation that's why the health message is part of our thirty one through the health message you can teach people about salvation is so similar the union of Christ like work for the body and Christlike work for the soul is the true incher patient of the gospel review and Herald March four nineteen assume God 's purpose in committing to men and women the mission that he committed to Christ is to disentangle his followers from all worldly policy and give them a work identical to the work crisis and was it a separate that it's all embraced the medical missionary work but we've been advised in any capacity it can be simple you can cook for your neighbor medical missionary in an all right let's start has an eleven it recently thought again were so humble and we humbly come before you and we beseech you and a similar come and are our hearts and into our lives in such a powerful way that people will see use working through us like a seven branched candlestick Lord we have nothing to offer but filthy rags the board you promised that you would still fill us with the Holy Spirit that people would see a light on a hill and that life would be you and the Lord as we go from this place again dispute this published all embrace the medical missionary work but we've never understood however maybe we haven't we come to this place in these her these things the first time and largest empower us give us your spirit so that we can go forth and do this for messages of this media was brought by audio parents a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about nonmembers the more certain than the visit www. audio tours .org


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