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Better Than the Best

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • December 28, 2014
    7:45 PM


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I will note on with my life with negative father for the high privilege of really with you in the plan of the coming out in the coming up of the plan of salvation as I attempt to deliver this message I ask in the name of Jesus Christ possess my mind was asked of three faculty you've entrusted to me that we do speak directly boldly but compassionately for I too am a sinner but my words this simple date on the patrols from your throne maybe Grasse like everyone listening but not only affect those present now but those who would listen to the recorded portion of this message on all of the messages of this conference I find it for him in this prayer I offered humbly in Jesus name that involves people say a man and a man Mark chapter twelve reading from verse twenty eighth we read from the King James version of the Bible Mark twelve reading from first twenty eight Mark 's gospel number two the shortest of the four Gospels Mark was not one of the twelve disciples neither was who of the four Gospel writers for the disciples to follow Christ living Mark and Luke yes I found locked up abroad really what course but if I will say and one of the scribes came and having heard them reasoning together and perceiving that the incident well Austin which is the first commandment of all and Jesus answered him the first of all the commandments is yet what Israel the Lord our God is one Lord thou shalt love the call with all my heart with all my soul will live on with all thy strength this is the First Amendment of the second is like moving this thou shall outline their asked myself there is no other commandment greater than base describes another name webmaster about the symbolism of them is long gone there's none of the afternoon with all the heart of a faulty understanding and with all the soul and with all the strife of the wealthiest men as himself a present were smitten out is while all but all whole word or phrase and separate devices note this is a walkable statement from scribe the scribe says there is something that is great that all sacrifices together begins with the whole burnt offerings which was the fundamental offering offered wonderful old various varieties were often will list when McCain is unable to abortion it is certain that offering him a awkward was work off the offering that will offer limited amount of the art Genesis eight twenty twenty one was aboard offering specific deleting it was the offering prior to all the details of the sacrificial system given that he is liked within each of this process to do list knockoff nobility about one of yourself is all in all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices out what was the reaction of Jesus that this conclusion by describe verse thirty four the Bible says and when Jesus saw that he uncertain how discreetly leaving wisely these of the Holocaust law of the kingdom of God him for a reading that is something greater brought up high and deep that all sacrifices by our subject was evening better than this the Hebrews chapter ten also while writing reverses five oh six it was then five one six wherefore when he cometh into the world he said while sacrifices and offerings thou will do so but what has felt versus it were offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had opening was the same that was horrified wherefore when he cometh into the world was that James is the sale what is sacrificed and offerings would result in a small what you really want Jesus and that's based on ISA song for diversity some of these last-minute vision is is drawn from Glasgow to Psalm fifty one are subject better than the best song fifty one refill verse fourteen this is the prayer of David he is professing his levels and against Ryan against Bathsheba I recommend that's all for your memorization that softy one forty as for this overall health one of my salvation on microphones also allowed by what righteousness will go well I want on my mouse also by friends not since the review for now desirous of what else would I know that life is not really workable now this is baby under the guidance of the Holy Ghost data says now desirous not sacrifice else why given down there's not been brutal for seventeen the sacrifice of going as well is that I wrote with a contrite heart will go on our longest life is saying while God really wants is not sacrifice as little surprise that Matthews was agreed Jesus said that when he given to the world businesses is that Isaiah one reading verse eleven I was reading verse eleven are something better than the best of my Vegas presentation short tonight we've had along the new have that one who looks after one verse the Bible says to what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto the suitable wife to review sacrifices novel Institute of the sacrificial system was rise above instruction the single is a widely read the sacrifices I am full of the work offerings of rams and the fact of fake beasts I do not will mass of people want to say that's not what I want now is Jesus Christ is the second will sacrifice the wrong what was their love life we would vote to bring anything so Christ understood sacrifice on the sinful role it plays in the life of his life it's obviously ritual got my sense of the main goals in America but really my sacrifice is what one will say when he comes to gain righteousness of the second coming of the son how then can the Bible say sacrifices and offerings about this a lot it worked officer sacrifices for sin thou hast had no right to understand that by going for some new fifteen at seven fifteen Melissa McPherson first Samuel instructs all know this and to destroy all that they have spent involved butts level while man and woman what else is softly one of all and she alas the wholesale destruction why would one require that when he is like living in Egypt they were attacked by Democrats and seventy Roman bathroom in the hands of Moses beheld several years when the film is also installed but understands her and someone else on the site was hands-on boss floor music system the fourteen when will the remembrance of the public on behalf of I will destroy this nation but it is several hundred years that can you guess why why I will right after the battle while hundreds of years later going to give you what an opportunity finish my words to repent the visit again they believe God is forgetful no gall delays to give people an opportunity to repent after about three hundred years also the amount of repetitive but I've had half the provision run out and hotel salt condo outlaws and utterly destroy all that they had an scriptable by the way is your time running out to do what's right about the positive effects next to tell you some of the one we did was right all you know is that neither wiggles will help you install it you know that's only as fast around and said today today is always the best time to do what is right right now today because God does not give forth a list with your probation schools closed that's the most the Holy Ghost lease he never comes back as little provision of applicable close and Saul was sent to destroy the amount of tax widow of the salt did not destroy all devout items you brought back a guy became in the verse ten oversaw for Samuel the Bible says that in the word of the Lord unto some you say tomato I have set up Saul became police for not performing up to be on multiple MyCommands unerase Santo Christ alone all night persistent left is looking models this unsung video game console ounce also to send a visiting fellow of the Lord was at first I have both long remembrance of the more one is not certainly good person was ever said about soul he hath not perform Michelman let them in a you may salsa as I have performed somebody is lying low this follows automatically whenever there's a discriminate on a man whose life is this is very continual and ongoing improvement I either there is you are doing led to several of all of every man alive but say enough is not qualified for finals not in the eyes of salt was a small brought back one of its organization mouse that physically he will be listed with fifty thousand Amalekites sold to forty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine statistically the fifty thousand zero middle and with the will be whose blog is not a statistician blog is a mathematician for God Perez while the four that is my point I was going to last for all one night it is less likely as I say I will be gone Saul spared one other time as soon as the company actually happening off the phone I see is a completely to me you will be able according to what he said or you busily went off only if you several times in theater six five he would've left bathroom Apollo Aleppo the worst listen to me carefully Paul requires exact obedience bigger profits before seven I autograph you have arthritis gloss satin bows this ultimately jealous that she would never be forgotten that he requires exact obedience as abundantly as Saul had a comfortable complete in verse twenty two oh four seven fifteen Saul Samuel now admonishes salt with original thought are subject better than this Bible says Santos responded to solve the Lord as great in short offerings and sacrifices as it will be the points of the more was whether Microsoft him that hath the Lord as great as the life 's work offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord we have to lose the ball reaction what are they what are the girls don't like offerings and will simply offer the sacrifice agreements one was the other one is not we have obedience we have upward over the sacrifices in which one is not only reading the words of the Lord as great as it was one busy well but but what he was born in one good idea this again this is microscopically the Lord as great as you are doing without mindlessly as much as you as you know what one Bolivia being in a hundred is arguably somewhat if there are the Lord as great his work offerings and sacrifices as able name the voice of the Lord of all to obey his law the law sacrifice stop now this is not speaking some soul you will is obedience and sacrifice with Elizabeth begins his sacrifice at the heart of the photographs as follows and do a historical review let's would you three obedience of the history of sacrifice mistake obedience how far back does obedience go one eleven Michelle reverses seven and eight South one eleven versus seven eight oh subject is better than this you have someone eleven resources seven and eight Psalm one eleven sent by way of NY passes I promise to give you his signs of the times people twenty two nineteen oh three five we were brought into existence because we were green we need a we were created because when needed I told that even acids just little references signs of the times it was ready to nineteen oh three I can get it after the message or I realized somewhat what first the works of his hands up seventy and just all his commandments are sure I will for ever and ever about what is true and correct his this then last for ever and ever will stay somewhat like someone I do reverse one fifty two someone like you verse one fifty two are subject better than the best will forget to suggest that I slow down because we haven't interpretation or accuracy translation perhaps in the want to make life easy for translate all right what are we in the song one first concert in my testimonies I hope one of all walked the horse found in the wild forever the testimonies but thirty one Exodus thirty one you have that number two unit will soon find it somewhat and it is a business record when one of the world and people know that in Malaysia who can't find like so hurry up you have about Exodus chapter thirty one recipient what does it say and he gave me the most is inbreeding when you visit any of you living with them Obama signed by law don't tip of the examples of reservoirs written something about what testimonies the government will exercise the plot relaxes thirty one hundred and five when reinforced when you want to have that relieved me of the soap of the mercy seat above upon the author of the reservoirs and if they are out of wedlock the testimony that I shall give what is the testimony and the what someone might did was want to bejeweled concerning the testimonies are adorable to find them for possible as always been there because the law is a reflection of his righteousness lives of the Romans in verses reinforce for what will the recruitment you can read along with me Romans eight New Testament verses three and four of us those of you taking notes to remind me of the meridians the Bible says for what the law could not do in that it for boss sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and forcing them to sit in the flesh but the right is as of the moment what we fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit one does not want to visit us the righteousness of the role that is what Christ fulfilled in his life the righteousness of the life of Christ was right this is the law is like said Rick Christ from the law the law only has value as you can see Christ in what was wrong not to give him that it was before the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and optimism by an fourth-seeded venison of reservoirs prices and if I took your place under the bus in that leads you that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us all righteousness has its source in God the law is a reflection of the righteousness of God has always been not rid as well as obedience is something else John E reports twenty nine are subject better than the best way what says twenty five after eight I began to fight like the organic law about ten minutes voice and fifteen of the most lethal what would I say what chapter one verse environment may use that have saved me is with me and will send him to follow the father hath not left me alone for either water was the things that please him what was the father with Jesus I will visit again always you will follow how you will be separated on a calorie now now we know the model that some will support the positions of all it was important to what was notice I said you will position volatile natural species unusual position you always have to so when Christ created a great if all the father of fathers retro request was that he was up one verses two and three of one to three hundred wanted to gauntlet sundry times and in divers manners spake in time of the father like a prophet I think these last days for the only appointed heir of all things by also new to the world so bought requested creation Jesus that it will than was his request Christ I say it has always held a subordinate position to the father in other words Christ has always pulled Bay Novato from how far back we can measure how far does obedience school with before there was before there was as I and was a big word is not bliss but Isaiah sixty six television on this woman Matthew 's muscular Matthew five him five reverse seventeen are subject to minimum the best Jesus thing off when I come to destroy the Law office I am not come to destroy but to fulfill the very asked Sergio nonrenewed with me a while but I don't want job what difficult shall in no wise pass from the law it will be fulfilled now Jesus is saying that the Defense Department investment before the Lord or possibly a week effeminate classes would not have been a bustling with God created you have been your interest which they destroyed the sinful midheaven you have in your problem forever if we happen to know forever what movie also have forever the law then obedience which began way back will continue how long can measure them in the history of obedience take this from the start and finish my work now let's look at the history of sacrifice with one does not refer only when the sacrifice let's read Revelation thirteen and you know it without looking on all that relevant here shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life of Alaska was the first slayings of his verse from the foundation of the world not the foundation of the universe Jesus is the last laity from the foundation is not a worse that the plan was made in Madison 's this is the response when Adam sinned goals were made from the skins of animals animals were killed that was the first physical sacrifice upon the earth was easy as easy as each is no before and after angels behold heaven and being in a salacious universe I can't get a case before I was about to sacrifice the shortest with sacrifices gone forever why is a sacrifice necessary because of what sin went across the abysmal posted what would also add sacrifice so that usually us revise his brief it has almost the whole beginning if you focus four thousand four BC were in existence and when I request comes falling perfectly normal sacrifice so what we have is a reality call obedience and of reason reality cold sacrifice Moses and the digital side of the law as written the word offerings and sacrifices as a gold being the voice of the Lord Leavenworth is gone welcome service the lefties are no alternate observer something that's really been called to obey is better than sacrifice at the heart of the final wrath this is a carefully when the Bible says it will be just easy that doesn't sacrifice better than sacrifice one described of Jesus with all the heartbeat of the setting is always right is the love is in essence out of Mark wrote forty three is more than what all whole burnt offerings and sacrifice a single one were offering the offering this is offering the trust when the air is often discussed that is what the high reality that is will be goons which is the expression of love Alaska the Bible says that old will be better than sacrifice the one sacrifice all including including including including mostly so notoriously full day is better than sacrifice that would sacrifice is that all including the sacrifice of Christ was the most remarkable thing that ever happened in the history of the universe in your estimation was the most remarkable thing doesn't happen because of the universe the coming of Christ as man delivered I arrived most remarkable thing is how free is the most remarkable in the history of the universe God says I know something better than that better than the best of his father was that obedience you know why the logic is simple excessive profits based on three sixty three one but the law of God you will be transgressed that would enable that will need of a Savior in the millimeters is simple if you have will be building on the progress of the in other words the visit of the death of Christ was not built in this society it was a raise each case Barbados is never a case you don't be a case you have nothing else don't know what we do is require there is always loving sacrifice is temporary representative was present others have a normal course but if one of one of the last obviated and his servants shall serve him now everything is normal Chris was across the best resulting from sin it is normal of course there's the long therefore that will befall the Bible says is out of the class for one so without one important of Joel Festa do I what matters is that within the obedience of the world yes really does it interview world yes although no really to create a yes was quite created from where that yes he created the yes will be needed in your world yes whenever wherever there's a heaven and the needs to be greater to maintain when he comes back right thousands of priests the function was she what is a holy place this office three zero was on this problem comes back don't sign a joint resolution fourteen hundred forty two as well as resources on her was a prophet that sees is a great battle cease responding his role as savior will cease when irrelevancies and without is when Christ destroys the as is the opening statement is destroyed that is everything is over and we shall be going through the from the heart my brother and sisters the Bible says half the Lord as great delight in your offerings and sacrifices as it will be the voice of the Lord I don't care what sacrifice you make for the charts you are not an obedient person you are on the wrong side of God you could give one million three which will be going up a realist he was still fending off God wants obedience he wants it so bad that he writes them all where God it are not Jesus says in Matthew twelve thirty four year generation of vipers how can ye being evil speak good things for out of the abundance of the heart the most tedious adversative five a good man out of the good treasure of his heart ripple is an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil days while it isn't all that we do will send signals about what is a human being on the little capable crisis rights the loan very source of everything we do and everything we are and what the law is begins not mountainous and simple reasoning click on the conclusion if everything a person does comes out of the heart muscle the Bible teaches the only thing up with Steve your heart is normal was anything but once located it is not right Encyclopaedia Britannica your fee does not like the church manually it is all right Robert 's rules of order he only writes the law is nothing else which is all you want is obedience to baptism out he writes that the heart of the screen on the movement of the kidney because the heart represents things done how when it comes in the heart how was it done when you lose something to heart health opening a written argument when you us to put your heart into it one of the saying is the house where everything is not also we something done from the heart is not joyfully with additional righteousness beautiful it is income that people who commit crimes the heart is if I'll get back into the operative passage is in the blog post a lot in the heart but he said what would be the old ones is no discussion will be designed to benefit you can measure my position all the commandments which I commanded yes I will let you knew you and multiply and go in and possess the land you keep his commandments you will you multiply you boy you must do so with the Second Amendment I'll stop opening of the any graven image or any license of anything that is in heaven above all that is if you release all that is in the one under the Obama shalt not bow down thyself to serve them but most of them live along I thought I would challenge the dogmas of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of them that what I'm showing mercy of the complement of alumni and the microphone is looking that last one to theirs there's an imbalance of the balanced equation this again visiting the iniquity of the Falcons upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that is what we put over there they thought we had excellent Leslie of the files and then we put over here love me to do something other and so we have love equipment only both degrees over him really happy Islam is given commands only little hip to balance the disobeying is how we all those that he is leaving how we got along okay I thought the disobedient insurance scissors was boldly removing the coming bonus on the savings above does not sit in one week is the expression of hatred is disobedience to God is obedience I guess it's the what is this is vis-à-vis the above in that tonight is I want to think is this something eerie about my life where I heed not what I said I definitely is this on in my life where I am disobeying God 's think builds there were was a pass around noon was the best I've confess that while women will give the menaced me have a version for young people know that you can hear me is that a young person in humans is that idleness of First Amendment as diverse as the opening is therefore civil divorce is for ages whole thing was for me for I have a big mess looking at all the one fold weight over the significant scar is world of humans to destroy where the Muslim shrine write about will be there people who disobeyed God 's rebuilding there that have actually gone I have all the help of NOAA is a horse of the temperamental for you and what will people want to us my question is is there an area in your life where you want to install being off the answer is yes in your heart tonight or confess a problem-solving give me the coverage from above the string from the heart of Christ in a way that will be just as he saw bodies also spared one that was an entire nation God said that was what that was what disobedience one area of rebellion against God makes you a entirely disobedient person but nastiness there's the door right here Myra this one back there this one better than I and let's assume as one might adhere five doors how many do you need to bring down to get into the space one lesson is occasional but does allow him to attend bars on the move for the last development is one Alton how many commandments do you have to bring additional disrespectful golf my question is what is that one unity in our life to the racist disrespectful church members going to church returning it I singing and this confesses regardless of your age confesses of trying to understand the only way to put a smile of God 's face of Ross Michaels an East-West 's abilities as if Adam had done that the there would be no regards no floods the strongholds of Falluja not license kidnapping women and selling them noble harlot Nigeria destroyed villages kidnapping women oh sorry which is a few miles from someone you know was early I just crossed so enough people write that I will be in no corrupt politicians know babies born to low margins no jails and prisons most psychiatric institutions known Ebola all of that because of one thing was that word is sin which is disobedience tonight listed off all the visit of my life with you rebellious forgive me father give me grace the content in that area is somewhat who honestly identifies an area of rebellion can guide on the cross see the bleeding because of that rebellion she is shedding all slipping results of blood in the garden facility where he says my soul is sorrowful even if all this is by electronic assembly by creating his today that are all across across he thought it artificially like I said that the Bible says that it will not be a little bit of that ill nothing high 's football experience anything if he was then in the garb of Gethsemane while he was alive he engaged in the only human being application that wants to live the Bible says that it was that he should taste death for every man I said yes Jesus tasted that while he was alive to see that Islamist if you look to be alive and experience that nothing is what can one of the note this in the things of this for every map because of your theory of rebellion by you die to self let us identify the area should follow I'm sorry forgive me so I asked is that the material in your life where you are going to be consciously deliberately intentionally willfully for the sleep is still being taught it was a father sorry if it was the pressure if it applies here with rebellion in your life you don't have it in stock if you raise your hand will get up if it is written has to buckle in August that I said if you raise your hand church is not acquainted everyone professes there is a preventive goal to give like that those running the sensitive not to sleep yesterday 's get along to Sarasota from the heart forgiveness legal functions will does not hold grudges and Cassell says it seems like a seven nineteen which the blessing of value ahead for thirty seconds you pray abusive father forgive me I'm enough of my heart see father forgive me for this theory of stubbornness and that's talking this out to me and give me a heart that the most it will be met that the Albrecht identified to go ASAP you what the area is David cytosol fifty one fourteen deliver me from the Ulysses specify the same roulette of thirty seconds and I will bring as well as to Britain holy God will reflect you being gone for your stubborn love for us we cited a father for your mercy microcephaly in says who is of God like unto the heartless iniquity I pacify the transgression of the remnant of his heritage even if it is not his I will forever be because he didn't like the mercy that God made these you'd like to be merciful to us we have identified areas of rebellion that gone rebellion put your son on the cross Rebekah calls people to speak to his face punched in the face just happy the man his hands that heal the sick demand is from first downgrade to bring the release of the software the bidding grew to like your son because of our rebellion God in heaven for our hearts PS our hearts help us to understand why a lot of a lot of love you will not idly allowing your son 's suffering the goal in three for if we continue in our rebellion and disobedience in order the County of our own will one day God we will pay your word says how Sobieski if we neglect so great selfish and self father is with free forgiveness what if our hearts it is a sin and those out for being his own love for righteousness sale plus a few set of Jesus and it was one nine Bauhaus righteousness and hated iniquity of us assess Jesus said to sophomore was a will do my will like all the if I always within my article father give us a hot button mouse that will be the Flyers our greatest joy in doing what dozens mess every young man never young lady every person whether this message is listened to by recording that it have its affect on those of this as we believe that God let us leave for the confidence you do not lie and so we have to give up because we feel forgiven but because you do not lie as we speak to my father that asleep the confidence at all as well as anyone else so if something happens to us through the left already well above five hour preferences that allow us to open our eyes in the morning and see a new day if that is what happens they bought by your divine will ever submit that if you're going to let the Angels been posted that every home in every room thank you for the joy of worshiping unit on site for the records of the word of the conviction of this over the solitary with Thanksgiving Jesus then look for a net loss people say a man as an event this media was brought by audio parents a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than is www. dawn on universe .org


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