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Exonerating God, Part 4

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 20, 2007
    3:45 PM
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okay false it's hard to get the flock together possesses many seminars for many seminars out there everybody wanted that little piece of these one yes okay I will talk about the judge is rather talk about the different states of the judgment but just to get a quick answer we are not investigative stage at the second coming is the executive stage which means that that the judgment sentence is implemented in favor of bus people so there is an execution of the investigative stage that because people receive the rewards that the execution of the judgment it's like when a judgment you know they are there deciding whether an individual gets ten million dollars you know the trial and the time comes a pale in the ten million that's when the judgment execution takes place than during the thousand years were were going to examine the cases that Satan and his angels and the wicked and then after the millennium the way Congress is the record of their own lives and their executives the executive stage of the judgment of the wicked so your investigation execution investigation execution model after that with that that's something I want deal with during the summer okay I'll ask chapter three chapter three and verse nineteen I also been processed we therefore can be learned that your sins may be forgiven sometimes I'll be wrong because I want to make a point that will say repent therefore empty converted that your sins may be forgiven if so that your sins may be blotted out now that's a different word than the word that is translated remission the one remission forgiveness his office it's the work blotted out here is the Greek word hacksaw label which means to either Kate to blot out to the human race now is that referring to the same issue of forgiveness of sins no as configuring the verse repent therefore be converted that your sins may be blotted out see the birds are present repent and be converted are present that your sins may be glided out his speech is speaking about the church either and what happens when this is a blot analysis salt that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord one of those times of refreshing that come from the presence of the Lord the outpouring of Holy Spirit which all employees being described here the whole outpouring of Pentecost for the final outpouring yes so this must be referring to what it must be referring to the laterally listen to your reading and you'll see it says repent therefore be converted that your sins may be blotted will solve that this is not also that this can happen sure sold out times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord and that he may want to send Jesus Christ who was preached to you before whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things which God is spoken by the mouth of his holy prophets since the world began using the sequence there read that unconverted that your sins may be blotted out that you might receive the times of refreshing and that Jesus might want Mike saw Peter Hansen here is pointing to something that is going to take place when that is going to take place in the future is not talking about the forgiveness of sin dipping are already saying repent for the forgiveness of sin coming on that and accept it over thirty eight is a model organisms and but now he says repent and be converted that your sins may be what may be blotted out when his episodes were blotted out from the sanctuary what happened in the daily service would soon quite what we study the daily service what happened was sin was forgiven right and transferred into the sanctuary when were those sins blotted out under the little saltpeter is going to hear forward to what to did a little Wednesday when the sense of the sanctuary are going to be much are going to be blotted out by the way something there is when you read the book of Leviticus in the Leviticus the first fifteen chapters there are several words that are just used to describe sin sin inmate when he transgressed on uncleanness are on the radio that are used to describe sin you know what's interesting in the first fifteen chapters almost always these words are used in singular is the same thing it's not transgressions his transgression is not coming to his uncleanness in these words aren't singular delight because the chlorine we hope in the data service on the individuals the individual places he sends his transgression his uncleanness in the sanctuary but if you look at Leviticus chapter sixteen these same words are used in plural transgressions and sins on cleanness is while the video is plural in Leviticus sixteen because many individuals have introduced those things into the sanctuary by the way in the daily service the sensible from East to West on the day of atonement since moving from west to east not to say that that that God does not keep a record of sin in the heavenly sanctuary there are a loss to explain how on the day of atonement the sinusoid was cleansed from sin 's and transgressions and from uncleanness is your class a sanctuary from almost things unless those things abundantly right in the sanctuary from sins and transgressions etc. if those things and going back to the prospecting chapter 's ability to the emphasis is undergoing an option is limited to sixteen which is the installment the emphasis is on those sins what come you back let me read you a couple statements here from the spirit of prophecy allegedly heavily intelligence has had anything to do with his family judgment upon taking the sins on cleansing the sanctuary of the observing what's happening of course there was what was embroidered on the veil between the holy and the most holy place engines when disposer to their only watching what's happening in civil tournament actually there are embroidered in different places of sanctuary there you have it to charming remember by Solomon had to fall to more seamlessly for a solid sample whether you are looking down towards God 's holy law see you there the angelic host is watching how the results available to both the statement and the sins of the people the fake alibi page two oh six as the sins of the people were anciently transferred in figure two the earthly sanctuary by the blood of the sin offering so all our sins are in fact transferred to the heavenly sanctuary bubble as him typical cleansing of the early was accomplished by the removal of the sins by which had been polluted saw the actual cleansing of the heavenly is to be accomplished by the removal or blocking out on the sins which are there regarding this necessitated an examination of the books of record to determine who is this little repentance of sin and faith Christ are entitled to the benefits of his little that once again the ball started this ministry what is the purpose of the purpose of the day of atonement f-stop and show was entitled to the benefits of the moment that Christ made mortgages make an atonement across to some people think that the Congressman Jesus Christ across yes the sacrificial aspect of the day of atonement with the death of Jews and girls but just because the sacrificial aspect of the day of atonement the place of the cross doesn't mean that the judgment took place at the cross I know that the picture is is beautiful installed in Zechariah chapter three where Joshua standing and filthy garments no license of this applies directly to the final scenes of the dental and bigger profits and gains standing there with yesterday 's dad was standing by his side he is an angel of Lord by the way as Jesus says the site alarm radio and not this brand plucked from the barn as I was not with glorious ratings including that's what happens on the end so when Jesus comes and we go to Mars operable and everybody will have their life their way got my lady on the garments are assigned before we actually get to have immediate and illustrator eleven martyrs who were crying out from under the altar the living will read the book of revelations the martyrs crying out until when the Lord do not judge and avenge our blood on those should copy of what is given to them so zero license six that white robes of white robe was given to each of them don't miss this point and they were told to rest a while until the rest of the martyrs would be going to be killed like they were pleasantly given the white garment longer yes they are never get a lifetime and it would talk to us until the rest of the matters should begin so I have a white garment while their dad but Matthew is a day coming when their garments are going to be exact to see whether they have the work done so Jesus once told a parable very interesting parable of the King who came to examine the garments of the wedding guests on the jump of twenty two was on special government sent out to everyone who was once invited to the wedding of course everybody showed up with the with the I'll provided my wife and nothing came then examine each guest to see the guests must follow the special garment and then sent out we want yes as I is one man who did have on the wedding I suppose I got this new demand of course newsmaking I is and is and will and there is later known as a visiting time and represents the character of the person whether the wrong had been washed in the blood and so they got busy and you if you confess your sins repent of your sins you place them in the sanctuary if you send I you are given a white robe and then when your name comes up in the judgment you're examined to see if your life merits having the iPhone and SL what happens in the judgment against God his people to see if I have no horse when Jesus comes than even the real thing not only going to symbolic role is really getting over on why I got a minivan to live in his presence forever now is the misstatement that got arrested for twenty one or twenty two as anciently the sins of the people were black they placed upon the sin offering and it was not transferred in figure two the earthly sanctuary saw in the new covenant the sense of unrepentant are my favorite place upon Christ and transferred in fact to the heavenly sanctuary and the typical cleansing of the earthly was accomplished by the removal of the sins by which it had been deluded so the actual cleansing of was in the removal or blocking out both expression or blocking out all the sins which are there regarding but before this can be accomplished there must be an examination of the books and records to determine who the repentance of sin and faith in Christ are entitled to the benefits available to cleansing the sanctuary therefore involves a work of investigation homework of judgment this work must be performed prior to the coming of Christ to redeem his people for when he comes his reward is with him to get to every man according to his works to give illustration I worked for six years in the New Jersey conference in the headlines instead of driving to New York City I would take the train from Trenton and Oregon I think at the station and taken into the triangular when asked for before you wanted to continue going to the train with the ticket and adults have a little out of pocket at the top at the back of each chair and so you would stick your tickets there and then once you and the train was rolling the individual in charge the company would pick up all the tickets of the seats the massive this if I bought the ticket good I need to be afraid when this guy came for the train looking for the tickets Hall is coming I'm trying to write the web that I have to fear if I want to dig right I will pray that Jesus out of the train looking for not as long as you buy but if you haven't bought it him examine his user-defined you want to follow such as alcoholism is an indispensable aspect of authenticating surgery volumes is solid in each individual case is not just any in the merciful he done everything just right absent all family indulgences are watching each individual case for the site Harris said that people say that it is diagnosed in young we know it's even examine every single everything is going before the family of easier said single using a few same polarity ever notice that Jesus says that whoever accepts and he will confess that name before the holding in his shoulder before the only Asian and destiny is what comes up in the judgment is not us to come in the Gospels is not asked in person the premise is that we must appear before the judges you don't think I will take someone out there I have to go up there somehow personal idols in my records and there's a certain sense is voluminously there's a certain sense in which I appear before the judgment seat of Christ alive when not punishment it is I believe that God has sent DVDs this is the best thing that we can use as an illustration value you will notice a thought after the millennium is going to sell the whole history of the world life this is a panoramic view above the city is going to read the whole history of the human race that's a moving picture is so ongoing dioceses no includes an exact record and when God calls outboards acclimating forty four versus one to be just how you present yourself before the judgment seat well the DVD in items like this brought his place in the DVD player and is seen on the screen Nashville is a certain sense in which Adam is a very narrow life so because it was the hurt on his life while he was willing not exactly is in the bathroom is being presented while he was alive how many missing that little clip on the assassination of John F. Kennedy the supper is famous in just a few seconds nothing when you look at that clip is John F. Kennedy a lot or is it in I was asked that question the answer is I live in the fact is that you're watching the news on what you want you know what happens in the image has been directly to the person while he was all I is presented mother actually physically personally didn't the zone of us understands that in the will certainly does certainly I have an individual right and e-mail recently that that listen to that presentation on universe and he actually wrote a book in you will have an open on the medical ethics you know the business as a thing of euthanasia death and dying things like that anymore please is you know there is an amazing presentation I've written a book he says I'm wondering if you did if I could put your name on the book is a co-author if I could include this material as I will send you the book first a second look at sexy very very good luck excellent book it was a medical doctor and he knows a lot about physiology which which helps his argument but it was such a simple way of explaining the Johnson a little child can understand okay now let's go now to the truck sort of judgment from the sanctuary to the state what sins are placed on the scapegoat the ones in charge of the blood or the ones that have not gone and designed to remember the all these things that were placed upon the head of the understand what were the sins that enter the sanctuary movement only the sins of the rights the Bible says that those who did not sympathize with the work of the high priest would cut off from the congregation they had to suffer their own abuse all the sins that have entered the sanctuary of the lumbar work out from the sanctuary now all Seventh-day Adventist and explain something very important about Christ that no other judge and explain because they don't understand this at as for service to see when the Bible says the wages of sin is death is not enough physical death is talking about eternal death to eternal death right secondary review please let a second that it's eternal life eternal separation from God when you greet the second death is eternal separation got there from which there will be no what no resurrection you are greater than digit is a supplement that NYSE life I am excited only the administration answer that question yes I sure but the thing is you still have to pay the penalty for our sins and what is the penalty Parsons second so he will have to suffer them in a Monday so why isn't Jesus now they're separated from the reason is because of the sequencer is taking responsibility separation from God is suffered by low me something I've also did not place our sins in the sanctuary and and also bilingual signals and did not place this is an center that are going to die there like for their own sins but all since it is a joy I brought out a place where I'm in the Sentinel and he will soccer ultimate software will thought as the originator and the instigator of sin after one was responsible for the origin of sin and he will be totally banished forever from the presence of God if only now let's read Hebrews nine versus twenty seven and twenty eight Hebrews nine twenty seven and twenty eight and is appointed for men to die once but after this the judgment so Christ was offered once with one purpose to bear the sins of many to bear the sins of many where he was offered to bear the sins of many was also passed to buyer is a present tense what does Jesus do in consequence of is that he bears a second layer intellect into the sanctuary but what happened shortly before Jesus returns all those sins that he born in our WR brought out notice the last part of verse twenty eight so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many is also eagerly wait for him he will appear us in time what up from sin was at least so Wilson had been eradicated from the sanctuary him when he returns again that's what it says he will return a second time what apart from sin for people say well then you believe that Satan is our Savior know for several reasons reason number one the sanctuary had already been cleansed before the sins are placed on the head of the scapegoat read Leviticus sixty the franchise plans and ambitions are placed on the head of the scapegoat for tomorrow the LIFEBOOK was not sacrifice and without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin one vote had already been sacrifice for sin that represents Jesus the first the second note is not sacrifice some a sustainable global personal readings allows the setting of the sanctuary the second goal is sent a lot and he sent a life where two characteristics to the wilderness to a non- inhabited life wilderness inhabited by the way is very clear that the myth that to those opposites because this is one will be chosen for the Lord and the other was a set interval of a large wireless joined you don't you just say choose multiple art what Escobar and the others for the elderly Jewish tradition almost unanimously agrees that a single scapegoat was a symbol of a malignant evil force the originator in this theater you can read it for example in the apocryphal book of the dispute involves a zone being the arch enemy of God so the Jews understood that he was assemble all the evil rescue at this time are all that remains convinced that God was right in the way that he dealt with the righteous every single case your signal of course with the purpose of the preeminent heavenly judgment is to convince the heavenly beings and not have been just and merciful in dealing with every single case that's what everything is when the finish is there all the same page as other people that you can bring to have people there's another group that has been left behind were lost Satan and his mother way where is the other nasal ceremony fulfilled in relation to listen twenty one to three speaks about PowerPoint and coming out and a new body instead devil and Satan paste places them in the bottom of the bad translation bottomless pit it really is the applesauce the same Greek equivalent of the Lord told in Genesis one verse the word speaks about the deep they were formidable and an entire lives in Monterey during the millennium it is not inhabited because all of the wicked are backed by the title ceremony is finally fulfilled during the millennium Douglas forced to stay in a non- Malay he went to his experience months before the time of the flood the flood of the earthly terms of condition was in before creation it was law or without form and void I don't like the devil was forced to remain on earth any fear for his life and all of his followers would be interesting now I guess his angels you can read in Isaiah chapter twenty four versus twenty one to twenty three and refers to his angels as well the central focus of Revelation is upon the work that the Dragon that sees the ringleader he's ahead so that's the reason why it's emphasized that he is the one that got away she then originates in he originates in the Angels did so he's the one that is that is especially considered not what convinced you I is not a guideline later this table charts why or why not just awakened before the second coming to the SSL urgency to the religious right just before the second coming is because they don't want to participate in one of you who don't know they are designing is like I was going because of an arena behind the process will put this on your insulin you see how God resolved I was utterly convinced during the millennium to the just feeling of not leaving any stone unturned God is not leaving any news and I'm invigorated and when the problem is solved it's all for good evil will not surface only ones no more than I can really respect the gardens last to take this time doesn't rush will you make this thing is pleasant while I methodically live a perfect life he's been paying down the world I'm living in the chance for everybody to claim him as their Savior twenty one adjustable sessions Sarah things are getting the most banal but will want to take a nap and I will be on the same page and that is as enduring the millennial judgment for life people why many of us able that they will be here were left behind and why are they just are you so now it's his turn to convince them can you respect this Oregon and how he resolves the issue of the great controversy the cosmic controversy only on this church has this view of Revelation chapter twenty verse the judgment was committed to those resurrected in the first resurrection and judgment was committed to the weather going to be talking about even reading the verses you know the prescribed in section one to three says he and I know that the saints will judge the world do not know that we will judge which angels the women's rights movement my little world means the world things that means those who were behind those we love the world and the things of the world something the millennium the records will be open in the case of the wicked will be exact and I think that while there are some other gadgets and I of course not we can understand the verse that says so I was standing before God will gather were standing before God during the millennium the Solaris whether the souls of the damned are standing before God what does it mean when you were standing before God is I summoned standing before God and who are open before the notice on the DVD and that is the never single elimination is a record of benevolent reason while all of his agents absolutely be exempt the nasty are all of the righteous are you doing this work and judgment than of the incomplete agreement that God has been right in excluding every single one of these people from heaven when you think of a saint when logging is thank you you said they can start adding with you when you can go this is the great object carbohydrate is gone straight home on attribute not to cook the books I off after a student to house if he didn't want to uncover any I also like on the instant replay it on address this batter is the volume will ask and he gets the first race and outclasses everybody moves whether they do as the Empire nine via large as much a sibling the purpose of the fire is to show the place called me so it is not the simply shallow so isolated and excessive what was my house being done correctly then I call it I called them directly in all the righteous organizational Ugandan on a heavenly beings also receive an automatic right you got them is I can help to tie up loose ends are the people that we never expected to see their other people that we expected to see that it will not be there we need an explanation for that yes because if we didn't there would be one doubts whether still one group that remains to be pursuing a group is Satan and his angels and the is got to open the records before then to show them why they were condemned for the revelation wow time flies Revelation twenty Army but I think the recording I can go more than an hour and twenty minutes because you don't amend MP3s are you I'm glad I got permission from the boss okay revelations eleven twenty because of some tremendous things that I want to share with you before we close verse thirteen the sea gave up the dead according and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them what is being described here are a set of the sea gave up the dead and death and Hades gave up the dead weather seventy the resurrected Christ the resurrection cannot resurrect the way yes and they were locked John's one according to his work the way so as to the adjustment of the wicked after they resurrect national according to Nancy the records that got people seem to the millennium 's are the same records that the wicked and the devil will see after the morning they will see each case why they were excluded from the in the life of Saint and his angels will be shown in minute detail and the amazing thing is that when the wicked suitors finally this is the moment of the opening of the other the seven sealed scroll approval about the seven Seals Revelation the seventh seal is broken at the second coming but the scroll is opened after the millennium the scroll in the panoramic views of Galloway describes in great she says beginning with the days of Adam the history of the world 's sole focus area the last person moves and when aerosol their lives in the will there IMO they are also really and when they finished seeing the panoramic view of their lives yet the climax where the Bible says that every knee shall borrow and every time confess that Jesus Christ is Lord the glory of righteous and so on all in all such as angels even will be faxed by the force of truth to you and to say sorry you got it right but if it is this the only moment in human history were going to destroy sentencing the only it's the only moment in history where everyone in the universe is on the same page even than his angels will get our agreement in a single case you thought was right in the way he dealt with every single case only and there can go destroy sin and seems Clancy 's and by the way when dinosaurs awake it is not an arbitrary destruction because God has taken the devil to and everyone went away some people say I'm going to burn them like Alistair MacDonald 's and destroy anyone now is that this theory out there that God is found in a bar that was dislike my daughter was destroyed by nuclear explosions in on-the-fly little guidance on the flight against him we will get hard again the devil Hildegard was you think of the devil film a fairly long for the life is that Helen wiping to those segments the document is the following is not an arbitrary decision of the now after we had forgot to destroy them and God respects is that the freedom of his life which was so much as I give you what you want they would be somewhat living in the presence of a holy God somebody seems to their wishes and God destroys God will clean your begin with most sentences will send ever rise again this process is also the process God lives vaccinated you because everybody will clearly understand all the issues and the great controversy they will understand that God is righteous and truly merciful and loving and kind and benevolent and has all of these wonderful riches and a life of independence from God 's Nazarene destruction and happiness I want to experiment with color managed nobody will want to instill the listening that's why it says that affliction will not rise a second in Obadiah sixty one in closing the share some information with you there's this theory in Baptist Church the only way it were experts that are developing these theories that are passed along from generation to generation one of those theories is that the devil dies when he in the winter hacking them to are you doing right however see a new wave music of twenty eight there is another attack allusions the weekend I can say his angels his event I always say that that would simply solve anything still thought that those who were inside what about a Fairfax and in his Angels Sing Alexander the great panoramic view of the wicked finally for the first time in their lives may see things clearly and see this BC he had assaulted them and I will see what school you are installing Zen debate turned by the same reasoning music is when you described an amazing moment then you know before they are able to do their work fire descends from heaven consultant yes the whole absolutely that's phase one of Armageddon myth saves one of our union on all those individuals who go to these mega- churches and all this wonderful creature locating heals people who slays people with clinical event they think that there discourages raceways as you know you're supposed to keep signing on the resurrection and an normal day is coming when all those people who found that Minister would lower will arise when you elements that's why it's a big responsibility to be long to a classroom stands up and start anything a cognate intelligibility stories because Helena largest in a whole will the lost souls that are better to be a little politically incorrect than to be politically correct elite losses terrible lossless assault is lost again I really is an internal young but that's also having we work more for them it's always loss is irreplaceable elements as at once all is more precious than hold all of its treasures when we struggle so much to build houses and have automobiles and money in the bank instead of investing in God 's cause and that which is going to shine throughout eternity was and everything on this earth is a number the more we have the more we have to burn the souls of the month of the kingdom our talents and our time and our strength and our material resources will last throughout eternity throughout eternity so what should we be investing and we should be investing in the Pecos I think I will really serious about Amazon when I got saved no means a house with twenty bedrooms why do we need to drive anybody are saying Islamic about why not take the money and we would obtain for the Mercedes and put it into the church with an investment in acid will I get you from point a to point B the same as a Mercedes will have the same sense who cares about that is not limited he's missing one for losing momentum I will deal with a few more issues concerning the cosmic conflict and I'll share my eye recently something that Joe is a fascinating presentation it was everything that we studied together all of the issue is how the same problem as finally be resolved etc. but the period between when the holy city descends and when the wicked are destroyed is considerably longer than what we have generally thought young as we may think the city descends the wicked are resurrected they attacked the city and fire disaster management everything is taken care but the fact is that the area between when the city descends upon the wicked are destroying is much longer than what we generally thought to well how do you know well for several reasons number one all of the infrastructure of the world has been destroyed the second coming of Christ right the arrest was without form and void this I went into the holy city without weapons acolyte says that they take time to create powerful weapons of war how long exactly think the veteran attacked the city with bows and arrows potential dolomite says that that the first thing the devil does is hold consultation with with his agents then he consult with the kings of the earth then they start organizing the largest military in the history of the world by Calloway says that that army which will and always a moving of more people than all of the soldiers that are fine all of the wars in the history of planet Earth she says of the Grand Master of the governors millions of fantasy that was for instance NL wife subsequently when they marched towards the city of Annapolis she says that they marched military precision the most abundant the Verizon to me she says how long is that they are in a military millions of soldiers to create weapons of war three when the infrastructure of the world and industry and and see what we saw during the thousand plus on much longer then what we generally assume and then just close by mentioning us that the destruction of the wicked is to take a lot longer than what we generally assume dolls house at margarita quotations the legislation under early writings LOI says that everyone will be punished according to their works Bible teaches that to their will be differing differing lengths of punishment because that would be just to punish someone who ran a red light and somehow kill someone with a death penalty the following are not LOI says that some sinners will suffer many things the simplest some centers will suffer many days are there sins that they did not place in the century many days him while he's suffered not only for all of his much for all the sins on the right colonies even so if an ordinary sinner suffers many days for instance how long is the Donovan a sucker for since will I just will long long long time and always has it down after the last session goes out she says Satan and his angels would be much longer to continue suffering this is barbarous punishment is according to your works they didn't have to suffer this clearness and of course a good village that describes but they chose destruction itself you know you have this difficult text in Revelation twenty percent more zest that the devil will be cast into the fire enabled our forever well enough to my website you'll notice two pages of quotations from non- feminist scholars where they say that that this expression forever never simply means him very long period of time is and is not in view but not necessarily under the same to indicate that the suffering the same is to be for very long to do something so let's just turn his grotesque but what was worse than pulling that is resident in America according to their works are devoted in November forever but when dealing with less posthumous works if all-around performer than Hitler's Vienna saw the same punishment as everybody else there is no justice in the so the fact is that the people who are going to be punished according to their works different degrees the differing lengths of punishment but eventually after long period of time the fire will go and everyone will be reduced to ashes and then God will make a new heaven and new earth and LOI says that while the fires were destroying the wicked and the earth God 's people dwelt safely inside the new Jews and others this difficult text in Isaiah sixty six words as I will come come from month-to-month and from Sabbath to Sabbath to worship before the Lord we love to use that text is addressed to prove Sabbath observance enhance or limit where she has ever come from from the wall to no one which means my love for mother 's divorce will attend we hope that people don't see verse twenty four with some of our clinical Muslims than from some of the Senate shall evolve into a nasal pseudo- Marxism Moses and against their worm does not plan to Southern University for weeks and months according to the text similarly does not like I'm a basis in what ways looking to say that twenty to twenty three apply twenty fourth of will you accept the argument that will affect is in the destruction of images and take a lot longer than what we generally assumed by appraisal Lauren eventually the wicked will be reduced to ashes by the biblical proof of the devil but the expressions of the delicatessen the plan he will be tormented forever and ever it's very clear whenever doesn't mean unending degassing is twenty eight is you will be reduced to ashes and never more shall I'll be in contradiction in Scripture you don't understand this I will in the people by the way you will really want to tell people for the talent is nothing when you want to live in the everlasting flames as the righteous will say that in Isaiah thirty three but I is in the everlasting burnings and because of his will is a consuming fire develop webpages will see black and only those level player who will with God is a consuming fire so they just got it wrong they got the wrong people and will be light is an individual Isaiah thirty three versus well let's finish my reading that Lyndon Winningham 's Isaiah thirty three fourteen the center since I am afraid fearfulness essays the hypocrites will not sell well within the following flyer will will sell well with everlasting burnings are vitally important to help their is a Hebrew word that means that exactly dwelling permanently lost the answer he who walks like just leaves the company he who despises medieval Russian school gestures with his hands refuse in drive who stopped his ears from hearing a budget and shuts his eyes from seeing evil so what was ornamental plants no rights as a wrong enemy death and with this one comment that comes to mind when anyone but you know my wife tells me you're you and about twenty times for you and that's the ever changing on the things that I don't have them I know you can't come into my mind you know when you when you talk about the five the righteous living in the fire the fact is that when the when the Bible uses the expression that the way that Satan is thrown into the eternal fire and an intravenous line with everlasting fire the fact is that the fire is everlasting but not that it's a Firebirds the human people 's explosives reportedly been cast into the eternal fire using a job the fire not been enough I securely acquire in the theater fire destroys memory and reduces the impact you have and then God will have a clean universe rate for all to see you all tomorrow will necessarily good I can assure you that one of Job 's brings it all together spectacular oh so don't miss password along trying to recruit people to come and will deal with these issues tomorrow voluntarily thank you for the opportunity of studying these magnificent closing argument of the evidence church father we realize that when sin is over you will have a clean universe not have a corner somewhere whether we can be screaming throughout eternity in the flames you will have a universal and sand has been eradicated totally and completely forever father we ask that you will help us to get rid of sin in our life that you so your Holy Spirit will cleanse our lives in the fire divine spiritual fire of the spirit classes sin from our lives that we might be better to live with a holy God we asked whether you continue blessing all of our activities today a blessing seminar you will bless each speaker Lord that we might return to our homes on fire for you to finish your work so we can go thank you father for having been with us and thank you for hearing and answering prayer for me has been Jesus and this meeting was produced by audio birds hope medium ministries utilizing generation ion batteries would like to listen to more this presentation or if you would like to learn more about emergency of the UIC web or also find frequent media audio burgers .org and at videos .com


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