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Exonerating God, Part 6

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 21, 2007
    10:45 AM
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as I can see a faithful loyal core group here now and it really is more productive if people stay in seminar always been that there is no going to send my last seminar for our here in an hour they are because the government don't get the flow of what's going on at the high no less water under the bridge is too late you attract you if they like it they came yesterday morning they know all the problems that God has in the plant salvation it didn't come in the afternoon and then they didn't hear you know how but solves problem but anyway for me now that's a good knows is that you have the technology is delusional and actually near Albany beyond our universe I guess everything here is the freedom audio swap that's a real blessing by the way you all in on about audio verse everybody who doesn't know about all units while you need to get needing to go all humorous .org is lots of good stuff hundreds of free sermons and you can download their yeah probably thousands probably right thousands of options on I have eleven sermons on their sale price is only here in the and all of you visited our booth signals unsealed anybody that has not visited seatmates on sealed move what's wrong with you and go by what is there you like lots of very valuable freebies so I you want to live in a way at my small backpack that were given away we had if you sign up card with your address for mailing list you get a free copy of the more sensational to our DVD presentation on the issues and are taking place with worship styles and music in the administration a real eye-opener so make sure that he hung around to see the wine you pick those things on their free advice of the meeting presentation for 's call down was an essential cigarette concealed secrets unsealed the stock lighting lots of biomaterials there that are discounted for especially for you I see significant discount on most of the materials and CDs DVDs on any topic just about any topic about that unit you want to deal with yes on all well there is some duplication of material myself decoding the secrets of Genesis was that on VHS in nineteen ninety seven twenty eight lectures in your moment that we didn't have use the best technology available at the time but you know it saw it was not three-quarter inch analog but now we did this awfully digital and is fifty two lectures instead of twenty eight as twice as many lectures and it covers many doctrines that were not cut out the mistresses were not covered in the versus anybody wants one series that you should get is carcinogenesis it's presenting the full analyst message from the perspective of the Genesis is it phenomenal series soul if you want me to recommend one series that's most expensive of course because that's fifty through lectures not there is a significant discount here and UIC him using the time we don't take American Express all right let's get into our study on the book of Joel Salazar were a prayer before we do as we open on this magnificent book we asked for the guidance of the Holy Spirit Lord as I study this book come to the conclusion that we have here description of what is take place with your people during the time of trouble so there lessons from this book which we need to learn we need to know Selassie will bless us as we study we thank you father for hearing are prayerfully ask in Jesus name amen while they give you first of all some introductory information about the book of Joe the job is the most ancient book of the Bible according to Ellen White was written by Moses in the desert a median while he was tending Jethro 's sheep the book of Job is a literary masterpiece when you look at only apart from being an inspired book of the Bible when you look at it as literature it is an incredible book the book was written approximately two thousand years before the birth of Christ actually was written fifteen hundred BC that it describes events that took place about two thousand BC in the early patriarchal the book is written in polls in chapters one and two and once again it picks up in prose from Chapter forty two and beginning in verse seven turnovers while the end of the book in the middle of the book from chapter three all the way through Chapter forty two percent you have poetry hello Jim but it the role section you have a concluding Pro section and in between you have a larger poetry section will examine the book we notice that the whole universe is involved in this story and rally this story is describing a trial is describing courts see you soon well how do how is this now let's take a look at the elements of the story is there an accuser in this in the book of Job yes we as Satan is our defense attorney who is a God and by the way he's also the judge in the Bible there is no separate defense attorney and judge the judge is to defend the innocent so the judge is the defense attorney he defends the innocent against the accuser but now she is a evanescence being examined yes there is absolutely what is the evidence that the life of Joe that's right is originally while the jury the sons of God according to that is there one who is up to us was if you yeah that's right you accused is not the noticed that that's not the critically important detail is in the book of Job the accused in the devil is not accusing junkies accusing the company answer of earnings that come down and see if user authenticates the innocent yes but you only see them at the end of the book and this is something tremendous that has been missed by many as they study the book of Job the book of Job Psalms whatever happened to the culprit and what is going to happen to Joe who is the one accused now what will the first chapters because it sets the stage for what is going to take place in this book and work on both of these two chapters very quickly there was a man in the land of Oz whose name was Joe that was blameless and upright and one who feared God and shun evil was all a bit man Jerry wants notice that the expressions he was blameless outright fear God and shunned evil using well but that's what Moses is right little bit further on Varanasi that God causes is a fabulously much original many of the same characteristics sought by the relay underlined this is because some people say all Joni was arrogant you know he was the selfsame reasons why you do this to mean you know but the book describes Job as being a righteous and holy and blameless man that ask you what I see besides being blameless outright fear fearing God concerning evil wasn't also a very rich man that's a strange combination is a spiritual man and a rich man very strange most versatile and seven sons and three daughters were born to him by the way in the Bible the more children you have the greater the sign of God 's blessing of ESPN showing that means anything anyway glass verse three also his possessions were seven thousand sheep three thousand camels five hundred PO Box five hundred female donkeys and a very large household so that this man was the greatest of all people of the East by the way this is an earthly scene the lesson the first two chapters at the scene fluctuates from Earth I haven't read them to her that's very important to remember as far and his sons would go on at least in their houses each of his own appointed day will deliberately and would send an invite of three sisters to eat and drink with them sort one days of feasting on the course the job would send inside the five was a family man video misgivings yesterday family worship yes it says he would rise on the morning and often burn offerings according to the number of a memo for Johnson it may be that my sons have sinned and corresponded their hearts Job did you hear family spiritual righteous and blameless man who fear God who rejected evil and yet extremely rich and prosperous and Job was being watched for a six now that was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord those are the goblet of the principal or not because of that they came to present themselves before the Lord so they come from some other place S and also came among them the same kind of a right to belong to this group shall eat why we come among the Navy didn't claim to have a right to belong to the group saw it it is the dental clinic to be one of the sons of God of course person and lots of the same from where you come socially sensible Lauren sent from going to and fro on the earth and from walking back and forth on it somewhere in the devil come from the earth planet one of the other says about come from the dilemma doesn't take a lot of intelligence that do add two plus two evils for the Dell comes everything in the world than the other sons-in-law who come to present themselves before the Lord must also come from world as long appraisal the devil comes from the only sinful world all the elements conference endless worlds one of the devil representing Tyler Poole should've come representative as violating old and looked him this call was on the hands called the son of God in the genealogy of Jesus as always it was also the white hat on abdicated his phone Satan took over the societies of this my will and chose to be my servant all of his followers have chosen to be my service because of all sent as well as my pencil egoist but allows them to not have an representing planet Earth yes the ruler of this world verse eight then the Lord said to Satan now I can imagine but significant with a little pride you know healthy pride event logs at the same time you considered my servant Job my servant Job is my certainly is in your territory but there is not like him on the earth of blameless and upright man one of the slides as he will so this is not saying this now ha ha but now comes a critically important for us saw Satan answered the Lord and sent to us Job fear God is something certainly has enough to with no ulterior motives this shall serve you with no mercenary motives are necessary for the laws and officious essentials you because you have everything so he signs you are selfish motivations must first have you not made by hands around him around is also an out run around all they hasn't every side of you protecting your prosperity you make things go well for him you have blessed the work of his hands and his possessions have increased in the last of what was under no circumstances but the question is would he send you if everything went I love you solicitor going double accusing car he says he's at half not the made hands around he is an idiot in the access they always argue that research and policy options not like it not because he loves you distribute nothing surgical tables and benches Regina but not stretch out your hand and touched all any hacks and he will surely shoot your face was listening to this conversation the sons of God 's representatives on the whole all of the worlds in the universe and so now they say let's see what God is what everybody says SF nine Altgeld serves me because he loves me I have to prove anything but when I and maybe listen coffee maybe Joe does serve God simply because God has surrounded and protected him and prospered him what is offering some of the places himself on the line first well and the Lord said to Satan behold all he has is in your power only do not lay a hand on his person so Satan went out from the presence of the Lord so the story begins with an earthly scene describing job a prosperous man a spiritual man a man with family worship was concerned about his children then moves to the Hannity saying this heavily counsel for this dialogue takes place and now moves back to the earth again does Joe know that this meeting has taken place in heaven wish me to Armando in our Java running on a set of questions and handouts and had perplexities everything what do I present all because he didn't know what was happening and secondly because you have no written revelation to guide them by this is the first book in the Bible was written yes sure Melinda and there were things that were not clear in the module and the lowest that is the story develops and saws found lots of the same basically you can take everything that he has a legal tension such as sauce I went out from the presence of the Lord and of course all the family Jerry is now observing what happened on planet Earth is augmented Chris got heard that he sent God because he loves them simply and clearly or does he serve God out of mercenary moments were thirteen now there was a day when his sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in the role his mother 's house and a messenger came to Job instead the oxen were plowing and the donkeys feeding beside them with the Sabeans rated them and took them away in the evangelical sermons with the edge of the sort and I alone have escaped to tell you I wanted a notice of these calamities don't come in the course of several days they found him of course all minutes one right after another calamities verse sixteen while he was still speaking another also came and said the fire of God fell from heaven and bring up the sheep and the servants and consultants and I alone have escaped to tell you while he was still speaking another also came and said the Chaldeans formed three bands rate of the camels and took them away yes and countless sermons with the edge of the sword and I will have escaped to tell you while he was still speaking that is taking place like my favorite one and while he was still speaking another also famous and your sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in the world his mother 's house and suddenly a great win came from across the wilderness and struck the four corners of the house and found the young people and they are dead and I alone in the sky to tell her off the loans job has lost all his possessions and is lost all of his children and enemy Jerry is what what is Job going to do first one then told him it was for his role changes in and he fell to the ground and worshiped and he said they came from a mother as well and naked shall return there the Lord gave and the Lord is the way he was out right blogging of the Lord does not take away the Lord game and the Lord has taken away in the name of alarm the series is not even a little and I have a very sick I will bless the Lord in all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrongdoing so now another meeting takes place at the scene changes Kennedy did I guess I learned a lot easier for Job if he had the if he had known what was on only these again to vindicate God I never thought about that about the idea that what we do or don't do has a role in vindicating God or getting on a black specialty stores him me know I will support a notice to the end of the presentation today that this is describing is the latest time with and take place in the town felt enormous ministers else telling an adolescent preaching prosperity God wants to be rich and he wants to have lots of houses lots of cars and lots of money they are setting up the Christian world for the most incredible crash landing that you can imagine because you know if it is not because God prospers you what happened when there is no prosperity on the problem it is not if you if you serve God because of the loaves and the fishes what happens when there are no loaves and fishes chapter two again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord also remarkably the first meeting right they went back to where it came from so they come again to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord and Lawrence at the same firmware so Satan answered the Lord and sent from going to and fro on the earth and from walking back and forth on it now and I'm not united by with a little more like it on his chest was a little more antisense have you not considered my servant Job that there is none like him on the earth of blameless and upright man one who fears God and shuns evil fans will he holds fast losing the all of you have incited me against him to destroy him without cause but now the devil 's music is good just take this lying down salsa imagine the Lord sent skin for skin yes all that a man has he will give worthwhile the just take what one has bus for your hand now and she's moaning and and he was sure curse you do things so the heavenly beings are thinking the same nothing like he took everything you have we says that you were willing to give every give up everything around as long as you have your life and your health now the devil says what if you let me touch him when the cursor Junior vase soldiery is watching how was cognitive what would happen if God does not want to let you touch it it's a wonderful wonderful afraid of maybe Joe know maybe John is willing to give up everything he has they still has his health sometimes they would put himself on the line again notice verse six and the Lord said to Satan behold he is not spare his life so Satan went out from the presence of the Lord and struck job with painful boilers from the song of a spark to the crowd as and when the devil does this he doesn't want to be known the little old rash community it was terrible because it says in verse eight and he took for himself or captured which is a piece of pottery with much describe himself while he sat in the mix of assets by White House job loss up till now he has lost all of his children he lost all of his possessions he lost his health and not always about to lose his wife in these the support of his life his life is going to become an instrument in the hands of Satan verse nine and his wife Cynthia do you still hold fast your integrity at the goal I said he will persevere things save and send them saw wife's jobs like saying curse find out whose instrumentation settings is Satan is using hard to try and convince you of the Krishna support of his life yes of course evidently she did several more troubles of the patients okay now most money said to her you speak as one of the foundational and instincts shall we indeed accepted from God and shall we not accept adversity in all this Joel did not sin with his letters was looking for a battier the devils of the men who looking to looking for a child is doing what he's dictating the character of the easement environment that is making the devil look like a fool the accusations on the tunnel are proved to be one on an false now he lost his life in a single loses support of his best friends they come to comfort him of course let's go to verse eleven now when Job 's three friends heard all this adversity that had come upon him each one came from his own place Eliphaz the time of night build out this July and saw five unnamed light him an appointment together to come and mourn with him at the Comfort Inn when they raise their eyes from afar and did not recognize him they let their voices and wept and each one Clark is Robin sprinkle on his forehead so they sat down with him on the ground seven days and seven nights and no one spoke a word to him when he saw that his grief was very great topic in your meeting with chapter three will notice that his friends become his accusers how this is happening to you because you're being sooner because your self-righteous another friend says that you started on this do you get on arsenic content matters in the hands on the level the devil is using his friends turning them against him saw that Joe will eventually become our volatile and Chris God and I know what one is happen Job has lost everything that he has accepted his he lost his possessions he's lost his children is lost the support of his wife is long lost his health now he loses the support of his friends but what makes the file on Job particularly difficult is that apparently now he is losing the support of golf in other words he feels forsaken of God he sees no rhyme and reason for visiting things only interesting thing is that from chapter three so Chapter thirty seven John was thinking of his friends but mostly he's speaking to God and he talks and talks and talks and God says that the answer of God John is a deafening silence is the same as I feel like I'm losing my possessions I can handle losing my my kids I can handle losing my wife I can handle not having my hell I can handle losing stimulus for my friend but wonder what is difficult for me to handle yes I cried out to God and God is with us my best friend in how I lost the support on his left he feels that God has forsaken let's read several verses from the pointing section they describe the agony of June June sixteen verse nine holy unrevealed because we don't have time to read all of them but you can read the pointed section of the book and you'll find a lot more text John sixteen and verse nine is speaking about God he says he cares me in his wrath and hatred he matches at me with his adversary sharpens his gaze upon me noticed up to sixteen in verses eleven to fourteen God has delivered me to the ungodly and turned me over to the hands of the wicked I was that he is not he shouted me speak about blogs is not shattered me he also has taken a bite my neck and shake them into pieces he has set me up for his target his armchairs surround me he pierces my heart it does not then he deplores up my ball on the ground he breaks me with long upon world he runs at me like a warrior zero picture that is present in the car has become my left hand and he can I I just can't become a I will take us to sixteen and RSS sixteen and seventeen my face is flushed from weeping and my eyelids and on my eyelids is the shadow of death although no violence is in my hands and my prayer is that you still have the integrity yes questioning why have you forsaken me why have you become my enemy by the way is the agony that was going to be felt by Jesus not a two-part presentation on DVD of the book of Job one is how Job prefigures Jesus because Jesus also cried out my God my God why have thou forsaken any other thing he was physically designated and even Apple 's Mac and Jesus also felt like Joan felt forsaken by his suffering under the rest of his knowledge the job chapter nineteen versus nine through eleven Job ninety nine through eleventh your job is describing his trial he says speaking on Gagne stripped me of my glory and take the crown from my head she drinks me down every side and I am gone my home is rooted like a tree he has also kindled against me and he closely as one of his last one of his enemies that's all little earlier chapter nineteen verses six and seven know that the client has wronged me has surrounded me with his next if I try not concerning wrong I am not heard in my client allowed there is not what there is about justice twenty three versus three oh five Chapter twenty three in verses three through five Johnson is all that I know where I might find it using the victories and I would like to go up there all I knew where I can find them I might come to his I would present my case before him cynicism this is a case in a court of law I would present like a volume I feel like all the arguments this will greater fool than he who represents insolvent or law don't really understand what is the argument that we are not so jeweled handle written revelation he does know what's going on he's still hanging onto God reveals our second money at it let loose his birth or I would present my case before him and theological arguments I know the words which he will answer me and understand what he would say to me as he was here I noticed up to thirty versus twenty twenty one just picking and choosing a few this year there after thirty versus twenty and twenty one John says I cry out to you but you do not answer me I stand up and you regard me verse twenty one but you have become cruel to me with the strength of your hand you oppose me and finally chapter thirty one and verses five and six thirty one five and six and then a little verse thirty five says in verse five if I walk with falsehood or my foot has hastened to DC that may be way on hottest scandals this scales up to do a dozen additional of course maybe wait on auto scales that God may know my integrity verse thirty five all that I had one to hear me here is my mark all that the Almighty would answer me that Mike secure what a book by the way not always negative in these chapters John has his moments of highs and lows you don't for example in John thirteen percent of these is the least he may yet will I trust in him this is an ambivalent feeling is like Jesus when he was in the process might not like I selflessly volunteer as I commend my spirit I will if you say that because John felt forsaken God octagon for justice vigilance and vineyard upset Jesus and get uselessness and experience he cried out with anguish accordingly Chapter five hundred seven also he says I'm not selling anything I looked only from the great devotion he also said he and he says I'm going to the first but when it a harness I will be arguable so I is used in his experience in these chapters but he also has his questions and his dollars saved onto the end of chapter thirty seven you you come to the Chapter thirty eight and bought is hard enough because that's okay John you neglect my turn I bought finally breaks his silence chapter thirty eight members one then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said a business who darkens counsel by words without knowledge was told probably didn't have what genetic knowledge that's right it does not prepare your self like a man I will question you and he was seventy and bilayer chapter thirty eight thirty nine forty forty one God asks Job over sixty questions got Visio asked me a lot now it's my turn to ask you so where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth you puny little creature tell me if you have understand the question about the distinction between Creator and share some history and verse five who determined its measurements surely you know God is speaking somewhat sarcastically here are what starts the lineup on to what were its foundations fastened whore who laid its cornerstone is when the morning stars sang together and all sons of God shouted for joy as well Job and all this took place in what was Job 's answer was I wasn't even anywhere near to be more than an interview read chapters thirty eight three ninety forty listens to discover something very interesting God describes in its proper order the days of creation deviancy with the foundations of the earth then you come back and read all the verses that you can not us and God speaks about creating the day in the night the length then his face about the firmament where the rain and the snow fall from a secondary that he speaks about the green grass in the field that's a thirty ninety six public constellations the play as it aren't all I meant is likely that support the many describes the custom sunbirds that fifty ninety land animals I think is describing creations anything until a series of over sixty as you well know when I get all of this you know anything that any creature question me the great Creator space Joel in his own estimation becomes smaller and smaller anything they ended that Masterson God is not great I simply need to extract the interesting thing is that when God finishes his speech if you go with me to chapter forty gone to close by saying this moreover the Lord Ashley Jorgenson shall the one who contends with the Almighty correction and glory to God let him answer is what was job building he was demanding position it was revealed in the house how is it that this happens to me is what lesson where you know when I made all these things when I created all these things knowledge on appointment was personally then Job answered the Lord and said behold I am vile what shall answer you I laid my hand over my mouth once I have spoken I will not answer yes twice but I will proceed no further original to say I am not going to say anymore not to talk anymore you've made your point you are the great Creator and I am simply a coverage but the interesting thing is that even though John says you've made your point I'm not argue any further I'm not going to ask for any more explanations I also opened my handle on Mount Olympus anymore Joe does speak again in the book deal I know where these things in the book it's after God reveals something very significant digital what language is puzzled many of those will study the book of Job is that all of the key protagonists of the story reappear at the end of the start of the book but there is one who appears to disappear from the book site that the adversary and they say this is a travesty and justice his friends Riviera and no Ivy League is magnesium for children or maybe it was the same wife that the wife had a conversion experience jewelry appears you know aside from the one who caused all these calamities he seems to disappear from the book the fact is that Satan does reappear at the end of the book but he doesn't appear under the name of Satan but he appears under the name that I alleged notice chapter forty one Captain forty one and will only read some of the verses here chapter forty one verses one through four this is the climax of God 's questioning to join can you draw out live I have been with the hook or snare his time with the language you lower can you read to his nose or appears his job with a hook will you make many supplications do you will you speak softly to you early next you will take him as a servant forever we what was sunburned for William Alisha for your mail as well your companions Meadowbank will the world outsourcing him among the merchants can you feel his skin harpoons forward his hand or his hand with visions of the ten -year-old David and I is what I'm asking is a muscle significant about this archaeologists have discovered in excavations in the area when this event took place that the people of that day had they knew the name of life Leviathan was not seven headed creature that the gods had to fight and overcome in order to create the work while this obviously is an paganism it's a mythology a sticky digital in the terminology of the day and age that he can understand within a monotheistic context as Job did not believe in this that there were many gods of the gods defeated this leviathan that he knows you can't I was conceived August ending the subject of the box sucking penis preggers with our enemy of God the life now well let's noticed a few other verses verse eighteen chapter forty one ill many scholars say that this is a crocodile with some crocodile that breathes smoke and fire and makes a large boy were sent to enhance musicians flash for anything I has I like the eyelids of the morning how is his mouth will working lights and beast is this firebreathing dragon that's right I was is multiple burning light sparks I shall now she lost all the classrooms as from a boiling pot and brainwashes his breath tingle calls for singles how do I verse twenty four his heart is as far as style even as hard as the lower millstone when he raises himself up but maybe are afraid because of his questions they are beside themselves though the sort reaches them in olive oil nor does fear dark our javelin he regards iron has strong and bronze as well what the hell can not making pleaded shall shall become like sculpted him darts are regarded as strong he laughs at the threat of gallon in this dragon is what powerful and indestructible human beings this writer he brings parents yes any mid- American review he makes a lot of Disney versus thirty three and thirty four on earth there was nothing like you which is made without the TV holds every high thing he is taking over all the children nearly two years over all of the children say well okay fast all the symbolic language well coordinated by their twenties Isaiah twenty seven and verse one zero twenty seven and verse one in that day was yet one hundred twenty four to twenty seven is called the little apocalypse of guilt that the little book of Revelation the oldest as tremendous as these chapters are beautiful I take place of the second coming in after the millennium but twice unless one is describing what happened after the millennium etc. in that day the Lord with his severe sword great and strong willed slam I think insert was environment all pieces are but yes leviathan that Spitzer anyone so I know what Alexandria in the new gains in the reptile because the scholars in thinking that I advocate James Sands that Dragon that is in the sea by the way in the Septuagint the Greek translation of the Old Testament the word that is used is the goal will we get the word Dragon from who is a liar and is thus sure and not Dragon novel in New Orleans and twelve will allow switching to interpret itself the massive assault finally understand what caused all of them according to CNN a historical context in all the Leviathan in the Mindanao Sea only believes in one lot but still the principle is that when I have been Hezbollah was causing the problem is I genuinely feel environmental nobody can there's no one who can anyone number is unlisted trial in the Senate and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and the dragon and his angels but that they did not prevail law was a place found for them in all and have it any longer saw the great dragon was cast out the serpent of old was called and our on-site knowledge that there are three names that are using this first you will say I wanted to the SARS Pendragon so was I the Leviathan Leviathan is a symbol of the law obviously the devil is not a seven headed creature would maybe Viola 's mouth is not only prideful creatures he's he's the key over the children of pride was acting on our holiday arrogant people of the world site well it's okay to look until I attached the picture here I thought back to jolt and Johnson has after God shows him the picture of them I got amazingly nice things on your problems have been caused by Leviathan the event the individual life of this is the climax of his argument please describe creation related YouTube when I do this and when I do this in the life of this vigilance is no law was there no other talk anymore you make it like was viewed e-mailed me to ask questions of and botulism is also what it was doing I certainly can delete and his legitimacy and then in chapter forty two Job speaks again even though he said he was to speak again until answer the Lord and said I know that you can do including one including defeating what I know purpose of yours can be withheld from you you asked how is this goal hides counsel without knowledge while it is probable with odd jobs problem he was speaking and he can have oh well each therefore I have a lot of what I did not understand it if Joe had one decent it was the sin if we can call the sin the sin of ignorance demanding answers from God threatens to water for me which I did not watch I did not know this is lesson please let me just I will question you and you shall answer me I have heard of you are hearing a beginner now my peace you let us anyways as my eye sees he is now therefore I apply myself and read a desk and actions was a regarding of his others Dalton's questionings of ignorance lack of knowledge is demanding answers about and that of course the story ends by saying that Joe gets twice as much as when he had before if you fail God would never have rewarded him in that fashion was told that Darius was the right yes he remained alive even the limits of the questions and propensities the network will abandon the never cursed on Tuesday and said no Crisco and the faults this book the book of Job is really a description of the extent are people on both of their fellow discipline the panel 's argument on has been that God 's people serve God because God is good to use as you fence them about allow me to touch them to take away anything from the if they lost everything Damon is that what all of you and if you have nice so what do you do after the closing probation is he is going to get to the devil for control of planet Earth is an essay you can do whatever you want to my people but you cannot take and get a comfortable bus people will lose every everything houses lands money route canceled turn against them family members will turn against them payroll hunger and thirst not dialogue where there's not a lot read and cast into Branson that will think how Mister and Greg McElroy says about Christ and I am not going to look and bus transit will be asked questions are God 's people going feel like going pushing Nathan Chapman the time of trouble regulars they begin to fear how I says it will sink are you going to allow us to become a reproach among men have you forsaken there will deliver us they will I like the widow and the story eliminating them coming and coming and coming to an identical putting it off and put enough you know and see the vitamins I said Vanderslice and about again then Jesus uses that as a contrast with God 's blessing if this judge is aware of what she asked for because of her processes again get her off his back how much more will God answer your ways even though he is not taking off his back but because you this comparison with progress in the school will be causing all these affixes to the leader of the initiative will be what will be in a much better position than Job of course is not the happiness she got something resource he wants I want something bigger than part of our fiber so that when we're going to experience it we are organized and ninety six the start and annual free the freedom that they follow the above image of the beast raise the conference will live there Israel crossing the Red Sea and the stories that we didn't know we need to assimilate me to believe we need to make a part of our work solely with our company and benefit of Scripture with the benefit of all personal experience with the Lord and ask you is not going to take care when I yes after the millennium with his sword as it says in Revelation chapter fourteen in Isaiah twenty seven with his swift and strong sore is good to destroy life in the sea apostasy represents multitudes nations will gather around the holy city and that God will restore prosperity to his people will not always an anonymous father never before and God 's people live within forevermore in the whole universe will see that God is right it is people serving on the one economic self interest and unlikely universe said nevermore will enter that he knew of the plan of salvation it's much broader than on Jesus came to save me God came to this world through Jesus to vindicate his character before you will stay with you I hope that what we've studied well the beneficial not only intellectually but also in our personal walk with the Lord may God bless you the rest of this week and I'm sorry I can't say I should wish I could but assimilate as much as you can enjoy this these guys as much as you can together that was how they won't have to stand alone so let's just take advantage of the Fellowship that we can have your restraint in our spiritual experience twelve eleven we thank you so much for all the magnificent messages that you've given your work for us we realize that these things are that had been written for our comfort and consolation that we might have hope I asked father to continue to bless G Y C for all your spirit on this place this weekend and that an army of young people my goal for this place ready to conquer the world for Jesus thank you Lord for having been with us and thank you for hearing and answering prayer we ask in Jesus name e-mail this media was produced by I will review Ministry of UI 's generation who I would like to listen to more great music is present or if you would like to learn more about you see when this is done to the NYC web or also find great with you on your verse got bored and had all videos .com


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