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Exonerating God, Part 1

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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well I guess it's about time good morning to you this could see all here this morning there my name is even more in the title of this seminar is exonerating God saw that the seminar you looking for knowledge I didn't know in education I think that you receive the material this is a good book quotations are gathered onto the course of many years where Ellen White describes on the cosmic conflict the great controversy on a broader scale than just this world and will be referring to several of those quotations as we move along in our study together on this is all the material limiting about in the seminar so you might want to not actually be pretty practical to take notes on the backside of the of this material that way on altogether I am going to refer to many many Bible verses I fact you were going to begin our study by referring abundantly to the Bible and then referring to some of these quotations from our point before we delete it however we want to ask lots lasting we should never open the word of God without first imploring the Lord 's guidance and saw a mighty long as he has we pray fundamentally thank you for the awesome opportunity of being here and UIC what an energizing experience is so wonderful to be among a group of people who are truly serious about finishing your work on this Earth so we can go home and father as we open this seminar about the plan of salvation and the great controversy we asked Lord for the guidance of the Holy Spirit we know that human wisdom is insufficient to grasp the grade should will salvation so we asked for divine wisdom thank you father for the problems in your goodness that you will be with us always even unto the end of the world can we claim that promises in this morning we thank you father for hearing and answering our prayers we ask in Jesus name amen all right if I ask you what is the central purpose of the plan of salvation probably if you're like most people that I've asked this question on you and say that the purpose of the plan of salvation was of course to save man to save the human race will notice in the seminar that the plan of salvation has a much broader reach than the salvation of man who got a notice that really the plan of salvation in its broadest sense the purpose of exonerating God or vindicating God from the accusations that Satan has launched against the and specifically that Satan has launched against the law of God which means that these accusations are launched against the character of God because the law of God is a reflection of God 's character so when the devil attacks the law he's attacking the character because the law is a reflection or a written description if you please of what God is in himself not like to begin and would like to read the Bible abundantly in our session this morning and I hope that you stick in are you saying for our you're only seeing the initial steps in the argument of a rebuilding work on a volatile salvation from the origin of sin and have all waited till the moment that sin is eradicated from the universe are at the end of the millennium saw if you don't say all the way through your very partial picture this morning were in a deal primarily with the problem is not has a big problem on his hands let's look to the book of Ezekiel chapter twenty eight Ezekiel chapter twenty four as we all know that SI chapter describes Lucifer and let's begin our breathing and verse thirteen twenty eight and verse thirteen speaking about this gloriously it says here you weren't even the garden of God have you ran in the rise online that actually even was a little lobbies of heaven transplanted upon the years in the before the flood and Doctor the Garden of Eden back to heaven I will here we have an indication that even was in heaven before was on earth because Hitler told that before Lucifer said he wasn't even the garden of God for seeking to garner the net present when I was on earth such as you are feeling Argonaut every precious stone was recovering the sardius topaz diamond world on exit Jasper Sapphire turquoise and emerald with gold the workmanship of your cables and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created now comes the key verse that I want us to consider for a moment Ian will one of the anointed cherub conference you will Cheryl conference I established you you were on the mountain on the holy mountain of God you want what walked back and forth in the Mexican fighter he stole you are your ways from the day you were created to help iniquity was found in new so we find the best media for covering cherub now let's go to Exodus and find a description covering cherub was and where he was located at twenty five and beginning with verse eighteen Exodus twenty five in verse eight Jesus is talking about the earthly sanctuary of God is giving Moses instructions on building the Ark of the company says in verse eighteen and you shall make two cherubim of gold of hammered work you shall make them at the two ends of the mercy seat make one cherub on one hand and the other cherub at the other end you shall make in the chair of the method to consolidate of one piece with the mercy seat saw where it will cover insurance they were in the most holy place on either side of site on the one of the art on the cover always inside the arc of the logon now in what direction were the charity looking they were looking downward and their wings were folded elements as an sign of reverence for God 's law which by the way is at the bottom of the Ark of the covenant because of the foundation of God 's little as I continue to say in verse forty and the cherubim shall stretch out there will frame the SEC with their wings that's why they are called is called covering cherub because the cherubs extended their wings and they covered the mercy seat and of course the mercy seat was validity of the heart and that's when the Shekinah descended it represents the phone off in the ten Commandments are underneath they are the foundation underlines the anamorphic Charlie my looking down and have their wings folded in reverence for God and for his holy law now let's go to Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen in verses twelve to fourteen which is found in Ezekiel twenty eight minutes of iniquity was found in this covering cherub what was that iniquity Isaiah fourteen verse twelve how you are fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how do you work you are cut down to the ground you who weakened the nations for your website in your heart and heartland underlined one a one letter word that appears several times here I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my flow above the stars of God I also will sit on the mouth of the congregation of the farthest sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high what was this was relevant and an eye problem called myopia need him us I always see himself not to give you some some words and I wanted to give me the opposite of the Anthony okay I will line the love and I know even as I we naturally would say it hate not really the opposite of love is so when you really think because a lot of moves outward self love moves into so the opposite of love itself was Lucifer 's race in selfishness and selfishness of total violation of the two tables of the law you shall love the Lord your God and you shall love your wives your neighbor as yourself not yourself first you shall love your neighbor and you shall love the what was the problem with Lucifer Lucifer love himself which is a contradiction of God 's holy law now let's go back to Ezekiel twenty eight see Ezekiel chapter twenty eight and I want you to notice a very important little word here Ezekiel twenty eight and verse sixteen it says by the abundance of your trading to became filled with violence within Avenue and what you stand solve as a person he most certainly sent out let's call the first at three thousand jobs after three and verse eight he was sentence is on the devil for the demo lasted from Mount Sinai Valerie says force fundamentalists and from what from the beginning so when ascending and descending in honor authority to begin in heaven they began and have another question is why was the same that he committed that's go back to verse four same context whoever commits sin also commenced wireless lawlessness I'm reading from new King James the King James version says it was since France-Presse is also the law force is the transgression of the law I decided to put everything together the Lucifer Sam you will certainly get sent was there a law inside the arc of the government to break course the earthly sanctuary was a copy of everything actually was a copy of a little scale model of the heavenly Moses was not shown the heavily censored he was shown scale model of the Henley center doesn't make it a part of the model financial nude mount but the one on the Mount was a scale model much smaller than the reality the one in heaven so on earth now the Ark of the covenant with the ten Commandments shall inhabit you must also have in the ark of the covenant the ten Commandments and you must have the coverage errors and so it says here that he stand and send it left breaking God 's holy will was was producing he brought he made an attack against God 's holy law of anomalous that everything in the great controversy revolves around along the accusations of Satan are related to the law of God and God 's solution is a solution that relates to the law will come to that a little bit later now several course flex their rebellion is follows as I want you to notice what the devil do you have insulted me to John chapter eight in verse forty four John chapter eight in verse forty four Jesus is speaking to the Jewish salute leaders of his day and age and he says this you are your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaks a lie he speaks from his own resources for he is a liar and the father of saliva that will wire now in order to be a liar to have someone to lie to of course did the devil lied about Monica yesterday let's look back to Ezekiel twenty eight and take a look at this Ezekiel twenty eight all these fascist passages deal with the origin of sin Ezekiel twenty eight in verse sixteen once again and is a very important little worried here that I want I think of Jorge sixteen SS Bobby on while most of your trading you became filled with violence within and you said not what is outward trading mean by the abundance of your trading of the commercial term isn't it is a training commercial term now the question is merchandising on the King James as merchandise saw saw saw here were told that Satan is trying to sell something what was he trying to sell the Bible says he was a liar from the beginning now let's do a couple of verses where the same Hebrew root word is use the word trading of merchandise is not translated the same way no need to Leviticus nineteen hundred sixteen Leviticus nineteen in verse sixteen very same Hebrew root of the Hebrew word you shall not go about as a counter saying Hebrew word the same route you shall not what the law about as a panel member among your people nor shall use take a stand against the life of your neighbor I am the Lord stole the word merchandise means to try and sell what counts by the way when somebody tries to do something you don't believe it when you say I don't buy that so we still have remnants of the idea I don't buy that for you just tell me that will want to sell you sell his lies about whom you abound on his law now let's look to the other text that uses this root word usage of twenty two in person I is Egan twenty two and verse nine yes translated literally by the same rules says here then you are missing wholesome land or that's the same route whose slanderer to cause much damage in you are those who eat on the mountains in your midst they commit mutinous Siberia the word slander tell bearing slander my slander you are talking about somebody else but if you say something true about someone else heart and say something false about someone else it is very false and spirited you carry detailed satellite talebearer are carrying details and finally a tale is not a real life story hotel with talk about fairytales you know maybe really did happen so someone is Lucifer doing he's a liar from the beginning he's marrying tales he's slandering who is slandering you slandering the only still doing it today what was he slandering on about you the family was a sometimes lifelong monogamy freedom again on the findings of the that the identical thing that will send you down and I would help if we if when we read the word lollipop character because has to do more with the person you know I present the Southwest on use conference a while back and dog there's a sermon that you can get on audio versus high limit is on the long relationships my deal with the issue of how the long relates to the character of God and when when the Bible says that God was right as long in our hearts saying that he wants to write his character in our hearts you know that makes a big difference because the music of Liza called as a cold list of rules for when you think of Kerry think of what a person is giving about the person and so really when Lucifer is attracting a lot he's really attacking what is affecting the character because the law is a written description of robotics even sold as aforesaid as soon as last transgression of the law now let's will Revelation chapter twelve Marius had been involved in a great conversation what is Abilify the United got a black guy in the NEC of any finding him him black I haven't reported as on earth saw a Muslim something to resolve the discrepancies and problems in heaven to sit on the solutions of the controversy is not only the solution it must involve a solution to the dogs that lives in providing a nonbinding and this is the unique contribution of an Cialis for the idea of the plan of salvation if you ask most people outside the atmosphere to say what it is a something as well we came to say me that's a very restricted view of the purpose of the final salvation the purpose of the plan of salvation is so Satan 's accusations and then again the character before the universe and in the CRC will you know what's happened and a moment to talk about this intercession to my cousin went in with the amnesty of judgment on you know you if you've seen the people 's part at the end of the program I like to watch these court programs in television and the guy says so if you have if you have an issue with someone don't take a lot of -year-old state of the court the fact is that God does not resolve the problem able by Horace Judaism held court the devil is condemned in the court of law window is and is a unique deal of the Adventist church is is not held by any other chicks and executives essentially inundate it was envious of the very envious of the wicked result seventy three because I was looking until I entered your sanctuary and then I understood therein so we need to see the salvation within the context of the great controversy between good and evil revelation twelve seven two nine I have a view that is shared by some courts and other cherub on the other side of the art Christ was a little envious of Jesus I guess I'm not the father he was envious of these wirelessly envious of Jesus Durand dessert Raquel White says that the devil Lucifer is watching you favor him among the portal have a tendency to find out how rivals among you think that you think that the president of the General conference in my arrival not because I because he saw far above a position than I am that there's really no basis for me to do the envious of him who is what I find my rivals among you that the faster the pastor across the right Nigel but you know we have to define our rivals among those who are relatively equal to us right this is why so I and the whole issue originated when God the father L voices in early writings when God the father said to Jesus let us make man in our own image according to our likeness elements in the doubles and the father included Jesus in the idea of creating man and he did not include Madeleine Jesus was already Michael the Archangel before sent three revelation twelve or seven and war broke out in heaven where you can have Michael and use angels which is already Michael Backman was a person once by the way Michael is the Archangel right Michael and his angels fly with the Dragon and the dragon and his angels fought so are you are there in their respective armies each other angels right when Jesus returns as a return with the Bible says he returns with all of his holy angels carrots and Michael and his angels long so is Michael the same as the one who comes back with it is of course birthday but they did not prevail bar was a place found for them and haven't any longer so the great train was cast out that serpent of old Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he was passed of your and his angels were cast out with how many angels were Arthur Allen White says almost half between American and half away that statement due later on it's a new material by the way saw the arguments of Satan have been quite persuasive at least superficially of course there a lot of the heavenly beings and by his lines people certainly that they think I really got was a tyrant that his law with respect to antenna thanks I think him as their leader they would be truly free because they would have to do what they're told over the net same problem and come into that now in a moment of you know in a clearing your mind what it what it is it's happening in heaven let's summarize what was done what was the first physician Karen Beatty said what is as a law medicine alone know what you try to say his last novel is about God and was a successful cellulitis and the third perhaps almost half of the Angels body lives his life on the blockbuster and most of his argument centered around the longer the law but is restricted and takes away your freedom God destroys most of the automated law if you say no to him but if you accepted me as a process you would only three I will do what you want you would have to lay any external law sounds pretty persuasive the world by Symphony most of the world by being beside the serializable in a argued a lot I answered a lot of something that something evil something that restrict your freedom something that the creation by each effect is felt that observing the law out of love for God is our greatest guarantee of freedom and how would you like to live in a world where there's no stealing not all three no killing not false witness where everybody loves and respects God wherever it might increase their parents with respect to what kind of world would you have well you have observing our own insulin the logon is an otherworldly apparently your butt when you disobey the law is all that is in misery but of course the remembering that God is not thinking holds his long it has to come from the heart now let's talk to Genesis three and see the origin of sin on earth the origin of sin honored this is really really feel about it on earth he replicated what Internet if you want to know more about the methods that he is in heaven how he argued against God heaven all you do is read the story and the father of an aniline exactly what you get in and we just ran and his angels the devil and his angels were one were passed out to him indicating where there is not the Nancy of the dialogue many expected Adam and Eve were made in the early this one simple command ability yes correct yes that's true that the Angels in heaven because the law was written on their hearts the organizers always along there we have to keep it not because it was part of their fight is only a sale online says it is only after Lucifer brought to their attention that there was a lot yes well that they may have this direct command but they weren't aware of the ten Commandments as we know no adultery murder in regards desperate that's right but not in that one will really you know you are going to MacWorld ten thousand yes okay I'll try and remember that okay I'm reminded as outlined by doing that even if you tell me under diazepam have you not forget let's look at Genesis chapter three and noticed this Genesis three dollars was more cunning than any beast of the field with the Lord wanted me to a lesser was only slightly discredited ancient serpent the downsizing such as now the serpent was more cunning than a beast in the village Lord wanted me and he said to the woman had already said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden will decide what is Satan he's a master psychologist what is he trying to do we are my same novices alike to anybody and you are not missing out he was one act is going to correct his misstatement is what happens if somebody tells you something that is blatantly different than what some refunds are not going to Bethany is in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County many synagogues in the media is no possibility for Molden except this one and now she's conversing with the devil and we start addressing them in their milieu on pages where the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made any sense of the woman has God indeed said you shall not eat of every tree in the garden now and I want a man working in all the principles of the Internet two thousand twelve when even a this will force for what Rossi 's phone I went to you in the front door husband and her husband a big death come into the world the hotel not what killed Barry fossiliferous she said we should be brought up in the hands and the budget acolyte says that the devil a bit naïve exaggerating my daughter to make a point season will not be an ally said that the dental pluck the fruit that the servant what the proven plan at this venue she married in practice are the only gives a lot of insight season San Jose even all seconds could talk right now behind using alert and she's inviting him to yell my eating over nine mechanisms learned by eating from the root just imagine what you can do is start arguing with the devil your loss because he has a lot more experience and he has a much more much keener understanding we do not let me ask you to leave off duty limited already spiritually speaking that you choose a different lover that your relationship with God is spoken of as marriage right as you desire her father that she does on her creator this was busy while Microsoft you shall be as flat as city did she violate every principle of the token is busy what is moral and is so alone yes it's yes yes 's and is not wrong being said is wrong thinking is that what has happened is experts emphasizing is wrong acting Ensign is wrong I must say is all wrong the report expresses itself in action is a house that limited an example using zest your image of God you shall not commit adultery is no slight on another I think you that whoever the woman took her hat and I don't mean his sword and in operating and when you set up your neighbor 's wife when you and your neighbor 's wife somewhere you have to deal with Sam missing in action are sending in the heart and the solution is not sinking the law to go I think the sinful heart and has put in a heart of flesh and that he has run Islamic and then you will be live to Jerusalem because his life in your affiliate was overeating is not legalism legalism legalism is thinking that you can gain salvation by obedience ballots are backing some of all ten Commandments in principle they never stoop envelope sent to the serpent we may look for the trees of the garden said we can from the fruit of the trees of the gun the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said you shall not be nor shall you touch it that you got didn't even know what the consequences of eating from the tree would be yes did she understand God 's command clearly absolutely anomalous personal then the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die God is a liar also and had well the fact is available in the demo is saying that you're gone not that I die in any sense of the word he did not know what was the always something there maybe like later than the death is ceasing to exist the week of the Bible doesn't tell us but the fact is the devil is contradicting what God said because God sent that in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die by the way in human rights and he shall not I is if there's any other way by an enemy 's will you actually have his blessing he's been emphatic yes this will will that you will go this route is ceaseless and will will will will write and write working on a solution that that's very important what were the solutions all this mess notwithstanding the mess in all the cosmic conflict that's involved here in heaven and on earth but when it comes that way so that the reason they did not die that very day is because Jesus presented himself as a substitute in my way that very day Adam and Eve sacrifice honor and sacrifice probably to Lance because the Bible says that God took skins world covered the nakedness that is been caused by sin so that very day there was under was the devil laminates we the sin of the world but it was a lemon promise was the very moment that Adam and Eve that actually Adam sacrifice those are animals the patriarch with an sacrifice those animals at that very instant Jesus was present himself before his father and he was a father I will be those most happening on earth with an earthly announcement I'll have a leader who is young and I'm in the sanctuary that Jesus moves there's an early announcement you can go online to our website sequence unsealed website and all I have posted there the seminar was presented here last year but in the last year we had half so was able to present alone material the series is still catching up to Jesus as being broadcast of the will you sell that everyone uses Mozilla sanctuary there is a corresponding earthly event to announce when Jesus presented himself as the perfect Lamb and would fund will talk about this more tomorrow when he presents himself as overtly glam the announcement is made by John the Baptist behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of where Jesus is and I have a triumphal entry fetus entry number that you hold Jerusalem's internal person is understand what is going to add a state is a misunderstanding of the most of all administrative and started with the disappointment K say that Jesus Mosley 's most famous of his appointment this was disappointed you even understand what another angel came to him and imprisoned and explained to him Ellen White says Isaiah sixty one some of the past so I understand the Messiah have two stages within a domestic incident comes in different violent event revealed the kind of dignity once the people were saying I was on Westerly and I is a small remnant was faithful to God the study of prophecies and then they understand the cost sampling design and I saw the King of Israel as a nation devoted to end-users now on you don't get the boy announces and one Avenue sold during those ten I know what you are doing is inherently and also in the past tongues of fire I want to say when you are going through and he was starting his intercessory AK-47 a Millerite movement and the same question were wrong about the rest so what's new nothing new under the sea were always catching up as you will you scoundrel events climate is and is he talking according to schedule a Pentecost had take place according to schedule taking forty four have transpired according to schedules as well always telling me now he is a little afterwards it will understand me but because it was not like people in Pennsylvania because it was a disappointment the Baptist Church originated with any space is limited and the people later as I understand bioprocessing my life is not the majority leader understand it's only a small round later accept what Jesus is doing and understand fully what he's doing and after that experience okay so back in Genesis three here comes here comes a critical point in the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die what the devil trying to do by saying you will not surely die he is not gone but what is his purpose let's think of an adolescent psychologist he is my question and let me tell you what the question is God sent a plea from the treatment and I know you say that if we eat from the three were not printed I therefore not and I then why did God tell us that we are good how many of you which are within why is I will I will I will to us that it wasn't enough as the universe that doesn't analyze the answer as to why God lied to them according to his new of course seemed like the eighties is going to send the data unity of English and I saw these as well then why did God say when Delta County six here we come to the most important part of the passage which reflects what happened in heaven it says it's in verse five for God knows what doesn't work for me he's explaining why Goss and the runtime right for God knows this guy will something according to the devil that he doesn't want them to know when you have forgotten always in and you is that your eyes will be opened which means that at that point their eyes were what you can open what is open whatever level Sandy God wants you to render him one line service I may or not you're not they will let you know what this is good and evil part in the moment because the devil told him a pop-up partial truth when he said he will know that enable what the devil was was trying to tell them was different than what really happened was that will complement the moment so since I saw you forgotten all that in the name a few even if your eyes will be opened saltwater I shut up to this point according to mother that was absolutely anomalous in smiling what is the absolute authority of ethical decisions is the way that distinguishes right from wrong the world more specifically what the law is not Islam on external demand is an external standard and even if we didn't exist the standard would exist outside of us shall our way to put our lives in harmony with that said absolutely that is a sign of ethics is not signed it is what in the Los Angeles Times what is and what is evil the north of the net was thinking he says you will be like God in what sense knowing good and evil what is available really saying here is exactly what the other thing is getting a lot you can eat from the tree what makes you think that he's so great that he can tell me what to do is benefiting from all over the trees is emanating from this really is on the right to say that you knew everything what if you may not bring it he can know people like that without having an engine underneath Mac OS X postmodernism in economy is modernism is not a recent phenomenon I will well okay is there really such a thing as the lesser of two evils is going to hell him in accepting either of the interim into a strangely some are licensed you know what preferable there is no preferable option because both live in misery you know I'd rather be a sediment hypocrite and more learned a lot in we now live in an gala event on a man if he gains the whole world and this is all is absolutely no case the temporal Bible causes temporary pleasures of sin is in the classroom original meaning from your Las Vegas the people look like Babylon will superficially will you know not really what really knocks her soul because it doesn't satisfy the innermost needs of the human heart so what is available saying here is using the same argument that he is in heaven flowmeter is your view statements infamously rough very interesting statements these are not these are not a new material will give you a reference so that you can look them up and see where I hope I want to okay here it is this is great controversy page four ninety five listen to this for ninety five working with mysterious secrecy your Internet account voice chapters on the origin maybe I'll be able to vote this was extremely important because he has a chapter on the origin of evil and bigger profits Seattle and great controversy and she has chapter on the origin of evil in early writings in many different in her writing she has a whole chapter on the origin of evil Jesus working with mysterious secrecy and for a time concealing his real purpose under an appearance of reverence for God he endeavored to excite dissatisfaction concerning the law him happily means alternating the end always unnecessary restraint salary selling he advised rule was an unnecessary restraint absolutely no disabilities sent a similar nature for holy key areas that Angels should okay then thanks Albert Caldwell is a baby on your holiday in London on the minimum knock out to be right or wrong you don't even know for years she continues that he sought to create sympathy for himself by representing that God had dealt unjustly with him in the installing supreme honor upon Christ he claimed that an aspiring to greater power and he was not aiming at self exultation but was seeking to secure liberty for all the inhabitants of health that by this means they might obtain to a higher state of existence that we say that the exactly same the DNR matrix and purpose page forty one Jesus is not to be seen was very great by disguising himself in the cloak of falsehood he had gained an advantage all the facts was Saul clothed with mystery there was difficult to disclose to the Angels the true nature of his work until fully developed it could not be made to appear that he will think that it was this satisfaction would not be seen to be rebellion even the loyal angels cannot fully discern his character or see to what his work with leading always in God destroy say and from the very start family resource and that's exactly what you saw that big old dog obeyed on this loss and everything was going with that Alina Leaguer who may be working less is a limited survival so what about saying I'm than allow the Delta developed this program on planners so that the whole universe can see the fruit of living independently and Milo where everybody shows the abdomen soft humming along the way to go that direction until finally nearing the time of trouble though no one there will be us such a scene of strife and white says that the most human imagination cannot grasp can you imagine a world that is devoid of the Spirit of God selected were before the flood that every intention of the heart of man only evil cookie no safety in the course yes workers but the Spirit of God is still striving illness still good people know where there's still the wins are still being held back but the Spirit of God is fully withdrawn from the earth was not withdrawn from the people is withdrawn as an influence to bring people to convert people to war because they've already made their decisions against the law we can't even will the whole universe is an enormous in the second hour of the whole universe is watching the fruits of Satan Lawless style and this will be the inoculation of the universe using God allows Satan to gas-fired antiwhite inoculating society on earth there will not longer be any possibility say what you would ever want to experiment with some accuracy West Indian and his work is that by allowing evil is a vaccination of the units is what website is than a religious one well done they can so I think a fifteen minute break and then come back to the ten forty five and .net assemblies in Santo Domingo this cosmic controversy finale thoughts about the line the Bible of August two thousand and so deceive a visit media was by volume murders in willingness you would like to learn more about the same as you know I see them playing with you on Hoover's board and when you are


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