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Selling Worship or Selling-out Worship?

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University



  • December 21, 2007
    10:30 AM
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him gracious father we are obviously stuff them a lot we need to think about and we need your wisdom to think about it because our minds are big enough we pray that you will bless our thinking that you will helplessly need to use online and you will establish our hearts in your life in Jesus selling worship or selling out worship first part of the title I chose for this session is the title of a book by Pete Ward thunder bibliography also beware to convince promoter of charismatic movement in Christian churches particular United Kingdom British book the very phrase selling worship strikes me as an oxymoron or very least a conundrum worship what is worship well beneficial use yesterday with Jenny is one of the best I found this worship is quote the proper response of all moral sentient beings God ascribing all honor and worth to their creator God precisely because he is worthy delightfully so if that is worship that I have not figured out how I can sell under a response her responses and for sale and is much more difficult for me to figure out how I might buy one instead order for selling worship can be anything at all worship must be conceived as a commodity something made into a thing that cheapens our notion of worship before you get started but once subtitled for the book has something also of value to say how what we sing has changed the church the problem for those who say music is just morally neutral or irrelevant doesn't really matter if restroom than what we think certainly learned changing the charge much interesting so has the church really changed and it has changed is a change at least in part as a result of what we say or have people been singing has what people are singing changed the church I wanted careful to preserve what the writer meant when trying hard not to take things out of context bonus your review for sentences introduction of his book the culture of selling has begun to influence the culture and practice of the church the shifting patterns in metaphor and imagery commonly worship songs reveal a gradual theological development and not all developments are in a positive direction the observation that the theology of the church is being changed through the songs that we sing is very significant if we had to this the realization of the changing patterns and theology are related to the way the popular music markets and sells itself as an important and perhaps less than positive observations can begin to be made one valuable approach to our singing both influences and reflects church belief is offered by Lionel Adie who suggests that the content and purpose of hymns individually each image you look at it may be described as all objective subjective or reflux it first record figured out when the thought of her objectivity ends our doctrinal or narrative in a direct biblical sense they say some facet of truth about God in a straightforward and direct way in place perhaps his unscriptural evidence regarding are made his word yes as seen in the way his influence control of our lives subjective hints introduce a strong mixture of the worshipers personal experience they talk about me and talk about how my life has been changed or how I have responded a commitment to God in general these two categories are fairly parallel to the decision we made yesterday between humans and gospel song not totally so very close to the same thing the reflexive him on the other hand is a human about sending or him about worship rather than about more about me those the great controversy understanding have a basis for responding to each of these three types of him subjective hymns present a strong theological content God is supreme God is worthy of all honor and praise his actions in relation of human family deserve to be kept alive and fresh in our minds as a touchstone by which we can evaluate our personal experience the gospel song which is definitely subjective tends to focus on the response in the believer is God 's grace done for me how am I changed my how does it make me feel to whatever extent feelings are valid in the Glen and I also wanted to lead me to believe what my beliefs lead me to do if there any warm fuzzies in our religion singing they are here I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses that's probably okay that's not selling price how good he is or how great he is as is I'm the time when I get there is legitimate but it's about the there's a place even for expressing my commitment I will follow thee my Savior worsen where my locker maybe hello that's one thing that's my response that's a subjective song but even here there may be a certain amount of trouble foot if we're not careful as the more implicit in this book with contemporary songs the desire to sing songs to God rather than to sing songs about God has tended toward a lack of interest in the traditional theological content of hymns or even of the songs in some cases the songs have very little specifically gospel content instead they speak about what is happening between the worshiper and go on at that moment we forget to our own great peril the revealed truth is given so that we will have a touchstone by which to try the spirits our experience is not adequate to show us how to try the spirits not every spirit in the world people is loyal to Jehovah I think you know that I think we sometimes have a hard time remembering revealed truth is given so that we will be able to try the spirits whether they be of God and when as we understand the most driving passion acts Lucifer has is to be worshiped then we ought to be very careful and very certain that our experience with a spirit in worship is really in harmony with the divine revealed doctrinal word of God I must confess to a certain discomfort is a sweet sweet spirit in this place sure and I noticed spirit of the Lord really how do you know if you do not know why scriptural evidence be pretty careful be pretty careful the reflexive song is so I'll worship itself organically expresses concern about the trend toward more reflexive lyrics of your theological lyrics there are three songs three examples of reflexive songs which he reviews all of which he says he personally likes and is used so is not picking on them because he thinks there bad stuff but he does observe the following regarding the first one he says if the courts did not use the word Jesus it would be hard to identify any specifically Christian content in this song in fact the theological content relies on the worshiper filling in the gaps further he says charismatic worship is tended to focus on the work of the Spirit or of an ascended Lord in the reflexive family are generally singing about a disembodied you as I just said there's more than one you there to which God are we seeing regarding the third song he says having quoted line from the sauna says the heart of worship is all about you Jesus know he said very few of the songs are really all about Jesus in fact many results are not really all about Jesus all rather they are all about the worshiper and the worshipers experience to worship in other words the songs lay themselves open to the criticism that they have replaced the content of the Christian gospel with you experience instead of worshiping Jesus they give the impression we are worshiping worship if these observations are true than what we say and does have the power to change the church which is to fill our minds in our mouths with both indicates what we believe and forms what we believe certainly Sony sue the relative emphasis which is placed on guard and revealed truth or our own change will you experience my setups put together six hours worth of seminar on church music I anticipated the number five last session was to be the hardest one to put together the shape well to present well and I was pretty sure this was the enemy the next artist you want and how I don't like is an why is because there is so much I want to fairness a little time to say it so the rest of this session may not seem to have a clear sense of flow I acknowledge that right off the bat and I ask you to think about it rather in terms of free Association word in the middle in this word in this word in this work and they're all related but you may not be in the trace of nice two where we go okay appreciate that everyone Marva Dawn quote is important that congregations do all they can to counteract the present idea that we must do all we can to make worship for those who come so that they'll come back again is important to congregations to all they can to counteract the present idea that we must do all we can to make worship easy for those who come so that they'll come back again the best way to ensure they will come back is to give them such a rich vision of God with such warm hospitality that they realize God was exactly they need most obviously holy time of my day is the time I spend personal devotions and very beautifully addressed in the sessions upstairs I try to learn from Scripture where God wants to teach me I talk to him I pledge myself to him I learned to know him it may be that that not only the most obviously holy time of my family really in the most holy time of my day similarly that time when a ragtag company of believers of ransomed souls whether seven of them are seven thousand of them with their seeming incompatibilities of temperament and experience in their unevenness of character respond to the invitation of the supreme ruler of the universe and come to offer homage to him as a I submit that time is the most obviously holding time for that company of people and may very well actually be the holiest time for that group of people and therefore I have to ask does any outsider have the right to control or determine or even influence what goes on there that's their only time the unbeliever has no right to say that you should distribution that or it would be better to order the he's not part of it he is not unit no passage in the Scriptures ever says worship the Lord to attract the unbeliever you will not find that Peter bought rather in countless sex we're commanded invited urged mood to worship the Trinity because God is worthy of our praise or John Blanchard puts it in all the Old Testament references there is not a single instance of music being used to help communicate Judaism to the heathen there is no record of the Israelites organizing the Jewish religious folk Festival to try to convert the Hittites the advice the Amorites writing address even more significantly there is no reference in the New Testament to the early church using music to reach non-Christians with the gospel all the references as in the Bible are references to the church at worship there are no references to music as evangelism accurately point 's book how to think with me for a moment about the notion of the seeker driven service which also friend is also nice this also like you of course to whatever extent the church body and its leaders labor or modify their most intense and most effective worship practices in an effort to appeal to the nonbeliever to that extent precisely they have yielded control of the holiest moment of that congregation could also yes there they have given control of their worship time to the person who knows the least about any accrued illustration Ronald Reagan but maybe works it is a fact which I acknowledge right off the bat but I know very very little about tennis certainly not how it scored scoring seems to be a very complicated funny sort of process but I assume that you are tennis expert and someone asked you to explain the game to me how this tennis work house how does the scoring work in Venice what makes a point for this side of the other side and you want to make your teaching is effective you can so you offer to buy us tickets to the tournament so you tell me play-by-play what's going on this just happened that's how this works okay I appreciate that thank you very much set here by new ticket that's nice I'm delighted on the appointed that you pick me up you drive me across town to a soccer stadium for the duration of the match you tell me precisely what's going on as the ball gets kicked back and forth by one together and I learn a lot about soccer but I complained that wasn't what I asked for fiduciaries it will take this is really pretty demanding I didn't really think you're probably ready for tennis in five soccer hasn't been working with more fun watching it I feel better now when I construct my worship experience is a fine work of entertainment in order to my neighbor will not find anything offensive in it and maybe then we'll come back I shown in soccer not tennis I have shown an elegant appealing spectacle I have not shown in worship indeed what I have done is actually turning my worship toward the unbeliever for small diocese is one of the subtlest ways of flattering that is to communicate the gospel in the way he wants rather than the way he market on observes that if she asks people what they want in church she does a totally different answer than if she asks what is appropriate for each of Neil postman says that as I put on Wednesday night I believe I'm not mistaken and say that Christianity is a demanding and serious religion when it is delivered as easy and amusing it is an another kind of religion altogether is it possible that one reason I'm so anxious not to offend my neighbor when he comes to church with me is because I have forgotten how to be offended myself at my own poverty of soul of my own weakness in the presence of God is magnificent quite early twentieth century preacher and evil snicker when you hear his name a preacher by the name of Arthur J Gossett he writes remarkable stuff like this this is a sensibility of ours is a bad symptom for one thing it implies that we have no spiritual ambition else we would not be satisfied with such poor line we cannot have thought out the fact him of Jesus Christ and how immeasurably he has raised the standard when you hang your wretched dogs besides the work beside the works of Titian Michelangelo and not be shaved by the enormous contrast is back and say we satisfy for you you know and can live face-to-face with Jesus Christ and be content with what you are why would any nonbeliever really want to know what happens like your Sabbath morning anyway other than mere curiosity or maybe doing a school assignment most likely reasons set forth also by gossip in this wonderful paragraph here and there in the New Testament we blunder in on Christ we find him on his knees and once at least there we can escape we cannot but overhear him treating our nation 's neither pray I for these alone it is for Peter John and the rest but for those who will believe them is for you and me the Lord Christ is praying for you and what is it he asks us asked for us that we be given such a spirit of unity and brotherhood in us and Christ likeness that people coming upon us will look at us again and then from us Jesus Christ seeking an explanation of us there noticed on a premise just a little because I think it is crucial in a world where Adventist young people are increasingly comfortable watching it in the least anybody else watches were in whatever fashion 's other young people where all away from studs or bangles New Year's to flaunting their countries play whatever video games other young people are eroding our time there adrenaline of their energy on Marvin Donegan worship is not of interest to our unchurched neighbors possibly because of a style or substance but because they don't see that those who regularly participate in a very different from anybody else telling my son long time before Marvin undid Christ's followers are to seek to improve the moral tone of the world under the influence of the impartation of the Spirit of God they are not to come down to the world 's level thinking that by doing this they will opt left it in words in dressing spirit and everything there is to be a marked distinction between Christians and world things this distinction this distinction has a convincing influence upon moldings that have no more money little more time I was goodbye thirteen tennis balls so I'm already hung up on tennis just sort of thereby hurting tennis balls and one racquetball yellow colored balls are off yellow funny sort of Day-Glo color and white film I was okay Illinois racquetball is I could I wanted how right on your right video regard enough a plastic bag with some tennis balls and nice image when you notice that big of a magnet has six tennis balls in the racquetball intimacy which will you notice this is rocket science folks it is the distinction that has the influence we try so hard to get rid of the distinction we do want to stick out if the sticking out that gives us impact important what convinces the world things is not our likeness to them it is our principled difference from weird for a long time thought if we just closed our distinctiveness in the garb of the surrounding culture was some greater and more favorable influence in the world doing it we have thrown away the very thing the bus service says would have the most impact in our associations were to notion of a celebration service strikes me as being a strange notion for any group of people who honestly accepted the fact that we are the Church of Laodicea as I reread Revelation two and three I do not find a whole lot to the legacy and condition to justify celebration the Ephesus message highlights their works their toil their patient endurance as well as yes the departure of universe works Valencia 's works are so tepid with a distasteful to go this is to celebrate those at Smyrna are identified by tribulation poverty but you are rich slander and suffering by Laodicea most of her riches and prosperity not knowing that she is wretched pitiable poor wine and nakedness celebrate convertible is given in recognition of having held fast dogs name the five tyrant the acknowledgment of love and faith in service and patient endurance Sardis is dead is to be awakened later this is not deadly this is just belong Philadelphia's twice described as having kept going for patient endurance legacy is lifestyle doesn't cherish patient anything Laodicea lives in a world of great instant gratification even if the riches and prosperity have been bought with plastic and will be paid for seventeen ninety nine percent interest fortunately the rebukes to Laodicea are themselves the greatest possible evidence of God 's unchanging love those whom I love I rebuke and Jason call for celebration the call is for zealous repentance the time is going to come soon when we together in fellowship together and celebrate together the promise is only given to him who conquers we really need to set up an upbeat jiving service complete with all the trappings of the culture around us at the risk of missing the knock at the door when he knocks at the door it's not a given that anybody will hear his voice he says if anyone hears and answers it feels a little too parallel to this question when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the earth number three Manny and I suspect many of you have a very significant question an excellent question about the matter of sacred and secular as it relates to music of the church in past ages if there's one can question comes up more often than others this is probably it Martin Luther supposed to said Washington will have all the vegans yet you for this is that you so okay is also frequently asserted to use Bartos adapted them for churches by putting in sacred words and thus sanctified the first parishioners I strongly recommend you buy the book by Paul Joseph solicited bibliography has a whole chapter addressing this and doesn't do the phenomena summarize what he has to say in order to them to give you a music form lesson in this I feel like I'm getting sidetracked and distracted on my regular work going okay because I sometimes just stay with those you are here yesterday afternoon we discovered that the handbook includes humans gospel songs Carol's plainsong spirituals and chorale 's Cora Snow talked about the correct what I saw yesterday was wanted whenever you hear the crowd yesterday they are waiting for night is flying this in the future data I find that there was a mental ground a mighty Fortress is a mighty Fortress worshiping it is not a mighty Fortress online gave four drives it is our goal at all Boulevard and verve that is the exact musically not all saving along again right there certainly be news on repeats on resigning yesterday wake away their sleeping and so we get the first thing that happens twice a twice not all alone on this one what happens like yours then Kendra and on the substance is a it is different as they got coming phrases are there in the first half to all not alone on a lot of thought on all vulnerable and all right okay to some phrases to call this a the and this is a the here right after that we have the big three hundred phrases are there in the Big B on all all all all all gone on it on on on on on the three God on on on us for this one which happens to be the same as this again is that interesting Jacob Lloyd on on on Monday so we really have over here is see the E B CDE F the burial okay so does that strike you as a diagram of how the music works these deficiencies as is as a shape that way that is winning on music form that particular form has a name with a particular form is called bar for as far for interesting question did Martin Luther he is a yes every grounder about basically is in bar form the number one in the handle praise of the Lord the Almighty the King of creation whatever thanks a lot again okay what comes after that three different phrases that are all separate from a a date that's powerful to learn of these bargains use powerful and sparked ufologist is okay and that confusion in our English language has made a lot of problems for church music because Jesse used bar for he did not use bar 's interest things like a lot of aside is important because it answers one question as far as recent scholarship is determined only one of Luther 's Krause was based on a pre-existing secular to pay the fees has nothing to do with its average has nothing to do with anything else except it should just as I would say a certain pieces and Sonata for more than Rondo for Moore's or whatever other severe description of the way to forget okay it's a musicological term is totally unrelated to drinking I just zero nine okay yes I know are you saying musical form in itself has nothing good or bad about it there is nothing offensive about writing a piece that has that structure I'm not talking about his rhythmic structure I'm not on notice melodic structure it's musical shape okay that's bar for an plan today is much as he used only one secular to as far as we know he actually was so frustrated by the result of having done so that the couple of years he wrote a different tune to go with that same corral so that people would not be able to associate it with something secular previous furthermore nobody has ever found where Martin Luther ever said why should the Devil have all good to you who gets credit for that well not to be able to give them credit for that Doctor Schweitzer Albert Schweitzer is the man who said Luther Senate we have no evidence anywhere that we can find no one has ever founded in getting the writings it has also Isaac Watts the same sense as been blamed on both John Wesley Charles Leslie Sanchez has been blamed on the newly the real person who said why should the Devil have all the good music was a pastor named Roland Hill lives in seventeen forty four eighteen thirty three I notice more anyone know who tried to remedy his concern about the devil having over the duties by compiling and publishing collections of Psalms and hymns specifically for children and for schools so good by me Martin Luther put out okay what's interesting though is that even if Luther had said he would have meant probably the opposite of what you said because was very much in the habit of referring to the papacy is the double all why should the Catholic Church with his magnificent plan songs have all the good to changes the flavor doesn't interest okay yes I firstly I will say is I was not on the committee I wanted to enlarge my daughter still cannot sing let all things now living is on Thanksgiving this year is why students design the escrow he knows what it's all about when I was eight nine ten eleven somewhere that territory I was part of a dramatic presentation Miami wrote and produced several times actually about eighteen forty four great disappointment in one theory add millions that we has a cast sang in the drama was how sweet of the tidings greeted pilgrims ears he wonders in exile from home I loved it I know Bonnie always in her bodily pianist missing out I recall playing for a student at Andrews University who sang whole hall on all to all Ohio nor is I have taken to task on Monday morning by my music teacher I've ever heard also Michelle doesn't say much about my schedule doesn't anyway these are problems and I was far far rather that we deprive ourselves of whatever small measure of our humility it would consist of eleven having said that I will tell you that I'm going to send tomorrow required by my own choice and there's a amazing race until Wally Wally which is also by the way and I have to know what I wanted and I would rather not combined the two and I could walk out and say no I'm going to my reasons are my own reasons if you really have to know consume you but it is a problem is a perfectly legitimate problem and is one that ought to be addressed and I think if you don't there is someone in your church anyway the church who has a problem with a particular tune if you are just not sure exactly what that is after all the part of Christian courtesy of nothing else but a note on talk about Association precisely these wonderful folk is very bland and all I want in the rest of marvelous since the escrow well-crafted fun to say lots of good stuff there secular stuff and secular doesn't mean bad secular meetings every night okay and for that reason I think we would have been stronger international so that's me with interesting also is that not only did the replace that one two but he also made a point out of taking some of his chorale tunes I have the CD and then I think I do taking some of his chorale tunes and making high cultured settings of the arresting strange because his purpose was to get conversational singing back to the people everybody he was interested in common culture in as a religiously popular culture he wanted the people to be able to sing but he said and I quote I wanted to attract the youth who should and must be trained in music and the other fine arts I wanted to track them away from loved so what basis and give them something wholesome to learn instead I refine this for you I will will buy this yesterday health of this aluminum Martin Luther expected is probably something and one reason corrals and died out in favor is because people started singing them all is gone on home home home home office on Monday is good stuff this evaluator before the Senate backside of your front seat of the handout a copy of Martin Luther 's manuscript signed by him as your severe the legitimacy return in the notes have stands out most of the short notes you can follow along with his rhythm no but I have next is one of his nice fancy four-part settings in St. Louis I find that hard to follow for two reasons after one reason primarily one reason primer that is because the two that you will no recognize of just heard sung this way with the same rhythm is not in the top voice is in the center voice in the middle of the texture and so it doesn't stick out to our ears the same we were expected to do what you think they'll suppose you are at a pleasant community okay I know that potlucks and Martin Luther stabilize the sacred context can get you reading John hands out pieces of music was a and you are handed the alto part I like Yeltsin and you don't get the whole score you just get the food are okay you are and the alto part of this next day and you are expected to be able to hold your own reading that part was brought apart or weather center part against the melody Martin Luther wanted his people to be good musicians he expected them to be good musicians he said this is part of how we're going to make it happen since you can find all you hear is an slightly higher key and the dinners are pretty much in the top of their range and their singing the tune listen for him who is alone a wrong or I him and all your ball that would keep us on the something I think that's what he expected musician should be young people should be in they should have that kind of knowledge I I I like to finish that section quite yet I have to ask one more question in the rest of the Christian world be exonerated as easily as we can not Martin Luther often what the answer is no John and Charles Wesley took drunken sailor Dennis and was a good words to the further outdoor meetings and I have to ask a question because the only reason anyone ever asks me about this is to justify his practice I have to ask you how long has been for how long have we been willing to justify our practices based on what somebody else did just because John and Charles Wesley did it doesn't make it right was it the best thing they could possibly have done for the church another twenty yes or no on the master to think about it we do not excuse ourselves because of what somebody else did if there is a practice that is in itself questionable the westerlies are not a good explanation for what we do for where we are under chart item item the Christian church has a responsibility to evaluate and when necessary pass judgment on the culture in which it exists him him from great controversy conformity to worldly customs converts the church to the world if you are converts the world Christ never ignored folks I got five letters was a big word page five oh nine conformity to worldly customers converts the church to the world it never converts the world to Christ familiarity with sin will inevitably cause it to appear less repulsive nineteen sixty one I think it probably was not certain of the year in the third book of the year over George Fadiman book is called platted and rebellion related a conversation which took place while he was accompanying a group of Adventist young people on a study tour in the valleys and mountains of northern Italy I never expected to be there cause rupture whether couple years ago it was fascinating to be at that point in the wall function balance this point I'm quoting rather long quote from balanced look than a small dungeon elderly in the church said with conviction this is our great heritage of the past but we really do not have any future we've given up to teachers in which we once believed no longer believe that Jesus will soon come in the clouds of heaven this belief we have abandoned Susan Tarpley J Olympic Village I remember telling us the village is about equally split between Catholics and Protestants that the marriages are ninety percent next marriages from all I can observe he said from what I have heard about your will you must now carry off they wanted to a nearby mountain I was at that lovely wife it wasn't that when it was one like it if you look at the underground society will see when Apollo mission chapels you will notice on this chapel as on all our chapels the words and the light shining in darkness we stayed in one or convention centers as it were over there in every room there was a little placard with the same lotto one engine mono and a light shining in darkness no more appropriate passage says Manuel could be inscribed on these chapels for light shone out to the dark centuries in the past but the owner went on during the past years in these valleys so filled with sacred history we no longer have the vision we once had we have tried mainly to hold our young people in the church beside these chapels for it is written the light shines in darkness we have built and salts thinking that in this way we might be able to hold our young people but now they seem to have no more interest in our love for the church their interest now is down the bright lights of the big cities no longer they'd want to remain here when America was his major church size young people who are interested in coming up here to our Valley and is setting the history we love so much but that is all in the past now the sad thing is that we are not moving forward with courage for the future you must carry on I ask you is that the testimony you want read over your church seventy five years from now we've done Walton sees one better we haven't built dance halls churches we just brought the bandstand and church I will bring to mind would you rather not think about it I don't know any other way to say what needs to be sent in here who doesn't know what I mean by the F word if I tell you that I wanted to come next Sabbath your church and bring my F band to contribute to worship with no problem the only four nineteen fifties was rock it will be afforded the nineteen twenties was jazz you bring either of those bands and the Church of Virginia and some folks I'm sorry but that's the way it is there is no way that the two are compatible it doesn't fit the rock beat whether it's hard rock or soft rock still has the same message it is negative energies of heart over the head just a repeat of the Swabian it's a slippery slope when you start I teach music in the Christian church I'm very careful not to even talk about contemporary Christian music until the month of April generally because I am not willing to walk into any person 's community and not cross out from under him without having supplied something in its place first we spent three months studying the handle the history of hints the heritage of hints the impact of hints we get to know him as well as I can make happen in that period of time and when I know that there is something that is worth while to replace the cheap and also talking about the cheap and I think by and large the students who bring their enabling them to listen I started assessment of the first date is the first thing initially made quite clear that what I'm calling for is not the adoption of classical music classical music videos are two totally different fields people this is a misunderstanding which causes a lot of problems you say baby boomers a lot of things and analysis eons bonuses Los Lunas and a subassembly action as an artist about two percent of the market that has to hand at something else that high culture okay I happen to be immersed in high culture as much of it I love Jeremy I'm not talking about high culture and talking about the heritage of humans which is totally different from theirs a lot of classical music I find it is edifying the floppy disk but is not the same thing as hymns and my appeal to the church is balanced by an offer I've made before I will make it again I will gladly give up Mozart Brahms Chopin Debussy and the Symphony Orchestra from church in exchange for getting rid of and I apologize if these are out of date names and people in exchange for getting rid of Michael cards and evaluate would take sixty prerecorded tracks I'll try to make it clear that I'm not telling anybody what to listen to on the six days of the week that's not my place even I have my burdens I have my concerns but I'm not trying to pull something out from under anybody I am saying that on the Sabbath day which is sacred time in our corporate worship we need to mutually learn and be edified by the strong meet of real gems of which we have examples from the second century to the twenty first wealth of the twentieth is the book came out before two thousand but is revitalize our worship by seeing the true worth of the God who made us who saved us who loves us with an intensity infinitely beyond the feel-good Charlie love which cheapens our awareness of what grace really entails may the faith of our fathers sung with boldness and confidence bolster up us in our daily experience and ground us in his matchless and incomprehensible greatness father in heaven how can we even stand in your presence except to know that for you want us that you desire above all else that we shall be yours your friends that you have given everything that could be given to redeem us to witness back draws we thank you there is a heritage of great music and great words which say great things about the great God we pray that you will give us understanding gentleness firmness and above all commitment that in our lives we are going to be your whatever anyone else chooses thank you for these hours we spent together and give it although these hours are over our walk with you joyfully day by day as we worship our God this media was produced by our movers in a medium ministry is generation of Christ would like to listen more great immediately this presentation or if you would like to learn more about emergency and visit WW CYC web or also find some media on your first board him and hope that you are not


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