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  • I attended GYC 2007 as we had 2 grandchildren in attendance. We were certainly blessed by what we heard, witnessed and received. Your MP3 AudioVerse was a wonderful blessing. I listen to portions of it everyday. The MP3 and this website is of God. It is a joy to share the business cards with other SDA's introducing them to this God-given website. We are in the last days of this earth's history and this site offers sermons that draw a person to our Lord. It is wonderful to hear Christ centered sermons. Thank you to the ministers who allowed their sermons to be placed on this website. God bless and be with you all. We count it a blessing to be able to support your ministry.
    M.S. in Kansas, 1/15/08
  • Just want to say that this ministry [and Hope Media have] done tremendously... in getting the Word out after GYC. How badly we wanted to attend all the meetings, but this year I was comforted in knowing that although I could not attend them all, I could at least listen to them afterward, lengthening the the GYC spirit in my mind and soul for at least several more weeks after the event.
    J.S. from Florida, 1/4/08
  • It was great finally meeting the 'brain[s]' behind AudioVerse at GYC! This is definitely one of my favorite sites on the net, and I just want to say you are doing a great work with this ministry! God bless!
    B.J. from Norway, 12/24/07
  • We are so excited about finding your website this morning. I did a search on Ivor Myers video - and your site came up. We browsed through the site to see the various videos you have listed. We are so excited about watching them all! We love our local little church, but we hunger for meaty sermons. Now we have a banquet of them to enjoy! Thank you so very much!
    T.S., 12/14/07
  • Just wanted to say thank you for this site. Right now I am in ______ (teaching English for 1 year). It's Sabbath and I have been enjoying listening to sermons this afternoon. We put on the programs for church and SS every weekend. It's fun to do that but sometimes it's hard to be spiritually fed through translation and all. So it's really nice to have this site available to come to when I am wishing for spiritual food for myself. In giving to others it's important to stay connected, so just wanted to say thanks for giving me another way to do that! So far this experience has been a challenge and a character building experience. It is very evident that the devil is working hard to thwart God's work. I have been tempted to be discouraged, but God is good. These sermons help to remind me that God's work will triumph in the end. God bless you guys!
    K.A. in Korea, 12/14/07
  • I came up to ________ [in Thailand] this weekend to send some young friends who go to college here. You might be happy to know that the young man who is allowing me to stay in his room not only knows about your web site, it is the home page when you open Internet Explorer! He tells me that some of his friends also have downloaded and listened to many sermons on your site. So... the straight message is going out - Thank you.
    D.W. in Thailand, 12/9/07
  • Hello, and thank you for the website. It has helped me and several of my friends learn more about the Bible. A quick note, thanks to this site and the sermon by David Asscherick called "The Good News about Hell," my friend has accepted the Advent message. Praise God! Thank you again for all you've done with this website.
    S.H., 12/7/07
  • Your site is really a God-send. I've been a traveling missionary for most of the last two years, and have not had much access to strong sermons. Thank you for this service you are doing to uplift God's remnant people.
    D.W., 12/4/07
  • Hi, I just want to say that your website is the most amazing site on the web. Listening to Pastor Ivor Myers is the best speaker and I would love to get more of his sermons. God bless and see you in Heaven.
    Ivan from Zambia, 12/4/07
  • Bro. Curtis and Co. I have been to this site many times. My soul has been enriched through the messages you have on here... May the Lord bless you as you continue to spread the truths of His Word for this time. Thank you.
    J.R. from Michigan, 11/23/07
  • Hi Curtis, I was told about your website by a church member today. I read your Philosophy page and thank God for people like you... Your faith and dedication are appreciated and I praise God for you and your ministry.
    N.B., 11/19/07
  • The Gift of Tongues by Eugene Prewitt was awesome! Keep this simple and truly Biblical truth coming! Praise God for your ministry!
    E.K. from California, 11/13/07