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Revelation 10: The Second Advent Movement

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • June 28, 2008
    9:00 AM
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Kenneth Frank father we are thankful for another opportunity to study work as we look in Revelation chapter ten is most important chapter in the book of Revelation may it stimulate us to further commitment to you and may we strive to be faithful these last days we will be ready for your return print Jesus name just a little note for the audio verse listeners who are listening to this recording this is a do over recording for Revelation chapter ten because we lost initial recording so for those of you who listen to this you should feel very grateful because we ought to do this but because we love you guys much for doing it for you guys if they were if they were here there was exactly but not so arrogant to keep going let's look at Revelation chapter ten seems like we have been drilling in this chapter all day by the it is a good chapter one my favorites in the whole Bible but I guess I have a lot of favorite source nothing too much relationship to ten hours looked at verse one a simple volunteer to read from verse one verse three anyone beside okay in front Jordan and nine saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed in the cloud and a rainbow was upon his head in his face was as it where the sun and his feet as pillars of fire and he had in his hand a little book open and he sent his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the earth and cried with a loud voice as my North and when he had cried seven thunders uttered their voices this chapter opens with a mighty angel to come down from heaven but I guess I need to get my bearings straight before I get too far ahead of myself chapter ten of Revelation comes immediately after the sixth trumpet of Revelation chapter nine the sixth trumpet he discussed the loaded today this afternoon also Norman top class on religion on the balcony it concluded in August eleven eighteen forty and Chapter ten comes right in the wake of the fifth and sixth trumpet being fulfilled and so that is the approximate time were were looking at of course we can't use that as a rule because in the book of Revelation remember not everything comes in chronological order so we need to identify specifically what time this takes place but before we identify that time we see the messenger who comes down from heaven the mighty angel comes down with very vivid descriptions of what he looks like and to use an illustration upon standing up here have a message to give and I'm wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck what type of message we expect me to get a medical or one related to health what is a okay if I'm up here and I am dressed in a fireman outfits the behalf know the big trousers what expected our economist would you expect me to give them safety or something related to fires so is Angel the way that he is dressed tells us something about the type of message you going to give and we have to see the very clear to me previously in the book of Revelation with seven churches your member that Jesus will describe a specific way for each church because his appearance had to do with the method he given for that specific need of that church is a revelation ten on my angel comes down to is dressed a certain way how the dressed says he is clothed with the cloud in one yet the rainbow upon his head his face was as a witness on his feet as pillars of fire anniversary we see that voice is like a lion voice was like a few verses but a relationship of fourteen feet it's actually easier to a diverse chapters took a one chapter one verse seven anyone agree that for us they will volunteer in front corner rescinding all he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him and they also which pierced him and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him even so on the okay let's look at relationship fourteen now versus fourteen to sixteen Revelation fourteen fourteen to sixteen a volunteer sorry okay that the front in a nudge and behold a white cloud in a pond one sat like unto the Son of Man counting on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp six and another angel came out of the cheerful crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the club dressed in nice bring me for the time is come for me to raise for the harvest of the year is right and he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth and the earth was raped RI so far we see that the cloud in Revelation is associated with a certain individual with a certain of that let's look at Revelation chapter four verse three now document the rainbow relationship before verse three would like to read that give it to Norman Encinas sat was to look upon Micah Jasper in a sardine staff and there was a rainbow round about the throne in sight like unto an emerald the name of rainbow is surrounding the throne of all rights but a revolution chapter one verse sixteen would looking at the sun in relation one for sixty volunteer Tim and he had in his right hand seven stars out of his mouth with a sharp cubit sword and his countenance was as the sun cited industry okay Jesus his countenance shone as the sun religion wonders fifteen volunteer K and his feet like unto fine brass as if they burned in a furnace and his voice as the sound of many waters case of his feet are like as though they were burning in a furnace a revelation five verse five the volunteer Day Julie one of the elders saith unto me we'd not behold the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof for Jesus here it is called a lion of the tribe of Judah so what have we looked at so far all of the description of this ancient redwoods in chapter ten verse one in a book of Revelation we notice we did not jump out of the book of revelation at all they all have to do with Jesus Jesus columns with a cloud of the second coming his face shone shone like the sun there's a rainbow around the throne of God his feet like pillars of fire it wasn't up to ten but an relationship to one is as though they were burning in a furnace it's a very similar picture of the line of the tribe of Judah so was his angel okay if you still doubt my not mine but what we have seen the revelation Bible commentary Boeing seven eight nine three one the mighty Angel who instructed John was no less a personage than Jesus Christ setting his right foot on the skin is left upon the dry land shows the party which he was acting and closing scenes of the great controversy with Satan preclear I Jesus Christ is that my angel but what are the messages that this angel comes with or what is the message is that his clothing depicts first got a look at the cloud he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him I saw one like the Son of Man seated on a cloud going from in his head in his hand sharp sickle second coming language he also looked in the book of Matthew Jesus come up with all the holy angels and the holy angels are known as chariots in the book of Psalms and charity ride the cloud as his chariot so he comes with clouds the Jesus is coming in relationship to ten with a second coming message but he also has a rainbow and well it the first time a rainbow appeared in the Bible the flat and what was it put in the sky for as a covenant with Noah said Jesus also comes with a covenant message and then assign Kate this one he is might not be as familiar verse Malachi chapter four but there now try chapter four to beefing and Revelation ten out of four verse two another volunteer right we have one right front yard and there and then she use it fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings and he shall go forth and grow up as calves of the install RI Jesus years also described as the sun of righteousness fun at US not S O and so he is also bringing a message of righteousness KM and the pillar of fire in the wilderness right well with the pillars of fire for lines and feeds and beating guidance for Jesus is coming down with a wilderness message a message that he is to be their guide to the passage of a difficult circumstance as a hint of what's to come in this chapter so we see Jesus in Revelation chapter ten verse one as a mighty angel having a message of the second coming of the covenant of righteousness and of his meeting protection and guidance to the wilderness but in verse two he had in his hand a little book open this little book since it is told and told us here that it is open be inferred at one point what was it was closed so was always open and as little book we talked about a little bit already today but there's something that suitably the revelation classrooms recording need to make sure we clarified there is a closed book in the book of Revelation remember that is the book with seven seals so how do we know which if this book is the book of seven seals two lines of reasoning the first one is that the book with seven seals the seventh seal is not opened until there is silence in heaven for half an hour and that is the second coming as of the seventh the book with seven seals cannot be opened prior to the second coming in here we are not talking of the second is right after eighteen forty and because there are lots of events that take place after the little book is open in the third chapter we know that it's not the second coming so that the first line of reasoning the second one is remember in Revelation chapter four five there is a book with seven seals in the right hand of God and we are told that no man can even look on the book much less open and much less unit in relationship ten later on in the book in the chapter John has eat the book but the book with seven seals is so holy and so mysterious for some reason which we discussed before that no man can even look on the book so how can John possibly be asked to eat that book it simply cannot be some ability line of reasoning is quite clear at this book cannot be the book with seven seals that were studied earlier in this class so what little book is it well what book was closed in the Bible recklessly can damage up to twelve in chapter twelve and I think I should be able more thorough survival more time and started verse four let's have a volunteer someone can read verse four just verse four for now yet ahead in front sorry again I'll always in young children siblings thirty seven the words and seal the book even to the times he and many shall run to and fro and knowledge of the increase are right for Daniel is told to seal up the book until the time of the end and after the time of the end men will run to and fro and knowledge of the increase you can allow me to know the gigolo more time the regular central class right now maybe we never have enough time son of reveling in this joyous occasion that more time so let me let me just talk about a few things here I will digress too far I hope I promise the book is sealed up the end but after that Sunday into things happen is that many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased and you know many times we say you see that jetliners in the bullet train Dean then the subway he found that in all space shuttles are running to and fro it's a sign of an end times and the knowledge of the increase so we have the information superhighway we have the Internet every piece of information we didn't ever want is at our fingertips and millisecond notice on Google and you know all the University the medical technology we say wow time is running out well enough in the application but looking contextually in the chapter I don't enough the main point now you remember back in the days of Daniel how were the PowerBooks written it with scrolls so if you were to study a book and use it in your trying to do what the Bible says in a few little they are little if you open up the whole Bible or all of the profits the law and the prophets across the room what will you look like anything the Bible immigrated from unity would be here that Daniel and Revelation where we hear away any connected revelation again over there running to and fro studying the Scriptures and knowledge of the increased knowledge of what specifically knowledge of the book that was sealed which is the book of Daniel okay let's continue on until the time of the end let's diversify through seven must stop there another volunteer to Darren there Daniel twelve verse five percent Daniel looked and there stood to others on this riverbank on the other that another this is a small and on the verse five through seven then I Daniel looked there is good to others one on this riverbank and the other on the riverbank and one said to the man clothed in linen who was above the waters of the river how long shall the fulfillment of these wonders be then I heard the man clothed in linen who was above the waters of the river when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven and swore by him who lives forever that it shall be for a time times and dates and happy time and when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered all these things shall be finished thank you very much for here we see a shift in the picture Daniel he sees two men one on one side of River wine the other side and everyone is on upon the waters I guess it looks like and a question of how long and the answer is given unto a time times and half which is twelve hundred sixty prophetic days or twenty sixty middle years but now let's go verse eight let's read from birth dates of birth eleven another volunteer K government on year to be here okay I and we heard but I understood not then said I O my Lord what shall be the end of these things and he said go the way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end many shall be purified and made white and tried but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand advertisement and from the time that that that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away and the abomination that maketh desolate set up there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days okay a couple things one notice in this in the first three versus verse eight Daniel very clearly says I heard but I did understand so yes the same question twice at the end of these things or how long he got the same question as of the answer that is about to be given it evens in essence a parallel answer with the same answer I was given previously says goodbye weight gain for the words are closed up and sealed till the time the still looking at those cute comparisons time times and a half the conclusion of which will be defined via but also if you again in verse eleven half it looks as though the time of the end and in verse ten is talking about those who will understand at the time the end verse eleven it it makes no distinction as talking a different subject so it appears as though the twelve ninety there also is connected with the time of the great belt twelve ninety twelve sixty all ending at the time of the end that's when the book of Daniel is open Kate but if the whole book of Daniel sealed up his all of the book of Daniel that could not have been understood tried to seventy ninety eight note Daniel asking for ten days in Daniel examine Daniels three friends in the fiery furnace all of the stories have application need to understand before and even Martin Luther understood a little more prior to seventeen ninety eight so what specifically was sealed and not Daniel chapter eight of this read this am for those of us here we are a copy of it today so I won't belabor the point but for the record birthright six Daniel eight and a vision of the evening and morning which was told is true wherefore shut out the vision for the many days so what is the vision of the evening in the morning as in verse fourteen and seven three and two thousand and three hundred days in the margin it says evening and morning then shall the sanctuary declines so putting everything together the twenty one days to specific portion of Daniel Dallas sealed in a field of twelve and sixty years until the time of the end NASA will be open in the time the end began in seventeen ninety eight therefore Revelation chapter ten when the mighty angel comes down and opens a little book in his hand when then that's a place seventeen ninety eight that's right so we have the time now where this message takes place and also well okay I don't want to distract you from the flow of thought here maybe a come back to Sonoma is a question to hang on but sat with Mike today here in the corner just when you said Tom is twenty three hundred days that was showing us that the twelve hundred and sixty years into the time that he was seventeen ninety eight and then you said the revelation can set connecting that information with Revelation ten versus one two one in two okay thank you for the little book that was open in Revelation chapter ten we discover it's not the seven book with seven seals but it is the book of Daniel but specifically what part of the book of Daniel was open Daniel a fourteen point remedies and that's a place in seventeen ninety eight and now verse three revelation ten we read something interesting actually verse three and four August read these verses were quick and when he had cried seven thunders uttered their voices and when the seven thunders uttered their voices I was about to write and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered and write them not now John is a very cruel man she says I heard something out about a right the gospel may cancel you why how did that make you feel it make you feel curious right that's euphemistic way of putting it gone here gave the message identify the seven thunders and John heard the message news about or write it down but I got told me I can write and why did have the talent to write what infidelity heard the seven thunders adversely like a newbie without but there is a reason and so I believe that there is something that we can learn from the seven thunders and actually we are told with the seven thunders said so hang on here hang onto your seats because we are getting there but let's look get a story in John chapter twelve that will help us better understand why happens or what type of message is the seven thunders John seven twelve verse twenty eight to verse thirty two but have a volunteer read that for us John twelve twenty eight to thirty two okay sunny father glorify ninety thinking there a voice from heaven saying I have both glorified it and will glorify it again the people therefore invested by inheriting and that is something others said that Angels thing speaking Jesus and it answered and said this voice came not because of me for your states now it's a judgment of this world now shall the prince of this world be cast out and I if I be lifted up from the very will draw all men unto me every verse thirty three two sorry this is saying signifying one that he should die RI John chapter twelve if you are very similar situation but it is particularly interesting because John is the same author of Revelation as a theory as John writing the story about Jesus Jesus is saying he says father glorify thy name then there came a voice from heaven and it tells us what the boy sets saying I have both glorified it and will glorify it again but the people did not understand what the big year instead fund there are so first seven thunders and the book of Revelation it is a message from God that simply put cannot be understood or understood by those who don't have a full understanding of the plan that is about to take place and Jesus he says his wife came not for me before you so other thing is that when a funder when they hear thunder it's of God giving a message to his people is not to be a hidden message because it's very clearly said the voice came not for me it came for you and it was hot it was the voice was about his death the glorification of Christ and he's stayed above now being lifted up from the earth signifies identity number thirty four a very enlightening it says the people accident we have heard of the law the Christ abides forever and house is now Son of Man must be lifted up who is the Son of Man now in this verse shows that the Jews had an in adequate understanding of the mission of Christ and so the voice that came from heaven they couldn't understand because they were on the wrong track they were reasoning from a wrong premise and so they can understand the voice but the boys nonetheless with coming for their sake and for their sake if they understood the boys here the key it would have prevented a great disappointment because they would've understood Christ's death the couple think about the funders here is a now the judgment of this world has to do with judgment it's a message to supplement and in adequate knowledge and it's a message that is understood if you or a lack of understanding for this way a lack of understanding of this thunder message will be to a disappointment during a testing time will be to a testing time or disappointment all right so I go back to Revelation chapter putting these things together so the seven thunders or something that God was telling Ashley for the sake of his people and a flight full John don't write it down but Evie let them know that you heard so they'll study out you see so the study to really try to understand what the splendor messages and it's a message that is a supplementing inadequate knowledge domain help prevent disappointment are what is ready seven BC nine seventy one again same law book and page quote from before the special light given to John which was expressed in the seventh under this was a delineation of events which would transpire under the first and second Angels messages it was not best for the people to know these things for their faith must necessarily be tested they had the seven thunders John actually her what was going to take place between in the Millerite movement leading up to eighteen forty four that was the thunder message and can you imagine if we had no what would've happened that would have been no Avenue really it would have been no test it with another disappointment so now you know why John can tell us so we don't feel so bad anymore John was being a good messenger so the seven thunders message is nice for us to know now because it bolsters our faith knowing that God had in mind his people 's best interests when the great discipline and can okay so let's come move along here we look at verse one through four are already verse five hundred B verse five through seven I'm not has been really anytime on this an angel which I saw stand up on the scene upon the earth lifted up his hands to heaven whereby hand-delivered forever and ever who created heaven and the things that therein are the earth and the things that they are in our MC in the things which are therein that there should be time no longer we should all be tired of me saying diverse by now but am for those some of you are listening on on universe you can go reference the sermon on uptime no longer part one and two for further understanding and also verse seven continuing but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he can begin to sound the miss you got to be finished he had declared to his servants the prophets so the few things that we should just touch on a move on time no longer refers to prophetic time no more prophetic time after the message of the twenty hundred days is fulfilled which ended in eighteen forty four in the mystery of God essentially to sum it up is Christ in you the hope of glory it is the consummation that culmination of the final phase of the plan of salvation fully revealed righteousness by faith and not in its fullness so we see that in these verses but maybe one thing I I can adhere I was going to digress in this one before but now the good time let's go back to damage up to twelve finish up to twelve and we've we've been jumping back and forth the date while the revolution all day but there's one last thing I want to point out that is you remember I mentioned that the angel and relationships of the twelve and the Angel relationship to ten day air physical posture and what they say very similar to the similar is a similar picture rating is half the heavens when my moment of forever and ever that something is about to take place okay in Revelation chapter seven chapter twelve verse seven I heard the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river when he held up his right hand and his left and in the heavens whereby hand-delivered forever and ever that it shall be for a time times and a half we discussed that before here it's prophetic time so therefore I must be prophetic time that is no longer in Revelation chapter ten but it says here and when he shall have accomplished this doubter the power of the holy people that's what the twelve sixty with all about but one time the longer was given when the mystery of God is to be finished we look at Ephesians chapter one and chapter three and chapter five that it is to gather in one all things in Christ interesting twelve sixty was given to scatter the power but finally after the scattering is completed Christ needs to gather at the very fascinating Bible study scattering and gathering times in the Bible I just want to point that out for you for further study phase so the mystery of God should be finished Christ in you the hope of glory cat were winding down to the end here versus eight to the end of the chapter is an acted parable that John participates and it is an illustration of parable that we can learn something from so let's have someone read on the balance of this chapter verse eight to eleven have a volunteer here Joelle thank you and the voice which I heard from heaven statements meet again and say they'll and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standing on the sea and upon the earth and I went into the angel and said unto him give me the low book and he said unto me take it and eat it up and it shall make thy belly better but it shall be in nine mouth sweet as honey and I took the little book out of the angel 's hand and eighty and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I eaten it my belly was better and he said unto e-mail must be an prophesy again for many peoples and nations in terms in King okay the parable is very interesting John is told go to the Angel take a little book and eat it now I've never eaten a book before and clearly this is symbolic and what does it mean to eat the book I just give you a few verses Ezekiel chapter three verses one to three and also Jeremiah fifty verse six eating the words represent accepting or assimilating it is a John representing God 's people at this time takes the book and he accepts the message he believes it he takes it into himself and went of these books or when was this message each set when was the understanding of the method the little book when good began it it was a little before eighteen forties and Ashley Miller Ashley had understood it for quite some time before he started freaking and in fact there are a number of individuals around the world who actually understood this very message other than Miller so the worldwide movement which is symbolized up and stand see and upon beer and thirty East this message in his mouth it was sweet as honey so can we say that he started tasting the honey in seventeen ninety eight and then his belly got bitter and so it was a bitter experience when the message was fully understood and when was the bitter experience eighteen forty four October twenty two eighteen forty four okay so I'm in a drawing of the connection here when or what time prophecy and in seventeen ninety eight I wanted to question the path plus fifty is correct but I was thinking actually of the twelve and nine the twelve ninety also ends the twelve of the orb again the time via and maybe we should look into Dana twelve I wanted to spew off the top my head here dates of the twelve verse eleven twelve ninety but immediately in chapter twelve verse chapter twelve verse twelve he said Blessed is he that waited and comment to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days of the special blessing for those two ways and into your and the last and comes to the end of the thirteen thirty five that means there is a blessing for those who come to the great disappointment in what is that blessing the discipline was not a blessing in a way was a blessing if they tested but after the disappointments if you have been due more to this point you have the privilege of doing something than no other generation in this world has ever been able to do blessing that comes at the end of the thirteen thirty five and so John here at the conclusion of the story he gets commissioned sound must prophesy again just those four words and vowel must prophesy again I can we can conclude several things how can you take a County prophesy again if you haven't been prophesying before so what that tells us is that the message leading up to the great disappointment with the prophecy prophecy message and what we are to continue proclaiming is a prophecy must and also it tells us that the message must be proclaimed before many peoples and nations and tongues and teams and this is a very cool lows of listing of the audience of this message as in Revelation chapter fourteen relationship fourteen I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven verse six having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth and every nation nineteen hundred and one MP prophecy message is a what must be prophesied twenty three hundred days this message that had been eaten that has been understood the cost discipline experience in the cockpit anesthetist Valley you need to go out and preach his message again and relish and fourteen we see that reiterated I fear God important for the hour of his judgment is come and worship in the mid- heaven and earth and sea and think that they are in on so revelation chapter ten what have we seen Jesus comes down personally deliver a special message specifically the open book is a method of the twenty three hundred days or investigative judgment or the heavenly sanctuary all of those things same thing for more than that he comes down with a message send messages that stem all of that sanctuary message messages of the second coming message of the new covenant message of righteousness by faith message that God is still the God that leads his people through the wilderness to the promised land and even when they go to disappointments and also we saw that the little book was opened in some ninety eight with all the seventh under the glare than Sele transpired in the first and second Angels messages resume millwright movement meeting of eighteen forty four we saw that this sweet experience turned bitterly disappointing October twenty two eighteen forty four we saw this group of people at once prophesied had a disappointing spirit was tempted to stop the gods that you need to prophesy again so who is this chapter talking about is identified by this chapter is sound elitist this sounds bigoted but the seven damn this movement and you know after studying Revelation chapter ten people that say the great disappointment you guys came up with the sanctuary message is a face-saving device your church was founded by a girl with third-grade education that had trauma to her head she was delusional she was a plagiarist those things on among my face anymore because our movement was prophesied in the Bible not just the good and the Rosie you know that the Bible does not prophesy that were to have the largest frauds the education system in the war as the lead process the Bible does not tell us that we are going to have the most effective health ministry in the world unfortunately we actually are not ahead in that area anymore it tells us that this is going to movement who initially has an adequate understanding I will even give them the message that will prevent that but I'm not to let them know what it is until after the fact I will even prophesy that they will be disappointed we are in the Bible and there is no reason for us to have our faith undermined when people come up with petty excuses your church is based on the writings of Ellen White I believe in the light and her authority Doctor Sinnott arrived out of her writings we arose from Revelation chapter ten and so what must we do well quite a revelation chapter ten verse eleven we must prophesy again what must he prophesy again it is the twenty three hundred days investigative judgment all links of that is affecting coming right this is my favorite covenants of God and of course the Mister got been finished as a combination of it all so God bless you for coming I encourage you to continue to study for those of you in on a verse continue to study as well and lets out his prayers we close fought in heaven we are thankful for Revelation chapter ten for such full-year identification of your remnant people than Lord I ask that you help us and not to feel him because because we are not helpless to feel the weight that grades out with greater privileges and greater responsibilities to whom much is given much more than required so may we realize that we are not better than anyone else was simply called to a different purpose or maybe ever have our minds focused on that goal that you wish for us to complete in this generation many individuals in this auditorium be faithful unto death and if it be thy will if you see fit may we be alive to see you come across a glory this is our prayer in Jesus name


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