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Revelation 16: 16-21: Armageddon in Jacob's Time of Trouble

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • October 18, 2008
    9:00 AM
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Chapter fifteen show some of my flights do not begin to be for now until Jesus lays the most holy place serves arts from idols were sick days class where were taking up with would be Armageddon Jacobs sign of trouble the title for the classes Armageddon and Jacobs funds from the vessel we are going to spend time on them where we got you last week where were the three unclean spirits and we kind of got into a little day and then it was time to finish and so probably need a little bit more of an explanation and there is one other thing I wanted to point out such just starting again from the sixth leg we see Mrs. review from last week if the sixth angel pours out the vial upon the graver river Euphrates the water was dried at the way the things that he might be here so the first the first literal force Elma of this sum in the Bible we find in Daniel chapter five when Darius and Cyrus diverted the river Euphrates from the city about one which allow the needs and the Persians who were the kings of the east they came from the east relevant about one and destroy balance of what this tells us is the sixth leg is is being poured out that the Avalon is going to be destroyed to the final time and we get to that at the beginning of the sixth way and Darius and Cyrus were awful and nasty Cyrus thing the next year Darius and in the Eastern culture and Roger corroborated with the last week that in the Eastern culture Auckland that he can be the same as the father and the son him he is as representative of Jesus coming the second time from the wine comes from the less socially coming of the Son of Man be so this is a spiritual application of Babylon will be dried up the river Euphrates Y represents people for the people that support Bob I tried up to the way for crisis the care so that's what we saw last week and we got into the 3n clean spirit and again one of the sauce of how last week billion dollars rules of interpretation that you take something literally unless it can also doesn't make sense to take a literal here in verse thirteen the three main spirits with one out last week that it doesn't make sense to say that literal frogs are economical at Little Dragon profit not just doesn't make sense but it does make sense to think of in spiritual terms three unclean spirits we talked about this last week what they represent and the Dragon the beast and the false prophet we got into the elastic suit the Dragon the false prophet were in a disgruntled over the time of the commemorative and made into the next phase and is reviewing briefly that just a set of the Six Flags we don't start mystery which I got this last week at the Dragon the false prophet in Revelation chapter thirteen you also have the same three answers and if you go back to Revelation thirteen you see a piece that has seven heads and ten horns is a composite beast of those priests we saw Daniel seven and then the universe to receipt of the dragon gave him his power to see integrative for that so you have Dragon and the beast in Revelation thirteen and the Dragon we also saw in Revelation twelve Ms. Hall that old serpent one Satan so now we know here in Revelation sixteen we have the Dragon the beast and the false Rosset and based on Revelation twelve and thirteen the Dragon is the ulcer in the double and the seed is the beast that has seven heads and ten horns seizes power from Satan and the same these that receive the deadly one seventeen ninety eight so historically we know who the thesis thesis paper so then the question is who is the false prophet now thankfully the Dragon the beast and the false prophet are all found in Revelation thirteen MOV answered that fortunately revelation nineteen health is understand clearly is a false prophet as we turn to Revelation nine to understand to the false prophet is that if you remember in Revelation thirteen have the Dragon is this power and authority to the east which is able to have a second East the Lamb like these which comes a thousand years and does miracles fire comes down from heaven in the sight of men Revelation nineteen verse twenty receive the feast was taken with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast than them that worshiped his image these both cast alive into the lake of fire burn burning with Rams so you remember in Revelation chapter thirteen that the second beast false the first these vital in helping people to receive the mark of the beast makes an image to the beast and all that so the false prophet clearly see from Revelation nineteen is the same as its heat as the lamb like these the revelation for him that the United States of America now here's a heated distinction that in Revelation thirteen yardstick of America is described as a and of these the Bible prophecy represents a political power what does the fault why with however a political power be weighted with a false prophet at the same time what is a false prophet representative so yes a false prophet represents an ecclesiastical powers of them what Revelation sixteen is telling us in Revelation nineteen is telling us and you read between the lines in Revelation thirteen that is more than just the political power in the United States it is that is working in concert with papal run it's also an ecclesiastical power with in the United States and all my makes it very clear that we can we prove it from the Bible that if the separate power from papal Rome and what other power than cablegram of the ecclesiastical power in the United States it would be a costly processes so there you have the Dragon the beast and the false prophet now the Dragon is we are told from Alan why the Dragon represents spiritual that we showed that the same as the double because the devil get this power seeking authority to people around you have the Dragon presented us a programmers coming as a spiritualism these which is capable around the false prophet which is apostate Protestant so how do you show that the Dragon is spiritual well first of all what other title for the Dragon and Revelation chapter twelve if you look in verse nine hundred Rogers said the old surface so where's the first time that we see the circa and reveling in the Bible 's chassis and what is one of the surfing view CU leave he deceived and what if you tell very he told her that she would not surely die and what is the modern spiritualism that we see today that when you die he has strength enough so that sets of people to be deceived with loved ones coming back to life saying the South changed to Sunday in all sorts of figure you have three unclean spirits working in concert canvas six of the seven last place just as the great river Euphrates as things right up so that the way of the kings of the east may be prepared Satan makes one last ditch effort to win the great controversy when I think this is his last shot now if you remember from our study from Revelation chapter fifty and reading from Helen Weiss born-again fortune page two that during the seven last plagues scapegoated with Satan is let out into the land of forgetfulness by the hand of a fit man study for the fit man represents the one hundred and forty four thousand so as we go through the seven last plagues in a water thing turned the bloggers working the and yet it safe started to get worried here and so when we get six of the seven last plagues this is once the him for the whole finale his laugh pullout salt of trying to escape from the hand of the fit man and if you remember Ellen Weiss baby she says he makes a mighty struggle to escape in the six way where we have the Dragon the beast and the false prophet working together this is Satan laugh mighty struggle to escape in the battle of the great Khan and as you recall the way Satan makes a mighty struggle to escape is the way persecutes God 's people hearing the semi- slicks left over in a study here how is it that the Dragon and the false prophet work through the power of Satan to destroy God 's people at the very end of time while the plagues are being poured out and remember this is happening after the close of probation the probation is closed on the world looks like the end of four out Jesus has come out of the most holy place these enter the door the first department any way to the sons of God 's people met with Steve probation is closed like start pouring out the nouns sixth way we have the drug abuse and the false prophet and notice what they view here in verse fourteen unlike a volunteer to read verses fourteen to sixteen Revelation chapter sixteen verses fourteen through six volunteer which Revelation six and him who work on your gather them download the new God Almighty home the lesson is one last walk in and gathered them together to get some this is getting into the meat of the six three in the Dragon the beast and the false prophet and notice how they are described in verse forty how are these three spirits this arrived in verse fourteen I called the spirits of devil so you do not want to be on the side of the Dragon the beast and the false from the spirits of the so the Dragon spiritualism on all this threat is out there I mean if you're going on she knew all programs the exercise in Eastern religion with meditation practices on speaking of things like yoga and other things like that you're setting yourself your conditioning your mind to be okay with this kind of stuff at anytime so stay away from that kind of of practice and people say oh yeah that's not valued his instruction is Cialis away so and so spiritualism you don't want to be joined with spiritualism and then you have papacy now is not the time for letting stressful at first as many similarities as we have over I tried him together in my difference of philosophy and the false prophet with a positive five dozen this is especially not after seven a.m. to be trying to become more like the other Christian denominations because in result of apostate Protestantism papacy spiritualism is to be the threefold union the same work through during the seven last plagues as his last arrest against God 's people that come so through the spirits of devils and notice what they do they work miracles and they go forth of the kings of the year now notice what happened here remember where we are we are in the six of the said Thomas Latham by this point people around the years have seen grievous sore thought people water turning the blood fortune he and so they're starting to think a enough that run through the seventh they are missing predicted this would happen they're starting to sound like they may have had something in her probably in the wrong side insert Satan knows that the only way that he'll have a chance one last chance of the seven last plagues are being poured out droid of faith try to convince the whole world that God is still on there's Dragon and the false prophet which are the spirits of devils will work miracles in the same way that the magicians of Egypt worked miracles to try to prove that God was with fair we have a comment right here he is in and who are you how are you I say Rogers stated that makes a clear and this is great however that these plates are not universe on but if we hear of the a place where several million people have sores are one of the oceans turned a blind and we you will now about what the probation was placed in another review of the liquidation has Artie happened I think the worried because security has of those people that question so the question is if the club information authority happened why it seems so worried very see questions that here's what happened and we discussed this in previous few weeks regarding on this set boils down to when we get to the end of the summer like this boils down to saying I have the great controversy before the second and fourth in winter coffee that at the end of the thousand years Satan tries to convince those who are resurrected for the second resurrection of a father taking Jerusalem even loving care that Satan 's argument in the great controversy is that it is true that God has a remnant group of people that keep the command forgotten the faith of Jesus and Satan will say just like he said they got about Joe if you give me a chance with your remnant people after the close of probation on I can take them down and in the seven last plagues God is in a what Satan bring the severest trials I have however face severe and Satan still believe in confirmation of fuzzy thesis of a modified thing for now he knows that Jesus is done with his work fourth-place Statesville police that he has a chance to unleash the most ferocious attacks are not that he is aware of what he does here is to bring together we hours here on this Earth spiritualism tape around the phosphate from Protestantism through those three hours after the working of miracles he had the rest of the earth on his side nothing were to look at now a comment overcome I can now see what happens Satan gets the three powers work on his side during this yet but you are not the own look at October the sixteenth October the seventeenth of October the eighteenth which is today's date yesterday before you will find a white comment on this very subject and here you'll see that is when men joined the great arch rebel and of these play for the seventh file is poured out this is the complete destruction of our planet this is where heaven indicate the death of Christ and deserve and your group we're about to witness these faith in our lifetime it would behoove us to be found with the wedding garments gets that right away thank you very nicer read Mary Martha Burk Vermont October sixteen seventeen ninety three and I want to try to get through the section here is my intention to finish Revelation sixteen that am getting some good stuff thank you for your promises we have spirits of devils working miracles and others within the NATO forth under the same thirty years and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty what is through the miracle working power the Satan and that in spiritualism papal Roman apostate Protestantism they are able to get into the kings of the earth and the whole world and the whole world joins forces with the same as if you battle I can jot now to read about this in the sphere approximately now that there comes a time when God 's people are and where God 's people are isolated to have a desperate tree claims against and the whole world comes out to get God 's people now in a certain sense this is describing a literal battle and yet God 's people are not to be fighting back with gun went so that's one reason why all Branch Davidians in Shepherd 's Rod are clearly wrong with a stockpile will try to be ready so that when the government comes to get them they can shoot them in that comment but that's not spirit of Christ not fairly not what the Bible teaches the annual affidavit for us was doing that the way it was a stockpile they could fight the government the government ever came to get us out of this is described here in Revelation sixteen when we described this battle when the whole world who has sided with Satan and God 's remnant Stifel the thing that that God 's people use him why that is a campus on the wicked is found in verse sixteen the rest analysis security forces people like some of the Blessed is he that watch and see if his garments what he walk naked and they see his shame so during this great time in our history when the whole world gathers together you battle against God he went into the country is declared against God this is known as Jacobs time Metro God 's people the way they fight back is by their guy now why you saying earth can you think of another place in the book of Revelation talks about garments and walking naked showing if the message the latest see and remember the latest in church is the church that is living during the judgment out and home the latest CNN church is the assurance that God is trying to hear to go through the seven last year the judgment our church and the danger that way you see them face is because of our current condition we are not ready to face the seven one four and have made in the first five pleasure like no longer for someone like you managed to avoid somehow the first five five one six five pounds the whole world to be involved one way or the other either you seem to say and of course provisions are to cluster your on one side of the other and you may not know provision but when you have trouble from your matter which side you're on and if you don't have the garments of Christ's righteousness you don't stand a chance during that time that's one of the key points and so Jesus makes it a critical crucial point it is what it is that needs the garments of his life is an specifically says that where wretched miserable poor blind and naked without an is interesting that the memory verse for our regular quarterly Revelation seven twenty four oh wretched man that I am the man Romans seven is the latest CNN to give that he was he does not think that he doesn't want to be that the guys and somehow many some of the southeast of us the convert of experience on your way to that of worst possible theology and not theology you're preparing yourself to receive the sum of life in Jesus thing don't be the map room seven is wretched and if you are wretched your enemy naked and if you're naked he received the settlement plates and so the judge in our church has a message the latest in church sees the garments of Christ's righteousness and that's why he says the latest intricacies and will not let me come in the GSM venture finishing of the mystery of God Metro got a session then got people can be prepared to go through the seven last plagues the here we see spirits of devils they work together they gather the whole world on for the great day of God Almighty and then we see that those who withstand that time are those your load Jonathan they are the people they see to the Council with whom I see an have what Jesus come into their hearts by the things in this world that when the semi- slick or not they are not making and there is no shame member sixteen he gathered them together into a place upon the Seafoods on Armageddon now interesting as I was reading through the final commentary there are simply believe that Armageddon the literal place in Israel and although I think the more accepted position is that if the spiritual battle that takes place when the righteous and the wicked during the seven-month place during Jacobs trouble if he remembered in Jacob 's time and trouble Jacobs had a mighty army ethos army that was coming to this right and wrestle with the mighty Angel all my and with this story that will be the experience of God 's people during Jacobs on a trouble call my father 's usually things are worse than tax anticipation in reality Jacobs trouble worthless even amount not try to carry with us for three hours and so Armageddon is a severe spiritual struggle that takes place during Jacobs the battle between the righteous and wicked and some people may be thankful hey what about the thousands in a thousand years of world goes against the mouth of Alan God in Magog will get to that level is in the battle of gods in Magog the way to try to take the battle of Armageddon is for the second time with the righteous and wicked and here's an interesting yes we talk about with word Armageddon need to embrace the word on it she parts element is even one can be a hard argument again and AR or AJR mean now now and make the can either mean the literal Megiddo in Israel or it can mean congregation and what's interesting here is what you have is mountain of the congregation and in Isaiah fourteen want to us to be like the most scientists on the amount of the congregation so what you have here in harming the is saying that to be like the most high here on earth and what he does is he brings church and state together through this threefold union spiritualism papal Rome and apostate Protestantism and through this threefold union he sets up his amount of the congregation and through this threefold union he shows the true spirit of his government which is to try to destroy God 's faithful now we saw this in Daniel eleven you remember in Daniel eleven will go back there right now in Daniel eleven the king of the North which is the same as a background Daniel eleven forty four and forty five receipt tidings out of the Eastern out of the Marshall trouble therefore he should go forth with great fury to destroy not only to make away many in the notice first the five you shall plant the tabernacle of the solace between the him worried for no additional conduits in a mental health monotonous first told at that time shall Michael stand up then there shall be a time of trouble such as never was there was a nation so notice of the annual eleven wait a while crime message in the tabernacle that Satan sucks with the beginning of Jacobs Metro they all go together so when Satan sets his tabernacle or use him his palace where he brings church and state together and you she's adept at creating jobs is in Daniel eleven that is synonymous with Revelation sixteen Armageddon threefold union the foul of the greatest online and got people going through the experience of Jacobs contra that is fixed for a set of six flag in summary threefold union demonic spirits take around apostate Protestantism your that work together to try to destroy God and Satan 's last ditch effort try to destroy the run and remember this is when Satan is trying to make his mighty struggle to escape the fruit of the principles of his government are better than the principles of God and what kind of happiness God 's righteous one hundred and forty four thousand eighty the scapegoat in the land of forgetfulness during the most trying of circumstances during Jacobs time of trouble and eight truths seem to be an utter liar and we said this before but Satan was a perfect being who was in a perfect environment and send and he was over the mercy seat closest to God and somehow descend the Mac environment and how to be cast out of heaven and then you have a group of people that live in the most wicked time in Earth 's history that goes through the most awful trials that have ever existed and live perfectly and so Satan now has no further arguments in the great Congress Yankee to say while yet you have Abraham he was one you had Moses he was one you are shiny and if they were one year there but you've never had a whole group of people now Jesus of course he was gods of whatever they there's no argument with a hundred and forty four thousand because they lived in the worst time of first history and she unleashed his fiercest attacks that have ever been unleashed and they passed through that time so he has nothing left to say so after that there is nothing left for Satanists and the great controversy and then we get to the seventh lastly the seven of the seven last plagues and that's verse seventeen and unlike a volunteer Sarid verses seventeen to twenty one where he a map to cut things are your enemy the verses we have for laptop for counsel to finish the chapter here with three of the great verses seventeen to twenty one and the seventh angel forgot his file and the air became a great voice of the temple of heaven from the throne saying it is done there are voices and thunders and lightnings and there was a great earthquake such as was not since men were upon the earth so mighty an earthquake and so great in the great city was divided into three parts and the cities of the nation 's file the great Babylon came in remembrance before God to give under her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath every island fled away in the mountains were not found there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven Everest tone about the way to the talent and then blaspheme God because of the plague of the hail the playground was exceeding great and thank you for help here and unforced while I have time for comments at this point is not fashion for some flag bit when Satan brings the whole world together in a try to destroy God 's people that's when the measure of their iniquity is full in the seventh plague us for now and here we see there is a voice out of the temple of heaven from the throne saying it is done and we see voices lighting thunderings and there was a great earthquake and battle lines divided the three-part sort of the three parts the Dragon the beast and the false prophet their split apart from each other every island fled away the mountains were not found as the second coming language so now the seventh plague is poured out the second coming occurs that God 's people but Pastor Jacobs troubled to Armageddon and then just after that second coming and there is great hail that comes out of them the weight of a talent and the weight of a talent about seventy pounds the younger talent of hail falling upon you from heaven of the is not a good thing then blaspheme God because of the plague of the health for the plague there was exceeding great I want to point out something interesting here if you remember the seven trumpets in Revelation eleven when the seventh trumpet sounded when the seventh trumpet sounded we see that on when the temple of God was opened in heaven they were seen the archivist Desmond they were widening the voices and thunderings in an earthquake and great hail now that was October twenty two eighteen forty four and what that's signifying when the seventh trumpet began to sound that was sank this is the beginning of the final judgment and when the sun the seventh plague is poured out the final and will be a mighty or the quake and hail coming out of heaven the weight of a challenge when Jesus comes the second time so their second coming language at the beginning of October twenty two eighteen forty four so we see that Ron is destroyed spiritual round seven trumpet of the judge monster to run in the seven last plagues are the means that God uses to destroy spiritual run up unto the second time and as we wrap up next week when we get into chapter seventeen which is a fascinating trip you don't want Mister Simpson chapter seventeen organized see why Rome was adjudged and there's a connection between the sum of placement judgment of the great war Revelation seventeen organa get into next week


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