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Revelation 18:4-24: The Fall Of Babylon

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • November 22, 2008
    9:00 AM
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good morning everyone the singer for a revelation class from a few announcements next weekend I'll be gone for Thanksgiving and all that said there will be no revelation class next Sabbath some of you may be out of town as well for the Thanksgiving holiday and so we won't have revelation next week however on it will continue the week after that were wary rapidly coming to the end of the book covers a lot of really great material and also a reminder these recordings dig up on audio reset for purposes of the recording if I ask you to reimburse or if you have a comment or question please raise your hand and someone will bring a microphone she at this point let's go ahead and bargains for where prayer and we will get started father in heaven we thank you that we can study the book of Revelation we thank you for the power that found in your word and as we study today we pray that you would open up our minds to the deep things about imprisoned Jesus minimum R Revelation eighteen is where we are and last week we basically got through the first two verses set and I plan on going faster today on weekend really some of the key points last time they just as a quick way every year Revelation eighteen one is one of the key verses of Revelation is the time when an angel comes down from heaven having great power the earth is whitened with his glory and understand review what we discovered last week and that is that the Angela widens this earth that the winds the earth with its glory describes the time when the latter reign as for now I'm God 's people and the word power is from the Greek word do you know must which connects to act chapter one verse eight so you have latter rain Holy Spirit our filling God 's people and therefore God 's character which is his glory lightens the entire and the significance of this is as we go through the least passages that in verse four we see that there's a message to come out of Babylon that you received not of her plagues is the last place we stayed about an study the seven last plagues and you understand that Babylon is the one who receives the outpouring of the seven last plagues and we understand the all the world wonders after the beast humanly speaking we have to ask the question of final live during that time how do I escape being part of the whole world that wonders after the beast and the answer is God in his great mercy sends a message that lightens the earth with its glory I got calls his people out about one's of it they don't receive the plagues to God is merciful he gives everyone a chance of course a caveat to that is those of us who know the truth by the time that message comes down great power from heaven we party had our chance to accept the truth so we better have accepted and be living it by that time is there is a mean judgment against the house of God is no second chances so to speak with us once that happens only to be forgot against Godman this message will be for the rest of the world that you are still not want to that first one and then verse two we see that the strength of this message is a repetition of the second Angels message that the end of time just before the play the report out the three Angels messages are back in full force and the second Angels message is especially highlighted and we know from inspiration that the three Angels messages go in their order first second and third first Angels message includes the methods of the everlasting Gospel and the judgment and creation and when God 's people have a full grasp understanding about and gotten powers them with flattering power we get the second Angels message and it's a message that calls people to come out it's a very strong message it doesn't mince words and identifies Babylon as being fallen the habitation of devils every fell spirit every unclean and hateful bird and then picking up numbers three which we really didn't get you last week while we go ahead with it so that's basically separately like a last resort to start now in verse three and within the volunteer to read verses three through five Revelation eighteen versus three through five volunteer and here through Revelation chapter eighteen versus three through five for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the errors are waxed rich to the abundance of her delicacies and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues for her sins have reached unto heaven and God has remembered her iniquities have thank you so the question is what is it about Babylon that is fall and we study illustrate that we see the phrase is fallen which flies that report represents papal Rome and the daughter churches the Protestant churches that are joined with your and the cutesy teachings that cause them to be battle on a Sunday sacredness and the immortality of the soul and when we get to verse three we see all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication we study from before that wine represents false doctrine I just identified some of the key false doctrines about one and notice it says that the key things of the earth have committed fornication with her now we very studied this before but we see that Babylon is being charged Babylon is going to receive the legs because Babylon is the habitation of devils the hold of every foul spirit and also it's committed fornication with the kings of the year and fornication is an unlawful union literally speaking between man and woman and biblically speaking women represent the church this is an unlawful union between Church and State are the kings of your and Babylon could we see in Revelation thirteen with the Dragon or the devil who gave his car seat and authority to Babylon is committed committing fornication with the earth seven essentially you have an alliance of church and state in which Satan is at the head of this love and because of this God sends this message that is the strongest message ever given to mortal men and says because they are setting up a surround here on this Earth that is unlawful and further more online and assure my throne of Babylon either you come out of Babylon and receive the seal of God are you stay in there and receive the mark of the beast because God is not going to share his throne with that which is unlawful and that which is unclean instead the Bible makes it very clear as very strong we have a comment down here can soon in the relationship the two adversely to two twenty two result with you if they would if you look at those on your own to see it at this time of the church starts are you you'll see here that Jezebel is the brought into view in verse twenty one says and they gave her space to repent of her fornication and she repented not now behold I will cast her into a bed is in the commit adultery with her into great tribulation except they repent of their deeds have felt the first time that the Babylon as fornication the case here is under the reign of the church fights are as this history being repeated at the end of the world this is what Babylon is fallen fallen and she's going to receive the place it's important to come out that during it thank you for that comment and size tire for those of you may have forgotten represents the sharing of church history from five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight so that's a key point so this is happened before as I happen on an even greater scale in a shorter period of time but on a greater worldwide scene scalene and what happened in the satire thank you for the suit we see why in Babylon is being judged now notice your kings of the earth have committed fornication with her also the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of adult Lisa not only are the political leaders in Hawaii and put down one sort of financial leaders and I makes sense because when you get back to Revelation thirteen it says unless you receive the mark of the beast you can buy or sell so it makes sense of financial leaders would be in union with Babylon as well and by the way now 's a good time and Earth 's history to be to hang attention to the financial leaders of this world and what they're trying to do and how that connect the Babylon of the end time scenario we have answers to some of the troubling questions that people have about Jeremy I heard on the news the other day people are saying you know nobody knows how low it's going to go well we will know when exactly but we know Houston and the and him I as an aside am now 's not the time to be cutting hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock market and actually under inspiration Alan White is in series B of the special testimony said to take your money in stocks would be like putting your talents your bearing your one talent in the years I get so bad most of not taking that counsel seriously but they would've been better off if they had especially in light of current events such as the side that you know I doubt I know it's series B of the special testimonies on and entice talks about cutting stock yeah stocks and bearing in the year through something like that I do now is employment may bring that up to date anyone so based on what we see initially union of political and financial leaders verse four we see this voices come out of her my people now this brings up the obvious point that God has his people in Babylon so the way we reach out to those people is crucial we don't want a liaison so should go after him Babylon in an un- Christlike way to unnecessarily prevent some of God 's children who are currently involved one from accepting the truth if they see people who are trying to uplift the truth to and among Christlike way is allowed a few the purpose so we want to give this message in with the spirit of Christ that it can be strong in the messages come out of her it's not you can believe what you want to believe I can believe what I want them leaving we can all be saved not like if you say they are your enemy lost and that's the Bible doesn't mince words there so on that's at the Bible says mom and take your implication is that if you don't come out of Babylon you will be partakers of her soon and you will receive of her plagues and what are the flags we study that in Revelation chapter sixteen and so God in his great mercy gives those his people who are in Babylon the opportunity to come out and I believe that many will come I believe that many will come out when this message that widens the earth of God 's glory is given in verse five is interesting assist for her sins have reached under heaven and God hath remembered her inequities now this is interesting language can you think of its time in the Bible where similar language is used where the word remember an inequity is used in the same phrase when there's a few different places the fact the place I'm thinking of is specifically the new covenant you can find that Hebrews chapter eight verse Saturday receptor ten verses sixteen and seventeen bombing of the Hebrews chapter ten verses sixteen and seventeen and can I have a volunteer to read Hebrew circuits and verses sixteen and seventeen as a volunteer in the back or here fevers chapter ten verses sixteen and seventeen this is the covenant I will make with them after that time that the Lord help of my laws in their hearts I will write them on their minds that he had their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more okay thank you so we have the new covenant God says I'm a semi- line to your heart and in your mind 's analysis of law into our heart and into our mind and when that new covenant takes place notice what happens to our sense since their sins and iniquities will I remember no more so new covenant God righteous law into her heart and mine are sins and iniquities he remembers no more what happens to Babylon in Revelation chapter eighteen says he has remember her neck forty which means that Babylon has not experienced the new covenant or in other words Babel Babylon is not have God 's law written into their heart and mind or in other words Babylon has broken God 's law the same power that sought to change times and laws and Daniel seven twenty five and then Maine law that they have not remembered or that they have broken is the fourth commandment and it's interesting and Roger you are on the authorities fourth commandment says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy if we remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy God will write his launch your heart and remember our sins and iniquities no more so we remember the Sabbath guy forgets our iniquities however if we forget the Sabbath like that one does God will remember our iniquities ECF is very clear revelation eighteen makes it very clear the importance of God 's law the new covenant and what happens when we forget that suits this is sort of a big unity the introduction as to why Babylon is fallen now let's move you can continue to move along here in chapter eighteen let's read verses six through eight and I will volunteer to read Revelation chapter eighteen verses six through eight reward or even as she rewarded you and double her double according to works in the cup which yet filled bill to her double how much she hath glorified herself and lived deliciously so much more than sorrow give her for she hath for she saith in her heart I sit a queen and M no widow shall see no sorrow therefore shall replace come in one day death and mourning and famine and shells and she shall be utterly burned with fire for strong is the Lord God who judges her okay sir now were getting into the actual punishment that Babylon receives we see that she is rewarded double according to her words and you know it's interesting you come to the end of chapter eighteen it says in her was found the blood of profit the Phantom of all that were slammed upon the earth and you can be run more than double for all of us so I must say that being on the side of Babylon is not the side to be on at the end of time right now humanly speaking it may seem easier it may seem easier to take the easy broad road and just do whatever everyone else is doing and follow the Babylonian mindset but at the end of the day and Babylon is to be rewarded double according to her words and then verse seven says how much he is glorify yourself will deliciously and Narcissus she she says in her heart I sit a clean am no widow widower and shall see no sorrow now this is something that you can have to read between the lines but one Babylon says I sit a queen all see no sorrow it reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar when he said is this not great about one which I build and then he got cut down and hear battle on the same wow I'm on such a great queen I have the whole world wondering after me and worshiping me I've got everything under control or another way of looking at is to say wow I am so rich I don't need anything does that sound like anything else we've seen Laodicea so here's a key application beware of being later the CNN the judgment beware saying I'm rich increasing with kids and have need of nothing because of that mentality that will prepare you to join forces without one at the end of time so if were feeling comfortable anarchy our Christian experience we wow wow like those wicked people are I'm okay I'm not getting everything I should be doing that had good anywhere as the Babylonian mindset we don't want to have a Babylonian mindset especially in the judgment hour which we are living and then we see that when this mindset comes first they therefore shall her plagues come in one day death the morning and famine and she shall be utterly burned with fire for strong as the Lord to judge us here and here we see Jarecki 's involvement of God in the judgment of Babylon and I keep forgetting to bring the quote I noticed people out there that say that that when God destroys the way he destroys just by withdrawing himself and he was the devil do it or whatever on Ellen White says I believe it six sixty A great controversy that God can sometimes withdraw his hand but other times he's actively part in so to say yet he only does and one way is a strawman argument that year we teach Iraqi involvement of God where it says strong is the Lord who judges Babylon and she is utterly burned with fire and the seven last plagues it's God who sends his angels to pour out each of the plaintiffs seven Angel one with it with seven miles one with a bio each and they each pour out a play and is not a pretty picture and you may sable goddess mean how could he view that that's not nice remember Revelation eighteen one in his great mercy before he does that in license the entire world does come out I love you don't be part of that but I can assure my throne with wickedness unrighteousness and righteousness cannot dwell together there has to be an intuitive something so that's what we're seeing here now verse nine will see a fellow launch here to read Revelation chapter eighteen verses nine and ten Revelation eighteen versus New Orleans to help fix it off you could read it Revelation eighteen verses nine and ten Kingsley at all commit fornication and lived deliciously with Herschel bewail her and lament for her when they shall see the smoke of her burning standing afar off but the fear of her torment saying alas alas that great city Babylon that mighty city four and one calories by judgment so here we see that those Humana political religious alliance for the kings of the earth who committed fornication with her when the judgment about one comes when the plague began to be poured out then they realize they're on the wrong team but when you study to settle my flight he remembered is that they repented not of their deeds that are not sorry for what they did they decide that they're on the wrong team and I think this analogy too far but a starlight when you were in elementary school and you really wanted to play on one team during recess and then your team gets blown out fifty do nothing or something and you're sorry that you lost the game the you know it it doesn't change the fact that yet he had to do over again with the same circumstances before it happens you would make the same choice and hear the king 's ears realized that they made the wrong choice even though they lived deliciously with her for a while they were made rich because of her and they realize it's were on the wrong side we went against God the boy we sure have a good time all a lot and I'm so sorry that it's coming to on that's what we see happening here and you and us would you to set as well we have a common over here on so we see we see that there is you a line without one are sorry or being on the wrong side to it I just think you inverse is it verse seven no insight it makes to references the time judgments come in one day there are plagues fall in one day yet in the judgment comes in one hour yeah those related to the literal and entirely click okay to question someone a suffrage address and one day or in one hour on if you remember based on the study of revelation on in Revelation ten or so there should be time no longer on the is no more prophetic time from eighteen forty four to the second coming this is before the second coming sir we don't take this literally what Wayne takes the sizes that means a short time or a short space it were suddenly there the synonyms used to describe this time period is short space one hour one day and to say it's one hour to set one day seems like a contradiction it really is and is just saying it's a very short space is not a prophetic time twenty two forty four the second figure question right okay I see if you have it I really try to get your chapter eighteen today on now one thing that I want you to sue notice here is some inverse sand the kings of the earth this is their standing afar off to see that phrase again so they see the judgment of Babylon we see that the wicked are standing afar off and I must read verses Psalm of eleven through fifteen a volunteer to read Revelation eighteen verses eleven through fifteen quickly see down here Revelation eighteen verses eleven through fifteen and emergence of the year shall weep and mourn over her for no man by their merchandise anymore the merchandise of gold and silver and precious stones and pearls of fine linen and purple consultants garlic and all dying trying I would and all manner vessels of ivory and all manner vessels of ivory and all manner vessels of most precious wood and of brass and iron in marble and cinnamon and folders and ointments and frankincense and wine and oil and fine flour and wheat in peace and she and horses and chariots and slaves and souls of men and of fruits that thy soul lusted after our departed from the and all things which word Dean G and goodly are departed from the and thou shalt find them no more at all the merchants of these things which were made rich by her shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment weeping and wailing okay thank you sir we first read in verses nine temperature things of the earth they'll amend the fall of Babylon and they stand afar off then verses eleven through fifteenth fairly detailed description of the merchants of the earth and all the things that made them read Trenton and enter each week to take forever those against that in your neuron time that notice they come to the Amazon verse fifteen is the emergence of these things which were made rich by her shall stand afar off so the kings of years they stood afar off the merchants of the earth they stand a far-off weeping and wailing and on all this read on versus sixteen and seventeen and says and saying alas alas that great city that was clothed in fine women in purple and scarlet and deck with gold and precious stones and pearls for in one hour so great riches is come to naught and every shipmaster and all the company and ships and sailors and as many as trade by sea stood afar off and cried when they saw the smoke of her burning saying what city is like unto this great city numbers nineteen and they cast dust on their heads and cried weeping and wailing saying alas alas that great city wherein were made rich all that had ships and the sea by reason of her costliness from one hour she has made desolate so now we see the ship masters stand afar off now she studied back to Daniel eleven when the king of the North fishes of the canvas off and you see a number of issues going on there are talks about ships chert source and so forth which is describing the military power that the King of the North uses here we have shipmaster 's and so forth describing also the military might in this world so you have political financial and military leaders all lamenting the fall of Babylon all standing afar off and if you think about what drives the world its hall of six finances and military and these three all Americans or stand a far off when Babylon for all for it on any interest the Tonawanda spaghetti these references you can write them down Matthew twenty seven fifty five and Luke twenty three forty nine describes Jesus when he died on the cross his followers are weeping and the Mensing says they stood afar off so Matthew twenty seven fifty five and Luke twenty three forty nine the followers of Christ when Jesus died they stood afar off and with the significance when Jesus died for his followers all of their hope future insecurity was destroyed in one day they had no enemies stand afar off we've been implementing has all their hopes for this life and the future life go down the drain and this is another parallel which we haven't talked about a whole lot but it's another parallel that shows Babylon being the antichrist because Christ his followers stood afar off and he died weeping and lamenting Babylon when it's destroyed its followers stand afar off weeping and lamenting course Christ sends three Angels messages Antichrist has three unclean spirits that come out of the mouth of the Dragon the beast and the false prophets Christ calls us to the new Jerusalem Babylon says come to our city this is this is the place to be served there's all these contrasts between Christ and Satan Christ and Antichrist and we see again the antichrist on principles in Babylon so political financial and military leaders on the fall of Babylon and then we have been the shift of gears here and see her Wii during this time first twenty says rejoice over her thou heaven and ye holy apostles and prophets for God hath undamaged yield on her so finally some good news for God 's people you you study the seven churches and God 's people are being tormented in Smyrna and incurred a Messiah tyrant and on and on you go to the seals and the souls are crying out under the altar their blood cries out how long till you judge and avenge us O Lord ye you can see Revelation twelve the dragons wroth with a woman it makes war with the remnant of receipt which keep the commandments of God Revelation thirteen the dead QB 's seek to kill those you won't receive a mark in the bees but finally we see that God of vengeance but a lot of the saints on the and the Bible says rejoice over why not emulate LST that you like praise God they're out here the devil has no more self here on this earth God is finally victorious no more about and in line about one question I have is why do we still find the spirit of Babylon so attractive in our own lives why do we try to be as much like Babylon as possible we don't want to look cheap peculiar in the way that we dress were afraid that people will say were dressed in potato sacks or whatever you name it and I've heard all I can set up why we want to be like Babylon when they're in a health the judgments of God for Donna on them at the end of time John is called us to get a message to call people out in now is not the time for us to be going in the battle we come out not going so just a point for us to consider are we really coming out have we really come out or have we gone in and if we've gone and how can we call people to come out if we've gone there's no way and so that's why Revelation eighteen one is still waiting to happen God 's people need to wake up and receive this message emanating on here first twenty one says in a mighty angel check of the stomach am great millstone and cast it into the sea saying dust with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down and shall be found no more at all now you remember what Jesus said he that offends should it's better for him to have a millstone cast that cut around his neck and cast the seed on here we see that the fulfillment of that statement by Jesus takes place to Babylon and then as we finish up the chapter here the verse twenty two says and the voice of Harpers and musicians asked hikers and trumpeters shall be heard no more at all in the and no craftsman of whatsoever craft he be shall be found any more in the and the sound of the millstone shall be heard no more at all in the universe twenty three and the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in the voice of the bridegroom of the bride shall be heard no more at all in the for thy merchants were the great men of the earth for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived so versus twenty three and twenty three showed that when Babylon is destroyed that there methodology will no more be found here on this Earth and that's an and verse twenty through thirty four by vice sorcery were all nations the city now what is the word sorcery makes you think that is a major think of witchcraft or spiritualism so here you have a suppose it realleges and sixty that is using the spiritual tools of the devil or sorcery or witchcraft and through that sorcery and through that witchcraft they deceived all nations and again we can see how that sorcery has Artie come in the Babylon through the teaching that when you die you don't really go to get a heaven because then your teaching that it it's possible than for your dead loved one to come back in the form of the spirit from heaven and then if you believe that's possible you'll believe anything that that that spirit tells me and him so that sorcery that's arty existent in Babylon is preparing for all nations to be deceived and then verse twenty forces and in her Babylon was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all that were slain upon the years is pretty dramatic language if you think about it saying that everyone he's died on the earth Babylon is responsible for their death now a skeptic message you're trying to say that modern day papal Rome these modern-day Babylon is some guilty you wanted a boy who was the first one he was murdered I mean what he's talking about law spiritual things again are spiritually discerned and it's the spirit of Babylon which is the spirit of the devil and which has been seen ever since Cain slew Abel and has been seeing it was seen in the Tower of Babel Aniston seen from the time when Nebuchadnezzar said is this not great battle on the bill and if you don't tell me the interpretation of my dream Tiger has often make your house is a done deal if it's been seen through Babylon when pagan around trip home murdered Christ it's been seeing in the dark ages during the twelve hundred and sixty years and will be seen again at the end of time when those you refuse to worship God according to the way God tells us to worship are threatened with death if we don't worship the way Babylon tells to worship so in that sense Babylon is guilty of the blood of prophets saints and of all that were slain upon the years I'll say this I'd rather die for Christ the motor battle with the plan eleven for battle you can receive the placement in a time I thought such a good conclusion that if you live for Christ in your martyr now you get to experience the special Resurrection which Daniel chapter twelve talks about relationship to fourteen talks about will get to have that special experience so in summary revelation eighteen is the message that describes how and why Babylon is destroyed at reminds us of the great Marcio God that Joseph Forrest he destroys Babylon just before he pours out the seven last plagues gives everybody on this earth and opportunity to come out of her and he wheeled to you that when he has a group of people that are ready to give that message when a second happen it's when God 's character is seen in the lives of his people to a full measure because the Earth will be a white and with the glory of God in the lives of his people they will have latter rain power but for out his latter rain honest people to give a final warning message to Babylon until all of us have fully done away with the Babylonian spirit of send him around when that has been done away with God in them for out his Holy Spirit upon us the whole world will then receive a warning message of mercy it will be a repetition of the second Angels message to come out of Babylon and then people will have the opportunity to decide once and for always neither admitted and then when that happens we can go and some looking forward to that day let's do all we can to be among the people to live to see the loud cry get thank you so no class next week she was from our pickup Revelation nineteen ninety


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