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  • July 9, 2009
    9:30 AM
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him a you are or are you a you are you and are in a you and you may understand the nature was a good evening on enough losing and I like you all to bear with me my shoes discover roots in the how to happen so I'm as wearing socks that I arrived so online the order registered in it's really blessing and delight to share about my music my testimony and is I sharing on in the yesterday I believe that the greatest weapon that the devil is using upon young people is the issue of on music I hope that my guides and raise my testimony will be a blessing to some so here and I pray that God would touch your heart I was born in Jamaica in nineteen seventy three and I came to the US in nineteen seventy eight thanks Mike with my parents and nineteen seventy eight was the year that rap music had just begun to make a little spark to there only three rap groups in existence at this time most of them got here probably know except maybe Duane and myself the three rep boobs were all Sugar Hill gang 's elimination and Africa Nevada so the three main rap groups around this time and the rap music started to make a impact from the Bronx little history on how it came to the Bronx in the nineteen sixties and island of Jamaica they had a certain style of music called DJ and what would happen is not a party to emcees would go on the dance floor and then stop the party and in the myths of the party these two artists which starts degrading one another to music and the issue of it was to make it rhyme as they were the great debate each other they know back and forth and back and forth and of course it could be understood to anti-American because it was not in a Jamaican dialect called for by the nineteen seventies when Jamaica started coming soon we are a lot of them relocated in the Bronx so a lot of black Americans that would attend the same parties where were the Jamaicans where they heard the style of DG some of them four I'm an insane things causing an understanding but they adapted that style and he called it in the English tongue hip-hop NFL rap music was born now in nineteen seventy eight was five years old and I was clueless on the whole issue of music and at the same time I run that we learned the church we went into Iraq where and into Rapp we know anything about nineteen eighty one MTV for a start for the very first time that an eye out still remember the very first video that came out was video killed the radio star does not legalize video killed the radio star and member helping young was watching confusion at first but wow music television and what it meant really was nineteen seventies were the time of listening to radios eighties was now music on video so video has now killed the radio star of the past felt very taken up with MTV and the very first kind of music that really attracted me was rock and pop music I was into it my brother was into it so started engaging ourselves listening to MTV a year later about nineteen eighty two a new rep who came on the scene and run DMC today that usual car runs house how many of who it runs out okay what he was around from the nineteen eighties so I got caught up in run DMC I got caught up in the whole Michael Jackson era familiar later I got the Jerry curl everything you are doing the dance K caught up with Michael like I said in an immigrant Christian ongoing dance at my aunts house and danced wherever I could my parents realize all his great talent one I know that my aunt 's house and I was dancing and she came up to me and she posted a one dollar bill on the floor had so much wow you know there was a Moslem woman shouting is not related so well you know so I took the sign that hey maybe one day I'll be a great musician in him in some sense I never really had any spiritual figures of my family at two arms one was a Baptist one was a Catholic but they never had any major influence on my brother and I so we pretty much did everything that youngsters can do music became my invention between the years of eighty one eighty four thousand one eight from eight eleven eleven years old felt really caught up in his own music my life is in his nineteen eighty six I was thirteen and in the ninth grade living in New York and of course you know New York was the home of hip-hop the home of rap and it was the place to be in all if you want to be cool we want to be awkward dancing is similar from New York now that you know you are me and I remember two years after eighty six my dad decided to move us to Virginia and I remember it was a sad day my life so that you know how can we not exactly something from New York and I love the city license is the home of dancing on a friend of the roundabouts Virginia and my dad knowing that the real estate so he said no you know what we have to go a thousand property removed the French bread Virginia and America I was so upset so angry for leaving New York when it came to Virginia the school that I went to was a chance for high school and first for my brother and I attended the school I remember being so upset the fact that I left New York that Wednesday can anyone in Virginia to anyone in school I had this care about me that you know what was from your new address dancers in a window Gregory Duenas and we are right with the Lane lemon backup dancer for heavy duty you don't really know who your problem but also sent nothing in Virginia and I'm anytime friendly pleasant charming friends male I write about one day when a young individual my name is Shaun Pollock is me and I remember some people in high school gelatin is Sean within another frame he has your name and is also from New York solid knowledge enough from New York to buy toxic margin only my brother and I so finally I met him and I looked him up and down and he was wearing and how they need to know the site away from the earlier hair was cut in on the flattop haircut whether on an endless time sounds building up and down like a UK citizen from New York is a gas and loving some places and he named like the Nelson flat portion of the line Brooklyn enough a call okay I went back to my brother who can find a friend from New York is from Brooklyn so I introduced my brother I board to Shaun Pollock and we all met and instantly we just clicked I was in eleventh grade of time my brother was in twelfth John was an eleven and we started going around to different parties in Virginia for the basketball games were in the basketball we just wanted to go to the basketball games but after the games is after party at the party we get to dance and how despicable without trying to screw more so we love going around Fraser Berglund DC when all the clubs and dancing Sean Penn the final he also had a talent to wrap so one day we were at a club and where does all three was dancing and a person made a certain combination you know you guys dance ferocious lot like what monsters who elect me and my brother exigent with the title he said hey why we call ourselves the movie monster so if you get names over the man's darkest pixel everyone to Virginia NBC started knowing us as the movie monsters and the parties and the failure of David and his men to believe what we got T-shirts wet when a creature on the front yelled at was a kind more of our logo to reach every popular another life we found out later that Sean Pollard also knew how to wrap things up in the same always make a music group I thought what was in high school things come and go there in fact knows nothing really going worse I figured okay we can just have the name just for the time that were in school years later my brother went off to Virginia State University College he also went to Virginia state which originally sells about me about thirty minutes away from their college and every weekend they would have parties at my brother 's college and call me obstinate Shawn you know seven the party to college and gem and attention Jenna Virginia state want you so we can go compete battle people take them out demolish them write memo on the weekend out always travel get my car leave Richmond all the Petersburg and go to clumsily dancing every time we got to get all three of us would make a name for us to this time we met another member name on the McCann Belmondo was also known to be a rap artist is really no ensuing winter demand things from the Bronx sold the boogie monsters now became a four-man group of dancers to arrive my brother and I were dancing modern songwriting on one occasion we had a very big challenge of coming up forty one contestants and and and the one who would win with independent getting a record deal so once again they called me shall become Donovan what now is contest my talent show in Virginia state forty one forty one anonymous committed to compete with were not in the wing so we can do it it calling the monitor calling the John can call me need to calm down so funnily I decide to go and we entered the contest and we were the first ones to go up to perform Silas thinking what if we were to first groups of up to perform but until you get to the last group that would've long forgotten about it so we went first with the sit through a long talent show window towards the end the judges came up to review no announce the winner things like third-place evening some group second-place name another group first place Pokémon so we were just screaming jumping up and down just today just loving we said okay we didn't get a record deal with in a protest about the price person that wins gets it it's a record deal nobody approached us the money call oh no nothing like some of them have strong internal house I know no phone call so that came and went we were so depressed I think it's a mess that later mother which had decided to visit New York is a you know what I want to drop by the school when the voter New York and electron finally now one thing yet understand about getting a record deal in New York as said before everyone and their grandmother knows how to wrap New York and dogs and the cat 's not around the birds know how to wrap it in the roach is not around so is so much competition in New York and hostile in front of the album Mrs. Baines school it doesn't make sense to leave you and you know that in Mondo they were you know it had high hopes no man we can do this direct appeal so model that dropped out of school he was a sophomore when all leads in Manhattan and found a young gentleman endeavored that as lastly when she was with her management company called Russian management continues to manage a group called airing the Iraqi document is so he listened to models music but this time we had a record two songs and listen to the music he said you know what you like this in the magistrates away on the other artists and he said well you know him at all in school right now they're in Virginia Henderson will want to bring them up so I get a phone call from Monty Lisa Shaw you and your brother got the school New York because they wanted anyone hear the music and understand what model is parents would never let me school Jamaican parents doesn't join both ways education first name is foolish on MSM monolith and work things on topic talking about my dad brother nice about him modeling to New York and were irregular and what was mother went to New York and he found a manager and he wants to come to New York when I was like no no not leaving within the municipal mother cost on politics a young didn't want to see if it was easy for him so they set out on which they are meanwhile my brother and I hyperaware home crimes is that no recognition shot in modern hard disk drive in my guts in New York and that Jerry and the talking and you don't already know the extract at about three track for it so what do you writers dancers I believe my situation will is to dentist to rappers this is aware to a little end so well you know what your parents will kill them the Jamaican and was eliminated just gently there now goes to a Manny Rodriguez she was the president of pendulum records so we got a phone call from Rubin Pentagon the voices yet this is rarely gets on the one host is either a short was there as a guest you will you talk for a while if not easily a module in us by the group he said so what you guys so we can see which are about they would in a so is your address and okay will I stop my dad so I passed on my dad and then someone was and did a talk on the phone and I determined to go thank you but no thanks not yet it's okay to want to hang out and do microphone and a member who hasn't shown the atomic unit money is involved in this region we can know they can be here some new microphone and moving to the majority of his demise would you make a lot of money here and I was like money the second my minute I got along with talking the kitchens came back all right did you know you are just deleted jumping up and down like all less school we took a bus all the way to Manhattan men with Mondo and Shaun Pollock and got bandwidth and went up to Avenue of America six Avenue New York and will meet with bedroom and it was just like summing out of a movie the cigar in a three-piece suit you know and we went to his office he had effectively feel all these famous actors and actresses all line up and on his law and he said to us okay well this what you got so we took our demo cassette and perform in front of site running and dancing and flipping over tables and jumping up to five minutes he said okay and director Peter Derrida managing to another room and well in the hallway just waiting like you like us and the waiting is a long time it seemed like forever with only five and Derek came back out and he said Ruben was a assign you to a two hundred and fifty thousand dollars contract was ice cream and just screaming at the when reality hit me I'll let you know you always need someone else was involved in using someone else was involved in the reckoning but never you when it does hit me I said while the TV window ninety eight seven chasing the art the MTV video 's autograph and the money came in and I remember the manager gave a sixteen thousand peaks rightly is it okay for you guys since two thousand each double the money don't blow the money that your apartment my clothes for the video save money to work on albums with and while that we blew the money that has to more so life is good supposedly in a worldly sense the money came the girls came the dreadlocks grew the earrings came the nose ring came the guerrillas gained the gold on the cheek in all of the finger attack kills you know we're just living the life you would boogie monsters we went on MTV we have three videos still playing on YouTube what were up two of us are not very mournful reaction were in Rolling Stones magazines we performed Wu-Tang Clan these small most of these artisans I would not know from the nineties not in my nature is a whole lot of different artists as it has been so long are we even match the actor from the TV show married with children but when the aging talkshow things that you know what you guys my favorite rep wireless and make a movie with Hammond and being one of the show so we really met a lot of people and in a worldly sense life is good all this changed when we met a fan named Linux Robinson and life was a backslidden Adventists in America today he found out that we were living in Queens on two twenty six Street and he was living on two twenty four and he was a great fan of our music in America today he knocked on our door on the how he found out and knocked on our door we open the door he had on about my T-shirt and long dreadlocks and that's all we needed to see like a morning rather smoke will start smoking and what would come to every show what we would do every performance to have light would come be in the club throwing his hands up and the lights went to jail for selling marijuana bill them out so enough to the natural eyes to the natural mind we can think is anything spiritually is just one of us naturally Bill money jail on the stop selling drugs but he continued smoking marijuana all of us in the group which will so every time ago I came over he knew he would find us up in the living room ten of us on one room everyone has dreadlocks the people under the note is when you're famous he was a slot to celebs around my friend on the noble were all smoking and rhyming and plaintiff albums and listen to the music and what would come in the midst of it premises one of the smoke and just listen and mysteriously after each session of listening to music and smoking agronomy and practice them for the next concert light what the Bible while he was under the influence of marijuana while his eyes were still bloodshot red from small he would begin to teach us about Daniel and Revelation the Sabbath century message eighteen euros Ellen White great controversy everything in our member look at him like hogging all the stuff and he was only nineteen years old not every group usually have a gimmick that makes themselves you know with some rap artist they need to use against them mentality we really haven't given yet but when we heard this message is like here with us we said you know what why don't we take this information on the Bible prophecy and why don't we become a Christian rapper and Latin continue sharing us more things three angels message and we finally got the following letter to know what within a rap about the three angels message no one else is doing it bused around to doing it may smartly be doing it ever was rapping about girls sex and drugs we will need of a bodily Rolling Stones call this the first Christian rap group and shortly after you knows that Iran and about things like the New World order and stuff like that shortly after artists are the copying piece of Boston rhymes another group called Bone Thugs-N-Harmony everyone also not conscious because we were now rapping about these things that the light was sharing with our album was not complete yet women like my songs were of the world but the other half was Adventist message and would like to tell us the mood right thing we get an flag here is his emotional one thousand one okay one Solomon Bowman poem would end up making a song called marketers and whenever we're going to shows people in the audience anything with a website you want to hear everyone with you I believe don't know what we're talking about but the market is undoubtedly one of our favorite songs and women gave us the relief and from California is occasional on for the future marriage children or in the young guys can come and do absolutely nothing like the actors and actresses in you know who really getting deeply intimate after a while the Holy Spirit started working on my mind was Verizon 's show is coming very indeed that I realize whenever we go out and do the shows we got to the point were really honest in our music scene we started doing the Christian right music would go out on stage and before us a show we would pray our father pray our father who art in heaven we pray enough to redundant one thing well I think that is something new while these guys pray before they ride and run after the prayer of the smoke 's and everyone else lives of their smoke would like the drawing is in the running all night and after a while the Holy Spirit to start a new treatment consciously working to try to reach the people 's and we just do not understand why they are not reacting to make things worse we do a show in while we were done thinking that the whole audience was no filled up with Christian lyrics Christian rap on Molly off the stage I would seem to be small stable over the Devil whiskey bottle this big and small in this hair him there those same individuals were yelling on the market a beast to achieve the family wants to have the same audience would yell troll Ugandans in the governor walking off the stage of your life you just hear our message when doing this for the Lord where Christian group happened and not responding and I remember for the whole time that I've been in the Christian wrap the whole television industry I've only met one convert she was a lady that interviewed us for VG magazine and then NCS became evident and when we came out of the church I saw her length of the two years later but only one convert myself almost to a Robinson audience where they now are they are they in the church I was speaking to a newsgroup and Piedmont ten at night I asked Dennis and try and mean at least seven people that you know that have left the music industry and their knowledge and administers the relay boogie monster later Richie boogie monster liturgy friends in print and looking modeling leveraging and imprints and volume losses and in literacy and intensity of the lesson that is how captivating this music industry that only three people I know about have left the industry and smelling insurance and are slightly less a the music is the greatest weapon the devil is using on young people hello I decide to work with us and work with us and work with us and show us more light and more like an introduction of formal receptions why would the company is following this and what was she admitted backslidden and what they see that he planted in us was so strong that when I will bring us to go forward came to the point where the president of our record label noticed that we were getting a bit too preachy in our music and a member he politicized and listen I know you guys has newfound religion seventy one okay one Melissa Sia record sales they were taken off in the beginning but you know the disk you want stuff is good I understand what the God stuff on the direct sales and never meeting and reception was with us to cut back on God you know just run more about genome the simple stuff the girls in an and the drugs anomalously anal slowly I began to realize what's Rafale is the convention is in our hearts to share the message and and and share in its purity now because the doctor but were really having Bible studies after each concert we do a show in afterwards hey we present the Bible is our conviction was going and going and going but yet we're stuck in this age year contract will be limited in our member my brother you know he refused to cut back on alert you to skip seeking more about God can run and more about God came to the point where we clash with the present of our label we clashed over the music we clashed over the Sabbath got to the point where we didn't want to perform on Friday nights anymore for this and oh I know we make the most one money they got to the point where he threatened to sue us because then he would've wantonly been a breach of contract as we agreed to go along when we signed up with when I finished we can administer the middle of music career so we were caught in an inning and a hard spot and I remember one day after the monitor that you know we need to pray because of this convention is growing no every time you are going to club on a Friday night I feel like a addition to hear it got to the point where I did a show on a Friday night in America like a thousand dollars limiting the formless identity of the Novell handling the money was a Friday night we were Midwest somewhere far away from home and I looked at the facts the other references you know if I wanted to give away a thousand dollars enough anymore money on said mesh on either you are crazy for you lot is really being used by the Lord the convention was that strong that our chore money I gave it up Friday night I wouldn't take it many times Saturday night the video shows so I was without money all this to show my conviction that was just growing and growing for the Lord so we got to the point where we all came together and we all decided to pray Lord we didn't know about the Sabbath we know what all these things but Lord we need to be delivered when we are stopped like eight year contract Lord help us and I remember that we prayed I believe it was in the beginning of the summer and two months after praying pendulum records went bankrupt this company has been around thirty something years thirtysomething years the very year that we pray for the very year at the middle and bankrupt and we took it as a sign that was God reaching out to us and I realize that you know God can deliver your young people from anything any bondage of the enemy and we left start to come into the church more frightening what about studies start reaching out to do I turned him into the church awfulness in the group eventually got baptized into the Adventist church but the sad thing is that to all the members decided to go back to the music in nineteen ninety seven and from the time he made that decision their spiritual lives have really gone down a member of the night we continue to pray for them that they will also seek the Lord you know the Lord showed me many reasons why I should let the music you know sometimes you leave the newsletter convention like clinic in the right decision but after leaving got start swimming things about the music and how you know it really is like a black hole and how the devil is using to bring in younger people in the last phase especially in the administer is Christian rock this Christian rest in the Lord something very interesting in this chapter thirty two but children are quickly exes chapter thirty two and the Lord showed me something interesting about the last days regard to this music the next is thirty two and verse fifteen story half seven Moses turned and went down from the month and the two tables of the testimony were in his tables were written on both their size on the one side and on the other with a written and the tables were the work of God in the writing with the writing of God Raven upon the tables and when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted he said to Moses there was a noise of war in the camp and he said it is not to moisten them that's shallow for the mastery mean it in the voice of them that I would be overcome what are the noise of them that way saying do I hear an ancient facility July two hundred ten he saw the chaff and the dancing and more this anger waxed hot and just the tables out of his hands and break them beneath the mountain first twenty five and when Moses saw that the people were naked short area had made them make it onto their shame among their enemies then Moses stood in the gate of the camp and set cool is on the large side let him come unto me and all the sons of Levi gathered himself together onto him when I meditated on this I saw that they were for sins that Israel adapted from Egypt for sins look at verse eighteen the first was worldly thinking the end of our thinking but the noise of them that what saying do I hear second sin was idolatry look at verse nineteen and it came to pass as soon as he came not unto the camp as soon as he came not unto the camp that he saw the white cat first nineteen was poorly dancing whatever is ninety he saw the cat and the one dancing look at verse twenty five the fourth sin was nakedness and when Moses saw that the people are what make it for them even make it onto their shame among their enemies benefit myself while these forces were prevalent in Israel were really dancing whirly singing idolatry and nakedness these things took over Israel I thought to myself I think you know what when it comes to worldly singing today how is the world copying Egypt how the world copies of today with the releasing all you have to do is look on TV American don't forget the lyrics right on the Jeannie shawl dealing with singing everyone in thing now is that funny thing about God were leasing about myself when it comes to worldly dancing how is the world copying each end-user level under the golden calf hollow colony copy and send myself you look at your TV is infected with the stars so you think you can dance I never knew one mom I want to be a hip-hop dancer all these sensual styles of dance and R&B just like you want to myself or one of idolatry when it comes to the golden calf how do we see that today how is the world copied engine idolatry all the rappers talk about what you might belong to go along the neck Michael Jackson was feigning a hundred thousand dollars a day and is in his hotel twenty five thousand dollars for his casket but we know we live in a idolatrous age when people sing in New England the awards order to get a Grammy as a you know it's interesting in the Old Testament they made a column out of gold in our day we make a man out of goal Oscar was that God efforts all the songs that sound about you know idolatry and fornication and I'll guess I'll wrap party thank God for all the gangster rap all the violence and promoting this great idolatry the last thing was nakedness and when it comes to nakedness how in the world copying user there was a time when people use to keep their clothes on MTV very first videos now everything that comes out wrong rat you name it fleshes showing every last video though Moses Jane Donald Malone in the midst of these forces when these four sins were alive and car are more this came out of the mouth in a way more than symbolizes who Christ I remember Moses Billy is coming to the latest coming in winning the latest coming Israel said okay well how come most bacteria from off the mound Wimbledon neither they gained weight on the same and eighty thirty one Jesus went up into the heavenly mouse command prices the same thing and in eighteen forty four it is said that he was also a come back to earth they become known so Jesus just like Moses delayed is what is coming when he delayed his coming guess what the Christians and the Protestants on earth who were waiting the Presbyterian and Methodist affidavit coming okay if it is same thing Israel did when pricing them as is age of forty four till now those four students have been running rampant in the air for leasing whirly dancing nakedness idolatry and the Lord said to me Sean the same way Moses came down off the mountain in that time I am coming in this time because there they are again all the earth we can see the Lord says Sean these four cents are not very prevalent and him coming that's why Sean at the call you out of darkness into the marvelous light amen because God is coming so hot we know what the sign was two seed in the world where the same poorly dancing idolatry the nakedness is rampant now all through the year that's how we know it's time I thought something very interesting when I meditated on the Levites Levites were the only tried that took no part in the worship of the golden calf all of the eleven tries a leg bone dance into a bowing down Levi was the only one that stood out when we comes on the way to become a Muslim leader was the only one you know I saw some more interesting characteristic look at numbers chapter one verse fifty vertically numbers chapter one verse fifty numbers one and verse sixty numbers one and verse sixteen says but thou shall appoint know what Levites over the tabernacles of the testimony of all the vessels thereof and of all the things that belong to they shall bear the tabernacle and all the vessels thereof and shall minister unto it and show and can't run about the tabernacle when the tabernacle said forward the Levites shall take it down and when the tabernacle is to be pitched the Levites shall set it up but this stranger that comes in the air shall be one put to death another tribe Texas I'm sure destroy only by confession on the Levi could handle the century only leave I could teach the center saw another interesting characteristic of Levi look at first Chronicles chapter fifteen in verse sixty first Chronicles chapter fifteen in verse sixty first Chronicles chapter fifteen in verse sixty and Damon Spain to the chief of the Levites to appoint their brethren to be that singers with instruments of music sultry hearts symbols sound and by lifting up the voice for joy I said well look at second Chronicles chapter twenty nine in verse twenty five second Chronicles chapter twenty nine and verse twenty five second Chronicles chapter twenty nine verse twenty five and he said the Levites in the house of the Lord with symbols with sultry with hearts according to the commandment of the set myself Levi was appointed to teach and represent true Christian music a man and I said while those three characteristics only ones that stood waiting for Moses only ones giving the sensory message only ones appointed to teach about true music rather than the administrators eighty twenty four all Protestant churches I got around waiting for Christ to come to Christ in common they all went away except the pioneers of which are seven days just like how Levi said I was stay here and wait for Moses as minutes early pioneers in eighty forty four to the great disappointment this is a mistake here I was across when all other religions are moving away second characteristic Ellen White said the sensory message is the message that has been given only to seventy just like how Levi only try back at times and handle the century no other church had that message is larger we should other fields but the Trinity and baptism but the sanctuary message is the only message in the last characteristic Illinois gave a slight on true Christian news and true Christian music from the education for the book for speech and song is counsel 's office to know about music which is my main point of the same three characteristics given that Levi was given to us the people century and beautiful music I never mingle with the false worship every other trying to relieve those other tribes today represent the other churches cemeteries because there are rather still believe I have to go out and lose physical separation when bringing all the repent and congestive profits and wife said that when Moses went out and brought back all of the tribes that were repentance for us and Adventists where to go out and bring on all those churches that repent and rent all the charges and ran away we go again because of profits all the tribes that went away Levi went to get them and bring them back into one for what Levi receives all the truth Giovanna century which was on music to what I'm saying is today we are spiritual Levi spiritual Levite the people who should know virtually about music so when we say young people what I wanted to Christian rock out into Christian rap nor that is best like Levi joining with the other tribes in the fall not trusting agent forty four I sent you a scientific particular event you are the one that stood by me in the beginning is the forty fourth you will want to do the sensory message you are the ones on educating about the music really nice job was to teach and present the music every Sabbath their job was to sit there what kind of music should we bring torture okay their train of thought and inspiration come from God David what a signal to take part in this idol worship Levi thinks us today amen you are spiritually by some young people let's not mingle with the rat and Iraq in a contemporary because the vitamins and it's a heavy responsibility that rests upon us and then we are the leading politeness as you are leaving the Bible calls us a priesthood so is my friend is why I cannot get what I do when young economy after every temperature measurement music is always apparent that comes to me and they say you know John I'm upset which was because my son just dictated to the church any he wants to serve the Lord and he has a election guitar he was a new Christian rock because of your message should not discourage anyone who believes in the unlike you know what you know everyone has something that they have to give up sooner or later I had to give up to fifty thousand dollars concerts videos music money shame what is it just to give up a little rock music young people and men wanted to do a little rat compared to what I have to give up until probation closes every last one of us will always have to give something up Ellen White said things are going to learning and relearning the last days and that we thought were right but were not this will be a constant issue with us until provision closes so we have to think the mind that says all right sacrifice sacrifice what will I give up for the Lord is not all about get get you Christian life is a life of sacrifice it doesn't mean boredom not in the cingulate music and just as the classical exit logon gives us things replace it with care he wanted to the music would like this but too many times I realized young kids they want to give McCain offering another chain offering is large on doing this for you take this opportunity to the way I want to accept a lower chain offering enables offering is Lord what would you have me do how he wanted to how the woman missing and how to play the music is to enable offering what it would have the chain when he was confronted body respond there is no howdy respond when you hear the prophet tell you I saw music dancing and drums in the last day 's separate from and what happens to get upset peers it upsets some as a one-on-one just shut up and legal let accept my offering to color up the allergies doesn't want to accept that it is my offering large singing for you that was achievement of the Lord I'm doing this for you here are the grapes the Lord said as runway bass why is this old deviance is better than sacrifice not understood it seemingly nailed it is a sacrifice against the present of the Lord Lawrence and for you this month offering is my sacrifice goggles I was I guess what you sacrifice what I tell my profit I don't level reading for speech and song reading education how is the music supposed to be obedient to what the prophet says let's get cables offer five hundred and we thank you again for the truth from the light of the Holy Spirit until softened because you love us and tell us these things known to you not here to make our lives miserable but if we just take the time to search to find out the true ways in which we can do things in regards to this music issue log we are spiritually by SPD River Cher Lloyd you soon to come the music is playing now the dancing is going on the idolatries everywhere the poorly singing is everywhere these four things will for symbolizes universal in the Bible which means these four things are now universal coming soon help Levi together nor help Levi to carry out that blessing on music you've appointed unto Levi the things of music to teach those that are in darkness help Levi to go out and regather the literature Canada Protestant Sunday world bring them to the true bring them back to the same father that they waited for a meeting forty four all tribes have the same five you've told Levi to go out and get the rest to get the remaining help us Lord to Dubai will do it your way for obedience is better than sacrifice in Jesus name thank you for your great love and pray in an and I and you will will will will will I and you and I are in and raising in his and he and I and you and and and and and and he will and I and you are going in and I you know and I is you are in a class of zero five model you see there is using a amazing you example is an easy and you have a busy and I you and you and I and we had -year-old woman is in the workplace and my homeland is in a and is on the way as long as you live in and not a way you know you and you and you and I will e-mail you your you and me and my mom on her he and he you he you anything you you are in the Monday meeting and is he is you and you and you will I and him and he is not a you will a you I is a you are behind on his using Islam her in her were not near as following her as a woman when the shoes of an enrichment I see you have an being in the military and is in the military treatment and especially imaginative as a death in the day and I yeah I really evaluated in this you can remain in the net 's been ringing in the room when Reagan still in love and things in the sky and is an and I was telling you the best phenomenon that will allow you want anything eleven then you and your money the condition is is that even though my hair will you and I you I remember I got some guys you know sometimes I wonder how hard the devil comes up with certain everything what is beautiful is the honeycomb certain sounds I can just rip curriculum in the same it is something else the anxiety is thank you this is a very related I is yeah and what is on him he denied and you is you is and is and is in a special place in


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