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Salty: Helping Patients Thirst for the Gospel

Mark Sandoval


OBJECTIVES 1. Demonstrate how adequate spiritual conversations between providers and patients is a beneficial component of the provider/patient relationship. 2. Uncover aspects of U.S. healthcare systems and medical practice that prevent adequate spiritual conversations between providers and patients. 3. Share from personal experience aspects of foreign mission practices that prevent adequate spiritual conversations between providers and patients. 4. Highlight the need for personal spirituality as a vital prerequisite to adequate spiritual conversations between providers and patients. 5. Discuss ways to help patients recognize their need of the gospel. 6. Demonstrate how to fulfill that need once it is recognized.


Mark Sandoval

President and Medical Director of Uchee Pines Institute



  • November 1, 2019
    2:00 PM
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Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for your abundant blessings and we thank you that you have loved us so much and as we have the opportunity of coming together in considering this topic of being Solti Christians in the marketplace we just ask for you to guide us to lead us to inspire us by your Holy Spirit Lord be our teacher today and work out things that are far beyond what we're looking for for ourselves we pray in Jesus name Amen. So we are looking at Saul t.s.a. l.t.. Now it is time to Ana's s. a l. t. y. anyway salty helping patients thirst for the Gospel and so we're going to dive into this this is a c.m.a.. Presentation and I have no disclosures and those are boring objectives there and your hand out you can look at them if you want to let's get into the meat of it so this is mission component of the seminar and I've had a little bit of experience in mission work I spent a year and police at Loma Lewis hospital it was there that I decided that this was as a college student doing student missions and it was there that I decided that if biology did not lead to medicine I was not going to be a teacher. There was no way I was doing that because while I was living at the hospital I was teaching in a secondary school that was near there and I just did not like that at all but I like the hospital component of it so I thought I have to get into medicine I cannot do any education with this biology degree I have to get into medicine and after my wife and I got married again a student missionaries we went to to Nicaragua and we ran a medical clinic. And a little village jungle village called Francis syrup and there we had no running water except if you ran with the water and no electricity unless you actually got the generator going which was not very often and and it was a primitive location and you know Larry and tropical diseases and leishmaniasis and all that kind of fun stuff and parasites and it's very interesting to see what might come out of a person from time to time there it was very interesting because I was only I had only completed my junior year in college as a biology major and yet I was the doctor for the community and so we delivered babies and sutured lacerations and you know basically did care my wife was a nurse and she had finished her b.s. a nursing degree so she was the director of the clinic and yet I was the one that had more Spanish skills and so. I would be the one interacting with the patients and they thought it was me so she would say ask him this question and I'd ask this question see is Ok ask this question I've asked that question and asked this question I'd ask that question so Ok I think they have this they're going to get we're going to give on this medication and and tell them how to take it and so I would and so everybody thought I was the doctor. But she was actually the nurse running things in the background but I was the one that was a little bit more procedurally. Gifted Maybe so I was the one that did the lacerations and I was the one that kind of did the deliveries and it was very interesting one night with a flashlight and delivery that was not progressing very well to have a pencil sketch and a book called where there is no doctor of the parent I am and if you're going to do any piece Yana me here. And having a pair of scissors and the dark with a flashlight looking in there and going on this is 3 dimensional and the book as to how deep do you cut how far do you go. And so that was a little bit nerve wracking. To say the least and so we did survive she did survive and then with only having one class suturing pig's feet. To learn about laceration repair then I tried to put Humpty Dumpty back together again again with a flashlight and an enclosed space as you can imagine. And I'm sure hope that she went back together Ok. And and then after finishing my. My my medical school in Atlanta land and then matter and residency training and emergency medicine we ended up heading off to Trinidad and Tobago where I was the director of Emergency Medicine and family practice at the Community Hospital there and practiced again for 2 and a half years there in Trinidad and Tobago been on short term. Medical trips to Mexico Brazil Bahamas Coast Rica fillip Philippines Russia Jamaica Cuba and now I am a full time missionary finds it is a mission field in the United States and and still feels that way when we talk about mission service one of the things that we talk about there is the missionaries montra anybody know what it is as the 3 words you have to know for missions service adaptability adaptability adaptability right you got to be adaptable in those situations you you don't have the same materials you don't have the same resources you don't have the same culture you don't have all the same things so you got to be adaptable to your environment so that you can accomplish what you need to accomplish and if you give the same message in the same way in a different culture you're given a different message. Right so you've got to you've got to adapt that but but there's another Montreaux that I think we need to look at as well and that as a. As as missionaries and we're missionaries and you know in the various different places that were out in our practices and so on and we must have an aim success in any line to mine demands a definite aim he who would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view I am worthy of his and Education Page 262 and so when we think of that within the context of our mission service in the context of our practice the aim that we're aiming for is. Christ right Christ likeness is the aim that we're looking for and when we consider that in kind of what it looks like then we and medical ministry page 24 we kind of die even to a little bit of what that looks like we're told that nothing will help us more at this stage of our work than to understand and to fulfill the mission of the greatest medical missionary that ever trod the earth nothing will help us more than to realise how sacred is this kind of work and how perfectly it corresponds with the life work of the great missionary there are objective our mission Mind you when to keep you know this is flags here. Of our mission is the same as the object of Christ's mission. So I don't think anybody here is in disagreement with that but we all recognise that as as Christian health care providers and so on realize that we are Christ's And so we're on Christ's mission but the question is What does that look like and how does that work out and how far. Do you take that. How far do you take that why did God send His Son to the fallen world to make known and to demonstrate to mankind his love for them Christ came as a reader throughout his ministry he was to keep prominent his mission and that was to save center. God's purpose in committing to men and women the mission that he committed to Christ is to dis in tangle his followers from how much worldly policy all right disentangle his 5 so that means his followers are entangled. Caught up in. Spider Web stuck right. In worldly policy so he's committed it's to disentangle OS from that worldly policy and then give us a work that's identical the work that Christ it. That's our object right that's our object and there is some disentanglement that must happen in that process. And so we look at Jesus just as an example of one of these interactions and of course one that we can think of very prominently is the woman on the well at the well that I Siri very interesting you know interaction John chapter 4 beginning in verse 7. Here she is she's a Samaritan woman kind of you know not a very reputable past that she hands and she's coming to the water to draw at the well what time of day yeah mid day you don't go to the well to drop me a day it's just you know it's too hot it's dirty and dusty and so on and so for everybody comes in the morning everybody goes in the evening we'll. Know unless you don't want to meet anyone. Then you go at midday so she's there mid day and well she met someone and that someone said hey give me a drink. So and she saw him he dressed like a Jew He spoke like a Jew acted like a jerk she's a Samaritan So this is you know a big question what's going on how is it that you and you asked me for a drink and oh here is Jesus just perfect if you knew the gift of gone and who it is who says to you give me a drink you would have asked him and he would have given you living water. He just he just took that conversation it took the place where she was at and he just turned it right around and he said you know what you need something now right I'm asking for water you need it too but you need a different kind of water hang on she she is interested where do I get it right he presented something to her that she had a sheaf starting to feel a need for and so she's asking for it that's where we got to take the patients where they're asking for it right and to present it in such a way and so he presents it again he's getting he's responding in it so that she sees it from a different perspective Whoever drinks this water from this Wow Well thirst again but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never thirst but the water that I shall give him will become to and him a fountain of water springing up in the Everlasting Life Oh is that appealing. Is that a game absolutely So he's coming to her and he's pretty isn't anything something that is of value something that is a game here you've got something better for you right sir give me this water. And then she gets into another discussion and gets off track and you know he goes along with her for a little while and kind of brings her back and she says well I know them and Messiah is coming and well when he comes he's going to tell us all things. And the most clearest statement that Jesus ever gave of his own position is own nature to that woman at the well I'm him right Imam I'm that Messiah I who speak to you and he began to fall and so when we see that it's just a depiction just a description but it's one that we can enter into at our imaginations and go Ok well how would that work with a patient of ours you know if we're interacting with somebody how do we make them thirsty like that because God He said We are the salt of the earth and of course one of the functions of salt. It makes you thirsty Why do you think they have chips pretzels and all that kind of stuff at that the bar because the more you eat it the more thirst you get the more beer you're going to drink free paths pretzels but the very very. Right it makes you thirst for that. And we're told in medical ministry page 37 that the Redeemer expects our physicians to make the saving of souls their. Last work. 3rd work. 1st work right. The Redeemer expects our physicians to make the saving of souls their 1st were if they will walk and work at work with God in His love and fear they will receive leaves from the tree of life to give to the suffering his peace will go with them making them messengers of peace. So. I'm going to ask this question but we don't have enough time to really go through the whole thought experiment together right now but it's something that I want you to carry that thought experiment with you later and that is if your primary objective of your practice of your ministry of your it whatever you're involved in is the salvation of souls then how do you design that practice and that's a question that we've you know several out there the presenters have been asking this and I'm going to ask it to bring it down to the nitty gritty Mark family was mentioning the other night you know he was talking about the design you know and there's the example out there in the hallway of you know how do you design a waiting room and that's one of the questions that we can ask another question is Who would you hire. If you had your own office and you had your own staff and so on who would you hire if salvation was the primary focus how would you train them. How would they interact with the staff I mean I mean with the patients that are coming through how do you set up the Says a call environment what pictures do you put on the walls what literature do you have laying around how do you design. The schedule do you think the schedule has anything to do a salvation. Yeah we're going to go there all right so we must success in any line remain remembered demands a definite aim and when we consider that the Salvation of Souls is the primary purpose of our practices then we must aim for that and if we do. Everything changes. One of the problems is that we have accepted a false success a definition of success that is not true success. And how do I know we have accepted it because I can look at our practices and see how they function and they're not designed for salvation or they're not and so we have gone after and other success and when we aim at another success likely we're going to get it because you know we're pretty much we're pretty self actuate even we get things done and so on the problem is the definition and we need to redefine redefine what success is but there are a lot of threats to this this excess What are some of those threats Well one of those threats is worldly affix I don't know if you had this experience I mean I I went through. The I'm not going to other part. Choose your battles. I was taught in my training that it is it can potentially be an ethical situation to bring up spiritual issues with a patient because there is a disparity in power between the physician and the patient and so even approaching the topic of spirituality and religion and so on and so forth with a patient is actually coercion and if you ever heard that. I mean that was part of my ethics training. And and so on and so we have these things that we're been taught and so now we're afraid to approach it because. Well it might be an ethical I might actually be. You know involved in coercion and so on but what are we told well medical ministry page 40 our physicians need a deeper insight into the evangelistic work that God expects them to do oh hang on so if our ethics and what God expects us to do are in opposition to each other then what are we to. What does he expect us to do let them remember that if they do not work for the healing of the soul as well as for the healing of the body they are not following the example of the Met at the great medical missionary let them study the Word of God diligent diligently that they may be familiar with its promises and may be able in tenderness and love to point the centers to the great healer it was to bring spiritual as well as physical healing to this effect that our sanitariums were established that's the purpose for God's work I mean there were already hospitals and we have testimony saying that God did not develop you know he didn't bring our whole system about just that we might have hospitals and if they only function as hospitals then then they cease to. God ceases to see them as his own because that's not the purpose the purpose was for salvation it was for salvation of souls it was just a way of bringing that about. And that's why they were established and so so that's Gawd's ideal for it so the worldly aspects cannot divert us from this or at least it shouldn't then there is the threat of compartmentalization What's that well you know I have my church life I have my work life I have my my recreational life I have this part and that part and marry the 2 shall meet you know a church that is a church and work stays at work and so on and so forth and and so we compartmentalize and we never let things kind of run over from one aspect to the other but we're told and and review and help may find 1000 or 4 paragraphs 17 we're told our belief in Christ is not to be a casual believe but a belief that enters into how many parts of our life every part of our life right so this is got to go everywhere if you have compartments there needs to be a leaky spot. Where your belief in Christ leaks into average compartment if there are compartments not not that we need compartments but it needs to get into every part of that now we have the threat of worldly partnerships and I'm going to step on this but you know it's going to be uncomfortable for some. Sometimes we feel like we can't do the missionary work that God called us to do because our partners or our business owner or the hospital system that owns the practice or so on and so forth say I can't do it. Ok if that's the case are we walking in the Lord's pathway or are we walking in a pathway of our own choosing which is many times seems easier. Then the alternative because mind you God's way all ways seems harder at the beginning but ends up being easier in the long run whereas the ways that are not God's ways seem to be easier at the beginning and end up being harder in the long run well we're told in 2nd print in $640.00 Do not be unequally yoked together with believe. And we can go through Spirit of Prophecy and we can look at a ton of quotes that look at business partnerships and other types of things like that that we are not supposed to be n. because when we get into those other people have different perspectives different values and so on and they might try to limit your ministry because they don't see the need for it or they might see it as something that's dangerous and so on and so forth be not on equally yoked together with unbelievers for what fellowship has righteousness with Lama snus and what community has light with darkness so that's something that we must consider and we must put it in the context of our work environments to frame. And it's hard to think of because then we think of what in the world are we going to do lack of time that's another one that we look at Isn't that a threat to through to salvation isn't it I mean if you have 8 minutes with a patient you have 10 minutes of the patient 12 minutes 15 minutes even if you're blessed with 20 minutes with a patient are you inclined to open Pandora's box. And get into the emotional baggage where somebody might turn into tears in front of you and then you've got to mop things up. Ever been afraid of opening that box because you just didn't have time to do something about it. Well I'm my background is e.r. and I had a really interesting night you know sometimes you get trends. You know might be psych night or it might be g.i. night or it might be you know whatever what one of my shifts was tacky Cardia. I had somebody that was in with it with sign a stack of cardio from dehydration and another one that was in Sac it was an sinus tag Cartier because they were in sepsis at another one that was in cardiac because they had toxic osis they were in thyroid storm I had another one that was in atrial flutter and I had another one that was what was the thing I had 5 just rhythm is going on all of them tacky this really matters and everyone you treat slightly differently. What do we have a v. tech that only you might have been right so so here we have a strip of the tack I mean the 5th story. That person with the fear. Is going to die if you don't do something about it and the reason that they're going to die is not because the heart is not beating it's because it's beating. Too fat. Disorganized and too fast it's not enough time for the chambers to open up and allow blood to get into the heart in order to cause forward movement of the heart you get to a certain point and the faster the heart rate goes the less blood flow you have the less cardiac output. And that's true physiologically and it's also true spiritually when your practice becomes too fast the faster it becomes the last effective you become spiritually and you cannot address the issues the issues a spiritual issues that the individuals have because you just don't have the time and so the enemy designs the system around payments around people around all sorts of I mean there's a lot of good things that you can look out from it but the enemy designs the system so that it's so fast that you cannot. Address the spiritual issues of your patients. So the question is do we just keep going on with it I mean there are really good recommendations for praying with your patients and all that kind of stuff and I absolutely agree do it absolutely and I started incorporating that in my practice in some an e.r. and when I was doing family practice also and and turn it on Tobago and I was incorporating it and I had patients that love me and so on and so forth and 5 years later after I left they were still you know when are you coming back I want you to be my doctor. Sure it makes a difference but I I couldn't point to a single individual that I had had an interaction with in my clinic in my office in practice and so on that I had ever led to Christ not one I couldn't think of one. I just didn't have. Time didn't have time. So how busy are you and is that threat your threat to and then of course there's financial considerations we look at it we go. You realize that if I schedule things differently for a salvation context I might have to schedule like one appointment every hour I might only see 8 patients a day. What's that going to do the bottom line there's financial considerations there and of course we end up you know with a lot of educational debt and then housing and vehicle debt and living above our means debt and so on and so forth so there are fears financial considerations but I remind you had to in verse 8 the silver mine in the gold is mine says the Lord of Hosts it's all his you don't have a problem with money that's not his problem and Philippians 419 says My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus I mean gold is asphalt. That's not a problem for him. His problem is not money it's not finances it's faith. Will we believe and will we step out in faith for the one here for him. And will we do so putting our south in the pathway of uncertainty so we must be comes to the Christians in our practice and salty stands for one ass is schedule sufficient time as as as practitioners when we need we must schedule sufficient time. A we need to ask heart questions strike the things that that might open Pandora's box and people might cry those are the questions that we need to ask. Now we need to live the gospel you know live the gospel are sounds because you can't give what you don't have t. we need to treasure the promises you got to treasure the promises because those are. Wow it's powerful and I'm going to get into each of these here in just a 2nd and then I need to invite them to believe. And I invite them to believe so so ask me schedule sufficient time a we ask hard questions our we live the gospel t. we treasure the promises and I we invite them to believe so let's just dive a little bit into each of those we don't have a lot of time to get and really and dabbed but. Let's just go for it so what about schedule insufficient time we are where we're told in councils on health page 42 says the pressure and rush of business must not lead to an intellect to the work of souls in. The pressure and rush of business must not lead to a neglect of the work of soul saving must not. Question is does it for you it doesn't if it does it must not and that leaves us at the precipice of change what do we do about it. And I can tell you that that that. I remember standing on the edge of the cliff in the dark can't see anything and God saying jump. And I don't know how far it was below and what the landing was like or anything I didn't know what my reputation would be like I didn't know where the finances would come time I didn't know how my school loans would get paid off I didn't know I didn't know. But these things were God was convicting me with these things and I realized that I must make a change I can't continue doing things the way that I have and frankly I got to the point after a couple of years of fighting with God and this conviction that I realized that if I continued fine he was gone and doing what I was doing I was going to walk away from him. And that the only way to stay with him was to jump and I'm not saying that that that's everybody else's situation just telling my story and you know on how conviction led but but but that's where I was the pressure in the rush of business must not lead to a neglect of the work of soul saving it is well to minister to the physical wants of our fellow man but if ways are not sound to let the light of the Gospel shine forth to those who come how is God glorified by our work that's the purpose it's the object it's got to be the aim so we've got a man there we've got an aim there so in scheduling sufficient time ask God how much time do I need to schedule with each patient in order to have maximum impact for eternity because that's really the the important thing is that maximal impact for eternity it's got to be there it's got to be the central aspect of our practice is to rearrange your practice with this in mind and if you can't well we'll get to that next your money if you cannot do so because of colleagues or whoever owns the practice or maybe you're a mid-level and you're working with HIV physicians or physician group and you can't just do your own thing. Well pray about where the Lord would have your practice and what set in he would have you practice and it may have to be that you look at developing your own practice or changing who you're working with. Or something entirely crazy like going to a lifestyle center when I was a crazy thing the war led me to right. And you know getting into into that setting which is. But God set up for these last days right and be true to that purpose God has for you that's the aim go for it be true to it don't don't give end to the thought or the idea or the temptation it's too hard. It's not. It's same to Israel to be too hard to be all at out of Egypt I mean they were complaining up one by one side and down the other with all these plagues that were happening especially the 1st 3 because they were objects of it too right and then when they get off into the world of medicine and and God is free in them liberating them from Egypt and they're there between the mound the mountain the sea and the army. You brought us out here to kill us and then to God open the pathway on dry land to the sea. The Egyptian army wiped out and now they're out there wilderness and they haven't gone thirsty yet but you know all the supplies get low so they're complaining. And Morrow didn't have good water. All their food supplies start getting low and they start complaining again are we any better than Israel. You know you know. Ways they complain and they went forward sometimes we don't come plan to move forward we knew just stay were not. Be true to the purpose gone has for it is not too hard God will make a way he will make a way for everyone who steps forward in faith. They ask those hard questions and taught a ministry of healing in page 244 in 245 that sympathy and tact will often prove a greater benefit to the sick and then well the most skillful treatment given in a cold and different way. When the love and sympathy that Christ manifested for the sick is combined with the physicians knowledge now is a physician's knowledge important absolutely yes yes yes but there must be there must be love and sympathy that's combined with that when that's the case his very presence will be a blessing very presence will be a blessing Ah yes and patients are longing for that they're looking for isn't it so ask those hard questions what ask them what are their greatest challenges what are the greatest stressors What are the greatest losses that you have ever faced in your life. Get down to the bottom of where they have been and walk through it with them right identify with and if you've been through any of those things that they bring up that they've been through it's Ok to say oh hey. Me too me too I've been there too right I've been through that valley I like you Doc you know. You struggle with anger. Yeah let me tell you about that one. And how many years it took to get over that you know. Identify with them ask them those questions open Pandora's Box It's Ok to do that what is your source of strength what keeps you going on right where do they identify that that that they're getting help that they're getting strength and so on and so forth that gives you an idea where you can get a hook to work with them you know now you see what they wave in through you see the bad stuff in life but you also see the things that motivate them and that gives you a lot to work with now and a partnership with them and moving forward right how often do you cry or feel like. You ever asked your patients that one. Rasher spouse one Yeah that's it's a it's a very sensitive conversation piece. And for many of your patients if you ask that question guess what they'll do cry cry because the very emotion now comes to the surface and if they don't cry if they laugh you know what that is that's a defensive mechanism because laughing and crying are kind of the same level of kind of emotional significance and so if they laugh that's a way of trying to keep themselves from crying and responding to the same kind of emotional turmoil that's going on inside All right so how often you cry how often you feel like crying What do you hope for in the future right is there something is there is there hope that's there and that's so vitally important because when they're going through the hallow of the losses in the stressors and the challenges. There is a very thin dividing line between suicide and surrender between those who will in the dark pit of their life will give up their life and die or give up their life and surrender and then begin to live and the dividing line between between suicide and surrender is hope it's hope the ones that me that have no but still have a seed of hope are the ones who surrender and go forward if they don't have hope. What's there to live for. So you want to know where there aren't you want to know what's going on what gives you the greatest sense of confort and purpose in life right there people don't live for the sake of living. Someone wisely said if that was the case you could plant them in the corner give them food give them water give them sunshine give them all a kind of stuff and they'd be happy. Are you Would you be happy in a jail cell we're getting all of your needs met I mean from that standpoint. Because you live for the sake of purpose. And they do too and you want to know what that isn't and help them to understand what that is as well we got to ask those hard questions get into the lives of the patients and their hearts and what's going on. Al we need to live the gospel. Again where we are told in councils on health page 351 it says the physician who has received wisdom from above who knows that Christ as his personal Savior because he had self has been led to the refuge knows how to deal with the trembling guilty since 6 olds who turn to Him for help. You've got to have a living experience yourself in the Gospel and salvation in transformation and so on because because you can't lead them along the way by giving them directions on the map you can't. You have to give them I witness an eyewitness accounts along the way and say Ok well when you get to the old rickety shack over here that's when you turn that way in and when you're you know you've got to be down the pathway before before you can leave them there he can respond with assurance to the inquiry What must I do to be say. He can tell the story of the Redeemer's love he can speak from experience of the power of repentance and faith as he stands by the bedside of the sufferers striving to speak Words that will bring him help and comfort the Lord works with him and through Him we must have a living example a living experience in our own lives that surrender of that transformation of the new life in Christ Christ in your. The hope of glory. So in living the Gospel we need to remember remember we you cannot give what you do not have it is impossible for any creature in this world and in all of God's creation to give what they don't have it's foundational fundamental so so if you if you only have a knowledge of God and you have don't have an experience that has transformed your life and saved you from san and self and so on and so forth then all you can lead them to is the same knowledge without the transformation and like Jesus said of the fair seas who go all the way around the world to win a single convert and make him twice the son of hell as you are. That's what we do if we don't have the experience because we can only give what we have. We must have that experience ourselves must we must. So that experience in the Gospel are sad is necessary in order to lead others in that same living experience of them. And so in order to do so we must spend quality time in quantity quality time never comes without quantity. Carter have quantity. People were all about quality time right quality this quality that quality the other thing and so on and so far is just an excuse just language and whatever next excuse for being busy and not taken the time to do whatever Oh yeah I have quality time with Ok. Quality time with the children are really ask them. What is quality time with their children. It's quantity time with their child that's quality and its the same thing in a relationship with God as well it quality time is in quantity and so we spend time with him taking that love that we need that we might give that love away to others and we do so in prayer we do so in reading the word we do so in complaining contemplating the life of Christ and so on and so forth but that takes time and self gets in the way and we trip over self a lot of that time in that process but we got to spend time with Jesus come close to him and draw close to him because in doing so he is. He changes our very hearts are very desires why is it that we are we are petition to ask him to keep asking and to be like that persistent neighbor knocking on the door at midnight or the woman seeking for justice from the unjust judge why do we need to persist because persistence changes. Changes are done changed dog was very interested in giving us the answer but it changes us in a way that we need to be changed and we will all me really advocate that which we do the research has shown that very clearly if you actually are size you will advocate outside your patience if you eat well you will have this advocate a healthy diet your patience if you're not doing those things you're not going to advocate it and if you are not spending significant quality time in quantity with a large you're not going to advocate to that to your patients either. You can only give what you have. T. we need to treasure the promises treasure the promises this comes from ministry of healing page 121122 says a physician has precious opportunities for directing his patients to the promises of God's word he has to bring from the treasure house things new and old now of course Solomon told us there is nothing new under the sun but it might be presented in a new way it's old information but it's presented in a new way but if it's going to be presented in a new way it must come to you in a new way so you've got to spend time with it you've got to spend time thinking about it you've got to allow the Holy Spirit to to to work on your mind as you cooperate with the spirit so that he might bring it to you in a different package so that you can give that different package to your patients. Speaking here and there the words of comfort and instruction that are longed for let the physician make his mind a storehouse of fresh thoughts let him study the Word of God diligently that he may be familiar with its promises let him learn to repeat the comforting words that Christ spoke during His earthly ministry when giving his lessons and healing the sick he should talk of the works of healing Rob by Christ Oh they're beautiful all they really are they're wonderful and hardly one of them was the same Jesus mixed up all over the place one time he spat in some guy's face while on the ground and fish you know at another time you know he touches them another time he speaks to them another time we don't even speak to him Don't even go there so you believe Ok it's done for you and so on but it's beautiful talk of his healing Rob by Christ and His tenderness and love never should never should he neglect to direct the minds of his patients to Christ the chief physicians how many times. Avar. That means not a single patient gets through. Mind you right never means not us Ingo patient gets through with out directing their minds to the chief of the ship Now some might not be willing to go there that's Ok they have the right to not go there right it's not like you push it down their throat and force them into any of that kind of stuff no it's not about pushing It's about being salty. It's about presenting things in such a way that they long for it right they realize their need of it and they ask for it the same power that Christ exercise when he walked visibly among men is in his words it was by his word that Jesus healed disease and cast out demons by his word he's still this sea and raise the dead and the people bar witness that His Word was with power he spoke the word of God as he had spoken to all the prophets and teachers of the Old Testament the whole Bible is a manifestation of Christ the scriptures are to be received and I love this I really love this actually the scriptures are to be received as God's word to us not written merely by its spoken. What if you had Jesus standing in front of you and he said be here. How would faith take hold of that word. That's exactly as we can take hold of that word when we read in his word be right because he's not just peeking at them he's speaking to us when the afflicted ones came to Christ he beheld not only those who ask for help but all throughout the ages who should come to him in like need and with like faith. When he said to the paralytic son be of good cheer that I Since be forgiven they when he said to the woman of Capernaum daughter be a good comforter they have faith that may they all go in peace he spoke to other afflicted sin burden ones who should seek his help so with all the promises of God's Word how many of the promises of them all of them in them he is speaking to us individually speaking as directly as if we could listen to his voice spew don't you like it. Anybody here not like it. I like it it's beautiful it is in these promises that Christ communicates to us His grace and power there leaves from the tree which is for the healing of the nations receive the simulated they are to be the strength of the character the inspiration and sustenance of life not seen ousts I'm sorry surgery doesn't come close. Came out therapy doesn't come close medication doesn't come close arms don't come close hydrotherapy does not come close diet and exercise do not come close to the promises of God's word nothing else can have such healing power nothing no us. Nothing besides can impart the courage and faith which gives vital energy to the whole being. Beautiful So we treasure those promises if they are feeling on love there Jeremiah $3013.00 I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore loving kindness I have done you if they're dealing with fear Isaiah 4110 fear not for I am with you be not dismayed for I'm your God I will strengthen you yes I will help you know a lot hold you with my righteous right hand if they're dealing with failure flippy As for 13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me if they're dealing with guilt 1st on one eye and says If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from how much. All unrighteousness and if they're feeling abandoned here is 135 tells us and my tells us that he will never leave us nor 1st take us that's right and if they're bitter and they're dealing with that efficiency for 31 and 32 says Let all bitterness wrath bitterness wrath anger clamor and evil speaking be put away from me with all malice and be kind to one another tender hearted forgiving one another even as God in Christ forgave you maybe they're having trouble overcoming temptation while we're told 1st Corinthians 1013 no temptation has overtaken you accept such as common of men but God is faithful who not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also make the way. That's right you don't have to give in Christ is there to give you the strength maybe they're looking for a victory and Jude $24.00 tells them that. He will keep you from falling and a present you faultless before his presence with exceeding joy and they're looking for salvation while John 316 says For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Praise God they their promises for average situation that they face learn the promises know the promises made they be a part of you so that they can just flow out to them. And if you just start with one that's Ok that one will become your mantra and then you'll have you know and then you'll pick up a 2nd one and then you pick up a 3rd one and then you have to pick up a 4th one and then eventually you realize you got a whole bunch of them because you start recognizing more issues that people are coming with and more promises that directly speak to those issues take up that word of God and use it in your practice then finally I invite them to believe. The physician can do a noble work if he is connected with the great physician to the relatives of the sick though whose hearts are full of sympathy for the sufferer he may find opportunity to speak the words of life and he can soothe and uplift the mind of the sufferer by leading him to look to the one who can save to the uttermost all who come to Him for salvation when the Spirit of God works on the mind of the elected one leading him to enquire for truth let the physician work for the precious soul as Christ would work for it. Point him to Jesus as the center part means if you're angels of God will impress them you aren't working alone you're never working alone God's always working with you he's sending the angels he's sending the Holy Spirit he's working along with you know a patient that comes to your practice comes to your practice by accident. They didn't just slip into your office. Oh and it up here. If God allowed them there is a part is for him allowing them to come even if the enemy might have sent them as an emissary But you know the enemy sent the demoniacs to Jesus. And it turned out really well right and it can for us too we just have to realize that we've got to recognize it we need to go there and do that so when you help them see that gaunt is the source of all that they need then help them actually size faith by putting their trust in God that they may personally accept or take what he's freely offering for it from. You. Do they need love hatch. Can they produce love you know that's why they need it so that there has to be a source of love and it's not others because they need it to. So there's going to be a source and that's God and God is exactly the love that you need because if it wasn't then we'd all be dead. Even by natural selection and by them to put their trust and hope in Christ as the all the solution to their greatest names. We've got to make them thirsty for God thirsty for him because we meet we need to present him in such a way that they see that he's the love that they need. Right there he is to do this you must have done so yourself remember you've got to live that yourself as the woman talked with Jesus she was impressed with those words and as the past of her life had been spread out before her she had been made sensible of her great want she realized her soul thirst which the waters of the well as sicker could not and could never satisfy nothing that had hitherto come in contact with her had so awakened her to a higher need Jesus had convinced her that he read the secrets of her life yet she felt that he was her friend pitying and loving her while the very purity of his presence condemned her sin he had spoken no word of denunciation but had told her of his grace that could Renu the soul she began to have some conviction of his character the question arose in her mind might doubt not this be the long look for Messiah she said to him I know the Messiah cometh which is called Christ and when he comes he will tell us all things and Jesus answered higher that speak unto thee. Such thirst. Now to be quenched So let us be salty practitioner's asked schedule insufficient time as a asking hard questions out living the Gospel to the treasure in the promises I inviting them to believe. That their 3rd 1st may be quenched in the water of life Jesus Christ. The physician who understands the responsibility and accountability of his position will feel the necessity of Christ's presence with him and his work for those for whom such a sacrifice has been made he will subordinate average thing to the higher interest which concern the life that may be saved on to the life eternal he will do all in his power to save both the body and the soul and he will try to do this very work that Christ would do where he in his place this is ition who loves Christ and the souls for whom He christ died will seek earnestly to bring into the sick room a leaf from the tree of life he will try to break the bread of life to the sufferer not withstanding the obstacles and difficulties to be met this is the solemn sacred work of the medical profession This my friends is our calling and each is left with the question of whether they will follow Christ in his work or not whether we will continue on the pathway of seemingly least resistance or whether we will weigh well slam against the flow whether we will follow him in developing a practice that will make patience thirst for the Gospel that will maximize salvation for souls This is our jackets and our purpose. And if you are looking for more analogy it's store. Things that you can use concepts that you can use with your patients to help them to see the love of God and and so on and so far there are very I mean there's tons of resources we can go through spirit of prophecy and so on and so forth. There's another resource. That vailable kind of a shameless plug for. The book The Law of Life hailing from disease depression and damage relationships it's available on Amazon and so on but it has a lot of principles that you can use and that process a lot of stories a lot of illustrations and so on the patients can can talk on to. And I tell you before I went to the lifestyle center before I had time with patients and so on and so forth I didn't lead a single individual to Christ that I know of and I be individuals that are and have been because of influence and so on and so forth but that I know of that I let it lead to Christ now it's frequent it's frequent in my office that I have somebody surrendering their heart to Christ that that they're they're giving up their sense that they're choosing to believe that that they see a God of love and so on and so forth and that's what he wants and and it's beautiful and I will never go back to the old practice I want I can't because I found a better land and I pray that as you follow God and your own practice in your own way and so on and so forth you might find that better land that you look at and you also never go back either. Let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father we thank you. We thank you that you're a God who loves us so much. And Lord is as we consider these things as we prayerfully consider them as we sit back and look at our practices in what we are doing and what we should be doing and. What you would have us to do as we think of that aim for the salvation of souls and. And how we might participate in that most important thing and design our practices around it Lord we ask for your Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us we know that you lead gently not too fast not too slow. That you that you take things at a good pace and. You don't drive us along you're the great shopper that leads the sheep drives them and sometimes you just carry them. Lord thank you for being that great Shepherd be that great shepherd in our lives that we might be good under shepherds in the lives of our patients and that we might have that aim of salvation for souls and that we might be salty practitioners. Helping others thirst for Christ we pray in Jesus name and in. 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