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Belonging and Be Living: Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Ron du Preez



  • February 21, 2006
    6:45 PM
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everybody is welcome back to our walk with the Lord 's word last two meetings we've had two phrases we hope you could've remembered is not school district you and remind you of them left Christ in and he'll cleanse you from sin even if they look me left Christ in annual coalitions you from sin sometimes use the big word justification by faith that's what we were talking about following that we talked about the concert of sanctification grow in the Lord by the light of his word even asserted with me grow in the Lord by the light of his word let us pray holy father bless us now here as we spend again sometime this evening in your holy Word help us to learn what you would have us note this evening so that we can better reflect Jesus Christ in his name we pray amen you might avoid the story of the kid who is a mother dating two quarters and said the Sunday morning one quarter is for you spend it however you want to the other one is to put in the offering plates and so as this kid was going he was playing with the quarter you know walking down the side of the road and as he was walking the quarter slipped and fell and rolled and he said all all and if relevant it would write into a drain into the storm drain anything are all there goes the Lords quarter to know sometimes we are like that little child largely we always Alex to see what we can get what we can benefit how we can have more and more what last year January two thousand and five Time magazine had a special issue front Congress said the science of happiness for the next sixteen pages devoted to the study of how science has now dug in and investigated how and why people are happy in all aspects of life amazing incredible studies that they now compiled and put into Time magazine last year one of the people who did some studying with somebody would originally come from Russia to the United States when she was a ten -year-old girl her name is Sonia view more with the get the name right if Sonia view below Minsky originally from Russia he says which came at the age of ten she couldn't believe it as she looked around she was fascinated by all the smiles that greeted her in the USA development of Russia you will remember people quite stoic man and she said it was according about forward it was solely a year everybody was smiling and cheerful what has funded well she decided to go and study this whole issue and she got a grant from the national institutes of health to study the issue of happiness she is currently a psychologist at the University of California at Riverside not to far from here I believe in you as you found out the slugger came up with one of the things that helps to boost happiness I'm reading out from Time magazine one is the gratitude journal one of these you discovered you want to get people to be happy have them write a gratitude journal what is that a diary in which subjects write down things for which they are thankful Sonia has found that taking the time to conscientiously can once a week significantly increase the subject 's overall satisfaction with life overview of six weeks what is the control that did not keep Journal had no such gain for further gratitude exercise can do more than one mood at the University of California Davis psychologist Robert Emmons found that gratitude in two different physical health you want to be healthier be grateful also gratitude raises energy levels you have more energy when you grateful and for patients with neuromuscular disease guess what folks gratitude relieves pain and fatigue in focus yet the medical institution 's fascinating things they are discovered to what they have done enough they have suggested eight things eight steps toward a more satisfying life on the run to the very briefly because it's fascinating as you read what Time magazine is putting together from the science of happiness then we'll go into what the Bible teaches it's interesting to listen to these eight steps toward a more satisfying life according to these psychologists from their study number one count your blessings to me it sounds like the Bible does that count their blessings never to practice act of kindness and they suggested it would randomly get the checkout counter move the mother with a crying baby behind your faith go-ahead and and just run the next and also regular act of kindness so that's number to practice at the kindest number three savor the joys of life yes even as a little chilly today as I looked out of magnificent mountains I and joy in Michigan is flat black and cold when you you have both warmth and beautiful mountains with snowcapped a well number four thanked the men far thanks how many was that a lot of leave to you somebody was really help you in your life this is vital from the secular science from psychologists folks number five learn to four p.m. interesting and it sounds like the Bible know they these are psychologists that are suggesting you want to be happy these are the things number one count of blessing summer to practice act of kindness number three to save her life joys number four thank a mental number five learn to forgive number six invest time and energy in family and friends contrary to what we've often might be thinking if I want to be happy I bet a vest I myself know invested in others number six there is number seven take care of your body I think that means what plenty of sleep exercise stretching smiling laughing all enhance your mood day so they suggest practicing that regularly and find the number eight developed strategies for coping with stress and hardship of lead further there is no avoiding part-time religious faith has been shown to help people cope interesting and they talk further about it that you begin to suspect no to more about this idea of religious faith they say the heading year on another page religious people have are less stress and happy here then nonbelievers and research is beginning to explain why they're interesting as I did as I read this magazine I thought this is exciting information listen carefully studies show that the more a believer incorporates validity to daily living what that means attending services like you are tonight reading Scripture and praying the better off he or she appears to be on to may you all happiness with the two measures the frequency of positive emotions and overall sense of satisfaction with life attending services have a particularly strong correlation feeling happy and religious certainty the fence on unshakable faith in God and of one's movies so very interesting here is what Time magazine has put together from what the scientists have discovered if you want to be happy with all go to the word of God let's see what the Bible tells us a quick review Little did I think that the forty three verse one because it captures just in one verse what we have looked at the past two meetings a quick review of Isaiah type of forty three was one and also to set the tone for some of the things the word of God will show us this evening I say except the forty three verse one I'm reading from the new King James version again but now that says the Lord who created you O Jacob and he will form your Israel fear not for I have redeemed you I've called you by your name you are my son elected over the ancient Israel hold on folks the Bible talks about believers in Christ are called spiritual Israel we are Israel to cancel the supply stuff as well and are two things that come out of this birthrate was the God visit I have created you and I have redeemed you yes two things very vital and we talked about that in our last couple of meetings because we have been redeemed we choose to have the right relationship with our Redeemer that's why we should let Christ in and you'll cleanse you from certain and on the other side we say yes once you've accepted Jesus Christ and of our relationship then we make a covenant commitment with the creator that's only at that second phrase that talks about will him will okay the whole life easier the two things are both universal and it ends up with three words you are mine with God both by creation and by redemption now if we belong to God here's the question if we belong to God how are we then going to live if we are belonging to God how will we be living for God that's the question I want to address this evening due to complete his other scientists in the sky magazine corroborates confirm what we find in the Bible so let's go now to change that the one verse seventy offers real birth on off-topic Isaiah was just a reminder a review of what we've had in the past to a large degree let's not go to James chapter one verse seventeen is looking to talk about this evening the longing and the living what does that mean if God says you are mine what are the implications for us as Christians Jane Stepper one verse seventeen says every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and come down from the father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning in a nutshell everything you have everything I have all come somewhere from God rights in a certain sense folks you and I are you want to use the term stewards that's the old English term right nowadays when we think of is the business manager with the immortal little more typhoons and we are all see if a loose what is that chief financial officers God has put in our care all kinds of wonderful gifts and I will briefly mention for them they all start with a T in case you are apt to forget him write down all the basic categories of people that God has put in my care and in Yorkshire as chief financial officers of what he's putting out to first the first peak is what I call the Temple the Temple and you know that deficit talks about your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit would talk about that's an entire message devoted to the Temple conflict was going to three to sixteen and seventy is an example of that that's the first people to talk about it this evening the second T we use the word talents God has given every human being at certain kind of talent or more than one come to do the kids spiritual gifts would ever talk about that one hold evening also without a thought whether this evening the first one is what temple the second one is what talents of the Temple and the talent will spend an entire message on gifts what does this meet what kind of spiritual gifts we'll talk about that later on and you can see that specifically prescribed is twelve and forty three chapter their talk about this gift now I would like to look at the third key and Broadway Avenue suite body every human being has an equivalent amount of this talent that starts with the with the tea and what is that time you arrive time of it within a few minutes here on the issue of time so turn with me now to Ephesians chapter five very interesting first I looked for other verses that give this idea but this is the only one I could find it in my Bible that specifically talks about the importance of using the food category of gifts category number one was the Temple number two is what number three is time to give a talk by the time to show time let's look at verse fifteen Ephesians chapter five verse fifteen see then that you walk circumspect league what was the walking physical walking go back to the first verse of that chapter was the context therefore Ephesians five is one be imitators of God as dear children and walk in love as Christ also has not done so obviously she's not like your spiritual walk right is not a physical walk that go back down to verse fifteen see you then that you walk circumspectly not as fools but as why I don't either there is it continues to sixteenth meeting me know what redeeming the time because the days are lots of days are evil one translation says of this week making the best use of time I would share with your story and personal friend that's going shame and I remember he is so passionate he loves the Lord so much he has a full-time job but because you love the Lord so much he became the leader in his church working with the people encouraging them to share the gospel and he was working and working and spending time in leaving out the self-worth and he was doing more and more because he wanted to maybe we gave the time and even further and further guess what folks he was married yet to kids and they were way up on the other and I remember hearing that his wife was not very happy in brief she was so angry that if her parents had lived closer she would've left in I had the opportunity to find out that there was a problem here sometimes we get so passionate about doing right that we do is wrong that's a danger that it is never too many of us as far as I know but we talked about it make a long story short he realized that the him on the phone one evening when he was expected after I told your situation is desperate what he didn't call the doctor he said sorry I cannot be there tonight to family crisis and human health he went on with his wife he confessed killer apologized and asked for forgiveness and may play just as invalid his wife when the couple of regaining the title would not talk about the fanatical we talk about balancing our life folks and you know it is interesting the next day the same wife who wanted to leave him with regard to adaptive she said honey can we get ready to go to the meeting tonight to hear what I said tonight he was not excited because he got the balance right in his life we got it make sure we don't go to extremes that I know there are people what you see them driving driving without they they trying to utilize every minute of their time and how are they driving driving with what cell phone to the EA they call it multitasking right and if they come at the state level Summit award you they say that when you drive with your cell phone on apparently your three to four times as liable to have an accident it's even worse than drinking alcohol I'm not suggesting you and drink rather than your cell phone okay they violent bag don't do that especially talking about how dangerous it is there so many people that are trying to redeem the time the wrong way multitasking is fun if you can do it safely don't do it where other people can be hurt I tried experiment of that myself and I won't bore you with the details but at home while cycling on my bike I got my computer in front of the kind being my e-mail I'm studying and cycling indoors yes and I'm able to do more than one theater thing time of course my wife came and said they do not helping around the house enough site the little table to him a full laundry a thirty miles an hour and folks my wife was happier now but you know we do not hire your shorts on blue the table the constant over the bike and I now can I ensure it's at fifteen miles an hour and I do but we should fly warm-up you know thoughts but with multitasking can be a fun thing to do I gave it as long as you do it safely redeeming the time I'm really not talking about that but this is an example that difficult some of the things some of us do it because we feel we are so busy we have so little time to get a full at the Emirates on the thing all I'm just killing time folks time lost is never regained you use it or you want use it so be careful I remember when I come out of college is not for you to study I remember sitting down one day because I realize how important time was and I took a piece of paper and I charted how much time I was using for what ever activities every day for all weeks time from you folks I was shocked I couldn't believe how much time I was wasting I challenge you to do that sit down one bit and chart where and how you are using the time that God has put in your care it might be an eye-opener it might be a revelation all I'm suggesting is prioritize and balance your life so that you can best reflect the love of Jesus don't go overboard either direction I just be very careful of serving the Lord to the extent that you lose your family or on the other hand doing nothing to use it I don't know enough I spent all my time with my family balance balance your life but with the number four this is the one whenever we talk about how to be would be living for the Lord house to be used but he's given us people always think of the fourth tee spotted one of the first three 's Key number one all probability number two Donovan got to number three time when using number four is to raise fares how your right treasurer 's number four go with me now to Deuteronomy chapter eight verse seven is gone to when he was providing for those Israelites a beautiful home God knew right away that it would be a problem if you send them many provided for this wonderful land flowing with milk and honey and so now look what God warns cautions reminds these people about as they are going in Deuteronomy separate verse seven says for the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land a land of brooks of water fountains us and springs that flow out of valleys and hills for sight of land of wheat and barley of vines and fig trees and pomegranates a land of olive oil and honey colored in which you will eat bread without scarcity in which you will lack nothing outlined the stones are iron and out of whose hills you can dig copper when you have eaten and are full they use jobless the Lord your God for the good land which he has given you birth eleven D where heritage is the danger beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping his Commandments is just any statutes which I command you today less when you have eaten at all full and have built beautiful houses and dwell in them but was fourteen when your heart is that the probably noticed pride you and you forget the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage who did were seventy and that you save your how hard my power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth is the danger the danger of try all possessions of Iraq in the present extreme case once of this I open sessions and pride of accomplishment how this is the danger that even for those of us who work for the Lord you have ideas all I outstretched has had so many baptisms we are the best we are the greatest it can happen even in religious leaders to be careful and try no matter what you do you can become proud okay this is a no stopping it be careful it reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar was it is a display element that are have dealt to the state he made our show your picture here briefly because here is a picture of the fruits of victory and I wanted to mention this because the last year something happened in New York and that this was to runners who ran twenty six two miles this was the end of the race boats after running a full marathon they came in the canyon right here Paul Terra got the South African right here in Ramallah they came in one less than one third of a second apart after running twenty six two miles less than affluent opposite end up three two four those want to be mathematically correct and I went and I read to see what Coulter got said and I've read about it before a humble man usually said she wrote it down he said this when I hit the tape that's the first time I knew I would win you don't find you both think I have the greatest he is the fastest marathon runner in the world he holds the world record five times cross-country champion in the world he is one of the most incredible runners ever but you don't find imposing I am the greatest it wasn't actually years ago kept one hi and the greatest but he didn't want talking about but this is as I thought about this runner the world 's fastest you didn't think I knew I was in a beat him I only knew ultimately one thing that they are both incredible as I've read about this gentleman or go not over thinking back to the Bible I found shipment illustration on a runner who just isn't the frolic both full-time graffiti and you remember the Lord your God for it is he who gives you power to get well God is the one who gives you power to get well folks so you know a guy that he knew we stand in danger of always thinking we are the ones who have made ourselves wealthy so God instituted a very intelligent on the God-given plan that would work and what is it just six sappers later I got introduced a plan to help everyone to remember that it is he who blesses us for the next step is down now to Deuteronomy chapter fourteen according to the forty students hear God now instituted a plan for everyone how to constantly remember that it is he who provides us with well get on the type of fourteen verse twenty two you shall truly truly tithe all the increase of your grain that the field produces every year tied all your increase yes God says attempts you must return to me now you'll notice this evening I will not say we should be tied we should give it five you cannot do that to you is impossible to play inside is it possible to give five wow why must thing that ties can only be returned to me not the Amalekites at the three fifty as you can see what God says his thoughts as the tithe belongs to me the book of Malachi chapter dear Malachi records the wood of the words of God was very strong land leads very strong language yes it was not only when a man wrongly gone okay if you have robbed me but the context and so what is going to talk about yet you have robbed me he says how in what way have we robbed you to take in ties and offerings and he goes on your cursed with a curse for you have robbed me even this whole nation and then got confused bring all the tithe into the storehouse some recent Odette Old Testament open which is reiterated the New Testament Jesus reaffirms up and looking back at twenty three and the purpose of this is to spread the gospel in first Corinthians chapter nine it comes a very clearly typing is still a biblical principles bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be food in my house and try me now in this by going to the Bible God challenges me and used to testing improving to try him in this says the Lord of hosts if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it incredible power to backup to a story I shared with you the very first night when I shared that very first day virtuous Valentine I shared with you how I met my wife Linda we were in South Korea working a student missionaries to stop the story where we met and got married and so I can tell you some of the rest of the story which ownership with right now she's the one who working in Korea we had to month terms and in the end with five classes each two-month terms with it I was there for fourteen months to even calculate at the end of every term and every class homes every class without a party and they would bring a gift for the teacher so over time would him the late nineteen seventies Linda and I calculated that we had received more than two thousand US dollars with the gifts and here we were now just about ready to set out on our honeymoon and as I reflected on that passage you must bring a type of all your increase movement that we have been blessed by these wonderful gifts incidentally one of which you come to our house you feel like you have beautiful place oriental vice we still have some of his precious treasures I think when we do we need to be dramatized unfortunately the students had brought us money but immediately said well we have money set aside for our honeymoon honeymoon money yes let's take out of the honeymoon money and will put two hundred dollars return of a faithful type to the Lord in gratitude for his gifts we decided to do that God is testing out and we said okay will do that Lord you said we should will test you so we set up on our honeymoon how we got married in South Korea and I wanted my wife to get to meet the rest of my family and friends so we went to South Africa and we went down to the city Nevis is one of the stories identified to share all of them but we went to a town where my father had been a pastor of the next fifteen years before and when we arrive as it was coming by train I said to my new wife Linda you have to place that loves to have taken you one is the tango pays own sworn the town is famous for two things ten bouquets and secondly ostrich farms I said those of the two things I wish I could've taken YouTube but we don't have the money because we return the faithful type tentative order to I just wish I could but will go to the to the place where I lived as a kid I'll take it to the stone project that my dad built a look around the town you know and so forth this is enough interesting things you can kind of look at and we arrived at the train station and my buddy him I have found in a quartet within many years before I was first energy was basic and he was the pastor that got any certificate showed it to because of regarding these VW bug and as we were driving away standard to me today one of the individuals wrong I decided I'd like to take you to the rectangle case today and I reflected but that we cannot afford about if the token is somewhat like Carlsbad Caverns okay she's beautiful stalactites in stock Mike is so large that the Vienna boys choir had a closet in one of the caves it was so used to have enough place for the audience as well I wish the good taken revenge had before I could interject something about it with you my guests so I didn't pay for it so now I lifted my wife is a well know I do that's one of the things organized so he drove us all the way up to twenty miles or so of these advisory guys are not going going many times you for I can't work within the caught you guys enjoy ourselves and we went in and had a wonderful time going through the tangled case and when he came out sense of God which is one more thing I like to do for you what is it than she should I'd like to take you if you're interested to one of the two major ostrich farms are we interested he definitely are and he adds you might guess I will pay for edits thank you thank you for being so good to us so we went to the ostrich farm into the state I have a picture of my wife on honeymoon city and riding on an ostrich yes that it was a guide so that the hostage of the runoff is are you okay and so we had a great time the ostrich farm I'll never forget the experience and then as we left you when you go to places by which your executive souvenirs as we left here is my new wife were on honeymoon and she saw these beautifully to him off that investors but they were pricing has been left to Limited all I would love to have an ostrich feather duster I am sorry we cannot afford so we got into the car and we drove we had lunch with families like Rosemary and I remember sensing hate we go to Google to get the train wouldn't just arriving the morning catching the night train out at on the way to the train station Pastor Sampson we've got time on the white one we stopped to say hello to that one of the old ladies of the church that you knew when you were ten years before yesterday 's fine diagnosis of cancer was her name so we stopped the car and we just have to pay much and we chatted a few minutes we got out of the vehicle and then we just came to say goodbye to Sigma God bless you and I had to turn if you read the households didn't say what she was doing and seeking starting out in Iran guess why an ostrich feather duster can you know if we did with the pheasant feather duster we had a feather duster with us for years it was a constant reminder that the deed when God says to me now here in this I will owe you the windows of heaven by believing absolutely necessary though that some of the stories we don't have time to share the recipe of God has been so good as I look back at that experience I know without a doubt that indeed this passage is absolutely good I'm not minimizing I know that sometimes testing times will come troubles were I remember a student coming to me when I was teaching at Southern Avenue University would be talking about something in this area and she came up after she's a professor I have questions ask you the problem this week my rent is due this weekend the only money I have is tied at it it's about him at all I have what should I do center on back and rested when you think you should do she said I think I should return it to the Lord I see you are absolutely right it was Friday I believe she went back home she arrived back Monday at class excited no deleted no eggs versus life because when she got home there was a set from her grandmother sufficient to cover the rent those miracles still happen and you should receive more radiant face no longer worried now knowing that God is he is the God you can trust unbelievable note these two because God warns us we got an faithful the dangerous too many times we we would compromise we think all God will understand recommended if you steal money from me you've got to understand that my vital strategic interests even if you don't transfer the money okay right now it's interesting go back to our site with the Amalekites at the relief of elements that intimate those if I have because of regarding the way okay Malachi chapter three verse ten I wasn't meaning to step on them but anyway but I famously listen to what it says will a man or woman Rob God yet you would probably but you say what have we robbed you of seeing ties and what and offering not just thought women got paid ten percent yes you must belong to God but you also need to give offerings as cheerfully timeline of the project to the seven thirty five Exodus thirty five with five incredible story God has just called upon Moses and his people and leaving his wife to build a sanctuary because he said I want to live among you that's where I went him who present with you they would not like to construct this path this sanctuary wherewith to get the supplies ha ha they put out the call Exodus chapter thirty five hundred five take from among you and offering to the Lord notice with it who ever is all a willing heart right letting printed as an offering to the Lord gold silver bronze get on the versatility now please acted to thirty five are studied and all the congregation of the children of Israel departed from the present the book was twenty one then everyone became whose heart was stirred and everyone who's good was what was willing willing and they brought the Lords offering for the work of the tabernacle of meeting for all exhibits and for holy garments interesting you remember in the New Testament first is technical and is nine four seventeen says and you read it and discontinuities God love you what kind of the giver I sure hope you are a willing autodetect the thirty six with you briefly look what happened these with a willing cheerful people set the thirty six verse four and all the craftsmen who were doing all the work of the things retain each from the work he was doing and they spoke to Moses saying the people bring much more than enough for the service of the work which the Lord commanded us to do some of the data command that they are an cause and they called to be proclaimed throughout the camp think that neither man nor woman do any more work for the offering of the sanctuary and the people were restrained from giving imagined that what would happen in the church as a people brought so much that the pastors would say would not be taking any offering for the next few months because we have to much imagine that an incredible thing happening right here is reminded of John Wesley the great originator of that Methodist movement John Wesley said three things listen carefully now many of the him you might be tempted with everyone and do what John Wesley gimme three steps that authority incorrectly based he said you're all you can step one step two saying all you can then step three show all you can do is burn all you can save all you can achieve all you can incidentally interesting the very year that time magazine in January at the science of happiness at the end of the same year two thousand and five the person of the year on the cover were none other than the richest couple in the world I think the richest couple in the world and all people of rockstar 's six persons of the and write the edited the good Samaritan because the richest couple in the world have given this week billions of dollars that billions of the need to relieve poverty and to help suffering people and of all people a rockstar has gotten countries to forgive the debts all poor countries to the tune of tens of billions of dollars they have been called the good Samaritans because they are out there trying to do good for others I was going out to the book of Matthew I always had to go through the words of Jesus Christ and as Elizabeth the twenty fourth I told you years ago well two thousand six decided we're going to go back to that list of testing the Lord yes we've been returning a faithful tithe infinity you notice I never sent a type I never said give tithe you can operate identity is not you know that impossible possible that you can only return that's like that's if you don't return your thief no act of the three was eight nine fascinating site I think I know a return what already belongs to the Greek speaking by the way and so the user Linda and I said okay I'm in enough start making sure I continue with the piety and also I'm going to go with it I would like to let you know what that provokes unbelievable and why my thing unbelievable I should've known kept shouting and we look at all neither accounts it was immediate it was falling well where our city wants the money I don't know I just eat the Lord is the showering us with blessings you know sometimes we think the more we have the better off we will be listened to Time magazine again before you report listen to the money for what money can buy happiness I'm ready for private significant money kept by happiness the things that really matter in life are not sold in stores of friendship family respect for the community who believe that your life has purpose those are the sensible human fulfillment and they cannot be purchased with cash everyone needs a certain amount of money chasing money rather than meaning is a formula for content too many Americans have made materialism and the cycle of work and spend their principal goals then they wonder why they don't feel happy the words of Jesus Jesus here is a warmth that in Chapter twenty four and the contents of chapter twenty four as you well know is the end of time it must looking for therefor you will also be ready Matthew twenty four forty four for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect then he is in the next two verses are a faithful CFO if you believe the faithful business manager but most of that user 's guide him who one more passage of Jesus in Matthew chapter six diseases one must be careful folks with nineteen layout for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal only for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal your treasure is there will your heart be also with thirty three Jesus says and I felt seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you I looked into the short story I met this young man just last month is a mistake he said these stories I can share it with others to study the Bible folks as you study the Bible in the past that he was letting the and the Bible principle challenges us to return a faithful five and was studying you haven't joined any of that that church and was studying he began to reflect on it but around the same time the other thing he finished his MBA at his school eleventh came to a laptop but when the school of well you know there's that temptation if a student at Southern when they came to me and to think about question from Ed story here and you think you have the classics professor I don't want to do because I have my rent to this weekend the only money I have in mind is the type and if enough for my rent what should I do professor and I talk to and I said what do you think you should do she looked at me she said I think I should be faithful to God I think you're right and she went home deciding to return the faithful type because the belong to God she came back at the beginning is essentially what is him there was losing Mike Evans and I need to rent what these stories will happen folks please go to and stored in my mind am going to know anything was drinking to do what I needed to because I decided on the return of April starting the last week of August he told his young but on the stock in what I will be thirty thirty nights he said I was impressed by God is and what I need a job with money because of my loans in addition please did for this country I'm using mode with onions in New York City this would have to be a difficult spot guess what folks last week of August Wednesday he got a job but that he said was with the times on what he was now returning and tie and it was away from his home in the woods of it what you think that for me the courage to trust him and old Bay Cass is still studying the Bible he hasn't joined any church as he's been studying now but that's what he said and I want to put up on the screen just one short phrase if they can cut you for this will take care of the rescue with it with me to take care of the rest again to God your best take care of the rest remember the passage has bolted my God shall apply all your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus the question when I leave you today with some breathers are you willing like in two trusts God and obey him and the VA him will him fear of his that he has placed in your care let us pray father thank you for entrusting each one of us with various defense all these good gifts you've given us whether that be the Temple he blessed us with the time that the talent the time or the treasures help each one of us to be willing to trust you and to be faithful to you in Jesus precious name on ad


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